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Enos lights up Summer League

College Summer League

In his third straight summer fighting the good fight as an NCAA Division I basketball walk-on, University of Hawai’i redshirt sophomore Dyrbe Enos is still the “longshot” draining the long shots.

Enos, a 5-foot-9 guard from ‘Aiea and the Kamehameha Schools, put on a spectacular shooting exhibition by swishing six of eight 3-pointers and scoring a team-high 20 points during the first half of Thursday night’s College Summer League game at Manoa Gym. Enos cooled off in the second half, hitting only one of four attempts from beyond the arc, but still finished with 26 points for Solar Universe in a 109-89 loss to Grantco Pacific.

“Dyrbe’s a great player, and he can shoot it,” said recent UH graduate Christian Standhardinger, a two-time All-Big West Conference first team forward who scored a game-high 43 points with 12 rebounds, five assists and one steal for Grantco Pacific. “We all knew that, but he still hurt us tonight. He made six of eight 3-pointers in only about 15 minutes, he showed how great a player he can be. Hopefully he can get more minutes so he can get more experience and become an even greater player.”

Enos redshirted as a freshman but saw some prime time action early last season and showed flashes of being a valuable contributor, scoring nine points each (all on 3-pointers) in back-to-back victories over UH-Hilo and New Orleans.

The Warriors’ starting point guard last season, Keith Shamburger, transferred to Missouri and starting swingman Brandon Spearman graduated, but UH returns starting wing Garrett Nevels and backup point guard Quincy Smith, along with redshirt wing Negus Webster-Chan. Other guards will be incoming as signed recruits or walk-ons, but Solar Energy coach Artie Wilson said that does not necessarily mean Enos will need to make room for them.

“Dyrbe can play — and should play — important quality minutes next season,” said Wilson, a former UH point guard and current TV analyst. “All of the guys that (UH) has brought in, Dyrbe can play with them. He may not be as big as them, but he can play with them.”

Enos is more than holding his own in the College Summer League, which features several former Division I standouts. He scored 15 points on five 3-pointers in the opener two weeks ago, and 10 points on three 3-pointers last week. The 26-point outburst Thursday night ups his per-game scoring average to 17.0.

College Summer League

“It was all off my teammates,” Enos said, “guys setting screens and Derrick Low passing me the ball.”

His first 3-pointer broke a 15-2 skid that saw Solar Universe fall behind, 22-7, and his sixth 3-pointer closed the gap to 39-36 with 37 seconds before halftime. Low’s driving layup at the buzzer made it 39-36.

Enos later drained a shot from about 24 feet with recent high school State Player of the Year Joshua Burnett (6-4) coming at him to defend, arms raised. Enos finished 8-for-14 from the field, including 7-for-12 from beyond the arc, to go with five assists.

With most of UH’s returning players out of town, Enos has been training daily at the Nu’uanu YMCA with former Kamehameha teammate J.T. Campbell, who plays at Division III Pacific (Oregon).

“We work on shooting, ball-handling, lifting,” Enos said. “I’m just grinding, trying to fit in and play a role.”

Aukai Wong, a former standout at Hilo High and UH-Hilo, scored a team-high 33 points for Solar Universe, and Low finished with 10 points and six assists. Former UH guard Geremy Robinson added 25 points for Grantco Pacific.

Brocke Stepteau, a UH “invited walk-on” from Texas, is listed on Grantco Pacific’s roster but did not show.

In the first game of the doubleheader, former UH post Bill Amis scored a game-high 33 points on 9 of 15 shooting with 13 points, four blocks and three assists but his “Chosen Few” team lost to Wealth Strategy Partners, 106-102, in double overtime. Former UH point guard Jace Tavita added 10 points, six rebounds, two assists, one steal and one block for Chosen Few.

Summer League action continues Saturday at Manoa with Clark Hatch Fitness vs. National Fire Protection at 6 p.m., followed by Solar Universe vs. Wealth Strategy Partners at 7:30. UH recruit Isaac Fleming is listed on the Clark Hatch roster, and Warriors sophomore Michael Thomas, a 6-6 small forward, is listed on the roster for National Fire Protection.

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores/www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Sounds like Dyrbe is in the best possible place, playing with Derrick Low. Maybe he can watch how a point guard should play, and learn for himself.

  2. We lost a Tyler, but we have a Dyrbe who can light it up. Give Dyrbe the ball .

  3. Yes, Dyrbe is proven already 1 year of DI ball experience, bigger, stronger , just as good, who knows might even be better at this stage shooter and PG!
    way to go Dyrbe represent the 808!

  4. I think Florida Gulf Coast not on UH schedule anymore? Gib has to find another opponent for that Jan 3 2015 SSC game, I think, asked too, BM..

    Seattle U. with Manroop Clair as replacement? Or St Marys?

  5. playhoopsa,

    that would be good replacements. Man, I miss The Roop and hope he has a good year.

  6. No hype. Just honest hard work. Enos let his play do the talking.

  7. Glad to hear that Enos is improving. His hard work is paying off. However, JMO, but don’t think he is at the D1 level to play on a regular basis. He has demonstrated that he can be a streaky shooter making 3’s. I am more concerned with his ball skills and decision making under pressure and his ability to play D. I am rooting for him to be the Lionel Messi (5′ 7″) of basketball and it’s going to take more than determination to climb that ladder. Any takers?

  8. Very nice to see Enos’ shot running hot. Gib used him several times as a 3pt gunner, but Enos was inconsistent. I think he’s got Gibs trust as a bench shooter. He’ll be in games this year.

    Enos’ main competition for minutes is Jawato. Jawato wasn’t fully fit last year and wasn’t a factor at all. If Jawato can improve defense or prove his shot is back, GIb will have a couple nice options for instant 3pt offense off the bench.

  9. Love your comments all! Mahalo, keep on posting! We Got Our WI MBB fan site back for UH MBB fans!
    Love Enos family support, still remember Rykin his older brother who was walkon too!
    Dyrbe, would have been interesting duel with that other young man!

    Hey, fellow Insiders, UH MBB starting to get momentum!!

    Hope for good year. I think Gib might have best overall talent and some depth, if guys come together without question. Go Gib and team just keep on grinding!
    Pocho, the first two teams I thought about, Seattle U. Roop and St Marys because, it would be interesting , hard kind of, though Gib has a little less than 6 months away, has to scramble, he has time to get that 30th game back… NO AWAY games, unless it was at UCLA or something…

  10. tako

    You’re correct concerning Enos. I’m hoping too that he can elevate his game this year. Each year you need to improve if you want more playing time. Last year he made an impact by being in the rotation. So this year just set your sights on a higher goal and just work your butt off. If you want to be an elite ball player you need to focus all your energies into it. The pain will come but so will the gain. Eh you got just one life on this earth. Go for the gusto. I’ll take premium beer over bud light please. No worries I only drink one or two on weekends.

  11. Zach Buscher sees in Dyrbe, where the next level is. Dyrbe came into UH MBB program as that preferred walkon, and then made decision to RS, Gib thought he wanted to play, I think with Dyrbe’s 3 point shot making ability, Gib would put him in probably as true freshman. I think it really helped Dyrbe, get used to the speed and physical game of DI ball in practices.

    Now, Dyrbe, he hit his 3 pointers when called upon, and perhaps some ball handling, when needed at end of games, when teams, pressuring them , plus hit FT’s , very soon we will be talking about that, the TEAM needs, from 1-15 guys who may play on roster, 75% or better, they , UH will win the close games.

    Zach, good form on his shots… he is lengthy guy, as opposed to Dyrbe, so a huge upside to Buscher too, he grinds and sticks it out, imagine in a few years, a 6’3″ or 6’4″ 195, combo guard from Hawaii who might get major PT, if he earns it.. never heard of one , a Hawaii guard that tall, before walking on… near to that, though thin like Zach, was Pii Minns, the ex Chaminade transfer.

    Hey, it is good, the perfect UH MBB world would be 13 3-4 star, athletes, or at least 2+, worldwide, international too, even Hawaii guys, and maybe 2 good preferred walkons… Gib goes way over that…at one time, I think he had 5 preferred walkons on team, with one AV earning a full ride this year. AV has to fly high.. he is another gem, in the waiting..

    tako, Eagle, warriorhaw, Pocho, Horssse, islandman, FUHA, servante…. a lot more to work with this year.. Media SA, and hoops talk gurus, think PG will be problem, I can see Q and a healed Bobbitt, and Dyrbe, and we forget the little General, Niko Filipovich, really listen to coach Gib, running the Point.. It was a big loss when Sham left, however, cream rises to the top.. and NO not Bud Lite, or regular, just joking servante.. enjoy the suds..
    NOW is time for Dyrbe, Niko and Q who is busting, really elevating his athletic game in Bay Area Summer league, to be THE top 2 PG’s, heard that Bobbitt is a very, very good one, either 1 or 2, main thing he gets well, 100%…

    Going be good year.. Gib , and team Stand and Fight , UH MBB on the hunt for BWC crown. and yes, pono, why not? Just have to cheer on team, Tonganator, loves it, just Go Bows. Go The Mighty Warriors!

  12. u never seen walk-ons play at UH ever back in the days

  13. Yes..true. have to go back to archives warrioinsider.com. ..gib I think said when he started coaching he wanted to give offer spots on team to walkons guys enrolled at university..I give him credit..and families of the guys..they paying tuition especially the out of state student athletes..that is lot of money..going back to riley time he had lance takaki..fan favorite..must be 2014 thing st marys or uh mbb offering spots to preferred walkons..I look forward to seeing how stepteau does..really opposite so far in attitude from harville..

    I will always cheer for that “rudy” athlete..or fisher who was ucsb walkon..

    aaron v. Walkon who is now scholie so opportunity knocks..

    buscher, enos, filopovich, stepteau wish them best..they work really hard!

  14. Does anyone know if there is a roster of the players ?????

    The only roster I’ve seen doesn’t have any player’s numbers and so is useless.

  15. The “NEWBIES” Can (Surely) Help, especially at their talent levels…

    – i’ll take ‘One More Play’ or “One More Basket” Each Game…
    That CAN Turn those 11 Losses into 2-4-6 ‘More Wins?

    Glad that Dyrbe entering his third season may be able to focus on playing his game;

    That much of Gib’s system is becoming ‘natural’,

    He could be an early, lead example of ‘The Advantage’ of Gib’s ability to recruit and train freshmen…

    Aaron should be another…
    THIS Year (i hope), we’ll see Aaron, Michael Thomas, Stefan Jovanovic et.al. playing natural in the system;
    Maybe even a healthy Jawato…

    ‘Think’ of Davis’ year-over-year improvement…

    These are all guys with better than average smarts, good anticipation and ‘sufficient’ athleticism, quickness and strength
    thanks to years of quickness, power and strength training…they’ve also ‘survived’ Gib’s “Standards” which means a High-Enough, “Measurable” Improvement Curve…GIB Expects their on-court minutes and measurables to show improvement…

    During World Cup Championship Week, borrowing from “Bud” Heavy, UH Soccer Coach Michelle ‘Bud’ Nagamine, another UH Team with elevating Talent and Depth, about playing Defense, she says, ‘i tell my girls all the time that position beats hustle every time “..the smart linebacker coaches point out IF you’re already in the right place, the running back or receiver has to come to you… so one analogy would be IF our ‘quick’ guards are already in the right place, the opposition is Not gonna get the easy, uncontested threes, or our forwards are not leaving open lanes to the basket, or giving up cheap put-backs…

    that’s why i look forward to Dyrbe, MThomas, Aaron and/or Jawato being more effective defensive and system players, not giving up cheap baskets and getting pulled, earning Gib’s Trust, additional or even extended time on the court, and enough time to start (now) showing us their game, as started to emerge from Aaron last year, and maybe starting to emerge from Dyrbe this season…not having to worry (so much, if at all) about point guard or system positioning and plays that start to become second ‘nature’ (natural), frees up the ability to apply their skills, and these guys are solid, fundamental ball players, that know how to finish (Aaron & MT) or Hit their Shots (Dyrbe and Stefan)…

    So to Conclude, i’m looking for GIB to display More Trust in these ‘role players’, USE Them to hold the opposition at bay And Strike some blows, having One through Ten (or more) instead of seven or eight And FINISH BOTH Games And The Season STRONG…

    Cut, Print…Tee Shirts…

    Fewer Losses [Minus From 11 ?!], More WINS
    Actually Tastes GREAT, More SSC Filling


    To a Similar Degree, and “Maybe” Magnified because of their higher on-court time,
    i’m looking for significant improvement from Q, Nevels and Fotu…

  16. RE: Fotus…

    Tonganator… NICE Isaac Article in Today’s [Saturday 7/12] HSA…

    i would “Expect” they SEND these to you…


    Speaking of “Sending’…

    Is Ella going to U.H.?

  17. Eagle:

    great comments … very proud of Isaac Fotu…. and Tonganator and Ohana can be very happy., what an honor and privilege to represent NZ and University of Hawaii.

    Sidepoint- just the past few months, a faction, quite large, saying UH MBB in limbo, or down, almost out…
    NOW UH MBB is taking to flight, all the guys getting better and opportunities.

    Wish the best for all the new and returnees, could be and should be an awesome year for Rainbow Warrior Basketball fans!

    Imua. Go Bows.
    And Go The Mighty Warriors!

  18. I saw that UH is expanding the Manoa Maniacs section… Great to hear the student support is finally growing.

    I can already hear the old futs that have to be moved grumbling on end… Might lose a few stubborn ones but UH’s popularity is growing, so making up the revenue shouldn’t be an issue as long as UH didn’t piss off any big donors. I’m sure donors are being taken care of in lieu of moving their seats.

  19. I was hoping we could average 7000 per home game this season, but looking at the lack of quality games on the new schedule, it’s looking doubtful.

  20. As long as we have been long time supporters and ticket holders, we support this move for a more college atmosphere. We are fortunate to not be moved. However I am sure we would have been taken care of. In fact we were wondering why it took so long. Now maybe we can All wear the same color t-shirts. Not only on whiteout or blackout games. It’s a start. By the way, we do not sit in our hands. We yell and scream with the best of them. I believe this year will be even more exciting. Wish a more challenging schedule @ home but maybe it work out to get new guys up to speed.

  21. FUHA: if RBC featured, Butler, Gonzaga, Belmont, and Hawaii, those other high mid major schools and NCAA regular participants, even though not BCS schools , that would be great RBC.
    Would love at one point, when UH MBB starts going regularly to NCAA’s about every year. That RBC be UCLA, Syracuse, Michigan St. and Hawaii. However, it is getting tougher to schedule the big teams/

    I understand the need to draw attendance, however since Gib was here, and probably Nash and Wallace, usually, and especially with Gib tenure, UH MBB has covered their costs. They have enough tickets sold, I think because of some corporate block buying of tickets and handing them out to workers, relatives and friends, who are the fair weather fans. So they show up in EMPTY seats.
    Key, that Manoa Maniac sections, if one day, ,they are 2000 strong, that is big, and getting really big time College atmosphere, sometimes those students aren’t even interested in MBB, yet It becomes a social event, they love it, the games, the band, dancers, and the winning and learning the sport comes with it.. It is a good deal, part of the tuition they pay, to be able to go to games, at great deal cost.. However that is what Gib and UH MBB program is building up to.

    I think if Gib can get , a Butler, Gonzaga, a St Marys or Seattle U. for that 30th game, win, get great start, by winning the RBC with 3-0 record, go 2-1 against Pitt, BYU and WSU on the road, beat in state DII rivals HPU and Chaminade, beat the other schools, and win the DHC, in a very exciting way, and be nation’s leaders in defense and scoring, 3 pointers and dunks, blocked shots and steals.

    That core, that includes a lot on this forum, of about 4000-4500 that will go to UH MBB , now, will be joined by another, 1000, if they are running the table in first half of BWC.. pretty sure about that, no matter the competition, however, DHC, BYU, WSU on the road, Pitt on Maui, those are 6 very good quality games.. too bad Pitt is on Maui and BYU is on the road, those would be sell outs, or near.

    Once again, the cure all, for any sports program JUST WIN, and WIN, and WIN, and they will come, maybe not 7000, however maybe 5800-6000 on Saturday , Sunday games and during winter, spring breaks!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  22. Hey Eagle and Playhoopsa. Yes, the Fotu Ohana are proud that Isaac is in the Tall Blacks environment. Looking forward to the series against Korea.

    Also proud that Ella made the Junior Tall Ferns, and toured China (and will be trial out for the Tall Ferns later on this year). We have started the process of looking at colleges around the West Coast (including Hawaii) which are closer to home. We haven’t send info out yet but will do soon.

    Isaac’s brother Daniel (6’5″ and 14 years old) is in the New Zealand U16 team and just returned from a week long tournament in Australia. He is also in the Breakers (Isaac’s local pro club)
    development programme.

    Although I am from a rugby background I am starting to get excited about Basketball, now the kids are enjoying it. Isaac youngest brother still playing rugby (and basketball) so I get to go and watch him during rugby season.

    Anyway just checking in, and awesome you guys keeping the fire burning. Soon be Basketball season so..





    We Support and Pray for Your Success, Health and Happiness

    Here, There, Everywhere …

    GO ‘BOWS!

    i’m SURE Laura Beeman would be A Great Coach and Basketball Godmother…
    Wouldn’t Mention IF it was Any Other way…
    Aloha No
    We Share The Breath of Life…

  24. Tonganator, I agree with Eagle’s statements about Coach Laura Beeman, one of the good young HC WBB around the country. She has surrounded herself with great assistants to. UH has good research programs, degrees for Natural Resources, we have to care all the planet plus Polynesia, and other areas of studies Ella might be interested in. Tonganator, you have a great young family Mama Fotu must be proud, she and Grandma , must be excellent cooks , your young athletes look very strong, rugby, and basketball strong.! Wish that UH had rugby program, however, we have one from Australia Rules Football, he was pro for several years, Scott Harding, great player on the UH football team! Either way, if we have several Fotu’s playing at UH for next few years, great, we will cheer the might Warriors and the Rainbow Wahine possibly.

    Wherever Ella makes her choice, as long as she is happy. We would love to have her, pretty sure,Laura, knows about her as well!

    Keeping the flame of MBB burning along with first timers, Eagle, al, Clyde, some of the first posters on this forum, going on 5 years ago… Keep the Flame going Warriors!
    Isaac, going to have great time with Tall Blacks hope they get to next round, and Isaac come back and just have All America type year with UH Warriors!

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