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Yes, he’s really here

The proof can be seen in the video above. Yes, that really is Sammis Reyes. And yes, that video interview was conducted on August 26 … in Hawai’i.

“Finally, finally,” Reyes said of his arrival at the University of Hawai’i. “I was waiting the whole summer, like I said. I’m just super happy to be here. I was waiting for this opportunity my whole life.”

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 10.21.41 PM

Reyes, a 6-foot-6, 238-pound freshman forward, trained in Florida during the summer months while awaiting clearance from the NCAA for his admittance to UH. He received word of his clearance last week, and completed an all-day flight itinerary on Sunday to get to Honolulu.

“It was long,” he said of the trip. “I left home at 5 a.m. Eastern Time, and I got here about 4 in the afternoon (or 10 p.m. Eastern Time). And then as soon as I got here I started doing stuff, and got a couple of hours of sleep.”

Reyes had to complete some paperwork and a physical on Monday; by Tuesday, he was participating in his first individual workout as a UH Warrior.

“Man, I’m tired,” he said. “But that’s alright. That’s why I’m here – to get tired, to get better. I like Coach Gib’s mentality of defense first. I like the way they play. It will get me in shape for sure.”

Due to his late clearance, Reyes was not able to enroll early for classes at UH. He said staff members are providing guidance with the enrollment process, and he expects to be in classes by the end of this week.

Most of the other Warriors made it back to the Manoa campus for the start of classes this week. Junior forward Isaac Fotu – the leading returning scorer and rebounder from last season – has yet to arrive, but he has a legitimate excuse. He is currently traveling with the New Zealand national basketball team at the FIBA World Cup in Spain. The tournament is scheduled to begin on Aug. 30.


  1. Sam da man, welcome aboard, just remember we are the one ,the only, Warriors.,Big West Conf, title is the goal,automatic birth to Ncaa’s. Year five of the new regime, this is the year to do it .

  2. Welcome to the Obama, Sammis. Glad you finally made it.

  3. So excited to see Sammis here! Looking forward to all the great things to come. Wishing Sammis all the best here. Go Bows!

  4. Hey gobows33…sheesh, Sammis in, UH MBB rocking, ncaa correction if any will be handle by Alabama Legal Eagles….All the 12 scholarship plus 4 walkons, sheeesh, they going go Shhhhhhh…, be quiet you naysayers. Jake, gibnogood, be quited, and Fake UH Fan, We are going to win a lot of games 24 games, the regular BWC season title=NIT auto bid, and the BWC tournament = NCAA.’s

    The whole UH MBB Warrior Fan nation, were sweating it out for you, and HOPING so bad, you would get the waiver…forever consider it a blessing, that finally NCAA got something good for UH MBB athlete, the right to play right away as an AWESOME Freshman.

    See, that you miss Florida and gal pal, however, there will be a lot of possibly Chilean, and latinos in Hawaii that love the culture, and will befriend you. Just do well in school, keep lifting and develop your wing and PF, skills, you are on track to be really good, and play a lot, if you can match NCAA DI speed of the game.. Awesome to see you here Sammis, Muy Bueno, Muy Bien, Gracias, for becoming a Rainbow Warrior..

    Maybe winter break or spring, soon enough to see your special friend.. Hawaii, will become a special place, you will love it, and the UH fans, and city, state will embrace you, Hermano!
    IMUA Sammis Reyes…and Norm Chow, stay away from Reyes, just joking not..
    Glad to have you on the ship steaming right towards the NCAA Big Dance March 2015
    Grreat Writeup Dayton, you watch, this is going to have tons of posts..

    Go Bows!
    Sammis, bond with the Team, and fans, they will love you greatly!!
    SSC great BB venue. Sammis help put UH back into the top 25 and into the NCAA’s again, after nearly 13 years!!!
    EAGLE, warriorhaw. anderpops, akuhead2, Brokenhearted, TAVS, clyde, servante—the Reye Superman has landed from Florida-Krypton, ready to bring down some rims.. sorry, Rich Sheriff!!
    I am super stoked…..Aren’t you all WI MBB fans.. best news of the year, so far, Reyes is finally here, and we want you to stay for years!!

  5. Sammis sorry, I did not mean you are only friends with Spanish speaking, I mean Hawaii is a true melting pot of hundreds of ethnic groups trying to live in Paradise.. You will meet all type of people!
    Apologize, did not mean to offend you, very sorry, You are a 4 year veteran of USA BB, so you are a proud Chilean U16 National team member, and an allstar out of Florida..

    Sammis, very, very happy to have you with team. Show everyone, how to lift properly, and have what looks like a vert of between 37-39″ or more, you can climbbbb!

    Go get em Sammis!

  6. Welcome Sammis! Looking forward to rooting for you and your teammates this year. You have a lot of exciting hoops ahead of you. Just remember, the classroom comes first. The degree you earn will help you be successful many years after your basketball career is over.

  7. Good attitude and likable person as are the other newcomers and teammates.

  8. RunBows, hint , hint . Good to be excited about ypung man’s bb skills but please stop getting into his personal life and relationships. Leave that to his parents. Like u say, we are couple of old timers . Kids now travel the world like we take a drive to North show, I am sure he will acclimate quickly. Know u are pumped up but …

  9. Well, all the pieces are here. Let’s wait and see how they fit together and hope for a quality finish. Hope Fotu stays healthy. The BB experience he’s gaining is invaluable. Still, concerned about his academics and physical health, hope he doesn’t get busted up prior to the start of the season.

  10. Can someone repost the days and times/stations that Isaac will be playing. Can’t find the original post. Sorry about that but would be worse if I didn’t get a chance to see him play.

  11. Welcome to Paradise Sammis! Looking forward to viewing you and your fellow teammates in Open Gym videos. Enjoyed watching your highlight videos which displayed your power dunks, rebounding, passing prowess, and defending the rim! Your offense will be a bonus!

  12. Go two threads back, {4 recruits on radar (Senegal players)} believe backbeat and runbows have information on when Isaac is playing

  13. Mahalo tako, great assist. Didn’t want to miss any of the action.

  14. Damn, looks like he got much leaner. Still yet, he’s huge! So stoked for the upcoming season!

  15. Good to see you finally here Sammis. Hope you develop into the player you know you can be.

  16. I still consider this a great late get! As stated earlier, even if he doesn’t become an instant starter, he can at least be a big body for practice until he is ready in the future. I wonder how many of the other schools that backed off away this kid are kicking themselves right now.

  17. ChuckCheese…..Sammis will play for sure. Gib is smart enough to know that kids that come from far away need to play to avoid the dreaded “homesickness’. Someone like Reyes that have that much athletic ability and that much raw strength is going to make his way onto the court one way or another. Guys that trip over there own foot or guys who are not physically ready to play are those that will redshirt and are practice players. No way Sammis will strictly be a practice player. He also have enough skills to play the 3 and the 4 spot so he can spell Negus, Issac Fotu or maybe even be a big SG if need. The dude has enough skills that Gib will find time for him. I have no doubt about that.

    Waiting for Dayton to post video on some of Sammis’ monster dunk in Gym 2.

  18. I predict he plays no more than 200 minutes before junior year.

  19. Hoosier, hint hint, I got it, apologies to the guys too on social, such and avid fan, if pubic, they pix, or tweet, and I can follow. Don’t want to get too personal. Love how his parents so supportive, wherever he chose to play. I will not get that in to any guy’s private life again. Never anything bad, just as Kahuna says, some young guys away from home, that is a long way. UH MBB fans, and Hawaii people with Sammis Superman build and game will fall in love with him, you know why?

    Sammis is not afraid to grind and work out get better, .. right now, UH MBB going through the lose your breakfast drills, conditioning, and Sammis welcomes it to get better! Awesome, like Negus, Fotu, Nevels.. wish that All the guys will work that hard, and these 16 roster guys can have very good season. I guess Hoosier, since you are Hoosier fan, I am super UH Rainbow Warrior Fan. Love the guys, and their families. HEY SHOUT OUT TO WI MBB FAN NATION.. Gib can get the guys on the same page, and NO 10 super athletes cannot play 40 minutes a game.. if between 14-30, minutes, between 11-12 guys, that would be awesome, and a lot of Depth, prevent burnout and injury too. Sammis , Kahuna, you are right, with the Chilean U16 National International team experience, the work ethic of a 30 year old NBA veteran great like a Lebron, Kobe, work to get better, and taking , and feeling blessed to play DI ball in Hawaii Paradise.. Sammis and UH MBB fans are blessed.

    Hey all fans,… really looking forward to the season,.. as long as the returnees, just grinded this summer, come back bigger, faster, smater, stronger, and finish, they will have a BWC championship season.. AS LONG AS THEY STAY TOGETHER.. ONE GOAL=NCAA’s

    Go Bows!
    warriorhaw, just love this team. since you, servant—Eagle, jjay, or whomever can go to SSC, go!
    even if only 4800-5000 per game, it will be the best attendance and home crowd in the BWC.. for college and bodies in the seat, UH will have the best!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go the Mighty Warriors!!
    And Gibnogood…now Gib is starting to look very, very good! Muy Bueno!!


  20. darn auto correct, I type, the right words, and it changes to another, have to proof before posting, sorry fans!
    meant to say with corrected word!: “Hoosier, hint hint, I got it, apologies to the guys too on social, such and AVID fan, if PUBLIC , they pix, or tweet, and I can follow. Don’t want to get too personal. Love how his parents so supportive, wherever he chose to play. I will not get that in to any guy’s private life again. Never anything bad, just as Kahuna says, some young guys away from home, that is a long way. UH MBB fans, and Hawaii people with Sammis Superman build and game will fall in love with him, you know why?

    Ahhhh, sugars!! I love the UH MBB team , and with Sammis as Kahuna said, he was THAT HUGE LATE GET OFFICIAL, he made what would have been still a very competitive team, a chance to be the premier team in the BWC.. he is talented and strong, great passer, and team player, understands, get your backside moving of good team and individual D, plus, great anticipation on deflecting, clean picks for steals, and the help side, shot blocking, .. With Athletic Valdes, Thomas, and Sammis, even though, NOT 6″8′ 6’9″ and 6″10″ tall, however about 6’6″ , 6’6″ and 6’8” with long arms, and big , large hands, with good hops, Sammis , Mike T. and Aaron V., they can, or that will be their D assignment by the rim, deny, deny,deny, nobody floats in for uncontested layup, it will get swatted back, get that WEAK STUFF out of here!! Sammis, he conditioning, and tako, he better at 238, instead of 250, it makes him even quicker, for NCAA DI ball.. very exciting young BB talent,.. he will have to play a lot down low , because of Janks having to wait till mid Dec eligible.

    Go Bows!!

  21. Gib is looking good? So final NCAA report is finally out playhoopsa? Please read it to me so I can agree that Gib is good…..


    GIB IS GETTING GOOD..and with time will be VERY VERY GOOD IS GOOD!


    GNG, Stick with cheering on the FB team, I will, I really hope they win 6 games this year. And Shoji VB team can make it back to final 4, with very young but talented team, if they can click, and pick up every ball, nation leading digs, touches and blocks, and vary offense, with Shoji’s skill, and game management, he can take top 100 WVB talent and make run towards elite eight and beyond. BWC going to be tough though.
    Same with Gib and Laura, BWC will be competitive, Gib and Laura, better athletes and Depth, plus both sharpen the X and O side, Laura has great assistants, Gib added great player developer in Senque Carey, very good addition..

    Go Bows. Go Wahines,
    And GNG, gibnogood, go to the games if you can and support cheer on Norm, Dave, Mike, Charlie, Bud, Gib , Laura and Bob, all the HC’s and teams, those young people deserve our support, great in school, and great young people

    Gib is getting better… gibisgood!

  24. Playhoopsa. So all is good with Gib? Please send us fans proof that NCAA agrees with u so we can all celebrate.!!!!

  25. What a HUGE difference in attitude from a player like Shaq , who would say, no problem he can deal with whatever , because: ” I am from New York”..sheesh…
    With Sammis, great character builder his school in Florida, and great ohana in Chile. He says, here to work get better, that is what he is here for., Get enrolled, take advantage of help, get to know teammates, they are cool, I am sure, they are glad for a super strong guy like Sammis at 3 or 4 spot, possibly 5. And he says, it was he dreamed of, all his life, an opportunity. So, we definitely know, it wasn’t a given, a 5 star, or 4 star BB athlete, with offers from soph year in HS.. He had to work on his game. One thing the dedication to proper diet and the building up of his body, looks like very little body fat.. wow! And long arms, large hands… Great defender of the rim and can be great rebounder and shot blocker.

    What a Good Attitude Sammis, and to sweat out, June, July, almost end of August till cleared. That takes maturity and will. A great young man, hey Gib IS Very Good in bringing in the HIGH CHARACTER guys… gibnogood, GOOD yeah! What you going leave us now! Go back to UCSB MBB gym!

    Gib, has , all 12 of the guys, they bond, and immediately they are going to strike up friendship with Sammis..Check this out, 2 guys from Hawaii, 3 guys from Cali, 1 guy originally from Indonesia, 2 guys from Canada, 1 guy from New Zealand, and 1 guy from Chile. A melting pot, what makes UH MBB teams, for years , and especially the diversity of Gib’s teams.. hey, the international guys, who go to HS or prep school in USA, and blow up in the showcase AAU tournaments,sometimes,they end up like Sammis, over one weekend in March 2014, he blew up, and had 20….I say 20 offers from DI schools. Hawaii went hard after him, Fleming and Bobbitt, it Paid Off.. Big Time’

    gibnogood, poo, wiinnie the pooh, pooh… gibis very, very good.. his team is very, very good.

    gibnogood, for uhmbb, however good for the Punahou Carnival! right,,.. ha, ha

    Cannot wait fans, for open gym, I tell you the dunkers. Smith, Nevels, Valdes, Thomas, Fotu, Sammis Reyes, Jovanovich, Jankovich ,Fleming, Bobbitt, and Negus.. ..going to be guys that go hard and one to the rim, guys that have the floater, guys that have the mid range game, the spin moves, the inside game, the running the floor ability and finishers, a lot.. combine that with 12 scholarship guys who either have high BB IQ , they are ballers, or team guys, and the just super athletic, winners.. UH MBB in good hands, gibnogood,, until you join the Maryknoll BB coaching staff, which was good, when had Tony Sellitto coaching!

    Gibisgood, man… Gibnogood, for being a bad coach, Gib is good, for good of MBB..right, when he holds up the BWC tournament trophy, and accepts the bid to NCAA on selection sunday in March 2015, gibnogood, you might have to go, to the lua! wow..change your order from, stinky cheese pizza to prime rib and lobster, to celebrate Gib and his great , great team.. gibisgood! Very,
    Very good! πŸ™‚

  26. RunBows no apologies necessary. Yes you are the over the top superfan. Needed to balance the neg guy. You cheer for the program and the student athletes no matter who the coach is. Your knowledge on MBB is vast. Probably forgot more stuff than most of us will ever know.

    I know you no can make the games but you be there in spirit.

    I know the FB plays this weekend but I am so jazzed about this years BB team. And I have had premium seating tickets since they started the program.

    Welcome the Hawaii Sammis. You are gonna love it here.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Actually Jankovich, Jovanovich, Filipovich originally from Serbia, .. Janks also migrated to Canada. Jawato originally from Indonesia. Fotu, from New Zealand, Negus from Canada. and Sammis from Chile, to Florida, Isaac Fleming from Delaware, and Roderick Bobbitt, from NorCal, as is Q Smith, and Nevels, Smith, from Cali, and Buscher, Enos from 808, Hawaii.. That is diversity, gibisgood.
    International winning team. a great team in the making, AS LONG, my disclaimer all the time, work, study, bond, be friends on and off the court, wins before personal stats, and UH can dance, dance, dance.

    Must, depress you gibnogood. because Gib’s team all in place, with Fotu, after trying to win a medal among NBA talent in FIBA championships in Spain, back with team in few weeks.. gibisgood, still smiling, ear to ear, at the sandy’s with his great family, Alabama Leg. does their thing, protect UH MBB interests, UH ready to go, and gibnogood, so sorry for you gal or guy, Gib will be here for another 4 years at the least, with potentally one NIT and three NCAA bids over next 4 years. gib is REAL GOOD..
    Go Bows!


  28. Yes, bummer, not too old, however damaged both legs in serious accident, played all sports, including college. Great fan, and alumunus of UH .

    warriorhaw, as long as you have the means and ability to go to live games, even if only 4800-5200, please go… Used to enjoy so much, from Bloch arena, Pearl Harbor, to Blaisdell Arena, to the new SSC…

    Manoa Maniacs rocking, sorry they had to move some real good fans, hope they still go, maybe with the oncourt special seats, real close to sidlines and endlines, they will be practically in the action, I hope so, I know, a lot of the original from 40 , 50 year ago have passed on, or if they are 80 to 90’s too old to go.. not quite that old, however, old enough..!

    warriorhaw, anderpops, akuhead, TAVS, Eagle, clyde, FUHA, servante,,,, and BrokenHeartedinAnaheim, always a defender of MBB and against the anti Gib people. still think, and we know..that Gib not perfect, made mistakes, and he admitted it, however, work to clean up, and warriorhaw, that is why all 16 guys are going to be part of this magical run team, they know that UH MBB will be playing for NCAA tournament bid.. otherwise they would have moved on, NOT ONE dropped out, incredible, that shows. SOLIDARITY..

    Not fly by nite, anti Gib hater, gibnogood,.. all Gib and the boys have to do, when gibnogood is at SSC , they give him the salute, and the slam dunk and say this is for doubting us, and they go on and win 26 games, the BWC regular and tournament titles. POTENTIAL.. I know not start yet, anything can happen,
    however, warriorhaw, and Eagle, servante , all the super fans, It is Better than criticizing Gib and the hard working student athletes.
    Still, figure, must be ex athlete, or some person, just did not get reservation at diner, because, Gib and family made reservation one minute ahead, sore loser, maybe, ha, ha..who knows.

    Why, gibnogood on this forum, BECAUSE, HE IS ONE OF THREE, jake, gibnogood and FakeUHMBBFAN, who are here to cut down Gib and criticize all things UH MBB. I wish I was WI Webmaster, trace down their IP addresses and cut them off, however entitled to opinion, however, this site, is overwhelmingly for Gib and his team

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Have fun servante Eagle and warriorhaw, manoa maniacs, jjay, all those that make up the core 4000 plus new about 1200 or more, that SSC will be rocking, and Sammis Strong Sargent Savage will be ripping down the rims..
    and gibnogood, will tuck tail and hide, or he will then say, GIB IS GOOD…he got his team to NCAA.. gibnogood, I really hope it happens, so we all on the same page, I believe if Gib coach em and manage, and tutor, and boost them up, and develop, this could be, and will be the NIT or NCAA year.!!
    Go Bows!

  29. Not so fast – UHMBB Fans – a lot, I mean A LOT, has to happen before you can start talking about raising a banner. You have to win games – and Gib has not proven that he can WIN those close games that UH loses by 5 or less!
    Secondly you have potentially – NCAA sanctions; which is a whole ‘nother issue! Then lastly, you have turnover, or “disgruntled players” that don’t step up and fade out before the end of the season – and get ready to depart.
    Seems like a tall order – but then again; these are things you need to think about before talking NCAA bids.

    Mahalo and best wishes “Bows! Early prediction – 19 wins & CIT bid. Aha, ha, ha.

  30. Aloha Dallan. You are semi sane so probably will be banned…..:)

  31. Lots of good comments. Dallan is correct. We need to exercise patience. The blessings that we do have, at least on paper are talented players who have not left the program. Do agree that all players need to step up, that’s the nature of sports and competition and the pursuit of excellence.

    IMO: Believe Sammis will be a very good player. He has slimmed down and muscled up. That speaks volumes to his dedication. Likewise, hoping his quickness also improved. His upside, looks to be a banger. Has above average inside moves. Excellent finisher. Has good vision and court sense, he reminds me Isaac Fotu; potential wise, and expect similar performances with a different skill set. Lots of tools to work with and he is only a freshman.

    Just a reminder, we still have Negus on the table. Also, Stefan Jankovic will be a huge surprise.

    We also have one of the best PFs in a long, long time, Fotu…

    To seal the deal, we have two proven guards in Q and Nevels. The shelves are not bare. Whatever the end results of the NCAA investigation and resolution, we have a team that fans can be excited about.

    U of H AD, supports Coach Gib and he is privy to more information than us. At the end of the day, either you are getting better or worse there is no in between. Learn from your mistakes. Repeat your successes… believe this is the path of U of H basketball program and staff…

    Can be a fan……not a rubbish can full of sand…

  32. I’m a long time fan, season ticket holder and donate to the bball program regularly. With that being said I am also a realist and tend to agree with Dallan. Excluding the investigation which no one knows what the outcome will be let’s talk about the current team. This team has a lot of holes in it. The one known factor is Fotu and Nevels is a relatively known factor. Our biggest unknowns are at PG, C, SF and the bench.

    At PG Q backed up Shamburger for a reason last year. He turned the ball over more and was a score first PG rather than a pass first get us into the right sets type of PG. Hopefully he can step up but I think he will have trouble against pressure and really quick guards. Bobbitt could be good but he’s injured which is putting him behind and I can’t think of the last time a JC PG came in and took the starting PG job. PG is a tough position to take over as a transfer or Fr wihout knowing the system. Other than those two we have no one that can play the point at a D1 level. All the walkons are walkons for a reason and I don’t see any of them contributing any significant minutes.

    The Center position is a bigger hole as we have to the two SJ’s. Jovanovich has no playing experience and is not an offensive threat at all. He’s not an athletic rim protector but he will give us some size and hopefully help out on the glass. Jankovic won’t be eligible until Jan so he’s a non factor and I think it will take him some time to get back into game shape and to find chemistry with the rest of the guys on the court. He does have size but he’s a euro center that likes to shoot from the perimeter and looks soft on the defensive end.

    SF seems to be OK but you can never tell since NWC is the heir apparent but hasn’t suited up for us yet and has been out of game situations for a year. He definitely has the talent to fill the gap but we’ll see if he can live up to the hype. Fingers crossed b/c after him Jawato and Valdes are major liabilities in different aspects of the game.

    Bench: Despite all the hype it’s hard to see Flemings or Reyes having much of an impact. It’s been a while since a true frosh has had an impact on the team. Fotu was the last player but he was a high major talent. Jamie Dixon said Fotu would be a force and was right. Not to say that the freshman are not good players but the adjustment is a big one in D1 ball. Jawato, MT, Bobbitt, Valdes and one of the SJ’s coming off the bench doesn’t look very appealing. You need scoring options off the bench and from this group there is very little. The only guy who can potentially light it up is Jawato but he’ll give up twice as much as he scores on D.

    Coaching: Gib is horrible and it really shows in league play since everyone knows each other’s schemes and personnel. Bad coaches are exposed in league play and that is what we’ve seen year after year. Gib is all rah rah and very little x’s and o’s.

    I predict 17 wins, middle of the conference finish and Gib coming up with excuses and touting his next recruiting class instead of explaining why his teams can never finish in the top 3 or go to the post season. Then he heads straight to the bank to cash that fat check. That’s the real ish.

  33. Opinions are like A..holes, we all have one. But as Fans, isn’t it great this time of year to speculate on the anticipated season?!

    I think it a bit premature to begin making out our win/loss record, although I do agree on some points with the previous posts. I usually reserve those predications until after I see them in the pre-season. At this point, we don’t even know if we are going to have a 29 or 31 game regular season schedule and certainly don’t know much about our pre-season opponents.

    Ask any coach and they will tell you that 80%-90% of success is based on recruitments. Coach Gib stands very tall in that regard and with the addition of Coach Q, we look even better for the future.

    The next factor is how long these kids have played together as a team and how much maturity and leadership they have. After losing the best leadership that I have seen in years from last year’s team and better than 50% of the scoring and rebounding, we rank below average. We will be the youngest team in the conference this year.

    As far as conference play, the upper echelon teams in the Big West will be vastly improved. I project we will be ranked as a pre-season 4th place team this year and with good reason.

    1. Long Beach State will be playing with 9 seniors this year, two of which are 4 star recruits. Their back ups are all 2.5-3 star athletes.
    2. Irvine, which lead the league most of last year, only lost one player and will be that much better as a team this season.
    3. UCSB will have Williams coming back as a senior and will be formidable, as well.
    4. Cal Poly will always be in the game with their style of defense and their home court cow barn advantage.

    I am sure the Coaches are trying to break down the ponies right now and then build them up as a team. It is going to take sometime for them to learn to play with one another, but without Janko for the first 12 games, some players will get some early PT and experience. The sooner they pick up the system and play defense, the sooner they will play.

    Really looking forward to this year’s BOWZ

  34. Wow, Pono! That is a pretty grim forecast but brutally honest. Lot of unknowns and time for UH to step up. Enthusiasm and positive vibes only take you so far . I hope team takes BWC to the woodshed as I am sure you and everyone else does but gotta see it to believe it. I am waiting to see team stronger in March than November and finish on a roll. Walk the walk and take care of business . Play hard and let your record do the talking. Maybe I should change my name to Missouri because they need to show me the real deal. Always great this time of year because everyone is an all star and everyone is 0-0. So show your stuff, Bows! Make this the year when you spank the BWC! UH needs to be sitting atop this conference annually .

  35. I’m agree with u pono. 16 to 17 sounds about right. We will learn in next year or two if Gib actually “stands tall” in recruiting. …definitely not proven yet….hopeful though.

  36. Thought, U of H did play in post season tournament, CIT in past years? Or, is the prediction that we are not going to qualify for any post season tournament this year? With only two scholarships available next year, hope he is able to recruit four star gets. Won’t Jankovic been eligible in December since he transferred in, in November last year?

    thanks for the comments, posed interesting questions…

  37. I think this team lacks a lot of leadership. Nevels will be a vocal guy but other than him I don’t see any guys stepping up to be true leaders that everyone looks to. I don’t think we make the NIT or NCAA and BJ will not pay for another tourney after losing money in the CIT. There are too many unknowns in my opinion and lack of scorers on the team. Jank will be eligible in Dec but I said Jan b/c I’m expecting a suspension of some sort for the paperwork blunder.

  38. PONO: Very fair assessment. I think Gib owes it to Fotu not to put him at the 5, so I’m hoping one of the Stefans steps up. One player you failed to mention whom I feel will have a positive impact on the team is Mike Thomas … either in a reserve role or to start alongside Fotu. From what little I saw of Webster-Chan, I believe he could play the point if Quincy, Bobbitt or Flemings can’t lock up the position. I agree, though, about leadership … on and off the court. Wonder who fills that pivotal role?

  39. GnG,

    nobody I know got banned here. lol, come on now. Dallan no listen to No Good. hahahahaha

  40. Just teasing a little pocho. Ha. I think we seriously ddo not end up mediocre. Either win 12 games or win 25

  41. Someone pointed out the 2014-15 Prospectus on the UH site, if you haven’t seen it yet. It has the assigned jersey numbers too.




    Until they Start Keeping Score, ALL of it Is Conjecture…

    However, There IS a Track Record…
    GIBΚ»s Worst Two Years were 16, 17 Wins…
    GibΚ»s “Best” Two Years were 19 and 20 Wins

    Do WE Really See Reasons to Expect Performance OUT of Those “Bands” (Ranges)


    pg: LOST Shamburger — PG Ctitical, WAS A Weakness before… BUT Have ‘Some Experience’ AND Numbers (Q, Bobbitt, Fleming, even Negus, Capable…); The Last FRESHMAN point guard to make a splash was Dominic Waters: Fleming has better size, penetration and defense (he ‘may be’ One of the Reasons Shamburger checked out , although i try to not have Stellar Expectations of Freshmen); Question Mark…

    sg: LOST Spearman – Apparently Replaced with Equally Good (Or Better) Bobbitt as well as Negus & Fleming; injection of Healthy Jawato ‘Energy’ And Instant ‘Three’, Re-Emergence of 40% Conference 3-Shooter; Unquestionably Better Depth, Probably Improved;

    sf: LOST Standhardinger: Fotu’s Abilities help Mitigate, as well as, Thomas Challenged Standhardinger in Summer League and ‘Schooled Every Day in Practice);, Sammis and Jankovic: Definitely Improved Numbers And Depth; Short-Term Weakness with Youth, Unproven, But Potential for Overall Improvement over Two to Three-Years; Short-Term (Up to One Year) Loss in Focus & Leadership;

    wing: Returning Nevels: Potential Impact in Leadership and Finishing; Significantly Better Depth in Combo with SGs and SFs; Negus candidate for Conference Newcomer-of-Year;

    pf, 5, –Jovanovic Effective when he plays, Not Quick or Highly Athletic, but IQ and Positioning Trumps Quickness; Outstanding Shooting Touch and Range, Averaged Three Blocks per game in Cali, Rim Only 10-ft-high; ALL Attributes Also Apply to Jankovic IF He Plays ‘D’, Plus Hops & Athleticism and Natural Scorer; Position IMPROVED (Strength);

    IF ONLY 16-17 Wins Would Match WORST Performances, (Then, We Likely Have BIGGER Problems)

    18 Average – NO ONE Happy (UNLESS Surprise @ Conference Tourney)

    19-20: Stable BUT NOT Improving Fast Enough (For Neg Blog Sites, OR Actually Most Here @ This Site)

    20+ The ONLY Range where even “Some” Would Be ‘Happy’

    (But i would BET they Turn 3, 4, 5 of Last Year’s 11 Losses INTO WINS…)


    “SPECIAL” – NCAA – ???
    This Too, Shall Pass
    “This Is One of The Faster Investigations” [Sadistic Tendencies…]

    NO WHERE As Bad As When We Tried the Do It Yourself Amateur Approach…
    Specialists Necessary… and Finally…

  43. Hey WI fans, and UH MBB faithful, season, actually pre season workouts and first official game did not even start. Let the guys work out, grind, and become a good team. Then we let season play out. Too , soon to jump to speculation, rumor and doom and gloom. The only good thing, the negative talk? It pumps up the team even more. They want to win badly, and win the BWC . Just ask any one of those 16 guys on this year’s roster. All of them want to win and go to dance. So far , I believe them, …They have my full support.

    What about that Florida Gulf BB tournament, very interesting, and makes for a longer? season, with benefits to UH MBB, I think they work that out, it is good thing for UH, sort of like how, Beeman, gets that, balanced and good competition to be ready to rock the BWC season.

    Hey UH MBB team, the majority of UH MBB faithful, we got your backs.. the more diss, the more you guys hissssss… and win .. you guys will do well!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    warriorhaw, and all the fans with tickets to BB season… just go and enjoy the games at SSC , support the guys, they will win.. why not? Good team , great athletes…!

  44. wow…. with a few comments now, even with me, apologies, Warrior Insider all things UH MBB forum, has really evolved to something completely different from gong on 5 years ago when Dayton started it.

    Going to keep comments brief, Respect others opinions, pro or con. Just keep it civil and clean.
    We all want UH MBB and whomever at the helm to do well. Get back to back 20 win seasons would be a start.
    These young guys on track to graduate, very important, and Gib has some great 12 scholarship and 4 great walkons, committed to battle to win the BWC.
    I wish them the best. And pro or con, just keep talking UH hoops, WI , we are privileged to have forum to voice and type our thoughts on MBB program, which I agree with Eagle, servante and several other faithful, warriorhaw, anderpops, akuhead2, TAVS, BigFan, BigIslandHank, Tonganator, FUHA, and many more, that UH ready to rock!

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