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Recruit on the Radar: Jordan Davis

Eastern Washington’s loss could be the University of Hawai’i’s gain in the recruiting chase for one of the top guards from Las Vegas.

Jordan Davis, a senior-to-be at Canyon Springs High (Nevada), said Hawai’i is one of the schools on his “new” list of prospective colleges he is looking at for 2015. He de-committed from Eastern Washington earlier in the year.

Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 2.00.49 PM

“My options are wide open,” said Davis, a 6-foot-3 combo guard. “I’m just taking my time on my recruiting right now.”

Davis said Eastern Washington is still on his list, as are Cal, Idaho, Northern Colorado and Northern Arizona. He recently completed a standout summer session for the Las Vegas Prospects AAU team, which probably means that even more colleges will join the chase (if not already).

Davis averaged around 16 points per game as a junior last season at Canyon Springs, and helped lead the team to the state championship game. ESPN.com ranked him as the No. 7 prospect in the state of Nevada for the class of 2015.

“I have a high IQ, I can finish, I’m aggressive, I play great defense,” is how Davis described his style of play.

Davis said he would like to make an official visit to Hawai’i before the early signing period in November.

“I always wanted to go to Hawai’i when I was little, and they just contacted me, so I think it’s going to be good at Hawai’i,” he said.

CLICK HERE to read an article on Davis from one of the Las Vegas newspapers

If you have some time to watch through a full-game video, below is a game from last month’s Fab 48 tournament in Las Vegas. Davis is wearing number 0 in the dark jersey:


  1. Just an observation, but think that BB may go the route of Pro Sports. You have to make the team every year, if not, no scholarship renewal. What do you guys think? It is especially evidenced this year and the upcoming year because of limited scholarships and “pressure to win.” More so, with the offerings to so many interested “quality” recruits.

    Players dream of years like this, but for the 2 Stefans, it is a great opportunity. Hope they prepped themselves for the task as we need a BIG to play BIG.

  2. The Big Five Conferences are “Giving Up” One-Year Annually Renewable Scholarships — i question, WHY?

    In Favor of Four-Year Scholarships…

    Come On Down, Jordan…

    Great Game, Great Name…

  3. Nevels pau after this season. So definite 1 scholarship open.

    Gib still hasn’t announced whether another signee for this year, so , until this date, real time, still 1 more scholarship to offer for this season. If not, they hold it… and that makes 2 scholies open for next season.?

    Maybe , plus Jawato grad in May 2015, he would have to decide too, where going to play senior year, if can, I am sure UH, however… don’t know..

    I guess we have to wait for that OFFICIAL announcement, from Gib. what is status or final recruiting target, if any, and Sammis situation, as well as , is this the final set roster for 2014-15?

    Interesting.. Recruiting, it never ends, bet they are offering to even HS soph, or Jr.s….!

  4. tako:

    That is the interesting, even social media, very silent on progress of AV, Stefan Jovanovich and Stefan Jankovich, … I have a feeling… JMO… that you are correct, seeing how much Negus is working out, getting stronger every day… how MT has developed..They KNOW they are going to play a lot this year.. have to..Especially early MT and AV and Jovanovich, if Sammis in, he will have to help play BIG too, strong guy, and very athletic for a BIG SF…

    Has to be one of the craziest, yet strangely interesting off season ever for UH MBB in decades..

    Hey tako, Eagle and UH MBB WI Fan Nation… as long as UH win , and go to Big dances, that is what we want end of year, right? Right !! JUST WIN BABY!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    3 and 4 star recruits as targets now.. for UH MBB, why not? Go Gib, Que and Benjy , get the best and right fit guys, and we fans can enjoy the ride.. should be real exciting season!

  5. So far we got Michael Thomas making his bid to break away from the bench. That’s what dedication can do. My hat off to MT for taking the bull by the horns and going all out to make it his break out year. Hoping there is a trailer and his name is not Julio but Valdez. Maybe Aaron’s been in seclusion working out with a shooting coach. He can’t play the 4 position but can go to 2 along with 3 which is his best fit. I believe Zane Johnson was 6’5 and played SG. Zane was not particularly quick but was a pure shooter and with his height and reach had no problem shooting over defenders. Ditto AV with his elevation would have no problem at SG if he can make his shots. Especially when there is a taller athletic defender Valdez is a better fit than Nevels as far as getting his shot off. But of course the shooting percentage gotta be there. If it is AV would not be far off in abilities with Negus Chan. Eh we got two hurricanes thrown at us. How rare is that? Both MT and AV in breakout years? That mo rare. Hold on Hawaii MBB fans. Hurricanes still coming.

  6. Very interesting how Recruiting Coordinator Que Carey is doing things. Definite recruiting out to 2015-17 seasons. Make contacts. Hit the road running, Atlanta Peach Jam, the AAU elite showcase Las Vegas tournaments…

    UH MBB staff, put their heads together, .. need SG to replace Garrett Nevels. G Money, you heard bout him, that baller, he was on the Championship team of the Drew Leauge Pro-Am summer team. Really high honor. Some 28(!) teams competed in that league,. Garrett’s team not the biggest, yet had a great 3 guard starting lineup, with G Money Nevels, hitting some money threes,

    and some lob catches for high flying slams. Same with Q Smith, a run and gun SF Bay area Pro-Am summer league, Quincy, had some nice form, mid range jumpers on display, the floater, and finish a lot at rim with his left hand, driving hard right..I believe, the high octane 2 guard attack of last year’s guards, G Money and Q going be ready to rock and roll that SSC , and BWC!

  7. Actually Quincy drives a LOT to his Left side, and finishes with left hand real high, plenty and ones, or gets fouled. Hope that Quincy improved his outside shooting AND so important, since he drives so hard to the cup, he is going to go to FT line a lot. He does love the uptempo game, ..

    For Q, yes the good low stance, D pressure. And Nevels, the keep fouls in check, and he is shooting waaaay out NBA range on 3 ball.

    They might not be the tallest guards in the BWC, however, perhaps on the court, from baseline to baseline, very quick , both can flush the ball at 6’2″ and about 6’1″… what a great combo, plus Bobbitt, JC elite guard and Fleming a smooth left handed frosh, who has to go right, young man, go right… have 4 athletic guards, can take a College MBB team very far!!

  8. Help UH keep up with the P5 Jones’… How can do?

    Would it come down to how we used to do in little league or pop warner football, going door to door selling sweet bread and huli huli chicken tickets… how about UH Athletics, silent auction and pigout, Kanakapila Jam in SSC with all the Hawaii old and new talent, and friends of Hawaii benefit concert series during summer time? Would not be blunder … it would be Wunderful thing.. if done right.. just thinking anyway to help UH.. personally, not wealthy at all, just pay PPV for FB, and other UH sports too. as well as annual donations.

    Would be Ben Jay’s legacy, pretty sure he is trying, same with Gib and Laura, to get UH Athletics and MBB and WBB to that next level, and stay there.
    Kind of miss the old Fab Five, time , fewer participants in NIT and NCAA, tournaments, however, UH could keep up in some ways, however never facility wise. Or Private, alumnus support, huge monies even back then.

    Really, however UH, the state, the fans, the private sector, Govt. gets it done, to keep UH DI college athletic ready for next decade, have to plan like Yesterday…

    However, what helps us through this turmoil? WINNING.. MBB, WBB, MVB, WVB, WSB, BB, probably the bigger sports as well as the smaller, if across the board ALL the sports teams have winning records and win championships.. 2014-15 can be a GREAT Athletic Year for Sure!!

  9. MAHALO PLENTY DAYTON…. so that is where you were … in Las Vegas!…great reports.. keeps the UH MBB die hard fans, flames of interest going!

    Pretty soon, you will have the latest, on Reyes, the Last Recruit for 2014-15 if any, and what Gib has to say about this coming year prospects!

    Go Bows!
    Thank you to Valerie Schmidt, the Schmidt Ohana, Ameriprise, and Pacific Risk Solutions!
    WI UH MBB forum, truly , globally and 808 wise unique, for supporters of UH MBB and fans, families and friends, we support UH MBB team and present coaches!

  10. Now this boy look like he can play!

  11. Wahine have two players at 6″ 3″ , one at 6′ 4″, one at 6′ 2″ .

  12. says 6’3 but looks like a small 6’1 as espn lists him at and truly 155….his teammates look athletic and I don’t know where we’re going with this recruiting but where are the big men at?

  13. and im not talking 6’7 250….more like 6’9 230

  14. Very confident Gib will announce:

    1) Sammis made it in for fall semester(still listed as LOI signee for 2014-15 freshman)

    2) a 6’8″ or bigger big who is ready to play signed scholarship agreement for final recruit for 2014-15 season..

    Gib or DM or BM will announce soon..

    if those two things happen…true joy in warrior basketball fandom!!
    Let’s go Rainbow Warriors!!

  15. But for Today…

    HSA Announcing that UHAD Finally retaining Big-Time Representation (same firm as Texas A&M/Manziel, Auburn/Cam Newton) — should help Keep NCAA on fairer / better behavior — keep the Jacks in their Box….

    Greatest Risk was that The Uber-Successful UH Team would go it alone “In-House” again…

  16. But for Now…

    HSA Announcing UHAD Finally retaining Big-Time Attorneys (who assisted Texas A&M/Manziel & Auburn/Cam Newton);
    it should help Keep NCAA on Good/Fair behavior — Keep ‘Em in their Jack-Box

    … Better than Recovering from Stupidity and Exemplary ‘Cheap’ Thrashing

    OR Worst-Case UH Upper Campus Alone “Helping” Again…

  17. Well, UH hires a good law firm that knows about NCAA things. I feel for the guys and the program the fans. Probably the best thing to do. For me, it puts a damper on things for this year so far, always like that cloud above the upcoming season. Just hope, NCAA winding down, and UH and their counsel can work out the best for UH MBB program and to correct problems.

    Dayton. Let us know the latest too. Per video interviews and all. Hopefully all gets resolved soon, since the returnees are coming back for school soon.

    UH MBB fans, hang in there. One thing, UH MBB will learn and hopefully come out better in years to come. For the team , keep on working well in class towards degrees. Hoping for investigation to finally be over.

  18. In the article it definitely hints that sanctions will be coming. Level 3/4 infractions are dealt with in 30 days but now we have been investigated for 8+ months. Gib has also retained his own lawyer so it looks like everyone is saddling up to fight something. I don’t think people would be saddling up with lawyers for minor violations and minimal penalties.

  19. PONO: Agreed. UH , one thing, with that flurry of activity by ncaa investigators and interviews, it does signal that investigation winding down. For sake of UH MBB program and HC, getting counsel, aside from UH general counsel , that is the prudent thing to do.

    My only wish, Pono, and fans, that if Hawaii, does receive, probation and sanctions, it is similar to St Mary’s , several years, with possible limits on practice, maybe suspension, and restitution. , However, if UH MBB can still participate in BWC tourney and battle for NIT or NCAA titles.

    I do admit, the ncaa investigation, went on too. long..making sure they go it right, now, when allegations, come out , and UH disagrees, they have counsel to help resolve, a really good Firm, one of the best in USA to handle matters.

    All WI Warrior MBB nation can do is wait it out. And hope to see, well I know they will be here shortly the returnees, for their education and training for upcoming season.
    prepare, for whatever may come, however hope for lesser penalties.

    Servante…and Eagle,… you all seem to know the workings of UH and things, .. any comments to clear matters would be appreciated, otherwise, we , as fans, just have to be PATIENT..

    Well, at least WVB and FB to look forward to, for now… until , ncaa thing resolved and UH MBB can hopefully continue , to be able to participate in NIT/NCAA’s for myself as fan, and the team, that is the most important thing.. Fans, Comments… I really trying to stay Positive however realistic..
    the Alabama firm, they are good, very good counsel for UH.

  20. Hated to see that article today. Glad to see that Athletic Department is getting the best counsel and that they are willing to stand behind their team and its fans. Can’t help thinking that this may get in the way of future recruiting. We have come a long way and we can’t stop now. Considering we brought this to the attention of the NCAA, I hope any sanctions will not be to harsh. We have a great team this year and prospects for a better one next year. Fans, players and prospects, keep your eye on the ball. UH is going places.

  21. anderpops: agree with you…expectations so high…would be shocked if gib landed one more big for this year..

    as you say uh mbb ..university. .so compliant..hope not 2 year ban from postseason. ?
    sort of the st mary’s probation..still can play nit…ncaa’s…uh mbb and uh got great counsel..

    prepare for hits..however..not death blow..

    we support guys..compliance..practice and food paperwork has to be good..
    all can do is wait..

    still await other fans chime in..

  22. If Dave Reardon is right it will be a dark day for UH basketball soon. Level 1 sanctions will be cause to let go of the current staff.

  23. PONO: thing is, really bad, if all the pilikia, and if justified so be it, we accept as fans, however, in four years, never produced a WAC or 3 BWC tourney championships, or NIT or NCAA dances. Was it worth it? or that NCAA Compliance person, should be let go too? AD? BOR? Man everything kind of in limbo.

    If Gib and staff let go, wow, MBB goes backwards, 2 or 3 years. Who would be the new HC and staff, new AD?, Prepare for the worse, hope for the least amount of damage.

    Hey, I always felt, if captain of ship, has to run it aright, take responsibility, however, with the Law Firm, and Gib getting his own counsel… Still that, Stand And Fight, could be things not done right, however, Gib, AD and UH, going to fight to lessen penalties and sanctions.

    You are right , Level I, would be suspension of or termination of staff. a Really sad, sad, day… so sad, that I don’t know what to say. I love UH WBB and Beeman, however you can’t beat the excitement of UH MBB program past 4 years, they were really getting there!

    WI fans, around the USA and globe, hang in there, UH will battle NCAA, to make sure minimal damage.. for me, as well as others on this forum, if Level I or II infractions, will be tough, however, in true Warrior fashion, UH MBB program will battle to the end. All the guys on UH MBB team past years , always gave great superior effort.. hope they still will do well in academics, and hang on till, the NCAA situation is resolved, prepared for hard hits, however hoping LEGAL counsel from Alabama can lessen the blow!

    Still a Warrior, and Rainbow fan, Go Bows, one last chance at the buzzer, Lawyer up!

  24. Hey WI MBB fans and families, around USA, and the globe, hang in there, UH will do everything it can to make sure UH MBB program and team comes out as best as possible. Important thing, if staff is here, and team can play in NIT or NCAA’s that would be the best for this year and coming years.

    Alabama Lawyers vs NCAA, do what you are being paid for. Help UH MBB out, and UH MBB from boss on down, make sure never happens again… always compliant, and safe!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Go Bows.
    Go Alabama Lawyers vs NCAA!

    Hope for the best… shocking if one more BB guy signs for this year, a Big… would make me fall off my chair!

  25. NCAA is trying to turn over every conceivable rock they can find. It’s almost as if they are on a witch hunt because they have spent too much time on this matter and their boss will want to know what have they produced. Just like the police will sometimes pick up a homeless guy and say he is the alleged bank robber. But matter of fact they know he is not the guy but only looks somewhat like him. Close enough. NCAA needs something to justify that lengthy investigation or their very jobs may be terminated. Keep digging guys.

  26. servante…and Eagle:

    you two, very Akamai, on UH vs NCAA. I still cannot comprehend NCAA going after UH MBB and staff, when UH Athletics in the Red, struggling flagship FB program, and not a Multi Million dollar, NCAA title winning team… just a small University , strapped financially in the middle of the Pacific.

    as much as DR says he has Inside source telling him death blows, for some,… I figure you, servante… and Eagle, know , or are close to UH MBB program too. Are the Star Adv, and their minions trying to target UH , GA and UH MBB program, ? Seems like it… hope for the best. servante and Eagle, always some “IN THE KNOW ” comments, so you two, must know, ..Glad that UH, maybe even bringing the Dream Team of defending NCAA athletes and Colleges, Lawyer, will do best to keep UH MBB afloat, I am confident they will. Lessen any blows… NCAA , sure take long time, must be sunburned 4th degree already.. just joking.. however, seriously… hope for the best.. soon will be settled, by Alabama, law and GA law counsel.. bring out the Big guns to battle NCAA!Stand and Fight!

    One good sign, all the guys that signed, LOI, this summer with the ongoing witch hunt, None of them decommitted, not even the one walkon preferred from Texas. And MT here, Enos, go to school summer and working out, Bushcer still on board. And by all accounts, every one that we know, the returnees, are coming back for Fall Semester. So , they are probably in constant contact, and their families with Gib , UH MBB staff and AD , UH, to make sure everything will eventually get

    sorted out and UH can at least play NIT/NCAA tourneys. head scratching, however, coaches, must know something, and the current and ex players, know too, that UH will come out, perhaps with bruises, however with excellent Alabama Law Firm counsel, and Gib private counsel, UH MBB, can then starting Nov 2014, just try to get to Post Season!

  27. Maybe some happier news from Dayton. Interviews, or reports on how Quincy, Garrett Nevels, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Negus, Aaron Valdes, Isaac Fotu, how their summers went.

    Know that Garrett Nevels team won the 28 team Drew Pro-Am summer league in LA. That was big time, college guys, going against NBA, and overseas, pros, and winning the championship.

    Think that Nevels and Smith, he had great run in SF Bay Area Pro-Am summer league, too, played with some BB guys with pro experience, lot of rim level action.

    Question Mark. Did AV get better, bigger, fly higher? SJovanovich, bigger, better, fly higher, Nikola, bigger, better ..well you get the idea!

    And Isaac Fotu, going be ready to fight in Spain for FIBA BB world championship!

    Go get that championship trophy Isaac, at least the experience going against the world’s best will help you for Jr year UH and post pro BB career!

    Well WI fellow fans, had to end posts, on a POSITIVE NOTE… If Gib still signed another guy for this year.. as I say.. I would fall off of my chair…. what if he does, and UH gets a good settlement from NCAA, plus Sammis in this fall good to go! Would wipe away the ncaa blues for sure!

    Stand and Fight!
    Go Bows!

  28. Cam Newton, Jonny Football. Get real, UH isn’t close to the infractions that were alleged and no significant action was taken on those two. The only real serious problem I see, which UH reported, is the actions of Brandyn Akana . If he changed a critical document after being certified by a bank and he did this without UH’s approval, it should be on him and not our basketball team or the University. Question: Hasn’t UH done an internal investigation and if it is on Brandyn, shouldn’t they have fired him? Is he still considered a BB coach on administrative leave or what?

  29. anderpops:

    Good points. That is the thing, NCAA come here March, the initial with the altering of document by Brandyn Akana, UH self reports, Brandyn suspended for awhile. NCAA comes back looking to be thorough,they say, so that findings and allegation letter will be complete to UH, which happily seems to be coming to an end. That Texas A&M thing, and USC, Alabama, ongoing Miami U. , I mean gross violations, some athletes benefitting from thousands of dollars illegal benefits. North Carolina Football program and the bogus online classes, …

    Animals on now, Gary D., had his usual back and forth with Chris D,… Chris, says that must be serious nature, if someone, wants to remain anonymous, close to program says it is Serious in Nature, … Gary D. says, could be, we don’t know, like past issue with athlete and Gib, that practice and run in morning practices, he made allegations of abuse, that case dismissed.
    Gary D., true, even lawyers, and legal system, all of us, including myself..cannot jump to conclusions.. we Don’t know what allegation of infractions letter will be from NCAA. have to wait, .

    Always wondered in past few years if Star Adv. has axe to grind with Gib and UH MBB program.. I don’t know why, maybe personality clashes, Ferd, Dave R., to an extent, even beat writer..B….Creating FRONT PAGE news on UH being proactive , just in case, to deflate, or lessen, or able to answer allegations. Artilce in Star said the discrepancies in interviews.. if old and new guys, even past staff and new, are not on same page, on accounts of practice, meals, etc, perks.. legalistically, Hard to stand up in court of law, if not solid concrete consistent evidence… Wonder, if even higher up at UH has axe to grind, with GA and UH MBB and AD… strange..

    anderpops… agreed… if Brandyn is the one, and it was VERY serious infraction, UH should have taken appropriate action back then, and perhaps even now.. I don’t know.. maybe even Brandyn is represented by counsel too. Seems like, whatever infractions,…. REALLY DOES NOT APPROACH The Alabamas, USC’s, Miami’s, North Carolinas.. maybe suspension few games, or loss of scholarship..

    Thing is, when it comes down to allegations, NCAA has to be absolutely certain, otherwise, UH with the legal firepower, just in case to answer allegation letter, UH is ready.

    All We can do is wait.. sometimes. .. NCAA say they are short on investigators too, so takes longer, backlog, of cases, and timely manner to finish case. Hope for the best.. anderpops, you are , right, it is not like UH athletes accused of receiving 250, 000.00 in perks last year… UH can hardly , the athletics dept, afford to paint buildings, and fix leaks or provide soap in shower locker rooms. How, much perks could they provide.. the best thing.. living in Hawaii.. a real nice place to live..

    WE AWAIT AND WARRIOR BB NATION.. hope the best.. team is ready to rock BWC!

  30. Welllll. This is starting to suck. So the NCAA will no longer have any power over the Big 5 conferences, they go hog wild with the little guy.

    The rest of the schools should break away and form our own association.

  31. Josh Pacheco also reported today that his informants at UH said they are expecting level 1 sanctions. All the people in the know are reporting bad news. This really sucks for the players more than anyone else.

  32. Everybody Pray. I don’t know if that will help ,but if we did bad ,then boo on us, they people I feel for the most are our student athletes who put out there heart and soul on and off the court, that’s who I and we care about the most , they weren’t the cause of this mess,yet they will suffer the most.
    Well, I am a Warrior for ever whether the coach is Abdullah or King Tut, it’s about the program not the coaches.

  33. If UH really committed a level 1 offense (Is an altered document by an assistant coach considered level 1?) why don’t they just throw in the towel and own up? Why waste thousands of dollars? The reason why you hire a high profile law firm is because you have a case. Do you think that this law firm will pick up any case? No they only look at winnable ones because it’s their reputation on the line. Everyone wants winners and that goes with law firms too. Losing here means losing money for that law firm in the future because their ability to win in court will be questioned. Also the NCAA may back down after they hear about what they’re up against. And the NCAA does not like to lose either. So a stare down is coming folks (Cats are great at that). Like nuclear deterrence. Stick out your chest and raise your butt. On the other hand, if the guns do fire there will be A bombs reigning.

  34. servante…. and Eagle…. and Gary D., really saying see how it plays out. UH super proactive, just like Ed O’Bannon won case against NCAA, Ed says, NCAA you want to go to SUPREME court, Go for it.. I think this shows what a fighter Gib is, and a whole lot, maybe a consensus majority, are questioning UH MBB up the ying yang, … this is ALL IN, high stakes, Poke face stare down, NCAA, UH, raise the ante, and call.. NCAA what you got.

    Josh Pacheco, Ferd, Dave R., and That Inside Source at UH, servante… that is what I have been defending Gib anti people from time they wanted him out… IF THEY HAVE THE GOODS ON HIM< ROCK SOLID EVIDENCE< HE IS GOING DOWN..UH would have forced Gib to resign back in March.. I don’t think level of allegations reaches that state… NCAA, is trying to develop a case, of allegations that would probably knock Gib and UH MBB on their Okoles… However, Gib has great counsel, probably the best he can hire, and amazed that Ben Jay, and UH getting THE BEST NCAA COUNSEL on the legal USA landscape, worth every penny,.. Darn NCAA picking on a MBB program and coach that,, and this gets me sick, really sick and tired, sick to the stomache now…. Pick on and try to destroy a MBB program that Gib took over, that never, won a WAC crown, never advanced in BWC tourney, never made it to NIT or NCAA’s, never produced, consensus All Americans, and first round lottery NBA picks… And the DARN NCAA, is going to bring allegation letter.. Super Smart, and I bet, a lot, that Ben Jay, has advice from his Big Ten buddies, on retaining the best.. Alabama Legal NCAA battlers counsel in the land… they will be paid big bucks, guaranteed,…. I think this goes BEYOND Gib and UH MBB, it is University of Hawaii athletics, small kine, puny, in the red, no monies, versus the big bad NCAA..
    servante…. who the heck is that INSIDE source telling Ferd, Dave and Josh P. that UH will face the big one, and even if they do, LEVEL I,.. UH IS ARMED AND READY TO BATTLE NCAA, if have to go to supreme court, so be it.. however,… maybe UH should start litigation against NCAA already.. and call NCAA bluff..

    Whatever the outcome, it really is David vs Goliath, and as the story goes, Goliath got knocked down, and settled!

    Warrior, Rainbow , Bow fan, just sick of this ncaa pickings, they are slow, because of shortage of investigators.. UH is armed., lawyered up with the BEST.. come on NCAA.. Go for it, we call you out…Either way, UH MBB will learn, Gib too, and they will come out stronger. I tell you the guy and program are such fighters, do not, ever count them out!

    NCAA.. come on, let’s rock and roll!

  35. I have no doubt in my mind that the NCAA have crossed the line. They came to investigate a simple adjustment on a financial form and have morphed into excess practice time and every little “infraction” they can dig up.

    Its like a cop coming into your home to find out if you beating your wife and find nothing serious so he keeps digging cause he has some kind of gut feeling about something.

    The investigator for the NCAA probably cannot find anything major but have interviewed people who have NO involvement in the financial situation in hope they find dirt on Gib……some even multiple times.

    I not only hope we beat this but also get some financial reward after being bullied by this rogue organization. The violation was self reported and now its a Level one type violation? ???????? Form was not even turned in. So what you have here is simply someone admitting to a minor infraction and now is being charged as if UH had intent to commit major “crimes”. Just doesn’t add up.

  36. kahuna: Someone, or ones, entities, has it out for UH MBB and Gib, no question. If INSIDER, the source for UH, close to AD and program, leaking that it will be Level I, Ben Jay and UH , should hire , private investigator, and search out that rat.. he or she has gripe with Gib. If Gib committed, the most gross, Sandusky, Penn. St type things, then Gib should be behind bars..

    Jay and Gib going for best counsel… that signals, and this could take awhile, as long as UH can still play for NCAA / NIT bids this year, .. however, I think winding down.

    I am sure, that lawyer for Alabama firm, so much experience, as servante said, kahuna, If UH did not have an ice cube chance in Kilauea crater molten lava flow.. That NCAA battling lawyer firm, would tell UH, NO THANKS… They believe they can soften the blow, or maybe even turn the tables, on NCAA, for all the stress it causes loyal supporters of UH MBB.

    Still think Gib would have manned up, if he was felon, and resigned back in March, if his program was so corrupt, bet it just eats away at Gib and his family, and we loyal fans.. UH gets through this, and reverses on ncaa, or minor penalties, if any… UH will come out stronger, and NCAA, will say… oh, oh, UH might, get all the support from major donors, NOW to fight them all the way to Supreme court..

    Totally disgusted. However , never in our great 12 scholarship athletes and 4 walkons, those young student athletes so calm, and coming back to school, very sure UH and Gib inform them and Family, they are ready to save the UH MBB program,…I have NO DOUBT TOO, kahuna..

    I would like to meet that INSIDE SOURCE feeding information to Dave Reardon, Ferd Lewis, and Josh Pacheco, probably just a guy or gal, that Gib beat to the buffet line in Honda center Anaheim.. some lolo…
    The balanced TV news guys, just stated what UH retained, did not go into a INFORMED SOURCE… who the HECK is that?

    Go Bows, Warriors, and blow off the ncaa, and move on, learn, to never make mistakes again, and correct get better, we all supporting the team!

  37. Mahalo to Dayton and Schmidt Ohana for the forum, most if not all fans, and families support the UH MBB team!

    Dayton, what on earth after the ncaa thing winding down, and UH retaining counsel, will you follow this topic with?

    You the man, Surprise us, or go to another recruit on the radar from your trip to vegas.. too bad, did not have sound byte from Gib.I guess until this pau, cannot..

    Report how the UH team did summer at home, as well as when they start coming back, if ncaa thing pau,and UH move on, then start the open gym, the interviews on if the guys got bigger, better, faster, jump higher, shoot and defend better.

    Mahalo, after those above posts, and raves, .. wow!!~

    thanks Dayton for WI INSIDER.. the WARRIOR PART DEFEND against all comers is coming out.. I give Gib and Ben credit for taking on the ncaa, or just being proactive, we do not know what allegations will be, UH smart, really smart for retaining the best counsel, to battle NCAA.. UH will come out alright I a sure.. no death blow, just minor things.. or staff .. things..

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