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Night of upsets at Summer League playoffs

An unconventional schedule produced some unexpected results on a full day of playoff games in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

No. 5 seed Grantco Pacific and No. 3 seed Solar Universe each scored a pair of victories on Saturday to advance to the championship game on Aug. 23 at Manoa Valley.


Grantco Pacific, which last won a game on July 10 and finished the regular season with a 3-7 record, was the surprise of the day. Former University of Hawai’i standout forward Christian Standhardinger led the way, scoring a total of 69 points in Grantco Pacific’s two upsets. The 6-foot-8 forward scored 31 points in a 102-99 first round win over Wealth Strategy Partners, and then contributed 38 points and 15 rebounds in an 84-77 semifinal upset of No. 1 seed Chosen Few.

“My belief is that when it counts, I play good,” Standhardinger said. “I’m happy that my teammates did an amazing job and we could get the upset.”

The opening day of the Summer League playoffs was unique in that it featured four games – two first-round games followed by two semifinals. The winners of the two first-round games had to play again in the semifinals (the top two seeds from the regular season received byes into the semifinals).

The schedule was adjusted due to the arrival of hurricane conditions a week earlier. A limited availability of gym time was also a factor in scheduling four games in one day.

Nonetheless, the underdog victories proved that the schedule was not necessarily a factor.

“Obviously we felt like we could do this,” Standhardinger said. “Two games is not that much, really.”

Former UH guard Geremy Robinson scored 18 points in each victory for Grantco Pacific.

Former UH point guard Jace Tavita finished with 24 points and five assists in the loss for Chosen Few, which finished the regular season with a 7-3 record, including two wins over Grantco Pacific. UH walk-on candidate Zach Buscher knocked down a 3-pointer in limited minutes for Chosen Few.

Chosen Few played without leading scorer and rebounder Bill Amis, who has already departed for his pro team in Romania.

Solar Universe proved that two wins in one day was no problem as well, knocking off National Fire Protection Co., 88-70, in the first round, then No. 2 seed Clark Hatch Fitness, 96-88, in the semifinals.

UH sophomore guard Dyrbe Enos scored eight points in the first game, then two points in the semifinal win for Solar Universe.

Former UH-Hilo player Aukai Wong put on a shooting display in the semfinals for Solar Universe. He knocked down nine 3-pointers and finished with 44 points in the win. Former ‘Iolani and Washington State star Derrick Low contributed a total of 41 points in the two wins for Solar Universe, while former UH forward Tim Shepherd scored 11.

Clark Hatch Fitness, which finished the regular season with a 7-3 record (including two wins over Solar Universe), played without incoming UH freshman Isaac Fleming. He, along with the other current UH players, are in their respective hometowns because UH is currently on a break between Summer and Fall classes.

Among other former UH players in action: Phil Martin scored four points for Clark Hatch Fitness, and Miah Ostrowski scored 17 for Wealth Strategy Partners.

The other current UH players are in their respective hometowns until next week.

Grantco Pacific and Solar Universe are scheduled to play for the title at 7 p.m. on Aug. 23 at Manoo Valley. The game is scheduled to be televised locally on the “Olelo cable access network (channel 54).

Saturday’s Results
First Round

Grantco Pacific 102, Wealth Strategy Partners 99. Leading scorers: GP–Christian Standhardinger 31, Geremy Robinson 18, Sean Caddell 16, Ikaika Phillip 16, Farbod Farman 10. WSP–Waly Coulibaly 29, Laytuan Porter 21, Miah Ostrowski 17, Jordan Ranche 17.

Solar Universe 88, National Fire Protection Co. 70. Leading scorers: SU–Derrick Low 19, Kona Makaula 14, Aukai Wong 12. NFP–DeAndre Haskins 27, Chris Summers 19.

Grantco Pacific 84, Chosen Few 77.
Leading scorers: GP–Christian Standhardinger 38, Geremy Robinson 18, Joshua Burnett 11, Sean Caddell 11. CF–Jace Tavita 24, Caleb Spencer 23.

Solar Universe 96, Clark Hatch Fitness 88. Leading scorers: SU–Aukai Wong 44, Derrick Low 22, Kawika Smith 11. CHF–Kaunaoa McGee 30, Leon Ballard 26, Bryan Sykes 10.

(File photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Enjoyed watching the games on Olelo. Seeing Christian, Tim Shepherd, Phil Martin, Geremy Robinson, Miah O. and Dyrbe, Zach Buscher was neat. Really competitive games.

    Thank you Dayton for writeup and video, as always awesome job!

  2. Dayton:

    Mahalo for running your commentary on rules for this site. Not personal attacks, use of profanity, etc. This site excellent, we all have our opinions and thoughts, not all of us are in 100% agreement, however, never did recall anyone.. well actually TWO.. who would get really agitated.
    Thankyou to you, Dayton and the Schmidt Ohana, and the respectful and energetic fanbase of WI UH MBB forum site.

    P.S. Maybe you should put up that post again as a reminder. Have a feeling they read, and will soon be back . Just in case!

    Mahalo Plenty Dayton. This site going on 5th year and still rocking!

  3. For Fellow WI Forum contributors, yes Dayton ran a post commentary on rules, protocol for this site discussion, Last post, previous thread. You can read the 110th post by Dayton.

  4. Wow, nine 3- pointers by Aukai Wong for Artie’s Solar Universe. Better than NBA shooter. 44 points. Sign him up, oh too late, he’s pau with college.

  5. Interesting how Tony and Dash commented , where are the CURRENT , BYUH, Chamindade, and Hilo, athletes, … used to be, the old NCAA summer league. A lot of the guys from those schools, plus Hawaii Loa and HPC, along with UH guys in the league. A real treat to see the UH MBB new recruits do battle!

    Remember, Andre Morgan, hope he is okay…6’4″ 200 .. back in the day, came in as a non qualifier and missed his true freshman year, sat out one year RS.. he was one of Indiana’s best HS players. PG.. SG, great passer, tremendous leaper, and played pickup tour summer ball with Isaiah Thomas, Mark Aguire, and Magic Johnson. He could compete with those guys. amazing. However, Andre much older now, hope things worked out. He was under Little and Arnold, Frank as coach, .. those summer league games, two years he was in, were something?

    Eric, slim Bowman, dunking on Tony Wells, a 6’8″ 190 pound Chicago Forward JC, dunking on Dayton transfer to UH Wells at 6’8″ 230 pounds., Eric Bowman could sky, back in 1979-80.
    Aaron Hines, a 6’2″ leaper, for UH one year, JC transfer, Tony the Cat Webster, 6’3″ combo guard, got a lot of steals, with strange looking jumper, however, he could score, and had great pro career in NZ. Aaron Strayhorn, transfer 6’0′ pg/sg, smooth shooter out to 25 feet, battles with Wil Pearson of Kailua HS and Chaminade, a 6’1″ guard. shoot outs. Thomas Louden, 6’1″ NYC JC great,, So many great players.. Mark Wells , very slim 6’2″ PG for Chaminade.. terrific floor leader, Alan Tanabe 5’10” SG for Hilo and HPC.. a lot of fun , back in the day, with CURRENT college athletes. now summer league, thankful to have seen , MT, I Fleming, Dyrbe, Brocke and Zach! Would have been neat to see Roderick Bobbitt, the man on mission to help UH to BWC crown..

    Hey, getting really excited, come what may, for season, should be fun!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  6. Great names from the past Runbows! Have been a fan of all 38 years of the league and some of those guys produce some great memories.

  7. Why the new name Runbows? Why multiple names on multiple blogs? Inquiring minds need to know.

  8. PONO, you, know I never gave it serious thought, when on scoutmbd, just went with whatever came to mind, , cp3ball( I love PG Chris Paul, awesome player), poorboy(that is actually what I am, not wealthy at all just an average poor guy), No hidden meaning, or agenda, or I am not AD or the Governor or President, just joking.
    On BM site, blog, I did not know could change, now I know, since I have sub.. I can, so here and BM, side, want to change it up, ..tired of old name, however Tonganator can still call me playhoopsa, it doesn’t matter, .. what matters, is that YOU PONO and I, and thousands of others want the student athletes to be okay and play Post Season tournaments, and get their education and degrees. And that is pono, the truth. I am new to this blog, tweet, facebook thing, only past going on 4 plus year, joined the conversation.

    This is the most civil site, and we are fellow members of ohana that loves UH sports, in particular, UH MBB Warrior Basketball.
    Too much hassle to change mbd, so stick with my cp , moniker, and my moniker(s) I think very generic and not profane at all. And that is all PONO.. I see all these creative names, some kind of off, or blue, .. however…I love the Rainbows, and remember Gib’s dad, wanted to have his UH MBB team known as the “RunBows” remember, I went to that season as ticket holder, they did not have the athletes like now.. so , having better athletes, that can run… TADA! I am , moniker RunBows… That is the story..

    Let’s go RunBows!
    And have a good day PONO.. fellow UH MBB fan!

  9. As a fan I’d prefer not to think about Gib’s dad and his lack of contributions to the program. At the end of the day my gut feeling that all the Arnold’s will be bad for the program. I hope all the players and their families due their due diligence and always have a back up plan in case Gib and UH goes down. Always be prepared.

  10. RunBows, hard to miss you style of posting but it would be easier to track if you stuck to one name. This way we know its you and what your background and prior thoughts were. It’s not only for the “regulars” but also for people who don’t post too often (easier to track). Unless you don’t want to be tracked. Lol. Also in reference to you, we don’t have to decide which name to use. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  11. BigFan: That is why, I thought about that, too confusing, have several names. Although you all , the old timers know me. I will stick with RunBows for WI and BM..the other site, doesn’t matter, that is a long time one.

    I got you. Now I have to post one comment for Tonganator, he been a long time supporter of his son, and even our comments!

    Mahalo BigFan, actually when things settle down, will probably not post as much,, hope so…
    I started to just post away, because of limitations, and I am in office,..

    BigFan, PONO, and WI… Playhoopsa is now and as long as WI site a rocking RunBows… and will stay that way… less confusion!

    Go RunBows!
    And thanks for 2 cents, I will add 10 more cents to that ante!

  12. Tonganator: We all still cheering on your son.

    I got tired of the name playhoopsa, since for one thing, too old to play hoops, that was over 30 years ago..

    So Isaac Fotu’s dad, I changed my WI Name to RunBows..

    Or for you Tonganator, either way,

    However for consistency, and the ones who read my posts.. I am NOW , and will always log into WI MBB site as RunBows..

    RunBows.. NEW NAME for the former playhoopsa..same person,, and same passion for UH MBB

    Hey, saw that Isaac had 4 points and 2 dunks, per Davis , awesome

    Mahalo, Tonganator, from RunBows(the former playhoopsa)

    Go The Mighty Warriors

  13. And PONO… whatever, use any moniker, however, keep civil, what you want and not profane vulgar.
    I like RunBows, and that is what I will stick with.. man, sometimes, we really get sidetracked..

    We talking about UH MBB team and supporting them right? jjay, warriorhaw, anderpops, akuhead 2, Eagle, servante…

    From RunBows, the former, and I will not explain again, no need, no allegations.. I love the Bows and want to see those Warrior Men run, run in the sun, fun, fun and shoot that ball

    sincerely RunBows.. PONO.. I like that name!
    And just , have happy life,.. too short, and we support the young guys and program.. take care, fellow fan..

  14. I just got a chance to watch the video. The summer league really is serving no purpose with the lack of current college players in league. This really is an ultra competitive park league. Christian is dominating because he has 6’3 players guarding a legit 6’8 guy. I believe that Buscher is the weakest walk on prospect that we’ve had in the last decade. I think he would have a hard time seeing playing time at the D3 level.

    Thanks for the explanation Runbows. Everyone should have the right to use whatever name they choose but since your posting style is so distinct it’s fairly easy to see your posts in other forums with different names.

  15. Mahalo PONO.. I appreciate that, we all love the UH MBB team! You are right about that summer league, not what it was initially intended for, the current college guys, the new recruits, some elite HS players, and ex military and pros, a few, even Bob Nash played in it years ago.

    I just don’t like when the guys get hurt there. Like Mike T., Brandon Spearman, Quincy, Shamburger, Dressler..

    And Buscher, he is really thin, if he sticks with program, and remember he is only walkon, he knows has to put on good weight and get stronger, he is not as strong as Dyrbe or Miah.
    Wish the best to him, it will be a challenge going against really strong mature UH guys in practice, however one thing, Zach has length, like he could still grow a little taller, and some BB IQ.. nice if he did mature physically, athletically and especially do well in school!

    PONO.. you are alright fan, thanks… Go Rainbow Warriors!
    RunBows, or run Warriors!

  16. Yea I kinda agree with Pono. Buscher really looks like he should still be in high school. During summer league there were a few flashes where he aggressively drove the middle but I think he will just be pushed around in practice. Not sure at this point he can bring anything to help the Bows. Although like RunBows alluded to, once he matures physically, he will be a good player. Not sure at what level though. But I like his skill set.

  17. Good comments Pono. Please see my comment 112 on previous story. Thanks.

  18. Mahalo RunBows. Sir, will address you as such from here on end.
    Always enjoy comments on this site, again great way to connect with the UHMBB Ohana. Dayton the man.
    As I always remind Isaac and his sibblings, enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Each steps contribute to the overall goals. College life will come and go but the experiences priceless. Anyway, I think I will stick with “Tonganator” as name for now…


  19. Gibnogood, I’m with you brother. We are fans but we are also realist about the likely consequences of the current situation. This should be about doing what’s right for the players and the basketball program. Whatever action is needed to put the program in the best situation I’m all for it. I’m also an upset fan as it’s a privilege to be handed the keys to the program as Gib has had. To not take pride in the program and run it in a clean and ethical way should be unacceptable to all fans. As I stated in my earlier posts I’ve heard directly from at least 3 west coast d1 assistant coaches that said the rumor is Gib does not follow the rules. Where there is smoke there is likely fire.

  20. I have kept quiet and have been reading all the blogs. I guess what bugs me the most is that fans still seem to think it’s okay to bend the rules as long as you don’t get caught. As always we forget the victims in all of this and Pono basically brought it up. What about the players who decided to come to UH. Who didn’t take “money”, “gifts”, or “borrowed” from the boosters. Players who honestly put the team first. What about them? You see in all of this it seems to me that the coaches or the players that knew it was against the rules didn’t care. Sad and selfish. To make myself clear I’m not talking about the minor mistakes. I’m talking about the violations where one or both parties knew it was wrong. Coaches took the job knowing there were rules. Players are well versed in the NCAA rules. They all could’ve gone somewhere else. So now us true fans. The ones that are excited to see a good group of young men play are left thinking and worried what is going to happen. As much as I like Gib I need to say that as the leader of the program he was hired to run he is ultimately responsible. The fact that no one can get their stories straight tells me something is truly wrong. For that Gib is responsible. There NCAA isn’t the bad guy in all of this. They didn’t join us, we joined and agreed to follow the NCAA rules. Selfish people have hurt a good group of players.

  21. You know, gibn and PONO, true, whomever runs the ship, HC has responsibility for the MBB program. Whether Rocha, O’Neil, Pitino, Little, Frank Arnold, Riley Wallace, Bob Nash and now Gib.

    I really have no inside source. I would guess that Gib, staff, AD, families and team have been told to keep it silent on details, or speculation of investigation. Pretty Generic stuff. Even Keith, has a great tweet, he will not, comment.. not his place to do so, and he was a transfer out.. That shows a lot of integrity from bigdaddy, to Tonganator, to TribeVx4, to Enos Ohana, Everyone is on the same page to protect UH MBB program and members. Proactive with the very good Alabama Law Firm.
    I would gather 10,000 coconut, joke around bet, that MBB team, will have Law Firm, and HC has his counsel, reach a common ground agreement, maybe some self regulation or sanctions with the whole intent, the wrongdoing parties if any, remember still Allegations, would suffer the consequence, whether suspension, restitution, etc.

    Too, much guesswork, I would like to know too, If I knew, who did it, the violations, and what they did for a fact, and were not told to keep mum, I would tell you all right here. However, I don’t know, so I don’t BLOW the whistle. (humor too!)..ha,..

    gibnogood and PONO…just let the Law Firm, UH AD , HC counsel, handle the matters as bigdaddy said, the families, and the athletes have been told to leave it in the hands of the legal teams and UH. They concentrate on studies, getting better in gym and on the court. The guys deserve very much so to play for the BWC title and go dancing. On other forum, has long time fan, very Akamai, spells it out so clearly, why UH got a real good proactive legal firm battling for them, and how, even boss of program can work things out. Sounds, like this thing will get resolved soon. Like settling out of court, or hearings, and UH MBB take some hits, however, not dead, a little wounded, however still pumping away!

    gibnogood and PONO, in the interim, who would be the man to run the ship? I cannot think of anyone, except for HC now..

    Like thousands of other fans, and the boosters, and the maniacs, plus the global fans, and families, we wait and be patient. UH MBB will continue whomever is the HC.. legal will soften any blows, and UH should be playing POST SEASON . in my opinion.. Hey, like a brain? everyone has one, right and Opinion, and we debate, civil, and with aloha!

    gibnogood and PONO, you both must be great, great fans, of UH MBB and want it to be run clean, AND win a lot of games, plus go to NCAA’s, for those that might support HC, and his current MBB program. you know what? We feel the same way, clean, program, corrections made, win a lot of games, and every year go to one of the BIG NAME Post Season tourneys..
    Just my opinion ..

    Fellow Fans .. WI MBB forum rocks, the best , and family, fan friendly site for UH MBB on the planet.

    And Tonganator, thanks.same guy, just wanted to change it up.. RunBows, and Tall Blacks hope they run to FIBA good finish! Go Isaac Fotu, have great time in Spain, we been following you, and thanks Tonganator for the link to online stream, maybe ESPN might have coverage too, maybe of Frotu!!

    Go RunBows, Warriors. Rainbows, oh heck go UH MBB team and win,legally and on the courts!
    aloha gang! (p.s. old guy like me, just having fun! πŸ™‚ )

  22. Baller4Life: Agree with you, those that do the crime , alleged at this point, if without a doubt legal finds they have to self impose sanctions to help UH MBB and the guys who have nothing to do, with any wrongdoing, just punish the wrongdoers, whether Pres of UH, or Coach, or whomever, the ball boy and girls. That is why always, saying and 100% the MBB fans in agreement… we DO NOT WANT THE 11 or 12 or 13 guys who are just doing there thing , completely compliant to NOT SUFFER LACK OF POST SEASON PLAY.. I think that is what UH with the Legal team is trying to do, number one concern, the damage control, and TAKE CARE of the athletes who are doing things right.

    Still Baller4Life, I don’t know who done it, No revelations solid, some insider source, or guys from outside program, maybe that is why HC hire counsel too,.. protection.

    I want this thing, well we wanted this ncaa thing to have been pau, 4 months ago. however it is what it is.. I HOPE so hard, very hard for the sake of the young guys who are doing right, just LET THEM PLAY FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, BWC title, NCAA, or NIT.. CIT , CBA whatever, they deserve it, That I am with you Baller4Life..

    The thing is with Allegations, no one knows.. like judicial hearings, or public commission hearings, we want to get all the facts, sometimes, have facts clear as day, however cannot come to conclusion, so meet in the middle or dismiss.. sad but true.

    For sake of MBB program, with HC or different, I hope, HOPE SO VERY MUCH.. that the majority of team that are completely not in this ncaa picture, can play Post Season and Sammis gets in to UH eligible for that NCAA scholarship.. I tell you I would jump for joy, the UH AD and HC are adults, have their own counsel,…let them worry about that.. fans, families and athletes, just concentrate on, UH will be very good this year.. still feel UH legal will do all they can, and they will be paid a lot, to soften any blow.. remember still allegations… and Legal team Alabama has to have plan in place, very soon, in next few weeks, they will be negotiating the best and softest impact on UH MBB and athletes. I guarantee 1000 bananas,just joking however not really.

    Cannot help it, Baller, love UH MBB so much for 50 years.. gotta keep trying to promote, some positive, that UH got legal help, to help UH MBB team continue march towards BWC title. I bet all the guys will be back, and rock and roll the SSC, and be on way to NCAA or NIT.. that is their dream, and Alabama legal is trying to help them retain that hope for this season and next..

    aloha, and have a good. one.. another, thing, it is only sports.. remember people are suffering and dying out there, including innocent children, we need a better world soon. for sure!
    Keep the faith, UH MBB team has the best legal team in the country perhaps to help.. well worth it.. and come what may, as Eagle, alludes too, if it comes to that, allegation is right,well then NCAA roll with it… still have to await,, what Alabama legal does, it might be not as serious as we thought,.. we don’t know, NO ONE knows. and team will not talk about it, neither will their families, that is prudent and NCAA likes that, take allegations seriously and work to resolve best for program, students and school..

    Baller4Life, whomever the HC, always going have some problems, check back from Rocha till now.. we as fans just have to live with it.. hope for the best.

    Eagle, servante–your turn?

  23. Hey wasn’t this thread “Night of Upsets in Summer League”, crazy.
    well everyone entitled to debate and opinons. we thank Dayton and Schmidt Ohana for that.

    Still see Mr Gibson Arnold around, smiling as always. He has to keep that calm to keep his team calm and ready to battle. Reminds me of Riley Wallace, he could talk up a storm, and still rattle your teeth with his rants and coaching style, however loved Hawaii, the athletes and the program.
    Gib has that battle in him. A fighter.

    Now WI UH MBB nation, we have to stand and fight to stay together for Nevels, Smith, Bobbitt, Fleming, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Thomas, Jawato, Reyes, Fotu, Webster-Chan, and Valdes, plus, Zach, Dyrbe, Niko and Brocke.. and their families, UH MBB fans, we unite behind those 16 fine young student athletes and their great supportive families.
    First time in loooooong time, so much discussion about UH MBB, and off season yet.. hope for the best and UH pass the test of the invest!
    Go Bows!

  24. Interesting “Sources” the team themselves, transfers, old guys, the new and returnees, definite focus and solidarity, not one peep about investigation.

    All the 14 away guys ready to, except Fotu with NZ tall blacks, enroll later September, NCAA granted okay..all social, and BM, wherever, they are solid. Solidarity, never seen that before, no leaks, to tweaks, they want to Ball, just go to school and get ready to Ball and win that dang BWC and go Dance in NCAA’s, make that elite eight and shoot for a national championship, April 2015.
    That is goal of Janks and Negus, aim your goals high, why settle for lesser sights?

    Man that Sweet Sixteen MBB team, and hoping Sammis will be flying in soon, and AV sooner than that…they are on a mission, investigation or not… here they come , rock and roll the SCC, quiet the naysayers, and win BWC!

    Rock and Roll is here to stay. tako, just having fun, and thanks for support of UH MBB warriorhaw, anderpops, akuhead2 from outside the 808 , TAVS, servante–Eagle, FUHA, jjay, BigFan, clyde, and all the rock and roll guys.. time flies, next Monday official start of UH fall semester. wow fast, soon the guys working, grinding, open gym and flying high , dunks, 3 pointers, fast breaks, and blocked shots, and steals. .. Polynesia Dunk you very Much U.
    Go Rainbow Warriors! Go The Mighty Warriors!
    p.s. somebody have to keep positive for the team MBB flame going, might as well be .. hmmmm..

  25. Well done, Christian! I’ll be rooting for you in the final!

  26. Verbal Commits is reporting UH has made an offer to 2015 recruit, Tommy McCarthy out of Carlsbad, CA. The 6′, 155# PG ranks as a 2.7 star athlete and has offers and interest from over 20 schools. He must have high SAT scores as almost all the Ivy league schools have made offers, but has interest from the likes of Pac 12, Big 10, Big East and SEC schools, as well.


    Our whole team, less Fotu, should be here within the week. Isaac plays against the US National Team on Tuesday.


  27. Hey RunBows, Mahalo for talking about the Bows from past teams. I remember almost all of the ones you mentioned, plus it starts me thinking about the many others that have played for UH.
    One thing you mentioned was that Andre Morgan played in the ‘summer league’?? WHAT ??! Really ?! I didn’t know they had summer league back then. Really !? Now I think I missed out. Oh, man, I should have gone. But no blogs back then to let us know I guess.
    So my question … Did you go to the Summer League games back then? And just how long has this been going on? Foreava?!? I am pretty sure I would have gone had I known.

  28. BACKBEAT: That is the great thing! When one by one, and some are planning, if they have friends, to come a day or two earlier. Neat if they are watching summer league games. Without doubt, as they start arriving Friday, Aug 22 till Sunday Aug 24. we will see write-ups and interviews. How they did in summer, and maybe they have grown and inch or put on some muscle pounds.

    Go Bowz!

    akuhead2: Yes. This is the 38th year! So I think it started in summer 1976 or 1977, .. I started to go to what was then known as NCAA Summer league, when Larry Little was in second year . I believe, he recruited Robert Smith SF 6’5″ JC, Little Joe Frazier out of JC, NYC product 5’8″ PG, who with a two ands and running start , could dunk. Thomas Louden , PG NYC JC, great floor general 6’1″ 190, Eric Bowman 6’8″ 190 JC transfer , slim, but could jump out of the gym. Even Brad Pineau out of St Louis School, came in and played summer league that first year. .. I watched, legitimate 6’10” and slim 210 about, .. Aaron Hines 6’2″ had 44 ” vertical, could sky, and dunk any which way, however, academics, and he as JC transfer,.. left UH after one year… Greg Hicks 6’5″ 195 SF, JC, who had that 44″ vertical too. Usually back then from first ten years, UH guys were the class of the league, they had some skill, However the Chaminade guys, Tony Randolph, Mark Rodrigues, Richard Haneisch(sorry about spelling, Tim Dunham, great high flying 5’11” guard, and great, great slim , very slim Mark Wells, they held their own .. So about 10 years, I would check out games, from first year to 10th, after that, UH not too good MBB wise, until Riley Wallace took over. Then some of his guys, did not opt to play in summer league.. Wallace second year recruits, Terry Houston, Vincent Smalls, Cliff Breabrun, Troy Bowe, Andrew McQuire, were big time talent and recruits from JC and McQuire a DI transfer at 6’9″ 245..
    Loved the dunk contests.. won by UH Greg Hicks .. did the Dr J, from free throw line dunk.. For awhile, maybe till past decade or so, that some UH guys are playing again.
    With Gib, he gave the new guys option to play summer league here or not. Fond memories. run and gun, a lot of slam dunks, and at that time NO 3 point line!

    akuhead2, get ready brother, the Boys will be Back in Town, ready to rock and roll , fight for BWC title!
    later:Morgan, Andre (1984, 85, 86).. played in the 1982 and 1983 I believe summer league, what a talent, however had some problems, and transferred out of UH.. sad.. wish him the best.

  29. So playhoopsa, runbows, bigdaddy, I expect u r putting forth an apology? Right? I’m betting u guys are willing to admit u r totally misreading previous post, right? I’m sure all parents of current players are actually not burying head in sand and are evaluating the situation, right? Any responsible parent wouldn’t actually just let it ride the course? Right? I don’t want any current players to leave but I sincerely hope all are smart enough to properly guage the current situation

  30. you guys should get a room to go hug it out…

    For actual news…. it looks like potential recruit 2015 Wing Jalen Poyser will be visiting Hawaii on September 6. We’re in his top 5 along with Oklahoma, Cal, Rhode Island, and Dayton. And apparently UNLV and St. Mary’s has entered the mix… but we’re the only school with an actual visit set up.


  31. Maybe Senque Carey the New Recruiting Coordinator really working it! See on Verbal commits, a 2.7, 3.3 and 3.5 star PG, SG and PF on the offered list for 2015. Wow! Well as Que said, the big schools can’t have all of the top 150 athletes in North America.

    To have Official Visit in Sept, .. just a few weeks away , fantastic, just sign a 3.3 or 3.5 star athlete, then that pipeline of potential , I said POTENTIAL, 3+ star athlete pipleline can start coming to UH MBB program. Great job, Gib, Senque and Benjy. Even, if the young guys want to see Hawaii, and maybe don’t come…well, to get the 3 or maybe even 4 star to come, well, if you don’ t even try, never will know, you get two 3+ star rated guys, next year.. UH MBB will be rocking and rolling for a long time!

    Saw some pix of HC and family, from another post, man, he is happy and smiling, might as well, if he is running the MBB program, stay calm, have help, and keep the Program going. Cannot wait for AV,MT, GN, QS, NWC, Janks, SJ, NF, RB, BJ, BS, IFo, IFL.., and hoping very hard UH WI UH MBB nation, for that superman, SR(!!) to come rolling into town, and some open gym tear down the rim action! Go Bows Go Rainbows Go The Mighty Warrior! (for Tonganator and son Isaac!!)

    gobows, good job! UH MBB ready to get straight, fixed up, and ready to rock the SSC and the BWC.
    Hey sticks and stones can ….but words… are just words… Go Bows!

  32. Just thinking, JMO, and wondering out loud.. okay, if UH MBB hold that final scholarship, and GMoney pau this spring, possibly we don’t know, he still has to decide, BJ.. whether UH has his grad courses for next fall/semester 2015-16.. he would make decision, JMO, after he grads May 2015, which is great. That guy BJ, he is so grounded. Will get his degree, that makes, Zane, Jace, Hauns, Brandon S., Keith Shamburger, Davis Rozitis , and Christian Standhardinger that have earned degrees, graduated, in past 3 years, and with BJ, set to grad May 2015, that would make another one. That fellow fans, is what STUDENT athlete is all about, take advantage of a very expensive gift scholarship, and get your DEGREE.. better than the NCAA titles. well both would be great, however, win, go to Post Season big tourneys and graduate guys, or go to high pay Pro leagues early that is mission of UH MBB.. Just get fixed, straighten up, go with the flow, and rock and ROLL …


  33. gobows:

    was so excited about your post, forgot to read blog site link. Man, you are right, if he commits early, just really LOVES the trip to Hawaii and the program, an early Nov. 2014 signing, shoots, that is a big one, huge signing, that guy blew up Las Vegas AAU elite showcase, a lot of Big time schools offering, and IF.. UH can sign him… WoWee… Go Rainbows. Go Bowz!

    Sept 6 2014 , going to mark on my calendar! And most of the boys, except Fotu will be back.. must be, something going, get straight, soon!!

  34. Thanks gobows and backbeat, thanks for the good news.

    There are some who believe the sun is setting on the MBB. There are some who believe the sun is rising. Evidence indicates that the sun is rising. MBB hired a young and upcoming assistant coach. MBB recruited favorable recruits for the upcoming season. MBB has upped their offers to quality players, as evidenced by what gobows and backbeat cited and what’s listed on verbal commits for the out years.

    Is the U of H attempting to identify, correct, resolve and prevent present and future issues? Yes, they have hired a reputable Law Firm with expertise in the area. As stated in previous SA report, the NCAA favors the hiring ’cause it indicates that the institution is taking “whatever” the allegations are, seriously.

    There are some more knowledgeable and privy to these issues than most of us, as it is being advised, “don’t want any current players to leave but I sincerely hope they are smart enough to properly gauge the current situation.”

    As a concerned fan, please share, what is the current situation that the U of H is facing, namely what is the NCAA identifying as serious offenses. Been waiting for the official release of information and the response by the U of H, please share so we are on the same page.

  35. tako:

    spot on. UH, AD and HC and program did the right thing. Comply, cooperate, coordinate effort to make corrections, reassure team and families, and for now, according to NCAA, they wanted UH and team, and ohana, to not comment on ongoing investigation. I think that is exactly how played out. Even, some, a former athlete, will not comment, not his place. Great respect for the NCAA protocol and to protect himself and his friends former teammates.

    Really resembles a case being taken through judicial system,and both sides , prosecution and defense, called in by mediator or judge, to set guidelines, to come to common and best outcome, and fair.

    I think that is why coach had good vacation. team enjoying time with families before coming back. 3 great recruits lined up as potential offer and targets to land.

    I know what you mean, the transparency, public right to know, especially since public funded State University. I think , Alabama Legal, UH general counsel, and NCAA, hammering out the final proceedings soon. Or at least, when UH is ready, they will release official if prudent. UH, and AD, HC and UH MBB program, fans, athletes and families, everyone in full compliance.

    It looks good to go. On about 4 different sites, has the guess work, both pro and con. I would go with
    the pro, especially when the guys all are enrolled in class, Aug 25th and Fotu later in Sept, back from FIBA tournament in Spain.

    tako, that Official visit, by the 3.5 star athlete, that is HUGE.. and another one, that could help solidify positive vibe, until the official release from Alabama Legal, and UH/NCAA..would be if Sammis enrolled, and granted/or awaits a soon to be, hoping real hard, hand in there Sammis, a waiver granted for full scholarship ride!

    So , far, looks good, things going to get straightened out, I think you are correct, the UH MBB faithful , either side of the coin. WE WANT TO KNOW…I think outcome will be okay. UH can still play..and team can show us they are The Team That Stuck it Out through the Storm, weathered the Tropcial Cyclone of doubt, and other stuff.

    Go Bows!

  36. UH MBB fans, and Tonganator, bigdaddy , TribeVx4, and all ohana, and Hawaii, hang, not hand,but hand in there, and we will safely weather the storm, together.

    Truthfully, both pro and con, NO ONE knows all the details, however the way UH MBB still going full bore, that IS A VERY GOOD SIGN!

    Go The Mighty Warriors! Go Tall Blacks!
    Go Bows!!

  37. Well…today(8/19) is moving day at UH so I am hopeful some of the basketball players are starting to trickle back into town and start playing open Gym.

    Since most of them did not stay for the summer, I am anxious to see how a lot of them developed. I wonder if Javanovic because stronger. I wonder if Aaron Valdes improved his shooting. I wonder if Negus is too buff.

    The wahine bball team is already working with their strength and conditioning coaches on off season programs and almost everyone of them were here for the summer session, so the men’s need to really catch up. Its one thing to work out on your own, its another to have your coach push you to the next level so I hope the boys will be ready to work hard!!!

  38. Kahuna: great reminder, Mahalo ! Forgot about that, since UH sophs and above have first chance to move to dorms, and frosh, have , well they have their dorms too. You are right, think saw some social posts, that some, are coming in later this week. Maybe some , that have the dime, will be here earlier this week, Wed, Thurs. , Today Tues..

    Watch. Dayton, whomever he can track down, will have great interviews…whether, Aaron Valdes, Stefan Jankovich, Stefan Jovanovich, Nikola Filopovich, Mike Thomas, hope his back is okay!!, Negus, Roderick Bobbitt, Brocke Stepteau, GMoney Nevels, Q Smith, B. Jawato, and hoping SO VERY MUCH…Sammis we will see checking in too! Hope, hang in there Sammis , we pulling for you Bro.!!

    Thanks Kahuna, hey you die hard UH MBB fan.,, you have personal countdown to pre season workouts, beach workouts, and the Beloved Open gym

    True , as all the coaches for MBB sports say, and WBB too, the athletes make biggest offseason improvement from end of March or their post season, run, until October. If Aaron, Mike, Janks, Negus, Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Niko, Janks , Jovanovich, Fleming, bigger, stronger , faster better.. and now have to do the beast workouts, till their lungs bursting, muscles burning, for conditioning. and BOND… like when they have time together, bond with the hopefully 3 new LOI signees, and the two new walkons!

    go Rainbow Warriors. Almost, …. Warrior BB time!! Preseason! Open Gym!!

  39. Yea, I am sooooo ready for open runs. Remember last year? Seemed like we got one every 3 or 4 days. Dayton you da bomb. A lot were highlights, but there no denying talent. I expect even more so this year.

    RunBows, do you get the chance to speak to any of the players? Sometimes it seems you get stuff from the horses mouth. Or at least reliable source. Good on ya.

    its Rainbow Warrior time!!!!!!!

  40. warriorhaw…nope , just like dozens of other mbb fans, check google, twitter feed, if available for most, not all the guys, what they want to tweet and post, share, they do… so it is there.. check your favorite athlete , and twitter, see if they have a public posted, share,account..

    I don’t text, call, or email them. Just what a lot of other fans do. the famous Bing or Google search.
    Plus the Scout Forum Basketball recruit site, with the commits and signees, sometimes will have their twitter. .. whatever THEY want to share, some are cryptic… so I am just guessing, so far, all the ones that made public tweet/share, everyone, they are excited to get back to the Rock to Rock the BWC and SSC..

    I am not that much of an insider, .. not that close to MBB program, whatever online, and SA, and other forums they share, then I get an educated guess.. Kahuna, that is Akamai on his part, to know moving day, I didn’t know that… Know, that School starts Monday Aug 25 2014, so Assuming, that guys could be showing up Friday, Sat or even Sunday.. Wonder if the early guys who have the dime, if came in early this week would check out Summer league championship game.. possibly..

    So warriorhaw, just a super UH MBB fan, however, definitely NOT an INSIDER, and outsider looking in to a potentially, steady and ready to go UH MBB season!

    warrorhaw, keep the faith, and hope real hard too, for Sammis to get in and cleared, he would be awesome addition to this year’s team

    And the visit of that 3.5 star SG, Sept 6 2014, official visit, hopefully will come.. that would be huge for SG , 2015 eligble.. really good player!

  41. yep, crossing fingers runbows

  42. 2014 GOOD Prospects…

    ‘Bama Balance NCAA – Did a ‘Crime’? Do the Time
    We Are NOT Talkin’ “Criminal Activity” Like Some Schools or ‘Busi-nesses’
    [E.G., The ‘WHOLE Mortgage Banking Industry’ is Under Investigation By All 50 State A.G.’s for Fraudulent ‘ROBO-Signed’ Loan Notes in Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings where they Literally “Stole” Thousands of Americans’ Homes…Then Got Bailed Out by USGov’t with OUR Money…]
    As Long As ‘Honest & Fair’, ‘Should’ be Alright…
    ‘Bama is the Best Insurance for that…

    Get The Whole ‘Ohana “Home”
    All Recruits and Returnees IN the Next Week or So
    Isaac Fotu Deep into FIBA Tourney?
    Out of Pool Play?
    Sammis Sooner Better…
    Improved Like MT, Dyrbe…?
    Better Bodies, Endurance, Quickness & Skills

    Get ‘IN’ Poyser & Pals
    Kick Off Our 2015 Recruiting Season
    By Making a National Competitiveness Statement?

    Then “Maybe” Also Prove it On The Court
    Climb the Power Ratings
    Rack Up Some WINS
    Keep Plussin’ SSC Attendance

    You Know The Best of The Rest…

    Go ‘Bows
    GO, The Mighty Warriors

  43. Eagle, sir…. from the beginning one of the ORIGINAL posters. And shout our , poetic, prose, haiku, and very Akamai, and wise, UH MBB inside and out!

    EAGLE.. we starting to hear that rumble, what is that?……Why, why, why…it is the rumble of the wide body jets approaching Honolulu International Airport, and who…. who, whom are exiting the plane… All the returnees one, by one by one, bigger, stronger, wiser, solid, Bonding, Strong, and ready to ROCK….

    EAGLE and Tonganator, bigdaddy, TribeVx4, and all families of UH MBB athletes.. UH MBB team, is getting ready to rock that SSC and the BWC, chase championships..!!

    Go Bows. Rainbows Warriors.. The Mighty Mighty Warriors!!
    Hey, soon, hopefully, we here,and see from Dayton site, word from the team.. the latest and greatest, they are her to study, get degrees and go dance, dance, dance.
    And Alabama Special, do your thing, help UH MBB to stay on that track to get on back to the big dance in March 2015!


  44. Mahalo

    ALL Those Years of Talk (Some Tryin’, Less ‘Commitment’)

    Finally Here
    Runnin’, Gunnin’
    Gunslinging Fast …
    You Can Even See It in the Metrics
    ? Five/Six Passes (Whoops! 20+ Turnovers?)
    BEFORE First Shot Attempt?

    Take the Ball to the Hole
    And Flush
    MAKE the Open Shot!
    Tenacious “D”
    AND Outscore ‘Em, Too
    Reminiscent of JJones Era?
    Conference Champs had McMackin Defenses (Three Times)
    AND AERIAL Offenses


    MAHALO Dayton, The Schmidts, UHMBB ‘Ohana

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