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Warriors visit Kamaile Charter Academy


The University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team participated in its third consecutive literacy event today, as head coach Gib Arnold and four players traveled to Kamaile Charter Academy to raise awareness for literacy.

“It was a pleasure to spend the morning with the Wai’anae community at Kamaile Charter Academy,” Arnold said. “They have launched a wonderful literacy campaign and our ‘Give Back Hawaii’ program is proud to support it.”

Arnold created “Give Back Hawaii” in an effort to serve local communities. On Friday, Kamaile Charter Academy capitalized on the presence of the men’s basketball program to hold an assembly and outline the school’s literacy campaign for the year. Students have the opportunity to attend a men’s basketball game during Winter break if they reach certain reading benchmarks.

“Our warm ‘thanks’ go out to coach Gib and his program,” Kamaile Charter Academy principal Anna Winslow said. “Their support for the literacy campaign is a game-changer for our school.”


Joining Arnold at the assembly was senior Garrett Nevels, junior Brandon Jawato, freshman Brocke Stepteau, and local product/sophomore Dyrbe Enos (Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama). The event, attended by approximately 300 students from 4th through 6th grade, was highlighted by a keynote address delivered by Arnold, and featured a haka and traditional “oli.”

“I was blown away by the students at Kamaile,” Enos said. “They really showed us ‘aloha’ today. It was great to work with them.”

Nevels enjoyed his time at the rural school located on the Leeward Coast, his second such visit to the Wai’anae community in three weeks.

“The kids out here are great. I’m excited to have them at a game of ours over Winter break,” he said.

Jawato shared similar feelings.

“I really value the experiences I’ve had working with students in the Wai’anae community. It just feels great to give back,” he said.


Following the assembly, Arnold — along with his players — split up and read to classrooms. Kamaile Charter Academy is the largest conversion charter school in the state with approximately 1,000 students, offering pre-K through 12th

Friday’s assembly culminated a series of literacy events in which UH men’s basketball team participated. Players visited Wai’anae Intermediate on August 29 and Voyager Charter Academy last Friday.

(Information and photos courtesy Tim Bross / UH Athletics)


  1. coach arnold.appreciate he n team promote education.so important.uh students and school youths like team.very good athlete n fellow student at manoa.thanks coach n warriors

  2. Gib and the guys? Auwe. Too good.

  3. Once again, our boys keep impressin’

  4. UHMBB Providing the Spark and Inspiration to a generation
    who can really use some Real Positive Role Models
    [Contrast Versus M. Cyrus or J.Bieber, etc…]

    Taking Time to Read to the kids
    must make it all seem so real And do-able
    to the kids who can also watch their new friends and idols on TV

    or maybe in persn


    eh, WE should be so good…

  5. I sure like seeing our players giving back to the community…I am sure it gives our players a sense of pride and they may even get more out of it than the kids. However, it will be a memory that may stick with the kids forever and turn them into fans.

    Welcome back FOTU, I have just heard from a fellow college ball player from South Carolina who had nothing but good things to say about you and your experience in the World Cup who saw you on the tube. Now, I believe your focus should be about academics and getting caught up. Good luck in your junior year.

    Well, it must be official as the Gulf Coast Showcase Tournament has finally added our UH Logo to their website…matchups to be drawn on Tuesday. I really believe this tournament will pay dividends towards the end of the season. Going to be a long road trip leaving from Maui.


    Let’s see if we can pick up that 31st game with BYU-Hawaii on Jan. 2nd or another date.

    GO BOWZ.

  6. FGCU Tourney IS A Primer for Travelling To and WINNING in East Coast Time Zone…

    That Would Give The Whole Team a Perspective and a Chance to Trial Run their Travel Strategies

    ACROSS SIX TIME ZONES… something NO Other D-1 Team Deals with…
    (Unless they schedule a Euro-Game, BUT Thatʻs BOTH Teams…)

    and MAYBE The Reason UHMBB Finishes 3rd 4th 5th instead of 1st 2nd 3rd (2 to 3 TZs)
    UHMBB Has To Be THAT Much Better Just to Have A Level Playing Field/Court…

    GIB Might Already Be Top Two or Three in Big West…

  7. BACKBEAT: Possible 31 or 32 pre BWC games on UH schedule now?

    Okay, I look at UH Athletics site MBB schedule. So far, I counted 12 preseason games, scheduled with 1/2/2015 date TBA. If UH is contracted to play Gulf Coast Showcase Tournament in Florida, it is an eight team field. I think like the OLD Rainbow Classic. So open round game, semi finals, then championship game. Total = 3 games, correct? If add BYUH for that 1/2/15 game, it would be a total of = 16 pre conference games with the BWC regular season 16 games. So UH could possibly play 32 or 31 games before the BWC tournament.

    Fans, correct me if I am wrong. or if the Gulf Coast Tournament is a one and done type. Like the Pre Season NIT tournament.?
    Just wondering.. Actually, no matter what critics say, those games, in Utah against BYU, on Maui against Pitt, open with Nebraska DHC, and this Tournament in Florida, man … the schedule got more interesting, and will set UH up for BWC tournament.. That is Why Gib and Staff Have to Develop a Deep rotation team. so no burn out!

    Agree, BackBeat, Isaac Fotu, has to hit the books, and maintain that GPA, and finish strong in school junior year, no matter what he plans to do future, so important. I believe he will, He has great support and encouragement from his family and Tonganator!

  8. I just have to point out the shooting percentage Isaac put up (over 60% against very good competition) during the world games. The man does not take bad shoots. I can just image how he will do with college competition and some outside three point support so teams can’t afford to double and triple team him.

    I looked at the UH schedule and it shows HPU as an exhibition game on the 6th. Haven’t been on the island for a while and didn’t know. Is that correct? If so it takes 8days off my calendar before UH hits the court.

    My son mentioned to me and I agree. That picture of the team on the beach with a double rainbow should be the first thing we send to potential recruits. Love the round ball.

  9. Showing by example the power of staying in school, reading and advancing in education! Good job guys!

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