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Summer of patience for Bobbitt

Roderick Bobbitt is taking one of the biggest tests of his basketball life this summer. It is a test of patience.

Bobbitt, a new recruit for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, is enrolled in summer classes at UH this summer, but his participation in basketball drills has been limited due to a previous arm injury.

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 7.17.48 PM

Bobbitt, a 6-foot-4 guard, said his left humerus bone (upper arm) snapped in half during a playoff game last season at Indian Hills Community College (Iowa). It required surgery, and he said there are now a metal plate and “a whole bunch of screws” in his arm. There is also a long scar running down the length of his biceps as a daily reminder of what he is enduring.

“Pretty gruesome injury, for the most part,” he said. “But I’m blessed; couple more months and I can go full contact.”

Bobbitt said he expects to be cleared to participate in full drills once official practices begin in October. For now, he is limited to running, dribbling, some shooting, and some light weightlifting. “Pretty much everything except full contact,” he said.

Bobbitt is also getting a head start on his academics by taking two summer courses. In between training and classes, he has been hanging out with fellow newcomers Isaac Fleming, Zach Buscher and Brocke Stepteau.

“I tried some Hawaiian food, it’s different, it’s good,” he said. “The most part is this humidity … sweating bullets right now, it’s crazy.”


  1. sweating bullets. hahahaha

    I love these guys

  2. Aloha and welcome to Hawaii Roderick…so glad to finally get to see your face on this site. Been following your success for sometime now and can’t wait to see YOU DO WHAT YOU DO BEST. It was a good decision to come here but like everyone who reports to their first Dl team, you will know that you are not in Kansas anymore…those first 7 weeks are going to be TOUGH!

    Sure hope your body gets ready in time…we are looking for your leadership. Good luck.

    GO BOWZ!

  3. good not the shooting arm but I wonder if this injury is what kept other schools away….we can only wait and see….the guy from Louisville that broke his leg came back looking good but got into trouble

  4. Aloha..welcome to uh mbb ohana Roderick!!
    Make sure you are 100 % healthy before hitting bb court..
    man..uh mbb going be deeeep at guard positions

    go warriors!!

  5. Boy…oh man..horrific injury…hope Roderick just get well first..hope gets little cooler with tradewinds..make sure lot of fluids go to mall..classes.and mny fans in your dorm..
    another well spoken young man..a northern cali hs big time bb guy..wish yo well..

    fleming..nevels, smith, enos, stepteau so important for early season depth..man..just sish roderick heal well..rehab.don’ t rush back!!

    Take care!!

  6. Sorry not best typing on virtual keyboard..
    take care..lot of good cooling fans in your dorm..hydrate..go to mall movies stay cool..

    main thing good health to you!!
    Roderick good friend of Spearman ex indian hills alumnus

    king bobbitt!!

    Senque develop your guards..including I forgot..nikola filipovich!!

  7. Aloha No, Roderick!

    Glad you’re getting Acclimated,
    and A Head Start on School
    Getting Cleared And Stronger…
    Comeback with a Vengeance!

    Use Your Team and Leadership Skills
    To Make The Total Team
    Greater than The Sum of its Parts
    And Your Opposition
    WIN ‘Bows,
    GO ‘BOWS!

  8. I’m the opposite of Roderick: I don’t hardly sweat. Even in this humidity. I wish I could get some of his sweat glands. I have to watch out that I don’t overheat cause no sweat to cool me off. Actually I should be living in California.

    I thought only football got that kind of gruesome injury. But it seems like Bobbit is on track to fully recover from it. I think leg injuries have the more permanent effects because running is more a complex thing for the body to do than using the arm. I don’t believe that the arm can be 100% like before though. Flex is less and maybe arm strength is slightly reduced. But young guys have amazing recuperative abilities.

    I was pegging Bobbit as the 3rd x factor on the team behind Fotu and Negus Chan. This injury will slow him down this year due to the time it takes to get back into the flow of things. But looking for him to get fully on track when conference play starts.

  9. Early spring did not think this was posslble starting and heavy rotation starting five..now with injuries and other things ..look like this jmo.

    PG: Quincy Smith/Fleming
    SG: Garrett Nevels
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan/Valdes
    PF: Mike Thomas/Isaac Fotu
    C: Isaac Fotu/Stefan Jovanovich

    bench: Isaac Fleming..Brandon Jawato, Aaron Valdes.. Dyrbe Enos…

    Niko, Brocke, Buscher,
    mid december eligible..Janks


  10. Of course Bobbitt when ready!!

  11. Sweating bullets??? Yeah, 90 w/ 80% humidity and no wind pretty awful.

    He better hope he doesn’t draw a afternoon sun facing dorm room come fall semester…

  12. Had the PC current conditions, late Saturday nite, 1100pm till about 100am Sunday morning the humidity was unreal 100%, like the Phillippines , Guam, where they don’t have trade winds. If we have the 15-20 mph trades or east winds, in the shade out of sun, cooler, without the trades, wow it is muggy. Those guys playing summer league at Manoa were sweating too!

    Just have to in dorm, get all the fans, vornado, celing, side exhaust, .. I used to sleep with feet on blanket over blue ice!

    Ahhh, I don’t think Hawaii, will ever get 100 degree F. temps, with 90 per cent humidity like Gulf Coast USA. spent time near Galvestion, summer, and Dallas, tornado watch, man it was thick like butter, our humidity not as bad, and heat , other places around USA and globe worse. AS long as we have the trades and about 70% humidity, even during summer endurable.

    Bobbitt , Fleming, Stepteau, can endure our summer they should be alright burning up the SSC late fall , winter and early spring 2015!
    Burning the nets, with some wins!

  13. humidity high too, we are in hurricane season, June to Nov 30th, when tropical disturbance near, and trades cut off, the moisture in air is high. We had those two sources to west and south east of us last week, so, very humid.
    That time of year, now, more hot, however, beach weather, and outdoor activity, once again, stay indoors, wherever AC and drink lots of cool fluids , Roderick can endure. True servante….some people sweat, perspire more than others, be careful do not overheat, shade, cool and hydrate, fans.

    When Roderick playing in SCC, and other venues, he will be okay, main concern, get well, heal that arm which will take time to get back even close to 100% , however, many Football players, had such breaks, in legs, and came back strong! Young and determined guy like Roderick should be fine. just have to grind and be patient
    Excellent young people the 2 scholarship guys and 2 preferred walkons. just grinding to get better!

    Mahalo, Thankyou for becoming Rainbow Warriors!

  14. Good luck Roderick with your recovery! Looking forward to seeing you play!

    Go Warriors!!

  15. bball8081:

    What an injury! Agree with you bball…. speedy and healthy recovery to Roderick Bobbitt, another, good young student athlete. Love that he is getting ahead in NCAA DI University, schooling, that is so important, work towards scholarship goal, degree!

  16. bball8081:

    Agree wholeheartedly on your previous topic post. The local 808 walkons, Enos and Bushcer, working as hard in school, workouts , practices as the scholarship guys. They deserve a lot of respect, both for their efforts and support of families. Same with great young PG, he does have skill, no question…Brocke Stepteau.. with guys out , Jawato and Bobbitt with injuries, might need

    Enos three ball shooting, or Stepteau to step up if needed. POSITIVE… WARRIORS, fighting for chance to March Madness Dance 2015! I know, same vibe, mantra, however have to keep cheering on team, slow time for hoops, so Go Rainbow Warriors, and as always, THANKYOU, MAHALO to Tonganator, for posting from half way around the world about Isaac Fotu’s quest, he is better 3 ball shooter now, for FIBA, world championship BB in Spain!

    Go UH MBB!

  17. playhoopsa. An article from our local paper that might be of interest:


  18. Great article Tonganator. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Mahalo Tonganator!!

    Keep the flame of NZ Tall Blacks quest for FIBA going and on the other side of Polynesia ..Hawaii..GO THE MIGHTY WARRIORS!!
    Hope Isaac has great FIBA run!!

    Positive news.. go Tall Blacks and Go Rainbow Warriors!!

    Great writeup true warriorhaw..I agree!!

  20. Good looking family too. Nice smiles..must be from mum and papa fotu..would love to see all have great future basketball careers..they have made name FOTO famous in Kiwi land and the Aloha State!!

    Go The Mighty Fotus!!

  21. Isaac..Ella..and..Daniel..will make the
    name FOTU…..famous in NZ..in Hawaii …..

    and in several years internationally!!

    Thankyou for sharing Tonganator!!
    Man if Daniel approaches 6’11”..plus..with his skill..next generation of mighty Fotus!


  22. Aloha Tongantor!!!

    Thanks for the nice news article about about Isaac, Ella and Daniel. You must truly be a proud Papa!!!
    The Hawaii Warrior Ohana is so proud and blessed to have Isaac as student athlete here. My best wishes go to you and your wonderful family! Please keep us posted.

    Go Bows!

  23. Really want to see Bobbitt in action. He has got to heal properly, so we hope the docs are doing a good job.

    And also really great to see that article on the Fotu’s. I didn’t get that until just now, Fotu, Foty Two, 42. I must be slow, or not paying attention to all these blogs. I was impressed that he won the World Youth 3 on 3 competition. Is that just the South Pacific, or the World, ie USA competition. Nevertheless, Winner !! Gotta be good.
    Well, you learn things everyday. Thanks for posting.

  24. Tonganator, thanks for sharing. Isaac is a great young man. Hopefully all three children will be university of hawaii graduates, and basketball stars someday!

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