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Former University of Hawai’i standouts Bill Amis and Christian Standhardinger were the standouts of the night in Saturday’s games of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

Amis had 37 points, 18 rebounds four steals and three blocked shots to lead Chosen Few to an 89-71 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness in the opening game. Amis, a 6-foot-9 forward who played professionally in Cyprus last season, shot 14 for 21 from the field as Chosen Few improved to 2-0.

Kamehameha Schools graduate Caleb Spencer provided the spark during a 20-0 surge by Chosen Few in the final five minutes that broke open a previously close game. Spencer finished with 19 points.

Former UH point guard Jace Tavita contributed three points, five assists and three rebounds for Chosen Few.

‘Iolani School graduate Zach Buscher, who plans to join UH as a walk-on, contributed two points in limited action.

In the second game of the night, Standhardinger scored 37 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to lead Grantco Pacific to a 108-103 victory over Wealth Strategy Partners. The 6-foot-8 forward shot 12 of 22 from the field, and also had three steals. He is averaging 40.0 points per game so far in the summer league.

Standhardinger’s breakaway layup with 38 seconds remaining put Grantco Pacific up for good at 104-103.

Potential UH walk-on Tyler Harville contributed two points, two rebounds and an assist for Grantco Pacific.

William Broadus led Wealth Strategy with 21 points, and Rashaun Broadus added 20. Former UH point guard Miah Ostrowski contributed three points, four rebounds, four assists and two steals.

The summer league will continue with two games on Thursday (July 10) and two more on Saturday (July 12).

Saturday’s results
Chosen Few 89, Clark Hatch Fitness 71. Top scorers: CF–
Bill Amis 37, Caleb Spencer 19, Kaipo Pale 15. CHF–Kaunaoa McGee 23, Phil Martin 14, Bryan Sykes 10.

Grantco Pacific 108, Wealth Strategy Partners 103. Top scorers: GP–Christian Standhardinger 37, Geremy Robinson 23, Sean Caddell 19, Farbod Farman 12. WS–William Broadus 21, Rashaun Broadus 20, Joe Buck 16, Liloa Nobriga 15, Keola Stitzel 11, Dean Viena 10.

Photo courtesy http://basketballsummerleague.blogspot.com/


  1. I am on a break for the next week, so there will not be any video highlights for the next few sessions of summer league. I will still try to post updates on the games and UH players as information becomes available. Thanks again to all for the support.

  2. Now, absolutely not concerned if Tyler chooses Hawaii, always has been his decision his to make, and take. Wish Tyler well whatever he decides, though UH looks primed, if all guys healthy for a good season this year.

    What I am concerned about and probably the hundred fans or so that read this forum and Brian M’s,That Sammis still trying to get cleared to come to Hawaii. I still say, Gib has to be super Proactive now, go after possibly 2 bigs, one the scholarship offer, another,if possible the work in progress, a grinder, who might walkon preferred, ..with possibility if Sammis does not get in that walkon status can turn into a scholarsip. He really has to be as concerned maybe more than we are. Really disappointed about Sammis. Glad that Bobbitt and Fleming the two other LOI’s got in and ready to get to work in summer school.

    So Gib, you have to do a lot of work now, trying to possibly secure 2 more post players, or SF’s that can really defend and score, just great all around athletes. Gib has his work cut out for him. He has to get it done, in case Sammis a no go to enter into UH. UH would be super thin in frontcourt probably have to have Valdes and Webster-Chan step up to help defend and rebound in the paint.

  3. Hah, no way are you allowed to take a break at this point. So much BB info needed. Just kid Dayton. You either have a great reason or just needed the break. See you when you return.

    I went to game today and will give my thoughts on Tyler in a minute. I refrained from comment on Jake/ Tyler situation. I can see points on both sides. But I believe that Jake did no favors for Tyler. I think the thing snowballed down hill a lot faster than he anticipated. Tyler does read the message boards and I believe that it has affected his play. Tyler was not even making shots during warm ups. Jake built up Tyler to the point where expectations soared unrealistically high. It got to the point to where people viewed Tyler in a negative way. This has totally not been fair to Tyler. As far as the SMU situation, I do not hold it against him for exploring any options that come his way. After all, he did not sign a LOI. I think Tylers camp and UH coaching staff could have handled it better. Communicate better.

    Now my take on his play. Tyler is a smart player and could possibly play point as a relief role. He does have a decent release but unfortunately he has not hit very much. Like I said, too much pressure. But as we say, lets see how he does when the lights are turned on. Well, today was not a good day for him. I think he can be an asset at some point, but not this year. He is slight of build and was bullied on defense. He is very smart and plays hard and seems to be where he needs to be but needs more strength. He had a drive to the basket down the middle that he finished with a flip shot bank. It was pretty sweet. But other than that, Tyler did not show much.

    I wish him the best, wherever he lands.

  4. Thanks, Dayton

    ENJOY a Breather…

    I’m SURE a Few like warriorhaw will Step Up their Observations,

  5. dayton, thanks for the video’s. Hope you get to enjoy your break so have a good one.

  6. warriorhaw: Mahalo for your comments. Please do more. It was getting a little to intense and I apologize to WI UH MBB fan nation, I am really sorry. And to Tyler , his family, whomever read posts. However, Jake , your are right warriorhaw, that hype and build up on 2 forums, for several months., that is too much pressure for Tyler. I was a great anticipation fan. When Jake started to bring out Gib character, well I had to same something. Did We all know the truth, the facts. Even Jake did not know. One of those he say, they say. So great, and sincere and humble apologies to all on this Forum I am Sorry.

    Wish Tyler well, that is the concern, even watching the video hilites of his Vermont prep days. HIs slight build,..even Niko might be a little bigger. Tyler has his whole lif ahead of him. Wherever he is given opportunity for earning a degree, and to play the sport that he loves, he will do well. As I say, he MUST HAVE a fantastic family, support and help him to Californina and Hawaii. As for Gib and UH MBB side communicate, I Have No Idea why. whether protocol ncaa thing or what,..so I should not comment to, unless Gib comes out and says something. Wish warriorhaw, and fellow fan, carry the torch, comment when can, I really appreciate your thoughts, since you go when you can to league games and SSC games!

    Mahalo Warriohaw!
    Have a great choice and career Tyler. With family help, make a decision that will make you happy. And as I commented, when blogs were coming out about your play , relax, have fun, do not listen to the over hype, just play ball and have fun. Basketball should be fun, a joy, one of the greatest sports in the world!

    Thankyou to, to Pocho, Eagle, tako, warriorhaw for the reasoning and calmness too, and humour, as well as PONO and his well taken view and comments. Sure , things can be fixed, as in life , COMMUNICATION, with all concerned, Jake, Tyler, Gib , UH MBB, summer league and fans. Tyler , just have a great career and life, have fun, and apologies for coming out too strong on either side of the Jake issue. Jake might have come out too strong as well. Apologies much to you!

  7. Dayton have a great vacation. This WI forum, the best UH MBB insider source on the planet! Thankyou for letting us post. Now we get back to support of whomever trying to be part of UH MBB if that is their choice.

    And shout out to all the contributors, please post your comments, don’t be shy, then we have a more balanced forum. don’t mean to do most of posts, though like Pocho, limited in going to games, so in office on PC, I have to take break, do reading of good books, and with family, and keiki, and just relax.

    Cannot wait, for Sammis to get Ncaa compliance work done, I know, from his side, he wants very badly to be part of UH team this year. Really , at this point his number one option. Sammis you can do it, put in the work,, or if have legal, okay, help, compliance person on your side, maybe help you get things sorted out. whatever within ncaa guidelines!

    Rainbow Warriors, walkons who work as hard as scholarship athletes, I read on internet article, says they are the backbone of sports teams, because they do the grinding whether they play a lot or not too much at all. and UH Gib era, had and has some of the best I have seen, took care academics first, then seek PT opportunities, like Hackman, Harper, and of course Dressler, a scholarship guy, who will drop down a level and could dominate , I wish Caleb the best too.

    Go Warriors,! Bows!

  8. Tyler,

    Welcome to Hawaii, a very, very special place that most people never get a chance to experience.
    This site has so many UH fans, of which I am one.

    I can identify with your current situation as coming out of high school I had similar choices for college. I played in the same part of the country as you, albeit the NW Region of Indiana, and was the same size as you. Like you, I was the BMOC and even had some offers to a couple Ivy League and a WCC school in Div. l ball. Believe me when I say, there are over 35K US high school programs and DI college recruits do not just come from the US. The odds of getting to play Dl ball are less than a half of percent. As a non-scholarship player at 5’11”, think Rudy of Notre Dame…you will become fodder for the older/scholarship players. Even still, take Dyrbe Enos for example, he worked his way into last year’s line-up as a sophomore.

    Up to now in your career, you have enjoyed being that go to guy and playing time has never been an issue…if you choose to be a non scholarship frosh in Dl ball next season…that will be an issue that you will have to live with and adjust.

    If you have your mind set on Dl ball, know that since you will be playing against taller, stronger and quicker players at least 5 nights per week, you will, in turn, become a better ball player…but don’t expect much PT, particularly in your first couple years.

    Now, Coach came to see you and that got you here. I can tell you this, that being a part of this team in Hawaii will give you one of the best and most memorable experiences of your lifetime…it is very unique and when you do get into play, you will have rabid fans cheering on your presence, achievements and sacrifices. At the very least, you will LEARN and DEVELOP your skills, even if that leads you to other opportunities down the line.

    Big time decision for you and your Ohana. Good luck.


  9. Had a chance to finally head down and watch a game. First….I agree with a previous poster that Jake hyped Tyler up too much. Not sure he thinks he can fool us or he really thinks Tyler is all that.

    Tyler is a LONG way from being a D 1 level player. Someone his size need to either have pretty good athletic ability and quickness(ala Miah Ostrowski) to be able to compete at the D1 level. I did not see either characteristics on display. His forte is his shooting but at 5-10 he is not going to be able to get many shots off against D1 defenders.

    Defensviely his lack of quickness will be a liability. I can see Quincy blowing by him every single time in practice. IMHO……if he wants to play D1 he need to change his game and be more of a game manager/floor general. He will not have too many chance for wide open looks at the next level. UH already have a fairly good short guard who can shoot lights out in Drybe Enos and Enos has more athletic ability and is stronger than Tyler.

  10. Jake–whomever you are in relationship to Tyler, in any other program blog you would’ve been called out and outed almost immediately. Understand that people on this blog and Scout Hawaii are great people and have shown Tyler the benifit of the doubt. The hardcore bloggers have been quiet and quite nice. I’m sure he is a great kid and a good player. There is no need to pump him up or tell is how great he is. We all watch games and in today’s multimedia we know enough about him. We look forward to him trying to be a walk on. We have had several walk ons at Hawaii that have made it and he too can join the club. Jake do him a favor and don’t hype him up or give us excuses. Let us do that for you. You need to go back through the history of WI blogs and you will see that we do a good job ourselves of hyping a kid up. Good luck Tyler.

  11. BM reports Tyler is going to St Marys. All is moot.

  12. Harper and Hackman had good size and could shoot. Harper wasn’t bad on defense.

  13. Just a guess, probably correct. Harvilles including Tyler had a perhaps once in a lifetime to visit Hawaii, enjoy about a week together as family . And enjoy beautiful Hawaii. Baller4Life, even other forum the hard core, some would not even take Jake up on his hype, exactly what it was, too much, otherwise, Tyler would have had offers from top 30 schools, Even the Butlers, Gonzaga’s, maybe Wake Forrest, and BYU like Fleming and Sammis Reyes.

    Poor guy, and Jake shares the blame , a lot…however, Jake hyped Tyler up, and tried, man he tried, as well as a few other, maybe two, that joined him, that Gib was bad guy. Really feel, it was Gib’s call or not to call to make. He has Enos, that boy would eat up Tyler, just the experience and Football quickness and strength, Same with Niko, that guy is tough as nails,will come back bigger and stronger, now, another preferred walkon , I think this one , possibly Gib went to see, Brocke Stepteau, interesting, smaller, however he must have quicks, or can get steals. As everyone knows, no harm no foul, no loss. Tyler was going to be a walkon, so NO Scholarship loss or gained. It is like Tyler was not even here. Hope he does okay at St Mary’s, that program and Bennett on 4 year probation with ncaa, though they can play in ncaa tournament, limited scholarships and contacts, recruiting etc.

    Feeling we might never hear from Jake on Dayton’s excellent forum, he wanted to diss Gib, or call out 2 of the contributors, he could not do it..he just didn’t have the facts down…Gib , focus, make sure Sammis gets in, or start looking for another late ready to play Big, a must if Sammis doesn’t make it in to UH..I think , hope Sammis will.

    Humble Pie, with Peter Frampton and Stever Marriott had that 1969 song entitled, ” the Sad Tale of Shakey Jake” well, Tyler shaked the Jake..and now off to St Mary’s, good thing it was all on the Harvilles expense, did not cost UH MBB one penny…that is the good part..Still makes you wonder..if Tyler..so stoked on St Mary’s , just go there..he wanted to have a nice summer vacation.. Hope we see St Mary’s in post season, last year we beat them, with Janks, Bobbitt, Nevels, Negus, and Fotu, Smith, I bet we can beat em good, hopefully.

    warriorhaw, Tyler wanted to go to St Mary’s all along, Gib kept silent, his choice, ..probably as BM’s blog stated, because Fish not here..Harvilles had great Hawaiian vacation, wish them well, no ill will, and UH MBB get ready, finish up ncaa,thing, and get ready for next season to rock that SSC and BWC!
    Go Rainbow Warriors. and thanks for representing Baller4Life, ,Jake was becoming almost troll like, that is not good for this WI fan, family and friend site, great one, the best run by Dayton.

    so long jake, …aloha means goodbye.

  14. kahuna: great comments, from the other side. the Mature rated one. Jake would have had the Shakes. Man, I feel sorry, if he was guiding Tyler one way or another, and making Gib out to be evil robot. Would take 4 Dyrbe Enos type over Tyler any day..Tyler has to get bigger stronger, which, a 21 year old Dyrbe is already. Dyrbe will play a lot this year, he has the system down, hope he can earn that scholie too, he represent, along with Zach Buscher the great 808..

    Bet Pocho, going at it, on other forum against Shakey Jake. what you gonna do?

    That several month hype, similar to Manroop, however Roop was a LOI scholarship kid, will do well at Seattle U. same with Tyler, probably great kid and family too, just the Jake scout factor..too troll like,..does not make sense, and Two forum people support his ideas, crazy,

    Well Tyler Harville wish him well, get that 4 year degree, the NBA unless you blow up, not in immediate future, maybe overseas..Harvilles help Tyler see need to go to St Mary;s very expensive catholic school and get his degree, most important..
    Now we are curious to see Fleming, Stepteau, hopefully bigger stronger more confident Thomas, in summer league if they choose.

    Pocho…no harm no foul..no loss of scholie, move on uh mbb, move on, !!

  15. Just got a chance to watch the full video on the summerleagueblogspot site. My conclusion is that Jake has done a great job overhyping Tyler to us. He is clearly not ready for Division I basketball. He does look like he has a nice stroke, but putting up shots against bigger, stronger players might be a different story.

    As for his defense? Based on last nights game, he has a looooong way to go. He struggled to defend Keola Stitzel, who played at Roosevelt probably more than a decade ago and wasn’t exactly a high school legend. Don’t think he even played small college. With all due respect to Keola, it looks like he enjoys a beer or six after games these days, so I would hesitate to call him a measuring stick for this summer league. Quite frankly, if Tyler struggled to defend Keola, he would be an absolute nightmare (in a negative way, mind you) on defense in an actual D-1 game.

    Really hope the shooting improves so we can see that part of the real Tyler … or is this whole thing the latest internet hoax?

    At this point, I would take our Hawaii high school player of the year Joshua Burnett over the Vermont player of the year in a heartbeat.

  16. Jake the shake scout…too much unfair hype, and poor Tyler could not live up to it.. up in Vermont he was open gym with monster elite BB talent, and he cannot compete with 30 or near 38 year old ex college and HS BBallers. sad. ..Jake should not have done the 2 or 3 month hype..Now he goes, to St Mary’s, you don’t think some of the Gael fans read our two UH MBB forums and what went down.. Tyler had chance , he wanted to, however , still as everyone, even DI recruiters, Tyler has to get bigger, faster stronger, just mature his game, he will be okay, has to grind like Christian, Spearman, Negus, Nevels, Smith, Fotu and Janks, Jovanovich, Filipovich, are doing…those returnees and RS’s are on mission…they don’t even read these posts about a never was UH MBB walkon, they are determined, come back UH ncaa cleaned up, and battle for NCAA/ NITs’ ready to rock..
    Hey WI UH MBB fans, Jake the hyper, and Tyler are history wish them the best and we move on!
    And Jake..no harm no foul, if ever any legitimate scholarship offer from Vermont is coming to Hawaii, let them do it on their own merit.. save a lot of embarrassment!

  17. Sorry, hoopsa, with respect I do believe your last five words were not necessary. What did it accomplish?

  18. tako: the embarrassment was for Jake. I do not think we ever had a SCOUT for northeast prep basketball on 2 MBB forums here locally. Pretty much, the leaning for Tyler was St Mary’s anyways. That is why his family sent him there. And the Gaels responded in kind. I do not know if Jake well actually you can see his name promoting other kids on different schools forums.

    Remember tako the best 3 pt shooting talent he had seen in long time. Okay. I went over and over, and over the clips of Tyler in his two summer league games, Unless Tyler was hurt, it bore out what we all knew already. too small, not too athletic, and could not hit threes on command in the Pacific..however in the past, recent when Mike Harper was here , he had several 20 pt games, with one 26 pointer, sweet left handed three point shot. Lot of hustle, size and desire, great promise, and he was a Fisher preferred walkon invite. Same with Hackman, in open gym or practices that nice 3 point stroke he could hit them, size, once again. And another Fisher find preferred walkon.

    So, there was that thought when Fisher went to Ohlone JC, would Tyler STILL come to Hawaii? From Jake the Scout, and even BM, he and Stepteau, still coming over. tako, I leave it alone, Jake was as intense, too much to promote Tyler, sort of like Manroop Clair, who was actually bigger, and probably will have good career at Seattle U. I wish Tyler the best, and that is why I questioned, even Jake, why didn’t Tyler just pack up and go home, if he was going to text call St Mary’s before or after first summer league game that he was going to be a Gael, according to Dayton’s first video interview, remember, he was all in for 4 years as walkon committ ..I don’t know what that teaches young or older ones, the benefit of just being upfront. To come here with family, who had great time, wonderful vacation, at least the Harvilles will never forget that, plus his team in summer league, even Silva the coach, let him play much more final game, that was classy.

    It was Jake the Scout…too much build up, and still saying Tyler was coming here, don’t worry, then changing the story, well Gib or Akana did not contact, now, their are blogs that dated , yes in past month several times, they did, let him know details of summer league, maybe school enrollment, team he was on, etc. To me, NOT TYLER or a future Vermont LOI possibility, if it is a scholarship athlete well, that is binding, and we know he will be here. This was a walkon so really no loss for Gib and program, however embarrassing for Jake. ..tako, when you were young, didn’t your parents, say, think before you speak, or, really know what you are going to say, or make sure you are correct before you proceed, With Jake getting second hand text messages from WHO, that set in motion, well is this Scout for real or what. Why doesn’t he just call Tyler himself? Hey, all this happened over a course of a few days. Let’s move on. Gib has a lot of work to do. As you say, WAIT, WAIT be PATIENT…and things will resolve itself… same for Tyler he works it, gets better, and gets his degree at whatever college, he will be okay. And, Jake, he should owe all of us a huge apology, …Gib is not perfect however, don’t lend a hand to an attack on him without all of the facts.
    Tako, wait until Gib is interviewed, let him have his say, he was silent, never said anything..if questioned, we shall see whay he says,…it was a WALKON situation so no harm no foul..we move on.

    I apologize if the embarrassment word was too strong. I meant for a scout that claimed to represent an athlete. Too much on both sides. I let it go, and Jake, we might not hear from again, unless, …I don’t think so..unless he comments on a 2016 guaranteed LOI that is coming to Hawaii in few years.
    Things going on in world much worse than summer league and possible walkon or not. simply blown out of proportion. And I got caught in it. Embarrassing for this old man too. I am sorry to you tako. UH MBB Imua, move forward. Tyler will be alright and Jake will go back to hoops media write-ups, and other athletes that is his sideline, wish him well.

  19. Just to clarify my statement about Michael Harper, I meant 2 summers ago when he was in summer league as invited walkon. He had a nice 3 point shot and of course pound for pound supposedly the strongest athlete on the team.
    Hackman, when he came over, a late get, he had those video of open gym, and he could knock down those nice top of the circle 3 point shots. ..plus in Germany against grown men, for one year, knocking down threes, and an all around game.
    Hackman, and Harper preferred walkons spotted by Fisher, unless mistake, I don’t think so. Those are two physically bigger young athletes. Tyler, just has to get bigger and stronger,, if his desire he will, and will do well in future.

    Tako and rest of WI,…I will stop the Tyler ..Jake saga, it will be distant memory, because basically it only happened over less than one week in our lives. We all move, on, and no ill will towards all parties. We want to concentrate on how Bobbitt doing getting healed up, Fleming, Stepteau, Bushcer, Enos, Thomas, how they all doing in summer league. Interesting how Gib sent all the other roster guys home, I think it was nice, they are not academically behind ,, so nice gesture, and they are playing in some pretty elite summer leagues. Sammis Reyes, tako, that is the concern, and Gib, probably still active to get a SF or PF to complete recruiting, especially if there is a bump in the road on Sammis getting into UH, I hope he does..as always, subject changes..Dayton have a nice time off, vacation you deserve it..Your site, was pumping, really lively for a few days. now we move on.
    tako, take care, the saga of Jake and Tyler is PAU.

  20. Let’s end this chatter about Mr. Harville can we? If he’s 5’10” and was good enough he would have been on scholarship. To play Division I basketball in college and you are small, several things are a must. One, you gotta be super quick feet and quick hands. Two, you have to play good defense. Three, be able to handle the ball and be able to penetrate, and four of course, shoot a high percentage. Other than shoot 3s, he was lacking in some other key skills. Not to diss him, I wish him all the luck in the world in his pursuit of his dream, to play college basketball at the highest level, and be successful. Let’s move on.
    Whate Arnold needs right now in recruits is height, bulk, and athleticism.

  21. playhoopsa,

    what a month, heh? hahahaha. you know what after all this is done, I’m thinking does jake feel Hawaiibb is pretty bad. Some were asking jake about any leads to a Big that we felt we desperately needed since he confided in us that he was some sort of scout in the East. You remember how that turned out? You saw that video of that Big? hahaha, I don’t know man, he’s got to be thinking that. Really, he kinda took it back after reading some of the comments being written about that Big. It kind of threw me off watching the video of that Big as I had bought in to jake’s words “sigh” and was expecting more of a player. My doubts of him started from that moment but the guy meant well until … . lol

  22. Derek: you are right. This Tyler thing is ended.

    Agree 100%, with question of Sammis Reyes still trying to get into UH, and the need to bulk up that front court.. Gib and remaining staff have to be working overtime, if ncaa allows at this period. They have to have maybe even TWO SF/PF’s who can play in the paint. 6’7″-6’10” with either size and or skill or both. It is really a priority one, I would not be surprised if up until August before school starts, Gib says he has a scholarship agreement signee or maybe two, if problem with Sammis. He has done it before.

    I think that was Gib’s philosophy from first year, always leave room for those walkon athletes. the toughest thing to do, probably more so than the scholarship guys. Paying for, or student loan finance their own tuition, plus class requirements and all the same practice and workouts. Dyrbe Enos, Nikola Filopovich, will contribute.two good preferred walkons, earning way up..warriors true.

    However as we all know, and fans start to comment, too, not just one or two if you wish, the more join forum chat, the better.

    What do you think fans. Gib has to recruit possible one or even emergency another big just in case.? I think, that is what Gib is going or is doing. I do not know the dead period summer for recruiting, know that Gib fully compliant. It will be great news, if he announces he got a late ready to play from wherever on the globe big, that would be really good news!

  23. Pocho:

    It was really you that did great investigative work, even caught Jake on some error on statements about contact with Gib and Tyler, It is over. I think Jake said he writes a hoops column on east coast as a sideline job. Who knows, maybe he is, ha, ha! the mayor of city in Mass. Just joking. Glad that is over. NO ill feeling, however, the guy or gal, stayed up till 2 or 3am EST to blog, and chat, incredible, just for a young guy, that was trying to walkon. Yes, I saw that big, and Jake did mention he was A PROJECT. huge young guy UH MBB might be interested in, has to get faster stronger, quicks. However he has size. Pocho, it takes some courage, and intelligence on your part to defend UH MBB program, even for Gib, I do not know, maybe, if Gib reads our posts, I bet he appreciates, you and I standing up for him and UH MBB program against ones that attack without truth or substance. That is PONO…truth, the right thing, ,honest thing to do….Hey Pocho, on two forum fronts, we gotta love Gib, go get em, reel in some good ones Gib we need some good Bigs!

    Take care Pocho, we oldtimers, maybe not that old, however, both kind of limited to move around, we love the hoops talk. Aloha brother!
    was fun though. Do not think Jake will be on Hawaii BB forums for awhile, however you never know.
    Mahalo for those ncaa searches, still puts question mark for me about St Mary’s however, they going through their own problems…

  24. playhoopsa, nice to know someone thinks the same way about our UHbb Coach. You take care now.

  25. I still say Arnold should have kept Manroop Clair. I believe in that young man. He only played one year in the program, came to UH when he was still 17 and left when he was a young 18. He outplayed Dukie Rasheed Sulaimom on the AAU circuit and talked some trash with him. Although he had his troubles as a PG his best position should have been SG and he would have been a junior this year. With Jawato being out last year, Clair could have fill the void in helping the team improve the 3 pt shooting when Shamburger and Spearman were struggling from downtown. A couple of points here and there could have been crucial in getting a few more wins, maybe enough to contend for the conference tournament. We’ll never know.

  26. I don’t know where you going with that. But it seems Manroop chose to leave. From the start when I first saw Manroop at the Thanksgiving table he looked young and somewhat meek amongst his peers. Think he was 17 or just made 18. think he started to open up a bit, maybe being forced to with players trying to get UH students to the Stan.

    Guess he just didn’t feel comfortable here, maybe being pushed into the pg spot in which according to googling that he never was a pg in hs. Brand new position @ Div.1 level, it showed but man, I wanted him to shoot lights out. He just seemed out of place to me and wished Rozitis would have taken him under his wings to open up his personality a bit.

  27. Poncho, some good thoughts. When a young man begins new surroundings at college as a freshman it’s not easy. When I went to the mainland for college in Washington I was homesick, and shy, very timid. But, you stick with it and things get better over time. Who know, maybe Clair could have blossomed as he got more mature and working with the weights. Public, it said that He choose to leave the program. What is not said in public is the coach and player evaluation after the season. Maybe, Arnold didn’t show Clair the love that he was wanted and how he could get better and how he can contribute more. I don’t know. Maybe he did want to be closer to his home in Burnaby! B.C. Like I said, we’ll never know. You can’t always believe what’s said or printed on the radio, news or the papers. Over the bridge now. Next!

  28. Right Dumbrek! right on! hahahah

  29. playhoopsa,

    we found another Gib hater in Dumbrek, no need to figa! hahahaha

  30. Keep on dreaming!

  31. Manroop very well near home. Seattle U. Good mbb program..his temmates really liked him..the player evaluations for all guys done after season..goes way back..I know even Riley had some that were released and helped transfer to other schools better fit..they did well..did you know Derek all scholarship athletes it is not a guaranteed 2-4 year deal..yearly evaluation..if not meet academic athletic goals or code of conduct can be released..from UCLA to Duke all schools review their athletes ..part of reason..Gib not making up..it is like free agency..every spring hundreds of mbb athletes move on..whether did not feel wanted loved whatever..uh mbb derek benefitted too..transfers. Rozitis..Standhardinger..Shamburger helped uhmbb get 20 wins..now double transfer however uh mbb grad I think..Even spearman was a transfer from D1 Dayton..to jc to uhmbb..janks..negus..so goes both ways..without those transfers who did fit former schools..uhmbb and benefitted rigt? Works both ways..

    gib make sure derek academics..he is doing great job now even if guys transfer all now good academic standing including roop..he made sure they don’t flunk out and keeps uhmnn apr good

    for that reason gib deserves multi year extension..good bargaining point for his attorney with ben jay..

    agree..clair..ozren..were put into tough situation at pg..natural 2 and 3 guys..
    gib trying to build team where 13 scholarship athletes love hawaii program and are 2 and 3 dtar or better athletes
    he has done good job..he is old school too.respect for coaches and authority like riley..guys have to earn rspect..with recent grads uhmbb doing good..now he has a lot of good 1 and 2 guards ..some 3’s..2 possible 4’s..he gotta get a big or sf..

    go gib grat job..he loves guys too..however have to be team guys..that is why even transfers are still good friends with current team..good job gib
    stand and fight for right!!

  32. You know we only have the reporters who reports. I tend to believe whats written in the newspapers than what someone who’s not in the know thinks.

    If the reputable newspaper reporter says Gib wanted a player off the team and gone I’d believe that reporter. hahahaha

    I myself don’t come out and say Gib wanted Manroop to stay with the team but decided to move on. It’s the reporters scoop from the horses mouth, the horse can change his mind. And there’s no word the horse said this or that.

    Plus you had to start the name calling to boot! It’s more proof your upset with me calling you out. And I did because you started it with your dreams and not even an ounce of written paperwork.

  33. Dumbrek? Well self explanatory..sheesh just let gib do his job ncaa correct and battle for ncaa bid this year about
    8000 new and old fans who love his exciting high scoring teams will be happy..hey pocho..some people just like to post hate negativity..could be ones nothing better for do right!!
    go get em we stand and fight with you!!
    Pocho go geev em. Dumbrek?sheesh!!

  34. This whole Harville matter would make a good case study on the overbearing support groups that smother young athletes and kids in general these days. I have been biting my tongue holding back some thoughts on Jake, just in case Tyler actually turned into the second coming of Steve Kerr.

    Now that they’re gone and Tyler showed that he might not quite be ready for D-1 ball, I feel more comfortable questioning the methods of Jake, but not his motives as he clearly wants Tyler to succeed. I know there were some here naive enough to believe that Jake was a real scout with no direct relationship to the Harvilles. Come on! It was clear to me after the first few days of his ramblings that Jake was a member of the Harville family, maybe even his father or grandfather or brother. Hopefully it wasn’t Tyler himself posting, as that would be really scary.

    How else would he get such up to date info, such as Tyler’s thoughts, family passwords to sites, game performances immediately after the summer league, etc. For those of you who are parents, I ask you would you allow a “scout” to get that close to one of your kids, and call your family several times a day, every day and share such private information? I sure wouldn’t.

    The other burning questions I had involved the so-called scout label. if Jake was indeed a scout and was pushing so hard for Tyler, where were the takers? Could this scouting service be that terrible? Or could the thousands of D-1 assistants and head coaches all have overlooked Tyler and this scouting service? Hmmm.

    I do give Jake credit for keeping up the charade for so long, and wonder if he’ll do the same at Saint Mary’s. I wonder how insufferable Jake would have been with his postings if Tyler came here and rode the bench for four years?

    In closing, I wish Tyler the best of luck and hope that being on the West Coast away from some of his support group will allow him to spread his wings. Saint Mary’s should be a good choice. They don’t get as much media coverage and fan scrutiny as here at UH, so that will probably be good for Tyler. And hopefully he develops under Eran Ganot who I heard nothing but good things during his time at UH.

  35. Playhoopsa/pochaboy. Wish u boys actually knew anything about the game so you would realize how embarrassing your comments are. From 2007-2013 only 4 teams in country averaged 25 wins a year. Duke, Kansas, Gonzaga, and yes St. Mary’s. So Harville must really, really be terrible for them to want him. Yep, that passes the common sense test!! Haha Judge a kid after 2 useless summer games. Seriously? Anyway, best of luck to u Gib lovers. I will check back in once the results of investigation come in. I have been most kind in saying I bet no big deal…..because I thought u two would seriously hang yourselves if u knew what I actually think.

  36. ChuckCheese: Now I understand why you all didn’t join in battle against this JAKE ..Jake was promoting Tyler from Vermont Academy ,which is legit. Tyler Vermont prep player of year legit, the 126 threes or whatever legit, that Tyler too small, and mostly Manhattan, Vermont, some DII, and DIII schools and of all schools he says St Mary’s offered him a walkon spot. I think this JAKE said that Tyler could have had full scholarship to Vermont or Maine or some other North east DI school, however, hates the cold, cold of that part of country, I don’t blame him.

    No. ChuckCheese, when this scout Jake started to blog on 2 forums in Hawaii 7 days a week until 2 or 3 am in the morning EST, which he or she said was making them exhausted, I thought…hmmmm, why would any scout, for a borderline athlete, great at Vermont, however still physically not ready for DI ball, want to stay up that late. He was in constant debate with Pocho on the other mature blog. Pocho, have to give him HUGE props Chuck, he had the cajones, to call Jake out, the lack of OR NO communication with Tyler supposedly, for over month, when within past 2 weeks or so, Akana texted him about summer league, school, team he would be on. etc. So Jake was caught, never ever owned up to it. What ticked me off big time, when he said, through SECOND party, he or she never identified, that Gib was not honest, NO communication nothing, when Akana as assistant, that is what they do for DI HC, they do the leg work with athletes. Calling Gib out, as basically not honest, maybe even deceitful, ..Sooo, not only you or the other Gib questioner, O…n on other site, thought that we were so taken in by dupe. We wanted to believe this

    guy legit, and he just might be, I tried to google Hoops talk media paper, they have some in northeast that cover Vermont prep school basketball. Still have to search, doubt if I would find a Jake….However, he or she, dad or relative, was on another school, I think it was Montana, and he or she was doing the same thing, telling those forum members about Tyler, looking for walkon spot, 126 three’s , best 3 point shooter ever seen, etc. If Jake is family member, either he or she did great job getting Jake shot at St Mary’s or he or she did some damage to his or her’s credibility as a Scout, never heard of such a thing for MBB college. heard of Verbal commit sites, commentary, guys, heard of MLB, NFL, NBA scouts, YOU EVER HEAR OF A MBB SCOUTING SERVICE?

    I think they have international ones for pro athletes. IN the past week on the 2 forums, it went from promotion to downright demotion, and worse yet, the three ball wonder boy, could not blow up our old local boy Manoa league guys, I wonder if he got smoked at Paki park too.
    Chuck, it is such a non issue, and Tyler has shaken the Jake SO FAST…No word, from he or she.
    It could not be girlfriend, could be the live tweets from Manoa gym, or mother or dad. Heard there were moans and groans at Summer league game when he jacked 3 threes and missed badly, I was happy Alan Silva yanked him and sat him down. Now it makes me wonder, this Jake, real scout or girl cousin or brother, we have to check internet Vermont Prep and see on their blogs, is he or she

    promoting another, athlete. he could be legit, he knows all of the guys 2016, and a lot about northeast basketball, however, why the months of exhausting blogging, here, so tired, for a guy who had absolutely NO INTENTION of walking on to UH. he was going to St Marys after the one week vacation. He must think Gib is stupid., Chuck, whatever the Gib anti people think..Gib is coming out looking really good on this one. he wants the right fit, not a kid, with, a Scout , who takes second hand information, does not own up to obvious inaccuracies about Gib and UH MBB

    and their lack of interest or communication.. wonder what Gib will say, if Brain M. asks him this week? Probably, the kid could have walked on, we told him what to do, what he is saying , it ain’t the truth, he wanted to go to St Mary;s wish him well,..whenever comes to becoming PC, Gib is great, always gracious about it. ..all guys that left or did not work out, wishes them well and the best.That is a first class person. Not perfect, and he admits it, however, he has learned to do things with class with the kids. If they don’t follow or listen see eye to eye with coaches, he will help them transfer, and especially remind them, and this is Gib’ s most outstanding characteristic as MBB HC, the academics, he has hit that winning 40 foot 3 pointer for the win at the buzzer with that. and Ben Jay has to agree. The academics, come first, and of course the character of kid. Tyler, who knows. let us follow that, will the St Marys BB site tomorrow announce he is walking on, what if he does not like it, or Bennett cuts him? then what, suggest Tyler go to a good JC maybe in Kansas, or Saddleback, or somewhere, man he looks smaller than Miah O.

    Jake , see, he never did post on two forums, sorry for the negative talk about Gib calling him dishonest, that is really. dog poop! sorry for imagery! But that is what it was. We were all anxious even you, Chuck that a freebie good shooting three man would walk on..Tyler , since Fish gone, had no, absolutely NO INTENTION to walkon to Hawaii, and Gib probably knew that for awhile…Gib may be many things, he is not stupid..pretty Akamai guy.,.

  37. Jake : Yes, you come to Hawaii blog and you lay that poop on us, Jake totally NO class, NO class at all. You can stay in Northeast and be cold. Your boy Tyler, see if he even makes the Gaels team.

    Jake, you still never did answer the questions Pocho nailed you on, the St Marys workout with coaches, the saying Gib or Akana never contacted Tyler in over month.,, it is all documented on your blogs,..

    Don’t come back, once we see the name Jake, what a fake, total fake.

    UH MBB will meet your 4 year probation Gaels and kick their okoles out to the east coast.
    Man, talking trash, when the people are asleep. you are just a little kid, or maybe a girl cousin, no class. Gib is the one that will be smiling,..making Tyler and you out to be not good people.

    YOU NEVER APOLOGIZED to the good people on this forum and all the stupid hype for your son, boyfriend, or grandson, totally no class. A scout, eagle scout? I doubt.
    Tyler, has to get bigger stronger, UH has so many guards, and you like other Gib haters, say you know something, that ncaa doesn’t know, well total fake, come clean…
    what a fake, jump in a lake.

    You should be smiling, ha, ha,..Tyler has his wish, and so do you..have a good day Jake,,,really no ill feelings. just gotta be honest whomever you are. have a good day.ha, ha,

  38. On other forum do your trash talking, Jake, HOW could you be a respected scout or Hoops column writer and just talk poop and trash to us. Totally unprofessional, and to call out two old senior citizens, …with questions, that you cannot validate, never answered, now you go to the other forum, they figured you out, You are NO scout, not a rep of Tyler, some relative, or worse yet Tyler himself, ? Tyler don’t do that, would be horrible..I will stop here, if you did not lay the dog poop so late this HST nite, don’t come back and lay trash, going to notify, Dayton, if you start laying poop, he can just delete you, your name or profile comes up, even if you make up another, he will moderate and delete your posts. so many young people and from around the globe read these blogs, this is the fan, family and friend UH MBB site. You have totally wiped yourself off of the map as far as WI and UH MBB fans are concerned, late nite blogging..

    I will let Dayton know. I know he warned you before. No, poop, have to keep upright. and you laying some real stink, goodbye Jake..

  39. Later crazy playhoopsa. I doubt Tyler remembers me. So funny how u hate me all of the sudden and try to put down Tyler. I’m sure u know much more about the game than Bennett, Clarke and Fisher. Yep. That passes the common sense test as well. Haha. Have Dayton delete je. Doesn’t matter. This is my last post.

  40. Good riddance!

    jake, I wish Tyler the Best, can you pass that on

  41. I’ve been posting here for a long time and this board has gotten crazy. There are a couple of people who post 10x more than everyone else and although this is a pro UH basketball site you have to be 100% on the kool aid or you get attacked. People here are living in fantasy land and not reality. First they are hyping up a walk on and asking Jake to send some mythical big man to UH then a couple of weeks later are criticizing him and scaring him off the board. The site has turned into a personal playground for a few and there are about 100 posts of the exact same thoughts over and over and over……Adios to this now defunct and crazy site that been taken over by the kool aid drinkers.

  42. All I can say. Some posters relay negative thoughts about Gib/Staff and some are asking: Where’s the Beef? I don’t find nothing wrong with that until one starts to name calling. It’s a place for discussion, I don’t see Dayton deleting post but who knows he may if it gets real personal. lol

  43. Auwe….Often, share with friends that WI is such as a great site to p/up info on U of H MBB. It is positive and supportive, truly fan based and insightful.

    Sadly, some people just don’t know when to let go and move forward.

    Does anyone have any videos on how Q is playing? How about more videos on Nevels?

    Reminder: Dayton stated that he would be on vacation this week…..

    Reminder: More players should be debuting during summer league play this week, please share what you see. With Aloha….

  44. I apologize once again finally. Pono, there is no limit to the posts. I have always been positive about Gib the MBB program Hawaii and the school. I am not drinking koolaid. Just a great fan, older than you maybe, and wanted to turn a negative down time after Nash tenure, with arrival of Gib, hey….something new, with the scoring type of team he was creating and pressure defense., much more exciting. So I get excited. Some fans appreciate, when we remember 40 or 50 years ago the MBB athletes and teams, Dayton knows I post a lot, Eagle does too, warriorhaw, I am older, disable, work out of home on PC, so , like some have time to post. Pono, you can post all you want. I am the cheerleader type, love Hawaii and UH sports. Nothing bad about that.

    And tako, you have to take a stand somewhere, my posts, because long or what not, gets moderated and deleted. a lot. they are not even negative, I live with that.

    It takes courage, like Pocho, who did the heavy lifting, the research, to actually find out that so called Jake, is not what he or she appears to be. I am a fan, and am not going to name call, or diss, the HC or the athletes. Jake claims to be professional. Even, Brain, Dave R., Ferd, if you blog with them, and they make mistakes, the will apologize or correct. This person, who probably is a young person, does not, NO APOLOGIES to WI UH MBB nation. I was up, the late nite, commenting on team etc, and this person Jake, comes in with that blow to myself and Pocho on three blog forums.
    after awhile it was too childish, I am probably 30 or more years older than he or she, Jake, so I say, stop….he or she still comes on, I will let concern be know to Dayton..or Dayton has warned Jake before, …another person, a year or too back…a certain..O….n.., he just disappeared..

    To be professional, and I have not threatened person, or been profane or vulgar, or dissed the HC or players, never..I will leave it go..I hope Jake does not come back, says he or she is fan of UH and this site…he or she is , just not a scout, reporter or professional…if they represent a newspaper, or if coach, or worse yet, an agent, his company he or she works for would have to suspend them. Just poor choice of words etc.

    tako…I know you are long time fan, I apologize, Pocho and myself, on 3 forums, we defend UH MBB and HC, unless they are really truly felons, we do not like the personal attacks.. The name calling and late at nite, when all of the bloggers, I have hard time sleeping as old person .., all were asleep, so Jake could sneak in and get in his or her digs.

    In Respect to my fellow fans, and PONO, you can post 100 times on topic if you want, I don’t think there is a limit, …I just keep the positive MBB interest going…sometimes even if topic is the guys getting a shave or what favorite food they like.. I will post when no one does, because I love this site UH MBB, and I support the athletes and HC .

    PONO..it is the right thing to do.
    tako…I will let he or she Jake, go…they can post the venom…I will go back to promoting UH MBB and Gib’s priorities, recruiting last big, Sammis, and ncaa pau, as well as his contract situation. and updates on the guys.. Never, has a person, IN HAWAII attacked two fans of UH MBB and supporter of HC on several forums..he or she is not an adult that is for sure..
    Jake good bye, aloha, you should apologize to hoopsa , pocho and all the fans here and the other sites.. that would be true aloha and class.
    I apologize to you, for the banter..let’s move on.
    Go Bows!

  45. Fellow fans: I still think that is the key, Bobbitt , Fleming, the two scholarship athletes made it in. So important. If more problems they see on horizon with ncaa thing, they probably would never have come. Now they are in summer school starting today July 7 2014, which is great.
    Curious to see Brocke Stepteau summer league hilites, he must have that something, for coaches to go to Dallas to watch him. He wants to be 4 year graduate of UH. Wish him well.

    MIke Thomas, great student, getting ahead on schooling , he is in summer school starting today as well. Great, great young man.

    So Gib has done it the academic excellence, the high character kids, the exciting basketball, the admission to mistakes, however fully compliant to fix and move on. And with the returnees, still on board, not one opted out and moved to another school, except, for Dressler, to DII, for PT and walkons , really great nice young guys Hackman and Harper, transferred for more PT, and Keith for the last go round with Mizzou, which is fine, he graduated too, or hopefully he did. I like how Gib has gotten the APR and schooling as priority one, Athletic part priority two, and High Character people, always 24/7…go get another big Gib..and we shall see hopefully, no …I am confident a strong, team, perhaps his best one athletically hopefully team together unity, in 5 years!

    and that is PONO!
    Go Bows…!
    Hey, other fans, post away, not just me….go ahead talk up good stuff about, UH MBB!
    tako, back to the super fan again, past is past!

  46. Hey die hard UHMBB supporters. It’s winter here in Aotearoa, cold and wet, hope you all enjoying your summer season in Paradise.

    Isaac is going into camp for the” Tall Blacks” Trial to-day. Will let you all know how he gets on. He has been training hard for this.

    Keep posting away Playhoopsa and Co, interesting readings.

    Enjoy your break DM, hope you come back refresh…


  47. One way Gib got the apr good was to put Harper on scholarship for one semester in spring 2013.


  48. WOW.

    Let’s just stop talking about Tyler after this WI Summer league post. Let’s move on and let the kid move on too, whether that’s here in Hawaii or elsewhere.

    I think it’s very premature to judge a player on two summer league performances. Actually, a lot of people here already dismissed Tyler after his first performance. That’s just sad and says more about your qualities – or lack thereof – than Tyler’s. Tyler is in a different time zone, playing on an unfamiliar court with unfamiliar teammates under a new coach, probably eating different food, sleeping in a hotel room, and having a million and one thoughts and doubts about his future. That’s not easy for a young athlete. It’s not easy for anyone.

    I think it’s flattering that a kid from Kentucky who had a successful prep career on the East coast would go through the emotional, physical, and financial burden of coming all the way out to Hawaii to play for UH. It shows he has a lot of heart and perseverance – two qualities anyone can admire.

    Tyler, don’t lose faith. Keep your dream alive. If Gib hasn’t expressed interest in you and you really want to play in Hawaii then if I were you I would just work very hard over the summer, show up to tryouts and show him what you got. Another option is to go to SMU, which isn’t too shabby of an option either. In any case, it’s a win-win situation.

    Jake, thank you for your comments. I hope you continue to comment despite what’s been recently said of you. You’ve been a regular contributor to this site and it’s really cool to know that there are people out there on the mainland taking an interest in UH basketball. If you are a scout then please keep us up to date on any standout players.

    For all the people here saying that Jake overhyped Tyler: I think Jake was merely stating facts and basketball statistics about Tyler. Some may argue that he didn’t have to comment as much? Well, you can’t blame him when a few WI contributors (playhoopsa, eagle, etc.) were often asking him to share updates, more statistics, video highlights, whereabouts, etc.

  49. TAVS:
    myself, Eagle, tako, we were very interested that a young guy from far away east coast, would try to walkon to Hawaii. When Fisher left, it lingered in all of our minds, would he Still Come to Hawaii?
    How quickly, within just a day or so, or less, that Jake forgot, how much I supported Tyler, wanted him to be that 3 point bomber, and it would not cost UH MBB a scholarship. You too, must have been interested in seeing Tyler in Hawaii summer league. I was even blogging with Brian M’s live tweets on this site: Hey Tyler relax, be calm, don’t have to jack 3 pointer every possession. I was pulling for Tyler have a good game. I think with all of the hoopla, and maybe, the non contact with UH MBB, that we don’t know for sure, unless Gib comments. Tyler is not to blame, nor his folks, once it came out that Jake would say, Gib was dishonest, that is where I came out in HC’s defense, I think the communicated enough, school summer be enrolled, when summer league and what team on. Very sure if Fisher were here, he would have had Tyler under his wing. Wonder that Fisher did not want Tyler to follow him to Ohlone JC, would have been perfect fit and situation. Think that Fisher wants a clean start. Let’s get back to talking UH hoops. This thing is PAU..over..I am sorry to you and other fans, never been vulgar, or name calling game.. it is too childish and I , as an old man, got caught up with young Jake. Wish Jake and Tyler well, in Hawaii we have too much Aloha for the trash talking nonsense.

  50. Tonganator: Mahalo, and thanks for support , I love the Warrior Basketball team, and that is what we wanted to concentrate on….how is Isaac Fotu doing? I think training with the NZ tall blacks getting ready for FIBA world championships? I know, Isaac is on a mission to have great Junior season. Your son, is such a mild and humble kind person, however very competitive and solid on the court. A great combination, You and the Fotu Ohana stay safe, and check in from time to time…you have read the debates before about MBB program so nothing new. However, still I love the UH MBB Warrior team, I think they will have great season,.. things with compliance will be resolved, all the athletes are here for summer school or soon for start of fall session.. should be great year.. that is what we want. Say hello to Isaac, a first class Warrior!

    Go the Might Warriors!
    Take care and thanks for your support Tonganator( I love that name!)

  51. Tonganator:

    Wish Isaac the best of luck on his tryouts! To represent one’s country through sport is – in my opinion – the greatest honor in life. I’ll definitely be watching and recording the games in Spain. Please keep up posted on his progress!

  52. TAVS and Playhoopsa, I will keep you update on Isaac’s progress.


  53. June 23, 2014 4:53 PM 0 Comments
    By: Johnny Navarrette

    If there is anything to take away from week six of the Drew League, it is undoubtedly the separation of the contenders from the pretenders.

    In the case of Hanks Houdiniโ€™s All-Stars, they are not only a contender but also arguably the best squad at the Drew as it continued to put on a clinic on how to play team basketball.
    Garrett Nevels, who dropped 18 points on 8-of-15 shooting, led Houdiniโ€™s All-Stars and was a headache for Sky Ryse, which simply had no answer for the guard.

    Now this is what we should be excited about. Thanks Tonganator for the updates. Real excited to see how Isaac progresses.

  54. Sorry if I repost excerpt from Drew League article.

  55. Paul George plays in the Drew League.

    Steph Curry plays in the San Fran Pro Am league. Unfortunately he dropped 43 on Q’s team. But hey, our two projected (my opine) starting guard are in serious summer leagues.

  56. Way to go Isaac! Isaac reminds me of my 3 favorite U of H players, AC Carter, Thomas Henderson and Jack Miller. They ALL share something “SPECIAL.”

    bIG pROPS go out to Q and Garrett….they are challenging themselves to step up to the next level. Thanks for the news updates warriorhaw.

  57. warriorhaw great job on searches! Now WI MBB forum back to what it was. Interest in the current and new athletes with program!
    Isaac Fotu, what an honor as TAVS mentioned to tryout for Tall Blacks, NZ national team that has I think Steven Adams 7 footer, OKC Thunder player… from the NBA, a former Pitt and NZ product..wonder if he is on national team too? If Isaac makes it, great, we will follow closely the FIBA games this late august, first week of Sept. If not, the experience and training, will only benefit Isaac,. As we say, Isaac is really motivated to represent NZ and Hawaii!

    warriorhaw, man oh man, Nevels and Smith, it wasn’t just the talk, it is the WALK..they are really competing with high level Drew and Bay Area summer leagues, saw one video, of Q getting head to rim high for two handed flush. Both he and Nevels are high flyers. Even now, if season started, Smith at PG and Nevels at SG, since Bobbitt still rehabbing, knowing the BWC and NCAA ball ..they will be great guard tandem!

    would be nice to know, funny, we have to search too, about Janks and Negus, how they doing in Toronto. Know both on a mission to help UH MBB get to next level too!

    Valdes, always open gym, working out, and hopefully getting taller and stronger with that perimeter and rim game!

    Mike Thomas will be , maybe hopefully in Manoa Summer league, see how he has grown physically, academically and athletically which he has 3 star tools!

    We forget, all the guys returning plus Fleming, Bobbitt , Jawato, Enos, and the rest, they are concentrating on great season!

    warriorhaw, great job, and tako, TAVS, Tonganator, nice to have forum back for UH MBB fans and team!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  58. Anybody know how Stefan Javs is doing? I have a feeling he will be instrumental this year. Just wondering how his workouts are going. Who and where he training? I know he seem heavy footed but in-spite of that he showed some nice moves and he seemed to work hard. Felt he was still getting used to his body.

  59. warriorhaw: hey , you the man too! keep the posts about UH MBB team flowing, good stuff!

    with question on Sammis Reyes status, and Gib looking for another big or two, just in case, Reyes not in UH for fall. Stefan Jovanovich really has to step it up. Another Serbian, very, very bright young man. You see how tough he is, battling Fotu, Standhardinger and Rozitis everday in practice, and never backing down.

    Remember game against Irvine and Mamadou? Coach say, foul him good, Whack..! Stefan gives hard but clean foul…put Mamadou at foul line, he misses..UH won that classic game on the road. That showed me how well coached and strong he is, going up against a 7’6″ 290 pound big but slow center. Jovanovich is better shot blocker than ones think, his lower and upper body just has to get bigger and stronger, ..come back at, about 245 and if he grows, hopefully closer to 6’11”, he will have to help, since Janks, is not eligible till December middle.

    warriorhaw, know Dayton on break, so I pose two questions : one here….ANYONE on WI site, know how Stefan Jovanovich and Nikola Filipovich, who came from same area in California, doing, ?
    Secondly, I can kindly as beat writer..BM.. here I go….

  60. Thanks playhoopsa. Maybe someone out there will relay info. I rem that game too. Proud of Stef. Hope
    Reyes eventually enroll UH. Even for conference play. If so, Warriors will monster out then, ha.

  61. playhoopsa- i dont think tyler harville gonna last more than 2 years at st marys

  62. doug – please move on.

  63. Still love Dyrbe’s development…really will be great help at sg and pg…love his game..imua Dyrbe..
    positive guy..!!

  64. TAVS. Classy thoughts and very true. I will try to pass those along. Sound like a wise man. You and Pono. Wish u great luck next year. Rainbows will be hard to beat. IMO Bobbitt and Fleming are much better than most people think.

  65. Don’t know too much about two possible walkons for UH. They have a lot.
    Deante Hearn 6’4″
    Gerald Wright 6’3″
    I think Gib let’s the guys in summer session, and planning to enroll this August, to try to walkon, not a preferred, however a walkon shot.

    Just wish that Deante and Gerald were 6’7″ 230…I think two years ago Benjy Taylor’s son, Tyler McDaniels, think that was his mane, at 6’9″ SF/PF tried to walkon, think it was getting into UH, might have been problem,…boy never knew Benjy had a son that tall. He might be finished school by now, from somewhere.

    Know that Gib did go to France earlier, and I think the Baltic states, looking for those SF’s and PF’s, well I hope he finds some, or one. At least, during the recruiting period , still looking for that last scholarship guy , the right fit, both ways, to sign by August fall session. I think he had a couple past few years that signed late July, and one up until start of school about 2 years ago. Well we just wait and see. Still with the hardworking, we should not forget them, last year’s guys, Nevels, Smith, Fotu, Jovanovich, Thomas, Enos, Jawato, who saw PT and even started, plus the RS’s , or transfers, Negus Webster-Chan, still think he is key, the PG, SG, SF OR emergency 4, really talented and much stronger now. and bigger. Plus, wait for Jankovich in December, Niko Filopovich, working hard. Those guys returning still grinding on that mission to win BWC..should be exciting year.

  66. Sorry Airon, I keep on forgetting that potential beast of a 3. Aaron Valdes, 6’6″ or so, 43″ bounce, the guy can fly. He hits the 3 ball, and helps down low, he is a good one. very athletic.
    Remember he started when Spearman was out first few games with high ankle sprain. Aaron will be very good, such a great talent, improve ball handling, great sense for the game.,, such a fun loving guy too. The whole team. ..nice young student athletes. And Aaron congratulations, always say, and that is the feather in Gib’s hat, The Academics of the athletes walkons to scholarship guys have been tremendous.. Good job Gib, the athletes, tutors, advisors, and assistants that helped everyone, even the transfers , make sure school took priority.. not everyone is going to play pro ball, at least have a good college degree to fall back on. Good job Gib and Team way to go!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    This site, the talk and positive comments about the team and potential, rock solid and fun again. Great comments, tonganator, warriorhaw, tako, really, anyone want to contribute something to build up program and help UH MBB get to next level, even fan support, rocking the SSC with 9000 per home game again, that is great!
    Look forward to seeing Brocke Stepteau, Isaac Fleming and Mike Thomas this week hilites in summer league, should be fun!

  67. yes I agree with TAVS, please continue to keep us updated with recruits and such jake, no matter what has been said, that would be much appreciated. knowing that even people so far away from here support UH mbb is great. any way to add talented recruits from the east coast to the team would be awesome.

  68. Tavs and uhfan, true, UH MBB needs good contacts to line up recruits for 2016, even possibly 2 for spring of 2015 because Nevels will be done as senior and always chance of one scholarship guy transferring as a lot of NCAA DI schools have happening.

    Gib… I really don’t know all the ncaa allowed recruiting periods, dead, quiet times, etc. Know Fisher was looking at Australia, Akana his great find was Isaac Fotu, some very good DI transfers, UH has benefitted from greatly. Great that Gib and UH, and other schools make room for walkons, however, I think if Gib still has that 13 scholarships to fill, he would want scholie athletes. Know that Benjy Taylor has contacts now in Delaware, because of Fleming, and even working DC. Toronto, is a hotbed that UH is looking into, a lot of talent there. Of course always looking for that gem, like AC

    Carter, just one PG, made a whole team, maybe not the most talented, but made them better. an AC Carter would be great. Of course, Gib has to get ready to play bigs who can pass ncaa clearing house, so important, he has tons of guards, and threes, and fours, needs that 4/5 rim protectors, would help UH go long way. Gib said he would be recruiting coach, he has slowly upgraded, better talent and offered them scholarships. Bobbitt, when healed will be really good. Fleming 3 star, Mike Thomas a 3 star, transfers, Negus and Janks 3 star, so a lot of talent on board now.

    Hope things settled with ncaa, maybe ties down the hiring of great recruiting assistant, had to do more research, found out, that HC has a lot on plate already, responsible for whole MBB program , with good assistants he delegates, Assistant to coordinate recruiting, as was Akana, and Benjy and Fisher were sent out too. So Gib key to hire,when UH and state will post that opening, a great recruiting assistant, whether Carey, that would be huge, great recruiter.

    So, the walkons are great, however, wherever UH coaches can find ready to play, right fit, scholarship offer, student athletes, anywhere around the world, that would be FANTASTIC.. Gib headed in right direction, just has to get help with another assistant, and fill the DOBA position. I know that video coordinator Jamie Smith, great, great help, worked with the Boston Celtics.

    So Gib, work the contacts, be ncaa compliant, and get those LOI and scholarship agreement athletes, complemented by a few walkons, like the past with Riley Wallace back to Rocha days. maybe 2 or so. total roster then would be 15.. about right for practices and scout team. Should be exciting conclusion to summer, looking forward to rest of summer league.. Go get some good athletes Gib, for maybe now, ONE big, and for future!
    Go Rainbow Warriors..look forward to fantastic season!

  69. Hey Isaac, play hard, but no forget to keep up with your school work; as it looks like you may be running into fall semester.

    Any news on how Stefan Janko and Negus are doing? Believe Janko has the potential to significantly impact play when he becomes eligible. Area of improvement for him focused on developing a more physical game and better defense. His strength is ability to create his own shots and has good handles for a big man. Looks like Negus, is focusing on his strength to help him avoid future injuries. Regardless, have confidence that Coach Gib and staff during their post season interviews outlined what each player needed to prep and improve on.

    Looks like Sammi is getting ready to play BB this coming season. The question remains how much more does he have to do to become eligible? Looks like he slimmed down a bit and added more muscle.

    Awfully quiet on posted info on Valdes. Hope he and Stefan Jova are challenging themselves against quality opponents this summer.

    Can’t wait to see Michael Thomas and Isaac Flemming play…..

  70. Looks like Gib communicated with sammis the last few days. I guess he does that with those he favors.

  71. tako:

    Fantastic to have UH MBB forum back in form! Talking all things UH MBB hoops…!

    Dayton, a well deserved break. That guy, as we have heard, works FULL time, after hours , he does the WI site work. I think Wes Nakama does write-ups too! Possibly Dayton does video cam filming as well, You talk about the UH MBB all star, most valuable, beat reporting insider for years? That is Dayton Morinaga!

    tako, in past years , Dayton has been excellent, getting real time video interviews, and he has his contacts to get video links of hilites of UH recruits and current.
    I am sure, his project this summer, the information on how the guys who went back home are doing? Or maybe even a Gib or Benjy, video interview, of new guys came in, and what the returnees are working on, summer leagues, open gym.. Aaron , quite the humor, guy, fun loving college student..kind of read his posts…does lot of swimming, wow, he even can call up local friends to drum up water polo open runs.. water polo, excellent work out!
    Really believe without doubt, Aaron received that 12th scholarship , now the time to grind, get bigger stronger, better, hope he even grows and inch or two! tako, that frontcourt, is good, however very thin, not too much depth

    Janks and Negus, Dayton , that would be good report, what summer league, or open gym they doing in Toronto, must be elite one. those two are on a mission, bring UH MBB too a higher level, much higher, you can tell , Negus wants it bad..his body has really transformed, about 215 lbs or muscle on 6’7″ frame!
    Jovanovich and Niko, the Serbian brothers, good to hear report as well…Dayton Morinaga the hardest Warrior BB insider on this planet, will have reports when he is ready, no doubt!
    Mahalo Dayton, through all types of news and events this summer, wow..it is time for UH MBB hoops heaven!

    Go Bows!

  72. PONO: I am heading for 70 years of age, am disabled., home bound, work out of office on PC, insomnia, late nite burner… so I post, I love UH Hoops…I don’t see any disclaimer saying you cannot keep on posting Positive things about UH sports.. even if the same thing, ..

    You know PONO… I appreciated when Tonganator, Isaac Fotu’s own dad, said, keep it up playhoopsa, he reads my posts and others. if there are only 6 posts per topic, kind of dead, however, as Eagle told our family, a few years ago, don’t stop, otherwise the site might die down.

    sure, hoops..because I LOVE UH HOOPS…cp3….Chris Paul my favorite PG!.. and poorboy, because I am not rich, poor materially but rich in friends and spiritually..

    PONO, if you want to post, go ahead, who is stopping you? Have a good one…enjoy the games at SSC, I am going to, and that is promise tako, talking positive about Gib and the MBB program, they are Hawaii’s Basketball team, and we support them!

    Go Bows!
    Warriors Imua… pono, truth, righteousness, honesty , fairness.

    Mahalo, PONO…have a good one!

  73. tako…

    interesting…Sammis, we know through social…is getting into great shape, ready for college ball at UH.. he really wants to make it in..HE could not make summer session or summer league which is disappointing…however…He can still make it late August, when freshmen are set up with dorm and others for fall session. As long as he is here,, by fall school start ..awesome..!

    Maybe Dayton will have updates, on how Sammis doing, and trying to get in, if he can release that information!
    Man, with Sammis, and Fotu, down low or 3/4, that is some talent down there even for BWC, they could be tearing it up, alongside, the deep guard rotation and 2/3’s Valdes, Jawato, Negus, …4/5’s the two Stefans..Get ready UH MBB warrior nation.. UH getting set to have great year!

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