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Warriors visit Wai’anae Intermediate for literacy campaign


Three members of the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team traveled to Wai’anae Intermediate School on Friday morning to participate in an assembly aimed at increasing literacy at the rural school located on the Leeward Coast.

Local product Dyrbe Enos (Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama) joined junior Brandon Jawato and senior Garrett Nevels in raising awareness for Wai’anae Intermediate’s annual literacy event, known as the Jr. SeaReaders Olympics. Through this program, students are encouraged to reach reading benchmarks both quarterly and for the entire school year.

“On behalf of our school community, I would like to say ‘mahalo’ to Dyrbe Enos, Garrett Nevels, Brandon Jawato, and coach Tim Bross for attending and participating in today’s literacy event. We appreciate them for showing their support and giving back to our school,” Waianae Intermediate Principal Rae Fabrao said.

The assembly featured live music, student performances, motivational speeches, and appearances from other community members such as Senator Maile Shimabukuro, who represents Waianae, Makaha, and Makua.


“It was wonderful to see the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team represented at today’s event,” Senator Shimabukuro said. “Dyrbe, Garrett, and Brandon did a great job showing their support.”

Following the assembly, Enos, Nevels, Jawato visited classrooms to talk about the importance of academics.

“It was an honor to be able to attend and participate in today’s event at Waianae,” Enos said. “Having grown up here, I know the importance of education and it feels good to give back.”

Nevels echoed Enos’ sentiment.

“Academics has made a big difference in my life,” Nevels said. “I have the opportunity to earn a degree this year and I was happy to share the importance of school with the students at Wai’anae Intermediate.”

Wai’anae Intermediate students — known as the Jr. Seariders — number about 900 seventh and eighth graders. The Jr. SeaReaders Olympics was formerly known as the Million Word Campaign, which has been a part of Wai’anae Intermediate’s literacy efforts for the last 10 years.

(Information and photos courtesy University of Hawai’i Athletics)

— — — — — — —

UH junior forward Isaac Fotu will begin play with the New Zealand “Tall Blacks” National Team on Saturday (Aug. 30) in the FIBA Basketball World Cup at Spain.

Fotu, a 6-foot-8 forward, has been one of the leading rebounders for New Zealand in the team’s exhibition games leading up to this tournament. Only 24 nations are participating in the world championship tournament.


Interestingly enough, New Zealand and the United States are in the same Group C for pool play. Fotu and the New Zealand team will face the USA on Sept. 2 in a game that will be televised live on ESPN2 at 5:30 a.m. (Hawai’i time).

Among the players on the USA roster are Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

New Zealand’s opening game will be against Turkey at 5 a.m. (Hawai’i time). CLICK HERE to see the FIBA site and check New Zealand schedule.

Below is a video of the New Zealand team performing a pre-game haka before an exhibition game in Europe. Fotu is on the far right of the video:


  1. Dayton

    Thanks for the New Zealand basketball times for Hawaii. Appreciate the Hawaii time. Whenever I see Eastern Time I’m like what? I can never get it right. Mahalo, and wishing Isaac and New Zealand success.

    Good to see people give back to the community. Dyrbe, Brandon, and Garret shows they got a heart.

  2. Props to Dyrbe, Garrett and Brandon. Mahalo for taking the time, and the long ride, to give back to the community. Kids at that age need encouragement to buy in to academics, and what better way than to hear it from athletes who have made the commitment themselves.

    Hey, Isaac should teach the team the haka, and make it part of their pre-game ritual.

  3. kudos and props to Nevels, Enos and Brandon Jawato. Just a left over from previous thread, comment about , my all star, for UH MBB academic wise, Brandon Jawato: From last thread I posted:

    “We cannot forget Brandon Jawato, who is a RS Jr. this year. So actually in UH for going on 4th year. He is on track to graduate this May 2015! So , he would be considered a 4 year UH athlete who completed, his degree before the possible 5th year of senior MBB eligibility. He would be the first of Gib’s Freshmen recruits to graduate in FOUR YEARS.. That is amazing, The young guy is a great role mode., knows where he is at, and cherishes the education first and foremost. He will be a great, possible BB coach, somewhere if he chooses, he mentioned, he would love to give back to Hawaii, he loves it here, and teach / coach in the Islands. I tell you, no matter what BB wise, Jawato is a first class Student Athlete.

    Brandon Jawato, really THE FIRST recruited freshman by Gib to finish getting a degree in 4 years!
    Mike Thomas, great student, he is going for it, no transfer, and no dropping out, he is here first and foremost for education, then the BB .. another one in 2 more years to grad and get degree. Hopefully Sammis, and Isaac Fleming. As BACKBEAT, and it is not a secret or failing of Gib and his program, fact of life, every spring, there are freshmen, and sophs, and some Jrs going on senior to be who transfer…just life NCAA BB DI.. ask ANY HC in NCAA DI ball, and it happens to their programs, whether low or mid major to P5 schools.. for UH to have guys doing well in school, and on track to graduate, and be competitive, flirting with another back to back 20 win season, and legit shot at NIT or NCAA . post season. BACKBEAT and Chuck Chees, we are blessed. Ain’t easy to do it 2500 miles from West Coast, however Gib is somehow trying his best.. I give him credit, especially making sure the guys, even if they transfer, do well in school, and keep GPA, and APR good and be on track to make use of an expensive education. Of course, every HC will sit down with guys, to see where they are at, BB wise in program and academic wise, since it is yearly review and evaluation. It actually is a good rate, now, better than before, the UH MBB team and academics.. definitely!!”

    Good job Brandon May 2015 to be 4 year , original freshman recruit, first one of Gib’s to graduate in 4 years! Outstanding!
    And great job Dyrbe, and Garrett too, set to graduate after this season, FANTASTIC…. the academics, with Gib, it is important, and to the families too. UH MBB has that part down, really good!

  4. Yes, IF at this point in their lives, these kids can choose to work really hard at academics,
    instead of vandalizing, video games or even nothing much,
    they’ll have much better lives for themselves and their families…

    Great that they can hear some of it
    from guys the can see on TV
    …also Future Fans or even ‘Qualified’ UH Student fans…

    John Penebacker made a difference to me
    long before he joined DOE…

  5. In case you missed it …. Turkey rallied from a 10-point halftime deficit to beat New Zealand, 76-73, in World Cup opener. Fotu played 16 minutes and finished with eight points (3-for-5 from 2, 0-for-2 from 3, 2-for-2 FT) and four rebounds.

  6. Thanks for the update clyde. Next game for Fotu and the Tall Blacks will be against the Dominican Republic, Sunday (Aug. 31) at 1:30 a.m. (Hawai’i time).

  7. How does the FIBA World Cup Basketball Championships work any way. Is it like the Olympics where you have pool play and then the top teams move on to the championship rounds? What happens to New Zealand now that they have one loss?

  8. Bigdaddy. Once again you seem to like to add things into my comments that simply aren’t there. I simply asked a question about why are those the only pics they show. Didnt comment about what he could or couldn’t do. That will obviously only be proven on the court.

  9. Maybe it’s time someone focuses on the Saint Mary’s message board. That’s where I’d be if my son were walking on there.

  10. . Nice clyde

  11. Come see me tonight on the Makai side of the field section L row 21 so I can explain how uninformed that comment is in person….clyde….haha

  12. What’s your seat number ?

  13. 7-10. Blue shirt that says I love Hawaii BB. What time u coming to see me?

  14. That’s for anyone that wants to see you.

  15. Good. Look forward to seeing u, clyde, bigdaddy, pono, playhoopsa, etc….you know how to find me. Then u might finally quit listening to sad Anaheim accusations. Or whatever it is he calls himself. Or herself.

  16. Nice TD. Why aren’t any of u visiting me? Come on. Anaheim and playhoopsa simply make up stuff. Come see me during the game if u want some truth…. hahaha

  17. Can Fleming or Sammis hit a field goal?

  18. Dominican Republic beat New Zealand, 76-63, today. Fotu played 10 minutes and scored two points (1 for 3) with two rebounds.

  19. Clyde:

    thanks. That was pretty early in the morning game time!
    Fotu, NZ coach uses his set starting 5, and Fotu off the bench. I noticed Isaac, even guarding the 5, and when he is at the 3 ball line, automatically he will launch. So Isaac even in international BB, which is like overseas pro ball, is playing that 4/5 role.
    That game against Turkey, was a bummer, NZ had that game, they were playing well, Fotu had a great follow slam dunk off a missed shot. And he did not make too many turnovers. The guards, I don’t know. I guess FIBA being such a high level, and Turkey, really old guys, even with Hedo Turkolu(?sorry spell), were in FIBA against USA several years ago. Just the size and experience. NZ being smaller, were quicker, just could not close out and take care of the ball, or get D stops..

    Hey fans of UH MBB … sound familiar, have good guard play down the stretch, take care of the ball, shoot well, manage that last 10 minutes of game being up by double digits, and get those 3 or 4 Defensive stops in a row.. NZ should have won by 10….maybe.
    Exactly same thing,exactly same thing, NZ, a the worse time of the game, the prime time, they could not score, and they could not prevent the other team from scoing, getting virtually shut out, NZ was, the last few minutes of the game.
    Wonder , if NZ coach, would let Isaac start against USA, I think Tues, Sep 2 time HST, and Wed Sep 3, NZ time.

  20. Dayton,

    IMHO I think you need to remove a negative poster from this site if you want to retain decorum & avoid unnecessary confrontation.

    Otherwise, casual viewers, like myself, will avoid this site…

    Let’s keep things positive! IMUA Warriors!

  21. One of the first rules of message boards and comments is “Don’t Feed The Trolls” so I think that’s what we all need to do here. If you keep ignoring the trolls, there comments start to look like spam and eventually they go away.

  22. Chuck Chees you got that right. Although, Dayton has rules for this forum, no profanity, keep civil, no personal attacks, calling each other names, posting inaccurate or misleading information about UH MBB program , athletes and coaches..etc.. he pretty much let’s there be open discussion.

    However, there are THREE that I count, have nothing, absolutely nothing, even POSITIVE critique or suggestions how Gib can be better coach, or recruiting strategies, the athletes and their families, calling out things that , in a court of law, would be thrown, out, …poho…. waste time, engaging, I learn. Now when you see the names, g…., j…., fa….n…, just go right over their comments, same with mine, ones don’t want to read, just scroll over and go to a post that you like, … that is the good thing about the forum in this box, too bad could not edit, I am such a terrible, now.. before pretty good, typists. An spell checker.

    Well, we are in the midst of FB season, another woulda coulda shoulda, FB team and Chow, those FB warriors, GREAT effort on D, to shut out a P5 conference school with a line that was huge, and 7 veterans.. Kudos… NOW, I believe FB team, shore up the mistakes, have the special teams do really well, Defense start to get the turnovers… create opportunities, more.. FB team can win, I really believe it, they are not playing Ohio St, of Florida St. USC, etc, they are playing Pac12 winnable teams, and MWC, which UH, now…they belong.. STill magic number for me is 7 wins, that 7th win comes in Hawaii bowl.. However great job, UH FB, team, it inspires the other sports, now this coming week have to WIN… get that first W against the OSU beavers, and they will have tremendous confidence

    I would think Dayton, after his full time job, maybe even weekend, working on videos, interview team guys came back, a rundown, on Fotu in the FIBA, maybe even Dillinger with the Filipino National team FIBA..

    Hey fans, … no worries, just count the amount of POSITIVE, constructive, and sometimes, good open debates, that help team, coaching and athletes, and Mahalos to their families, and Dayton and the Schmidts… FAR OUTWEIGH the Negative Trolls, which, I count, as ONLY 3… just scroll over their name, and they will eventually roll away…

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Cannot wait for Open gym video!

  23. Yep. Just don’t respond.
    We should be getting open gyms pretty soon huh?

  24. Runbow. Spot on as usual. Love the way you say no personal attacks in paragraph one of your non stop run on sentences and then call us negative trolls in paragraph 5. Certainly not hypocritical at all. Ha. The football team played absolutely tremendous last night so please don’t continue to criticize them.

  25. One day you’re playing in the championship game in a league filled with NBA and pro players. And the next day you’re advising kids in Waianae the importance of reading. Amazing.

    Much mahalo and aloha to Dyrbe and Brandon also. Your presence is also priceless.

  26. warriorhaw: team on a mission..like what Eagle said last thread..guy’s famlily/friend members actually view/read our posts…so..what we say has big impact on athletes and their familise..
    a real cool dad ..is bigdaddy who knows Isaac Fleming’s ability…to be rated 3+ star bb skillset..Isaac is ggod one ..keep ging left until defense take it away..then ‘fool gold’ go right..to the cup and 2 pts or dish dime..incredible
    bigdaddy Isaac is with a great bunch of guys. As you said thet all to a man want to win BWC..and go NIT…or better yet NCAA’s..team play shutdown defense and smart offense they will..

    bigdaddy..Tonganator mahalo..thankyou for comments..knocks the three trolls on their backside..

    warriorhaw. OPEN GYM..WOW..ROCK THE RIMS!!

  27. Its nice to see the veterans leading off the court the newbies can learn alot from those guys.

    Keep up the good work in the community.

  28. While watching Na Wahine Volleyball @ Stan Sheriff Center Tonight…

    Kept getting the Definite Vibe that The Arena Will Be Even Fuller for Men’s Basketball;
    That Many UHMBB Fans who don’t get the WInsider Scoops like we do,
    Are Gonna be (Pleasantly) Surprised and Amazed at The Number and Frequency of Dunks with this Athletic Team…
    AND TheTeam is likely to become Hawaii Fan Favorites because they score so well (bb purists will enjoy the Tenacious D as well)…and should be Really Fun to Watch…

    Winning A Lot should also help sweeten the fans’ experience…

    Just about Six Weeks to Green-White Scrimmage …

    Tried to Look In on GYM 1/2 basketball action…
    DM:: Time for Open Gym Highlights?

    Go ‘Bows!
    Get Super Hot against USA, Isaac!

    Seeing How Smartly UHMBB Players Pass the Ball,
    i find it Hard to Believe the NBAFIBA USA Kyrie Irvings or Carmelo Anthonies of The World
    Never Learned that Basketball IS A Passing Game

  29. I guess Our Big wish came through, all 12 guys and 4 preferred walkons, total sixteen on roster, are going to be with team this year. UH MBB and staff, and legal, ready to straighten out, get compliant and rock that Stan Sheriff Center Arena!

    5000 per game attendance turnstile , with 5275 average sales per game would be great. If UH runs record to , say… 18-0 into BWC beginning of season, BWC, UH will have those 6000-7000+ attendance games. If UH is putting up between 90 – 100 pts, half a dozen or so times, before BWC season. EAGLE get out of your seat and rock!

    Wish List: Came true

    PG: Quincy Smith 6’1″, Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″(combo)
    SG: Garrett Nevels 6’2″(all BWC preseason , My personal pic), Isaac Fleming 6’4″(combo) 3+star athlete
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″, Aaron Valdes 6’6″( I hope he grew one inch!), Brandon Jawato 6’4″
    PF: Isaac Fotu 6’8″(All BWC first teamer), Michael Thomas 6’8″ 3+star athlete out of HS),Sammis Reyes 6’6″ (3/4)(blew up in March AAU tournament, that weekend 20 schools offered him)
    C: Stefan Jovanovich 6’10:, Stefan Janks Jankovich 6’11” 3+ star athlete out of Prep

    Preferred walkons: Dyrbe Enos 5’9″ (808 great, 3 ball SG/PG, smart young guy and pride of Kamehameha Kapalama), Zach Bushcer 6’3″ combo(another 808 represent, has to get much stronger), Nikola Filopovich 6’0″ PG(tough defender), Brocke Stepteau 5’9″ (tough, and HC son smart, prep star out of Dallas)

    Fans, those are 16 young student Athletes, 11 of whom have worked out in practices in Gib’s high octane offense and pressure D, system. 4 newbies…
    UH, as long as team stays healthy, those top 12, UH will be looking at another 20+ win season and BWC regular season title contention, and definite, if they are deep and healthy end of March, a run for NCAA spot.
    They have the greyhounds, the horses, the beef, the cheetahs, the eagles, the ballers… Looks exciting.. Just hope Isaac Fotu, stays healthy in the FIBA championships in Spain, no injuries, however, UH is pretty deep at the 4 spot too, cannot replace Fotu’s spin moves, BWC first teamer moves.
    EAGLE and warriorhaw, TAVS, servante , akuhead2, anderpops, Big Fan, BigIslandHank, bigdaddy, Tribe Vx4, Tonganator, Derek, clyde, n2joy, warbow, and ALL fans.. GET READY, countdown, in less than 6 weeks toward first practice of season regular!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! Go the Mighty Warriors!
    And families from Auckland New Zealand, to Wilmington, Delaware, get ready to ROCK the ROCK at the SSC!

  30. Bigdaddy. Why aren’t you following the rules? Everyone has made it clear they want the personal attacks to stop. Ordering me to take my “nonsense” elsewhere is personal. Telling me to respect the game is quite funny. I promise I have at least as much love for, respect for and knowledge of the game as you do. Very obvious statement that the veterans deserve respect and new players have to earn their roles. I agree with you. There we have a new foundation to work from…..:). I will copy this to the other thread as well since it is the most current. I learned that trick from Runbow as well.

  31. Back to the game…sure hope we soon hear that Roderick Bobbitt is going to be 100% healthy very soon. IMO he is the key ingredient to us being an above average team. He will make the D a much higher level.

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