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Reyes is cleared to join Warriors

Sammis Reyes, a coveted incoming recruit for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, said he has been cleared by the NCAA to enroll in classes at UH and join the Warriors for the upcoming 2014-15 season.


Reyes, a 6-foot-6, 238-pound forward, signed a National Letter of Intent in May to play for Hawai’i. He planned to enroll in summer classes at UH, but there was a delay in his paperwork. He said the issues have been resolved and he plans to arrive on the Manoa campus before the start of Fall semester classes on Aug. 25.

“A huge relief,” he said. “It was crazy. I was worrying about it every day this summer. So glad to be on my way to Hawai’i now.”

Reyes said he has been informed that he will be eligible for the upcoming season, and thus can begin training with teammates at UH after he arrives in Honolulu.

“I missed working out with them during the summer, so I’m really looking forward to playing with the guys,” he said.

While awaiting clearance, Reyes said he trained on his own in Florida. At the start of the summer, he weighed 250 pounds. He is now at 238.

“I lost a little bit of weight, which is good for me,” he said. “I was working hard, every day. I wanted to make sure I was ready for the season, even if I wasn’t there to work out.”

Reyes averaged around 17 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists per game last season at North Broward Prep School in Coconut Creek, Florida. He is originally from Chile, and is a former member of that country’s junior national team program.

Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold confirmed that Reyes has been cleared, but he declined to comment further on the matter.


  1. Welcome to the Rainbow Warrior bb Ohana Mr. Sammis Reyes

  2. Fast confirmation by Dayton.

  3. Sammis.. mahalo, thank you, gracias, muy bueno! Thank you so much for being patient, no comment on the junk all positive on HAWAII Bound! Congratulations to Gib and staff, you all did it.. stuck with an outstanding man!!

    Call EMT.. I am falling down, and now floating on Warrior Basketball cloud. with Fotu, Sammis, Janks, Thomas, Valdes, Nevels , Smith, flying high and jamming, and DUNK City Honolulu, fly HIGH brother sammis Fly hight

    Welcome aboard.
    Pocho, Gib was not the fib, he held strong, stand and fight for what is right, take corrections, and win BWC , and go to Dances In March 2015..

    warriorhaw.. how you feeling bro? and islandman, anderpops, FUHA, servant—Eagle, clyde, TAVS, akuhead2, Tonganator, … jjay, and everyone,..cheeehoooo!
    Go Bows
    UHfan.. all UH MBB fans,. rock and roll, is here to stay, SOME GOOD, solid, blow you away POSITIVE NEWS.. wow!!

    Go The Mighty Warriors, rock that rock at the SSC and BWC


  4. Wow, huge sports story scoop for Da Man, Dayton Morinaga, beat the Beat Writer, BM to the punch!
    Got the word, Official from Gib and UH MBB.
    Great job Dayton. Best news, in a long summer, super looong.

    welcome Sammis, so excited, that you hung in there, never gave up.
    Muy Bueno, Muy Bien, Muchas Gracias!
    Mahalo and Thankyou.

    warriorhaw, now.. 1, 2, 3… Go Warriors!
    just having fun.. !

  5. Hooooocheeeeee ! chooooheeeee ! choooowfuuuun !

  6. islandman:

    yes… hooray? good one, ChowFun? I hope so, .. anyways, great news for UH MBB. And thanks for the links and threads about UH sports, love the work you do, and fan, for much longer than I am. Probably both UH alumnus. Go Bows!

  7. Until Janks eligible. could see a starting 5 possibly, very athletic.( With addition of Sammis , it opens things up, a lot of PT for the guys now, until Janks eligible December mid…)

    PG: Quincy Smith(just based on 1 year experience and super athletic)

    SG: Garrett Nevels(brimming with confidence for a great Senior Season)

    SF: Negus Webster-Chan(a genuine baller, The Official NWC..PG/SG/SF)/Aaron Valdes, super freakish athlete..

    PF: Isaac Fotu(FIBA talent)

    PF/Hybrid/C:: Mike Thomas(hope that back is healed up 100%), Stefan Jovanovich if want to go Big.

    Off the bench or platoon next 5:

    PG: Roderick Bobbitt(if healthy and ready to go)

    SG: Isaac Fleming

    SF: Aaron Valdes

    PF: Sammis Reyes—Big Get.. and to the final buzzer!!

    C: Stefan Jovanovich

    Ready to step in: Unless some RS…

    PG: Niko Filopovich, Brocke Stepteau

    SG: Zach Buscher

    SF/Wing: Brandon Jawato

    C: Mid December 2014 eligible – Stefan Janks Jankovich 6’11” hybrid, inside and out to 3. big man..

  8. I always forget with the talent scholarship guys, however, a big shout out to the walkons, and the families, footing tuition and support.. Dyrbe Enos, SG.. he will be the one to hit that 3 for 3, to help UH break open games.. and Niko Filopovich, a real game, junkyard dawg, defensive minded PG.

    Along with that Great of the Great STUDENT athlete.. May 2015 , and maybe future Hawaii school system BB coach.. Brandon, B , Jawato.. He 100% set to go.. he can go 7 for 7 from 3 line again and just blow up a team!

    We forget about the injuries and rehab. Bobbitt-broken arm, Jawato-surgery repaired ankles, Mike Thomas-Back injury… so important the rehab well and are healthy, or else.. next guy up.. that is why , possibly, early and into BWC season, Gib will have to play 10-11 or more, guys, because of injury and other things…

    Hope for the best.. Yes… it is Sammis!!

    Go Bowz!

    BACKBEAT.. keep that beat of the UH MBB drum of support going..

    Go Bowz!!

  9. I’m down with the Cheeehooooo !!
    GO BOWS !!

    If we weren’t running before, looks like we will be running now! From all of Sammis’ videos, it looks like we have a very athletic addition to a team that already has a lot of guards who like to run, and big guys that can get up and down the court and shoot the lights out.
    All the makings for a very exciting season!

  10. Man….I hope Aaron Valdes improved his shooting and became a better bball player. The guy has incredible hops and athleticism. If he becomes someone that is too valuable to sit on the bench we could see a smaller but more athletic lineup with:


    Gib can still put Valdes down low to get rebounds and stuff while keep Negus outside so he can get his shots. We could run and gun all game long with this lineup.-

  11. RAAAAAAIIIIIN……………….BOWS!!!!!!

    RunBows, I feeling ecstatic my friend. Whoa, this is tremendous news. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats all summer for this one.

    It really starting to come together. I got a feeling we gonna have to do our part also. Have to step up my cardio cause got a feeling I gonna be hoopin and hollerin the whole game.

    RunBows, I know we gonna be feelin you at home also.

    LETS GO BOWS!!!!!
    LETS GO BOWS!!!!!

  12. agreed akuhead2 and kahuna, great news and UH has some athletic talent, did not have in long time.
    kahuna, That Smith led, as PG, he gets the ball, however and goes, with Nevels, Valdes, Negus and Fotu, running with him, that is a super quick team to score in that 8 second period. Man they could be scoring in the mid eighties this year.
    Then, UH can go Big, with Fotu, Reyes, Jovanovich, Thomas and later Jankovich in the mix, and big guards in Bobbitt and Fleming.
    A lot of options, and Gib would be wise, as long as the guys work with the coaches, work together for the goal, not stat stuffers, however WIN column stuffers, Wins before personal stats, UH will be very exciting. Team has to BOND first.. I think the Hawaii/ culture thing, and having lunch, or luau, going to beach, mall, hiking, seeing the beautiful sunrise and sunsets, the mountains, the gals, the beach and canoe races.. if the TEAM really likes each other as in the past,,ONE OHANA.. team can be very Good! Hope for the best, a lot of athletes this year!
    And Sammis, Bobbitt and Fleming, as well as transfers Negus and Janks are a big part, especially the last minute addition of Sammis. Heard, since school will start Monday.. Sammis has to hustle and get his core, basic Freshman classes registered for. whatever to be academically on board. MAKE SURE compliance, person… Sammis is on the right track, … safe and ready to go.

    Go Warriors. Go Rainbows Go The Mighty Warriors!

  13. Outstanding!

    Aloha No (Plenty), SAMMIS!

    Chile Yesterday
    Flo Rida Coconut Creek Today
    Hot Tamale! Coco Sandwich Isles, Next Week!

    Great Power Addition to the Front Line
    Find Tim Shepherd – Former ‘Bow in Summer League to Work Some D-1 Muscle-Man Power Pointers…

    BUT Sammis also with Speed, Guard-Like Skills, Shooting Touch, HOPS & FINISH!

    Sammis! You Bring ADDED Dimensions, ALL Over…

    Work Hard,
    Get Your Minutes
    Get Your Degree(s)
    Make An IMPACT!

    You ARE a Potential Fan Favorite here!

    RUN ‘BOWS!

  14. With the addition of Sammis, like our chances, adds depth, muscle, speed and quickness. Team will have lots of options. Still favor hybrid forwards, that have hops, able to rebound and are physical, adds to exciting nights and excited fans. Go Warriors….

  15. Hawaii has so much talent going into the season I can even feel the vibe as I type. Great job Gib “SOOO GOOD”. We are all behind our team and coaches. NCCA will not dampen the enthusiasm of both players and fans. Things are “looking up” and I can’t wait.

  16. Love it!!!

    Welcome to the Warriors, Sammis!

    So many naysayers on other forums said there was no chance that Sammis was getting in, I was beginning to fall for it. A couple of those know it alls even made it sound like they had secret sources telling them he wasn’t anywhere close to qualifying. Shows you how little they knew after all.

    Whether this kid can help us in games remains to be judged but at the very least he can be a big body to help us get better in practice and build for the future. Four years with this kid! He can only get better.

    Only one thing still worries me, and hope it’s nothing. Gib no comment? He didn’t comment in BM’s post either. Not like the Gibber. Wonder if there are still some steps to take before its official. Or maybe UH put out one gag order on Gib.

  17. on a side not, jalen poyser would be a great recruit to get, but unless I misheard in this interview, he didn’t mention anything about hawaii when asked about recruiting


  18. Sammie the Savior…..lol

  19. ChuckCheese….those “insider’ could be someone from the previous staff who have it in for Gib. Those should be ignored.

    How would they know Sammis was nowhere near no qualifying? Even if Sammis was in that position, he was not going to tell some stranger about his status. The only people who knew of the situations would be the coaches and Sammis himself.

    Gib definitely was not going to share that with anyone and Sammis, I’m sure, was told not to discuss his situation with anyone. Those “insiders” were making stuff up to get back at Gib.

    Some even mentioned in the past the Fotu was not going to make it here, Those same peeps hinted that Valdes wasn’t going to make it here. They were 0 for 2 so next time those naysayers say that a player is not going to make it…just laugh.

  20. Yep. Sammie the Savior. Lol. Small big man with no handles and no shot. Does over power high school kids though. He is obviously a nice kid though so I hope he takes advantage of the free education. Seriously.

  21. What’s to Laugh about?
    ONLY You used ‘Saviour’…

    Beat Some Good Programs to get him…
    Offers from BYU, Long Beach, Penn State (Solid Academics as well)…
    20+ schools even AFTER Committing to Hawai’i…
    More than 20 in One Week..

    Strong, Powerful, Barkley, Dantley-Type with Better Hops, Speed, and Shooting

    Good-to-Great Athleticism, WORST Case Five STRONG, Physical Fouls

    Hope He Even ADDS Height!

    GOOD Get!

    CHOOSE to Make a Positive Contribution

    Actually NO Question…
    and me

  22. Eagle. You must be drunk. Please don’t ever use him in the same sentence as Barkley or Dantley. I’m embarrassed for you. Lol.

  23. Haha. He will be in NBA HOF? HAHA. Even playhoopsa isn’t that diluted

  24. Even Sammis would agree with me….compared to Barkley or Dantley. So very embarrassing that Dayton should ban anyone that agrees from his site…..haha haha

  25. To Save Your Own Peace of Mind
    (or what’s left…)
    you ought to take REMEDIAL English

    Nothing says “As Good As”
    MOST Comparisons WILL BE in Reference To A (HIGH) STANDARD that Multiple People Can Recognize…

    No Wonder You SWEAR For Nothing

    “___”-Type could be Physique, Style of Play, etc…

    SUMMARIZED as Minimum Five Fouls Which IS A FACT…

    Even When others “Agree” with You it is ONLY in Part

    You Seem Unable to String More than One or Two Coherent Thoughts or Concepts Together
    Picking ‘Em One At a Time…Black OR White
    Maybe Symptomatic of Your (LACK of) Temper or Attention Span

    Lighten UP

    You Are SO Tragic…
    and you refer to others as Drama Queens…

    You ought to Start Your Own Blog
    So You Get to be “Right” sometimes

    No Drinks Here…
    You Seem TOO Drunk and High On Yourself
    Full of Condemnation for So Many Others

    Why Even Laugh at a Freshman Recruit?
    Go Buy More Tickets…

    For me…
    just back to ignoring your No-Value Comments

    To others, Sorry for Wasting Your Space…
    Dayton – Apologies…

  26. Sammis on campus, now we have to make sure Fotu my man returns! Sir Isaac ,please return and finish your degree, I can see Big West championship finally this season.Warrior Time, go Warriors!

  27. This is very welcome news indeed. Welcome Sammis! Thank you for joining our Warriors and keeping the faith until the paperwork got done.

  28. Sammie is equal to Charles Barkley and/or Adrian Dantley. ….lol …ha ha. Seriously?

  29. Talent is wasted unless the team comes together in a cohesive fashion. That’s where coaching comes in and the leadership and mental toughness. It’s way too early to be thinking about championships, tournament bids, or 20 plus wins.

  30. Eagle…no worry fellow fan..gibnogood is up to no good. Person says has season tickets?
    Really..I cannot walk..so do not go anymore..would if could..
    never mind negative nancy..you think he or she will spend big money to go to game and diss HC and team..gibnogood ..appropriate name ..for the Official Gibson Arnold..this “fan” ..no good for Gib and his great team..

    gibnogood ..have anything positive about program?…your projected starting lineup? Happy for Brandon Jawato ..going to graduate this May 2015…possible..3+star athletes being offered? GPA and APR great..
    nothing but negative nancyisms..

    the more you diss we fans and uh mbb program..the stronger we unite..

    gib no good..yes..look in your mirror and see a 26 year old video athlete..

    say..Gib is good enough to create excitement and something that gets the fans ready to rock..

    Eagle..waste time engage..just a grad student too much time between video play..

    Go Bows!!
    gibnogood..at least something positive to type about mbb program. ? If ..you are not able to contribute something good for the athletes..
    you no fan of uh mbb..maybe..san jose st?
    Or the guy from ucsb charged court?

  31. SAMMIS: We have been waiting for you…welcome to Paradise. Given time, you should be a real fan favorite! Continue to work hard and be patient on and off the court. You are about to play with the big boys.

    Eagle: No waste your wisdom on GNG aka Dave Reardon. Ignore Idiots, no reasoning with them. Be satisfied to know that their own life is Hell.

    Coach has depth at every position now and I believe we should be a bit better on D this season. He has the talent to play with anyone “once” they learn to play with each other…and that should be the key. Can’t wait.


  32. Tonganator:

    Warrior Insider nation now can follow Isaac Fotu with the Tall Blacks on espn3 replay..tell Isaac we cheering him on. Just wondering if you are able to comment..do you know when your son Isaac will be back at school for his junior year? Late September? All the team ready to rock and we look foward to Isaac having great junior season..battling for BWC championship!!


  33. This is good news. Congrats Sammie….welcome to the islands.


    Dave Reardon=gibnogood?..that would be funny..very few on this site..we might have differences..voice opinion..never profane or abusive..always support program..and whomever working hard for program..
    best UH MBB fan forum site in paradise!!
    BACKBEAT keep us UPBEAT for UH MBB!!
    GOOD JOB Fellow fan!!


  35. A Really GOOD Day!

    RUN! ‘Bows! – TIMELY Name Change,
    Good Choice that Reminds me of What this Program is Now DELIVERING that others mostly talked about…
    Comments Truly Funny AND Accurate…

    I LIKE the Way Sammis’ WIN! has Energized the Contributors here…
    A LOT of Knowledge, Wisdom, Pent-Up Demand, Patience through the Years
    Recognition of What IS Possible…
    Even what it WILL Take to have a Chance to Get There

    But OPTIONS, Numbers, Depth, Size, Talent and Skills
    As Good As ANY UH Era…
    Especially the Depth and Skills
    Unprecedented Continuity
    I LIKE The Prospects for Tough Defense
    WITHOUT Necessarily Slowing Down (If ever…)
    Last 20 Seconds?
    [Someone or Two Will NEED to Step Up to Cover for The Sham…]

    I Can See Why you’re having so much fun stacking up the Line-Ups
    Many Options… MOST WILL Work…
    More a Matter of Picking Line-Ups Matched Well (Optimized) and Effective Versus Opposition
    …MAYBE This Team CAN Be So Effective it Will Often NOT Matter what (Some) Opponents are trying to do

    RANGE of Outcomes?
    A Lot of Close Games?
    OR A Lot of Blowouts?
    A Bunch of Both?
    A Lot of Wins…

    i think This Team WILL Win a lot of Games…
    Very Good Day…

    The Coming of Very Good Times…

  36. Maybe Got the Class Gem (we’ll see eventually or soon…)

    What Say, Gib & Q?

    Time for The 11th Hour Surprise?!

    Can it Keep Gettin’ Better?



    DR = GNG
    You’re Insulting BOTH at the Same Time…

  37. The First of the boys from the cotinent back on da island..per social and BM blog…. Garrett Nevels landed not too long ago..back on da island !!
    :)Beleve Aircuba flying jetstream or just braod jumped over pacific to da island Friday..alright!!

    AirCuba ..AV..ready to workout with GMoney Nevels..Drew League champion..after Airon arrives tomorrow…first guaranteed sighting of returnees..remember…negative true? mbb fans other blogs said guys would transfer out?
    Well..dang nab it G and AV in da house..
    soon one by one arriving on da rock to rock !!
    Eagle going be exciting next few days..would not doubt if G and AV are in the house for summer league championship game.. Dyrbe Solar Universe vs the fighting Standhardingers grantco pacific on olelo tv statewide audience..wonder if show Nevels and Valdes in da house..Gary Dickman interview..definite interviews if allowed by da man ..WI insider Dayton M.!!
    pretty good day for mbb Eagle..:)

    codolences from WI fan nation on passing of Norm Chow’s dear mom..
    hope football team win one for Maile!!

  38. Much apologies to coach Chow and grandaughter of Norm’s mom Thelma…Maile..who had touching writeup on Thelma..her grandma..
    great fan and supprter of Norm and football team..great they beat P5 teams UW and OSU!!

  39. gibnogood, please go back to the hole you crawled out of. Clearly, your intent is to irritate the many fine bloggers here. On a positive note, I’ve been waiting such a long time to hear about Sammis getting clearance from the NCAA. This is such great news for the UH program. I’m confident his contribution will be huge!!! Go Bows!!!

  40. “Small big man with no handles and no shot.”

    Lol you’re really gonna call him small when he’s the pretty much the same size as Taylor Johns and Stephen Maxwell (both were All-Conference last year)? As for the handles comment…watch his highlights. I do agree he has no shot though (at least from the 2 games I watched) but it isn’t really gonna affect him much considering he’s pretty much gonna be exclusively in the the post this year. So IDKW you’re using that to discredit him. I think he’s fully capable of matching Taylor Johns frosh #’s.

  41. dannyp: We all know this was started as a forum, initially it was video and write-ups, schedules photos and interviews with team and staff. Then …Dayton .. opened up this Forum site to express our thoughts on UH basketball, correct fans, and Dayton? Well, either we are going to say things that are positive, constructive and suggestions to help team get better. Also, to acknowledge what HC staff, advisors, the MBB program have done right, guys doing well in school, NO Felons, good young men, exciting athletes. .. good people. And from number 1 through 16th guy on the roster, they love Da Island, The Rock , Paradies. their tweets, are “This is OUR Year” , they going to do it, grind. With that attitude and the positives of UH MBB, there are tons of comments to make to support UH MBB correct? Correct. If we see need for the guys to get bigger, faster , stronger, better handles, shoot from outside, the FT line, rebound , defend individually and as A TEAM and PLAY as a Team with better all around, yet young talent, we expressive similar and sometimes different opinion/suggestions., Correct? Correct!

    So gibnogood=Dave Reardon? maybe a combination of ALL THE people who do not like the HC , the staff, the ball boys and girls, the trainers, the basketball secretary, etc.. They just cannot stand, if for a brief moment in Time, most of the die hard and live right MBB fans, have happiness in a tough world, because, excitement is building steadily for this year. AND in the background one of the best Work with, and Soften any/if penatlies, in answer to ncaa allegations, wheneve that is.. Have faith and CONFIDENCE, that Alabama Special Law Firm one of THE best in the nation. So they will work, with UH, HC, team , staff, compliance gal?..come on girl… and help UH to still chase championships..So, I can say, when from day one, I did not know Gib, except he was Gatorade Player of the year for Punahou HS when dad was coaching UH MBB, Then he went on to ASU.,.. and later Mormon mission. later finished school and went into coaching. Know he can talk, speak very well to the guardians, mom and dads, and athletes he is trying to close the deal with, to get them to commit and sign the LOI..Lot of similar, accusations, allegations.. however Gib still around with different good schools, known, worldwide as good contact internationally and a eternal recruiter to make UH MBB level better. He has done that. Next step , BWC championship NIT bid locked up, BWC tourney championship, better yet invite to the Big Dance NCAA’s/

    They, I don’t know who THEY are, the old coaches, player transfers, or ones that didn’t play jacks with the other kids in grade shool, now they are in HS, or freshmen at UH… or gibnogood, Dave Reardon, the other side bloggers, and those PROFESSIONAL GIB ATTACKERS on the big op ed writer Ferd’s column.. the ones you never see their posts, here or ScoutMBD, or SportsHawaii Men’s Basketball forum..Gib could have a hiccup, or burped after drinking a ginger ale, oh no, Gib is into DRINKING ALE… .. yeah, Ginger ale.. too, much, I bet sadly it makes Gib tired, stress on his nice wife Lisa, and their 5 kids, who if you saw their site, very nice and happy family, they truly love Hawaii, and they get the culture, now. they ARE KAMAAINA!!

    So gibnogood or Dave Reardon, as my grandma used to say, if you got nothing good to say, even in a helpful or constructive way about coach of his team, don’t say or post , type, print anything, total waste of time. My late father was like that, like gibnogood, up to no good ALL the time till he died…We like the Bows.. he say they going lose.. oh we hated if they did lose.. we say, coach has to get better athletes, we say he does, however has to scheme and develop them in game better., c, point/counterpoint, YING/YANG….gibnogood/davereardon.. … as you say, 808rock… all gibnogood is here for, like the fair and balanced network?.. whenever we are happy with UH MBB, or await, a beneficial correction a softer lesson from nccaa finally, and this year, UH goes to NCAA, they have that gibnogooddavereadon chip on their collective shoulders. and I tell you Warrior MBB fans, fellow friends.,..
    Guys, like Sham, well if he stayed, AV, MT, Q, G Money, NWC, and Fotu, want to quiet those who say they are a team that falls apart at the end, although loved first season with Amis, and Miah, that CIT , 2 game run.. was great..and last year, almost beating the Matadors , possibly have momentum to win the BWC tournament and go to NCAA’s ….really the formula.. Win the regular season BWC title first… that guarantees the NIT spot. automatic. Then go for it, play best ball of the year, and win the BWC tournament and go to the DANCE.. first time, near13 seasons?

    gignogooddavereardon, just a joke the mixed up name(!), however gignogood, to waste your money to go to a game that you just can’t stand the HC and his athletes, criticize, how is that being supportive to the State University and the Program. A Fan, is fanatical for supporting his team, win or lose, well win more so!!!
    gibnogood or davereardon…. If you buy a ticket , you will be in the minority booing Gib’s errors or team missing shots, for sure, and majority of the other 5-6000 or more will be cheering against you. The might think, it is that gibnogood guy or girl.. hey.. that is the person that ran on court at Santa Barbara, and tried to get in Gib’s face, buzzed and nuts.. let’s see gibnogood try it a SSC, buy your ticket and come to SSC, We will point you out, and send you to the Football team sitting behing the Manoa Maniacs..

    gibnogood… I guess your first name Mr or Ms. is Gibn and you last name is Good… that is not too bad, sounds like you are one of Gib;s brothers, one who is a coach, a long lost brother or sister, Gibn Good Arnold.. shoots you long lost relative, living in Boise , Idaho, cheeing for the Broncos..

    Just having fun, gibnogood, soon, Gibson Arnold’s team has chance to work really hard to become good..win many games, and go to NCAA’s, then your moniker will be .. iwaswronggibisgood:
    GNG or DR… just having fun, Football around the corner, the UH MBB team coming back, huge cleared to play for Sammis the Hulk Reyes, great body,super strong.. and WVB with tough opening opponents as well as Bud Nagamine’s girls ready to kick some butt of Pac12 teams, upset them..
    so gibngood, get a good seat and watch ALL UH teams work hard to be veryverygood this year., ha, ha, ha.. too, much happiness here!!



    For all the posts, so many paragraphs of it. I suffer from some bouts of insomnia, So emotionally worked up, because of signing of Sammis, the posted Video/Visual Coordinator/DOBA position in one posted by UH. They want Jamie Smith to have that new combo job, However, Jamie had to go back to Britain,Visa Problems, that made me a little sad. I hope Jamie, gets approved, and Gib can hang on a little while, yet it is getting closer to season, for Jamie to get visa fixed so he can work in USA.. Another poster, mentioned, easy fix, Jamie, meets and falls in love with local USA wahine, and he becomes a USA citizen, acutally he could have dual citizenship. Jamie so important to Manoa Maniac development too. Great staff, would be, Gib Arnold, Benjy Taylor, Senque Carey, and the new position, Visual Coordinator/DOBA Jamie Smith. … I hope they get Jamie’s Visa fixed soon, He is vital to UH MBB too!

    Come on down Jamie , we need you,.. hope his situation does not take too long, maybe, Que and Benjy have to do some Video work, and doba..,…if compliant.. whew.. that again.. anyways, Jamie we send our best.. hang in there, we know you love Hawaii, funny I thought Britain and USA were close allies,..?

  43. Congratulations Playhoopsa. He is a good one. Your team is shaping up nicely now

  44. Don’t think gib_ogood is dave. Dave uses his own name like Steve Murray does and doesn’t use foul language .

  45. Memory Lane

    Let’s go back to 2010…first year coach, Gib Arnold, takes his band of Warriors into Mott Gymnasium in San Luis Obispo to play a non-conference game. The Hawaii program had just come off of 3 consecutive years of losing seasons, having lost 20 games the year before.

    Hawaii had the lead by one with 12 seconds left and Cal Poly had the ball. Three last shots by Cal Poly with the last one going in. Strange set of circumstances as there was no video in their HS arena that night. Officials disagreed with each other as to whether or not the final put back was before the buzzer for over 5 minutes. Finally, it was deemed to go Cal Poly’s way.

    It was a significant call that prevented us from winning 20 games that season and if memory serves, would have been an automatic one year rollover for Coach Gib and may have put us into the NIT consideration.

    One cannot fault the officials as it was just too close to see by the naked eye in real time. But here is the video that you almost have to pause in order to see that it was still on his fingertips while the red light was on.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda, but it will take you back to a time when Hiram, Zane, Joston and Vander were around. It should also be a reminder that Defense wins Championships as we all witnessed by Cal Poly’s post season run last year into the NCAA Tourney.



  46. He’s lucky we’re thin on bigs and will get playing time early but he’s only hype like valdes was…contributions not til junior year if still here

  47. hawaiifan09:

    I think it all depends on how quickly Sammis adjusts to speed and physicality of DI ball in practices. If he is holding his own, and learning the offense, and defense, just a very high BB
    IQ..you notice his Youtube hilite videos, no real wasted motion, sometimes will upfake, or fake right and go left, either hand, go left or right, looks to set screen for shooters, drive to cup, spot the shooters, since he is such a good passer, he has that Basketball player mode down already, HE could , .. possibly, and probably, because of the shortage of Bigs,,.. have a lot of PT.. Might even see him, holding guys out at the 5 spot, because of leg strength.

    Well, whatever we think… we are all anxious to see him in action!
    Welcome Sammis. The VERY GOOD news of the week!

  48. Hawaiifan09 I agree with your point about Hype. We do a lot of that ourselves to these guys.


    Just thinking about late gets… since they did not choose courses, yet and have not been to campus physically, I looked at Registration for classes 2014 fall. I might be wrong, so…


    I know you have to present Identification, Sammis still has to have Doctor do physical for him as well, I would think that UH MBB know who he would room with, maybe a fellow freshman, or an older upperclassman already in the Dormitories.

    Thanks in advance.

  50. Aloha RunBows and UHMBB die-hard fans.

    The FIBA world champ tournament is schedule to run from 30th August to 14th September. I believe it depends on how far the Tall Blacks go will determine when Isaac will be back at the “Rock”. They got one more game against Serbia on Sunday, before heading to Spain. Isaac caught up with Davis in Lithuania but not sure whether he managed to hook up with OZ in Serbia. Isaac is really looking forward to the tournament. All the games is on our local SKY Sports Channels here down under in Aotearoa, NZ.

    Welcome aboard Sammis, wishing you a great freshman year.


  51. You can register online but you usually have to meet with your academic advisor, it says. Also, maybe some class options or times might be filled up already.

  52. islandman

    as always thanks, I remember back in the day, student enrollment much smaller, however had a window, and some validated reasons for students to register and enroll a few days later, into start of school..
    Now with online registration, you can also see what classes available and how many in class/size.. this is where NCAA compliance, Academic Advisors, can help Sammis , check out course on line, be set which classes he can get into… amazing they still have food/ culture experience type course. Wow.. Complaince person Patterson, Make absolultely the guys are in the right classes, enough credits, and the tutors help them maintain proper GPA, and help APR.. Sammis ready to rock..These young’uns..they super smart with tablets, PC’, smart phones, and laptops, Sammis will be okay.. ALSO to clear, standard thing, for OPEN gym , and joining the tea for workouts, etc. He has to pass the UH Doctor, physical.. Sammis, the man of steel.. should be good to go, AND he is health conscious, it shows! WELCOME BRO. Reyes… muy bueno!!

  53. Tonganator:

    Mahalo Plenty! He enjoying time in FIBA tournament? And definitely we in Hawaii will watch on ESPN3 replay of the Tall Blacks games./ We want to see of Isaac can break down a guy off the dribble, go to the rack, drive from three threat position, either left or right, or step back, high held like gold….swissssh.. 3 pointer down.. That would be a completely different Isaac, if they are double and tripling down on him near the low blocks, kick out to shooters, make his move left hand or right, or that stepback money three ball.

    Mahalo for the information. .. I guess what you are telling us, and CONFIRMED.. here.. if, NZ Tall Blacks make it till the finals, they will end the FIBA tournament on Sept 14th 2014… Then Isaac will shortly be with trophy in hand hopefully and FIBA BB world champion!
    After that, fully expect to see the new and improved Isaac Fotu for his Junior year, late middle of September.. We cannot wait, and tell Isaac, his boys are back in town, ready to win the BWC championship, and go to the NCAA’s!!

    Thankyou Tonganator, you always reply!

  54. Tonganator, sir…

    Oh and Isaac and Tall Blacks if unfortunately they are eliminated earlier in Tourney, then Isaac head back to NZ? Rest, and get his bags together. Then back to Hawaii to Rock The Rock!!

    Go Isaac Fotu, have a great FIBA tournament, Dayton do you know if Gib is still going to Spain to watch Isaac in the FIBA tournament? And also, Tonganator, your younger children, Ella, SG/SG who is really good, and Daniel 14 year old, growing 6’4″ to even taller than Isaac… maybe 6’10” or 6’11”. that would be awesome if they considered the pipline of the Fotu Ohana BB talent to UH for years to come. You have great children. Very nice young people, and we hope they do well wherever they choose to go to college…hint…hint, the Universtiy of Hawaii would be good!

    Mahalo Tonganator!
    from RunBows!
    Go The Mighty Warriors!!!

  55. Verbal Commits is reporting UH has made an offer to a 6’103/4″, 255# Center from Montenegro. He is going to be a HS senior this season and is rated 2 stars. He has interest from a lot of West Coast Schools including Washington State and Gonzaga.



  56. Nice find BACKBEAT

    but he reminds me of Jova. I was hoping we would get a more athletic shot blocker like Ahmet G.

  57. Do we have talent on our roster? That’s the million dollar question. Currently, MBB fans are excited. On paper at the very least, we have “potential.” In years past, we were not able to say the same. Progress is being made. The talent pool is growing.

    As a side bar, many fans, especially so, runbows. are attempting to “change” or affect a positive cultural change. If you want Aloha, gotta practice… so my Mahalos and Aloha goes out to ALL those positive U of H, MBB fans.

  58. Until i see a low post game i’ll look more into reyes….im just not very intrigued and see him being more of a garbage man

  59. tako.

    ..you got it…sure Dayton and primary sponsors Schmidt Ohana so gracious to allow us to make expressions …debate…suggestions..a few even disappointment..however since 2011 (?)…Dayton posted comment that stuck with me since 4 years ago..recruits, families , fans across globe, AND ESPECIALLY YOUNG CHILDREN read our posts..keep accurate, clean, no profanity, verbal attacks..that is why from first year one poster..so abrasive,, I think private message..don’t come back.

    with jake, jake12, or whatever, gibnogood, and another supposed long time uh mbb..comments got too personal..speculation..misinformation. .and vulgar language..now I can count only 2 out of a possible 15-20 regular and new UH MBB fans that go down the low road..nothing good about coach, athletes, insults to warrior insider forum nation..

    just wish they stay on the anti UH MBB board…does not make sense..we love THE PROGRAM..NO MATTER WHO THE COACH..WE SUPPORT THE TEAM..a few of us for decades..what a watevof time for the anti HC and anti fan MBB “THREE”…THEY GET KICKS OUT OF THE IRRITATION CAN CAUSE..as bigdaddy said just laugh it off..UH MBB ..whole team working hard and eventually uh mbb self improve compliant with help Alabama Special..Legal..will help warriors out..

    so to the Anti-MBB THREE..might as well have your say then go back to santa babara ..just joking..however..if you 3 are fans..supportive..or constructive suggestions..or positive things about the guys..now if bigdaddy, TribeVx4, Tonganator peek into our comments keep it civil non confrontational

    Gib promote..his way to close a commtt recruit to sign with UH MBB ..? Promote Hawaii..the culture..the potentialto help UH MBB to get to next level..consistent top 35 team..NIT/NCAA participant and build up fanbase..Gib..program learning..with adjustments..in next few years..we can be in for a great 4-5 year great MBB RIDE!

    GO BOWS!!

  60. Eagle and WI fandom…similar height size athletes that were impact players for uh and nba?

    Al Davis 6’6″-6’7″…Reggie Cross..6’7″-6’8″…Roderick Fleming..6’6″-6’7″..Tim Shepherd..6’5″-6’6″ ..all strong good rebounders ..leg strong..

    NBA…Paul Silas ..6’6″…Adrian Dantley..6’5″ ..he had the strong bottom base terrific scorer rebounder..Elgin Baylor 6’6″ great hall of famer..all BB IQ smart..and strong rebounders..sky is limit..super high ceiling..if….if..Sammis contine to GRIND..at UH..I BELIEVE HE WILL AND PLAY SINIFICANT MINUTES EARLY THIS YEA!! JMO..
    Sammis Reyes might be as strong..just a beast in weight room..and athletic talent..bet he is strong enough to hold out with leg strength and upper body mamadou..he might be..the strongest guy yet basketball combination and power 6’6″ 238 ball player..he looking forward to working out with guys ..I guessed used to sub tropic climate..hope the Bessst for Sammis!!
    Ye sir!!
    Go Bows..Rainbow Warriors!!

  61. http://verbalcommits.com/schools/hawaii#sthash.wgGs1juT.dpuf

    Kind of interesting online sports recruiting services say that during July summer open viewing for MBB coaches and staff. The schools tend to do what is seen below, offer several young guys, even though there might be only one or two scholarships available. Or if they would be preferred walkon. If the guys really connect with HC, staff and school, they make the Official Visit in the fall or spring, that is getting close to closing the deal the LOI signing. Really reminds me of pro sports free agency. Kind of spread out the offers, and other schools match or exceed. Proactive recruiting.

    Sir Mr. Eagle, I don’t know if Gib, who was in France earlier this year has a last minute Big to bring in ala the SF actually , tremendously well liked guy who was not suited for PG, Ozren Pavlovic, he was brought in and signed a non binding scholarship agreement just about the time school started. It would be a miracle if Gib did bring in that Senegal 6’10” big part of Sy’s big 4 showcase Africa team. If he did, sneak a good to go PF/C, who could play right away, since Janks has to wait… it

    would knock me off my chair , again , with Gib, Benjy, and now SenQue , you never know however gut feeling, school starts this Monday Aug 25 2014. Gib goes to Spain, I think to see Fotu in FIBA play. So that extra scholie will be shut down, unless a MIRACLE.. which does not look likely.. I tell you that will only motivate, Jovanovich, Thomas, Reyes, Fotu, even more, and even Valdes, who , I am sure that Gib will hope he is 220 solid muscle, jumping hire, better ball handler shooter and

    rebounder/weakside shot blocker, that guy athletic freak, NOW IS HIS YEAR..nice to have several guys that can have Great Years for UH MBB,… a lot of depth, if NO ONE GIVES UP HANGS their heads, they have to think, Team first, and Win BWC first, then NIT or NCAA, then , whether you average 4 points or 14 points a game you will be happy because, you , part of a 15 or 16 man
    squad had a part, a huge part of the heart of the awesome Rainbow Warriors!!

    8/22/2014 – 2015 C Gligorije Rakocevic (6-10, 255, 2★) has received an offer from Hawaii.
    Looked at his hilite video, not too much vert, not quick, releases his shots quickly, good position on rebounding, and definitely BIG..he is almost 6’11” and 260 lbs.. if he can blow up in Cali HS system, be that top 50 big men, he would fill the void, of the loss of Cousins or Bol
    8/18/2014 – 2015 PG Tommy McCarthy (6-0, 155, 2.7★) has received an offer from Hawaii.
    small, quick, HIGH very HIGH BBIQ, knows how to play the game, a winner.
    8/10/2014 – 2015 PF Edward Morrow (6-7, 200, 3.3★) | Overall Rank: 110 | Position Rank: 18 has received an offer from Hawaii.
    extremely athletic, good BBIQ, good vert, quick, around the rim, plays at the rim, can run an athlete
    block shots.
    8/8/2014 -2015 SG Jalen Poyser (6-4, 185, 3.5★) has received an offer from Hawaii –
    Canadian connection West. Blew up in JULY AAU showcase, all the big schools after him now, he is the one that said THE CLIMATE… the Weather big part of his choice of schools, so Hawaii definite have a chance to get a scorer to replace Nevels.. official visit still scheduled for Sept 6 2014. If he comes, that will be huge, and if Dayton interviews, him and within a few days he committs, early, oh, oh, another Sammis Reyes type celebration day for WI fan nation!
    Big, huge get, a 3.5 star athlete! Wow..

    Eagle, so far, it keeps getting better and better. When Fotu, back on the rock, better. when Janks eligible in December very very much better and UH MBB will ROCK THIS TOWN TONITE!
    Could (JMO and pure speculation, sorry to families of those mentioned, I am just guessing not official)

    Scholarships possible open for 2015-16:
    1)Garrett Nevels Senior eligibility pau.
    2)Brandon Jawato Graduates May 2015, great job Brandon.. and he has to decide whether to stay and change to another grad major, or go to another school that offers it for his final senior season of BB.
    3)The vacated scholarship , that until this point, and Eagle it is really late in the game, unless, Gib, Benjy or Que pull a rabbit out of the Basketball hoop1
    One more, unused, saved for 2015…

    Therefore, definite Nevels, Saved scholarhip, and Jawato decision to transfer to school that offers his major to finish senior BB eiligiblity., or may have to change major to remain at UH for senior BB season. Either way, really love Jawato’s demeanor, never pouted, complained, just went to school, had fun, enjoyed life, got hurt, however getting strong to have great junior year which could be his last with UH.

    Therefore if the above played out, Nevels eligiblity Pau, Jawato elects to transfer to fulfill post grad classes for his major that UH does not offer, and the unused scholarship.. that would mean possiblity of 3 scholarhips available for next year. …and the annual migration of maybe one younger guy, could leave another spot, so we can see why. not only UH and Gib , however every school in NCAA MBB is doing the same thing being proative JUST IN CASE.

    At this point it looks like 12 scholarship athletes, very good ones, and 4 walkons, good guys too, for a total of 16 on the letterman roster for 2014-15, Wish the Warriors the best, they really are good young guys, just have to have, Bobbitt, Fleming, Buscher, Reyes, Jankovich, and Stepteau, BOND with the other guys, they will, every year, team off the court, get along.1
    Go Bows.. I am getting sleepy…..zzzzzzzzzz good nite WI UH MBB fans zzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  62. Couple things going for Sammis Reyes. He’s already got a man’s body; great passer; shot blocker; leaper. He likes the open court uptempo style of play which is what Gib likes. The only question is where is he going to play? I don’t think he is quick enough to defend the 3 spot. Which leads to power forward. He may have played pf in high school but I would think very little post play. He likes to cut to the basket similar to Standhardinger and either lay it up, pass it off, or jamb it. He would be great defending at pf but he will be limited to the paint offensively. Don’t know if he is comfortable facing his back to the rim which could be his bread and butter. He really didn’t have to do it in high school because he usually could score at will facing up to players. My guess is Gib will target him at pf. He’s got a learning curve at that position. Not to say he can’t do it but whether he wants to work at developing his post game.

  63. servant—guy could have played pro ball in Chile , probably my guess and took care of his family and self for several years. He has conncections, part of the Chilean under 16 National team. If you watch him, he has great basketball savvy, in the videos, he was a MAN among boys, yet played with finesse. He kept up grinding in the weight room, must be very, very low body fat, strong lower and upper body., if he worked with a cross trainer, even better yet, Physically wise, he should be able to battle with UH other bigs, the BB NCAA DI, speed, that is the challenge and to make proper decisions quickly without turning ball over… just have a feeling about Sammis, he willing to wait till the 11th hour for that miracle from the NCAA of all people, they like us!…that was a gift to all the long summer suffering warrior mbb diehards, I think Sammis will play 4, maybe even the 5, like Tim Shepherd the best 6/5 1/2 240 center that ever played for UH, strong butt and legs, kept Shawn Bradley out of the paint, like keeping Mamadou out of paint, Servante….I am super glad that LBSU or BYU or any BWC team did not get him.. Sammis, his potential, I have never, ever, seen in decades a guy at 18, so physically developed, with basketball skills, play with Fotu, and Sammis such good vision will see when and how to get Isaac the ball on the blocks, shoots, might have a lot of high low action, well low high action, Sammis to Fotu, then, Fotu to Sammis, well we can dream

    This year is going to be fun.. 12 great athletes fighting for 5 starting spots, but what is to say that Gib will not use ALL 11 guys in beginning of season? SAve the guys for BWC play, and team all 12 of them plus Niko, and Enos, Brocke, Zach, will be ready to win the BWC!

  64. It may be true that Tim Shepherd was the best 6’5″ center that ever played for UH, However, it must be said that John Pennebacker was the best 6’2″ center that ever played for UH. And Pennebacker’s team was ranked two years in a row. I don’t think we broke the Top Ten, but we were very close. Pennebacker was jumping and playing again 6’9″, 6’10”, 6’11”, and 7’0″ all the time, its just that there were no 7’6″ guys to dunk against. A matter of opportunity. I don’t think he would have backed down.

  65. Indeed it would be very cool to let loose both Valdes and Reyes to lead the mad dunkers of Manoa running wild against the competition. Our play book might be a little thicker this year to accommodate this aspect. You can run with lay ups, or you can run with mad dunking. With both of these guys getting some playing time, it might get infectious. Let em’ run! Go Bows!

  66. In Sports,There are Few Things So Common as “Potential”

    BUT What ʻweʻ pay Gib, Q (Riley, Jackson, Jamie, R. Pitino & Co.) the Big Bucks for, IS In Part
    The Ability/ Work Ethic to Evaluate, ʻCharmʻ And Develop Young Personalities and Talent…

    i think weʻre mostly past the out-of-balance big-ego dependent stage / cycle because this staff has managed to Cull out Good Talent with good to great personality — i would compare (Not Yet Proven in Championships) this favorably with the solid NFL or NBA Teams that build around athletes who anchor the team with Solid Talent and Skills, Work Ethic, High Sports/Team & Social IQs and a good combination of team personalities and Values. BTW, The Jim Caviezel movie, “When The Game Stands Tall” about De La Salle HS — ʻJ.Christ plays Coach Ladʻ — conveys these values really well: supporting one another, Team verus Individual Values and Goals, ʻSacrificeʻ for Something Greater. (…with Links to Bob LaDoucer, V. Lombardi, John Wooden, Chris Peterson…)

    IF and When they get the Championships rolling, this should all make for a Good Book…
    (like Bob Wagner or JJ…)

    Hype or Potential, Evaluations & Predictions aside…

    We WONʻT Know How Real or How High Sammis Can Reach…for a little or a long while…
    BUT Several or Many Professionals wanted to Bank One of their 13 Chips on him…
    In many ways, he is emblematic of his teammates, the whole team…

    A Staff/Program Batting Average of Four or Five out of Thirteen would create a pretty good UHMBB Team…

    (i think the kinds of talent and personalities theyʻve assembled might yield a better batting average…)


    FOTU & Nevels are Proven Winners
    Bobbitt, Q have remarkable pedigree & track records…
    Negus and Janks have Big-Time pedigree or potential
    ALL have Big Winning Backgrounds (like Most Winning D-1Teams)

  67. The game has changed since a 100 years ago…centers arent 6’5

  68. Great one Eagle. All sports evolve. Football’s latest development is the spread offense. Finding and developing quality 7 foot plus centers are valued because they come in small numbers.

    This wasn’t a 100 years ago but still remember the Arkansas team with Sydney Moncrief and company shaking the BB world and they were “small.”

    If size is going to be a factor, let it be the size of their hearts and support the MBB staff to be creative and use the talent that we have to be the most effective. You can’t teach size, but there’s a host of other things that you can. Just take a look at Isaac Fotu and his development, he’s not seven feet tall but he’s effective and plays like a “seven footer.” -go warriors

  69. akuhead2: let me qualify my statement. Remember, on Offense Pennebacker rotated that “center” position with Bob Nash. On offense, Penny played the 5, on Defense , Nash guarded the 5 spot, did remember, Pennebacker jumping center, he had great vertical hops.
    Over a 5 year(including 1 RS year), Tim developed from a 6’5″ 200 SF, to a 4/5 about 6’6″ 245 about Post man, with great passing skill,excellent rebounder, and ran the two man game with Chris Walz the former UH BB player turned “Kevin McHale type” PF, at about 6’7″

    The posterizing dunk over 7’6″ Shawn Bradley at the old Blaisdell arena and that victory over BYU, was one of the all time, dunk in your face flushes I have ever seen, Tim just powered , right over the 7’6″ albeit very thin giant!

    Pennebacker, jumping Penny, saw him block a seven footer. Great athlete at 6’2″ , I liked him too.
    When you can remember back 30-50 years of UH MBB, a lot of memorable games! Either one, UH had good Center/PF… Werts, hands of stone, yet good shot blocker, first UH freshman that could play 1972-72 when NCAA started to allow them. He averaged 13 ppg , 11rpg and 50% from field, however, 50% from the FT line… hands not good too, otherwise, he might have played in the NBA.. had some athletic size and hops.

    Love all this UH MBB talk.
    Last tweet per Sammis… Oh noooooo! He said injured his back, and hasn’t worked out past 8 days, strain probably, he said he will work rehab it in Hawaii, I am sure Hawaii will cure his ailment fast!

    Good Times talk UH hoops, and no jake, jake12, gibnogood, the supposed UH MBB fan, negative words..
    Hey They have the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE FOR ALS? For
    For Jake , Jake12, gibnogood and imitation UH MBB fan, WI Fans die hards (the ones who do give positive or at least constructive critique not part since they support team)
    Challenge to the Trialsome Threesome… spend One Month , posting at least 1 paragraph of good things about HC, the staff, the school, the athletes and their fans and families… See if you can do it..
    If come on forum, and one word or sentence of Negative, for no reason, attack, well, you can dump a bucket of diet dew on your heads.. I will dump a can of bottled , chilled water on my dog, and donate to my favorite charity, at this moment UH MBB.

    Have Fun!
    Eagle, you are IN THE GROOVE MAN… ready, all the guys, akuhead2, anderpops, BigIslandHank, BigFan, islandman, clyde, FUHA, Tonganator, tako, servante…Derek, and so many that I have missed.. WI UH MBB nation, united Ohana and ready to rock with ALL the UH MBB team coming back, ready to win BWC and dance. Not one transfer out, as naysayers, said they would do, not a one of them, all 12 scholarship guys in the house, including Isaac Fotu, later Sept, and the walkons, 4 on the floor, battling .. Great open gym runs.

    Remember tonite Dyrbe Solar Universe vs Christian S. Grancto on Olelo TV free .. Statewide, maybe we will see Aaron V.,,Garrett Nevels and Stefan Jovanovich, some early arrivals there!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Fans, keep the good vibe going!

  70. Speaking of Nash and Penebacker. Who holds the UH single game rebound record ?

    It’s Nash with 30 vs. Arizona St. in 1971 Rainbow Classic. He also held the single season record at 361, don’t know if that still stands.

    Also, averaged double-doubles for his career (16.8 ppg and 13.6 rpg).

    ( Don’t know why Nash’s 30 is not listed in this wikipedia page )


  71. islandman:

    Yes, in the 1971 ?Rainbow Classic, was it against Arizona State? That was a sold out house, over 8000. That record, I truly believe will never be broken… I mean, getting 20 rebounds is something, however, the 30, a lot off the defensive glass, INCREDIBLE!
    Could Holiday, Davis, Nash, Freeman, play with today’s athletes, the current team, no question. however even they admit, because of the youth clinics, the guys skillsets are developed earlier, and the run, jump, and that whole thing, ..
    30 REBOUNDS… If a UH athlete this year got 31.. that would be the record for 21st century I would think, so far for NCAA DI ball, unless someone else knows.


    how about this record that stands for local HS basketball. Roy Villanova(went on to play for Chaminade with Wil Pearson, Chico Furtado, Will Pounds, etc) for Kalani HS, where he grabbed 29 rebounds, in the 4 quarter, 32 min game.. that was incredible, maybe around 1974 or so?

    I think Christian had a game with 17 boards, for this era, that is a lot.
    UMBB, to break 20 boards, would be awesome, a goal, well, win the game first, and records second, unless combination, rebound record and win total record!!

  72. Went to Puck’s Alley this morning. I saw some big dude crammed into a mini cooper. It was Stephan Janovanic!! I had a good chuckle seeing someone that tall being crammed into a mini cooper. I don’t know if it was his girlfriend driving but if it was, I suggest she buy herself a bigger car. The young man is going to experience neck and back pain if he rides with her all the time…LOL

    Anyway, it good to see players back in town. I guess by Monday, they will be working out in preparation for the season. Anxious to see Negus and Sammis together. Heard Negus buffed up. Maybe we can nickname them the “Bruise Brothers”.

  73. Sorry forgot to mention super , besides islandman, on the search online for UH MBB information, BACKBEAT, keep us die hard UH fans UPBEAT…
    and Kahuna.. Imua… the Boys are Back in Town..
    saw social pix, of Aaron and Jovanovich arriving in HNL.. together last night..

    Soon, Sammis tomorrow, who knows, might even have some today Saturday!
    And Reyes, Sunday, NWC, Janks, Niko, Bobbitt, MT, Brocke (a mini Head Coach, smart guy).. UH getting Ready to ROCK THE ROCK.. shake that Stanley up.. here they come the RAIN BOW WARRIORS!


    Neat if Dickman and Sellitto interview one of them, Garrett Nevels, Stefan Jankovich or Aaron Valdes, whomever in the house, if they choose to come, pretty sure some will

    Go Bows!!

  75. Oh sorry…its Jovanovich….not the miss spelled on my post. My apology to Stephan.

  76. Your Dream is where you heart is, ta, da dum, ta dum, ta doo.. Jimminy Cricket? Too much da poke bowl and ginger ale already, getting ready for OLEO FREE TV coverage of Summer league Championship. What if they let ringers, cleared by onsite doctor, Aaron Valdes, Stefan Jovanovich and Garrett Nevels Play, mix them up among two teams, that would be a shoot out.
    However, league strict, I don’t think they would let off the street “ringers” really good UH MBB guys jump in and help team.. who knowsss? We can dream right!

    Speaking of Dreaming fellow fans, since I can basically sit or lie in bed, and post… When things were falling apart, rumor speculation, the UH MBB sky is falling, I felt there were still rays of the Rainbow still shining through… If 4 things could happen this summer UH Warrior Nation would be happy, a real POSITIVE:

    My three Positives if they happened I would check them off:

    1)Davis, Brandon S., Christian and Shamburger would earn their degrees. Solid! =Check!
    2)UH… since still under cloud of the big brother on the loooong Pacific stay… I would hope, since the invest. it would slow down signing 2 Bigs, at least Sammis would qualify. HE DID!!-= Check!
    3)All the guys who love it here, the Scholarship and the walkons, not One of them, the ones who are becoming kamaaina and the newbies, NOT one, though locally 808 and on the Continent is what they were saying, that the guys would transfer out. All THE BOYS.. are in or going to be in UH and start going to class next week AWESOME!!=Check!
    4)The final nail, when, and now we know it can go lonnnnng time, the big boys investigation.. that might be pau, who knows, year from now, 2 years, they say they are backlogged shortage of people. loved UH went Proactive and got Great Legal, the Alabama Special to help, UH MBB still function, with goal to still play post season for several years to come!-=Still on hold.. we wait patiently that Alabama Special very very good firm.

    So gang, for Myself, JMO, 3 out of 4 of my bucket list was completed by start of school, the investigate can wait, and Alabama Special has there plan, how to negotiate, and settle with, lessen any / if blows.. so that is a real assurance.. feel good about that, need HELP get the BEST !!

    So Now, UH MBB for 2014-15 set to win BWC regular season title=NIT guaranteed bid and win BWC tournament= bid to NCAA!! Go Bowz!
    seems crazy, however, very happy with the boys coming back, no decommitts and Sammis made it on board, just awaiting according to Isaac Fotu’s dad, for his FIBA tournament run to be pau, hope he does get to quarter, semi and even championships. that would be AWESOME

    Go The Mighty Warriors!

  77. Reyes says he’s Hawaii bound. He says he couldn’t work out for the last 8 days, his back is killing him. But maybe he played some basketball, per an instagram.

  78. RunBows, nice bucket list.

    Re #4 – I like that the Alabama group is negotiating for us. Any monies paid out will be well worth it due to #3. I believe this is the most exciting group in a very long time. The increase in attendance that we should see will hopefully be more than enough to cover additional costs paid to the Alabama group.

    Go go go go go Bows Bows Bows Bows!!

  79. warriorhaw:

    Gib , Ben the University, it is a life lesson, they will never forget,. From compliance person, who has a hand in making sure UH athletes are, well compliant, to the Doba/video person, coaches, knowing when and how long to have practices, .. personal things can and cannot have. Of course like the REAL JUDICIAL system… until proven guilty, these are just Allegations, Alleged to have been committed. If is true, that Bucket List, #4 could take awhile, however, it did slow down recruitment of two possible Bigs visited earlier May. Sammis finally getting in , was a victory for UH, and actually expedited, maybe because UH through the investigation has been very coorperative. Unless, official word, release from Counsel on letter of allegation and how UH will mediate/settle it,

    or even appeal it, NOBODY knows the timeline. Weird, some serious criminal cases are handled, prosecuted, defended and defendant found guilty, innocent, or guilty of lesser charge, and two sides of legal, they meet with judge and make a plea bargain.. Something acceptable to all. No One Knows, no matter what “Inside Source” says, who compromises, the no leak clause, that big brother asked for. Who has been outstanding in no leak, no speak, let the invest,.. protocol, roll on for best outcome with Alabama Special. HC, assistants, secretary, trainer, real fans, the student athletes themselves.

    warriorhaw, remember, during summer we saw how NOT a one, NO ONE of new and returnees, left the school or team. And even Sammis still held on till 11th hour and got a very good gift from ncaa, , ,… we don’t know, maybe for UH’s cooperation on making sure things are done right from now on. And you know what, warriorhaw, we Alll are not perfect, hence forward, UH MBB will never make the alleged mistakes again. Will be totally up and current. A little too much, however, from a

    paper document, to just auditing and checking everything..Beilieve, with Good Counsel, NCAA Legal that deals with worse cases , UH MBB in very good hands. That is why, we fans, and the team, and coaches, will just focus on MBB this season. And let the Attorney firm, take care of the other #4 Bucket list, completed, take whatever, make corrections, etc, and UH move on to championships!

    Go Warriors Rain Bows Rain Bows Let’s Go Bows.
    Go the Mighty Warriors.
    Go Rainbow Warriors, steadfast, learn from the past, and everlast….ingly … enmass move forward.IMUA!
    Go Warriors!
    Melodramtic I know… what the heck yeah warrior haw, just happy team has solidarity as well as staff, they are ready to steady program, and get set for BWC title run!

  80. islandman: Yes, thanks, we must read to same posts/pix/instagrams that are made public. Wonder if strained lifting? Just has to ice, and to heal, the stretches and heat. He was going realy hard, or that pix of him jumping about 40+ inches off the ground, with incredibly long arms to throw it down hard, that slam dunk, incredible pix taken by friend or selfie. Sammis can dunk, don’t know if he wants to posterize teammates, however in practices or open run, sometimes they do!

    Valdes, Thomas, Janks, Jovanovich, Smith, Nevels, Bobbitt, Fleming, NWC, Fotu, Reyes, and even healthy Jawato, all 12 scholarship guys can dunk, would not be surprised with a running start that Zack, Dyrbe, Brocke, and Niko can dunk too, that is their popcorn bucket challenge, if safe, can our 4 walkons, dunk in open gym video? I bet they can.

    Well , Sammis take care of your back, might have to go easy on heavy lifting for awhile.. love the beach, great, warm beach weather. ONCE again the thread: “Reyes Is Cleared to Join The Warriors”
    Best news of this week, so far..

    Eagle, what more GOOD news could we hear.. stay tuned…maybe NZ making the finals, or semis.

  81. How about this strange concept….how about we let the jury come out of the jury room before we claim Gib is innocent and no big deal, etc….and obviously no one has left the program because no way on earth Gib or anyone else associated with the coaching staff is telling players or parents it could be bad news. They will simply act shocked and amazed to players and parents if the news is bad. Hopefully the news is not too bad but the reality is you are just a little naive to read anything into the fact no one has left the program yet.

  82. How about this strange concept let’s consider that there is no trial yet. Thus, the concept of awaiting a jury is moot. How about this concept, there is risk that any news could be good and could be bad. And, here is a reality, in spite and despite of the pessimists; no one has left the program for a number of reasons; their own! How about this strange concept, as a fan, sometimes we all need to step back and reflect what that looks like. Never have seen a so called “fan” attempting to dig a grave… -g0 warriors.

  83. Tako, read more carefully. Didnt say which way the verdict will go. Hope it will go well. Sorry to tell u this but the “trial” has been going on for months. BJ was just a little slow as usual to hire us good representation. Pretty obvious we saw some really bad signs and now hope the Bama boys can minimize the damage. Which they most likely can. Way better than the NCAA boys. Issue is we didn’t bring them in months ago. That is called smart business. Very, very stupid to wait this long. That is called a realist. Not pessimist.

  84. Dayton. Shouldn’t you sensor Tako for calling me a pessimist? Most worse than calling someone an idiot in my opinion. Haha…

  85. gibnogood=Dave Reardon=jackson…not!!

    gibnogood you failed the bucket challenge …post online for a month positive comments about team..staff..university..athletes..their families and fans..

    mr or ms.. you lose..now get that cold dew bottle and pour over your head..

    you are just a hater..

    like jake..jake12..fake mbb fan..all three of you ..even families of athletes think you ms or mrs are jokers..
    not fans of forum ..no respect for program..or respectful of warrior insider regulars
    so much hate for gib and team..don’ t suffer a serious ailment or get ulcers..

    this is not a hearing..we are not federal mediators or court of law..uh mbb will have great counsel..you or we have no say..neither will staff or team talk to media or the terrible gib uh mbb haters!!

    just real fans ..happy team will play for championships
    the hateful 3..nothing ..garbage into your minds and hearts..garbage out of your typing keys..
    3 anti gib haters..nothing good or even construvtive criticism..might as well go back to your penal colony..

    one thing your hatred so evident..have no sense of humor!!

  86. I will be sitting at court side waiting on those titles. Come see me. Row 5 behind bench. Looks like Jake was nice to u last post and u still hate on him.??? I’m a real fan. I pay my way which helps the budget that BJ screws up. How about u? Where is your money? Oh yeah. You just like to talk …haha

  87. GnG, your hilarious. Not everybody get money like you! That doesn’t make you better than any other UHfan!

    Your like my Aunties talking on the table, I get this I get that, my friend get this my friend got that. lol

    Btw, Jake1210, How’s Tyler doing at St. Mary’s?

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