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Fleming injured at Summer League game

College Summer League

Isaac Fleming displayed both the pros and cons of participating in a summer league on Thursday night. The incoming University of Hawai’i recruit got to showcase some of his talents in helping lead Clark Hatch Fitness to a 90-86 victory over Grantco Pacific in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League at Manoa Valley Recreation gym.

But despite tallying 16 points, five assists and four rebounds, Fleming left the gym with his right arm in a makeshift sling after suffering a shoulder injury late in the contest.

“I was playing help defense, and when I stepped up to come back, he had set a pick and I didn’t see him,” Fleming said. “He kind of leaned his shoulder forward so my back shoulder hit it. My shoulder moved and as soon as it moved, I just lost all feeling after that. It was like shaking and tingling, it damaged the nerve really bad. When it happened I got really scared because I just want to be healthy for the season.”

The injury occurred when Fleming ran into a screen set by an opposing player. He said he did not think the injury was serious. At the same time, he said he was not sure if he would be able to continue playing in the summer league, which has three weeks remaining.

“Probably sit out a couple weeks … nothing severe, nothing major,” he said. “If I can’t play summer league, you best believe I’ll be working every day.”

Fleming’s injury occurred in the closing minutes, and dampened an otherwise noteworthy performance. It was just his second game in the summer league, and he scored just six points in limited minutes in his first game last week.

“The coach gave me the opportunity and I showed I can dish the ball, shoot the ball and role play,” he said. “Any kind of way to get the victory. I just want to win.”

Fleming was not the only current UH player to see action on Thursday night. Walk-on candidate Brocke Stepteau scored five points for Grantco Pacific, and he and Fleming often defended each other when they were on the court at the same time.

Another walk-on candidate – ‘Iolani graduate Zach Buscher – scored three points for Chosen Few in the first game of the doubleheader.

Kaiser High graduate Kaunaoa McGee led Clark Hatch Fitness with 28 points, and former Chaminade player Leon Ballard added 22. Former UH player Phil Martin contributed five points.

For Grantco Pacific, former UH standout Christian Standhardinger was once again an unstoppable force on offense with 42 points. He has reached 40 points in four of five games so far in this summer league. The 6-foot-8 forward shot 15 of 28 from the field and 12 of 14 on free throws. He also grabbed five rebounds.

In the opening game of the doubleheader, former UH players Bill Amis (27 points) and Jace Tavita (17 points) combined for 44 points to lead Chosen Few to a 90-85 victory over National Fire Protection.

Amnis dominated the paint, shooting 11 for 15 from the field, grabbing 18 rebounds and blocking seven shots. Tavita, who shot 7 for 17 from the field, also contributed three assists.

Jeff Greer led National Fire with 18 points.

The summer league will continue with two games this Saturday at Manoa Valley.


  1. WHAT !! Alright. Glad he will be ready for the season anyway ! Gotta stay healthy !
    Silky smooth. Lighting quick. Able to leap tall buildings, .. wait, , that’s somebody else. Able to play with others and within a system, and make others around him better. Really great to have Isaac Fleming in Hawaii.
    We’ve got a lot of really good guards. By ‘a lot’, I mean that finding playing time for all of them kind of creates the situation where they all ‘go all out’ with the minutes they get. Playing really tough D.
    As long as Reyes gets here on time, I think we have enough players this season.
    We are solid all around.

  2. Isaac,

    Mahalo for displaying more of your overall team game and making the most of your increased PT! Really hope that your shoulder injury isn’t serious and that you’ll be back in action in a couple of weeks – in time for the ending of the summer league and open gym.

    There is no doubt in my mind that you will earn PT in your first season of UH MBB. The injury might be a blessing in disguise – will give you time to adjust to school, your UH MBB ohana (family), and life in Hawaii. Take your time in recuperating, then work on getting stronger so that you’ll be better prepared for D-1 basketball.

  3. Fleming looked good in the video. Stepteau looks kind of short and like a cute young kid, he made a basket and assist on the video.

  4. Hope that Isaac Fleming will be okay, Nothing serious. Definitely, he shows that smooth all around game, 3 star or ablove level. At 20 years of age coming out of prep military academy, a definite good get for Gib. Another one, when he is healthy Roderick Bobbitt will be good too. Imagine, two 6’3″ + plus athletic guards, who can score, to the rim, dish, and run team. Will only make guard rotation with Nevels and Smith, Enos, Filopovich, Jawato at wing, that much deeper.

    Hey fans, things looking up , and Senque, Que on the loose, looking for that final one or two athletes to complete 2014-15 recruiting.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    UH MBB looking solid!
    Stepteau, small guy, if he got some jets, I remember Jason Carter, or JC, with Mike Kuebler days, very fast, and could fly and sky, really athletic, if Brocke has that game, will be exciting.

  5. I think, maybe I am mistaken, Fleming reminds me, the skillset, somewhat of Gerry Blakes, 3 star+ talent, very smooth. He will be good one. hard worker, team player, assist man, score in and out. A good guard for 4 years!

  6. Just a highlight video. Can’t tell much about anyone. Thinking all (Fleming, Stepteau, and Buscher) will be a good addition to UH MBB once they get acclimated to D1 bball.

  7. You are right, it is hard to gauge off summer league videos because the level of competition is so far below D-1. However this video shows that Fleming has a nice skill set to work with. He’s got four years to mold those skills and I like his future if he works at it.

    His injury is a big reason why I never liked the UH guys participating in this summer league in Hawaii. Too big of a skill difference between the quality players and the recreational players often leads to injuries, and most times it is the skilled players getting hurt.

    Speaking of the difference in quality, is anybody in the league going to stop Christian from driving to the basket? Seems like he just blows by everyone in this league. Did his team go against Amis yet? That might be a good match up.

  8. Once againg the smile from ear to ear by Gib. He could pass on Harville a walkon. two games to show what he could do… more like a JC athlete better.

    Roderick Bobbitt, doing right thing, 100% heal his broken arm so by November 2014 first game, he will bring that elite one of the best combo JC guards in the nation, and super quick steal hands to the table. can do it all guard. Isaac Fleming, just his movement, BBIQ , vision on the break, in close, great passes to the bigs, threads the needle.. a win first, not stats first player, he is like a bigger, taller, and perhaps, more athletically skillful PG combo, as opposed to Sham. Great, great get by Gib.
    Smith and Nevels, buring up pro college summer league in Cali, playing with current NBA players. They are itching to rock and roll, silence the critics.
    Toronto: repot…Negus is a grinder, hope he leading his buddy Janks, to grind that body into sammis juniors, with 3+star athletic skillset, both, explosive to rim, can rebound, pass, hopefully D up, and hit 3 ball and great FT shooters.
    Fotu, our Fearsome KIWI, eat plenty Poke bowl, grandma Fotu make for you, and blow up with NZ tall blacks.

    Sammis, please, please, hope ncaa can clear you to enroll in UH this fall, and be eligible.

    Senque, Cue ball up, red 7 ball right corner pocket, game over. Get that 6’9″ 245 rim rocker, shot blocker… I did the all nite, search of Atlanta, Texas, Northern Calif, and Las Vegas, showcase tournaments. The ones Que and Gib will go to, they have HS seniors just graduated, who never committed, as for available, ready to play bigs, that is where QUE his strength is, Scholarship in hand,, talk to guy and parents, we have a , if HS senior grad 2014, A FULL RIDE, scholarship for your son to play in beautiful Hawaii, and he can help our frontcourt, defend, and send the ball back into Mamadou’s chest, for the game saving block!

    (make believe bellow recruiting story)
    Please, sign, and become a Rainbow Warrior! Guy and parents huddle and say…well we had no offers, or small DII, DIII, Naia, offers, now UH says a full ride DI offer, in paradise, what do you think, and we can be with Fotu, Negus, Janks, Bobbitt, Q, Fleming and the whole super team, with a chance to go….SHHHHHHHHH! to the BWC and go to NCAA this year. What do you think mom, dad, or uncle, guardian? Go for it, … Que, I am going to be a rim rocking Rainbow Warrior, a role player if need be, however, just want to help UH win and go to NCAA’s,…QUE says: good, very good, now your turn Gib… Gib visits, a SF in Las Vegas, in case we need extra guy, says, you will fit, we need that defender, ball handler, and scorer, you are the right fit, no pressure, however, we believe, we have a young, however most talented team in perhaps 8 or 9 years. please come and help us get to the NCAA’s… SF… consults with parents… role player, at least one or two years.. okay Gib… go for it, I will sign..
    (above story just a fantasy made up by playhoopsa, dreams)
    However, Que and Gib can make it come true, hopefully!
    Go Bows
    Go The Mighty Warriors

    warriorhaw, hand in there bruddah, beach workouts very near, as long as guys stay healthy and Bobbitt, Fleming and Jawato, get to 100%, UH wants to avenge the loss in the first round against Northridge in BWC March 2014 tourney..

    warriorhaw: Getting close to winning time!!
    just having fun, better than that crazy jake and harville thing, that was crazy,

    NOW UH HOOPS and fans back on track!
    Pocho: Gib go get em, Hook em up, Reel em in!

  9. Que and Gib want a little more maturity? Those showcase, this JULY contact and previewing, talking to, possible recruits…

    Searched some more…these tournaments also include the soph to be JC athletes, AND The freshman just finished, however have grades to get into DI schools, The , Like Bill Amis many years ago, looked at as a wing, a SF shooter, grew to 6’9″ and grinded himself into one of the best PF for UH in years, great weak side shot blocker, now with 3 ball range, HE WAS found in one of these showcases. He came to UH as a JC transfer with 3 years to play, as an automatically eligible DI UH MBB soph. same as Micah Kroeger, during Alika, AC days.

    Saw, dozens upon dozens, of the uncommitted HS seniors, and JC athletes, who want to show what they can do, not only for the 2015-2017 classes, ALSO, the 2014-15 season, this upcoming season.
    So that is what QUE is on a mission and Gib, for the ready to play Big, who can help UH now…and maybe, is Reyes slow to get in, another PF/SF hyrbrid, and of course, make all of the contacts with the HS soph, jr and srs to be in HS… ready for next season, I think one or TWO will be open, scholarships, you know how it goes, UNLESS UH is an elite eight team!
    come ON QUE and Gib, we waiting for that surprise package special delivery PF or SF best athlete.. WI MBB fandom, awaits!

  10. Brocke “don’t step on my toe” Stepteau: From brief video, he has quicks, small guy, however he can handle ball, under pressure, break those dang traps, and pressure on inbounds play, if he has BBIQ, probably, he and Q two of the fastest guards on the team, and in video, he is only going half speed!
    Good move, Brocke and Isaac Fleming for now, are summertime roomates. STEP and SAKE… the dynamic duo!

    Gib still smiling, one more big, one more big, Gib and we smiling to the new season!

    Work it Que, they say it cannot be done, bring 3, 4 or 5 star talent to islands, work it QUE, grind, and bring them to paradise, at least for year or two, develop guys, that is your thang, develop Paul George who we UH MBB fans remember very well, UH beat UNLV and George at least one time I can remember, maybe a couple of times, however, Smith, and George, yes, the Center and SF, UH beat them at SSC last of the WAC home games!

  11. Haha playhoopsa. Nice fantasy. This is crazy, really getting anxious for BB.

    I went to last nite game and here my take on Isaac:
    He was completely different guy from last saturday. Where he was kinda aloof and distant from his team on sat, last nite was a complete turnaround. I think he matured overnight. Looked like he was talking to one of the coaches before warm ups. Probably asking how he could get more minutes. He came off the bench after couple of minutes. I think he put more effort in the defense. That a good thing since Gib demands defense or no play. He was more engaging with teammates and that was reciprocated as well. His passes were a thing of beauty. Puts it right in the hands. He had a good all around game. I think he needs work on shooting from 3, but with his athletic ability, should be no problem in time. playhoopsa, i think you described him as a combo guard, but to me he more of a point who can score. Haha same thing, no? Isaac is very court savvy. Sees the whole court and is plenty quick enough.

    Anyway, the guard competition is gonna be something this year.

    First time to see Brock. Looked small but played with a little attitude. He is super fast and can handle the ball pretty good. Also, for some one that small, he is pretty fearless. He will take it to the hole if given the slightest opening. I believe he will cause havoc on presses. He should be able to break the press. We’ll see.

  12. Add on:
    I don’t think Isaac injury is serious. Looked to be a nerve thing mostly. Funny bone type thing only more intense. If rest is needed, please rest. Hopefully Isaac wake up with full mobility. Great attitude last night. Probably the real Isaac.

  13. warriorhaw: kind of the type of athletes ideally Gib wants, guys play multiple positions. PG/SG/SF…SF/PF/C….really all around guys, score inside out, great passers, of course since Riley Wallace days, have to get D stops, otherwise lose close games..
    As BM alluded to, his first observation of Fleming, he said, he is a different mold of athlete, a tall guard who can handle, when you can dish the dime in close quarters, and right in the bigs hands, that is a good passer. Plus, seeing him run on YouTube videos, and some in above video hilite, he is the real deal. What will change, the intensity of practices and workouts when the guys return from their summer hiatus. Will be some awesome battles.

    Hope that Jawato, Enos, Thomas, tell Stepteau ,Buscher and Fleming, and maybe core and legs, for Bobbitt, eat right, get enough rest , hydrate, and work the key areas of body in the training room, weights, even Bobbitt with Broken arm can run, and do crunches, or shoot with off hand, if his strong hand is the one broken. Lot of things to grind to get better. The new guys have to be as intense, if not more to complement the returnees and RS’s. I bet the old timers will be blown away if they see the new guys in great shape when Oct 2014 practice comes around.

    Hey, Isaac Fleming, Roderick Bobbitt, Brandon Jawato, Dyrbe Enos, Brocke Stepteau, and Zach Buscher, hopefully soon Sammis, and another SURPRISE Big, GRIND to get better, want to win BWC regular season championship first EVERY YEAR…auto NIT bid…then go for the Big Dance…win BWC tournament,…and NCAA march madness…Team is on a mission led by the returnees, Grind, grind., grind, grind, into Champions!

    Go Rainbow WARRIORS!

  14. Playhoopsa. So u heard Gib “passed” on Harville? I still claim more evidence shows it was the other way around. Or worse case it was at least mutual. Good thing a kid could go to a St. Mary program when he gets “passed on” by a coach with all the NCAA wins that Gib must have in your dreams. Ha. Only time will tell who is right. At least Gib is smiling all the time so I guess that must mean all is good. Ha. Take care.

  15. the summer league UH player curse!!!!

  16. I forgot. Who got hurt last year?

  17. Jake might as well join your troll friends..we got back the warrior fan forum for fans interested in gib and uh team..
    U might as well go back to your sorority..sisterhood..jake yor comments are not welcome here

    Aloha sister!!
    Stepteau great attitude will have fun this year!!
    Jake grab a rake and shake the snake that bit your okole!!

  18. I’mGibsdaddyhoopsa. That is your new name. Ha. Helpful hint. No one can possibly read past the first 2 lines of your 12 paragraph diatribes so simply bash Harville later in your comments and I will never notice. You obviously would never have a clue of who can play D1, D2 or JC. You are a jerk and simply don’t decide on your own who makes comments on here. Not u or your pochogirlfriend…..ha….take care.

  19. Jake
    By your own admission, Gib never contacted Tyler. Didn’t Tyler say the same thing? If it was a mutual agreement that you both don’t need each other, then you must have been in contact with Gib . If not, then all parties have agreed to ignore each other.

    I thought you would have better things to do than to troll this site. You being a scout and all. Your hate must be deep.

  20. No. Just think I’mGibsdaddyhoopsa is a jerk. That is all. And it only takes a few seconds to “troll” a site. I agree with your comment that it was at worse a mutual decision which isn’t what the jerk keeps saying. Just don’t like people to consistently make totally non factual comments and act like they OWN a particular site.

  21. Plus I’mGibsdaddyhoopsa has so many IDs I’m thinking warriorhaw may be another one of his. Actually I may be the only ID on here that isn’t one of his. Still something very, very strange and a little sad about someone needing to use multiple IDs on a site. Never heard of that.

  22. Last year it was Dressler that got hurt in the summer league. He was out for medical red shirt. I believe Fotu was hurt but don’t recall what year it was. I think they get hurt because at this time of year the mind is willing but not the body. In other words they are somewhat out of shape.

  23. wasn’t serious injuries but I do remember hearing UH players tweaking ankles or re-injuring old injuries….looks like fleming controlled the game and his team was lost without him in the end…stepteau looks quick and can handle but not sure about his finishing around the rim or shot….burnett would be a good walk-on

  24. don’t count on fleming or stepteau as shooters

  25. Nomoa summer league for Issac, take it easy , shoulder can plague a guy all season if he doesn’t take care of it now, hope he got some medical insurance so he can see an orthopedic doc asap. and get some physical therapy.

  26. Spearman and Fotu were really quick rehab and healed up well. Oh to be 21 yr old again.young athletes recover faster.
    Dressler said he suffered the worse type of vertabrae break one could suffer, guy was ver smart bb iq big..wish caleb well wherever he ends up.

    Stepteau just loves it here, came 3 weeks or more ealier ..he and family spent time on maui..said honolulu more hustle and bustle however he likes it..hey he wants to grad here..hope he can ..kudos to his family for helping him get here.

    one thing noticed both fleming and stepteau look for open man..make turnovers however only summer league ball..
    brocke his intangibles..quickness..good handles..can help to break pressure..fleming..bobbitt..smit..enos..senque will make sure protect the ball.
    uh mbb has a lot of pg’s and sg’s!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  27. The reason I think Gib prefer someone like Brocke Stepteau is because he can do things you want from your pg….handle the ball and be a leader.

    There are not many 5-8 pgs but there is even less 5-10 shooting guards so I like Brocke’s potential to help. We already have a short shooting guard in Enos and Enos is stronger and tougher than anyone coming in so no need load the roster with walkons with the same skill sets.

  28. Kahuna: remember that last video interview Dayton did with Nikola, Quincy and Nevels, what they had to work on to get better, strength, explosiveness, scoring mid to 3 line, FT shooting, better Defenders, finish at the rim, etc. which all are doing with out question in Cali, to have great 2014-15 season..

    ONE MORE THING ALL THREE SAID UH NEEDED? BIGS.. they all said, we have enough guards….Bobbitt, Nevels, Smith, Fleming, Filopovich, Enos, Stepteau, ….Wing/SF Jawato…so they even realized the thin frontline. Wished that coaches would key on the Bigs that could guard the rim, shotblockers..that is what Que and Gibson are doing, get that PF or 4/5 late get,these JULY 2014 showcases for uncommitted HS just graduated seniors, or prep school grads, and JC freshmen who qualify to enter NCAA DI school with 3 years to play, they did not have many if any offers, or from DII, DIII or NAIA, schools, these showcases, let dozens, if not hundreds of NCAA coaches, and JC coaches take a look at them. They blow up in these showcase tournaments, Que or Gib can offer them FULL ride scholarship to UH.. to help team. and Que and Gib are willing to develop them.. nice to have those 6’9″ 245 guy, who did not have great numbers, however will block anything going to rim, and alter shots, does not have to score a lot, has great upside. Hopefully Que and Gibson get one or maybe Two, if Sammis question mark. … come on Sammis I hope your appeal to get qualified is cleared, if we of UH Warrior fandom,nation, here in a week or two, that Sammis is in, and a 6’8″-6’9″ rim protector under the radar freshman or JC soph with 3 to play coming on board… WOW…Happiness in WI MBB land!

    Kahuna, you are right, Stepteau, I think Gib and maybe
    Benjy went down in person to Dallas to check out Brocke, that is what they saw, someone could handle ball under pressure, take care of it, get that dang ball in bounds last few minutes, not turn it over… Brocke might be in a couple of years, maybe a PG, really helping, if not maybe this year. love that quicks he has already, nice guy, and seems to get the HAWAII OHANA feel.

    Love all of your comments…Whenever, some outsider tries to throw down junk about Gib, the MBB athletes or the programs, or rehashes old news. That guy or gal, should go back to HS.. very childish..

    UH MBB , on the rise, looks like if everyone healthly academically and athletically UH MBB will be top 3 fighting for BWC regular and BWC tourney and NCAA bid!
    HEY…This Site Positive, Family, Friend and Fan friendly… whomever comments, THIS IS A SITE FOR ALL THINGS WI MBB, NOT TO TRASH GIB OR THE ATHLETES OR DAYTO– HAWAII OR ITS FAN— INCLUDING FAITHFUL ON THIS SITE> IF YOU GOING TO TRASH, better go to your East Coast land fill or barge!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and sorry, sad person, UH MBB is going strong, and Gib will be here battling for NCAA’s.

  29. Kahuna: remember years ago, UH MBB had a little guard 5’9″ about 170, who was terrific ball handler, playmaker, and got tons of steals, he was a scholarship guy from Chicago, his name…Jerome Hook Freeman, sure a guy that is 5’9″ and can play, just the lower angles, gets a lot of clean steals, deflections, plus, I can see Stepteau, trying to run team, even though only summer league, he got a lot of PF, hope he has a good year with UH MBB team, Even if scout, he will help. Well Gib wanted a lot of guards, remember, 2 years ago, the PG’s were Tavita, Manroop and emergency Ozren Pavlovic, think that Gibson wanted to make sure that never happened again,that is why carry a roster with 6 guards at least. and 7 guys who are wings and Bigs.

    Brocke, stick with program at least one year, enjoy the Hawaii culture, because you are the size of a lot of us in Hawaii, pretty sure the young fans will really like you. Have fun, do well in school, and hope to be part of Gib’s first NCAA tournament team.

    As Negus says: Why not think big? Set goals higher? not just CBI, CIT or even NIT, go for the National Title, if you have 13 scholarship guys over next 5 years, aiming and grinding towards that goal every year…Gib will have 8000+ at the arena, or more, large following on the mainland, winning big games non conference against the Pitt’s, BYU’s, Gonzagas, Stanfords. UCLA’s, and running the table in the BWC .. they can be the elite of BWC.. maybe future member of the PAC 16..
    Hoops dreams fans.. and as Negus says, and we should believe,one step at a time,,grind by grind, UH MBB is on that journey get to that , consistent top 25-30 pre and post season team!

  30. Shake, sHHHHHHH, you are NO Fan of UH MBB, check out the UH WBB team with coach Laura, she has good team and program.
    Leave this site to the true warrior fans, Rainbow fans for 5 years, 15 years, and 55 years.

    Goodbye means ALOHA Jake, go to the Gaels, Sorority club and stay back east!!

  31. If you quick and can handle the ball…..you always get chance…….see Miah Ostrowski.

  32. Good one kahuna, Miah was a great example of a PG. Besides his obvious BB skills he was able to influence play by being a team leader.

    Someone recently told me, “you know what stink eye is?” “It’s what you see in yourself that you know like and like take in out on someone else.” If you know like stink eye, as the locals say, wear a pikake and/or puakinini lei, auwe, all stink go away. -just hearsay of course….

  33. Stepteau and family must be rich because UH out-of-state tuition avg is around $24,912 plus avg room and board is $10,029 per year. That tuition is around $16,248 more than for in-state students.

  34. islandman: exactly. Those preferred walkon invites, Mike Harper, and Jack Hackman. That is a lot of money, family has to have funds to even send them on one way plane ride to UH?
    Stepteau, the families, talk to coaches, and UH and Gib explain, it is just a walkon invite, some whom, like Valdes can earn scholarship, if qualify in a few years. Congratulations to Aaron Valdes.

    That is a lot of money. When attending college many decades ago, I don’t even think it was 500-600 dollars total with books. For the semester or maybe the whole calendar year. Really inexpensive for local Hawaii in state residents.

    islandman, as we always say: kudos and props, and mahalo, thanks to the families of all the out of state preferred walkons that have and are now attending UH MBB, including, our little general, PG, Nikola Filopovich. Thankyou to the Stepteaus, Filipovich’s, Valdes’, Harpers, Hackmans, for funding your sons one to two year stays. They must love that UH and Hawaii experience, I think Brocke will enjoy it, wait until he goes surfing, or the canoe races with the team. The HAWAII culture, Gib is on right track, sell Hawaii, and the potential to play with, now VERY good athletes. and win some championships!

    Thankyou to all of the preferred walkon families, plus the Eno’s Ohana, for support of son Dyrbe!
    Wonder, about Deante Hearn 6’3″, and Gerald Wright 6’3″ if they are thinking of walking on, plus, I know that Josh Burnett on summer league roster is listed as HS Maryknoll, wonder if he got offered somewhere. Hard to make it PT, as a walkon, a few do, even big time schools, wish them all well, going to school, workouts, private life, if any,and academics, very, very hard to do!
    Wish UH MBB the best, they grinding, and UH will be grinding the BWC !
    Hey, WE GOT BACK THE WI UH MBB fan forum, good, … for the true UH fans!

  35. I could be wrong but word on the street is that Josh Burnett is going to a prep school on the Mainland (North Carolina?). He would have been a legit walk-on candidate, but is probably hoping the exposure will get him a scholarship offer somewhere.

  36. Mahalo Clyde,

    yes thought we heard about Josh going somewhere. Well even Julian Sensley, went to prep school, and had more DI opportunities. Wish the best, Josh Burnett looks like, with strength and building himself up physically, he can play. great length and skill, and local 808 guy!

  37. Well social and BM confirm, Isaac Fleming feeling better and will play tonite 6pm summer league. Also, I believe, Dyrbe and Zach Buscher in action too.!
    Glad that Fleming is okay, what did we say…these young guys heal pretty fast!

    Have great summer league games Dyrbe, Zach and Isaac Fleming, Lil Isaac, have to find another nickname.. ?
    Yes, Isaac Fleming getting comfortable, warriorhaw, agree, he runs his game as a PG who can score, like a Combo, or a SG who can be playmaker. Either way, he learn to defend like Gib wants, and get stronger on the weights pre season, Bobbitt 6’3″ 205 and Fleming if can get bigger 6’4″ 197, would be long athletic, to the rim guards. haven’t had that is long time if ever for UH.
    and 2+ , 3+ star MBB athletes. fantastic,
    warriorhaw, when that first game starts, don’t matter if they were playing Waikiki YMCA 21 and over team, get the season rocking, !
    Ben Jay, Abercrombie, Punahou people, Apple, and powers that be, getting Gib extended started ball rolling on having this season stable, and getting ready to promote an exciting brand of Basketball. should be fun for those that can go to summer league and SSC. If UH can win RBC, start season, sweep the so called other athletic teams, the home DII teams, and go 2-1 or better against BYU, Pitt and Wash. St on the road, and win DHC… the start of BWC will be on fire

    Go Rainbow Warriors
    And go The Mighty Warriors.
    well,at least have huge support and I personally thank Tonganator, Isaac’s dad, for supporting hoopsa, just trying to defend WI site, Gib , and his wonderful wife and great kids, Hawaii, and we fans honor. UH MBB Warrior fans, really the greatest in the MId Pacific, NCAA D1, and we STAND AND FIGHT FOR RIGHT.!
    IMUA, Eagle.
    Go Bows

  38. Get Sammis IN…

    Get NCAA Out (of their Boondoggle FOUR-Month ‘Investigation’)

    Get ALL the Players IN, In Shape, Good Health and Good Standing

    AND The Pieces should All Begin to Fit…

    A Vision of Success…


    Just Renewed Booster Package with Extra Budget Bucks…

    INVEST in a Better Program, Fans…

    However You Can…

    Including Donations to THIS Site…WarriorInsider.com…

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