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Harville appears in Summer League

Tyler Harville doesn’t mind working his way up from the bottom. It is why he decided to make a trip from Kentucky to Hawai’i this summer to begin the process of joining the 2014-15 University of Hawai’i basketball team.

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Harville, a 5-foot-11 point guard, made his debut in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Thursday night, if only for a few minutes. He played a few uneventful minutes in the first half for Grantco Pacific, then had a 3-pointer and an assist in the final minute of the second half. Chosen Few defeated Grantco Pacific, 98-95, in the opening game of the night at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

“This is my first time here; nobody over here has even heard of me yet,” Harville said. “If (the coach) lets me play for longer than five minutes at a time, he won’t take me out, hopefully so. No big deal, though. Just getting used to it. I’ll get acclimated and get worked in.”

Harville is from Lexington, Kentucky, but played last season at Vermont Academy prep school. He led his league in 3-pointers, and the New England Recruiting Report ranked him as the No. 1 prep player in Vermont for 2014.

“I didn’t have any notice until that prep year,” he said. “I was recruited by Saint Mary’s, Manhattan, couple other small schools, Division I and Division II. Hawai’i was the best walk-on opportunity.”

Harville said he will begin summer classes at UH next week. He has already been on O’ahu for a week with his family to experience some of the island attractions.

“I went on a helicopter ride, hiked Diamond Head, went snorkeling … it’s been awesome,” he said.

Chosen Few won the game with a strong second half and a balanced offense. Jonathan Keen (Mililani High/Ventura College) led the way with 25 points, and former UH standout Bill Amis added 21.

Former UH star Christian Standhardinger led Grantco Pacific with 43 points – his second consecutive 40-point game in the summer league.

In the second game, Solar Universe led from start to finish in a 105-70 rout of National Fire Protection Co. (which had just six players in uniform). UH sophomore guard Dyrbe Enos hit three 3-pointers and scored 10 points for Solar Universe.

The summer league will continue with two more games on Saturday.

Thursday’s results
Chosen Few 98, Grantco Pacific 95. Top scorers: CF–
Jonathan Keen 25, Bill Amis 21, Kyle Pape 19, Kaipo Pale 14. GP–Christian Standhardinger 43, Joshua Burnett 27, Geremy Robinson 10.

Solar Universe 105, National Fire Protection Co. 70. Top scorers: SU–Aukai Wong 28, Kawika Smith 17, Drew Viena 14, Antonio Washington 12, Dyrbe Enos 10, Billy Simms 10. NFP–Cheyne Lishman 18, Gerald Wright 18, Alejandro Pardi 10.


  1. Welcome, Tyler!

    Smart Start…DON’T Need to Show Up your Teammates, Coaches or The League…

    How you Grow and FINISH — UHMBB Motto: Finish STRONG!
    means A Lot more than where you start
    or How you make an Entrance…

    Thanks for bringing your Family —
    i’m ‘guessing’ they can tell This Place, called Hawai’i IS For Real…

    We’ll be lookin’ for you in the coming weeks…
    And i hope you Can Make a BIG Splash Career of it @ UH!

    Like, WIN-WIN…


    WI ‘Ohana…
    When you All get to CJ’s @ Hilton Hawai’ian Village
    or its Sister Restaurant, Giovanni Pastrami on Beachwalk
    Please ask them to make you The “Eagle Loco-Moco”
    instead of Kalua Pork, they make it with The Island’s Best Pastrami
    No Ka ‘Oi

  2. Welcome to Hawaii, Tyler & Harville Ohana! Great to see you hit your first 3-pointer & assist at the end of your first summer league game in Hawaii. Once your teammates know you can hit the 3-pointer with consistency, you’ll be getting more PT, more points, and more assists! Have fun, study hard, get stronger, improve your overall game, and stay healthy!

  3. In another site, jake said most likely Tyler going to St Mary’s. Too bad, we need good shooters. Already lost Hackman and Harper.

  4. Jake: You and all of the die hard UH MBB fans, who have been waiting a couple of months for Tyler Harville the Marville, you can be proud, Tyler does not back down, is a TEAM guy, and will do well. Wish he would consider being a Rainbow Warrior if it fits and his and his OHANA’s dersire.

    Jake, funny, I almost want to call you UNCLE Jake, you really like Tyler’s shooting ability that specialty he can bring to a team. Love having Tyler and Stepteau, having fantastic families willing to finance their trips out to Hawaii, and be part of UH MBB experience. The Gaels, might be trying to draw him, to their WCC gym, which has a great college feel, and all those espn games, however, you cannot beat , the Stan Sheriff Center, rocking with 9000+ dressed in white out mode, going…THEEEEEEEEEE….balllllll,…..Harvillllllle!

    Very happy that Tyler made it to Hawaii. Wish Tyler and his family the best!
    Welcome to the islands Tyler, enjoy, and be happy with your decision whatever it may be!

  5. Jake and WI UH MBB fans: Doesn’t Tyler’s enrollement into UH summer session., for one thing, it signals his acceptance, he has the grades, the requirements to get in, ncaa compliance etc. And Now, during ncaa approved summer time, they , the staff can do those position, or a little at a time workouts, Tyler meets the other team guys, gets used to school, It is like his collegiate career will start to begin this Monday July 7th 2014.

    From Dayton’s interview, it seems like he wants to Grind, work, at least for a year, and give it a shot, interesting, he says Hawaii, the preferred walkon, was his best shot..

    Dayton, at least you got the live and in person interview,, NOW we know what was on Tyler’s mind, and his immediate goals…now, WELCOME TO UH MBB Tyler, keep that 3 stroke handy, UH can use it for sure!


  6. Jake: like a lot of other preferred walkons and scholar offered athletes, once they came for visit, albeit vacation or official or unofficial, majority if not all, enjoyed HAWAII, that is probably the number one selling point or recruiting pitch that Gib and the previous Hawaii coaches have made to potential athletes, help us build something special, a MBB team, the only NCAA DI team in the mid Pacific Polynesia, that would be the best. consistent champion, and NIT,…or better yet NCAA participant. Form that Warrior Insider Interview, Tyler, told it…enter school, plan on being here, hopefully All four years, graduate, and work on being that stretch PG, knows he has to work, and he is willing, Coach, and hopefully soon a new assistant, Carey? will love Tyler , Stepteau, and newbies. as long as they work, grind , and TEAM win and sometimes lose with class, student athletes, I think it does help that Fleming and Harville are 20 year old freshmen, they are more mature..

    Now, Jake, I can say along with thousands of other UH MBB fans, WELCOME aboard Tyler Harville from Basketball loving bluegrass state Kentucky, via Vermont Prep Academy, to UH MBB Warrior Ohana! Shoot that trifecta, dish that dime, take the charge, and get the steals! Should be fun year with the young guns, Stepteau, Harville, Fleming, Filopovich, who have the youth and energy..would give tremendous depth, if Gib is going to pressure on O and D, entire game, and on through March Madness!
    Just wait Tyler, coach in summer league give you 20 minutes next time, then, get the assists and a couple of 3 bombs!

    Yeah, go Tyler you Trifecta Marville…Captain Haville the 3 point Marville!

  7. Per Verbal Commits, Keondre Dew just committed to Tulsa. Hoping that Gib announces a Big surprisd soon.

  8. That last scholarship, really has to be right fit, the guy is mature, can be ready to play, whatever level, JC, HS, prep school, international. Know that Gib has brought in guys as late as July even up till August start of school,, that would be the grand surprise, I think he still has a couple of 6’9 ” type of bigs on list, however, the might be finishing up summer school, UH entrance, and ncaa clearinghouse, too. Would that be huge finish to recruiting for this year. to shore up that thin front line, ONE more, big to help down low!

    Well, Gib the recruiter, he has to look for good athlete , plus, a good assistant and very capable DOBA, hope these guys, and trying to fill positions are not tied into ncaa thing, then it could last till August to fill those pukas..

    Hope for the best Mraloha!
    Aloha, and Imua UH MBB team!

  9. Well, right now confused on whether Tyler is coming to U of H or NOT. Islandman is citing information contrary to what we’ve heard. I am leaning towards Dayton’s interview as it is coming directly from the “source.”

    Last year during summer league play, U of H players joined their teams just prior to the start of the second summer school session. Same situation with PT, U of H players started w/ little PT. If I recollect, Pat Tanibe intervened after some fans complained. Does anyone recall the same?

    Personally, awaiting the start of U of H new and returning players to start playing in the league before I go down to Manoa Gym. Some fans have been awaiting this sneak preview to the season.
    JMO but believe summer league helps U of H by sparking interest for folks to buy season tickets that helps the whole Sports program. Any thoughts?

  10. My short answer is Gib doesn’t seem to have interest in Harville. Simply thinks he is too small. Or that is why it easily gets interpreted when little or zero contact is made. Bennett has lots of interest under the theory really, really good shooters are extremely hard to find so he says it is his strength coaches job to make him bigger. If Harville hasn’t made final answer known to Gib or Akana then I completely understand why he didn’t tell some reporter unknown to him all of his thoughts at this time.

  11. This recruit class is turning out to be bare bones, if no Harville, no Sammis ?, and when will be Bobbitt be game ready ?

    Too bad if we lose a dead eye shooter, a lot of our shooters are brick layers at times from outside.

  12. Jake — There ARE “Contact Limits” that Gib has Quoted before…
    He was Clear Before that until Enrolled (7/7?) and Past Clearinghouse
    he cannot (or does not) speak publicly…
    YES, Very Conservative…
    [BUT that’s Part of Why I Would be surprised IF ANY Major Findings for UH]
    And sometimes Standoff-ish
    WE (apparently) have Two or Three 6-0 or shorter Players
    BY BB Standards, Gib is also short…

    We KNOW NCAA IS Watching…

    Harvilles ARE HERE…
    Classes Begin this Coming Week
    Tyler WILL (Likely) Learn to Trust Dayton & Several/Many Hawai’i people Beyond

    Dayton is FAR Beyond ‘Some Reporter’…

    HE CAN Tell Truth from B.S….

    We Will See…
    WE Hope Tyler IS/Becomes a Warrior IMPACT Player!

  13. Eagle, Well Stated!

    At the end of the day…don’t blame the coach….”kokoro” comes from the player.

  14. In my short time on this site I have certainly grown to like Dayton alot. Wish he did a site for NEPSAC. So please don’t think I was putting him down in any way. Certainly not intended. Maybe Dayton has talked to Harville before. My points are I don’t think Harville knows him well enough to trust him yet and I think he is enrolled and has for sure gone thru the NCAA Clearinghouse. That is required in the NEPSAC league. Harvilles friend tells me Gib has not contacted him one time in the last month and certainly not since the family has been on the island. That does tell a kid a lot. Maybe Dayton could get some straight answers from Gib about what he wants or doesn’t want. No one blames Gib either. He has never seen Harville play or worked him out. Simply was going off Fishers recommendation.

  15. Gib needs to have someone who can catch and shoot three’s consistently. Doesn’t matter if you are 6’5″ and can’t hit a bull’s hind end with a handful of rice. He better reach out to this young man in a hurry and let him know that what matters is what is done on the court and not whether you are over six feet tall. I recall an Indiana HS Mr Basketball, Jason Gardner, who had a pretty good career at Arizona and he was not a giant. But he could drain those trey’s! So would Gib pass him up because of his size? Sure hope not. If we want to see an inside/out game then we better have some people on the outside that require guarding. Gotta believe Gib is well aware of that need .

  16. Gib needs to have someone who can catch and shoot three’s consistently. Doesn’t matter if you are 6’5″ and can’t hit a bull’s hind end with a handful of rice. He better reach out to this young man in a hurry and let him know that what matters is what is done on the court and not whether you are over six feet tall. I recall an Indiana HS Mr Basketball, Jason Gardner, who had a pretty good career at Arizona and he was not a giant. But he could drain those trey’s! So would Gib pass him up because of his size? Sure hope not. If we want to see an inside/out game then we better have some people on the outside that require guarding. Gotta believe Gib is well aware of that need

  17. Oops! Fast fingers today. Gotta stop repeating myself!!!

  18. Hoosier. I thought it automatically put the words out twice because they were so wise….:). I agree with you. So many coaches go by pure height and ability. If the best shooter in the country was 5’2″ and 125lbs I would take him and figure out how to get him open looks. At the end of the day the most important facet of the game is the ability to hit open shots and coaching should be as basic as figuring out how to get your shooters open looks and on defense figuring out how to keep their shooters from getting open looks. As my grandpa always said “keep it simple, stupid”

  19. Jake the scout: One person, so close to UH MBB program, was former UH MBB beat writer for same paper as Brian Mcinnis, Dayton Morinaga, UH BB athletes love the guy, just like part of the family..who gets the first hand VIDEO for all to hear and see from coach and athletes…Dayton Morinaga..
    That interview, with Tyler, even a blind person could see or HEAR…it sounds like he is committed to UH like Stepteau, enroll, take his best shot, get better,and work on PG ball handling getting stronger, especially Gib wants guys that can shutdown D teams, that is how UH lost several games last year, could not get stops when needed.

    Harvilles, if you know them personally, they must be the Greatest Family for Tyler to have, vacation in Hawaii, peak season? Chance to play at a University, recognized globally for academics, grants, research, and has history of several eras of outstanding BB athletes and teams that made NIT and NCAA’s…Gib trying to get to next level…might be that ncaa thing, when Tyler is going to school, this Monday July 7th, and Gib is working out, if ncaa allows them, with Tyler and others individually this summer for short periods, without question Gib will talk about and with Tyler..

    I trust the VIDEO, how can it LIE..? Why would Tyler speak two things out of same mouth? Why trust, blog speculation and second hand tweets, Dayton, live real time interviews, if Tyler did not want to do it, he would say NO thanks, and walk away, Dayton would not chase him down.

    Tyler very confident and candid…if Tyler does complete turnaround and quits summer school and goes to St Mary’s well, wish him well, he wanted to be a Gael rather than Rainbow Warrior.
    He has great parents to finance his trip and schooling, or student loans,..Wish him the best..

    Dayton, very Akamai, within ncaa guidelines, and contact with athletes too, even we on forum, cannot speculate or misinform, we have to be spot on..If Tyler says what he meant, then, he will be a Rainbow Warrior , this coming year, and hopefully till he graduates.

    Wish him the best scout Jake, …boy, you have to come to Hawaii, don’t know if you are as active throughout country on other college MBB fourms, I think you are, love the BB ball and promoting good young ballers, who need chance!
    Tyler wish you well, study hard, do well in school, all the current UH guys have done great in school past couple of years, with several graduating now, the most important thing right, his parents would agree Jake.

  20. Any of ya’ll know the scoop on Gerald Wright? Says Alta Loma/UH to his college

  21. Playhoops. Hopefully he will stay but I can completely understand if he instead goes to St. Mary since they seem to really want him. Just think about it. If he says no thanks to Dayton he looks like a jerk. If heDannys Dayton he is now going to Gaels it looks bad if Hawaii coaches not been told yet. Looks bad if he does opposite of what he said. Basically a situation he cannot won at that particular time….it is why kids these days simply tell whoever is asking the questions what they want to hear until they have had a chance to talk to coaches face to face. They real question that needs to be answered in my view is very simple…..has Coach Gib or Coach Akana or any other current Hawaii coach reached out to Harville and his family since they have arrived? Have they reached out since Fisher left? If the answer to those are no then I would hold absolutely no grudges against him no matter what he ultimately decides. Again, I’m just happy he has two great choices. But currently im hearing St. Mary’s has made it abundantly clear to Harville family they very much want and need him. Hawaii has not. You should follow Bruce Brown, Christian Vital, Tyler Jackson, Crew Ainge (Danny’s son), Taylor twins, etc…..about 9 players I heavily promote on various sites because I really believe in him. Bruce Brown was unknown now top 30 on ESPN class of 2016. Totally deserves it. Very gifted.

  22. Sad to hear if this kid goes somewhere else. And then we read about how he is tearing up the WCC. I can remember when Hawaii was bombing so many there’s that there were sponsor giveaways based on the number made. Not lately though. A player is a player, no matter the height. Muggy Bogues, Spud Webb, DJ Augustin. No one can tell me there is no room for a skilled small man. Something like this could really come back to bite you. C’mon, Gib, show him some love.

  23. I am getting tired of the NCAA Summer League continuing to play guys who are 5+ years out of competitive play over current collegiate athletes. The point of the league is to give current college players an opportunity to play during the summer. I don’t mind filling the rosters with players so that we can have enough teams, but the league is not serving its purpose. If I was playing college ball or for UH, I would go play summer ball on the mainland…

  24. Harville’s size is no problem….he’s a walkon

  25. True. Just a walk on. So I guess no great loos for Gib then if another school wants to offer scholarship. If that is the thought process then I hope the guys Gib offered tear it up. These are the kids he deems worth the scholarship. My expect station then is he better start bringing home some hardware. Otherwise that much ballyhoo’d recruiting skill is. Good enough for 4-5th place in the Big West. The proof is in the pudding. Let’s see what happens when the lights come on. I am out until then. Gib is the man so will wait patiently for November. All this other stuff is just white noise.

  26. Hawaiifan. Basketball walkons are much different than walkons for other sports. Heard of Jeff Hornacek and Scottie Pippen? Just two of many, many great players who started their careers as college walkon players.

  27. Jake:

    thanks for words of wisdom appreciate it! That is JMO and my observation. Even the few minutes that Tyler played versus the many minutes that Brocke Stepteau had. Don’t know about that, unless, Brocke was working with team before Tyler got to that game. Maybe Saturday Tyler will get more time.

    Young people different breed in 2014 as opposed to 1984 that is for sure. Very skilled talented at very young age. Thing that stood out to me, Tyler looked about the same size as his videos. Brocke looks like he did grow, either that or optical illusion. Brocke looked like about 6 foot maybe 175 lbs. Not the poste 5’9″ 155 from the Scout Hawaii commit list.

    Either way, with PARENT support, or scout , or relative, friend, coming to Hawaii, and having decision to go to St Mary’s, and it would be a neat rivalry, annual or semi annual with the Gaels because of coach Ganot and Harville, Although, it might be 1-1 I the the Gib era.

    As for why Gib don’t approach Harvilles, I don’t know why, could be ncaa thing, maybe they cannot, he can come here, play in summer league, and their is a restriction on approaching Tyler, JMO.
    However, HUGE KEY, if Tyler starts summer session, and does extremely well in class, Gib starts working with Brocke and Tyler in those supervised workouts permitted by ncaa, those short ones, ..then everything fine.

    Having Bobbitt still on the mend from broken arm, that was sad, a huge JC elite guard commit, hopefully Roderick is 100% ready by October first practice.

    I hope Tyler gets to play some more minutes, if summer league coach puts him in the last few minutes of Saturday game, maybe Tyler, says, Mom, Dad, Uncle let’s go to Cali.

    Still wish the best, he did hit a deeeep three in last minute of game, and a nice no look assist for three..Stepteau, I think he jacked maybe about 7 or 8, maybe made one, and one layup.

    However, true they are walkons, however, Michael Harper, played a lot, when he came as freshman in summer league, He was the 3 ball gunner, just jack it, and he hit for 26 points one game, and had a couple of other 20 point games that first summer. He is probably one of the nicest, and smartest walkons that Gib had, now to get PT, he is in Canada, Simon Fraser, with his DI experience, he never RS’d he is going to be a good one.

    Nothing against the Harvilles, or Tyler, With Gib, we don’t know unless, he or staff, give comment about Tyler and walkons.. Maybe with the thing going on, they cannot, we HAVE TO WAIT..hey we love to see good hoops guys walkon or McDonald’s all American, or a legend at the park.
    Hoops Heaven in Hawaii Jake!

  28. Also, Gib has a lot on his mind, contract extension after this year, ncaa finalize, getting that last scholarship filled if can with a big, making sure the scholarship guys are healthy in school and on the court. Running his 3rd camp. AND keeping that eternal grin on his face. As he said, his mantra, at MBB banquet..you could run away from adversity, or you could stand and fight, .quote him as saying UH MBB program as strong as ever…run clean program ..however he did admit, they make mistakes, and working with ncaa to clean it up..UH MBB, would be neat if they met St Mary’s in opening round of NCAA’s in March 2015!

  29. Playhoopsa. Like u I thought #11 on the team was Brocke but I’m now hearing that was someone else and Brocke just landed and will play for first time tomorrow. Strange.

  30. Ideally I think if Gib has 13 scholarship athletes the right fit and best academic, athletic, and people, plus 3 preferred walkons, maybe 2 of them the best guards out of Hawaii, that would be ideal, a working roster of 15, In past some UH MBB coaches that was the approach, fill up the scholarships with good MBB athletes then a few walkons, some of fan favorites were the last minute, wrap up guards, when they hit the three, or got the layup, block or rebound, the stan sheriff crowd went crazy,

    On this and other blog, never read so much about preferred walkons.. Coach Fish was one, and became, all time MBB athlete at Santa Barbara, and Australia great Pro Player, He still might work a pipeline, hopefully from Ohlone JC and Chris McMillan at Southern Idaho JC, for some athletes, that would be the best..

    Well, MY wish list, and people are tired of it already, Gib locked in for several more years, extension, ncaa pau, and Hawaii still NCAA participant okayed,ONE more BIG that Gib can bring in who can play, and UH will have great season in MBB and all sports!

  31. Jake : strange , like Twilight Zone epidsode! That P.A. announcer kept on mentioning Stepteau’s name, and here Brocke , that is right, Brian Mcinnis, beat writer said besides Tyler , Bobbitt, Fleming, and Stepteau, would arrive on Saturday!

    Maybe, that is why no. 11 got the PT, one of coaches favorites from year’s past!

    HMMMM, no wonder that guy could not hit threes.,!

    Have, Brocke and Harville along with Geremy Robinson, ex UH guard 6’4″ PG, run some, and knock down a couple of consecutive threes, smooth, that is what the crowd wants, they go off, and hit two or three in a row, each, crowd will go nuts..actually very laid back Hawaii crowd, because the old 20 , 30 year ago, and last year the 43 inch bounce Aaron Valdes not in league, in past, had the prep, and Delaware prep, hi flyers, lot of dunks, as we say, the name of game, the three ball, that is the excitement now..the game equalizer!!

    Aloha Jake, gotta , see somemore, LOI, bigs come from northeast, Gib gotta work it, I know they are working Delaware and Toronto plus Florida!

  32. Does anyone know if any of U of H MBB staff read this blog? Is Dayton aware of this? It may help to bridge communication gaps or prevent problems. At the same time, why can’t Tyler call the MBB staff instead of “waiting?” Sometimes, Coaches’ “test” the maturity level of incoming players. Something to think about.

  33. Tako. Very good point. I was told he called and emailed but no response. Who knows what is true or not. I could tell u stories for days about how players and coaches both do such a poor job of simple honest communication. They all have such terrible egos it is ridiculous. That is my opinion.

  34. tako: very similar to Vander, Christian, Davis, not coming back. Some guys LOI’s, in or not, they were here visit, never got in. last year, Quincy commit, or not commit, took awhile he was in.

    Jake: if Akana still active, and I am sure he is still part of staff, and Dayton maybe that will be next video, WHAT is the status of walkons, injuries to Jawato and Bobbitt, that last recruit?…any word on Gib’s getting a multi year extension..

    Otherwise, SPECULATION…tako, that other more X rated blog, had one guy, they said whatever he heard, since he had sources at UH, high end type, B….o, that Gib’s UH MBB program would blow up in his face back in April, now we are in July headed for school new year August, and UH MBB has preferred walkons, and guys 2, still trying to walkon to a team that is supposed to have blown up, death penalty, tried, found guilty the program and DEAD this past April , May 1 latest..never happened.
    Vander, came back, Fotu came back , Christian came back, Davis came back..weird.

    That is why, even Brian Mcinnis or Dayton, they have the integrity, they have to, to get from source, Gib or his office, or UH MBB program, the official word…I bet Dayton beats them to it, and video interviews Gib, possibly,who is or is not in program as walkon, I know he does not comment too much on scholarship offers, though he still HAS that BIG ONE, pun intended to give till start of school, I hope he hits one out of the park homerun ball.

    My guess, as Jake has opinion, maybe, with all going on with Gib and program, could be lack of communication, maybe he left to Akana coordinate with walkons, or maybe they cannot, who knows?
    Dayton, if can, know you are super busy and tired,..if next topic, who are the walkons, and status of Bobbitt injury, walkons besides Stepteau, Harville, seems like he is, or isn’t? Filipovich, Brian says, definite coming back as preferred walkon. Wright, another UH walkon possibility and Deante Hearn.

    Yeah, as on forum contributor, Eagle, I believe you tako, definite servante….say be PATIENT, for official, otherwise, we are just getting worked up for nothing, save that energy for UH run to BWC tourney title!

    Still appears, Harville wants to be with UH or at least try according to Video for 4 years…if nowadays, young people just make up whatever story, or for that matter adults, from leaders on down, what a crazy world..

    All the facts will come out soon..ONCE all the returnees and newbies in town, all will be sorted out.
    Harville case, he going full bore to summer school, bet he is with team definite,..his collegiate academic clock starts, which is good, Tyler get that degree, wherever it may be.

    Jake, we want that Harville to Marville us with the 3 ball! Same with Stepteau, and the step to, and step back trifecta..gotta keep things light, …Hoops should be fun right..and Hoops in Hawaii, how can you beat that…Tyler has it made, parents, spent a lot to get here, and family enjoying 4th in Paradise!

  35. Well you can’t fault Tyler if he decides to attend St Mary’s where they are showing him a lot more love. I don’t understand why Gib wouldn’t at least bring him in for a workout since he’s in Hawaii to see what he’s got for himself. Something seems fishy here. Why wouldn’t Gib show some love to a walk on who won’t cause him a scholarship and could potentially contribute.

  36. At the end of the day, how do we break down barriers? How do we test perceptions and move towards the “truth?” How do we achieve our goals and pursue excellence? Are we going to be victims or problem solvers? Just maybe the solution is somewhere within the questions.

    I am rooting for Tyler and can’t wait to see ‘um play. THANK you for being his advocate. We all need people like you.

  37. Why did Fisher fall out of favor with Gib, if that’s what happened ?

  38. No word from Ben Jay. No word from Gib Arnold. No word from Akana. No word from the NCAA. Man, it’s the Sounds of Silence.

  39. You know Brian Mcinnis and Dayton Morinaga, and the scout Hawaii commit site, all going on idea that Tyler Harville is a preferred walkon commit to UH MBB. Video interview, unless Tyler just plain making up story, or so they say, that is wild. And if TRUTH as tako says, is that Gib and UH MBB not even having any contact with Tyler. If I am Tyler and he talks to his Ohana, that we are not welcomed here, because, Fisher is gone. They will go back to mainland, and Tyler will walkon with St Mary’s…true, walkons, Buscher, possiblty Wright and Hearn, Filipovich, Enos, Stepteau and Harville do not count for APR, or cost any of the 13 allowed scholarships.

    We shall know real soon, if Tyler, starts going to school at UH on Monday July 7th, and perhaps starts running open gym with guys at UH practice gym two. What does that say? He must be part of team right? If he is still doing that and Gib has not commented or even said that Harville should be here….strange, very strange…That is why, JMO, Fisher HC at Ohlone JC in Bay area, a great area for BB talent, why did Tyler not follow Fish to JC. Get a full ride scholarship and play one year. Then transfer to a DI school that could see he is a proven guard talent?
    It does not make sense. STILL THE VIDEO INTERVIEW…that is forever on the internet…how can you take that down? I am with UH for FOUR years. Want to work on my PG skills to run Point for 4 years, get stronger better. I am here. Hope summer league coach give me more than 5 minutes , I will show what I can do , hopefully. WEIRD..

    You know, I think since not scholarship player, and non binding, nothing in writing I think, JMO..Gib and Bennett with walkons could do whatever they want, accept or not, talk to them or not..Maybe only those on WI forum and that other blog are debating this,.. AS far as beat writer Brian Mcinnis is concerned, in writing, Stepteau , and Harville even though they knew each other were coming and they both would be competing against each other, still Hawaii bound.

    TRUTH gotta come out, otherwise, Tyler and the Harvilles just had one heck of a great fourth of July vacation, and head back to supposedly guaranteed spot walkon and a scholarship in years ahead with the Gaels…fans what would you do if you were Tyler? If UH has nothing to do with me, and I am attending school summer session, because of verbal commit to walkon, ..THEN WHAT..

    Such a slow UH MBB , especially the ncaa finalize , and that last recruit, that we are creating our own drama. I look forward, turn my attention to, Stepteau, what does he bring? I think he is the one, that either Benjy or even Gib went to Dallas to check out. Stepteau, social media, he wants to graduate from UH in 2018.. Bobbitt, even though hurt , rehabbing, Dayton interview, Sammis, that man, lost in the shuffle that he will be here pretty soon, at least by August school start. Fleming, might be that real diamond, straight A student, Military Prep school grad, 20 years. old..very mature, maybe he is the GLUE..as long as all the guys come back, and the LOI’s are in UH, I am happy…this preferred or not preferred walkon Tyler Harville, I feel sorry for him if, it is a slight.. but HOW DO WE KNOW UNLESS OFFICIAL COMMENT FROM UH MBB?

  40. Derek:

    has to be the strangest period of non news UH MBB that I can remember in decades. At least we knew, who all the guys were, in or out, what status of Gib, Assistants, new guys, old guys, hurt guys, etc. and we just concentrated saw Valdes, Smith, Nevels, do their thing in the summer league.

    I would say, by August, seems like forever, before school starts, everything should be sorted out. Still can look forward to Bobbitt, Stepteau, Fleming arrival and interviews with Dayton.

    Derek, we are in a dead zone, no news, is well…no news..

    Weird, strange, and we have to Wait, wait, wait..tests our patience, I guess the older we get, not much time to wait! just joking…

  41. Coach Silva needs to give Tyler more minutes as it looks like he’s quite active on defense and looks to have a sweet shot.

  42. has to be the strangest period of non news UH MBB that I can remember in decades. LAST YEAR At least we knew, who all the guys were, in or out, what status of Gib, Assistants, new guys, old guys, hurt guys, etc. and we just concentrated saw Valdes, Smith, Nevels, do their thing in the summer league.

  43. Then who is the Brock Stepteau #11 shown on the Summer League website roster with the picture and who is on the summer league video on July 3 ?

    If Brocke was not in Hawaii yet ?

  44. too much drama, lets’ take Tyler’s words for what it is. I like the guy, he’s open and looks to be a playa with what little time we saw of him. If he’s a preferred walk-on, he’s on the team, I don’t see how Gib would tell him otherwise. I mean, this is right up Tyler’s alley wanting to show what he can do. But as far as a scholarship goes, he’s got a lot to prove to get one.

  45. pocho,

    could have swore I heard P.A. announcer say Stepteau, whenever that number 11 was shooting for Grantco, only made one three, and one layup.
    However, Jake says, and I believe SA confirm, new guys, other than Harville will be here on Saturday. Hey if Tyler is with UH MBB as preferred walkon, I bet the old time and newbie UH MBB fans will let Grantco coach know, play Tyler at least 20 minutes, and Stepteau too.

    Remember last year, if they did not play Q , Q get upset, something he has to control, the emotions sometimes, great athlete though, Q will be much better this year, and Nevels, played a lot last year, and gunned a lot. Valdes, put up the 40 point games, did it all, I wish Aaron will be more assertive on O and D this year, he is KEY, help on boards and D up the paint too, they need that help.

    I bet , coach will play Tyler more, that is what the UH MBB fans with the hype, came to see, Harville launch the three ball, looks like he has very quick release. and made great assist!

  46. If Tyler can fight thru these adversities it only makes him that much better and stronger.

    Go Get Em Tyler. Show Gib what you can Do!

  47. Check out BM’s tweets and Court Sense, he stated he could not make last nite’s game, however, did blog that Harville and Stepteau might see PT last nite. So, could that veteran P.A. announcer be that off, and keep on mentioning Stepteau 3 ball attempt, short, too long, air ball, and finally Stepteau hits deep three, I think that P.A. guy is really good, would not the coach tell him, wait a minute, that is not Stepteau, that is so and so, not Brocke.

    This Harville saga never ends, until Dayton posts next summer league update, wish Manoa League summer college site, they had complete box score, not just leading scorers, then we know for sure. or Dayton will, or Brian M. will confirm, that indeed Stepteau played last night, or does he have a unknown twin living in Hawaii, just joking!

    Have fun fans..it is only summer league, and pocho, agree, if Harville says he is walkon enrolled in UH, then he is..

  48. I don’t know what to think though, wasn’t it Coach Silva who gave Jace a hard time with playing time deserved or not? Although he got more time as the games went on, I think he opted for the limited UH coaches sessions and UH’s open gym between team mates.

  49. islandman says #14 though and it looked like Harville who made that 3 in the waning seconds of the game.

  50. Pocho:

    remember the original NCAA certified College summer league from 70’s , 80’s etc, that league, the featured stars, and best players, usually were UH guys. Not too many walkons, all scholarship guys, unless you had maybe one or two who tried to walkon to UH, still all of that Chicago, NYC, Florida, Connecticut, Indiana talent was on display, wow the slam dunks, no three pointers yet. UH guys, played a lot.

    This Manoa league with six sponsored teams, those coaches been there so long, they use their own guys, even if some are late thirties, should feature the HS and current college guys, however it is their league, maybe, some entity start a rival league, …that is a major reason why the current guys, RS’s , walkons and scholarship UH MBB team went home, every one except Enos, Jawato rehab, and Thomas schooling,went back home, they are playing in some elite summer leagues, and working out, get away, …maybe in future, well Gib stated it here already on video interview, he basically wants the NEW guys to come in early for July summer school, not to play summer league, rather get head start on school, used to UH. that is smart on Gib’s part, that I give him credit for, he really addressed the academic part for UH MBB they are all doing really well.

    Well,…we shall see, coaches, remember, pocho, Tavita, Shamburger, Jawato, all stated if they were not getting PT, they would not play summer league, and Gib leaves as option for them anyways, I hate to see some guys get hurt, playing in this league, though great to see new guys like Harville, Fleming, Stepteau,…darn hope Sammis gets qualified soon!

  51. Pocho: you and islandman right, I know that Harville is # 14, he looks the same size, same hair, same beard as he does in video hilites from Vermont. It was that other guy, P.A. announcer, was is Ron? He kept on saying Stepteau, for three, ohhhhh, miss, Stepteau for three, ohhh air ball, then he hit one, might have been early second half, that guy launched at least 8 three attempts.

    However, if Stepteau, did not come here yet, proves the point, unless boxscores, and official comments from league and UH, we just guessing, or everything getting mixed up. You, know Pocho, main thing when BWC play starts, UH is okay, set to go, and challenging with Jankovich on board, and a full healthy roster for that NCAA bid, if by March 2015, all this stuff is clear to go, we all HAPPY right, right!

  52. Pocho and islandman, just to prove to myself I am not losing it, check above Dayton video about 2:05-2:07 mark, announcer, and # 11 is rising,..Stepteau for three, and of course was a brick,…if you look and here PA announcer, definitely said STEPTEAU…maybe he was saying Step on Your Toe..Ha!!!

    It is over, look forward to hilites tomorrow!

    good nite, it is fun talking UH hoops!

  53. Interesting text I just received from Harville friend. Says Christian texted Harville this morning telling him if he knew who he was he would have had coach play him more. Said he would make sure he talked to coach. Classic Harville reply. He said that sounds great Christian but be sure u pass the ball to me some and I will make sure u get 60.

  54. There must be two Brock(e) Stepteaus. Because on the Summer League Roster pictures for Grantco Pacific, it has #11, Brock Stepteau. Does that picture look like the Brocke Stepteau that’s supposed to be the Brocke Stepteau ?

    But on Brocke Stepteau twitter, he said he was leaving for Hawaii on July 4.

    Or one is an impersonator.

    You are on the good side of Christian if he made an assist to you as he did to Tyler in the game.

  55. I think this is classic diversion for UH MBB faithful, from the Gib contract, coaches moving on, transfers, ncaa…the Harville is or is not, well HE IS if HE SAYS HE IS..I take him as MAN 20 year of his own. And we should ask Tyler ourselves at UH school for summer school students, and fans that go to summer league . Hey bruddah Tyler, You Stay come or You stay go, You Warrior or Gael…He would say, you pass me the ball , I stay, you No pass me the ball I go..Ha! Just joking., Tyler , with Gib, and he trying hard, as much as Riley Wallace did with that old school, do well as person, school, then athletically, Tyler, Brocke, just at least for a YEAR,…enjoy the Hawaii culture and fans, cool experience. and to play or even be in Stan Sheriff Center, one of the best College basketball venues, maybe not the largest at 10,300 though it was made expandable, to maybe 12,500. It can go up…the arena higher levels. or fill in the loges, great venue, Brocke and Tyler will enjoy it. first class, better than most places on campus.

    The other diversion? Stepteau I or Stepteau II, Islandman, the picture, and video of game with Stepteau I, Number 11, he looks about 6 feet , maybe more tall, and at least 175 or more,..the Brocke Stepteau that is supposed to have arrived today, July 4th, he is listed on the Scout commit site, with photo as 5’9″ and 155, and HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE Stepteau I, or number II, Number II looks like, I don’t know who dat guy is? Impostor, how did he get in, no wonder, he was jacking so many threes and only hit one..Ha!
    You check tomorrows tweet from the Dallas Jesuit grad Brocke Stepteau, he will say, having landed in Hawaii, Beautiful, just Beautiful, ready to ball in summer league.

    That Manoa site, the webmaster is trying, just the logistics, his hilite videos are up really fast, he is trying to update everything, I hope he has help. There is a six foot Stepteau, and his twin a 5’9″ Stepteau, maybe they are bruddahs? one from Dallas, the other from Mililani? I just joking, it is kind of comical now.. Harville is he or is he not? Stepteau, the bruddah, the Dallas or local one?
    Ha, really funny..it cracks me up,..

    Tomorrow we know for sure, if announcer goes, hey wait a minute, pass from Stepteau to Stepteau, back to Stepteau, and he steps on his toe, and passes to Harville for a Marville 3 ball.

    Funny stuff!

  56. Wow, did not realize there would be this much action on the Comments section on a national holiday! Thanks to all for participating.

    First, the Hawai’i summer league is run on a lot of volunteer power, so certainly can’t expect them to be on top of everything. Players basically show up a few minutes before tip-off, grab a jersey, then play. Players wearing different jerseys from the roster is not uncommon. The mysterious mis-identified player in this case is Ikaika Phillip – an all-state player from ‘Iolani. Stepteau has not appeared in the summer league yet. Surprised none of the die-hard hoops fans recognized Phillip.

    Second, was not intending to put Tyler on the spot with a post-game interview. Didn’t realize it was that close of a decision for him between two schools at this point, to be honest. Best of luck to him, either way. Seems like a nice young man.

  57. Jake. Typical Hawaii summer league B.S. on playing time. The summer league is 100% not related to University of Hawaii Basketball. With only a couple of UH players playing in the league this year, it is basically a glorified “wannabe league”.

  58. Mahalo Dayton, you still THE MAN for insider UH MBB!

    Yes, whatever Tyler decides to do, preferred walkon UH or St Mary’s is fine. I still think the ones that are all stars in his corner, his parents willing to foot bill to UH or a private school in Cali at St Mary’s. Either way, it would be neat if Tyler went to the Gaels, that Hawaii would meet up with St Mary’s in the future, and maybe, he would have a duel with Brocke Stepteau, or another gem for UH
    MBB. Tyler , you have some great family to bring you all the way to Hawaii, cherish them why you can!

    That P.A. announcer, since many of us cannot go to summer league games, was reading name off of roster he was handed to, so he did not know who Ikaika was too. And the Manoa site roster shows photos of two number 14’s with one Tyler and one with Ikaika Phillips name, but a different athlete. It must be hard to run the site, if any, you would know Dayton.
    Once again even on holidays, the comments, the interest in UH MBB one way or another, it has taken on a life of its own! Thanks to you for starting it going on 5 years ago, the Schmidt Ohana, the donors, the contributors. we love UH MBB hoops. Hope they have a good year, and everything works out great for all, coaches to athletes to fans!

  59. Dayton, my understanding is Tyler knows u had no intention of putting him on spot. He thinks u r great. The timing was just bad. He told friend he thought u would say he was a jerk if he said no to interview and he felt bad saying he has decided to go to St. Mary since he hasn’t been able to reach coaches by phone or email so he says he paniced a little and said he was still going to Hawaii….which he would probably do if the coaches showed him even half the love St. Mary is showing him. They took the time to watch him and said they believe in him. Gib simply hasn’t come close to saying that. It disappoints him that Gib ignores him but it is what it is. Can’t blame him for deciding to go elsewhere. Dayton, Tyler says he still hopes to play tomorrow. Get a lot of time and catch Gibs attention. He asks that u talk to him again tomorrow and he will be much more straight forward.

  60. Jake: if that is the case, it is a definite that Tyler is going to St Mary’s,…you know how that coaches fraternity goes,and they are constantly in contact, they know the grapevine, I assume, that Gib, knows that Harville is going, or 99.9% leaning towards the Gaels after his workout and their preferred walkon status, with trying to earn scholie following season. If that is the case, Tyler doesn’ t have to PROVE ANYTHING TO GIB…Gib by now knows Tyler here for the vacation play a few ball games, then Sunday go back to mainland.

    Tomorrow, Tyler can just, as he should have done, just told Dayton, had workout at St Mary’s, and still not decided, or if he knew. Dayton is neutral, not going to push Tyler either way..Dayton would break the story on this site , that Tyler would not be walking on to UH instead optioned for Gaels.

    Wonder , that his folks, just don’t tell him, hey, tell the Hawaii people, thanks but no thanks, and move on. One thing, UH has a ton, maybe 6 other than Tyler who are or trying to be walkon status this year. Why the heavy load of walkons, particular guards I don’t know..so next up Brocke Stepteau, and Zach Bushcer, they will have a lot of opportunity to show what they can do this fall. They just might be the next Harville Marvilles.

    Yes, that is the ticket, just be HONEST,…Dayton and UH MBB fans, and coach would understand…Gib that is his priority as well as Bennett, and I think JMO, because maybe Harville is a Fish,find, pun intended. NO harm no foul, Gib does not lose scholarship since none offered, and he can concentrate on getting things going and alright with his program. get the wounded rehabbed and healthy, know very soon end of august sept, he wants to watch Isaac Fotu, an international gem, all BWC forward, play in FIBA world BB championships against NBA talent. UH MBB fandom will be super interested to see Fotu play in that league, and Isaac, no attitude, one of the kindest, mildest, humblest, beast of a low post PF you could meet. great young guy with excellent family like Tyler..Yes, the moment of truth Tyler, just tell Dayton, be honest, tell him what is truthfully on your mind, you are going to Cali to become a Gael, ..It gets hard when it gets to be source second hand texts, and social tweets, when Dayton does, or Brian does, real time interviews. and the kids are upfront, the best, for his future life too, just the maturity..It would shock me, totally shock UH MBB fan nation, upon what you are telling us, if Tyler were to stay in Hawaii, he is gone, and wish him well..Tyler thank your parents, for that great vacation to Hawaii…you have great folks!

  61. The real dishonesty in my opinion is the fact that Gib has made himself unreachable by phone, text or email. Not too classy in my opinion. Never heard of a coach doing that to a young man. Tyler says he loves Hawaii but no one is reaching out to him at all. Hasn’t heard a word in a long time. He is here till next week so he says he hopes he gets serious time Saturday and can get some hint Hawaii wants him around . At this point he is certainly leaning to St. Mary because they really want him and Gib is ignoring him which appears to mean he doesn’t want him. Not sure what else it could mean.

  62. maybe Standhardinger can talk some sense into Coach Gib. lol

    Hope Dayton interviews Tyler once more tonight to end the Drama here. He looks to be a fine player, a nice kid and all.

  63. Jake, Tyler’s on the UHbb team. If you feel that bad about it, being a Scout and all can’t you contact Gib and relay your feelings to him. Find out the reason why Coach hasn’t contacted Tyler since he landed? But to talk “stink” like that of our Coach?

  64. I presume (expect) one call from Dayton or The Schmidts to Gib or The Mrs.
    Can get things moving toward clearing the air, and a legal workout, etc…

  65. I don’t think that’s fair and balanced commenting right there. You promote Tyler here and give us some insights of him, what’s he’s thinking from your inside source. And you more or less diss our Coach without any knowledge of why Gib hasn’t contacted Tyler since he and his family been on the island.

    It may be something with the NCAA’s or another reason. Do you have knowledge Gib talking to other recruits constantly the past week or so? I’d like to know myself if Gib is ignoring Tyler and if you can bring out the truth of the fact on the matter, think some of us would really appreciate that.

  66. Jake:

    That is the key, that could end Tyler’s career, or not even get it starter, His Attitude , not Gib’s. As was mentioned before, Gib brought in guys for workout with MBB team. They were offered full ride scholarships. One in particular, did not respect team or coach,…when coach called him to assemble with team, he was busy on…..Cell phone. …Right there….that potential, really great 3 star recruit, was gone. Gib consult with team, is that guy the one we want on team. ? Team said NO..the kid was sent home, gone, lost out on a scholarship, and you know what he was doing, texting his friend that he was now a Warrior. Gib trying to instill that respect for those in the lead, Team, guys, proper attitude, etc. OHANA spirit. Family spirit.
    I do not know particulars of your occupation. I know you are not a coach. If you are an agent? However you are receiving second hand information from Tyler’s FRIEND? Who is that? Is it Tyler himself? Are you a relative, of Tyler or parent? Sorry, Jake, it doesn’t make too much sense, you are expending a lot of time on the forums hyping Tyler, defending him because a Friend said this or that. Why cannot, Tyler’s guardian, or mom or dad, actually go up to UH MBB office? Or as Pocho said and Eagle, could be ncaa protocol, ? UH is tied up now, …Did you know, that coaches cannot even go to summer league games to watch their players..maybe they read about them, or someone tells them..Too many questions, if Tyler and family think Gib is not the right fit, not honest with them, and YOU as a scout, or close friend of Tyler think so too. Best that Tyler move on. He will lose nothing, except have gained a great vacation with family.

    Too much speculation, not enough facts. Circumstantial. What do you think fellow fans. I know many on this forum and the other one, might say, why are we getting so worked up about an invited by coach Fish, walkon? If he were LOI athlete, that binding scholarship, like a contract, then we worry. As soon as Tyler took that workout trip to St Mary’s, and now you are saying Jake, that if Tyler had their number or way to text them, he would have told them he was going to be a Gael. Then he would have not made up story to Dayton, because panicked? Well PG’s have to be calm, follow instructions and not panic. I am going to leave it at that. Hope the Harville’s have safe trip back home. This story, after all the hype , is coming to an end. If it turns out that , it was just a misunderstanding, well by calling out Gib, that sets back the relationship, before it even started.
    In Hawaii, we say Auwe…

    Wish the young man the best, seems like nice young guy, ..all of us are not perfect..make mistakes,..just wish the best for all. take care Jake, ..too many question marks now, and to call Gib out, because of second hand text..it does not make any sense..

  67. My apologies. Dishonesty wasn’t the correct word I was looking for. Wasn’t trying to talk “stink” or dis the coach. Come on now that is a little harsh. More appropriate would have been along the lines of disappointed the coaches haven’t reached out. Disappointing because I was sure Harville had wanted to come play for them badly but then go so long without any word. That is all I’m saying so playhoopsa no need to turn that incorrect word usage by an old scout into Harville might have attitude that could end his career before it starts. Ha. Lighten up a little. I have no idea why no one has contacted him for a while. Maybe they really have contacted him. Trust me I can be misinformed as the next guy. Try to not but it happens. I certainly haven’t heard Harville or anyone has a bad attitude about it or anything. It is just one of many facts one weighs when trying to decide something. One major fact in my view is you aren’t being fair at all if you take one word I say and use that to form an opinion good or bad about Harville attitude. One consistent thing I have heard from his friend is that the whole family loves the place. Great people, great food, etc….so long guys. One unintentional slip and u get tortured around here. …:)

  68. Let’s start with this: Tyler as an invited walk-on is part of the MBB family. Regarding concerns or questions of “quiet period,” well cannot be too quiet “if” St Mary’s has been in contact with Tyler. Matter of fact, St Mary’s MBB is coming off NCAA sanctions and have loss 2 scholarships; so they must be walking on eggs too.

    If anyone from our MBB staff is reading or have heard any of this conversation on this board, if within rules, please come forth and resolve this “family” concern.

    At the same time, for us all, let’s not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Everyone on board is positive and wishes U of H MBB well and success. Create bridges and not burn them…

  69. I think a lot of posters here had/have a willing ear for you. Most here if not all will not diss a player UH brought in.

    Tyler’s on the team. That’s all that matters, it’s in Tyler’s court making himself a hit. And I’d even go out and say Tyler will have to prove much more than a incoming player with a scholarship to earn one himself.

    Your crying like a father would when his kid don’t get this/that on a Little League team. If Tyler sticks it out here @ UH, I’d bet you’d be crying all season long Tyler deserves a scholarship until he actually gets one, then, if/when he gets one you’d be moaning about his playing time, etc. I don’t know if I could endure that. LOL

    But joking aside, if you could have that contact of yours who’s texting Tyler constantly to relay to Tyler to ask Standhardinger who’s been @ UH 2-1/2 years or so, how does this all work? If he’s concerned about his status on the team Standhardinger could give Tyler the scoops or Standhardinger may even relay these concerns to Gib. From what was said Standhardinger gave his all to be what he is today and could give Tyler some tips. That’s what a Rainbow Warrior is all about, Family, once a Rainbow Warrior always a Rainbow Warrior.

  70. Tako. You are correct. I always wish the best for Hawaii and will continue to tell kids back east what a great opportunity going to school there would be regardless of any kids decision or non decision.

    Pocho. I don’t think Harville or anyone needs to check his status or anything. They know his status. He could start school next week (Monday?) and have a great time and walk on at Hawaii. Or he could choose to go to St. Mary and walk on. There really is no confusion at all about status. All I have heard is while making that decision there has been a lot of positive feedback from one and virtually no feedback from the other in quite a while. Those are simple facts. No need to speculate any further. No bad guys in the situation. All great guys. Walk ons simply aren’t a high priority to coaches until season starts and they prove themselves. Another fact.

  71. jake,

    what’s the reason that makes you think any of UH’s recruit(s) and Tyler is not a high priority to Coach Gib and Staff? A lot of us would like to know, seriously

    Your throwing a lot of stuff out here without justification. Did coach Gib talk to any of his newly scholarship’d recruits recently? I’d be interested because if he hasn’t communicated with any recruit recently, something may be hitting the fan soon

  72. jake, I googled a bit on the NCAA rules and here’s what I got:

    04-24-14 thru 07-05-14 Quiet Period *with the following exceptions

    *04-25-14 thru 04-27-14 *Evaluation Period (certified events only)

    *05-22-14 thru 05-30-14 *Dead Period **except for (i) below

    (i)TBD (NBA Pre Draft) (i)*Evaluation Period

    07-06-14 thru 07-31-14 Dead Period *with the following exceptions

    and the “Quiet Period” = During this time a college coach cannot watch you compete at any location. It is allowed for the college coach to make in-person contact with you or your legal guardians if it occurs on the coach’s campus. The coach can still make telephone calls to you or your legal guardians, and you can make visits to college campuses during this time.

    It seems coach can see/talk with Gib on Campus but you know from above the Quiet Period ends today.

    Don’t know if it was OKAY by NCAA rules having Tyler play or try-out for St. Mary’s Coaching/Staff last week or so ago. Read the “Quiet Period” above.

    Tomorrow we enter the “Dead Period” coaches not allowed to see recruit or guardians but can call and talk. And in this Dead Period we see the “Evaluation Period” within this Dead Period where a Coach can witness the player compete.

    So, in reality if St. Mary’s Coach watched or tried-out Tyler a week or two ago in the “Quiet Period” there’s a possibility it being a NO NO. But I’ll say this, I wasn’t there @ St. Mary’s and I really don’t know what transpired there when Tyler was there. LOL

  73. If I read correctly, Coach Gib can watch the summer league games personally on certain dates because of the Evaluation Period in *’s below:

    07-06-14 thru 07-31-14 Dead Period *with the following exceptions

    *07-09-14(5 p.m.) thru 07-13-14 (5 p.m.) *Evaluation Period

    *07-16-14 (5 p.m.) thru 07-20-14 (5 p.m.) *Evaluation Period

    *07-23-14 (5 p.m.) thru 07-27-14 (5 p.m.) *Evaluation Period

  74. Your right pocho. I don’t know anything at all for sure. I will defer to you. Gib is probably in constant contact with all players like every coach i know is. Everything great. My knowledge is 2nd to 3rd hand. Enjoy the year

  75. Good news, new incoming recruits Roderick Bobbitt, Isaac Fleming and Brocke Stepteau are all gonna be in Hawaii probably by tonight.

  76. here’s what I got googling about try-outs from the NCAAsports.org site:

    “Are student-athletes allowed to tryout or practice with the team?

    As an NCAA rule, Division I and Division III schools do not allow tryouts. On an official or unofficial visit, you may participate in workouts that are not organized or observed by the coaching staff. Typically, the workout will be lead by the team’s captains and they must not be designed to test your athletic ability. Division II and NAIA schools are allowed to conduct one tryout, in the off-season of your sport, during your senior year.”

    I don’t know if this rule is outdated or current and if that quoter is from a reputable source.

  77. make that ncsasports.org

  78. That is what happens. Captains usually form two pickup teams and they just play and probably report to coaches. Not a tryout. Lots of silly rules. I certainly don’t know all the details of what occurred during the visit. I’m sure they didn’t come close to breaking a rule with a walkon. I’ve never heard of anyone being that dumb.

  79. jake,

    you make it sound like Coach/Staff is not interested in Tyler, not being able to contact them at all. All I’m asking is Coach/Staff in constant contact with the other New recruits? Are they all in the same boat? or is Tyler really being singled out from being on the team with no contact at all from Gib/Staff. I’m not saying all are players are conversing with Gib/Staff, you are.

    When you start to insinuate things that are not known facts you create gossip. Again I for one would really like to know if Gib is really doing a # on Tyler. From that I learn what he as a coach does or what other coaches could do to. There were a lot of gossip why Gib has had a tremendous amount of player turn over his first 1-3 years at the helm of the team. But so far, there was no prove Gib kick anyone of the team, fired coaches, or even casting them aside, etc. The NCAA is investigating, they interviewed players and coaches that left the team for one reason or another but we still yet to find one person who said he did so.

    For all we know Coach could case aside players/coaches, I really don’t know but if you have facts I think we’d all appreciate that. I’m only asking/questioning is only Tyler not being able to contact Gib and not being talked too?

  80. if they are not dumb. Why do NCAA teams getting caught and penalized. The rules are printed in black and white

    I thought you said St. Mary’s coach saw Tyler hit 30+ shots in a row or something? I could be wrong about that, maybe you didn’t put it like that, I can quote a little of what you said,

    ” jake1210
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    Posted: 6/26/2014 6:25 PM
    Re: PG Tyler Harville
    I heard Coach Bennett with St. Mary’s told Tyler he certainly passed the “shooting test”. Said he wished he was 15 lbs heavier. He said he had never seen anyone make 42 straight threes like Tyler did during the shooting drills. They would like him to walk on but because of their probation they most likely will not have a scholarship available until year 3. Supposedly Tyler has until end of July to make final decision. He told coach Clarke and Bennett he most likely would stay with Hawaii but would give final answer end of July.”

  81. if that’s not testing Tyler’s skill level in shooting 3’s, I don’t know. But hey, they could talk their way out of that if what you said is what you heard/read and the truth. LOL

  82. Pocho. Please don’t make stuff up about what I said. I never stated Gib or coaches are contacting all the other players. I obviously have no idea about that. I agree with u that those type things start gossip. I’m sure you didn’t mean to. I do know the few coaches I know personally here on East coast do stay in constant contact with all team members.

  83. and that’s not even mentioning St. Mary’s Coach “watching” Tyler doing the so-called non drills.

  84. Come on now jake! it’s in the other forum. LOL

    sorry to press you like that. But I try my best to get to the bottom of things.

  85. Pocho: thank you for the heavy lifting. We appreciate Jake the scout’s concern for Tyler. However, we leave the personal things out. whether this coach is positive negative, wants you doesn’t, You, might have hit it on the head, or Dayton , Brian can clear up.

    That post game interview with Tyler will help. However my concern. Jake getting this Friend involved texting what Tyler feels.. Better to just text Tyler yourself Jake, and ask what is the deal? Is it legitimate or not. I think , you are right Pocho. maybe St Mary’s they are on a 4 year probation, deal, with limitations on contact , when to , who to recruit or offer..do not know all ncaa rules, however, know that Gib has stated on WI, when he could or could not comment on guys in program, when they could and could not go out recruiting. some of the investigation, maybe addresses, when to work out players, watching them work out NO NO…don’t know..
    Jake that is why we all keep calm, see how it plays out as tyler said too.

    Once again, if YOU are Jake’s dad, you have a good young son, and YOU Jake and the Harville ohana family is fantastic to bring your son and family to Hawaii, even for one week or 4 years possibly..
    Jake, Tyler will have fun tonite either way, and as Pocho Eagle, and others, say..we wait till official..that is what I learned from working a particular employ for 40 years..have to get TRUTH the facts first, and for UH and St Mary’s being under high watch by NCAA, have to do things correct, Gib, without question fully compliant, he has good family, wife, and the students he bringing in now,even if some transferred out for PT time at another school as scholie or walkons, left with a good feel for UH, the fans and the State..Hey, Jake, I am sure Tyler will tell his buddies back home from bluegrass state to Vermont, if you consider 2016 , and UH has some scholarships to offer, serious, why not play in paradise, and help UH challenge for national NCAA title.

    POCHO: great job, you must have been in investigation too. have to get legal and accurate facts, otherwise, PILIKIA
    Go Bows!!
    We all, love UH MBB, Pono, truth, righteousness, Eagle IMUA…loco moco..

  86. I certainly never even hinted that he was being singled out by Gib or anyone. Simply compared frequency of discussions. Never said he was being mistreated in anyway.You sure seem to add on quite a bit. Lol.

    Like I said I heard about parts of the visit 2nd and 3rd hand. Who knows for sure who saw what, etc.. I don’t pretend to know all the silly NCAA rules. Pretty bad u seem to try to start rumor Harville involved in a violation… I’m sure u don’t mean that. Have great day Pocho. Later

  87. Pocho, sorry did not read your follow up posts, Jake it cast heavy doubt, possibly serious, if, and was quoted, St Mary’s coaches viewed Tyler, working out for them, ncaa, violations, St Mary’s could be in real trouble. I don’t know. However Pocho, you are doing real leg work, and TWO forums, the other Mature related blog, has some heavy hitters, they know ncaa workings, and what and what cannot be done, some are former coaches themselves or athletes..

    Jake, better let it go….Dayton might have to step in with communication, we on forum want to be correct, whether, casual fan or Scout?
    That is why silence, ..possibly, JMO..Gib does not want to get caught up in some serious violations. he promised to run clean, made mistakes, is cleaning up, NO way will Gib, and staff, UH MBB and AD, UH itself, and their counsel, want to even come NEAR to any wrong doing..
    JMO, however, POCHO,…the work you are doing, is so clear…the heavy lifting, I cannot even jest..

    Now, Jake wish you well, have to get your facts straight, ..scout and contacts.. hey those coaches on east coast, might just guess, however, they make sure fully ncaa compliant.

    Have to fully drop any comment now, might border on very Serious, and NOT on Gib’s part..take care Jake, and if you are GHarville, well take care, …man…it gets hotter in the tub by the minute..
    what you say Pono, Eagle, servante….Derek, warriorhaw, TAVS, etc..not going to touch this situation…wow..nice to know Stepteau, Fleming and Bobbitt in town..

    Hope Gib and UH MBB comes out,good, cleaned up and battling for championships next spring they will if TRUTHFUL and compliant, I believe !00%

    Mahalo POCHO, Heavy lifting, and you are very accurate, truth PONO!

  88. Come on jake, don’t try to weasel your way out of this.

    okay, thanks for coming clean. Have a good day jake and I hope Tyler gets more playing time this eve and shows what he’s got. I liked what I saw of him in the few short minutes of playing time. Hopefully Christian gives a earful to Coach Silva for more playing time for Tyler, what only 6 hours away. Chee Hoo!

  89. playhoopsa,

    I got some spare time on my hands and like to play the other part. Sometimes I catch one and others I really mess up myself, hahahahaha

    I’m just having some blog fun, jake’s been pretty cool about it, he could ignore me, hahahahaha and I’d be blogging to myself.

    Have a Great day playhoopsa!

  90. Pocho:

    you know who comes out looking better by the minute, with this Jake/St Mary’s /Tyler saga? Gib, his staff, the student athletes, the former players, the University, the faithful fans who just want truth and righteousness..Pocho as you say, Go get em Gib, reel in some good compliant, honest and good young athletes. And poor Jake, might, just be that gem. He might have to shake his self of jake.

    Take care Jake, maybe too much invested in your “son” Tyler..I know you view all the student athletes you try to promote as your family, ..just like I do for many youth too.

    Pocho…you hit that last second 3 pointer for the win..Good job..
    Now Tyler, go ahead score 18 points, 8 asssits, 7 steals, and 8 rebounds, if coach Silva lets you play more. And Bobbitt, hopefully on the men, welcome, and Fleming, Stepteau, Thomas, etc, just give em!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  91. I’m with Jake that it seems odd that Gib would not reach out to Tyler for at least a chat. Coaches are able to talk to recruits during quiet periods if the recruit contacts them. This is to protect the recruits from being bombarded year long by the coaches and staff who reach out. From my experience with college coaches or the staff is that they are in constant contact with recruits through text, phone, mail, facebook, twitter, etc even after they sign the LOI. For Gib not to respond if Tyler is indeed calling and emailing him basically is telling him to find another spot and that he’s not interested. If I was Tyler I’d be headed to Moraga.

  92. PONO: That is what I have been saying from beginning when Jake crying about no communication with Tyler. That he was PANIC mode, when replying to Dayton,and said he was committed to UH see how played out for 4 years as shooting PG. Why the heck tell a fib about the situation, JUST MAN UP at 20 years of age, and with Attitude, thinking, hey Christian pass me the ball, you will score 60, Coach Silva will sit his okole down for whole game if he gets wind of this, and YOU KNOW PONO, Alan just might hear through UH MBB and die hard Manoa league fans, that Tyler something is Pilau, you watch, if Silva, sits his rear down, maybe give him 10 minutes if lucky and gives Brocke Stepteau the real one from Dallas 25 minutes, Tyler is history.

    You do not come into anybody’s house, and make stink, even if you think you are right. If you are 20 years old, with supposedly your parents here.. why the heck doesn’t the parents, they had the time, go right up to UH MBB office, I know secretary is there, and ask ..where the heck is Gib, how come he not talk to my boy? Secretary might just say, you know NCAA rule book..family say, Noooo. they go home..

    PONO, you too, call out Gib for a lot of stuff, if he is federal felon, well cast him aside, and we go NAIA, and play Linfield, and Willamette colleges. however, ones have tried past going on 5 years, Gib has made mistakes, had the one investigation by that guard, of wrong, that case blown out the window.

    PONO, if you don’t like Gib, don’t go to games, post , or even watch listen to UH MBB games, stick with Laura Beeman’s very good WBB team
    Auwe….you talk about pono, to call out Gib with no facts, no substance, just your own negative leanings, that is not PONO!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and I KNOW GIB makes mistakes, he cleaning up and NCAA compliant, his career, and UH MBB moving forward on the line..
    Gib is trying very, very hard to be PONO for UH , the fans, HAWAII and MBB. Tyler, must be something up with him..or he does not know, the ncaa rules, or he works out for St Mary’s let’s it be known publicly, he is leaning that way…Tyler says going to show Gib what he can do in summer league…Gib, knows, he and coaches CANNOT EVEN WATCH LIVE SUMMER LEAGUE GAMES…ncaa violation…PONO you have to be PONO..

    Go Gib, clean up, get your MBB program compliant, and thousands the hard core 3000+ , plus another 4000 newbies, fans, on your side for that run to BWC title.

  93. Wow is all I can say…

    Anyways, hope Tyler is a great player and three point shooter. When so, hope he decides to play for the U of H. This is one of the best states to live in. As one of the women volleyball players who was a starter at Arizona State and transferred here, when asked about her decision to transfer; since her role at U of H came as a reserve. She replied, “are you kidding, this is Hawaii.”

  94. Playhoopsa you are out of your mind. If Gib is found at fault we will still be D1 just with another coach, but we will have to wait and see what the NCAA has to say. No one knows what side of the story is right between Gib and Tyler, but I’m saying that it is legal for Gib to communicate with Tyler if he initiated contact. No one is asking Gib to watch summer league games so I think you need to reread some posts. If you are a walk on that is paying their own way to school and are looking for an opportunity do you think going to a place where the coaches don’t contact you at all is the best place. If Tyler was your son would you send him to a school where the coaches don’t seem to care? All I’m saying is that if you’re a walk on, you need an opportunity and it seems like St Mary’s is willing to give him the best shot. Now go on and write 20 more run on paragraphs in response to this.

  95. You know, Tyler from Kentucky, great Basketball state. Can see even briefly quick 3 ball release and great no look pass to teammate for that last second 3 to make game closer. He has skill, though smaller side. All we are saying, if Tyler you love Hawaii, I mean really love it, like AC, and Savo, Nash, Rocha, Henderson, Phil Martin, Tim Shepherd…just stick with Hawaii, no need go to St Mary’s, however, it does seem very strange PONO. about that workout with St Mary’s if they are not ncaa compliant, I am not NCAA rep, so I don’t know.

    Still think Tyler should thank parents and relatives for vacation and possible funding several year full tuition out of state ride to Hawaii. Hope he has fun tonite. Dayton, THE MAN will get a good interview, and he can clear up. If need be, Dayton might alert, if he can Gib and UH, can you comment, or what is situation with Harville is he or is he not, or ncaa says dead, quiet period. I know in past, Gib has stated, cannot comment or work with guys until enrolled in school. If Tyler really letting everyone know, Christian, Silva, two forums, that he wants to go to St Mary’s for the LOVE shown, I wish him the best. Hey PONO, on these forums, and just playing basketball, it is a game and privilege, nowadays, a lot of entitlement young athletes, every thing easy and their way..it seems like Tyler has something to prove, if Hawaii, stick it out, work hard, do really well in school, in a few years he could be the starting PG..if he loves St Mary’s better, wish him well too.

    Gib, he is not perfect..he knows program made mistakes, that is why the audit, really thorough and many time interview, ncaa wants to be sure. Compared to St Mary’s, UH does not seem as bad violations, still some things corrected, and penalties if any taken. Gib, he loves Hawaii, gets the culture, is trying, you cannot fault his EFFORT..works as hard as Wallace, Nash or Rocha ever did, and promoting excellence in academics, guys on track to graduate, and promoting PONO..rich Hawaii culture…that is something no other Hawaii MBB coach did yet, until Gib, for that I give him credit, and hopefully he gets a multi year extension. Ben would be crazy not to lock him up for few years. otherwise UH MBB would go downhill for another 6 years or so.

    Go Rainbow Warriors., apologize PONO, when ones go any negative on HC on contract and program, I get very intense, love the state, alumnus and donor for UH, for years, old man, and you can support and watch any UH sport you want.

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Imua!

  96. Sorry PONO, edit to my last comments, I meant I AM THE OLD MAN…love UH, will defend payed HC unless he is total evil person, and the athletes. You and I know, and , notice silence, he might be PAU , unless Tyler ends up at Gaels or Hawaii from Jake, Pocho did a good one on him..just the truth, the facts, …

    PONO…UH MBB we want to be Pono, whether Gib coach or Alika, or Tim , or David H. doesn’t matter, Pono UH MBB!

  97. Pono. Always appreciate your common sense analysis of a situation. I think you hit it on the head. Has nothing to do with Harville feeling mistreated or all of the sudden not liking Hawaii. A walk on is already behind the 8 ball just because he/she is trying to prove they belong so yes it makes all the sense in the world he would ultimately decide to go to the place he thought he was mist wanted. Hell, the truth is Gib had many, many good guards so he probably is paying special attention to the ones he wants to make sure stay around, etc….basically it is exactly what I would do if I were him. All I hear is that Gib, Akana and Fisher all class acts. It is a shame if anyone holds it against Tyler H if he decides to go to St. Mary. He loves Hawaii but have to judge the best fit.

    Also the total nonsense about possible violations during the unofficial visit is my fault because yes I tend to add a little flair to the ones I promote ( by the way I have been accused of being the dad of almost all the guys I promote, players from Sudan, south side of chicago, detriot, etc..). The most details I know about the visit is he played with current and past players for a few hours in open gym. Coaches were not allowed to watch but were allowed to talk to him before and after plus they heard what the other players thought. So it was one of them that told Bennett how he can shoot, etc…by the time the stories get to me it has been passed around, changed plus I add some extra, etc….I know I saw one tweet saying he was surprised they couldn’t even pick him up at airport, pick him up from hotel, bus, train, etc…and couldn’t even buy him a Pepsi. Just silly to think they committed a violation with him. I’m sure pocho and playhoopsa will challenge my integrity now just as they have challenged a good kid like Harville.

  98. jake, can you blame me. All i can do is read what your write of Tyler.

    Geez and I hold people to what they write, I do find a lot of times what I post is not really what I meant to say. To tell you the truth I hated English and you probably can tell reading my posts. LOL

    Who challenged Tyler, in what way? We saw him play for 5 minutes and watched his interview, he seems to be a good kid, has a nice shot and doesn’t seem to have two left or two right foots but looks very able. I like the kid and wish he stays and that ain’t a RUMOR.
    Who you talk’n bout?

  99. Jake:
    You hyped up Tyler, he probably did not want it, earn on own merit. The ncaa compliance that is the scary thing. Gib and Bennett have to be sure, Bennett on probation already.

    If Tyler were your kid, and his parents are here….it still does not jive, there are probably more that would think, why would Tyler not know status of a preferred walkon before coming to Hawaii. Fish must have told him. We have had several, great, great kids, not even maybe as possibly talented.
    Great Attitude, great academics, great young people. Tyler could be the same. Why not. the proving ground is Tyler and his family.

    Gib , I bet he knows more about ncaa compliance now then ever before than PONO and JAKE times 100. Including me. I do know, Tyler cannot impress UH coaches, because, they cannot watch summer league games. Jake, and PONO, I guess don’t know that. Before the coaches years ago could. I used to talk to former UH MBB HC and assistants about their new recruits in the stands, still they could not work them out or have organized practices with those kids during summer.

    Still, say, at 20 years. , of age, and some young men and women dying for cause across the globe, Tyler is smart enough to tell Dayton he is not going to Hawaii…In Hawaii, they call it Shibai…like what it sounds. like…PONO…well he has opinion..Jake,….you have vested too much time and defending, or taking offense to anything brought up about Tyler, and really dissed big time Gib. You should owe, this Forum, Tyler, his folks, Pocho, the UH fans who are completely confused about what you have brought up..not talking to , or Gib ignoring, because of second hand, who is that, the ball girl at summer league((just joking)…A lot on this forum been around UH MBB many decades, through good and bad. They await the Truth to come out. Teach, as his parent, Tyler to just be HONEST, HUMBLE and HUNGRY to be better student, citizen and athlete, be modest, he will do just fine. When you, and YOU will side with ones who , very few, your point of view..take as golden or absolute, that is why, still question in my mind, probably tako, maybe now Dayton, Brian, …all the hype for Tyler the best northeast 3 ball shooter you have seen in long time, big time programs, no scholarship offers, because of his size possibly,defensive liability…we thought…well…Tyler Harville, GHarville, Jake, show us what you got..I tell you all levels of BB fans love good to great 3 ball shooters, ,that is all we wanted, Tyler come here, without having to have gone to St Mary’s for approved or not approved workout…I know, if Tyler, is in school summer, and is preferred walkon, as tako, he is calm and common sense, never disses anyone, waits, he takes Tyler’s word, and seeing Dayton’s video interview. I thought,,not …heck Tyler is junk, what a creep,…I thought, GREAT.. Tyler the 3 point Marville, I was the one on this forum, along with others, who was hyping because of you, that a walkon, who would not cost scholarship willing to travel very,very far, with families financial backing…GREAT….who was Tyler’s or one of his greatest promoters. here..playhoopsa…remember ..Tyler the 3 point bombing Marville, great to see duels between he and Stepteau…Until YOU started drama with , Gib dishonest, no contact…etc. from a second party, not even from Tyler himself..it seems strange, very strange…we love the UH MBB hoops here..challenging times here, and hope UH MBB comes out, strong, corrected if any by ncaa and battles for NCAA bids.. with or without Tyler..All Tyler, your boy has to do, tonite, if Dayton is allowed, say he is staying with Hawaii, or he is going away to St Mary’s, why Bennett puts that pressure on him by July 30th, that is strange not PONO…

    Jake, maybe take a break from UH hoops…Tyler shake the Jake..and just have fun tonite..
    Ain’t hating the young guy, I was promoting for long time, until all the negative stuff about Gib, and the questions on ncaa compliance, if you don’t know, if I don’t know rules, better to keep silence…see how you wait for JUST ONE fan to agree with you, then here we go again..

    Tyler, hope you end up at Ohlone JC with Fisher on full ride scholarship one year, prove what you can do, then transfer to DI program that needs a good shooting defending PG..that is what Gib is looking for, upon loss of Shamburger, a good replacement..Still Jake you do not get it….Gib instill the ONE OHANA one TEAM idea..PONO…Team, and wins first before stats and glory, humility before accolades!
    Go Bows.! Shake the Jake..just joking..we all love MBB hoops..just have to make good decisions in life and be correct..Tyler will be alright whatever he decides!


  100. playhoopsa and most others if not all wish Tyler would stay and be a Rainbow Warrior.

    Who’s challenging Tyler? If you mean we are challenging Tyler to stay on and grind it out giving UHbb his all, then, YES! we challenging him LOL

  101. Pocho. No worries. And playhoopsa won’t listen to me so pass this along since u guys are obviously good friends. I haven’t “dissed” Gib. Playhoopsa is unbelievably sensitive. I promote Gib and Hawaii BB more than he will ever know.

    Then he still seems confused about the gharville id to the Hudl account I gave out so u guys could watch full game film (see bad and good not just hilights). All players in NEPSAC get ids based on parent or guardian email addresses so they can in turn give this information to schools and scouts, etc…As they see fit. You can’t just go to school Hudl accounts to watch this video with those ids and passwords. I have those for many players. It allows u to highlight, use arrows, etc…to hilight players more. Also I’m not going to try to have him ever understand why a kid can say something one day and change the next simply because he doesn’t want to be a jet and so no and doesn’t want to give true scoop when he hasn’t yet shared his decision with others. Between a rock and hard place. I’m sure playhoopsa was u real wise at age of 20 and would have easily handled it differently. Who knows what Harville will ultimately decidr. Again, I think he has two great opportunities and am extremely proud of him.

  102. Typos. Cant watch this video “without” (not with). And “jerk and say no” not jet so.

  103. jake,

    I’m a listener, we all mean well. But think a line had been crossed on the subject of Coach Gib, you’ve even stated that you should have chosen your words differently and that’s somewhat of an admission of fault. Even if you didn’t mean to write it that way, you actually did. LOL

    So you’ve explained yourself some, good. But I still say it was bad because it was written/used until someone here spoke up. You don’t know what some posters had/have to say about Coach so you may not quite understand how touchy of a subject bashing Gib is. Yes, the words you chose to use seemed that it was, sorry but that’s the way we read it, but you know what, you took the words back admittedly so. Just own up to it, there’s no ego thing here. lol but just trying to clear it up a bit. When the “truth” exposes a bad, how could we say it’s not. There’s been too too many rumors from the haters

    playhoopsa is an original poster here that always had a positive attitude. He just want to hear facts if it’s something bad to say about coach as like I do. No need the rumors and drama

  104. I’ve never met anyone on this blog or the other forums in person and never knew the real names of posters except one who went by the handle of OP1966. They get on me at times and some won’t give me the time of day. But everyone friends in that sense of UHSports.

    Don’t let it get to you. It’s a blog, a forum. hahahahaha think we all mean well for UH Sports. You just hit the soft spot writing about Gib like that when we don’t have the facts. Yeah, you can assume and question but you came out like it was the truth.

    playhoopsa is just piling on all your mistakes like I did. But look we all play nicely, right? we talk things out, right? If that’s not some kind of friendship then I don’t know. there’s no hate

  105. everyone needs to relax, Jake did not mean to sound like he was “dissing” coach gib, he was just trying to stand up for his player. he completely supports UH mbb and hopes for the best. we all must understand that no one knows exactly why gib isn’t replying to harville, it might be because of the NCAA investigation, or it might not be. we can only wait and see what happens with harville. hopefully tonight he goes off for 30 points and gib contacts him and shows him the attention he deserves, but only time will tell. whether he decides to play for UH or st. mary’s is totally up to him, and like the great fans UH sports have, we must support him in his decision either way.

    as for tyler, i don’t know if he even reads warrior insider or not, but if he does, i just want to challenge him… i challenge him to not take the easy way out. if he wants to play basketball in this paradise we all call home, then i challenge him to prove to gib that he deserves to play. i challenge him to work his butt off to earn playing time at UH. if he is as good as we hear, then prove it to the coaches so that we can watch him play for UH.

  106. Back for a Hana hou and I promise last time. Playhoopsa, how quickly you change. One minute u are asking Jake to hook up UH with that mythical big man that can play lock down D, athletic, fill it up, board, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Now he is without merit, a “disser” of the almighty Gib. You, my friend, need to get a life. You tell people who say anything negative about Gib to get off the board. Really?? I thought this was a board for news about UH mbb but it looks like it is actually a board for you to fill up with your soliloquy about how wonderful Gib is. Sorry but I am old school and question everything. Jake, good luck and thanks for info on this kid. After all, he is still just a kid who likes to ball. This board got out of hand quickly. That’s what happens when someone dominates it so much. It is Court Sense for me from now on. Like I said before, the noise on this forum is more irritating than informative. Aloha to all and have at it!

  107. Ok Pocho. . Just to be clear. I now think it is very true Gib has not contacted Harville personally in quite a while. I’m pretty certain of that. That does NOT mean Gib has contacted everyone else and has purposely ignored Harville. Big difference. That is where u and playhoopsa have been very mistaken. Way too sensitive about Gib. I’m starting to think one of you two are his father…. :). And trust me none of this give and take gets to me. Maybe Dayton can point blank ask Harville or Gib how many times the two of them have ever talked on the phone. I wager it is no more than twice. Fisher is of course a different story. Many times he reached out when he was there. Again and again…no one blames Gib for not reaching out more. But it is a fact in my opinion that it has been very seldom. Not just a rumor.

  108. does anyone know if isaac fleming is playing tonight?

  109. UHfan. Well said. Certainly no “dissing” intended. Very much respect for everyone involved in program and associated with program. I think sticking to court sense is a good idea for me as well…..:).

  110. Whatevers jake.

    you mean well and like the others said your backing your player. I’ve myself never seen a scout back a player as you’ve done with Tyler. Somehow your related to him or just simply enamored with him. hahaha, no problem we all Rainbow Warriors, right? or maybe not?

  111. So what if Gib has talked to Tyler not more than once, so what Tyler doesn’t get the Love St. Mary’s showing him. Geez, If it’s not your words but Tyler’s he’s got to grow up, he’s on the team so just show them what you got. Even if your point contact man was Fisher who’s no longer there and maybe Gib doesn’t care about you like he does Brooke. Just show them up Tyler! We all rooting for yah!

    Are you just looking for playing time and a scholarship the easy way, then you may as well go to St. Mary’s where the love’s at. Geez

    Are you all in @ UH or NOT?

  112. Ha. Whatever pocho. I’ve certainly never seen a random guy so enamored with a coach. Only possible answer is you and playhoopsa are related to him. Ha. Enjoy you guys. I’m out. Too late for me.

  113. Good night Jake! have a good one.

    Gib is UHbb.


    now I’m beginning to understand a lot more where your coming from with jake. hahahahahahaha

    Tyler needs to lose Jake! hahahahahaha

  114. I think we are all forgetting that keith shamburger was listed about 5’11” or 6’0″ and harville is listed at about 5’11” as well so we shouldn’t underestimate harville’s ability. if he can shoot it like we hear, then the team could definitely use him.

  115. UHfan, yes we could, no doubt about it. WE could use an automatic 3pointer man whoever it may be.

    The way jake’s posting here is that Tyler is somewhat bewildered not being loved by Gib that St. Mary’s shown him. Not much playing time too and according to jake Tyler’s worried Fisher’s gone and Brocke is Gib’s pet. Geez like playhoopsa says why go public with this as it could hurt Tyler more than gain from it.

    k, I’m done with this Drama for now. hahahaha

    Go get em Tyler. Show em what you’ve got!

  116. Jake I appreciate your information about Tyler and other players.

  117. Although Great Efforts and Caring All Around @ This Site…

    The Primaries, The Players and Coaches Ultimately have to do their parts…

    Tyler got Qualified AND Got Here…
    When he makes his own Long-Term Decision(s)
    At Least he’ll be making it from his own Personal Experiences
    With his Families’ (also First-Hand) Counsel

    IF Necessary, I’d expect Tyler to Show Up in The Coaches’ Offices
    And get their agreement that he’s invited to (Or even a Preferred) Walk-on
    IF HE Needs or Demands The Attention SMU is tossing his way,
    Maybe ‘they’ Win
    But someone’s been helping him get enrolled and here
    (Maybe ‘Only’ a His Family)

    Just As Serious, Sammis Needs to Get Qualified
    And Get Here…

    Bobbitt needs to Get Healthy, Strong, Ready and Able

    NCAA Get Out of the Way

    ALL, Players and Coaches Get Here,
    Get Ready and Get This Ball Rollin’
    Into a Better Next Phase…

  118. Hey Jake: Been UH MBB fans since middle school, what called intermediate before, in mid sixties, saw some great talent play against little ole UH at that time. Then, had the Fabulous Five, captivated Hawaii, like never before, NIT and NCAA bid, two consecutive years of 20+ wins, and some on the road, really great wins. Then that magical Olympian, First team Sporting News, Guard, no PG or SG, just playmaker, Tom Henderson could do it all from NYC. Dewitt Clinton High. Followed by some of the best talent UH MBB ever seen , Reggie Carter McDonald’s All American 6’3″ do it all guard, 17ppg , 7 assists, and nearly 90% from FT line, George Lett 6’7″ skilled SF, Henry Hollingsworth, Puka Shell Henry the Harville bomber before the three line, of course UCLA transfer Marv Vitatoe, he could shoot it, when hot, Harville hot. barely could handle the ball. Gavin Smith 6’6″ UCLA transfer SG guard another Harville Marville anywhere inside half court.

    Of course, Gavin, played the year UH was on that terrible first probation, for things maybe even not too bad today. UH MBB faithful suffered through 2 year probation and sanctions, Lost Lett, Carter and Hollingsworth, they transferred some got drafted, with only Carter making the NBA NYK until sadly he passed away at young age years ago.

    Coaches, Rocha, who was fired at awards banquet, a really low blow, for a guy that brought UH MBB to its highest peak, he just came off a season of 15-11 with Tom Henderson, Artie Wilson, Melton Werts, 6’9″ rim protector, at one time lead nation alongside Walton in rebounds and blocked shots early in season. And so on.
    Larry Little, the replacement for Rocha, the first in a long line of UH coaches that had to keep program clean. He was replaced by Frank Arnold , Gib’s dad, not the right fit, after two seasons he was gone.
    Then Riley Wallace longest and winningest coach in UH MBB history, clean program, loved his guys to death, tough love, brought the best out of even less talented players. there is some Wallace in Gib, play D, hustle, team first, before self, etc. Riley one of my favorites whom could talk to at the mall, the playground, in the gym, he loved Hawaii and loved to friendly talk, he knew BB. great guy, retired too soon.
    Then, the great UH forward first round NBA pick Bob Nash for three years, kind of stuck in recruiting the top talent, after three years let go. I felt bad for Bob, really kind person, from super tough guy, to mellow dad and husband.
    Now Gib. He admits it, wasn’t at the MBB banquet , heard quite a moving speech he gave, WE are not perfect made mistakes, however going to run clean program, program, especially academically super shape. Gib Punahou School grad, Gatorade player of year and one year at Arizona St.

    So full circle over about 50 years. I liked all of the coaches including Frank Arnold, because he was assistant to John Wooden, successful coach at BYU, and just had that something, hard to get the Hawaii culture and limitations , he thought in recruiting to Hawaii.
    Gib has fixed that..

    I am UH Hoops Heaven Human I guess. played it, coached it some, never great however love the sport. especially since UH alumnus with my kids too.

    Hey Jake, no harm no foul, maybe Tyler Harville, will choose Hawaii, have great career , here, and be that Patti Mills type of shooting PG in NBA for the Spurs.
    He Jake, ain’t hating on you, always loved the info and links to Vermont BB as well as we could see talent Isaac Fleming 3 star guard playing with..You just keep that pipeline open, if Tyler enjoyed Hawaii stay, and in 2016 , some Vermont, or Northeast Bigs, or elite SF’s want to come join the UH MBB emerging Pacific Polynesia Power, come on down.

    I am of that boomer, sixties, flower power, peace, whatever…however brother Jake, no odds here…I just get excited when ones are taking UH MBB to task, doesn’t matter whom coach, unless like Penn .St. thing, horrible. Keep the guys in northeast interested, hope whomever coaching in next few years, will open up pipline to east, that is where some of the greatest UH MBB athletes and NBA players came from!

    Mahalo, and Peace.. like Pocho, and dozens of other regulars, we want to see exciting ball, UH program clean and okay, and UH making runs into March Madness.
    Take care, and best to you , your family, and the Harvilles, I just want Tyler to have fun…we can stop the madness NOW…Go Bows!
    Aloha Jake! Peace over and Out!

  119. WI is a great place to secure information about MBB, hate to lose readers and participants. Forums like these are great places to share ideas and passion for the program. May I recommend that all, even myself, to step back and make improvements in words and tone of what we share.

    I support the program as a fan since the Fab 5, even went to summer league games when was at St Louis gym (McCabe), good old days.

    If a person ponies up and admits fault, forgive and let go and move forward.

    Have patience….. allow the players to demonstrate their skills and abilities… as pocho said, “go get em Tyler. Show em what you’ve got.!” Practice Aloha….thank you for your patience…

  120. Hey Jake on bright side, the spirited debates between you, and pocho, playhoopsa, we with this post are just shy of 120, I think that is all time record!
    Thanks a million to Dayton for putting up with the fireworks, however we love the scholarship guys, and a belated, HOORAY…that is one of the UH MBB okay to go keys, at least two of this year’s recruit’s , Bobbitt and Fleming made it to Hawaii,…huge..shows UH MBB still alive and kicking..Sammis come on son…work that compliance paper, get on board soon, see you definite start of school August! that would be huge..
    Three more to go:1) if UH can lock up super late 6’9″ Sudanese JC late qualifying soph. great! Or from anywhere on globe, especially Toronto, Paris, Sudan, South America. or Baltic region, whomever can play in paint, we need the help Gib!
    2)Gib gets that , even two year extension by Ben Jay when he returns from out of country vacation. that can lock up Gib with recruits for another couple of years key.
    3)darn ncaa, get out and get it done, we take our medicine, the lashes, and get back on that glory train for BWC title and possible NIT or better yet NCAA bid March 2015..if UH MBB and fans can be patient, will happen, gotta think POSITIVE right tako?

    One more post and we make , I think all time posted comments on this site, and you know who is Topic for archive records. Harville that 3 bombing Marville, Hey Tyler have a great game, and either great career with UH, wish, wish hope, hope, or the Gaels, whom, uh, hummm, we beat in DHC last year..
    Jake and Tyler and Family have great rest of Fourth of July weekend, look forward to some more recruiting insight Jake, Mahalo!

  121. Hey Jake….don’t grow old, you burning the midnite oil, on several MBB blogs across country and staying up past 2am on some nites, take care of yourself.. I am sure you are not even middle aged, young guy, lot of energy..

    Keep us posted on future possible East coast gets..UH had some of the best..

    tako and warriorhaw, Derek, servante…and old timers, I forgot, see getting that mental frost! Bruce O’Neil took over for Rocha for a little over year, then ran into that junk ncaa thing..he had Tommy Barker 6’10 1/2″230 center, JC all America, who was drafted 4th round NBA by Atlanta Hawks, played couple of years, with Houston, Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks, great mid range 18 foot jump shooter, could be awesome D rebounder, with 22 rebounds in an NBA game one year.
    Also, Jimmie Baker 6’9″ transfer from UNLV..who was drafted by NBA and ABA. do not think he made either league maybe overseas….and the aforementioned Reggie Carter, Henry Hollingsworth, George Lett, Ed Torres 6’8″ PF get by Al Menendez assistant coach, O’Neil could recruit some great talent, even from the east.. Wallace got school yard and HS legend Phil Lott out of Connecticut..
    After O’Neil, then the ncaa fiasco, 2 year…thingee, then slowly over decades until Riley Wallace got that NCAA turnaround team of the country went 17-13 and they made first NIT post season appearance in 1989, in 17 years since 1972 fab five.

    Great athletes…now we hope Gib, can rock steady the ship..that is why pocho, and myself playhoopsa Jake, so concerned all UH athletes and UH MBB compliant, we don’t want ship to go down, we want it steaming into promised land of NCAA deep run! I think Gib has the horses with Sammis and maybe one more ready to play big to do it..If Tyler is one of the shooting backup PG’s greater yet, oh the joy..

    Go Bows!

  122. Hey tako, no worries, we are grown adults, no profanity, vulgarities on either side of debates. You would wait and be patient, I do not think lose readers of comments, there are a host, of fans that read, and do not, or never post..
    Pocho had great points, good ones, I defend ALL OF THE MBB coaches past near 50 years, and the athletes, if they are compliant and have great attitude, which Gib is working his rear off to instill.
    Jake, well he really wants best for Tyler, so do we…as I have said It is all up to Tyler, we cannot do his thinking for him.. I WISH HE WOULD STAY WITH HAWAII EARN SCHOLIE and help other Vermont Bigs to follow him to set picks. or the pick and roll, or the rebound and run..you get the idea.

    tako, don’t know if you ever been to other forum, some they know their BB stuff, more than I do, Pocho did a ton of research at the speed of light, even Jake learned things he never knew..I learned too.. Learning curve. I LOVE UH MBB HOOPS, I do not hate the fans, or especially a young guy trying to walkon, i.e. great ones, in Hackman, Harper, now Enos, Filopovich, Stepteau, and I AM HOPING FROM THE BEGINNING JAKE..we go back to square one..Tyler I hope he becomes a Rainbow Warrior, if he is the stretch shooting PG of the future, UH MBB will be rocking and rolling for a long time, hopefully with Gib, who has put heart and soul into UH MBB..he and the team deserve it..We wait.. be patient, if Tyler chooses Gaels so be it.. as he says,,..HAS TWO GREAT options, a lot of us, in,..life never had that choice. ONCE again I am so family oriented..that I wish, Tyler and I bet he does, right Jake, thank his family for supporting his trips to Hawaii and California..

    Hey, tako, just relax,…UH MBB , the athletes are coming back one by one, none of the returnees have left, and the new guys one by one are lining up to shock the NCAA BB world ala U. Conn. gotta stay positive tako, no worry, Jake good guy, and he will be looking for those Vermont guys, and if he can , letting them know, as well as Jake, you guys want to play in beautiful place, and compete in league you can win, go to Hawaii.
    tako..I WANT TYLER TO BE a Rainbow Warrior…if be it his choice..
    Apologies, for being overly sensitive too, UH hoops such a passion for me,…highest number of posts, and Harville the Marville is center of it.. a topic post I will never forget for long time…Tyler do your best, dozens of UH die hard fans pulling for you…pssssst, stay in Hawaii, if can!
    Pocho, right? Gib go get em, reel em in! Go Bows..and we all supporting UH MBB right…we are not on the drive to get people away from forum,, if they want to post please do, our hands and fingers get tired,…joking..
    Peace out, and chill tako, UH MBB will be alright..

  123. Hey Jake, was there any consideration by HC of Ohlone JC to have Tyler come for one year there. develop game and body. Then have more DI full ride offers? Had a great SF, for Hawaii, a out of HS UCLA recruit, opted for one year JC, then had great 3 year career, including 2 year run with AC Carter one of the best PG’s and NBA 14 year retired veteran for UH MBB ever. Just thinking what might help Tyler…know he has grades for NCAA DI, either way..just thinking out of the box..

    Go Tyler, keep shooting , relax and stay calm, within coach Silva’s game plan, no need jack threes every possession, take time, it will come, following BM’s tweets on Tylers game tonite!
    Hope he does well, as well as Zach Buscher and Brocke Stepteau!

  124. Mahalo to other forum, clarified, California so broke, JC system does not offer scholarships. I guess those in state athletes, they foot bill to go to JC schools. Just thinking. He did mention, Texas, has JC system that offers scholarships. That is one consideration, I thought, might help Tyler, if he was okay with, though he is NCAA DI school qualified, if Texas, Kansas JC offered a one year ride, he got physically stronger and mature in game, then had more DI offers full ride scholarship as a soph. with 3 years to play.. anyway, just thinking of ways, more options for Tyler, his family and he, know what is best…have a good game, Tyler..Hope that Buscher, Stepteau, and Fleming have good nites too. I am sooo happy that Bobbitt, and Fleming two LOI athletes are here and ready for summer school on Monday July 7th, so important for MBB to move ahead!~


  125. Short report I received. Played 2 min 1st half went 0-3. Short on all. Probably not loose. Then played a lot in 2nd half. Made nice fake and running floater, missed a 3, only 2 shots he took in half. Had 2 or 3 nice assists, couple of decent defense plays, 2 or 3 times simply over powered against short strong player. Told he simply said no comment about school attending.

  126. Harville missed all four of his 3-point attempts, but did score on that nice floater in the lane. Was in during crunch time of the second half, but chose to pass off rather than take shots. Got taken to the hole a couple times by 5-foot-6 Keola Stitzel, the ex-Roosevelt player Jake is referring to. It’s not easy assimilating into the summer league, and I’m sure Harville has more game than he showed … he’ll need it if he has aspirations to play at the D1 level. Good luck to him. Neither Stepteau nor Fleming was there, and Buscher got spot duty (hit 2 of 3 free throws).

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