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UPDATED: Thomas ready for summer action


Mike Thomas returned to Hawai’i this summer with some specific goals in mind. First, he wants to rack up more class credits so that he can graduate after his senior season in 2017. Second, he wants to improve his ball-handling and shooting so that he can earn more playing time for his upcoming sophomore season.

Thomas, a 6-foot-8 forward, is the only returnee currently enrolled in summer classes at UH. All of the other returnees are training in their respective hometowns, and will return to Hawai’i in August.

“I want to advance in my credits and try to graduate a little early, and also get some connection with the new team coming out and familiarization with the coaches,” said Thomas, who is majoring in Accounting.

New recruits Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt are also enrolled in summer courses at UH, along with walk-on candidates Zach Buscher and Brocke Stepteau.

Thomas averaged 1.2 points and 1.2 rebounds per game as a reserve during his true freshman season last year. Although his minutes were limited, he said the experience was invaluable.

“I’m a lot more mature,” he said. “I know what type of level I have to play at. You can’t coast like you can in high school … it’s all about hard work in college and I realize that now. I’m ready to go.”

Thomas said he has been training daily, often shooting on his own for three or four hours late at night.

“I’m trying to get my ball handling right, my conditioning right, obviously … getting bigger, stronger, faster,” he said. “Just a lot of physical aspects, along with shooting and ball handling offensively and then defensively being able to contain everybody in front of me.”

There was a temporary setback, which forced Thomas to miss two weeks of action in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League. A kitchen mishap led to third-degree burns on his hands and legs.

“I went to the E.R.,” he said. “I was actually making dinner before my (summer league) game and it happened.”

Thomas said he has been cleared to play and plans to participate in the Summer League starting on Tuesday. He is on the roster for National Fire Protection Co., which is scheduled to face Grantco Pacific at 6 p.m.

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Mike Thomas made quite the first impression in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Tuesday night.

He scored 32 points to lead National Fire Protection Co. to a 119-109 victory over Grantco Pacific at Manoa Valley Recreation gym. It was Thomas’ first game this summer … and National Fire’s first victory of the summer.

Former UH standout Christian Standhardinger scored a season-high 49 points in the loss for Grantco Pacific. Standhardinger, who is expected to play professionally in Europe next season, is averaging 42.3 points per game so far in the summer league.

UH walk-on candidate Brocke Stepteau had his best game of the summer with 19 points for Grantco Pacific.

In the second game, UH incoming freshman guard Isaac Fleming scored 31 points to lead Clark Hatch Fitness to a 68-66 victory Solar Universe. It was also the best game of this summer for Fleming, who injured his right shoulder in a game last week, but did not miss any action.

The summer league will continue with two games on Thursday. Thomas, Stepteau and Zach Buscher are all expected to be in action on Thursday. Fleming’s Clark Hatch Fitness team is off until Saturday.

To view full game video highlights from the summer league, please visit www.http://basketballsummerleague.blogspot.com/

(Photos courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Thanks, Dayton

    Good to have you back, Mike
    Bigger And Better, maybe Still Growing?

    Yes, Think Fire Protection!
    Good lesson learned without long-term negatives;
    Looking for a Solid Sophomore Season!
    Showcasing your Quickness, athleticism and skills left and right;

    Go Ahead and Challenge for the ‘Standhardinger’ Spot on the Floor
    IF Nothing else, Push Jankovich to earn and Win it Away at His own Highest Levels
    You ‘Could’ prove you deserve / own it before December

  2. Hope it wasn’t 3rd degree burns, that means charred and no skin vs 2nd degree burns (blistering). Glad he is okay.

    It’s interesting that he mentions that he now realizes that D1 level is about hard work. The good thing is about overcoming what you now realize, good for him to work and step up to the desired level.

    Like his upside and as he mentioned he knows what he has to improve on. Let’s wish him well, ’cause we’ll need his upside for the season.

  3. I look forward to seeing Mike play this coming season. He will be eons ahead of last year from a maturity and confidence perspective, and will be a contributor. I’m also glad to see that he is taking care of the scholar side of scholar-athlete.


  5. Wow, no wonder the comment section so brief, no play hoopla. Where are you? lol. I wonder what mikes height is now? He is such a well spoken young man.

  6. Oops, spell check again…..playhoopsa.

  7. BigFan..enjoy all your and WI fandom posted comments..so positive..keep up good work..best to mike he has priorities in order!!

    Myself and few others checking out verbal commits..que and gib working the recruiting hota d heavy!!
    Go Bows!!

  8. Mike ..eagle..wonder if he grew..know he is extremely athletically gifted like fleming..a leftie!!
    Mike from another great family!!


  9. Glad to hear that the light bulb has turned on in Thomas life. Some players go through their entire collegiate careers and never turn the corner. With his feet now pointed in the right direction let’s hope that this is the beginning of something truly special for a guy with high credentials coming out of high school. Take it one day at a time. Soon you will fall into a routine and the word discipline won’t keep biting your behind. Stay healthy, eat right, early to bed, early to rise, cardio, weights, practice, listen, learn from coaches and the coach upstairs. Good luck Michael. We the Warrior nation are all pulling for you.

  10. Good to hear from you, playhoopsa.
    It seems there’s been a few business grads among the hoops players (stanhardinger, savo, can’t remember who else) but seem like not many football players.

  11. BigFan, exactly, some of the really talented 4 star perhaps, that Gib was scrambling and gambling for in first two years, really don’t think Business Major, Or Kiniseology, Or Mathematics were on their agenda as major. Mike , love that guy, his dad is A+ as well as mom and siblings. That is another representative of the HIGH CHARACTER guys, doing well I school great GPA, and NOW graduating early……………..Add to the fact , Gib is running a program one of the hardest to produce

    winning par excellence every year, with 3, 4, 5 star recruits, the right way. Plus, as opposed to the LIFE savior,the monies driver to keep UH DI sports afloat, Chow, has to, no buts.. win 7 games and go to Hawaii bowl and win.. convincingly, next year, with the experienced team for FB coming back, UH FB will be up there again, and helping all UH sports… We are a FB town, however about 4000 of us older maybe 50-75 years of age or more, die hard hoops fans, we live and live better with Rainbow Warrior BB. I love it…and Laura, that gal, does a great job too! Wish Ella would come and join her brother for his senior year!

    Hey, it must, p.o.’ed the Gib anti matter people that Gib gets extended,receives the largest bump in salary of any BWC coach.. Ben puts out, with huge Cajones, Gib is our man, and the other coaches and schools, saying Gib is gone..well we got him locked up for possibly next 8 years and more…cheehoo!! gets a great assistant, will soon lock in a dyanamite, DOBA, has Jamie Smith coming back Performance Analysyst, one of the best in BB world, and Que and Gib having fun

    locking in a replacement for Sammis if he know stay come in… of that PF, Quadree Smith, from January, amazing 6-7″ 290 dropped down till May 2014 to , actually grew.. to 6’8″ and 250 …. July , major people are looking at him, and UH has offered. Fun recruiting times, Que has his contacts, Gib, Akan, and Benjy, as Pocho says. Gib reel em in, hook em up, and bring em home in the islands, yes hommmmes in the islands..

    Sorry, I think going over my 800 word post, love this site, and I get so excited anything good new, including academics, and Mike going to grad early makes me cry, old guy that I am.

    One more, Apologies BigFan, had the bug, got up later, from business in office, home and chair disabled bound, was sick so slept a little later.

    As PONO says I am taking over 3 sites, I am not, IF ANYONE WANTS TO POST 800 letter comments, and be positive, not attacking anyone, but cheering on Gib , team, The Schmidts, the kids families, the fans, and Hawaii. Geev um.

    Pau… fun, however, old man must take nap, you gotta check out online, verbalcommitts and grapevine, Que,. Gib and Benjy, maybe Akana, are looking for Right Fit big, or is sammis not in a good SF…PLEASE no bandits, or emotional, me first guys, ONE OHANA,.. the best type Gib!


  12. Check out article about trimmed down Quadree Smith, from Jan 2014 to May 2014, he grew inch to 6’8″ and lost 40 pounds from 290. So in July AAU Atlanta showcase, must have blown up.
    Man he worked with nutritionist, trainer, weights, discipline.. from 290 to 240 wow! More stamina, I love his positioning on rebounding, like a Paul Silas, or Wes Unseld, believe with his strength in posterior and legs, could keep Mamadou out of paint.

    here is link:

  13. Mike Thomas grew so much, it is like getting a new recruit !! Everything could be different. The big question is, is he as quick as before?; is he as well coordinated?
    Can’t wait to see him in summer league. But don’t get hurt.
    It is like getting a new recruit ! And maybe he is still growing !

  14. btw, that other small guard that played for UH was Victor Kelley. Floor General, he earned the respect of the Hawaii fans as a true Div 1 point guard. Caused havoc to the other teams defense with his leadership and quickness, and held his own on defense being able to blend into a team defense that could take advantage of his speed and quickness.

  15. When our head coach is the highest paid in the Big West, there are onlty two answers, win the regular conference title and/or win the conference tournament. Short of that would be a big disappointment. It will be interesting where UH will rank in the pre-season polls. Irvine, Long Beach St., Santa Barbara, and Northrige will be much improved. I expect Hawaii to be somewhere between 4th to 6th.

  16. Well national fire just won 1st game of season. Make Thomas was bug part of my time. Mike is bigger. Gained prolly 15lbs. Look 1 inch taller. Really look good. Hit a few 3’s. Dunked with ease a few times. Played hard on both ends. Much more aggressive without being wild. Better handles. Blocked Christian couple times. He a different Mike. He will have an impact this season. Like he said he now know what it takes. Hard work in class. Hard work in with weights. Hard work in practice. Hard work in summer league.
    Would like to expound some more but I gotta go.
    Go warriors. Go Mike.

  17. Sorry. Mike was big part of win. Type from phone.

  18. warriorhaw –Thanks!

    Mike Thomas Challenging Standhardinger
    Face-to-Face, Head-to–Head, Body-AT-Body

    OR FOTU, OR Jankovic
    IS The Kind of ‘Tude Adjustment i’m looking for from
    Big, BAD (Grow to NBA-Type) Mike Thomas

    NO More “Puppy” Stuff

    SAY It’s SO, Mike!

  19. warriorhaw,

    thanks for the update. WOW, great hearing all what he did tonight

    Maybe we need not worry much not landing a big this year although one could help.

  20. Hey fans… Isaac Fleming of the recovering from stinger arm, and Mike TnT Thomas, of the close to 6’8 1/2″ 230 SF/PF… both of them, Isaac had 32 and Mike T. had 33 to help their teams to victory, man, been waiting, even though summer league Mike dominated, and played unafraid, and Isaac Fleming showed why he is 3 star 20 year old prep star.

    And, fans, Bobbitt still awaits, hope Sammis gets in, Smith, Nevels, blowing up the Cali summer pro leagues, Jovanovich and Niko becoming super serbians, Negus and Janks, getting buffed, and abs central, Enos firing threes, Jawato ready to take that 3 ball O and D aggressive 3 wing spot, have his lethal 3 ball ready, stepteau, stepping up and having fun courtesy his great ohana, Zach Bushcer learning the ropes of DI ball and school,

    Valdes, what he doing? I think increasing his vertical bounce to 45″ off of standing jump, we need him at 6’6″ 215 pounds helping on the boards… shoots, maybe Quadree Smith, 6’8″ 250 who just blew up the aau showcase in the peach state… maybe come on board, or another 6’6″ 220 SF.. wow, Gib has a definite, top 3 team…IF THEY PLAY AS ONE OHANA..

    tyler who? hope he does well, don’t need his uncle here…

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Tonganator, get Isaac Fotu ready for some slamma jamma, Go The Mighty Warriors!

    UH MBB smoking!

  21. Sorry…. Isaac Fleming blew up for 33! and Mike TnT Thomas had 32 pts and two consecutive stuffs of Christian….
    Lot of talent this year.. probably the most that gib has had 1 through 11, awaiting possibly 2 more scholies, in going on 5 years.
    Just gotta, stay together, play hard, smart and just win and have fun.
    Do great in school and Thomas, on track to grad early, so is Jawato, fantastic!

  22. Good update on Thomas and Fleming! Good stuff! How did other UH MBB players (Enos, Stepteau) do? Heard solid game for Stepteau, no update on Enos. Points, updates? Know Buscher’s team not playing tonight.

  23. bball8081: Stepteau had a breakout night, second in scoring to Standhardinger with 19 points.
    Enos ended up with 7 points for Solar Universe .

    Fleming and Thomas, yes, that is what we were waiting for, the 30 point games, and displaying their athletic, and scoring ability, this year, Gib, with possibly one or two more Bigs, will be pretty deep, and can make a good run at post season tournament.

    NCAA, get the findings, let UH make corrections and can move on!

  24. Stepteau looks pretty good in the summer league video, at least the first few minutes i looked at. He can handle the ball, pass off and made a jumper and looks quick. Against tougher competition, i don’t know yet.

  25. playhoopsa: Thanks for info on Stepteau and Enos. Nice night for UH MBB players! Agree on all your comments.

    All UH MBB players will be ready for tougher competition once Gib gets more time to work with them. Great season ahead!

  26. Hey playhoopsa.

    Isaac will be leaving with the Tall Blacks for Korea on Saturday. They will play 3 games (return series) against Korea. Then travel to China and play 6 games. Then off to Lithuania where they will play; Lithuania, Slovenia and Greece. They travel to Serbia for a 2 games series against Serbia before heading to Spain for the World Champ tournament (28th Aug to 14 Sept).

    It was good to have Isaac home and although cut short by his joining the Tall Blacks but we are proud that he is representing New Zealand on the world stage. I am sure he will come back to UH ready to rock the house.


  27. Tonganator:

    we all wish Isaac well! We will be watching any live or delayed online or cable tv, satellite feed of FIBA, Isaac will be going up against NBA talent!

    Mahalo Tonganator and say hello to your mighty FOTU OHANA!



  28. quadree will get position down low whenever he wants but he won’t win those tip games around the rim

  29. hawaiifan09:

    according to latest on Quadree , he is not the physical monster he was in January, he is now about 250 and 6’8″… he might not be quickest however, he has that REBOUNDER sixth sense. … he can clear space, and let, Fotu, Thomas, Negus, Jovanovich, Janks get the boards, also, deflect it to the guards..Right away he should hit the weights to get as strong as Fotu, who will be really good at 6’8″ and I think dad says he is about 245 solid muscle.! Big body, with rebounding instinct real key, the other 4 guys can pick up the ball and go. At this time of the year, I hope he or another 6’8″ Big gets in.!

  30. Check this out WI, from showing so far, open gym last year and summer league couple games this year:

    Starters for first UH game Nov. RBC. This starting 5 in UH system one year, and can get up and down the floor, learn to play team help D, and Thomas, Chan, Fotu, have to help block shots at or before the rim.. The run and gun, have fun unit

    PG: Quincy Smith 6’0″ 180(hopefully, the guy is super quick)
    SG: Garrett Nevels 6’2″ 190
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ 215
    PF: Mike Thomas 6’8″ 220
    C: Isaac Fotu 6’8″ 245

    Second unit which could maybe finish a game:

    PG: Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″ 205
    SG: Isaac Fleming 6’4″ 193
    SF: Aaron Valdes 6’6″ 215( I hope he grew!)
    Wing: Brandon Jawato 6’4″ 210
    C: Stefan Jovanovich

    PG’s: Niko Filopovich, Brocke Stepteau(lot of potential , he can be a good one!)
    SG: Dyrbe Enos, Zach Buscher,
    C: Janks Jankovich… eligible mid December.

    additions hopefully, then might have to mix up the rotations, provide needed front court depth.
    Sammis, hope you get in to UH, Reyes, and maybe Quadree Smith or similar 6’8″ big.

    Then rock and roll.

    That first five, with Bobbitt, Fleming, Valdes, Jawato, Enos, Jovanovich off the bench, mayb Reyes, Quadree, that is a LOT of depth, once again, and that is what GIB will preach until they get to NIT or NCAA , as much as I say FB and chow have to win 7 and win Hawaii bowl, Gib, it is NIT or NCAA do or die pretty much, he has the horses, and good assistants.!

    Go Bows!!

  31. Playimgibsdaddyhoopsa. I predict Bobbitt easily out classes Quincy and starts by game 7. Tyler? Always a cheap shot by you. I will keep u informed. Good luck with NCAA final answer. Gib contract absolutely loaded with charge backs if sanctions occur which are likely. Fleming is obviously talented but a head case. Don’t worry about Sammis. Never wear a rainbow uniform. Imo

  32. And absolutely no comparison between Harville and Enos. :). Get real.

  33. jake we really won’t count on enos to play much now that we have depth…harville wouldn’t sniff the court this coming season anyway

  34. We shall see about Harville. I have no doubt u will one day regret he isn’t there. But only time will tell. Trust me. Bobbitt is your man. Way better than Quincy. Forget Sammis. He can’t spell cat if you spot him the ca

  35. I’m sure you and imgibsdaddyplayhoopsa think Gibs is a better judge than Bennett on potential talent. Trust me. That puts you and pochogirl in the minority. …IMO

  36. Shut the hemhock up Jake and leave this board, we dont need your crappola anymore, stick to your own Tyler website and put up all the wahoo you want on it about how good he is ,good night and Aloha means Goodbye and Good Riddence.

  37. …and playhoopsa: QUIT Baiting Jake —
    i Can’t ‘Believe YOU BOTH Waste so much Energy, Time and Resources on each other…

    Jake – Quit Spewing Poisin here —
    In Your Neck of the Woods you might actually think you understand
    “that what goes around comes around…”
    but no one who actually understands ‘sends crap out’…
    IT Comes Back 10 or a Hundred Times Over…
    and Not Even from the Same Places you sent to…
    YOU Cannot Afford it…Cut it Out

    REALLY Wish You and Tyler The BEST…


    ANS: C…A… T!

  38. Eagle..I love uh..hoops..great fans and coach..jake is what he is on other forums..he has to do his positive scoutcomments he did fro beginning..not hating on tyler wish him well.to walkon any team hard

    love our new guys and buscher..oishi and stepteau who is great pg..jake wish you well..as we all say when you start spewing venom at hawaii fans and people..you crossed the line..
    hey just keep your comments with aloha..if not you don’t mke any friends..

    eagle somebody has to have the heart to stand up to he tacks..that is an older.chair bound disabled 50 year fan of uh mbb..will fight for hawaii I will..love hawaii 808..gib and his mbb team.going in right direction!!

    go bows..
    warning:this site always for positive fans..family and friends of gib and uh hoops welcome..if jake you contribute to positive coments about gib and mbb program., post away..keep negativity out of aloha state..

    Go The Mighty Warriors!!
    Eagle..back to mbb talk ..love fleming., thomas..enos.and stepteau., along with returnees..uh mbb
    will have great season!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! !

  39. I am impre with brocke stepteau!! Really plays like pg..can get off floater..3 ball and hit from FT line defend and dish the dime..good young guard!!
    MT really worked it..so much beter he will be great..
    Fleming smooth..a real 3 star + athlete!!

    See Eagle and fans..alaways no matter what topic WI ..POSITIVE ..FOR UH MBB HOOPS!!

    and thankyou for support Tonganator..this older uh mbb fan appreciates it so much..I only post so much because home bound and disabled at pc..
    go warriors!!

  40. Playhoopsa: Thanks for always sticking up for UH MBB. You always have positive comments and feedback, and good details and information. Keep it up!


  41. Real simple. Imgibsdaddyplayhoopsa quits taking cheap shots then I’m out. If he chooses not to then I will step in. Any independent credible person sees that he is such an immature person even at his old age he cant help himself. So for fun i needle him right back. All depends on his smart mouth whether im back on this holy site or not. Later boys. Aloha.

  42. Jake,
    Shut the hell up. Stepteau is crap, and won’t sniff any playing time, but he is ten times the player that Tyler harville is. They are walk ons for a reason. It was laughable when I saw him brick shot after shot, then get abused on defense by a 5’6 (at best) old guy (steitzel) who never played past high school. Jake, you are clearly Tyler’s dad, and have filled our boards with useless propaganda regarding your short, slow son since day1.
    I am very happy that he found another place to walk on at. If his lack of talent doesn’t cause him to fail miserably, your overzealousness certainly will. Back off, and let the kid grow up to be his own man and fight his own battles.
    Don’t come on our board and bash enos. What did he do? You say “no comparison between enos and harville”??? Of course not. Enos competed well as a freshman walkon and proved that he can hit the 3 at a high percentage. Harville will not see more than 10mins a season and will likely never make a single three (unless in garbage time). Enos drained several big threes last season big spots of games…as a freshman
    I haven’t posted on this site since the big west tourney last year, but I’m sick and tired of reading your crap (I’m not fond of playhoopsa’s long winded and repetitive posts either, but at least he is a hawaii fan on a HAWAII Supporter site). You need to just go.

  43. Can’t fool me. Broken Heart obviously another id of imgibsdaddyplayhoopsa. Ha.

  44. Evan1811 (aka jake): shaddup. Playhoopsa claims to be disabled. I watched the manoa summer league games that Tyler played (using the term played lightly) in myself in person. Why would I need to be an alias of playhoopsa? I don’t agree with most of what the guy says AND I have a far different opinion of several players as playhoopsa. He seems high on stepteau. Seeing stepteau play in person, I know he will never be d1 ready.

    Everyone, if u wanna see something funny, look up st Mary’s fan forum. Jake is posting the same doodoo that he did in the beginning of our site, only he is also pretending to be a st Mary’s fan, not a scout from east coast lol
    The kicker was when he asked them if st Mary’s was playing hawaii soon, to avenge last years “bad loss”. Jake (Evan), pls just go away. You are a loser, buddy. And your son is awful

  45. if you havent been to summer league, do so! the uh players, the old timers, etc make it worth it. just saw the broadus brothers killing the league. pretty sick how the boys from mililani still know how to do um.

    Heres a link of the broadus, and early vids of the league including Gerald Wright, possible walkon at UH. Too bad that burnett kid isnt enrolling, would be a welcome addition


    I want the LTS HI channel to do a segment on standhardinger, hes avging like 43+

  46. oops my bad, to see gerald wright u’d have to go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzd-Mi8iJ2A

    this is what i saw from the vid.

    decent jumpshot, still inconsistent
    knows how to handle the ball and how to work his way around to get the shot he wants
    can run an offense
    good character
    should be a decent walkon, better than buscher, more mature than stepheau

    not strong with the ball
    lacks intensity
    not necessarily d1 material, but could mold into one

  47. BrokenHeartedInAnaheim: You are obviously here to promote someone specific (can be easily seen by your posts), and seem to be a lot like Jake. Like you even said, mostly everyone here disagrees with your opinion about players, so I think that says a lot. Only time will tell about playing time for any of the UH MBB players. Coaches make playing time decisions not fans or so-called fans. So, what the UH players do in front of the coaches (which you can’t see), who the coaches recruit/invite to come play based on what they see in the players (which you are not a part of), and who they play (which you don’t decide) is all up to them.

    All of the UH players (Thomas, Fleming, Stepteau, Enos, Buscher) are getting good experience in the summer league, and showing exactly what they can bring to the team. Real fans should be proud of all of them for their hard work on and off the court.

    We are supportive Warrior fans of ALL UH MBB players here!!

    Go Warriors!!

  48. Hana Hou, bball8081…..However, do think that BrokenHeartedinAnaheim means well. Guess, if we focus on the positive we’ll see more stuff in that context.

    Believe our starting five players will be very good.
    Like Fotu, Stefan or Stefan, Negus, (Q, Nevels and Bobbitt other guard positions) to start.
    M Thomas, Valdes and Jawato should see a lot of action.
    Niko, Fleming and Enos sharing back up time at guards.
    Brocke may or should redshirt????

    Concerned a bit regarding Fotu, he’s playing a lot of B-ball against quality competition this summer, hope his body is okay and maintains academic focus. Believe the two Sefans and Negus will really have to step up to take heat off Fotu. If Negus can be a consistent inside and outside threat (especially outside), that will make other two post players more effective. Especially, Jank, whose reputation is as a scorer and stands at least 6′ 10″. We look to have 3 solid guards able to play competitively at the D1 level to cut down on turnovers.

    Any takers?

  49. Bball8081,
    I’m “obviously” here to promote someone specifically??? Lol please DO SHARE, who am I “obviously” promoting, besides the uh men’s bball team? I love our roster. Love Quincy, nevels, valdes, fotu, Thomas, jovanovich, bobbitt, Fleming, Webster-chan, jankovic, jawato, enos, and the man that got them all here, gib…
    I have been a uh fan all my life, a season ticket holder for decades, and even send my son to the uh bball camp. I go to all the summer league games as well. I’m not sure how I am promoting anyone in particular, thank you very much. If you wanna discuss this further, I’ll be at manoa gym tonight for both games…

  50. Tako, thank you. I’m not sure how that guy sees me as “obviously” having an agenda. And I never said that everyone disagrees with my opinion. GoBows

  51. tako: Thank you. Only time will tell on all of your comments. We should all remember, coaches make decisions on players not fans. It is okay to share OPINIONS about players, when not for personal reasons. In the end, none of us determine what happens on the court. The players determine their status, playing time, etc., by what they show the coaches in practice and workouts, not what fans think they see and know, and the coaches make the final decisions.

    The great thing is they all have an equal opportunity to earn playing time and demonstrate to the coaches what they can bring to the team. I’m pretty sure there are not any coaches reading these posts, and making team/player decisions based on what is said here. If we could determine starters, playing time, etc, we would all be D1 coaches lol.

    Just some food for thought for all. Stay positive!!

    Go Warriors!!

  52. Hey fellow fans, we stick to promoting Positive supportive comments about current HC, his team the fans and Hawaii.. sure I get long winded, that is about all I can do, type on smart tab or PC,..who would have the time, unless homebound?

    Been fan, since mid sixties, Rocha, days pre Fab Five, it does not matter, and …. I think, Dayton is like Brian M. and his blog, he allows for discussion on either side. However, jake is obviously just a person who wants Tyler to have a shot as walkon. Have nothing against Tyler, his parents the Harvilles, of DAD….great that they brought him here for summer vacation. WALKONS for any program, more common in Football, to earn scholarships and PT.

    Time to move on, and tako, Broken heart,bball, we all have ONE THING IN COMMON we love UH MBB hoops and we want to see Gib and his athletes get to NIT and NCAA this year. That is a given. I highly doubt, team and coaches read the blogs, however who knows? There were times, we made suggestions on rotation of players, and changing things up, and you know what, next game, Gib did it!

    Wish Jake, Tyler, and all Hoops fans the best, wherever, your favorite bb athletes are playing. NCAA hoops, love it. Just have to FOCUS on UH MBB hoops. Move to next topic.
    And NO, so far, well….dozens of my posts in past few years, molderated and never saw light of day, so our comments, and posts ARE being moderated, maybe, that is why some change .. whatever, the invited guess moniker…

    Broken: I hope Gib and MBB don’t leave you broken hearted in Anaheim again, Wish they can win the regular and BWC tourney, ….I obviously am Uncle of Gibson Arnold, so …. that is why I promote my nephew… JUST JOKING… HAWAII beautiful place, and WI, Mahalo to Schmidts, Dayton, Wes and positive, or constructive criticism, what can help UH MBB comments.

    Go Bows!

  53. BrokenHeartedInAnaheim: Seems you somehow left off also loving our Hawaii Ohana (hometown guy), Buscher, and Filipovich, and Stepteau. I assume there is no bias there. No need to discuss anything further (a little unprofessional), and I will not go back and forth. Just want to keep it positive for all visiting the site and support the UH MBB coaches and players.

    As a UH Bball fan all of your life, I’m sure you know, staying positive about ALL players, and supporting the ENTIRE team, will go a long way in keeping people coming back to this site to support the team. It seems we all have the same goal, to support the team, and wish them success. So there, we have a lot in common.

    Wishing you the best, and the team the same!! Stay positive!!

    Go Warriors!!

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