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A busy summer completed for Smith

It was a productive summer for Quincy Smith. The junior point guard for the University of Hawai’i basketball team spent the summer months with his family, and was able to train daily and take three summer classes at the same time.

It helps that his family lives in the Bay Area, thus allowing Smith to participate in the San Francisco Pro-Am Summer League. It also helps that his training partner – younger brother Kendall Smith – is a sophomore guard at UNLV.


“Over the summer I worked out a lot – I worked out with my brother and my dad,” Smith said. “I also played in the San Francisco Pro-Am, and I also took nine (academic) units over the summer to catch up with my grades.”

Smith often scored 20-plus points per game and helped lead his Bay Pride team to the semifinals. Numerous NBA players participated in the league, including Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas and Aaron Gordon.

“We didn’t have a lot of pro guys on my team, so I got a lot of reps and I got a lot of time,” Smith said. “It was good for me to get that experience playing against older and stronger guys.”

Smith returned to Honolulu two weeks ago, and said his outlook going into his junior season is much different from a year ago.

“It’s a big year for me to step up and become more of a leader,” he said. “I’m one of the guys returning that actually played a lot of minutes last year, so I know it’s definitely going to be a bigger role for me – teaching these young guys the ropes and what to get used to.”

— — — — — — —

Don’t forget to set your alarms – or your DVRs – on Tuesday morning (Sept. 2). UH junior forward Isaac Fotu and the New Zealand national basketball team are set to face the USA in a pool-play game of the FIBA Basketball World Cup at Bilbao, Spain.

The game is scheduled to start at 5:30 a.m. (Hawai’i time) and will be televised nationally on ESPN2.

The “Tall Blacks” are 0-2 so far, while the Americans are 2-0. Fotu is averaging 5.0 points and 3.0 rebounds per game so far as one of the key reserve players for New Zealand.

Fotu and the New Zealand team are also scheduled to play again on Wednesday (vs. Ukraine) and Thursday (vs. Finland).


  1. Q!
    Welcome Back!
    Besides The Pros & Graduates,
    Workin’ Your Shots and Studying Decision Sciences
    Studying Some Of The Best PASSING Point Guards

    AND NINE Credits IS A Summer and a Half!

    Workin’ Hard
    Second Year Players Often Show The Most Improvement
    And As Hard As YOU Worked
    IF Most of Your Teammates Did One-Third what you did –(THEY DID)
    We cannot Help But Be a Better Team

    Mahalo, Q1
    (Now There are Two-Ques…)

    You ARE So Good Because You Work So Hard…

  2. Hey Eagle, looks like you and me again, with the support and props for team and coaches, startup again, reboot mode!
    warriorhaw, servante , TAVS, BigFan, BigIslandHank, FUHA, Derek, clyde, anderpops, akuhead2, Tonganator, bigdaddy, warbow, and so many I cannot remember , the SUPPORT and REPORT on ALL THE GOOD…. THINGS…. ABOUT… HAWAII…. is .Wonderful, U … H…. BB! (MBB team!)…
    Have great day off for the dozens, and perhaps global, 808 and on the Continent from Cali , to Florida, and east to Wilmington , Delaware, shout out and props to bigdaddy, one of my favorite UH MBB posters, really INSIDER, and source trust with the team and guys. Mahalo, thank you bigdaddy, right on!

    Q, the brother is quick, like the flash, booooom, zoooooo, is that Q’s head rim high, near, flushing the ball with his left hand? flash, boooooom.zooooom, swhooooosh…! That boy Q again, he steal ball up the court in 1.5 seconds, dish ball to Fleming for top of the key 3 pointer, nothing but net. swhooosh, zooooom, booooom, that is Q, the brother, just knocked down his 3rd three pointer of the game.. Booom, Q seal the game by hitting his last 8 Free throws in a row. Game line stats. 14 pts. , 12 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, 8 rebounds, and leadership, leadership leadership.

    Another guy, Eagle and Fans, (no not nogibgood gal/girl?)who is school academics first, a real light and funny guy, video freak, still trying to beat GMoney on 2K BB game, he will .. tells the jokes to lighten up the team. Eagle and fans, I predict, Quincy Smith, initially, really sound in practices, HE WILL BE STARTING PG for UH come first game of season, Or if another, of stable of great guards, Fleming, Bobbitt, beat him out,.. Still to have 4, I said 4 !!! quality PG’s/SG’s from 6’1″ to 6’4″ that can play D and score, bodes well for BWC.. along with Sammis, Fotu, Thomas, Jankovich and Jovanovich, and wings, Valdes and Jawato, UH going be real good. Have to grind..

    And Q, as you say Eagle, being developed by former great PG, QUE, who is a great practice coach, really getting on guys to be better, actually from all accounts, Benjy associate coach, running things, with Akana, and Que, grinding the guys into shape, no cry babies as I Fleming the legit baller says.. all are competitive and want to ball, and shake up that dang BWC and the NCAA! Just win guys, just win.

    And Gib is Good, or he tries very hard, will smile hopefully all the way to the elite eight March 2015.
    Feel it Eagle, in the air, the 3 trolls, slowly fading away, going back to the Santa Barbara Board, and back to his , and their seats, The DR, the FL, retractraction, oh, Gib was good, and his team at 29 wins and counting.. man that would be great!

    Welcome back Q, keep on track to graduate, In 2016.. we need your LEADERSHIP..
    By your and team’s grinding and great O and D play, tighten your dribble, and did you all know, that Q so fast, he goes right or left, with Bobbitt and Fleming too, even Nevels will go stronger to the hoop opens up the outside open mid and 3 looks.,… Wow Eagle, a little over 6 weeks then, MBB Ohana Fest, first practice, Nov 14 or so 2014… Looks good , gib is alright, gib on good, take a look Team is doing well, and they will DANCE in the NIT or NCAA’s

    Go Bows, Mighty Rainbow Warriors!
    Eagle after 5 years, going on of supporting the boys and through some drama, this is the best year, in anticipation, with 11 guys having practiced in Gib’s system last year, … Great year, awesome year ahead.,, KEY: guys stay healthy, do well in school, do well and give back to Hawaii Nei, the community,
    And let’s see from Delaware to Honolulu, the support for 16 great young student athletes, to take their shot at winning national championships, NCAA or NIT.

    Go Bows!!

  3. Q watch old school, John Stockton and Isaiah Thomas, two of the greatest PG’s in NCAA and NBA history. They were winners. Just knew how to orchestrate. Of course hall of famer Magic Johnson, who was a 1-5 guy, could play all 5 positions, just like Larry Bird, Point Forward, just the DECISION making, so key, you maybe not have all the physical tools, however like a chess match, you think a move or two ahead, and think quickly and envinsion ahead the play, UH PG’s can be really good, helps shooters and the Bigs. when …..Well for UH MBB fans, just think Tom Henderson, Mark Campbell, Troy Bowe and of course 13-14 year NBA veteran retired, AC Carter, a PG who could score, however got team involved first, an extension of coach Wallace on the floor, love when he ran the team, orchestrator.

    Go get em Q, still , JMO , on experience together 1 year, the first up, Garrett Nevels SG and Quincy Smith SG, Negus Webster-Chan SF, Isaac Fotu PF, and Mike Thomas PF.
    With Bobbitt, Fleming, Jovanovich, Jankovich in Dec. eligible, Jawato and Enos to bomb, and Sammis Superman, when need the tear down the rim dunk!

    Wow, I am getting ready from my rocking chair to Rock..
    Back to getting serious.. powers that be, to know UH MBB to death row by NCAA… why on earth would 16 guys be enrolled, and ready to rock for NCAA championships.. must be Alabama legal, and insiders, just having general knowledge, ones like FUHA, Eagle and servante , they know that UH will get their medicine, however be stronger and battle for NCAA NIT championships, this year and years to come..

    Rock The Rock, go Bows!
    From G Money, to Q , to I Fleming the Legit, NWC, Janks, Jovanovich, Enos, Fotu, Sammis, Thomas, Jawato, and whole team, great young guys, and students that want to do damage in the Post season, they will . stay together, stay healthy, do well in school and community, UH Warriors, we the WI UH MBB faithful fans, support you guys, the coaches, the staff , the school, and their awesome families from Wilmington Delaware to Auckland New Zealand!
    Rock the Rock , and D.M.Z. the B. W. C.!!

  4. Fotu isn’t the only player with Hawai`i ties.. Two sons of former UH great Tony Webster start for the New Zealand National Basketball team: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11316752

  5. Nicky : Amazing. Remember Tony Webster with Larry Little’s team years ago, the time they were upset at the Blaisdell by Chaminade , the team that upset then # 1 Virgina, a few weeks later.
    Tony, so cat quick, got a ton of steals, strange jump shot however went in, very athletic, long and could dunk. 6’3″ combo guard. He had great pro career and settled down in NZ. Same with Brad Pineau, a local 6’10” HS St Louis grad center, went to Australia after UH, had successful pro career and settled down in Australia. Brings back a lot of memories, how from Little, to Frank Arnold, and to Riley Wallace, they had some great athletes, Tony Webster. Aaron Strayhorn,, Tom Louden, Andre Morgan(sad about him, though), Reggie Cross, Terry Houston, Vincent Smalls, Cliff Breaubrun, Troy Bowe, and on to…Alika Smith, AC Carter… then Savo, English, Martin, Shimonovich, Campbell, Kuebler. Sensley… wow , a lot of good UH MBB athletes, and NOW their sons, are playing HIGH level international ball and NCAA ball too!

    Thanks for the memories, Nicky Clark. Tony “the cat” Webster, 6’3″ 195, great out of NY!

  6. NICKY CLARK From Pasadena?


    BEST Freshman Backfield In UH Football History?

  7. Nicky Clark? That first roster FB team of the Hula T Coach Price’s first squad that opened up against Texas A & I to open brand spanking new Aloha Stadium before over 33, 000 fans!

    Eagle, this Forum, and Mahalo plenty Dayton and the Schmidt Ohana, for this forum, It is reaching globally, and across North America Continent, and overseas. Amazing. WI UH MBB forum, one of the best,…No, No.. THE BEST UH MBB PROGRAM SUPPORT, forum on the planet!

    Nicky Clark, … Eagle were you at that opening game that Sept or 1975 for that first game, it was historic. Texas A & I with those future NFL draft picks out of Texas, the speed burners.. Beautiful night, and the start of a long tenure at Aloha for UH FB!

    Nicky, aloha, and keep on supporting the Rainbows!

    Go Bows!
    See, .. our comments, are read from coast to coast and around the world, Keep it objective, real, however, at least promote, and give positive critique , help and support to families, current and former athletes and their friends, fans and ohana, families!

    Nicky Clark.. way to go.. ! UH MBB going to rock one game for the former UH Rainbow Warriors, the Hula T, and the Rainbows, of that O’ Neil team 1975-76, with Reggie Carter, Henry Hollingsworth, Tommy Barker, Melton Werts, Ed Torres, George Lett, Ron Fryson, George Ritter, Packy Ryan, Gary Gray, wow!!

    Go Bows. Retro, once a Bow always a Rainbow !

  8. ALL They Had Was Klum Gym…

    Hula T… Haven’t Even Heard Dr. Price mentioning that…

    Been Attending UH Football since i used to catch the Green Leeward Bus to Aala Park Terminal, Xfr to Honolulu Stadium
    Coach Dave Holmes, Jeris White, Levi Stanley, Reinhold Stuprich (FIVE Field Goals to Beat BYU!) …

  9. Eagle: would that not be something if this year’s team has talent, even better than, that 1975-76 squad, which went boo boo, then when 1989 Wallace brought it back to NIT/ NCAA spots.

    I think these guys, seems like they are well conditioned, grinding, have great work ethic leaders in Garrett Nevels, Mike Thomas, Quincy Smith, Isaac Fotu, Negus Webster-Chan… the team, they bond, and especially you have a feeling they have the ONE HIGH BB IQ, forget personal stats, work together… ONE GOAL: win the BWC.. and take it from there!

    I like this team, since Gib is in Spain checking out Vander and Isaac Fotu’s national teams, Benjy Taylor, Senque Carey and Brandyn Akana are doing a great job.. would be interesting who would be the DOBA/Visual presentation Coordinator… really hoping, if Gib can hang on… if it does not take a whole year, that Jamie Smith, his visa into USA is expedited and he is that dual position role.. Gib has the makings of a solid and compliant, smart, both Hawaii culture, global, and NCAA ready to battle. For the naysayers.. can you say anything bad about 16 guys that are working so hard, doing well in school, and on the court, pre season, working together to get better and to win championships.
    If you come on this site, and cannot say one positive thing about BB secretary, trainer, file clerk, ball boys and girls, equipment manager, team manager, or athletes, dads and moms and the student athletes. ,can you call yourself a real FAN of UH MBB and all UH sports… I doubt it..
    Gib and staff doing great job, with the Nevels, Fotu, Smith, Jawato, NWC, taking the maturity lead, as well as super 3 ball shooter Dyrbe Enos.. this might be THE team of 2014-15, shock the world, I say, UH MBB goin shock the NCAA DI world, fight for National NCAA DI championship this March/ April 2015!!

  10. RunBows:
    I thought that Jamie was still involved somehow. What is his status?

    I think Q will be one of the leaders this year. More vocal than Nevels I think. Just the work he put in over the summer leads me to believe he has every intention of wanting that leadership role. Bruddah wants to help the newbies get acclimated to life at UH.

    Excited about the talent and depth of this years team. Need leaders to make it all come together.

  11. Yeah, i thought after last year’s drama,
    they’d worked out a two-year Visa agreement, and we wouldn’t see this for awhile…
    i think the change in position/ title may be a factor in needing to re-apply;
    ideally it also means a good bump in responsibilities AND Pay…

    More Jamie Leadership
    More Student Spirit And Impact
    Mahalo for The Section E-Transplants’ Help

  12. Dayton,

    Can you remind everyone that Isaac Fotu and NZ play Team USA tomorrow afternoon at 2p on NBA TV?


  13. warriorhaw..wonder if something political or homeland…with internationals getting visas to go to school and work in usa?
    Remember Eagle and warriorhaw Fotu and Harper , and Jamie had hard time getting into usa past few years?
    So key for Gib to have Jamie on board ..he is awesome ..even worked with Boston Celtics..
    I like this staff for this year..if Jamie on board…Gib Arnold..Benjy Taylor…Senque Carey..Brandyn Akana…the
    very important 808 connection..Jamie Smith…the heart of the maniacs..hope uh staff has great year..they have the athletes now..!!

    Eagle..I remember going to old honolulu stadium. ? The termite palace!
    B52’s swooping down..remember Nebraska..with Johnny Rodgers..Jerry Tagge ..in front of 28,000 sold out honolulu stadium..rocking..uh fb team with gold helmets …the nice green or white jerseys rainbows..awesome..dave holmes great college football coach..

    oh..uh mbb will generate lot of interest. ?.football..they can beat OSU beavers..could have good season..like uh mbb!

  14. Couch Coach..If you have espn2..tomorrow Sept. 2 2014 530 am live..I am going to DVR the game..great experience for Fotu..play against best players on the planet..well at least some of them

    hey Tall Blacks have nothing to lose..just have fun..
    remeber Butch Lee of Marquette..great guard with roots in Puerto Rico? That great guard almost led Puerto Rican
    national team to upset of the usa olympic team 30 years or mor ago..

    go Isaac Fotu

    the mighty warrior and tall blacks!!

  15. Open gym?
    I think first practice official oct 14th? About 6 weeks away!!

  16. Nice article on the Webster brothers. I do remember Tony Webster and most of his teammates. It is always good to hear good news. And it is always good to keep up with past UH players. Thanks for the update!

  17. Is Jalen Poyser still visiting this weekend?

  18. First practice could be around October 3 or six weeks before the first game.

  19. Fotu, is definitely gaining invaluable experience. He’ll be in shape at the very least. The quality time and knowledge gained will help him and our team immensely. Playing against the US should be enlightening at what the next level looks like. Go Warriors

  20. Thanks RunBows – yeah, got the times all mixed up. DVRΚ»d it too.

  21. Fotu had 8 pts on 2 for 3 on 3 pts and 1 for 1 on 2 pts. 2 rebounds and 1 assist in 17 minutes, per the IFIBA website.

    I only watched near the end of the 2nd quarter and didn’t see him play. The game was very fast paced.

  22. I agree it was a fast paced are game. I guess the college game will slow down for 42 after this tourney.

  23. islandman mahalo…so first official practice coming up real fast!

  24. Agree tako..warriorhaw. ..the speed and ability of nba usa team shows Isaac what would be like at that level..love how no hesitation..they give him 23 feet out open..Isaac drained nice trifectas!
    This experience will only help Isaac this year..maybe ncaa D1 game will seem slower to him not as physical and he will be having awesome junior year!!

    Stay healhy Isaac and have fun!!

  25. Aloha, Kiaora, Malo e lelei RunBows and UHMBB fans.

    Watched the game between Tall Blacks and USA, good game against NBA loaded team, what an experience for Isaac and the young players to have a hit out against the best. I really enjoyed watching the game. The Tall Blacks need to win against Ukraine and Finland to progress through.

    Anyway, here is an article of interest: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/basketball/10451413/Alohair-Tall-Black-Isaac-Fotu-a-big-hit-in-Hawaii

    Season just around the corner. Looking forward to coming over again in December to catch up with games during DHC.



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