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Standhardinger leads Grantco Pacific to summer title

Christian Standhardinger capped his memorable stay in Hawai’i with yet another memorable basketball performance.

Standhardinger had 29 points, 17 rebounds and three assists to lead Grantco Pacific to a 100-96 victory over Solar Universe in the championship game of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Saturday night at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Standhardinger is a two-time all-conference forward at the University of Hawai’i. He is scheduled to depart Honolulu within the next week to begin pursuing a professional basketball career overseas.


“We played the best game we played all season … that’s exactly how I want my team to be,” said Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 forward. “If it counts, when it counts, then we produce and that’s what champions do.”

Grantco Pacific entered the Summer League playoffs as the No. 5 seed and a 3-7 regular-season record. Led by Standhardinger’s 98 points in three games, Grantco Pacific pulled off three consecutive upsets to win the title.

“He’s an incredible player …one of the better players to ever play for UH in many years,” Grantco Pacific coach Allen Silva said. “Our offense is to give him the ball as much as possible. Christian has to get touches. What Christian did tonight, when they double-teamed him, he dumped it off.”

Standhardinger shot 10 of 19 from the field and 8 of 8 on free throws, including two free throws with three seconds remaining to seal the victory.

Grantco Pacific trailed by as many as 16 points in the first half. Former UH guard Geremy Robinson ignited the rally in the second half by scoring 10 consecutive points during a 12-0 surge that put Grantco Pacific ahead, 70-61.

“We just gotta keep playing no matter what … if you’re down or you’re up,” Standhardinger said. “A basketball game comes in waves and we just gotta understand that. We just kept coming, kept coming and that’s why we won the game at the end.”

Robinson finished with 20 points on 8 of 17 shooting, and also contributed eight assists and seven rebounds.

Grantco Pacific also received key contributions from Sean Caddell (25 points), Josh Burnett (14 points) and Farbod Farman (10 points, 10 rebounds).

Grantco Pacific increased its lead to 13 in the second half, but Solar Universe refused to give in and made it interesting at the end.

UH sophomore guard Dyrbe Enos drained a 3-pointer with 1:08 remaining that cut the Grantco Pacific lead to 94-93. Grantco Pacific secured the victory with clutch free throw shooting in the final minute from Caddell and Standhardinger.

Enos, the only current UH player to see action in the championship game of the Summer League, finished with five points, one assist and a steal.

Former ‘Iolani and Washington State star Derrick Low led Solar Universe with 34 points. Aukai Wong added 27 and Kona Makaula 18. Former UH forward Tim Shepherd contributed four points and seven rebounds.

Prior to the game, Standhardinger was announced as the league’s Most Outstanding Player.


  1. Such a fan , did hard of WI UHBB forum and interview, write-ups. I might have wrote up one post for hundreds of different threads that Dayton worked hard to produce in past going on 5 years.
    Dayton you do great. Love UH MBB hoopstalk!

    Yes, Dyrbe, at least he hit that deeeep three that got Solar Universe close in last few minutes. Then Grantco, looked like UH a little bit getting ball in, and rushing their shots, instead of using the clock as an ally, take care of the ball, and take good shots or get fouled, which in the end that is what they did.
    Pride of UH, different eras, Geremy Robinson, Tim Shepherd, Christian Standhardinger and current walkon Dyrbe Enos , pride of 808. Did anyone see Stefan Jovanovich, Aaron Valdes or Garrett Nevels at the game? They with some other possible athletes that came back today Saturday. Where at gym or park. working out,.. maybe.

    See, it is just NOT HARD AT ALL TO TAKE A FEW paragraphs, to say SOMETHING NICE about the UH Student Athletes and graduates, or former players. I liked that championship game, it was well played, great effort. NIce if Roderick Bobbitt, Brandon Jawato if healthy, as well as Isaac Fleming, Brocke Stepteau, and Zach Buscher were also in title game. Would have been neat. My feeling, the guys did well in school, the Transfer, the RS, and the returnees, so as a gift, and to get off the rock, Gib allowed them to chill and go home. I am sure , all 12 scholarship guys are ready to Rock the Rock…Go Bows.

    We , Warrior Insider Nation, won’t let 33, or jake, or jake 12, or imitation Hawaiian MBB fan, the anti UH MBB and HC posters, take over and make us sick.. ignore them, and we Rock on. UH will be good to go, very high priced legal team , one of , if NOT THE best in the business .. Alabama Special Legal Eagles to address what gignogood=davereardon=bow33(from the dark side) or not righteousness fake UH MBB fan.

    Be strong, and WI MBB nation, we will beat any naysayers. as long as team and coaches not federal felons, or gross criminals, things fixable, and workable, and mbb playing for championships, including Dyrbe Enos and Zach Buscher represent the 808….”Every little thing going to be alright..”

    Go Bows! Rain! Bows! Rain! Bows! Cheehoooo!
    rock the negative guys and gal off the rock of WI MBB fandom, we will not put up with their, what could backfire in a court of law, if legal wanted to.. could come back at you all, be careful on rumor, sons and girl!!

    Go Gib, we got your back, and all the guys, and Amanda, please take the current NCAA compliance course, all the HC’s and Admin, and AD.. just be sure the new and old guys okay!!

  2. My son and I were in attendance for all three of grantco’s wins, as well as most of Christians UH games throughout his career, and the one comment I would like to make is that this guy is ALL HEART! His team tonight was not the more talented team in any of their games, yet he single handedly “wills” a team to win with his effort, heart, hustle, courage, and intensity. His effort is contagious to his teammates, while demoralizing to the other team. It is a pure joy to witness, and it often use it as a “life lesson” to my son!

    While leading UH in scoring, rebounding, and making all conference, Christian was seldom even remotely the most physically gifted or talented player on the court. I’m not saying this as a put down, I say it as a compliment of the highest sorts. He isn’t the fastest, definitely not the most athletic, can’t jump the highest, only goes to his right, isn’t the best shooter or ball handler by any means, yet is effective. Why?? Hustle. Attitude. HEART. Simply put, he refuses to quit, refuses to give up, and refuses to EVER give less than 100%…which brings me back to this summer league team of his and their title march…
    It was a pure joy to witness a team leader, team captain be the biggest hustler, relentless rebounder, diving on the floor, throwing himself in harms way for a “meaningless” summer league title when he has a pro future to think about. I believe that when a team full of role players sees their lone star also being the biggest hustler and ‘energy guy’ on the entire court that it causes–no, forces–them all to step up the effort to that leaders level. Plenty of leaders can bark orders or demand effort, but Christian shows it, lives it, gives 100% of himself and it is ABSOLUTELY CONTAGIOUS. I watched a group of not-so-talented guys all step up their effort to match their emotional leader’s level tonight. And it was beautiful to see. It was the essence of sport and competition–and life! P There was nothing on the line tonight but pride. No money, contracts, ncaa berths, etc…just pure pride. Makes me think that Christian probably hates to lose at anything, even monopoly!!!

    I am getting on a tangent. My real point was to say that tonight was possibly the last time we see Christian standhardinger play in hawaii and it has been a pure pleasure. He has helped me illustrate to my son invaluable lessons about heart, desire, effort, and drive to succeed in life. Talent only takes you so far…the rest is all about hustle and desire!
    Thank you Christian. You are a true warrior!

  3. Btw, playhoopsa/runbows…jake and gibnogood ARE one in the same…gibnogood is NOT a certain local column writer, as u and another poster have suggested lol
    I’m sure if our humble blog host does an ip check for you, it will corroborate what I’m saying.
    Point is, jake and gibnogood should simply be ignored, not given attention. When you even acknowledge them, you make them continue. Aloha, and go warriors/bows

    P.s. Great news about sammis

  4. Thanks Broken, you are right, that is there thing, I can imagine, maybe some young people with a lot of time online, and just spewing out stuff, even if not true, the more we debate, the more the giggle. So NUFF already, put on IGNORE, and we concentrate on what is shaping up to be the most Athletic team Gib has had in 5 years.

    Go Bows.. and thanks for very sound advice Broken…soon to be Glad Hearted in Anaheim, I am sure!!

  5. Brokehhearter: see you ARE the real fans, even take your young ones to summer league games. I cannot go anymore, since cannot walk, however, from your account,and viewing on Olelo, I agree, when Christian transferred from Nebraska, basically he said he was not the most talented, however every time he stepped onto the court, he would give more than 100 percent, and he kept his word. I hope his agent finds him a good Pro team to latch onto, he will be successful, and drive other teams crazy, because they might take a minute off, however, Christian’s motor never stops.

    Thanks for 3 (one as a RS sit out year and awesome practices) and two Jr and Sr, great years.
    Sad to see you go…however you will do well in sports or business.. come back to visit with your family of BOOOOMMERS! Boom Out!!

    Mahalo Christian you left as a winner!!


  6. IMO, not young people. One middle aged man, Tyler’s father…plain and simple. Only a father could have spent those months hyping Tyler well before his arrival and would still be showing “sour grapes” following his departure…jake and gibnogood is Tyler’s dad. (Remember when jake, the “scout” had daddy’s email and password to access that video site of Tyler’s high school games?)
    Anyway, I’m done…(even when “they” respond, I’m not going to address his nonsense)…
    Looking forward to the season already. We will be at all games, and probably the big west tourney again this year.

  7. I love the way broken plays with runbows head. Make him believe im chows dad too…ha…Most bone head theory I’ve heard in a while but it did make laugh a little so thanks. Another note. Well done Christian. Proud of you as always.

  8. Brokenhearted( I want you to be Glad hearted this year!): You are right. Just the abusiveness, the attacks, the speculation, the negativism, and the final straw, where Dayton made his post for all WI contributors, No Profanity, keep it civil , open to debate, however NO personal attacks.

    When jake, jake 12, came back as gibnogood, even for those on this forum, and I have been upset with some of Gib’s game time decisions, why a lot were brokenhearted .. well that is the past.. however, I never got profane, never used the F-Bomb, neither did about 20 of the regular posters who might have a critique of Gib and program,they never ever went over the edge. When jake, jake 12, gibnogood, used…f……ng…in his sentence that was the last straw..brought it too his attention, and the Webmaster, WI server with their software, they can detect our IP addresses I know…definitely wherever located, Dayton they could find out, and block it, if it is coming from East Coast New England. He would be blocked. jake , tyler’s dad, will make appearances, just hope, to stop the appearance of jake, gibnogood, tyler’s dad, Gib get MBB straight and UH MBB just has a great season, he has the best athletes I have seen 12 of them ready to Bond and play as Team and win that BWC tournament, so you will be Happy Hearted in Anaheim, to my true die hard, civil and respectful fellow UH MBB fan, have a great, very late Sunday AM morning.

    Brokenhearted, to mend your heart, this week a lot, except Isaac Fotu, who will return after the FIBA tournament NZ tall black run is pau, so 11 scholarship and 4 walkons, begin preseason workouts, and the fun open gym runs, where we can see Janks inaction, a healthy when cleared Bobbitt, Fleming, getting used to Gib’s system, Garrett’s improvement and Smith, Aaron and Michael T. , Jawato healed and bombing some streak 7 for 7 in a row 3 balls.. Enos jacking some threes… Niko doing his defensive PG thing, Brocke running with the rock, and little HC in action, Zack hitting the weights and putting on some muscle, and Mr Sammis Reyes, tearing down the rims with power dunks, NWC explosiveness increased several fold, from 3 line to the rim.. lot of tun in the next couple of weeks, the soon.. oh so soon. First official Practice, then, the RBC first game of the season… A LOT OF POSITIVE THINGS FOR MBB fans to look forward to!

    Keep the Faith, I think , and want Gib and UH MBB to get to NIT or better yet NCAA’s team can do it, and ,mend your brokenheart, not ill timed, timeouts.. Gib has learned,.. Senque is great help, and we have to get Jamie Smith back someway,expedite his Visa, please

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Thanks for words of wisdom Brokenhearted, I hope to see your name in Anaheim become, Glad Hearted!

  9. ???? Seriously? Change monikers to Barney Fife1 and 2. Accusing others of going over the edge….ha. Hard to figure out what lies about people are ok on here and which ones arent. Not really. Just kiddin about that actually.

    Very obvious rule on this forum is that if you are in love with Gib you can say anything u want and make up anything about others u like but if you simply want to be a realist and wisely say “let’s all wait and see” then u are a hater, etc…. Interesting rule. Should post it at the top of the rule page. Haha

  10. GnG, you surely saying/posting what you want here. God hasn’t wiped your posts off the map of the blog. lol

    Why attack posters you don’t agree with? Can’t we all just get along?

  11. I agree pocho. They should quit attacking me. Seriously, all in good fun for me. Can’t wait for the season. Team is starting to look better every day. Have a great day.

  12. Like Christian said after the game, “I already told the refs they don’t have to put up with me anymore…”

    Might be hard but A Leader replaces himself with someone even better…
    When Stefan Jankovic saw the way Christian fit into the UH system, he wanted to do that;
    Mike Thomas before him knows what this system Can look like…
    So you’re a role model for what coach wants to do and you’re helping to attract/recruit (hopefully) players as good, maybe better…But it’ll be hard to find anyone who works as hard ‘all the time’ and is as well liked…

    Christian, Hope you can visit and Hang in Hawai’i between Pro Seasons,
    Defend your Championship or teach the New ‘Bows more stuff!

    Thanks for the three years, 37 Wins, Many Great Games, Two-for-Two All-Conference Seasons,
    Intensity on The Beach and Court, Graduating (esp. IF you never saw yourself as a great student),
    The Laughs and BOOMS!

    Best of Luck, Happiness, Health and Success to you Always!

    And ALL @ This Site as well…

  13. Well said Eagle. I very much enjoyed seeing all his home games. He never took a night off.

  14. Sure, We CAN All Get Along…
    It’s Part of Being Here in Hawai’i

    Try Not to Go Out of My Way to Insult…
    Sometimes Do Anyway…
    i think That’s What For-Give-ness is For…

    And As a Program, Fan-Base Society And Species,
    We Strive to Keep Getting Better

    This IS The
    Most Diverse, Well-Versed, Spread-Around-the-Planet & Uni-Verse Fan-Base in D-1

    I’ll Take Criticism With Balance Because it’s Critical to Improving
    Without Balance, It Can be Destructive Criticism

  15. I seriously like the way u write….unique. Plus u r at least a little balanced…..and do t have alot of crazy theories like broken & playhoopsa…:)

  16. Sammis gave publicity on his instagram to Warrior Insider, “Reyes is cleared to join warriors.” Fleming said to him “hit me when you get here … “

  17. well always good to read two sides of an issue, congrats to the Lion heart. BOOM.!

  18. Looking at negus and Stefan’s twitter, they seem to be friends with Andrew Wiggins. Wouldn’t it be something if Wiggins would help promote UH. Dreamin.

  19. MIght not seem important, maybe very important. I think Gib speaks Spanish, Aaron Valdes maybe, the romantic language, that helps. Though Sammis is a USA built Hoops Heavy, wants to ball like the League.
    Also, good if Chilean community, if they are out there, like the Croatian, German, Filipino, Indonesian, Serbian, even Chinese that have reached out, to make our boys feel at home.. and you know what,.. these groups they do.. support the guys, even come to some games! Great, the cosmopolitan make up of Gib’s last 5 year’s roster, Great. GibisveryGood in getting guys from the globe and even if for ONLY one year, love Hawaii, and they do, even the ones that transferred out.. good job Gib and Akana too. Love Hawaii, Aloha Spirit, and Hawaii loves you guys back. Do unto others, Treat others how you want to be treated. Demand respect, earn respect. Due honor, humble oneself… originally… this was the most civil, kindest, realistic really just full blooded fans of UH , all sports, and MBB in particular, bleed the green and white, onward Oh, Manoa, Green and White.. Love, just love this forum, whatcha talking bout… no room for haters.. just chill and enjoy WI forum all things UH MBB , this season going to be special, very special , a lot of wins..!!

    Go Bows!

  20. One more thing, last tweet , and very sincere and honest since the last 4 years of Sammis’ life spent in Florida, like any person, he is sad to leave, for those who can walk and talk, when see him walking the campus, talk to him, when after or before games at SSC say hello…he would appreciate that.. All young people that leave a home of several years, it gets sad.. HOWEVER. Sammis, you made the right choice, Hawaii, the beaches, the malls, the sun and surf, the.. ahem.. beauty… hot and humid, down time, go to the mall or movie theatres,..

    Wonder, since Sammis had pix with gal pal, wonder if she is cheer squad.. however a ton of money to come to Hawaii out of state, unless on a ….UH CHEERLEADING SCHOLARSHIP… that would be neat.. well , the text, Skype, so, they will be in touch constantly via technology.

    Just want Sammis to feel at home.. he NOW has 15 NEW Brothers who will be by his side!

    Welcome again Sammis, a lovers of UH MBB here.. NO HATE UH MBB ZONE!!

  21. core of , at least about 5000, whether come to SSC games or not, know the UH MBB team, to the new guys, Zach Buscher, Brocke Stepteau, Isaac Fleming, Roderick Bobbitt and Sammis Reyes, the Hawaii UH MBB fan ohana, and Hawaii in general embraces you, and want you to experience a great academic and athletic career at UH. Also, you will make friends for life !

    Go Bows!
    Saw, GMoney, Jovanovich, Valdes, Thomas flight in the air, NWC too, flight in the air, and soon the rest of Cali boys and one from Texas..and a Big Athlete from Florida.. by this time dinner time or before.. should be 15 of the 16 roster UH MBB guys dormed up and settled on the Rock!
    The anti MBB forums, were saying these 16 guys would jump to China, or Tahiti, just escape, Nobody,left, not a one.. AWESOME.. the Boys Are Back In Town,.. Going to Rock this SSC soon!

    open gym, open gym open gym, interviews, writeup, and guys, if they tell you NO COMMENT on that other thing, do not say a word. Just concentrate on school and Basketball, Every little thing , going be alright!!

  22. Well, NOT Because of Any Investigation…

    True Self-Confidence?
    Too Much Perceived Competition?
    Loss of PT (Really? That’s Just Feedback on how well you prepared or how hard you worked, IF Not just relationship)
    Crisis of Confidence and / or Lack of Trust
    (RAMPANT Now at UH, Like VIRAL…Like An Upper Campus Civil War…)

    BUT Apparently, Not So With UHMBB Team, Staff and Supporters

    You CAN Tell A Lot By The Company One Keeps…
    Pretty Tight…
    AND How they Treat One Another As They Depart

    Even Mahalo to K-Sham
    or Other NCAA-Interviewed Departed
    For Keeping it Positive…

    Appreciate the Apparent Declining Number of Cheap Shots…
    Despite Our Perceived Dis-Agreements
    We Can Handle

    Gib & Staff, The Team & Program
    Dayton & Co.
    The Schmidts and Contributors
    Perhaps Not Yet All ‘Proven’
    For ALL to See
    But Positioned & Poised for Something More

  23. Here we go again just for Fun. UH MBB WI fans are fun people. We love the hoopstalk!

    Sammis, such a huge get, he got in to UH and immediately eligible this year. Will initially play a lot down low, even some 5 spot.

    First Game November Rainbow Classic( Just my pick on experience and maturity)
    PG: Quincy Smith(hope he shoots ball better)
    SG: Nevels, G Money ready to deal big time
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan,( can do some talkin, now we see if he do the walkin, baller!)
    PF: Mike Thomas- a new and improved , a true 3 star+ talent, can he do it in real NCAA game?
    PF: Isaac Fotu–he has the 3 ball going near 40% , and can go left or right, plus quick after double downed, hit the open men. Isaac will be honorable mention All American, some news service.

    PG: Roderick Bobbitt–if healthy, really good defender, and inside outside strong taller guard scorer.\
    SG: Isaac Fleming—just a glimpse of his game summer league, he hit the weights, get a little stronger, however, he is a legit 3+star athlete..
    SF: Aaron Valdes—-The Super Athletic Freak, pick that dime off top of the backboard. he looks on the pix social, a little heavier, if Aaron grew to 6’6″ and 218 abouts, and strong, better confident 3 ball shot, plus drive to rim and flush, talking bout, a BWC type of player.
    PF: Sammis Reyes—since new in system, give the brother a chance, he might be in the mix sooner than later, with the shortage of bigs.. a guy that Gib can develop for several years hopefully. another fit, and strong. weight, and grinder Super Athletic Freak,,..Superman, Super Dunk City!!
    C: Stefan Jovanovich—he looks a little heavier, if he got quicker, vert, higher, and stronger, will be good.. if he grew , better yet.. if he grew to 6’11” and 245 pounds, perfect.
    Battle and keep Mamadou out of the paint, shoot the 18 foot jumper right over him.
    And finally the calvary arrives, in the form of Janks Jankovich, 6’11” 242 real deal 3++ star athlete, if he was grinding during summer, determined, patient, he will be ready for battling for the DHC and BWC tournament titles.


  24. Coach had great last day of summer. Ready to rock and roll with UH MBB team. A lot of excitement with the returning guys. They want to Dance, dance, dance

    Go Bows. Rainbows. Warriors. Rainbow Warriors. The Mighty Warriors…oh boy,,, just go UH MBB and win that BWC championships.. and quiet..SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!..

    Dunk City Hawaii, 3 ball raining, Bobbitt steals againah,Nevels drops the Trifecta, Valdes goes up and gets ah..flush.. go Bows!


    15 guys starting UH school tomorrow, and Sammis registering, get physical checkup and dormed up, he ready to rock open.. Rock That Rock Baby

    Kind of bored,… so just drumming up the POSITIVE BEAT.. MBB, MBB , MBB going to rock the SSC and the BWC.. and the NCAAs!

  25. If these group of guys can’t get it done—that is bring home the Big West Championship—I don’t know what it will take. We’ve got athleticism is every position—something we have not had since the Reggie Carter, George Lett era. In fact, this years team reminds me a lot of that team; they had credentials; they were athletic; and they were confident that they had a team to be reckoned with. We are stacked with talent. Let me say it again; we are stacked with talent. If anyone thinks that this team is not going somewhere I’d say, “How you figa that bra.” The tell-tale of a good team starts with athleticism. You gotta have the thoroughbreds in the first place to make an impact. If anyone tells me that we don’t got thoroughbreds on this UH MBB team, I’d say you haven’t been following the program close enough. Just like runbows and eagle has been saying all along; we goin places this yea. Ok Gib Arnold might not be the most brilliant tactician ever known to man. But this guy can recruit and recruiting is half the battle. Gib’s coming along in the coaching department too. You make mistakes and you learn from it. This NCAA thing is just a blip on the radar. Ask any of the players how they feel about this program and they will tell you that they are excited to be a part of a winning program that’s going places. This year might be the year that we put it together and once again place our names on the map. The players know it; the coaches know it; and some fans know it. It’s showtime for UH MBB!

  26. That Makaula boy is one hell of a player too. During warm ups was putting on a show for the crowd. The kid is Athletic and has a nice shot. UH or any other school needs to give this kid a chance cause he can play. D1 or D2, 6’4 kid.

  27. Servante –

    i DO See the Similarities to the Carter-Lett Team –
    Just wasn’t going to ‘Flash’ the Comparison
    OR Tack on the Pressure
    IF they are “That Good” — that athletic and physically superior and skilled/talented to match —
    i figured / expected it would become Obvious to Everyone Pretty Soon, Like by about Christmas Day…
    Size, Skill, Athleticism WITH Talent…and NEW: Numbers and Depth with Skills

    i was impressed by the AC Team’s Cred –
    -people i didn’t know to be bb fans Accepted As Fact how good they were…

    In Basketball, Teams Can Develop over The Course of a Season
    Riley’s 25-10 and 27-6 Teams mostly developed over Two Seasons
    (Rolovich, Colt & Moniz-Led Football Teams Developed over 2-3 Years, ‘Timmy’, Six?)

    Coach WILL Continue to Learn from ‘Mistakes’ and (occasionally?) Get ‘Schooled’
    BUT Also start Experiencing, and Learning While Experiencing, Success
    MAYBE This Team’s Depth and Coaching Growth Can Wash Away The Late-Season Swoons,
    Then, Momentum should start building up to the “Good Young Coach’ Category
    Looks Like they have The Recruiting and Team-Bonding Concepts Down Solid

    ‘Maybe’ This Team Can & Will Eclipse Those Teams’ Ability AND Success Levels…
    Get To, Travel East And WIN Game(s) in The Dance?

    BUT In The Mean Time Dreams and…(Probably)

    Tons of Hype And Highlights

    And Maybe This Team Can Exceed Expectations
    Bottom-Liners And Head-Liners



    i tell our boys, IF they’re Bored
    That Usually Means THEY’RE Being Boring…

    Time on Hands ?
    Make Up Your Own Fantasy Season?
    Get the 2014-15 Schedule and Rosters, Play Out the Games, Report Out
    Why Wait for That Date?

    OR ‘Complete’ Our Next (DRAFT) Recruiting Season
    Realistic OR ‘Dream’ Team?

    Get Dayton’s Authorization to Expand/Update the Site with This School Year/Season’s Schedule “STARTS TODAY!” MAYBE Draft/Projected Roster; (he probably WON’T agree to Anything NOT Officially Released);
    and Rosters/Schedules /Recruits going back a few years?

    Watch Open Gym ?
    JOKE -Let’s Slip ‘Hidden’ Cameras into Gyms 1, 2, Klum and SSC…
    JOKE, Dayton, Joke
    hmmmm… (joke)

  29. Here’s my dream starting line up: (key to success = can they play D)

    Q = point guard

    Nevels = SG

    Isaac = PF (match up on PF when playing D)

    Negus = hybrid 2-3-4

    Reyes = hybrid 3-4 Jankovic contends when he becomes eligible (match up w/ center when playing D)

    followed by (big line up): (key to success = can they play O)

    Flemming = point guard

    Bobbitt = SG

    Valdes/Jawato = SF

    MT = PF

    Stefan = C

    Coach Gib probably will have lots of surprises for us as the season grows, past experience has shown that they better play D or get yanked. Let’s hope all players “Buy IN…” Hope they use Christian as a role model demonstrating effort plays, all the time.

  30. Warror96734, I agree with you 100% about Kona Makalau!!! I like his hustle and skillset.

  31. Must be Flemings locker ? Looks like he is No. 0 , this year.


  32. 808roock, it’s Makaula and this kid can play for UH to bad it might be a little. I can see him playing next year at UH

  33. Team first attitude of the payers will get us to the top of the Big West. We haven’t even seen the improvement a lot of these players over the summer that they bring back to the game. There is incredible potential there for the coach to work with. Every position will have depth and we have a coach that will share the ball and time with his players. Can’t wait.

  34. Think Makaula graduated 2010

  35. Makaula graduated in 2011 and I heard he still has 2 years left of eligibility to play. UH should take a shot at this kid.

  36. Eagle… sir…Just qualify my statement..”I’m bored….” yes, bored of time waiting for UH hoops magic to begin. NO problem, it appears that All 15 of the guys, 11 scholarship and 4 walkons, reported to classes and dormed up.
    Fotu will join team when NZ pau FIBA

    No, just joking Eagle, I never tire of talking UH hoops…


    You are correct, Gib will yank a JC, or HS 4 star athlete who plays lazy man defense, an incredibly potentially talented guy, was Joston Thomas, matador and lazy defense , he gets pulled…
    If these 12 scholarship guys, even if Dyrbe, Nikola, Brocke, whomever steps up, D and O..to affect winning, they will play…Smart, real Smart , even though team young in athletic eligibility years DI, they are deep, at least 2 per each spot on the floor..Early, Gib , has to let 10-12 guys, play, and manage team down the stretch. Senque, he develops athletes whether 6 foot tall or like 6’9″ Paul George, pretty sure he handling the PG’s , they going play D and O and shutdown, close out games.. The Warrior BB team, is itching to ball and win the BWC …crown, both championships.. and quiet…shhhhhhhh, the critics, and be sure straight and corrected with the big brother watches…. they will with Alabama Legal riding shotgun..
    Go Bows..As soon as Dayton starts running his open gym and interview write-ups, and no his competitor, on SA is trying to do video too! Wow,… however No one matches Dayton for Warrior Insider MBB things,.. and Dayton doing it, all after his full time job!! Great work Dayton, You Da Man..

    Eagle, anderpops,warriorhaw,TAVS, akuhead2, jjay, Derek, servante.., BigFan, BigIslandHank, FUHA, clyde, and every one that supports the Bows… They going get ready to rock.. put that talent working together, don’t care if they play all DIII, schools just win the BWC regular season, and blast through the BWC tournament, and into NCAA’s , I will be happy as a person can be!

    Now I feel better Eagle… Go The Mighty Rainbow Warriors!
    The Boys are back IN town to Rock The Rock, Rock that SSC!!

  37. jake1210,

    How’s Tyler doing @ St. Mary’s. I bet he’s more comfortable being on the continent but just wondering how he’s coming along?

    Although being on the smallish size now, he could fill out and be real good come his 3rd or 4th year there. A force and who knows what’s in store for him in the future.

    Just like read an update on him if you got one.

  38. Pocho:

    You ever try to post your question on the St Marys Basketball Gaels blog forum? Maybe Jake 1210, might be there.
    I think Dyrbe Enos, can shoot 3 ball pretty well, for a rs soph to be, going on 3rd year with UH MBB system. that is the thing, UH has some guys that can run, at least one guy proven efficient 3 ball shooter in Nevels.. potentially Negus will be good, and hopefully Fleming, Bobbitt, Smith, Fotu, Valdes, can contribute from 3 ball land, and of course Jawato can streak 3 ball launch.

    Nevels needs help with 3 ball shooting.. If UH has about 3 or 4 guys consistent, UH will be putting up points and winning a lot of games..


  39. Eagle, Broken(I hope UH MBB mends that broken heart,how, can you mend a broken heart.. how can you stop the rain from falling down, please help me mend UH MBB broken heart, by winning in AN…A…HEIM…la…la..la,la,la…la,la, la, la, ..:)

    Eagle here we go, I think a workable, how guys ground their bodies into shape for start of season goal, another, about less than two months away, coming fast..!!

    PG: Quincy Smith 6’1″, 180 42″ vert, Roderick Bobbit, 6’3: 195 36″ vert, Niko Filopovich, 6″0 175, 34″ vert, Brocke Stepteau, 5’9″ 165 32″ vert.

    SG: Garrett Nevels…6’2″ 40″ vert, , Isaac Fleming 6’4″ 193 33″ vert, Dyrbe Enos , 5’9″ 175 30″ vert.
    Zach Buscher 6’3″ 175, 32 ” vert.

    SF: Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ 218 34″ vert, Aaron Valdes 6’6″ 215, 44″ vert, Brandon Jawato , 6’4″ 200, 38″ vert.

    PF: Isaac Fotu, 6’8″ 245 35″ vert, Mike Thomas 6’8″ 220, 39″ vert, Sammis Reyes 6’6 1/2″ 240 38″ vert.

    C: Stefan Jovanovich 6’11” 245, 33″ vert, Janks Jankovich 6’11” 244, 35″ vert.

    Physically gifted team as servant….and RunBows, and Eagle say, they play together ,and coach irons out the big brother, and learns to team manage better, UH going be exciting.

    JUST MY OPINION.. IF THE GUYS GREW an inch or half an inch and put on 5 to 10 pounds, and their verts, and lateral got better. as well as outside shooting by the other guards other than Nevels.

    Really a super BWC championship and NCAA contender.. at least 2 or sometimes 3 deep at spots.. Gib has to keep their heads together, if Gib starts playing just 7 or 8.. the guys that work as hard in practice might pout, hope if EVERYONE pretty equal, as Eagle says, situational, go Big or go Small, or Big and small, and ALL on the team support each other, really, no selfishness or pouting, UH will win, good…and much..
    cannot wait , comeon boys, a little freelance open gym if cleared, who knows, maybe they are quiet until season starts..

    Go Bows!

  40. If this yea we not goin neva, neva land, we neva goin dea.

  41. servant—-Gib has to coach his okole off, just go all out, X and O , manage 12 great athletic guys, All of whom want to win BWC tournament in Anaheim. Quincy, Jawato, Valdes, Jovanovich, Enos, Nevels, Thomas, Fotu, all were part of team that lost the heartbreaker, crazy managed game, and everything think can go wrong, went wrong last 5 minutes. This group, the returnees, plus Negus, Janki, Bobbitt, Fleming, Sammis Reyes, Brocke Stepteau, .. they want to erase that bitter taste in the MBB team’s mouth, that caused super MBB fan, BrokenHeartedInAnaheim to have his heart broken, along with 5000+ core die hard UH hoops fans. This group, that is all they want, peak in March, win the regular season title, which would guarantee the NCAA owned NIT spot, and win the BWC tournament , and go to NCAA’s first time in some 13 years , March 2015, this team, wants nothing less, and They to a man, are going for it.

    UH coming out of the blocks, actually that pre season schedule, the RBC always has those high flying , Dunkenstein, 3 ball jacking, press balls to the walls type of smaller teams that give UH trouble, so UH has to play their best , and well coached ball from day one. come out of RBC at 3-0, get a W over Jamie Dixon’s talented Pitt Panthers on Maui, take care of the teams, supposedly should beat, go on the road and beat BYU and WSU, which will not be easy, and that opening round game against a very good, 5 starter returning Nebraska NCAA squad 2014, and win the DHC…they roll into, BWC conference play at 14-0.. UH would be rock and rolling toward winning the BWC regular season title and the momentum to win the Conf. Tournament.

    servante,,you have been very patient, waiting in the background, waiting for Valdes and Reyes to slam the ball in the basket together, Thomas, dancing and spinning for a right handed layup and one, Bobbitt, steals the ball and coast to coast for layin and one. Nevels, goes 8 for 8 and singlehandedly, gives UH a 16-0 lead to start game against BYU on road.. Smith, steal, and give ball up to Nevels, he returns the favor lob to Q for 2 handed flush , head , rim level. Fleming, like silk, sliding and shake and bake, to dish the dime, fall back 3 ball, nothing but net, and finally, he and Fotu, one of THREE lefties on UH squad, they all go LEFT and Right, Jovanovich, monster, shot blocker, his job, rebound, protect paint, and protect rim, use his 5 fouls, get physical yet play smart, then Janks, does his Toronto Tornado thing, and goes off for 27 pts. 18 rebounds 3 steals and 5 blocks.. when he gets eligible around beginning of DHC .. Awesome

    servante,,,that is why, social , Gib is smiling ear to ear, he knows, program will be alright, take a licking , or correction and still ticking to play for NCAA’s, that is why no one left the program.. They want to make Broken Hearted In Anaheim..a Glad Heart for UH MBB once again!!

    Go Warriors Go Bow! Go Rainbow Warriors!

  42. Pocho,
    Actually traded text with Tyler directly 2 weeks ago instead of thru his friend. I think he is flying out to California today or maybe tomorrow. School starts next week. Mostly talking about the fact Vermont Academy changed coaches. Said he was very happy but also made it very clear he would have been very happy at Hawaii as well. Wishes the team all the best. Personally I wish St. Mary’s would think enough of him to redshirt him a year to put some meat on him. I’m still very confident that by year 2 or 3 you will hear a little bit more about him. maybe not. Who knows for sure. I know you for sure shouldn’t judge him by the very little you saw in the summer league. Not indicative at all. I wish you guys would look closely at Bruce Brown at Vermont Academy. That is one stud guard that is only a junior this year that is gaining a lot of attention here in the east. I hope you guys have a great year and certainly hope you get past this investigation nonsense soon. I still think it will not be a major blow of any kind. Shame it is still a distraction. Good luck.

  43. jake1210, Mahalo for the Tyler update. Guess I was getting way ahead of myself asking howTyler had settled down @ St. Mary’s as school hasn’t started yet.

    I will keep Tyler and Bruce names in my back pocket so to say.

  44. Much Mahalo runbows for the vert numbers. 1st time I see like Dat. Hope they improve from last year. I remember being very impressed with Lance takaki dunking on senior night. And he only 5’6″ maybe. Oh wait, they lowered the basket. Hahaha. All good fun tho.

  45. Warrior96734 and UHfan96718,

    I agree that Makaula could be a steal at walk-on if he can gain some strength. I bet he can play bigger role at the D-2 level, but there are some things you might have to consider. If he was taking classes and playing on the JC level these past couple years, there may be some transfer/credit matters that need to be looked into. Hopefully he already did that or at least found out if he is eligible to play anywhere on NCAA level. The UH semester already started, but dunno if Makaula is signed up for classes at UH. If he is, there could be the matter of his UH/NCAA clock starting. I’m not sure what the rules are on that, so might need to look into that also. If he’s not enrolled anywhere well, probably not a good thing to stay away from classes and competitive basketball for a whole year.

    I’m pretty sure you are close to Makaula based on your posts, so my unsolicited advice is “make it happen” and don’t wait for the coaches to call you based on summer league highlights. If UH is where the kid wants to play, schedule a meeting with the coaches or talk with one of the other local boys like Dyrbe to put in a good word. Find out your chances and what you have to do to get on the team. Same thing if you like try HPU or Chaminade. Reach out to the coaches. No violation in that, I don’t think so.

  46. While on the topic of summer league, I was impressed by a few other local boys namely Josh Burnett, Kaipo Pale and the Japanese kid from Kalani (sorry don’t remember his name). Burnett is a good athlete, not a great one but good enough to play D-1 for sure. I could see him developing over the course of four years. The word in Manoa was that hes going to a prep school? I dunno the status and academics of these kids so only basing this on basketball. If they can get in to UH, I think any of these guys would be fun to watch at the end of games or in spot duty if they can make it as walk-ons (Burnett might be ready for scholarship if he improves at prep school).

  47. Tatsuya Ono from Kalani

  48. Whoa, apparently the freshmen have to be at workout(s) at 6:00 am, Brocke retweet of Mike Thomas’.

    Didn’t the coaches read that young students need enough sleep ? And they were being worked out hard plus Mike when they were here earlier. No wonder a lot (four) of them went back to the mainland until school started. And they were just here for about a month for the summer league, etc.

  49. The Coaches aren’t trying to Cut Into Morning Sleep;

    They’re Trying to PREVENT Late Night, ALL Night Habits…

    …and Attendant Trouble…

  50. I don’t think they have much time for late night habits, if they are taking classes ( study time) .


  51. WI fans forum members.. great points, discussion about team, and possible local HS BB talent trying to walkon to UH MBB. That is good stuff. Hope for the next Kalia McGee, Alika Smith, David Hallums, Julian Sensley and Jarin Akana, all who contributed towards a lot of UH MBB wins.

    warriorhaw, just IMAGINARY verts.. hoping the guys can get up, there like UH MVB.. those guys, about the entire team, the quick twitch muscle workouts, they all get up at least 30+ to over 40+ verts, however, funny, if you are good at VB , then not necessarily BB, and visa versa. Very rare, that VB and BB guys are lite in Bothe sports.

    Aaron Valdes, he is the guy,..should grind before start of season, if he is legit 6’6″ 215-18 and 44″ vert, with a jump shot, he will be an athletic Freaky Beast.

    Hey, WE GOT THE FORUM BACK for UH MBB FANS… fans, let’s own it and cheer on the guys.. working really hard preseason workouts and going to school, kudos to all the 16 guys, including Isaac Fotu, no….despite, other forum, negative guy, Isaac’ family says, Isaac will be back when NZ pau run towards FIBA championship in Spain..He waiting to blow up BWC.. Can you Imagine, Sammis and Fotu running and slamming and jamming, playing team ball, Sammis well coached,developed , great passer, Coaches, will work on his entry passes to Fotu, give and go,and pick and roll..HUGE late enroll, so important, Sammis brings some BEAST to Frontcourt!!

    Go Bows!
    Warriors Rock that Rock!!

  52. Meant , RARE for guy to excell in Both VB and BB… Did we all know that as a junior club member NZ, secondary school, Isaac Fotu was a very good VB ;player? His goal, and if he has that 3 point shot, plus can handle ball, break down the 3 guys , who knows, he might have shot NBA.. or high Euro.. Man , Frotu, and Superman Sammis, a tough Duo!

  53. Sure enough, must be Akana, Taylor and Carey, running the preseason things to get UH MBB ready. Gib said awhile back he would go to Spain, if NZ made it that far, to watch FIBA tournament. per BM blog, he is flying off, to see Isaac and the Tall Blacks, play their Aug 30 2014 FIBA match in Spain.
    Have a good trip Gib, maybe , … Really good that Gib would support Isaac in that tourney, the last time, on big stage, BB international , that I can recall seeing a oncoming JC All American play, was Tom Henderson, in the infamous, Munich 1972 Olympics, how USSR had two chances, and several fouls, not charged , when USA had the game won, and USSR won that game on last shot, that was hard to take, USA Olympic Team including Henderson , never till this day accepted the silver medal.. wow, that was something.. All that talent, Doug Collins, Ed Rafferty, and Henderson, coached by slow down ball legend Hank Iba…. remember oldtimer’s? I think the USA, even trained in Hawaii, if I can or cannot remember before going to Munich.

    Hope that Isaac Fotu and The NZ Tall Blacks make a run at that Gold Medal in Spain FIBA BB championships..

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