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Mike Thomas was the top scorer on Saturday night in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, but it was not enough as his National Fire Protection Co. team lost to Solar Universe, 108-99, at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Thomas, a 6-foot-8 sophomore forward for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, shot 10 for 19 from the field and 12 of 16 on free throws and scored 34 points. He added 15 rebounds, four blocked shots and two assists.

Led by a fast start from Thomas, National Fire jumped to a 14-point lead in the first half. UH sophomore guard Dyrbe Enos helped lead the Solar Universe rally. He scored 15 points, including three 3-pointers.

Former ‘Iolani School and Washington State standout Derrick Low led Solar Universe with 33 points.

In the second game, former UH standout forward Bill Amis had 16 points, 23 rebounds and nine blocked shots to lead Chosen Few to a 78-75 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness.

Amis shot 7 for 17 from the field, and it was his blocked shot with 3.5 seconds remaining that proved to be the play that secured the victory. Former UH point guard Jace Tavita contributed 10 points and three rebounds for Chosen Few.

UH incoming freshman Isaac Fleming had 11 points, nine rebounds and three assists in the loss for Clark Hatch Fitness. He shot 4 for 9 from the field, and sat out much of the first half due to foul trouble.

Former Chaminade player Leon Ballard led Clark Hatch Fitness with 20 points, and former UH forward Phil Martin added 10 points and nine rebounds.

For complete game videos from the Summer League, please visit http://basketballsummerleague.blogspot.com/

(Photo courtesy Matt Osumi)


  1. Thomas hit his first two shots of the game last night, both 3-pointers, and finished with 34 points. In three summer league games, he has scored 32, 28 and 34.

  2. What is that One Third or 33 % rule for summer league scoring and translation to regular season?
    Remember last year, Aaron Valdes was averaging about 37 ppg summer, regular season averaged, 3 or 4ppg? So, if Thomas average 33ppg summer, if he still works it hard, if he averages, 10ppg, either first or second guy off the bench or starter…However, ONE THING that

    really sticks out in my mind, JMO, Mike is really smart, he knows, still have to work out, get bigger stronger quicker, better decisions, … however the athletic tools, that made him a great late recruiting get for other schools, although he signed early LOI with Hawaii, that athletic talent and

    length,a perimeter guy, like Amis was who can play all 5 spots, he is so quick, nimble, good handles, like a 6’8″ guard/small forward.. HE AND VALDES..Especially Air Cuba, if Aaron works it , get bigger, more bounce, no scared em, Both MT and AV, come out at 6’6″ to 6’8″ athletic beasts, all over the floor, on O and D, with hopefully, I think he can..not out of question… Sammis Reyes

    getting in… Gib has THREE, outstanding young athletes around the court, causing damage.. anyways, the uprgrade in talent, year by year, without question, the academics rising , great. and guys graduating earlier, fantastic, for the more important things , part of Gib’s contract, Gib and team doing very well.

    Go MT..and AV,, rock the rims, with hopefully soon, SR(Voom!), Reyes.
    Go Rainbow Warriors.!

  3. playhoopsa, did not know about the 33% rule. but kinda makes sense. Went to the game last nite, and while MT numbers are good, what was really impressive was that he went against Kawika Smith all night. Seemed like Kawika made it his business to throw MT off his game. And we all know how bully KS can be. Mike never let it get to him. I think he took it as a learning experience and took it as a challenge to himself to keep fighting to get his rhythm. Now Kawika never played dirty, he is just a really physical player. Mike was impressive last night.

  4. warriorhaw: no scientific proof, just an old timers hoops equation! Remember in the past, all summer leagues, YMCA, HS, playground, NBA, NCAA, a guy could average 20-30 ppg, and when the real season starts, he could be averaging 8 minutes a game or 2 or 3 ppg when the real games are underway.

    That is why, in summer, it is SUMMER FUN, basically the UH guys , new who are here, and want to, for the UH MBB fans to get look at them. Can the shoot, jump, handle the ball, block shots, rebound, good passers, speed , hops etc. I think Mike T., Isaac Fleming have shown they are very athletic, and can play the whole court.

    Love Fleming more. He is a tall, bigger PG, than Shamburger was, 20 year Prep school military school freshman, and a TEAM player, get the ball to open man, plus he can score. Same with Mike T., he is playing basically all 5 spots on the floor, has Christian’s hi motor plus more athleticism.

    Both, know, ONLY SUMMER league, when the October practices start, the cream rises to the top,
    With Nevels, Smith, Bobbitt, Fleming, Thomas, Valdes, Fotu, Negus, hopefully Sammis Reyes, I think he can do it, if NCAA gets his waiver cleared, please…!

    Lot of athletic guys , If they play Gib and NCAA top 20 team and individual D, this team will be exciting and winning a lot of ball games, potential to go to NIT/NCAA..tourneys!

    I know, I know, same old repetition and long typing , more than 400 words, however, I have to, that is my “JOB” since cannot, back 35 years ago, play ball, or see live action, well, maybe one day, with keiki, help me, wheel down.. we shall see.

    warriorhaw…JUST MAKE believe rule, same as the add 2 inch to height of players,
    As long as guys , all of them keep on getting better, … Team will be great.. really good, lot of firepower, have to have the LEADERS step up… then they win the big games!

  5. Too bad, this site, you could not, have option to edit posts! so typos can be corrected before final post went up..anyways WI , the best awesome site Dayton, and Sponsors the Schmidt Ohaha!

    I meant to say… I AM LOVING ISAAC FLEMING’S OVERALL GAME more and more, not that I love Fleming more than Thomas or Valdes… all the 11 or possibly 12 scholarship guys, they are different type of BB athlete than Gib’s even 2nd year.
    Very athletic..

    Fleming, he is a PG or can play SG, COMBO… he wants to work with other 4 guys as a team, look for open man, and score when he can, what is so awesome, AV, MT and IFleming, they are all very long, and can finish at the rim, and can extend with jump shots away from rim.. will make UH very dangerous much more firepower!
    warriorhaw: who knows, if Fleming, Valdes, Reyes(think, jmo, he gets in last minute to fall semester), and Mike Thomas, could play a lot, along with the guards, Bobbitt, Smith, Nevels, Enos, Stepteau, and Nikola, as well as WING 3 ball bomber May 2015 UH grad, B. Jawato!

  6. Why no standings on the Summer League site ? You have to make your own based on the W – L records posted each game day. Also can’t email the league blog host, guess he doesn’t want to get unnecessary ones.

    Chosen Few 6-1
    Clark Hatch 5-3

  7. islandman: Unofficially, it’s Chosen Few 6-1, Clark Hatch 5-3, Grantco Pacific 3-4, Solar Universe 3-4, Wealth Strategy Partners 3-4 and National Fire Protection 2-6.

    warriorhaw: Good observation on Kawika. Once he entered the game he made Thomas earn every single point and rebound.

  8. Gotcha playhoopsa. I’ll take 10+ pts from Mike all day with UH.

    I am very impressed with Isaac. It’s not easy to join a team with so many veterans that have played together for so long. But it looks like all the guys really like Isaac. He is jelling with them pretty good. His ability to adapt makes me think he will endear himself to the islands and the people of Hawaii. Seems to be maturing every day.
    He looked pretty good last night. He has a knack of getting to the rim. Not sure how he sees the opening in the timbers some times, but he does. Just don’t do it against Amis (haha). Bill blocked everybody this summer. Nice to see Isaac have the quickness and energy at the at the end of the game. Clark Hatch is an older team and relies on Isaac towards the end of the game.

    Also, after 2 years of not playing any ball at all, good to see Phil Martin start to hit his groove. He did a good job on Amis while he was in there.

  9. Clyde, i found the league standings on the site. Click on ” 2014Schedule ” on the right side of the homepage.

  10. Agree on Michael Thomas! Aggressive, more confident and looks like more PT for sure.

    OTOH having watched Isaac Fleming three times, lot of work to do to be an effective D1 player. He is definitely a slasher with better than average hops. However so far turnover prone, limited right hand, decision making sketchy at times (Bill Amis feasted!), and his outside shot is shaky and inconsistent at best. Quick but defense not a strong point so far.

    So far although not the same numbers, I’d say last years UH summer newcomers were more impressive.

  11. Thanks Babyhook, no question, the quality last year was better but we had more participants.

    However, M. Thomas has improved, how much??? dunno to what level. And, Isaac although raw, has the tools to develop and play at D1. At the very least, Coach has quality bodies to develop and it’s up to the players to show Coach that they are ready to take the court. Coach sets the standards and makes the decisions. As fans, it’s exciting to have a sneak preview of what maybe forthcoming. The shelves are not bare.

  12. Fleming really good…..If u let him go left. D1 going left. D3 if made to go right. Word is Bruce Brown and Seedee Keita both interested in Hawaii if Hawaii shows interest this year. Two studs. Plus Tyler Jackson

  13. Jake and babyHook I’ll take fleming over any other guard in Hawaii he is really good your predictions on him are off by a long shot no disrespect he is only a freshman and has a lot of skills I believe he can shot gib wouldn’t have maid him his number 1 recruit for no reason.

  14. Very Likely, Coach SenQue WILL Have All the Guards Κ»ThinkingΚ» and Seeing the Floor Right…
    Making Good Reads, Reactions and Smart Decisions…
    Smart Guards make for Smart Teams…

  15. Fleming he has tools..like bobbitt ..tall athlectic guards..what a good problem to have..Nevels..Q…Enos…Filipovich…stepteau..has pg mentality…

    so about 7…plus Buscher for as Eagle says.. coach Que can develop..BWC still that guard and wing dominated league..

    Fotu,, Thomas..Negus..Valdes..and Reyes..can go 3 spot too..

    Gib has very athlectic guards..fleming hit weights..he has the 3 star factor..really elilte guard..only summer league..wait until october..and gib gets new guys in system..

    I like the tall guards with the quick smaller ones..

    goog guards can take uh lon way in postseason!!

    fleming ..bobbitt great addition to guard rotationn..only july..give them time….going be real good


  16. Fleming was in foul troble..got swatted by good shotblocker amis..he will learn

    fleming love your potential man..he has all bwc type talent..good scholie get!!

    now with nevels and Q ..bobbitt and fleming..quartet of better guards in western usa..

    go get em fleming..

    also love brocke’s game..real pg mind ..good addition too..!!

  17. Also Enos will hit 3 for 3 from three line again this year!!
    Brocke , Dyrbe and Nikola will be good..help team in practice or real game..

    come on fans
    love uh mbb athletes..work hard court and class..Jawato too!!

  18. tako..how can say as usa stated..fleming not as good as Q or Nevels..wait until season starts..

    usa correct..fleming legit 3 star..tako thought we keeping it positive..fleming only freshman and playing with team that does not practice..
    now fleming will have his 19 pt..5 assists..2 steals..3 for 3 freethrows..and 5 rebound ..help team win..sometimes guys do too much ..however ..summer league have fun!!

    I think isaac fleming has to get stronger..he will..the talent as usa says …extremely high level..

    at least..have several months to develop!!

    tako..as usa says fleming and healed bobbitt might even start when needed..those october practices will be wars!!

    Love Brocke and Zach too..grat potential as walkons
    gib just has to lock up the big..his team will be good..

    fleming..really good 20 yesr old prep military school 3 star athlete..love his athleticism..

    hey sometimes good to challenge guys..fleming..knows..even from summer league coach..he gotta work get better

    bobbitt..fleming…walons enos..buscher..and dallas steo to it stepteau grat gus and friends..

    only summer however..
    fleming we love you man

    usa..you know isaac..smooth..like phil lott..gerry blakes..!!



  20. Negus and. Sammis grind..ripped and ready to rock..

  21. hoopsa, believe I was positive. As I stated about Isaac, “although raw, has the tools to develop and play D1.” Hoping that Big Q can facilitate his development into a bonafided 4 star guard at the college level.

  22. tako..I apologize…fleming long way from home..uh mbb ohana and fans take care of him..he wants to win and get better

    interesting..how que can develop the pgs..at that height great that isaac can play pg or sg..gib must be happy..

    tako..sorry about thst..you did say he has tools….eventually will have experience like Q and Nevels..

    fellow fan tako..
    wish guys the best!!

  23. Jake,

    Hope that you are correct on Bruce Brown’s & Seedee Keita’s interest in UH MBB. Brown had a nice write-up on College Basketball Talk for his strong play on both ends at the recent Peach Jam tournament. Had a high rating by Rivals’ – number 53 overall prospect for 2016. Keita’s video hi-lites did show athletic potential. Certain that both Gib & SenQ have already seen their video hi-lites and will be monitoring their progress this year. Brown seems like a younger Bobbitt (prior to his nasty arm injury – wish him a speedy & full recovery).

  24. Mraloha….would think having senque as recruiting coordinator..very sure thry know targets for 2015-17..que knows northern cali and now going usa wide all over..still to grt right fit guys for each class..man what a challenge..don’t want to make mistake,, tough gib,, que..benjy ..akana willing to develop guys willing to work..if reyes get in this year..I really work ethic of these 12 scholarship and 4 walkons..16 good young men..

    key guys good students and team ohana type..uh mbb in good hands..love the academics of last 2 years..outstanding..winning important..hoeever getting degree as important unless high money pro bb opportunity..
    good job gib and team!!

  25. Oh, Oh, switching gears again. This UH prez and the powers that be, whomever running UH, the firing of Tom Apple, how very untimely. They should have let him finish out the 2015 school year. Something political, and the UH students appreciated what he has done for them since becoming chancellor, , however the athletes and the students themselves.

    Three contracts that were about to be signed off on. Gib, Trap and Laura B.

    Say what you will about some of the contracts, however, important to get them locked up, for BB, MBB and Laura working so hard with WBB. It is bad, very bad timing. Recruiting, program sports stablilizing… auwe…
    Wish that Tom Apple has counsel, maybe work out something , or the ones that want him out, they make sure the 3 coaches, and many others whose contracts Ben was working on are taken cared of.,

    Wow, just when you think things couldn’t get stranger. Hope the powers that be, they think about ALL the students, undergrads and not just the Cancer Research which is very important.

    Too bad, .. hope, that perhaps a , I think they have one? Vice Chancellor, or some other upper admin, can sign off on.. the coaches contracts…what if? don’t even want to think about it.

    Come on UH, for the young people and Athletic student athletes. take care of getting perhaps a dozen coaches contracts finalized. sheeeesh.

  26. Verbal Commits reports that UH has made an offer to 2015 recruit Quinndary Witherspoon.

    He is a 4* 6’5″ 175# SG who has a 91 Rating. He has several offers, mostly from SEC schools.

    Hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Perhaps playing in Paradise would be the perfect place for this fine young man.

    The Prep Bball Tournament was on TV over the weekend that many Coaches attended and maybe replayed on ESPN.

    Here is look at Witherspoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYqOrOP1PSE


  27. playhoopsa

    Not only sad for Tom Apple but sad for the entire University of Hawaii. One of the problems with government is they don’t have a bottom line so no way of knowing whether hiring a certain person is profitable or not. If you ever saw a top heavy institution it’s UH. We got more chiefs than indians. The infrastructure is crumbling, yet what do they do? They go out and hire professionals to discuss the situation. Meeting after meeting after meeting they discuss, they shuffle papers, they direct projects to another department, and they conduct further studies. if you’ve worked for government you will know what I’m talking about. Wonder if they ever did anything about the lack of soap in the mens locker room? Or is it still in discussion? And speaking of wonder, did you ever wonder how it’s possible that no one has any idea who gave authority to wire $200,000 to crooks without checking them out thoroughly. They make everyone do lengthy and time wasting procurements when ordering goods and services yet somehow Wonder Blunder was exempt. This is the sad state of UH, but the bright side is they need to take out the knife and start making some deep cuts and become lean and mean again like UH MBB. And guess where it starts?

  28. servante:

    Great analysis, sad but true, the past 55 years in State of Hawaii. And yes, am “alumnus” of same Dept. of you know what. If there is, and you are right , too many bosses, top guns, adminstrators, vice administrators. The State before becoming a State, should have modeled themselves after a good , prudent, and very functional entity. However, Polynesia, beautiful islands, and done local style. Good and Bad. Sure, we know where it starts, and if he/she says going to help out situation, he/she should do it. Auwe.

    I know, mbb, has the pro and con faction, love that Gib tries very hard, he did not work out his contract extension, nor did Laura or Trap, and another possibly 9 other coaches awaiting. They put in limbo, no good. Hey servante…believe Kaleo has an online poll, whether termination of Apple good or bad, yes or no, interesting what the poll says. However, a lot of these things happening at UH, even hiring of ……, when school and a lot of students maybe even faculty not in session.

    Ben Jay, another story, he is trying, the vision, and the student athletes, I believe like him. He is fighting for them. When you don’t have soap, peeling paint on buildings, leaky plumbing, and AD and volunteers have to wash, paint and repair, it is not ALL of Hawaii people it is the STATE of The STATE… should be the ALOHA state, love and take care, fairly the students, and the people.

    playhoopsa. former, servant of the Aloha State. Still a very beautiful place to live!
    UH MBB and MBB, and all other coaches, the prez, or whomever signs off, it would be nuts, to have to re-do all the contracts, in particular Laura, Gib and Trap again. Auwe…
    However servante…hang, on, maybe, this will get straightened out, I think there is a lot of support from incoming students fall session, that want strong leadership, otherwise, not just athletics, the academics, go south and that would be horrible.

    Anyways, servante…our thoughts for the day!
    let’s get back to UH MBB!
    hope the best for UH students!

  29. This July, Gib, Que, Akana and Benjy working it, still wonder if they have any Big possible from Atlanta and Las Vegas showcase elite and AAU.. still has some uncommitted HS seniors, and freshmen JC, that can transfer into DI programs as soph with 3 years to play this year.. should be interesting..at least ONE more SF/PF would help.

    link: http://verbalcommits.com/schools/hawaii

    – 2015 SG Quinndary Weatherspoon (6-5, 175, 4β˜…) has received an offer from Hawaii. –

    – 2015 SG Jordan Davis (6-2, 175, 2β˜…) has received an offer from Hawaii. –

    – 2014 PF Quadree Smith (6-8, 250, 2β˜…) has received an offer from Hawaii. –

    – 2017 PG Damari Milstead (6-1, 155, 2β˜…) has received an offer from Hawaii.

    JUCO SF Jeremiah Worthem (6-6, 215, 2.7β˜…) has received an offer from Hawaii –

  30. Recollecting, don’t we have a total of two scholarships left, one for this year and one for next?

    What seems to be missing on our recruiting wish list is a quality big guy, someone who can contribute right away. Was looking for a 3 star plus type of big man at the very least to fill last scholarship this year (2014). And, another big man in 2015 or 4 star guard. Any takers?

    Still hoping that Reyes makes it in this year. Won’t the flood gates be open in 2016?

  31. Here breakdown…after sammis faxed his LOI..Gib said he had one more..for preferably a right fit big or athlete..13 ncaa mbb scholarships allowed per year..Aaron Valdes to be awarded one if met academic goal apparently..valdes hit that mark..he became the 12th scholarship athlete for 2014-15..one more to give..gib and que looking for a late big get..tough to do however that is what que and gib do ..recruit..

    sammis awaiting ncaa waiver..if he gets it he is part of this year’s class..
    does not get waiver and gib does not sign a big for this year..that would leave 3 scholarships to offer next year since nevels eligibility up as senior.





  32. tako..

    would not be surprised if we hear news soon..august early..sammis got in or gib got commit from a jc or hs/prep late unsigned developing big..6’8″ or so…if sammis waiver granted soon and gib not find right big..ncaa thing messed up..jmo..signing of riak bol and jaleel cousins..two shot blocking bigs..
    would be awesome news either way…sammis in…and another sf or pf signs!!

    Still believe sammis gets in…2 years ago touch and go getting valdes in ..until late..also..real late signee in ozi..

    await news soon!!

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