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Jamie Smith returns to England … for now

Jamie Smith is in his home country of England right now, wishing he were back in Hawai’i.

But before he can return to an administrative role with the University of Hawai’i basketball team, several things must happen. First and foremost, Smith would have to be hired for the vacant Director of Basketball Operations position. He said he has turned in his application.


“I’ve applied for the position,” he said. “I hope to be one of those (final) candidates. But by that time I’ll be back in England eating fish and chips, waiting by the telephone hoping to get a call from Coach (Gib) Arnold.”

Even if Smith were hired, he would have to apply for a new work visa to allow him back to Hawai’i. It is a process that could take more than a month.

Sound familiar? It should. Smith went through the same thing last year when he was named the team’s Performance Analyst, but his arrival was delayed by several months due to visa issues.

His 2014 work visa expired because the Performance Analyst was classified as a “casual hire” position.

“We’re hoping it will be a short process this time because we’ve already gone through it once,” Smith said. “Basically we can almost copy the paper work from last time.”

Smith helped the team with numerous behind-the-scenes duties, such as film breakdown and scouting reports. He was most noted for his work in recruiting students to fill the student section for home games at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Smith joined the UH staff in the 2012-13 season and introduced theme nights – such as Star Wars Night, Superhero Night and Wig Night – which created unprecedented student participation at the games.

He said he was already planning events for the upcoming 2014-15 season before his work visa expired.


  1. Ha! What a scoop by Dayton … no ESPN, no BBC. Funny stuff. Jamie’s committed to the program, it would be a shame if this doesn’t work out. His value goes beyond organizing the student section. Best of luck to him.

  2. Jamie!
    Thanks for Sharing The Press Conference;
    Get Selected and Hired!
    Then Hurry Back…!
    YOUR Soon-to-be-the-Stuff-of-UH-Legends
    Student Section Awaits You!

    Will Scotland Become Independent?

    YES? Does that Sack The Prime Minister?

    Can “WE” Secure a Three-Year Work VISA?

    Will We WIN More Games than the Eldest ‘Bow Warrior?

  3. the students, the 600-800 plus strong, we love our Jamie Smith! He makes every game a Party, whether, 300 students there or hopefully one night 1000 screaming to help UH team win. Jamie, get the visa work done and come back in time for first game Rainbow Classic. He , and he always gives credit to Gib as the mastermind behind the student involvement, Jamie is good for UH Men Basketball.!

  4. UH MBB is hardly dead, as one blogger from hard core site, guys there never played DI, DII, DIII or NAIA, you would think, the ones that did, are silent, just laugh at what they say, the UH sport team alumnus who know Gib and the UH team. Are there at UH campus daily, older guys from 22 years ago to 2 years ago. One blogger, from the dark side said UH MBB program would blow up in Gib’s face at end of May 2014, well.. what do you know? … it is almost October, 4 months later, all 16 guys are on board, and Jamie Smith is anxious to start that Party as gibisgood2 says.

    Get ready to rock UH MBB fans!, Are You all ready for some Hoops in Heaven! Here come the Mighty Warriors, G Money, Qsmooth, King Bobbitt, MT, AirCuba, 808greatEnos, IFotu the Bro with The Fro, Fear the Fro, Frotu, The Official NWC, Janks, and Jovanovich, and Filipovich the Serbian pride brothers, Brandon Jaws Watts Jawato, ready to streak 7 for 7 from 3 again, Stepteau, the little HC, the coaches son(I think), Zach Buscher, the Iolani cerebreal one, represent Hawaii nei, IFleming legit from Delaware, the town, eastside, and Sammis Chile to Fla. to Hawaii to the NCAA’s, come back Jamie, sooooon. and help SSC fans rock the house to help UH win 23+ games and a share of the BWC title!

    Go Bows, Rainbows, Warriors, Go The Mighty Warriors. And Tonganator, you have to shout from New Zealand, Gooooo Theeeee, Mighttyyyyy, Warrrrrriorrrrs!
    Cannot wait, soon, fans, that first exhibition with HPU Nov 6 2014!

  5. wow!! Including the HPU exhibition game with the sea warriors on Nov 6th, and the addition of Southeastern La, on Jan 2 2015 SSC…..and the 3 games at Gulf Coast Showcase, that makes for 17 games pre BWC regular season play, which would have also included off campus game against UH at Blaisdell? And Maui game with Pitt, the BYU game at Salt Lake, Utah. So UH MBB and coach Gibson Arnold, Gib, get your boys ready to develop depth and chemistry, a total of 33 BB games before a bid to NIT or NCAA, that is a WNBA schedule and more, because the men, just a more vertical, horizontal and stronger game, though Beeman, has some good athletes, tall ones too. Wish MBB and WBB have great long run into Post Season… this looks like the season, where all sports take off.!!

  6. I truly hope the fumblers in the UH athletic department realize what an asset Mr. Smith has been to the basketball program. He brought in the students and made it an event! Nobody else in the department did that in all the years that the Sheriff Arena has been around or even Blaisdell for that matter.

    I have a friend who is familiar working with international visas and he said UH could have extended Mr. Smith’s visa if they knew he would still be working and that could of saved a lot of time and expenses. If I recall last year, the process took several months for him to return. As he says, hope it will be much faster this time but also sounds like another “fumble!” by UH paper pushers.

  7. “They” had even said a year ago that ‘it should now be handled’ and maybe good for 2-3 years….

    i suspected this might happen with the coaching changes (Promotions Are Good), that Re-Structuring of Responsibilities, Changes to Position Descriptions and Titles (ideally Significant Pay Boost as well) might “Force’ a Change in Visas etc. OR Might Be Worth the Extra Effort (Ideally); BUT Agree, Woulda Preferred a Slicker, More Elegant and Less Disruptive Solution….

    It Sounds Like Better Advanced Planning Might Minimize The Severe Student Drop-Offs we saw at the Beginning of Last Season…

    I Think GIB KNOWS As ‘Mastermind’ And i suspect BJ knows he Needs to Find Ways to Leverage Jamie’s Efforts / Program into the Other Sports…

  8. Figure if uh mbb goes 12-4…through first 16 pre BWC games.awesome!! –
    If can be at 12-4 BWC end of regular BWC season top seeded or better..depth and healthy.uh mbb …better yet!!

    Sould be ready for big push towards post season dances.
    A big part of home game promotions and atmosphere? Jamie Smith!!

    See you in less than a month Jamie!!

  9. Perhaps I should adopt Jamie and screw the visa.

  10. Eagle you make a good point. Ben Jay should be looking to leverage Jamie’s abilities to benefit other UH sports programs. Jamie has a talent for promotion that stands out in comparison to the long-time staff in the Athletic Department. As a starting point, he could work with Laura Beeman on ways of bringing more fans, including students, to the women’s games.

  11. Do it Anderspop!!!! We need Jamie back.

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