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Warriors will play in 2014 Gulf Coast Showcase

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will go a long way to add some extra games to its 2014-15 schedule.

The Warriors were officially announced on Tuesday as one of eight teams that will be participating in the 2014 Gulf Coast Showcase at Estero, Florida. The three-day tournament is set for November 24-26 at Germain Arena in Southwest Florida.

Hawai’i will face San Francisco in an opening round game on November 24 at 3:30 p.m. (Hawai’i time). Florida Gulf Coast will meet Marist in another opening round game on UH’s side of the bracket.


“It actually is really good for us,” UH head coach Gib Arnold said. “We’re going to be flying to Maui to play Pittsburgh, and then leaving directly from there and flying over Thanksgiving (week) for Florida and playing in a very, very good eight (team) tournament, with probably five teams that had a record of 20 wins more last year.”

The other side of the bracket will have Green Bay vs. East Carolina, and Fresno State vs. Evansville. Each team will play three games in three days. Television coverage, if any, has not been announced.

The event was created last year by bd Global as an early-season showcase tournament for mid-major programs. Five of the teams in this year’s field are coming off 20-win seasons: Hawai’i (20-11), Florida Gulf Coast (22-13), Fresno State (21-18), Green Bay (24-7), and San Francisco (21-12).

“We created the Gulf Coast Showcase to be a premium tournament strictly for college basketball’s top mid-major schools,” said bd Global President Brooks Downing. “With some of the nation’s top programs and the hometown FGCU Eagles, this year’s event will certainly have a ‘March Madness’ feel at Germain Arena.”

The trip to Florida will mark a rare appearance in the Eastern Time zone for the Warriors. The last time a Hawai’i team played on East Coast time was at Michigan for the 2004 NIT.

Dating back 20 years to the 1994-95 season, Hawai’i basketball has made just three trips to the Eastern Time zone, and two were for postseason: NCAA Tournament at Ohio (2001), at Kent State (2003) and NIT at Michigan (2004).

This also marks just the second road trip to the state of Florida for a Hawai’i basketball team. The only previous trip to the Sunshine State was made during the 1968-69 season.

UH was prompted to scramble into this tournament after a previously scheduled game against Washington State was canceled. The promoter for that game passed away unexpectedly, and the deal between the two teams fell through.

The Gulf Coast Showcase is an “exempt” tournament, meaning the Warriors will get to count two extra games during the 2014-15 season. Prior to signing on with this tournament, Hawai’i had 29 regular-season games on its schedule; it will now have 31 or 32 (pending a potential January 2 home game against Southeastern Louisiana that is not official yet).

A November 19 home game against Hawai’i-Hilo was also added to the UH schedule as a result of participating in the Gulf Coast Showcase. Teams that participate in three-game exempt tournaments can add one home game and have it count toward the exempt status.

A previously scheduled game against Hawai’i Pacific that was to take place on November 26 has been moved to Nov. 6, and it will now be an exhibition game.

The addition of the Gulf Coast Showcase creates a grueling stretch of games for the Warriors: November 18 midnight home game against High Point; November 19 home game against UH-Hilo; November 21 game against Pittsburgh on Maui; November 24, 25 and 26 games at Gulf Coast Showcase. That equates to six games in nine days, including a short trip to Maui and a long trip to Florida.


  1. Six games in nine days, including a long trip to Florida, grueling, per Dayton.

  2. That schedule addition worth a little upgrade. Got to get Bobbitt totally healthy. I’m convinced that’s the key to being special this year. IMO

  3. I have been looking for you my friend, for a long time, to support team and HC and program. Now finally, I have a brother or sister,

    “gibnotterrible”… or the former gib__good?

    gibisgood2, any other ohana of the gibispositive group! Support the team, and we UH students will step up, 600-800 hopefully each home game!
    nice moniker, we are of the same mindset and Rainbow-est Fans!

  4. Ha. Don’t get too excited. I’ve not changed to anything close to Gib is good….just saying instead of no good….not terrible….just slight upgrade. Hopefully many more upgrades to come. And I’m a he. Not Jack or Jake or whoever your friends accuse me of. Not a man of many monikers.

  5. When I saw, the moniker gibisgood2, pop up, not my creation,.. I had to laugh, whenever, gib__good would do his/ her anti, negative, I buy 1200 season tickets, right to bleep, bleep, ..gibisgood2, (must be a coed, one of the Maniac leaders< Jamie?).. I laugh, ha, ha, ha!
    Then gib__good..stuck, thinks whenever I post, this person, posts nice kind things, and tells me to relax, all guys here , and ncaa hit, will be lesser type.. so gibn…good, say change moniker to NOT gibisterrific.. however , middle ground, gibnotterrible, good job fellow fan, glad to have you back.

    Look forward to a great season gibnotterrilbe, good work outs, and guys grinding to get better..
    the Gulf Coast Showcase, my next post.

    Welcome back to the middle ground and back the team,..gibnotterrible…. welcome back fan of UH MBB sports, now the blogs are full of supporters.

    If My guess is wrong, and gibnotterrible is someone else, not gibn__good…my apologies, and look forward to you joining the UH WI bound for MARCH madness 2015 NCAA train!

    I still stay laughing, thanks for the humor in your monikers, gibisgood2, gibnotterrible, and soon gone , or coming back to the Bright side of UH MBB, gibn__good, you know why, too much positives, and team all intact, schedule coming together, and team ready to Rock!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  6. gibnotterrible, you and thousands of other fans, I agree 100% with you, sure we have debated in the past. Both of us have had season tickets for , our familie since young 1964 till 2004, however home bound, disabled, so cannot go. You too, have seen Riley, Nash and Gib. I feel as do ALL of the fanbase here on WI , that Gib , and this is what I said year 2, what I thought was payoff year , with over 20 wins and NIT or NCAA bids. And at least make it to the championship game of the BWC, not one and done, I can be just as critical, the head of the team,.Like Football, WVB, MVB, BB, SB, all falls on HC.. so this year 5 , I would be extremely, disappointed in UH MBB did not make it to the NCAA or NIT tournament at least.. Even if they finished with 23 wins.. Gib has to have his team get to NCAA or NIT, and win games.. This year, develop a young team, Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Fotu, Bobbitt, take lead, set example for young, newbies, and those guys create no drop off , but depth for the March run.. UH can do it.

    It took a lot, and I, and WI fans , appreciate it, I like Gib as recruiter, still think he cannot get too emotional, affects his team on and off the court, he loves to win, and he has to use his assistants, input to manage games and get wins, like Beeman.. Sure this Year 5 if Gib has to play in the CIT again, maybe need someone.. however he is Jay’s man.

    Welcome back gibnotterrible, I feel the same, Gibson Arnold is on a short leash, in regards to winning big and going to the Big Dances, I think he can do it, with more, the best 1-12 scholarship athletes he has had in going on 5 years.

    I like your current name gibnotterrible, if Gib wins 29 games and gets bid to NCAA and makes it to the elite eight this year, then you would change.. maybe your moniker to gibgettingbetter right?

    Ha, Ha, just have fun, no, none of us have to debate or fight, All I want, UH MBB, reach high 20’s in wins, win the regular BWC season guarantee a spot in NIT and then, win that BWC tourney, and bring UH back to dance first time in 13 years.

    gibnotterrible, good job, love the name, objective and still waiting for the moniker gibisokay, gibisalittlebetter or gibhealright.. shoots, as long as they win championships!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  7. From today’s article it seems like this is a financial nightmare. In staff of making $25k from the cancelled wsu we need to pay top enter this tournament and our own travel costs. If we don’t pick up some wins here this is a bad scheduling job. We must have needed games really bad to go to the eastern time zone and pay our way there. I see very little positive with this new schedule.

  8. Chuck Cheese and BrokenheartedAnaheim.. you all were right , stay strong positive and do not engage.. and we have a new moniker for the Great Guy, the former gibn__good… HE IS NOW

    “gibnotterrible” middle ground, Politics, must be a moderate.. Or Independent…

    Sure, come on Gib, get thorugh the hoopla, later on, the minor hits from the big brother, and take on a 31-32 game schedule, with 10 games in 22 days, or about 3 games per week for 3 weeks straight , that is an NBA, or FIBA world cup schedule.. if the guys can beat Pitt on Maui, and win that Gulf Coast Showcase a Continent away in Florida, yeah! Sammis back home area, and south of Miami, Cuba, for Valdes ohana!

    Neat.. 32 games plus 3 more in the BWC tournament, they win that , possibly playing at least 6 games to the top of NCAA DI , National Champs! The ultimate. So UH good have a record of 41-0 in theory, well we would take 38-3 and making it to the elite eight!

  9. PONO: at this late stage, UH had to scramble to get 3 games, and fill that Jan 2 2015 spot at SSC with South Eastern Louisiana… Amazing Ben got contracts signed.. Will test team out, with BYU, Pitt, 3 games in the Florida Tournament, for total of 5 games on the mainland before the BWC.. then that 5 hr trip to Cali, should be as Fotu says, nothing, compared to 12 hr plane rides!

    As Ben Jay says, it is what it is, cannot change it.. still thing Gib tried to lineup 2 or 3 good Pac12 games, home and home, would be terrific, instead, they want UH to go to their places only, mean money, some for UH, however for home SSC fans, they want to see the UCLA’s, Stanfords’, Arizona’s, USC’s,.. For UH to have 31-32 games regular season before the BWC tournament, a lot of chance to get wins, experience, learn how to win on the road and at home..

    Just looking forward to that tournament, I hope a known TV network, Florida CommCast cable,Sports or something like that, Oceanic can pick up the feed, Great balanced Mid Major tournament, prep UH for DHC!!

  10. i AM Happy to See You ALL Smiling, even Laughing….

    THAT’S The Spirit…

    IF You CAN Laugh at Yourself, There’s MORE Room for Everyone to Be Happy

    I Hope // Expect This Will Be A Happy Team

    Winning Sure Helps,,,,


    THAT IS A Nice Schedule UPGrade…

  11. When will the sanctions come out? This is dragging on forever. Glad it’s coming out after school starts so no one can transfer out easily if the sanctions are harsh.

  12. The trip could be more than just basketball games. It could be a way to expose those in that part of the country to give UH a look. UH have had some success in getting players from the east but allowing some prospects to able to see the team in person is the best recruiting tool.

    This trip will also allow some of the kids from that side of the country to “go home” and allow family to see them play. Issac Fleming family can come down from Delaware, Negus and Jankovic’s family can come down from Ontario, and maybe even some of Sammis’ buddy from his prep school can check him out.

    Its a worthwhile trip IMHO. Good competition, nice location and good exposure for the team.

  13. Pono…. no need to worry …let the legal UH counsel, and their hired guys deal with ncaa. The coaches, the team, the staff and the University Academic side, as well as the friends and families of UH BB team, notice, they were all informed, and they ALL decided to have their sons come here to have great 2014-15 season. At least that is what I can discern. Beyond their control, so why worry?

    Team is getting ready to rock and roll. And Pono, gibn…good is now… gibnotterrible… even he, just seeing how season plays out, not sweat it.. he must be having fun looking at guys working out and getting better for good NCAA run.

    When time comes, that letter, then let the legal eagles handle.. UH MBB business. win BWC and go NIT or NCAA, with blessing of UH, coaches, team and families!

    Go Bows!

  14. Eagle, servante , BigFan, those in the know, TAVS, etc, is it just me, or does, Hawaii News Now, Star Advertiser, their reporters, head honchos, and staffs, have an agenda against UH MBB and coach, as well as Ben Jay.. My guess, yes , one hundred percent.

    Dayton, love the way, gets real time up in person interview, guys coming or going, new recruit consider or not, recruit, still awaiting and looking forward to, coming, yes.. by text, or email, phone. Dayton gets to the source, and will just report the facts. Maybe Hawaii News Now/Star Advertiser doing same thing, with the tax payers money thing, shoots, we are all Tax payers, nowadays, unfortunate, people die, and you might lose out on the payments, and other things. UH per Hawaii News Now, quoted from AD, they were never dealing directly with that Agent, or promoter, for WSU or Mizzou, games, they dealt directly with the schools. That is how it is done.

    Unless get all the facts, and somehow, UH upper and lower get completely changed or better managing, it is what it is.. Hawaii, very unique, to say the least when running campus and funding.
    Agree fans, UH can get much much better. The extra games in Florida, for the MBB program a Good thing, if they win a bunch, better for that Eagle, BPI , RPI, or whatever power ratings for possible March Dances!

  15. maybe core of on campus 600-800, even if do not understand basketball, will go to Stan Sheriff Center Men Basketball games, because of the Party atmosphere. Manoa Maniacs, and the guidance of Jamie Smith. pono, if we the students are having fun, and team too, just smile and have fun watch games in your seats. team has lot of good players. every game, home, is a Party!legal things? students more concerned about paying back student loans over 10 years after schooling. We love the athletics, support and fun at Stan Sheriff.

  16. RunBows

    Poor Star Advertiser. They will do anything to make a buck. Unfortunately times are a changing and the once monopolistic newspaper thought they had it made when they became the only daily paper in town. Newspapers these days are old news. Now they might want to call themselves the Honolulu Star Enquirer because there is a market in sensationalism. I did enjoy posting comments online when it was free. But they made online subscription only and took away the free comments. Yup the mighty dollar speaks. No more free comments to poor people like me. Well WI is free and a refreshing place to post I might add.

  17. Sometimes i’ll Post on the Pay Page because i think it’s pretty sad for ALL those readers seeing only darkness, doom and gloom… just Turn On the Lights, Open the Window, Get Some Sunshine and Fresh Air and take a Look Around — See the Facts — we Don’t have to be so Committed and Trapped in Third World, Third-Class Failure and End of the World Mediocrity… Even the Senior Gib, Nash & Little at least gave it their Best Shots, just proof it’s harder than it sounds and looks…

    Hey! Go Re-Fill the Glass !

    GIB’s Glass Is Brimmin’…

    (They Win At Least Half…even in The Worst Years…)

    They “Could” Lighten Up and Might Even Enjoy The ‘Good’ Years…
    THIS ONE could be Fun,,, There might be ‘Golden’ the Next Year or Two
    We may be Entering a Period that Will Be “The Good ‘Ol Days”
    YOU Watched THEM Play!?

    Getting Tickets to Anaheim?
    (Ahahui Koa Anuenue Selling…)
    Lighten Some Heavy Hearts

  18. Agree with sevante. And Eagle. Hawaii News now backlash from blandg not getting broadcast deal..and they are connected to star adverstiser..dave r., ferd f., and even bm to a degree say being fair balanced..give me a break..they are trying very hard to do gloom and doom for gib and program plus ben j,.. sensationalist journalism..tabloid trash..just the facts..

    It is so blatant..online paid bloggers when they run their coach and team.. doom articles.so called experts never played mbb at uh talk nonsense..gib..could easily been sitting at 84 total wins if not for lack of guard scoring..attitude and injuries to a couple of guys..now this group would be through thick and thin win for team and hawaii…Warrior Insider majority say 99% want team to go ncaa/ nit every year..gib has good staff..they will help this team get there!!

    We are fortunate to have this great site ..mahalo plenty to Dayton..staff..and Scmidt Ohana..plus thousands of uh mbb fans..real fans of uh mbb..

    Eagle and servante. Plus all WI fandom..bigdaddy and Tonganator..get ready ..uh mbb going be chasing bwc championship…and gettin it!!

  19. O.K. Just Sayin’ —
    THAT Front-Page Story in Today’s (9/16) HSA About Increasing Honolulu Harbor Capacity IS MY Project —
    AND It’s NOT BAD News!
    BTW, ALL Harbor Waters Are CLEANER Than 20-50 Years Ago…

    I BUY the HSA to help keep some Good ‘Ol Friends (who used to be the only ones writing ’bout UH) employed…

    FOR Your Miraculous Transformation AND Continued Commitment to ALL Good Things UHMBB!

    We, Good Humans, Evolve Pretty Nicely….

    GO ‘BOWS
    GO, The Mighty Warriors!

  20. JMHO: Think the schedule is a tough one. Whatever the outcome on the score board is going to be outweighed by gaining valuable game experience. Because of the schedule more players will get a chance to take the court and it’ll test their team depth. Believe it will help them in conference play and post season.

    Still think that Sammis will surprise a lot of people with his overall play.

    Does anyone know of the progress of Jankovich?

  21. This tournament is actually a lot tougher than it might look and that starts with USF. I remember they knocked us out of CIT couple years ago? Rex Walters the former Kansas shooter, I think he’s still the coach over there. You could even debate that UH is the 6th or 7th seed for this tournament, but could be the 4th or 5th seed for their own Diamond Head Classic.

    Plus the grueling schedule for UH, playing Pitt only three days before this. I’m thinking in my head that UH plays Pitt on 11/21, then fly to Florida on 11/22 and I have to believe that’s an all day trip with layovers, and that leaves only 11/23 to practice in Florida and get ready for USF. Yes, this will be rough. The best way to overcome is to beat Pitt on 11/21 and ride that energy all the way to Florida!

  22. Tournament in Florida is good for UH and spreading out it’s recruiting wingspan. Might be worth making a trip next year to play in it again. It gives recruits a chance to see the program. Well worth the $.

    Those critical of Gib should always be welcomed on any blog. In fact even if Gib is a great coach, criticism should be welcomed. As long as people are not making up things we will be fine. Remember I’m sure that there are those that know more than they are saying on the blogs good and bad. We just have to understand that what is said on the negative side can hurt recruiting in the future.

    Keep the recruits coming and the Gib issue will take care of itself if you want him out so bad. Cheer on the players and the school. Go Bows!

  23. BackBeat…agree…though careful what blogs say..if not true or just malicious tal..hurt recruiting already..that is why 99 % stay positive and some young fans are viewing site too..

    Really surprised that all 16 guys are here and happy to get to winning..gib can get one big or good sg early sign loi..November ..would be awesome

    BackBeat..one I thing learned i. Hearings and law..do not speculate or guess..could come back..backfire on one..be careful what post..could be damaging not to coach or program,, howere to fans..just be civil and show aloha!!
    Go Bows!!

  24. This tournament sounds like a great thing for UH. It’ll be good for this team to face adversity, we’ll learn who the leaders are, and the players will know who they should be looking up to. It’s not necessarily the guys who like to talk. It’s a winnable tournament, but also loaded with equal-quality teams. Get used to tight games.

    Maybe they can stop by Chick-Fil-A, while touring through Sammis Reyes’ old state.

  25. Sorry BackBeat, solid Positive backer of all things UH MBB, even if lite hit, and corrections, BackBeat always backing the team win or lose, never negative, appreciate his support and Aloha for UH MBB team, going full steam ahead.

    And apologies, my blog reply was to Baller4Life: Yes, about 5 years ago, I made posts that were not accurate, speculation, and could hurt the team, potential recruits and their families.I was warned, by a General Blog by Mr Dayton Morinaga. remember he is Webmaster, the site manager, if things get too overboard for or against UH MBB and coaches, either too speculative, downright vindictive or profance, vulgarity, swearing threatening, Dayton will get their ip address, or however, use that software, to block those type of bloggers for or against HC.

    Glad, very glad, that out of 100 different ones that post, I would say 97 out of 100, have good things to say about team, HC and program, The positive vibe, is affecting the team and coaches too.. Hey Baller4Life, Sammis, Fleming, Stepteau, even local boy Bushcer, Bobbitt, Negus, Janks, they GET IT…. play for UH Mid Major, UH MBB, have chance to develop your game with coaches, Arnold, Akana, Taylor, Senque Carey, and great Performance Analysist, Jamie Smith, and maybe too more student administrators, two, guys or gals, who help as team managers. and some volunteer coaches as well.

    To THE NEGATIGE THREE who post, UH sanctions, UH sanction, they will be banned from any type of NIT or NCAA only CIT… CBA.. type play in post season for 5 years, HC lose job, Stan Sheriff Center, is going to be turned into a world class seaquarim or oceanic research..Does it sound right.. Just a bunch of junk, I made up… That is how the Three Terrible rumor, we can’t till they put Gib in stocks and jail him for a thousand years feel. They are awaiting the NCAA ruling, Gib is evil, evil, evil, he is loud,and needs anger control, however wants to win, has cute sons and beautiful, absolutely gorgeous wife and daughters, they love one another.like the Osmond family
    We are fortunate, that after that first , guy accusation, practice was too hard and he scared to get yelled at, he,Coleman, Barnes, left that first year. Happens.. however, Gib has a POWERFUL LAWYER, he will fight to the supreme court for his UH MBB program and his job, don’t think NCAA want to get into litigation with Gib and UH MBB. Ncaa would be knocked back 100 years in time.

    Same with Ben Jay, he hires the best Alabama Special to assess situation, and how to respond to letter of allegations… remember ONLY allegations.. if were CRIMINAL.. i.e. Sandusky, USC, etc, UH MBB would be probation, sanctioned, and virtually dead for several years. the rate NCAA is going, In my mind, a really objective thinking mind… has to be not as serious, could be compliance education, what can the guys eat, who can give the extra bento, length and day of practice, use of smart tabs, who can use, or borrow, and when grad have it? document, caught in time, corrected and never sent in. Coach Akana, in house take care, UH AD and Gib/UH MBB program feel it is okay. Well, ncaa wants that Waikiki Beach, luxury hotels, swimming in the pool , fine, dining, go hiking , surfing, body boarding, horse back riding , the whole nine yards, then they come back, with

    Well Our Letter Of Allegation is This:
    1)commendation for getting ahold of altered document which never even reached NCAA offices. Very good that AD took cared of in house as a personnel matter. Coach Akana suspended for several weeks. Very good.
    2) We questiond staff coaches, current and former about extra benefits, it wasn’t prime rib, steak and lobster, it was poke bowl, and zippy’s chili and rice.
    3)spoke to coaches about keeping log, to be sure not overtime working with the bb players. We told them the guidelines, and how to clock in and out.
    4)Maybe our biggest concern, the Compliance Lady, she has to go to school, or we recommend someone who can do the job so important, to make sure all sports NCAA, these type of smaller things never, ever happen again.

    Conclusion: recommend, one assistant involved in document, sit out 2 games. player who had smart tab and grad, he pays UH back. And stay away from UH for a few years. HC go to compliance class with your staff, and make sure these minor things never happen again.

    P.S….If NCAA were a little harsher, maybe One less scholarship for 2 years, but still Get to Play for NIT , NCAA championships, and of course the BWC..

    I Bet, Gib knows, Ben Jay knows, their legal counsel knows, No real stopping Post Season Play, that is why, the KEY all 16 guys ready to rock..

    Very certain, the penalties if any, remember UH can litigate if need be, or they can appeal, hold it up in legal system for years… if they feel to harsh, GA counsel, the Alabama Dream Team.

    Very soon, NCAA will send their letter of allegations, and UH fans, no need worry, UH lawyers will make deal settlement, that will still allow UH to challenge for championships, otherwise if it were horrible, the FBI, the HPD would be involved if criminal IT IS NOT.. much smaller kine fish .. UH will come out of this, better , more compliant, maybe have TWO or a NEW compliance officer,

    ABOVE.. just MY OPINION how the ncaa allegation and possible minor hits will be, Team is not nervous at all, why should we be, Gib and staff smiling and having fun from ear to ear, grinning!

  26. Run bows : good point and you are looking at the positive part as well you should stay possitive. The player Benifits were not only the poke bowls. The NCAA is here because they probably got wind of a couple of things from a former player and along with the Stephan paperwork gave them enough reason to start turning over rocks. I agree with you that I find it difficult for the NCAA to be too tough on the program though. Here is what I see happening based on information I have gathered and I will be general about it.
    1) Akana suspension might be enough to suffice his issue with the paper work. Minor Probation
    2) Player Benifits will cause players involved to have to sit 1-2 games and pay back. Boosters and coaches to blame for this one.
    3) Extra Practice Time: worst case 2 hours a week lost practice time. I see just a simple probation.
    4) Recruiting issues like sitting in on practices will cost coach 1-3 game suspension. This is one reason he has lawyers involved.
    5) Coaches probably not being truthful and upfront with investigators. (Priceless). This is something that can cause Gib issues. This could be the main reason he has lawyers involved. We don’t know what the players and former coaches may have said that would cause the NCAA to have to interview coach again. (suspension or termination by UH)

    I’m hoping for the best. I think Gib has done a good job assembling the players and as years go by he continues to improve. My lfear is of the unknown. Lose Gib now what?

  27. …And i Hope

    ALL OF YOU Get to ENJOY this Season …And Futures…


    Wishing Well ALL Things UHMBB


    and UHAD While We’re At It



    ALL ‘OHANA — JUMP IN on that
    “WE GET ‘EM” Local Grass Roots Program…

    Jus Like Jasmine Trias HAWAI’I BY ITSELF Can Dominate And RISE To The Top
    Like #1’s Bruno Mars AND Jack Johnson
    OR #1 OBAMA
    OR #1 Michelle Wie and Manti Teo (WON EIGHT of NINE Possible MAJOR National Awards)
    OR Marcus Mariotta…

    EVERYTHING About THIS Special Place IS Meant to Be WORLD-CLASS

    FOTU-Nevels-Q- Negus-Jankovic
    All Certified OR Potential Top 100/200 Recruits-Players

    UP -UP – UP and AT-‘EM
    GO ‘BOWS!

  28. Baller4Life : Thing is I used tp panic about at start of summer..now near fall sinc uh mb ..AD…uppdr…lower..and all athletes current and past..even media went very hard after keith s.
    Really first rate person said not his authority or place to comment on investigation..to me..for the very reason uh mbb so compliant it will not be the worse post season ban for 2 years..etc..like 1977-79.

    What really set me straight instead of agonizing?.. a simple statement by warriorhaw..he said .they (families..athletes..and coach..AD are closer to situation than we are)..that is why 16 families allowed their sons..be part of uh mbb 2014-15 season..if gib can sign one big or 4 star athlete or 3.5 for Nov, LOI..early signing period huge..

    I really believe most of team would have transferred in june if they knew hammer..several year post season ban was coming..they would be outta here..wouldn’t you get your son off the uh mbb titanic? If thatwere the case you knew 100 % certain uh mbb would be banned? Well apparently not..

    No panic in gib or 16 guys or Ben Jay..so Thousands of fans look foward to ncaa and nit title chases march 2015.

    Go Bows!!

  29. Fotu on Sports Animals 5:00pm

    Maybe this will spur the SA to write an article about an excellent student athlete that competed on the world stage. Not as doom and gloom as they are accustomed to but cant imagine why you wouldnt want to celebrate the accomplishments of a UH student that provided positive commentary during the FIBA games regarding both Hawaii and the University.

    Also, Dayton…. You da man!

  30. Gibbles – thanks for the heads up on Fotu on 1420. He is well -spoken. He’s resting because of his heavy FIBA schedule (20 + games) and his back. Wants to shoot more threes and handle the ball a bit more this year, plus rebound, etc. He played the 3 in the World Cup, i think he said.

    Davis Rozitis visited him during the FIBA preliminary games ? and also Gib during the games.

    He liked the food in Korea – raw fish and shrimp at a buffet. When he got back to Hawaii he went straight to Foodland for poke bowl and crab salad.

    He had offers to turn pro from the European teams but he wanted to come back to UH for his academics and his degree. He wants to win the conference title and go to the NCAA’s.

  31. Maybe I’m wrong but I see this Florida tournament as the perfect chance to spring us into NCAA tournament (which is the only one we should care about). We finish 1st or 2nd there and then we should become big fans of all the other mid majors in that tournament the rest of year. Every quality win they get only helps us all year. That is how i look at it.

  32. Fotu said he’s enrolled in three on line courses which just started yesterday.

  33. RUNBOWS – AGREE That the Coaches And A.D. OWE Players and Family THE TRUTH…
    (But Wouldn’t Be the First Time a Coach kept his Charges in the Dark,
    BUT To Do That Gib & Sen-Q Would LOSE Max-Credibility And Their Recruiting Edge …)

    PLUS They Met With Investigators Face-to-Face, (Or Phone/Video)
    SO They AT LEAST KNOW All the Questions…

    AND Even IF They Were ALL Good Guys (Apparently They ARE as much as you can expect from Any 17-24 year-old)
    AT LEAST One More Would Defect of the 16 with Eligibility…

    IT’S JUST A VERY GOOD Indicator…

    The Alabama Trump Card Should Keep The Outrageousness RISK Factor In the Box…


    Agree with Some of the Sammis Comments…

    The Bull in the China Shop should at least get some Garbage, Which are Most Valuable ‘FREE’ Points…
    Quickness and Strength Count For A LOT…Combine with Hustle and Energy and IT Usually Can Cash In…
    Think Freshman Trevor Wiseman with More Talent, Strength and Quickness…

    BUT The Days are Melting Away Pretty Fast
    AND It Helps that there’s a string of GOOD NEWS
    THAT IS A Good Sign for the Season
    and Of Course…Mahalo Dayton…and Schmidts…

  34. Whew! I sweating like a pig. Just finished watching highlights on YouTube by Rainbow Warrior. Fotu, Garrett, Q, Aaron, Christian and Brandon. Man, I am so ready for BB this year.

    This site is getting me ready with all the positive talk.

    RunBows and Baller4Life, I hope you guys are close to right. Seems to be ok punishment for misdeeds. If Gib is suspended for some games, who will run the team?

  35. warriorhaw you and I and Baller4Life and the thousands of others who support and read our posts, if you take the allegations, only allegations at this point.. all one could assume, Non Felon warranting acts, no one is going to prison, not misconduct, or restraining order, No coach got physically abusive with any players. I t seems like, as Ben Jay said all along, personnel issues, the Compliance person, the lady, the coaches viewing practices not within the okay time limits, extra poke bowl, or plate lunch, smart device, etc.

    Why should we the fans have to suffer….. KEY warriorhaw, NOT ONE OF THESE SIXTEEN LOI and Preferred walkon BB athletes left UH All, and I say once again ALLLL, came back, and think about it warriorhaw, Gib and staff, probably did in person or over phone consult with All 16 BB players families, they know guys can still go school, and more minor penalties, NOT LOSS OF POST SEASON PLAY>> UH BB looking good, just enjoy the games in your beautiful Season ticket holder seat, and enjoy the game with a drink and snacks… if it does come down to Letter of Allegation, remember, UH could settle outside with NCAA, like in real court of law, and reach common ground settlement. Still would bet a Billion coconouts and a Zillion bananas, that UH does not get banned from NIT or NCAA play this year, or years to come, maybe suspension for few games of guilty parties, and restitution for items obtained, in a no no, Remember I DON”T KNOW NOTHING< like Baller4Life, we just speculating like Star Advertiser.

    Just enjoy the ride warriorhaw, super BB fan, look at gib–ngood.. changed his monike to GIGNOTTERRIBLE.. Why? He is getting excited for Potential exciting and winning team,.. let the Legal Ealges, battle for a softer landing with allegations if any, don't even think about it.. TEAM, to a man, all 16, are not, sleeping well and balling in Paradise

    Warriorhaw, you alright! Go Warriors~ Go Bows~

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