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2014 beach workouts begin


There are beaches in Delaware, where Isaac Fleming is from, but certainly nothing like Waikiki Beach on a postcard-perfect Saturday morning.

Fleming, a freshman guard, participated in his first beach workout with the University of Hawai’i basketball team on Saturday. It has become an annual tradition as part of the preseason training regimen for the Warriors.

“Me personally, I’m a trash-talker – I’m thinking anything, I can get through it, I’m mentally tough,” Fleming said. “You run through this sand? You feel like your legs are ready to give up on you. Really, it’s just mental. As long as you got it up here … if you aren’t mentally strong, this ain’t for you.”

The beach sessions consist of various running and jumping drills in the soft sand at Waikiki Beach. The Saturday sessions starts at 6 a.m., and by 6:30, the sun is already heating up.

“It’s exactly where you should be,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “We’re in the most beautiful place in the world and we take advantage of it.”

In the middle of Saturday’s session, a double rainbow appeared over the shores of Waikiki, and the players couldn’t help but take a look.


“It’s great,” senior guard Garrett Nevels said. “The weather’s nice. It doesn’t even seem like much of a workout, sometimes. We’re all just out here together, working hard, having fun.”

The beach workouts will culminate with the annual “King of the Beach” competition at the end of the month. Christian Standhardinger won the last two King of the Beach competitions, but he is now a UH graduate who is pursuing a professional career overseas.

“It’s up for grabs,” Arnold said.

Nevels responded: “I’m coming for the title.”


  1. love king beach, coach arnold much fun.who will win.good work.

  2. Now that’s what I’m talking about, it is now 2 months till tip off,midnight madness , Warriors to take Big West title 2015 Finally…no more one and done. That is unacceptable for us ,the Warriors.

  3. Team grinding!! What better place than the beach!! Was it Fleming who said no cry babies? Yes..my opinion. .agree with Gib, this group very good athletes..even bigs Janks and Jovanovic grind and working.
    jjay agreed..uh mbb at this 5th year..win BWC regular season then BWC tourney nothing less. To a man ..all 16 guys. They hungry for ncaa invite!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! !
    Grinding in paradise..

  4. jjay…first official practice october 3 …very soon..ohanafest I guess soon after that..Eagle..warriorhaw..bigfan..tavs..tonganator..akuhead..clyde..anderpops..chuck..and everone..fans..believers in uh mbb and guys..it is HERE!!
    Hoops Heaven!!

  5. WOW! Who wants to spend their college career in the SNOW! I feel bad for those poor guys who have to put on those parkas in the winter slushing through the weather.

    Shorts, slippers and dats all you need here. I recall a former UH standout, Fabio Ribeiro, flying from Brazil to his first recruiting stop in Syracuse, NY in the winter time. He had never even seen snow before and was not dressed for it. Spent less than a day there and was on a plane to Hawaii a day later with an assist from Jackson Wheeler. Spent 9 years playing pro ball.

    Looks like there is some movement in the Schedule which might make this a 31 game regular season schedule. HPU is already posting their schedule change with UH to an 11/6 Exhibition game at the SSC.

    WAZZU is not showing us on their schedule now either. Looks like the paperwork might be in the mail for the Gulf Coast Showcase on 11/24. Get ‘er dun!

    Hey, like the new shorts the guys are wearing!


  6. Wow is right! This is a beautiful video with great scenes of Waikiki. I really hope some future recruits watch this and realize what we have to offer over here. Great job Dayton!

  7. Finally we see the team workout. It all starting to come together. Excitement just keeps building and building.

    That’s some great video Dayton. Double rainbows! You can’t beat that.

    Haha, Isaac all covered with sand. Everybody working hard.

    NCAA, we waiting…..

    Fotu rest up, catch up with school and join your teammates.

    Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mahalo Dayton, for getting up early in the morning and getting that camera down to the beach.

    So Nevels says his competition this year is Quincy and Sammis. Ok. It’s on. We’ll see.

  9. Great video! It looks like a great group this year. Hope they can stay together and stay healthy. If so, this could be a season to remember.

  10. Ditto — GREAT Videos, Dayton

    Copy to All Recruits…

    Ideally, THIS Season, Moreso than Previous:
    The Combination of Better Depth and Athleticism;
    and ʻBeach-Stronger legs Shows Up as the Team Finishing Stronger, and
    WINNING The Close Ones…

    Under the Canopy of Rainbows…(IF They Could Re-Produce THAT Light in the SSC…)

    Go ʻBows!
    GO Rainbow Warriors!

  11. Garrett Nevels is Teamʻs Most Proven MR INTENSITY

    Isaac May Be More Talented, BUT Still Developing Killler Focus

    Consider That We Lost MUCH Senior Intensity Between
    Christian, Spearman, Davis and Shamburger

    SO Great to Hear Senior Nevels ʻAnnointingʻ Q & Sammis as HIS Recognizable KING Rivals
    It Takes One to Know One
    Q & G Averaged 20 Summer Points Per Game (Albeit Good Leagues)
    Work That Hard, You Will Be Sucessful…

    THAT Elevates Freshman Sammis into RARE Freshman Air…

  12. Nevels doesn’t look like he is tired in the video. Must be in good shape.

    Old timers, Marvin Barnes passed away, he once shot 10 for 10 in the NCAA playoffs, was nation’s leading rebounder in 1973-74, playing for Providence. Played in the ABA and NBA. Drafted as 2nd overall pick by Philadelphia in 1974 but opted for the ABA, per wikipedia.

  13. islandman…

    I remember him..Was MOP of 1974 Aloha classic ..East team with Len Elmore , Dennis Duval,.even Artie W. was late addition to East team..4 team. Allstar game format..Tom Henderson on West team.

    You are right Nevels run 5:10 mile? He is in great shape..bet the other guys will follow and get into great shape.
    Looks like going to be quick tempo and get ball to fotu when half court sets..he doubled..has shooters now maybe 2 or 3 on court anytime

    Beautiful video is right..

  14. RunBows, that’s why that name came to my mind, Marvin Barnes. I couldn’t remember why. Now i know – he played in the Aloha Classic, which i think i attended with my dad.
    Marvin played with Ernie Digregorio at Providence, made the Final Four in his junior year in 1973. As a senior, he averaged 22 pts and 18.7 rebounds, and was the 2nd pick in the NBA draft. No. 1 was someone named Bill Walton.

    Many great players came to the Aloha Classic. Do you still have the programs ? I threw mine out long ago. Your recall is like Karl who used to post on Scout.com.

    Nate Archibald was in an earlier one, i remember, no one knew of Nate (Tiny), but he was a phenom and even was the NBA scoring and assist leader in 1973, per wikipedia. 6′ 1″, 150 lbs or less, some don’t need big muscles to play basketball very very well.

  15. Nate Achibald and Tom Henderson attended the same high school DeWitt Clinton ( The Bronx, New York)

  16. Anybody getting thai lady ads ?

  17. I don’t know if the Word Press site, or spam.. I see it too, don’t think appropriate for this family site. My opinion.

    Dayton Part of Website, or did we get spammed?
    Mahalo for checking!

  18. Thai or vietnamese foods ads okay. Maybe got to support the site(s).

  19. yes.. I think it is like a billboard electronic, now it flips to another ad, something .. building or, commercial. product.. You are right, as long as not overboard, it helps support this awesome site., Thanks Dayton and the Schmidts, and the other sponsors, advertisers for keeping WI going!

  20. I know u guys blame me for everything but I swear I didn’t send those ads… 🙂

  21. coach arnold make it fun for team and students.we will make a shout out this yesr
    word on isaac fotu soon back hawaii.student favorite for sure.like afro.

  22. I too was at that game with Marvin Barnes and Len Elmore.
    After that game, just a note, I was always impressed with how gentle Len Elmore was. He was still quite the nice guy doing college games on ESPN, seems recently.
    Providence, where Rick Pitino coached.

  23. I am just thinking of the discipline of guys to have to wake up at about 500 am on a Saturday morning, to get into team Bus or vans, and get down to Waikiki to start workouts at 600am, that shows the team is focused and coaching staff really have them working together. As Nevels said, and for the newbies and veterans, it is a grind, however fun. Team very athletic, and just about everyone, has those six pack abs, they are working their core.

  24. RE: Spreading Around PT

    i think Gib ʻDoesʻ give young players opportunities;

    the key to earning extended PT (2-3 series or minutes at a time) is holding up, playing effective Defense; Leave ʻyour manʻ open for threes too often (twice, once?) or give up easy baskets and youʻre coming out;

    then, can the sub help the team function and flow effectively?…i think Dyrbe can do this, and so far, it looks like his defensive positioning and attentiveness have improved; with stronger ankles Jawato should also be able to function in system and harass on ʻDʻ; Both, have the ʻinstantʻ and potentially streaky three ability; [2]


    STARTERS (Returning): Fotu & Nevels ʻshouldʻ be playing as much as their bodies can handle;
    coaches will monitor & manage; aim for long-term health and effectiveness [2]

    LETTERMEN: Q, Thomas, Valdes & Jovanovic could start or earn Extended PT against most teamss & matchups; [4]
    Jawato & Dyrbe ʻshouldʻ be able to earn Extended Minutes (above last year) [+2]

    REDSHIRTS: Negus & Jovanovic are likely or potential Starters; not yet proven Effectiveness On Team, In System [2]

    NEWCOMERS: Bobbitt, with his Spearman-like Heritage, when healthy, should be about as good as a returning starter; Not Yet Proven, But Sammisʻ and Flemingʻs Intensity should result in ʻGood Dʻ early, and they both apparently have HI-BB-IQ, so i would expect they Can stay on the floor; [1-3]

    That looks (to me) like a Minimum ELEVEN (!) Potential Regulars
    and up to FIFTEEN who could be earning shots at PT on at least a rotational or situational basis;

    As several have noted, IF a Team & Coach were aiming at spreading PT, developing players and team options and versatility, spreading season-long fatigue, wear and tear, to truly be ʻReady to Play their Best in Post-Seasonʻ [Unlike their Recent History]… Then This Team and Staff Could or Should as much as Most Any UHMBB Team…

  25. Guys are working very hard. Bonding. Challenging each other. Finding out where they are in the physical ladder. These workouts exposes weaknesses and strengths. Upper and lower body conditioning. Great way of pushing each other.

    Beautiful beach, weather. And you know there were beautiful ladies out for their morning walk.

    All captured on bruddah Daytons video.

    This site is a great recruiting tool.

  26. Eagle:

    You know who is a really great Get as an assistant coach? Coach Senque Carey. He is developing guys. Having them work with great effort. Always moving guys in right direction, to be better, work harder, play smarter, work towards goal, be the best BB player and reach that March Madness promised land. Just in the background, would not doubt if Gib had meeting with Benjy, Akana, and Senque Carey, outlined exactly what you stated , and what WI UH MBB fans know.. Want team to be ready in March, the BWC regular season champion finish and especially the BWC tournament run to NCAA bid.
    As they say, a journey of a 100 miles(or whatever the goal)begins with ONE STEP.. so first phase the grind, get into shape, and put into practice what they are learning in small group workouts. Then when Practice starts, they are ready. Without question, Fleming, Q, Bobbitt, Sammis, even Dyrbe, Niko, you can tell they are very competitive, Brocke Stepteau too(who , it appears, is like a young HC mentality, he understands the game, which is great for preferred freshman!). Team on a mission, have to be 10-11-12 deep, legit, guys that can affect winning by March, Then team can rock and roll in NIT/NCAA preferred madness March 2015.

    With addition of that Gulf Coast exempted tournament, making for 31 game schedule, a lot of good basketball ahead.. and team, even early if take a loss here or there, that is okay, just be ready BWC time! Of course as always Just My Observation and Opinion!

    Go Rainbows. Go The Mighty Warriors!

  27. Of Course this year’s team mentality, THEY WANT TO WIN EVERY GAME.. that is the right attitude… winners on and off the court!
    The athleticism, and physical condition of guys, quite impressive.. That Sammis Reyes, he is a very Physically fit, BB beast,… anticipate, he fit into , which I believe he will, Gib’s system, along with Fotu, Negus, and company, UH could have 5 guys on the floor at any one time, hopefully running on all cylinders and really putting Warrior effort to get wins.. Key: everyone is correct, that guard rotation, the PG and SG, handling the ball, protect, and cherish that ball, get started in O and D sets, High BB IQ.. Believe that Q can do it.. combo guards, have to be seen, however have opportunity aplenty, healthy Bobbitt and Fleming, Niko, Dyrbe, even Negus can run the Point.. remember, the Offense can be started by a 3. .. how Julian Sensley at 6’9″ would start the offense, great passer, and smart BB guy.
    Anticipation and excitement abounds!
    warriorhaw and hard core die hard UH MBB fans.. get ready.. to Rock that SSC!

  28. Less lady ads ? Getting baby formula and a few other ads.

  29. CVS RX ad now..maybe ad banner scroll sport guy hawaii demographic
    I guess that banner scroll is the sponsor or one of ..of this site
    Thanks to Schmidts though..huge supporter of WI and we thank them..

  30. I thought it may be like google ads on the other sites, where the ads are tailored to ones’ clicking preferences. The ad says the ads are from AdChoices which are like google ads.

  31. islandman:

    been on this site for 5 years going on… never did pay much attention to ads. Just the UH MBB goings on. We do owe big mahalo to Schmidts, Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise and Pacific Risk Solutions and all private donors big and small. This is really a great site for Fans of UH MBB, the families , friends, and potential recruits. Dayton, The Man, Morinaga, has actually scooped first hand stories or video and call in interviews with recruits and potential future targeted gets. Love what Dayton Does.

    Getting back to UH MBB.. looks like the team is bonding and having fun throughout the island. I appreciate what Coach , the University, the staff and the athletes have done, giving back to Hawaii, through promoting Reading as well as helping out with young ones, or community help. That part, UH MBB and Gib , they have done a great job.

  32. Dayton, Any update at all on investigation? Is no news good news? Very confusing. All of these current kids are innocent. Sure hope no punishment hurts them.

  33. coach arnold had visit with j. wall good ball player.hope coach does pep rally with students again.we appreciate coach n team.a good time basketball.

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