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Senque Carey will be new assistant coach

There will be no trial period for Senque Carey as the new assistant coach with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said Carey completed the paperwork on Tuesday afternoon to join the Warriors’ staff. On Wednesday morning, Carey is expected to begin recruiting for the Warriors.

“He’s in California right now,” Arnold said of Carey. “I think he’s flying directly out to Atlanta and he’s going to start recruiting some of the tournaments there. We probably won’t see Senque (in Hawai’i) until August … he signed the papers about 15 minutes ago and he’s getting to work. We’re not going to let him rest at all.”


Carey was an assistant coach at Loyola Marymount last season. Prior to that, he was an assistant coach at Fresno State (2005-10) and Portland State (2004-05). During his tenure at Fresno State, he helped recruit current NBA players Paul George and Greg Smith. Carey also spent three years as a private coach and trainer at his own company called The Basketball Experience.

Carey, who lists his hometown as East Palo Alto, Calif., also was a point guard for two seasons at the University of Washington, and then two years at New Mexico.

“I’ve known him for a long time – recruited him a little bit back in the day,” Arnold said. “Kind of watched him grow up as a player and then he’s been outstanding as an assistant coach.”

Arnold said Carey will be considered the program’s recruiting coordinator, and will also work with the point guards during practices.

“He’s exactly what I’m looking for in that position because he’s just an animal of a recruiter,” Arnold said. “I think you need a guy who has a lot of ties, a guy that’s relentless, a guy that wakes up in the morning and talks about how am I going to get players and how am I going to get (future) pros. That’s what he’s done his whole career and that’s why we brought him in.”

Carey fills the position vacated by Scott Fisher, who accepted a job as a head coach at Ohlone College (Calif.) in May.

(Photo from www.lmulions.com)


  1. Yah! Now this is the begin of good news. Snowball rolling uphill now. Gathering momentum.

  2. warriorhaw: you late, late nite warrior! Sengue Carey, the recruiting contacts, even a late get or two, he is a great recruiter. The negative, anti Gib movement, one B….O predicted 3 months ago Gib and program would blow up.. sure blow up and blast off.

    Get ready warriorhaw, Eagle, Tonagantor, Derek,… servante

    and WI UH MBB faithful, here comes Dr. Carey in the house.
    Gib and UH MBB fans and team, get ready to rock that SCC with some 3, 4 or 5 star recruits..
    well hoping..

    The news, starting to get better and better warriorhaw.
    Sengue Carey, in the house!

    Welcome to UH MBB Ohana Sengue Carey, take us on a long ride to NCAA”s


  3. Exactly playhoopsa.
    I stay glued to WI thanks to you and others. And while NCAA still hanging over our heads, with news like this is so positive. I believe Sengue would not uproot his family and join Gib if he wasn’t sure that NCAA news was not a death penalty type punishment.

    Starting to shape up for coming season. Is it November yet?

  4. Sengue Carey welcome to Hawaii. Hope you have a wonderful stay here. According to Gib you are the guy that brought Paul George to Fresno State. You know we could probably use a Paul George here. And a shot blocker to go with him. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and wish you luck on the recruiting trail. Sorry that your surfing lessons from Gib will have to wait.

  5. I like the enthusiasm (here) to this good, even Great, News…

    Snow Balls rolling up-hill?
    To opposing coaches, this could end up looking more like
    the ‘Rolling Rock’ chasing Indiana Jones — potentially iconic…
    and a ‘memorable’ headache for the opposition

    A (Recruiting/Coaching) Team like this IS Capable of Pushing to ‘The Next Level’
    AND Beyond … into Previously Unexplored Territory…
    [e.g., brought and coached P.George to higher/highest levels…]

  6. Congratulations to Gib ! And Welcome Senque Carey ! and family !

    Known as a recruiter, I expect he will be a great coach and influence for our players as well. Noted as one of the better guards in the country in his playing days.

  7. Great coaching get, someone up and coming. His resume reads that he can develop players. His current assignment is the development of the point guards. Looks like a good assignment for him, with relatively young players in Q, Flemings, 808, Step and Niko. With the departure of Fisher, there was a puka for a “big man” coach. Hoping either Akana or Taylor can foot that bill.

    Read that Sammi “maybe” in a “repeal” process??? Does anyone know what this means? Looks like he maybe a non-qualifier academically? Or, is it because he is a foreign player and they are questioning something on transcript? Any ideas???

    Aside, from Fotu and Sammi as young Hercules(s), let’s not forget Negus… looks like he did a lot of work in the gym.

  8. usually when coaches move, players move as well and I would believe senque has players on his list he’ll bring to Hawaii….we will be hearing a lot of new names pop up to the end of july and hopefully secure a commitment

  9. with only nevels being a senior and hopefully fotu doesn’t sign a pro contract next year I would think the next recruiting class will be forward/center heavy?

  10. Aloha and Welcome to Paradise Coach Q, we’ve been waiting for you. Nice Get Gib!

    The Bball Juices are flowing once again as you can tell from these posts.

    NCAA rules state that IF a player does not qualify at a university, they DO NOT lose that scholarship from a LOI signing. International players sometimes really have a tough time qualifying. IF Sammis does not qualify this year, we have one more scholie open and it appears we have another big Recruiter with Coach Q.

    Unless NCAA rules have changed, the team can be in the gym this year on October 3rd. Classes and King of the Beach workouts should begin by Aug. 25th.

    Aside from any new recruits, I am looking to see how much bigger Michael Thomas has gotten in the off season. I am also thankful that Roderick has not rushed his return with that broken arm. I believe this team, although young, can be much better defensively if they make that a priority. I am also wondering who will step up into the LEADERSHIP role.

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Ohana.


  11. No Wonder in the video interviews, and sound bytes, Gib always smiling, always positive.. Would have to agree, and even BM mentioned, very frankly on his blog, that things are shaping up, where, Gib not take the hit,major ncaa kine, another coach might get discipline, however, with the hiring of Sengue, that is HUGE even BM, UH MBB beat writer, the guy right next to coach and players, as well as our GREAT DA Man Dayton Morinage. BM senses, with all the developments, UH will come out all right.. Carey hire, and potential late gets, SF and PF, SF in case Sammis has trouble, getting in…QUE says,, NEVER say never, even though late.. he is at work as we speak in Atlanta!

    Go get em Que!
    To the anti Gibbers, what , you going leave us now!
    just joking!
    Welcome aboard, and Aloha to the Carey Ohana!~

  12. Hey Playhoopsa. Here is a clip from the news here regarding Tall Blacks first game against Korea.


  13. Tonganator, on behalf of WI Warrior MBB fan nation….a big MAHALO!

    Glad to see Isaac get PT, and ready to do some big things in international play!
    Tell Isaac we are following closely the Tall Blacks!

    Go The Mighty Warriors!

  14. Que is right , there is 2014 HS and JC uncommitted guys that if offered scholarship, and Gib has to connect with Senque, the Right Fit guys..

    here is a link: top 20 uncommitted Basketball players for 2014 as of July 9 2014;;

    Que, Gib, Benjy, Akana, work it boys, get that SF or PF, if we need two…Or lock in that 6’7″-6’9″ paint area athlete, who has to come out before start of school , check out the beaches, the beautiful cosmopolitan, some of the most beautiful coeds in the world, and just nice, aloha people, the UH MBB faithful, maybe 4000 in house SSC and at least another 5000, no matter what, B….O, says, clownish…we love the athletes that do well in school, try the lomi lomi, poke, poi, pipkaula, lau lau, just try surf, hike, and Ball in SSC, they will like, as Que says, I am guessing must be hundreds of qualifying in make UH type school academics, to avoid, unless have all the paper work done already, Que and Gib might stick to the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacremento, areas. plus, that Toronto hotbe, of Janks and Negus, they are ready to blow up!!

    Huge Cajone, MONSTER CAJONES, for Abercrombie, politically and as fan of UH MBB throw support solidarity at banquet in April, that was huge, other governors, if UH in question would not show up… And Chancellor full support of all coaches, even though Gib under ncaa watch, he Gib, Ben and Apple, must know, very lesser hit upon Gib, so he has institutional control.

    Cajones, I wish I had half the size of his! Real Man, when FB winning Hawaii Bowl, or going to BCS bowls or championship playoffs, if Chow just starts winning 7 games NOW, will make Ben look like wisest grasshopper on earth. Big CAJONES…

    Shoots, even I though Gib and program would go the way of come and gone walkon,,,…man keep the faith, Have to , come out, with paintbrush, power washers, and rubbish bags, donation, trademsmen spruce up a not too good looking lockerooms and surrounding areas, otherwise, the pool, the weight rooms, the coed student center with beautiful gym center piece, the finally great centpiece TC ching Athletic complex complete, if UH campus, man just paint the place, fix the leaks, fix the ceiling tiling, for DAGS guys, come on put in a FULL day of EIGHT HOUR work, I know the deal, they prepare for 2 hours, examine the paint or job for 30 minutes, go to shop or store get materials another 1 hour, come back… auwe…. lunchtime, 30 minutes, then go back to work another 30 minutes, 10 minute coffee break. wash up time, sit in their trucks for another 20 minutes, go back to shop, write report, what they did for 8 hours, then punch out. What a racket, those are the guys that have to have their contracts and performance constantly under review. NOw, Ben huge Cajones Jay, might have to credit UH students, 2 weeks, credit, to paint, and clean Athletic area, with free donation private contractors, to make, at least MAKE the UH AD complex offices and lockerrooms look as good as Santa Barbara’s , have feeling people will come..

    Darn, am in disable chair bound, however can send keiki down.. what about it, Ben, have several hundred volunteers for free plate lunch come and spend two weeks, sprucing up campus. FB ,BB ,VB, and MBB and WBB should have A+ at least with Fullerton , Northridge campuses, that is selling point for recruits, at least the facilities are new looking with fresh paint, and fixed broken stuff,… might have to have Stevie Wonder huli huli chicken sale, win his greatest hits CD for most areas cleaned and painted.

    Build and fix, great Athletic complexes, the top notch recruits will come.. can be done, now if state no more money, private sector, and Ben, make friends, like him on Face book , tweet, Larry Ellison, no joke, if he could give several million to UH ADept, you and we of Hawaii would have first class, UH athletics facilities, take no back seat even to some Pac 12 schools.

    Ben, go to it, you have done a great job to rescue MBB and have the greatest respect for you !
    Dochay, or Thankyou,

  15. Thanks for the link, Tonganator. Nice to see New Zealand TV giving Isaac some love after his eight-point, 10-rebound performance. The family must be proud.

  16. Thanks Clyde. Yes very proud of Isaac development. Playing to-night second of the series and it’s on Sky sports nationaal TV channel, then last game Saturday night, we will be courtside for that game here in Auckland.

    Good news with Que appointment, giving reassurance to all the players.

    Keep the faith UHMBB fans


  17. playhoopsa,

    Turner or Okafor would fill the bill here.

  18. Tonganator: That Isaac can hit three pointers consistently, and take his defender off the dribble, pull up hit mid range jumper, or right to the rim for the dunk. Isaac , this year for Jr. year at UH will be All American type of athlete. Surely one of the best PF/SF in the country.

    If he comes in at 6’8″ and 245 lbs of muscle, plus his quick relexes, spin moves, rebound like he was squeezing the rugby ball and dashing for the goal line, plus continue his 50% from Field and 75%+ from FT line. He will have great notice from pro scouts, upon his graduating from UH, if that is his desire. Dyrbe, I am sure always shouts out to Isaac, the team, they have special connection like brothers, that is what has kept UH, Gib, and staff still going strong. Things are smoothing out,Gib completing his staff and now looking for a good Director of Basketball Operations, very important position, does so much, except cannot coach or recruit. DOBA. One more , or two if Sammis has problem as international athlete getting into USA and UH school, UH will be set to go!!

    With out question, leaders, starts with ISAAC FOTU.. PF, Garrett Nevels SG, Quincy Smith PG, Negus Webster-Chan, SF, and maybe Mike Thomas or Stefan Jovanovich at Center, and also SF./PF Aaron, Air Cuba, Airon Valdes, he of the jump over the rim, dunk master!

    Tell Isaac we want to see the spin move, and drive for the dunk.. Have a great time watching your son Manu!
    You children, led by Isaac, very,very, polite, calm and nice young people! Maybe Ella might travel these parts, still remember when she was about 16 and visiting Isaac as surprise before DHC two years ago , great stuff..

    Go The Mighty Warriors! IMUA… Go Warriors, Rainbows, Bows, go UH MBB team!

  19. Pocho: You know Carey BIG TIME recruiter, because he know where to find them, probably as much if not, different areas of contact throughout Cali northern and all over the USA. HUGE get, that hire, could prove to take UH to that 25 win per year, NIT NCAA bound consistent team..

    Still if he brings in 4 or 5 star, maybe two of them, they have to be TEAM , WIN first, the greater the star, sometimes good, sometimes bad, if they want too much of spotlight, as others have said, with a so-so last year SOS, and not finishing strong, run out of gas, and other things, still to win 20 games is good. NOw,with average SOS,, and a couple of Okafor , Turner types, whom Sengue, Que! says, as long as has scholarship to offer, he of the, has experience raising two small children, some coaching experience, developed two, whom I remember Fresno St . University NBA players..he just might be the guy, although we lost Cousins, and Bol, to get guys as good if not better.

    As Gib says…Que, bring home the “Bacon”, some good athletes, right fit,high, character and high flyers in august. UH MBB is getting exciting agains…Pocoho,… that guy or gal…B—–O, said at end of May Gib and program would blow up in Gibson’s face, and UH would look for another guy, maybe Lanai HS head coach(just joking Ha Ha), he was big time wrong, they talk about me, rah, rah, however, I don’t like, if Coach still here, not felon, and UH and powers that be backing him 200% and more, with the hire of Carey, and maybe one more 4/5 PF/C athlete.. wow,… we talking about exciting ball, no matter what the competition. Beat Pitt, BYU, WSU and win DHC, those 6 games along with sweeping the other non conference games would put UH on the map.and ready to rock the BWC!

    Go Bows!
    Go Gibson, reel em in, go get im.. Pocho! Keep the faith Brother!

  20. SORRY WI MBB FANDOM… that link was old: some like Turner and Okafor have committed to teams like Duke etc.

    Still to have a Vander type, of a Bill Amis, typer, or Haim Shimonovich, or Troy Ostler, guys between 6’9″ and 6’11” under the radar not HS or JC all Americans’ pretty sure Gib and Que and Benjy they know they are out there.

    ONCE AGAIN HUGE APOLOGY, my link was old.. those guys in top 20 uncommitted, like anything on the internet, a lot of posts are couple months old and a lot of them are committed..

    However.. JUST TO GIVE IDEA of what type of guys signed late… STILL QUE confident for that Okafor type, or Serge Ibaka’s cousin, 6’10” 245 can block shots, just never had big numbers in JC, still playing in the showcase tournamnets… you are right Pocho, this viewing period huge…

    By August would not be surprised if Que or Gib bring in a ready to play JC soph to be, or other, transfer, who will fill that spot!!

  21. geez, no wonder that name Okafor sounded so familiar. Just to show how much I don’t know. hahahahahaha

    Que sounds to be good recruiter and UH still got some time and a scholarship or two. GO GET EM, HOOK EM UP and REEL EM IN !

  22. Pocho..my apologies..old age! Que so confident to get a good one for UH by start of fall session..we are realistic..see if he can get SF/PF..a good one or maybe if neede two..he would be the real deal..wonder who will be DOBA..have a good one that guys love and can go to..staff will be awesome.

    oh..the anti gib faction must be ticked off!!

    Go Gib Go Bows!!

  23. Although, would like to be positive, not holding my breath for a “quality” recruit at this late stage. Would think the focus would be recruiting for the forthcoming years. Believe this has been a topic of previous discussions on how to balance recruiting over the years based on available scholarships and the “win now” emphasis (feast and famine scenario).

    If there is a belief that we have sufficient talent and bodies with “potential.” Then the challenge will be to STEP UP. As good as Fotu was last season, what did he twit regarding the difference between college ball and how the Tall Blacks are training for the World Games? Guess this would be my example of stepping up, demonstrating what can be done versus what you are capable of (potential). As they say in Missouri, “show me.”

    To emphasize, how did Q and Nevels challenge themselves to step up their game? Both played in competitive leagues.

    Has or is everyone else doing something comparable? That’s the question that begs to be answered.

    As fans, don’t we get excited when we see or hear that our current warriors and playing at high levels in preparation for next year? At the same time there are ?????? if players are cruising during the offseason.

    Can’t wait to see Fotu, Q and Nevels next season. I am hoping that Negus’s bigger muscles equals his skill development, if they are, he’ll be a monster. At this time the knowns are few, hoping for more quality dos over the next weeks regarding other players. Any takers?

  24. tako: gib telling que get the best paint playing big you can find this year,, if sammis qestion get in.maybe que and gib get sf and pf to fill spots..role players..georgia has great late qualifying bigs..one ac carter out of georgia!!
    We shall some que magic..has to be good high character guys to fit in..sengue says a lot of good bballers will come to uh if you have scholarship to offer

    I bet he or gib get or twi(in case reyes not in)that is what gib and que do..they recruit

    and am I excited sure am..few weeks ago thought uh mbb might be doomed now more clear and 2014-15season looks great!!
    Go Bows!!

  25. 2016 recruiting class will be a huge one

  26. GUYS Gotta Improve — Good Coaching, Hard Working, They Will…

    OR Get Swept Away by The Next Wave Of Continuous Improvement Washing In …

    Can You Imagine A Program Pretty Much Without Down Years?

    Ups and More Ups…

    Just a Model to Emulate and Shoot for… A Goal!
    Wahine Volleyball, Good Young Coach…
    Entire D-1 Head Coaching Career at His Home School…
    Perennial Challenger
    MAYBE An Emerging Power

    Pretty Good Outlook Right Now
    SIGNIFICANT Q-Factor Injection?

    Welcome Aboard, SenQue
    Sensei of Q


    Agree with Comments that UHMBB 2014 should be o.k. with Talent Level And Numbers On-Board…
    Several Good Teams, even UH, have done well in College D-1 with their Biggest Bigs only 6-8 (Listed), maybe only 6-6, 6-7 by the Real Tape… IF Bring in One or Two More, Make ‘Em Really Good, maybe even ‘Best Athlete’…
    With the Future Prospective Recruit Quality Levels – Q-Factor, NO Wasting, No Throw-Away Scholies…

  27. Playing the name game or things that make you go hmmmm? Started with Roderick Fleming of past fame and people saying we now have Roderick Bobbitt and issack Fleming. We have little issac and big issac. We have jovanovich and jenkovitch, sp? We now have two Qs.

  28. BigFan: we all had to be patient. some in the know fans, close very close to UH MBB situation, not surprised by Ben support of Gib, Apple’s support and Governor. So Gib gets extended. Then the ball gets rolling.
    Before that, Fleming, Bobbitt, Stepteau, all make it to Hawaii, and are in for this season and working in school, workouts, and open gym / rehab.
    Kind of crazy, past over week or so, we were debating merits of a walkon, who walked off, flew away, from East. Insane.

    BigFan, then, Gib signs Senque “Que” Carey, another Recruiting Coach, go after the best, why not, is his mantra. And he will, the recruiting coordinator, as Eagle states, no wasted scholarships, the good recruiters, and UH and Gib will tell Que, use good discretion, go after guys that are the high caliber, however Right Character guys, unless they are the one and done NBA types. that would be something, 4 or 5 star guys.

    Yes, when news, and even BM, view, ncaa thing will eventually be resolved, and UH can move, on, that is good thing.

    So we are left with the as you say, and now FANS can have fun again!
    Stefan and Stefan, Jovanovich and Jankovich(Gib calls him Janks, the guy can go inside and out), Isaac Big Fotu, and Isaac Smaller Fleming, Q Smith and Que Carey. Like Big Matt and Lil Matt, remember them. Well UH MBB is turning out to be a fun product. And Ben Jay is making sure to promote it.! Good for Ben, casting his confidence along with chancellor and Governor, of Gib and MBB team. The parents of the team, will be happy too!

    BigFan….time to have Big Fun and Excitement, Big Time at SSC this November, no matter what SOS , if UH MBB is averaging 86 ppg, and holding teams to the mid 50’s and one of the leading Offensive and Defensive teams in the nation, plus winning 98% of their games We Are Big Time Fan Happy. Fantastic!


  29. Sorry, Big Isaac and Lil Isaac, like Big Matt and Lil Matt, of years past!

  30. Ha! i got a Feelin’ Very Few Fans will see an Effective 6-4 SenQue-Modeled Isaac (Fleming) as Little…
    “4-2” from Day One Was “BIG”, Now FORGED (Muscled, Chiseled) TOO…

    We ‘Could’ apply “An Angry Inch’ to The Need-to-be-Mean Stefans as well…,
    that is, The Little Six-Tenner and The Big Six-Elevener…
    maybe little and BIG as in Stefan Scoring Averages
    [REF: Little Jovanovic, BIG Jankovic]

    AND Big Sensei Q and Little Grasshopper Q…

  31. Janks and Jove would do. hahahaha

    unless scholarship players leave, I read there’s only one scholarship that’d be available after next season. Nevels

    but of course if Gib doesn’t get a recruit this late in the recruiting season or hooking up another mid-term transfer there could be more

  32. pocho:

    remember two years ago, just before school started, Gib brought in 6’8″ Ozren Pavlovic, he went all the way to eastern Europe to find Ozi at very late date, just before school started. I guess it could be done. Que is talking very confidently, it would be huge if he could score a PF, at least a banger, role player, shot blocker. And these showcase tournaments, Atlanta, Northern California,

    and Las Vegas, Texas, they have literally hundreds of recently graduated HS seniors and JC just finished freshmen, that qualify for DI ball, however have had trouble deciding to commit or else under the radar. So these tournaments and view period late July 2014, some good talent is still out there. not the All American JC or McDonalds HS AA, however all state, all city, just good ball players.

    Let us see, if Senque if right on CUE! maybe a surprise, bet that Gib and Que, a priority to secure a PF, in case Sammis is slow to get into UH…that is what Gibson Arnold and Senque Carey do, even late in the summer, RECRUIT… they get a decent PF, can guard the rim… man this year team could win BWC, …

  33. Tonganator, thank you for the update on Isaac and for providing that link! Looks like Isaac has put on quite a bit of muscle.

    Sorry for today’s 1-point loss to S. Korea. I read Isaac was ill and didn’t play. Hopefully he’ll be good to go for game 3!

    Excited to see what Senque can do for the program.

  34. All good TAVS.

    It will make for a good game on Saturday night (Friday Hawaii) against the Korean. I hope he will recover in time for the game as we will be watching the game live.

  35. Tonganator: Do you know the broadcast name of station, or online feed for NZ Tall Blacks basketball? Wonder if Dish Network, or Time Warner can see the game. Or if we have links to hiltes. Hope for Isaac health to get better. He was disappointed that he got sick. At wrong time.
    He will be better, hydrate, get strength back,and play when called upon. Just the experience, and NZ Tall Blacks , I thought Isaac was Big, however they have some giant NZ really tall blacks.

    Go Tall Blacks, hope you beat Korea in the exhibition game. Or warm up!
    Mahalo for information Tonganator, Isaac is representing, Tonga, England, NZ kiwis and University of Hawaii Warrior Nation!

    Go and do your best Isaac all the UH MBB fans cheering for you.

    Soon, Tonganator besides being a true Rugby fan, you will also be a huge Basketball fan as well. Isaac’s younger brother at 6’5″ and 14 years, old, definitely will be in that 6’8″ to 6’9″ 245 range by time he is 16 or 17, another Fotu Fearsome maybe Future Warrrior!


  36. Best news for UH this offseason was that Isaac said he’d be returning to UH for his junior year. Can’t wait to see Isaac, NWC, Janks, Nevels, and Smith on the court together. With Valdes, Thomas, Fleming, Enos, Bobbitt, Sammis (hopefully!), Jawato and Jovanovic in big supporting roles. Talk about depth!

  37. TAVS: That is why Gib was smiling all this summer. ncaa would be okay. had his contract extended. no old or new guys transferred out, except 2 walkons and senior wanted a better fit.

    Scholarship guys: 11
    PG: Quincy Smith, Roderick Bobbitt

    SG: Garrett Nevels, Isaac Fleming(combo)

    SF: Aaron Valdes, Negus WebsterChan, Brandon Jawato(if healthy can be the 3 ball assassin!)

    PF: Mike Thomas, Isaac Fotu,

    C: Stefan Jovanovich(he whack Mama dou on hand to get him to FT line, Mama misses FT!
    helped UH to win on road at Irvine, never will forget that. 55 pounds and 8 inches shorter,

    Stefan tough dude!) Stefan 3 star “Janks” Jankovich -mid December ready

    Preferred Walkons: 3

    PG: Niko Filopovich

    Combos: Dyrbe Enos(he shoot 3 ball well, take care of ball, will play),

    Brocke Stepteau, hopefully he will step up in practices, and shoot ball, defend and run team.

    At this point, TAVS, eagle and many others the die hard super fans…..Tonganator too! even if Sammis was slow to enroll into UH, even if he had to enter Jan 2015. hope not though..

    The 11 scholarship guys, are good, with 7 having played last year for UH MBB. Negus, Janks, have had DI experience at SEC Mizzou. Bobbitt, high elite, defensive all around JC guard, great get. Isaac Fleming smooth guard, has to hit the weights, has to hit the TEAM first mode, Gib will settle him in very, very soon. Sammis, the X factor, that guy never wears a shirt, a MAN’s MAN…abs central.. so is Valdes, Nevels, Fotu, they are really working their core, which is important for good health and strength balance, not matter how old or young a person is.

    Let us say season started on August 16 against Norte Dame (South Bend one!) at sold out SSC. that 14 man roster, would be very, very competitive, if Jawato and Bobbitt were at full strength.

    So agreed.. we are so focused, at least I am following what the returnees , RS’s and other die hard fans and Gibson have talked about since end of April , a rim protector big or best athlete, SF I would assume available. Get that one more guy, a 2+ star, late qualifying get, to shore up the frontcourt, 6’7″ 238 , jump bounce 43″ , block shots, rebound O and D glass, and tip slams, help defense, can move laterally Defensively, quick feet…. and Senque can help or Benjy, Akana, Gib help develop that big, UH will be super competitive. really

    Yes, with what UH has already, they, grind and become ONE, though has at least 10 guys who think they deserve to start or majority of PT, as is every year, we shall see open gym, and reports with the practices, who rises to the top. the shutdown, defenders, shoot from 3 line to FT line well, take care of the ball, and composure,close out games, AND IN BOUND THAT dang ball… UH can win the BWC .. for sure.. they will be picked preseason probably 6th again, however, prove BWC media type wrong, and win BWC regular season and tourney so two options NIT or of course NCAA.

    Things looking so much better, than discussing about whether Harville would make UH or St Marys as a walkon…really waste of time that discussion, and I wasted a lot of typing.

    UH looks ready to rock TAVS!! Senque or Gib get that paint protecting, teeth on the rim, averaged 9 pts, 7 rebounds 1.8 rebounds, 2 steals, 73% FT, 55 % Field and 39% from the 3 line, at 6’8″-6’9″
    UH MBB ready to Rock and Sock that SSC arena!



  39. Fleming hurt his shoulder per B McInnis, in the game tonight. He put up some good numbers until then.

  40. Darn that is what happens in the summer league, Jawato, Spearman, Filopovich, Dressler, Smith, Fotu, and now Fleming all got hurt in summer league play. Hope that it is not a break or serious tear. Fleming, young, so hopefully can rehab be ready for fall practices..sets him back some.

    That is my only fear about summer league, guys might not be in greatest conditioned, or flexible, heard he ran into a pick set by Tyler Brown, who is 6’6″ 250.. solid ..

    Hope the best for Fleming!
    Now only, Buscher, Enos, Thomas and Stepteau healthy this summer!

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