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A quiet summer night

It was a relatively quiet Saturday night at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League as far as the University of Hawai’i basketball team is concerned.

Perhaps the most worthy note from Saturday’s doubleheader at Manoa Valley Recreation gym was the quick return of Isaac Fleming. The incoming freshman was injured late in a game on Thursday, and left the court with his right arm in a makeshift sling.

College Summer League

On Saturday, he said the injury was diagnosed as a bruised nerve, and he was cleared to participate. He got about 15 minutes of action, and finished with eight points, three rebounds and three assists to help lead Clark Hatch Fitness to a 102-89 victory over Wealth Strategy Partners.

Fleming said there was still some pain in his right shoulder, but he “wanted to be there for the team.”

Former Chaminade player Leon Ballard led Clark Hatch Fitness with 34 points, and former Kaiser High/Assumption College player Kaunaoa McGee added 29.

Former UH point guard Miah Ostrowski led Wealth Strategy Partners with 21 points and four steals. Summer League newcomer Antwan Porter also scored 21 for Wealth Strategy.

In the second game, UH sophomore-to-be guard Dyrbe Enos scored nine points and grabbed seven rebounds, but it came in a losing effort as his Solar Universe team fell to Chosen Few, 82-67.

Former UH point guard Jace Tavita led Chosen Few with 24 points and four assists.

Several key summer league players were missing from the Saturday night action, including Rashaun Broadus and William Broadus for Wealth Strategy Partners, Bill Amis for Chosen Few, and Derrick Low and Aukai Wong for Solar Universe.

The summer league is scheduled to continue with two more games on Tuesday at Manoa Valley.


  1. Well, Isaac Fleming passed the test of being a true Rainbow Warrior. Still in pain, from the deep bruised nerve injury suffered this past Thursday, he still wanted to play to be there to support his team. And his team did win. Very tough minded young man. Made sure he had medical clearance, could have stayed out, but played. He should take care of shoulder though, those things can linger.

    Good job Isaac Fleming, take care, and you are proving to be a rugged strong lead guard. UH will have a good rotation with Nevels, Smith, Bobbitt, and Fleming, …Enos, Filopovich…Jawato still I say should be a 3/ wing….get stronger on O and D and helping on the boards , Jawato at 6’4″ 200, if he play strong will help that SF /wing spot for sure with Negus and Valdes, more depth there!

    Warriors, even though few in the summer league are proving to be just that. And these few are sticking it out, summer school , workouts, and league play.
    Heard that Mike Thomas suffered some burn injury, so could not play, hopes to play next Tuesday. he is one, we want to see. How much has Mike improved from last year.
    Main thing, Fleming, Bobbitt, Jawato, Thomas, heal their injuries go into season 100%!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  2. Jace scores 24 pts, too bad that’s not in 2012-13 season.

  3. EDIT (sp.): Niko Filipovich (Several Times)

  4. islandman:

    that would have been good, if Jace were more offensive minded. He could hit that 3 pointer once in awhile, just wanted him to attack basket, or teams doubled down on Vander, and dared him to shoot even from 15 feet out. Another guy that benefitted from great family support. Remember Jace was a preferred walkon, who chose to RS one year, to be able to play a whole Senior season, instead of one half of one. Real sacrifice by Jace and family that supported him!
    He must be working in the islands. Know he has family here. Good for Jace, he got his degree too! The most important thing.!!

  5. Eagle:

    always look forward to your post/comments..you were about to say something about Nikola Filipovich? Know,he is a more than adequate PG as well, back home grinding with perhaps Stefan Jovanovich, Would be really nice,if they come back as the Serbain Super Warriors!

  6. See, past few years, even on a topic that might be considered slow, and Sunday morning as well, I will try to keep positive comments, and some flame for UH MBB still going. If read something credible from other blog, or SA, or online, will add it here for WI fans. My Mantra is ” Cheer on the Rainbow Warriors-It is our HC and our Team!”…If both were not, or completely disbanded , then no sense.

    However, enjoy all, and please do not be shy, not just my posts, any thoughts, and I know Dayton wants us to keep it positive, accurate, and pro Rainbow Warrior MBB , or some good information we might know to share about, recruits, families, past warriors, or present, and our own opinions on coach, offensive , defensive strategies, schedule, BWC thoughts, where UH might place. etc.
    In other words as Eagle says, keep on posting to give life to the site, plus our own donations too would help.,. Appreciate it Dayton, especially for your hard work , and doing this as a Part Time job.

    I was reminded by some of the other faithful keep it POSITIVE, I am trying… once in awhile, there will, be a person, that might post comments here, really not great at all… question HC, ourselves, Hawaii,the University, very childish,…and no need for that,.. even on my part..so my apologies to you and WI…however, just do not like the trash talking against, team, HC and new assistants, and ourselves …as long as Tonganator enjoys the posts of the faithful Positive die hards , we keep the Flame going, right Eagle? for The Mighty Warriors!

    Imua Rainbow Warriors!

  7. No Additional Comment Intended:

    Other than: Several Times (Mis)-Spelt as FilOpovich Versus proper “Filipovich”
    (The Family does not have too much else in the program at this time: stats etc., beyond their Good Name and grades…]

    Added: Since he apparently IS MEETING or Exceeding Gib & Staff’s Learning / Improvement Curve Expectations;
    [Compare ‘Similarly’ to Enos or Valde’s for walk-ons, and ‘maybe’ exceeding Harper & Hackman as well for increasing PT Expectations (or not)]
    i ‘would’ expect to see a relatively good level of skills effectiveness and integration with the team /program systems;

  8. Eagle…. I guess, you, myself hoopsa, and probably warriorhaw, peek into late nite and early morning WI updates, along with a few others.
    As I blogged to BM , just now, slow UH hoops news, until , hoping really very hard, that Sammis is getting good , and compliant guidance to get his ncaa appeal okayed, would be awesome if he got into UH this fall, and ready to play.
    Also, whom can Que and Gib, those July showcase, recruiting period, the unsigned and uncommitted, HS seniors, and JC freshmen whom qualify to play 3 years ncaa DI ball, this year as transfer soph. like Quincy, The tournaments, showcases that Gib and Que are going to, I did lot of research online, there are literally hundreds of guys from international, prep, HS, jc, who hundreds of coaches from all college MBB levels will be looking at.

    It just takes ONE, a 4/5, even role playing , paint active, rim protecting, athletic 6’9″ 245, sort of like Vander, not huge numbers out of JC, raw talent, however better attitude and quicker. That would shore up the frontcourt bigtime.
    The sad news…if Sammis doesn’t get okayed by ncaa, then see whether, Que and Gib can get a 6’6″ 235 SF who is athletic, once again not huge numbers, can be HS senior or JC transfer with 3 years to play, incoming soph . that Gib and Que can develop..
    Not bad as backup plan … An athletic SF, if Sammis not in, and a definite PF who can play, for the depth up front. UH recruiting and competing for championships in place. So much went down since March with the No Clue people, it is coming to a head, and according to SA and BM, pretty much know how it will play out.

    Check-Gib got extenstion , so very, very important!
    Check-Bobbitt, Stepteau, Fleming, Buscher… honored commitments and are here enrolled and ready to rock and roll
    Check-returnees, Jawato rehab summer school in Hawaii, early part June. Enos doing well in early summer session and summer league.
    Check-HUGE addition to replace Fisher, Senque Que Carey, let us see him work his Que ball magic, get a good ready to play athlete. Someone, most importantly will FIT UH MBB OHANA!

    Eagle, August or sooner end of July will be hopping with UH Hoops news, you can count on it.
    And late Aug and early first week Sept in Spain, hope that Fotu and the NZ tall blacks qualify for the knock out round of 16 in the FIBA BB world championships! Ole!

    Go Bows!
    Eagle, you sharp eyed , true green and white, Go Rainbows, MBB fan supreme, from April abouts, you had a very keen insight on how things would play out! Kudos, and thank you.. UH MBB fans, have something to cheer about again, have to get all the guys on the Beach workouts, and no one else get hurt, ALL healthy , and go for BWC championships, 2…

  9. There appears to be over 500 players that are currently transferring to other teams this year in the Division l ranks alone. For those who are counting, that is over 1.4 players per Dl team.

    There is an ESPN site that claims to have every one of those transfer players…some of which have not decided on where to transfer to yet.


    I am sure that both Coach and Que are following much better leads on their radar at every position and grade level.

    Great to see how quickly Lil Isaac is getting acclimated.


  10. BACKBEAT: Mahalo Back beat! Thought so. Never knew this July late viewing period is huge! Tons of talent all levels, and so many coaches from DI, DII, DIII, Naia, doing some recruiting for even this coming season, and some of the young guns, the jrs, srs to be HS, in those showcases, Gib and Que starting work on 2016

    Amis was a late get, for Nash,
    Vander, raw, super raw, JC with 3 years to play followed coach Roese and stuck till sr year UH.

    well Backbeat and all the UH MBB fans that love the recruiting aspect. Pretty sure, Que and Gib, they have a profile, what they want… has to be a guy that will be OHANA type.

    Que, his mantra, for these late commits or transfers… if you have a DI full ride scholarship to offer…many would jump at the chance to come to Hawaii, even this late!

    Hope Que will get one, or Gib that , the best I can think of, Serge Ibaka, Vander type, could be raw, or who knows, a late gem like Sammis was, when he blew up in the March showcase tourneys, so many schools after him, as well as Fleming, even though LOI in Nov 2013…he showcased so well, lot of schools, even though Isaac was committed wanted him.. trying to scare him that Gib was going to be gone, that is why huge.. you know what.. on Ben Jay part to get extension for Gib soon. Now Gib in mainland touching bases with returnees, and reassuring all of the guys and their families, what is happening, and be prepared to rock that SSC and BWC championship ring wins~

  11. hoping beyond hope that Sammis gets in, if not Que, he , you can tell, takes it as a challenge, besides Gib, Que, since he was known for his contacts and recruiting developing Center Smith, remember him with Fresno old WAC? we beat them at home SSC. Also develop Paul George who is elite NBA player.

    Man, if Que, has his connections and contacts, and the good recruiter’s pitch, NCAA full ride DI scholarship instead of going to DII, DIII, or NAIA… and you will play , role , help us protect the rim…if I were a 6’9″ raw, yet athletic talent and mature, I would tell Que, heck yes, I am going to Hawaii and be a Rainbow Warrior..
    Next few weeks to 3 should be interesting.
    as Pocho says, Gib and Que, Reel em in, Hook em up, Go get em, a good Right Fit, love Hawaii and more so the full ride expensive in paradise NCAA DI scholarship, transfer, or hidden gem out of high school, prep.

    Kind of exciting, Que in Atlanta, lot of talent there uncommitted, and as BackBeat states, Gib and Que, they poker faced, will not show their hand, they must know where to go, and whom to target recruit!

  12. Did I read this right??? I swore I read that Jace Tavita scored 24pts!?! That’s got to be a typo… Did I really see Jace take it strong to the paint and finish?

  13. Jace had Vanderitis, had to get ball to Vander before could do anything.. ..remember guys would double down or even triple team Vander, and give Jace a free lane to the rim, or that 17 foot jumper, he wouldn’t take it, until last second hit the 24 foot three pointer. I guess Jace was following Gib’ s coaching to the max…although, many times with him being so wide open, or the bucket was right in front of him, Gib was shouting, shoot that ball Jace or drive to the rim.

    Man if Jace could have averaged 8 points 6 assists a game, plus 75% or better, that senior year of his, UH MBB , Gib’s team with Vander as senior could probably have gone to NCAA’s.!

    Jace, trying to make it with PBA, the Philippine Pro league, he has a chance!

  14. Jace, great team guy, got his UH degree, his family footed his tuition, now he is grown mature, and going to become a professional basketball athlete. Wish Jace the best, a real Warrior!

  15. http://www.collegesportsscholarships.com/2013/01/21/summer-basketball-tournaments-showcases.htm


    A Division I assistant coach echoed Wagstaff’s sentiments. “We do not view every tape that’s sent into us by recruits, because we do not have the time. We only travel to see recruits that are high on our radar. Playing in tournaments is a great way for recruits who may not be on our radar to get on it.”
    Wagstaff believes that if a player finds the right competitive team to play in evaluation period games with, that he can increase his recruiting stock. Thus, it is important for players and parents to choose teams with a critical eye on how they will impact a player’s recruiting. “The thing that was the most important to me, was finding out who else played on the teams, their style of play and the offense the team plays. You have such a limited window during which to show your talent, that you need to make sure those things add up to showcase you in your best light. Furthermore, if you are on a team without good coaching who knows how to help you perform, you are not going to be able to show what you are worth,” Wagstaff noted.

    Along with utilizing tournaments during NCAA evaluation periods, Wagstaff believes that recruits should ensure that their high school coaches are working for them. At the most basic level, this includes sending out letters, videos and feelers to schools who may be interested in the recruit. Additionally, high school coaches should respond to inquiries from schools interested in recruits. However, an additional thing that high school coaches can do to help recruits is inform interested schools about which team a player will be playing with for NCAA evaluation period tournaments. “If schools are intrigued by your profile from the high school, they will come out to see you at the summer tournaments. Coaches see as many as 150 kids they are interested in recruiting during three days at a tournament,” Wagstaff said.

    Additionally, parents and players should work to ensure that a competitive coach’s actions have players’ best interests at heart.
    When it comes to being recruited for basketball, the window to be evaluated in-person by coaches is small. Furthermore, it is during this window that a coach’s most critical analysis of a player’s abilities occurs. Thus, if a player is serious about being recruited, he must do the most to put himself in front of the eyes of coaches. The easiest way to do this is by joining a competitive team and participating in NCAA evaluation period tournaments.

  16. playhoopsa, your info gathering is far superior than mine. And I appreciate it. Eagle, servante, tako and FUA and backbeat as well as others I also enjoy reading. Just a note, week 9 at the Drew League there is a mention of Garrett Nevels. They show him with a alley oop two handed dunk. Pretty sweet.

    Also, Jace has been really played well at the summer league. Scoring in many different ways. Really a different player than when at UH. I think he sat out last year. I remember seeing him in the stands. He was really out of shape and dare I say, he was fat. He must have worked really hard because he looks pretty good. Put on some muscle. Good for him. I can see him playing some where in Asia.

    Interesting article playhoopsa above. Makes me think that there is still good players out there looking for a home. Maybe even from Europe or Africa. Just keeping the positive vibes going.

    Go Bows!!!!
    Go Warriors!!!!

  17. warriorhaw:

    really, BackBeat, islandman, Xer21, some of those fans, they know a lot. Seems like 24/7 they are checking the UH verbal commit link.
    First time I ever did it. You are right warriorhaw, there are, even internationally literally hundreds of basketball athletes who qualify to enter UH right now, however would have to match what Gib is looking for the RIGHT Fit… still think the NUMBER ONE position target is the 4/5 guy that can play

    in the paint on O and D. SECONDLY, and this one, we are hoping that it never happens, if Sammis gets delayed or cannot get in to UH, then Gib and staff might have to get a SF athlete to target to fill Reyes spot. However, until further notice, I would say, as BM stated, Sammis is awaiting an ncaa appeal, if okayed he will be with UH MBB soon.

    With Senque Carey, Que, warriorhaw, that is a big addition to Gib’s staff, interesting on those online articles about recruiting, the assistants are making contacts, and viewing the athletes, and the HC will come into home, or see athlete, when they really want to make the impact that THAT GUY IS OUR MAN…Still that article about the HS seniors, juniors, ,,…WHOLE Different , yet similar story of the showcases for soph to be and fresh(who will transfer to D1 programs with 3 years to

    play, like Quincy Smith)still, have those ones. as Well as contacts that Gib and Que have already, they have coaching friends, know AAU programs, word of mouth and video, Toronto, Paris, wherever. looks like they , for now are working hard the USA from Atlanta to Las Vegas JULY recruiting period HARD in USA. For that right guy. or guys. Even for 2016, hopefully ONE FOR 2014-15, which is key, shore up the frontcourt!

    Different from 35-40 years, ago, I would imagine not many in USA or globally, that at least 2 star, and there are a lot rated 2 star, at least a decent basketball player around the world.

    Would be a nice surprise, a end of summer present, if Que or Gib sign a PF!
    AND Sammis qualifies to enroll and play at UH this year!

  18. sorry warriorhaw,always typo some error, then have to edit above: Meant to say…

    WHOLE Different , yet similar story of the showcases JC athletes…for soph to be and freshen(who will transfer to D1 programs with 3 years to

    play, like Quincy Smith)

    When we hear an announcement of even a PF/C that can be developed raw athletic, yet young, and good attitude, that would be great! 6-8″-6’10” as long as can play and do the school work.

    As Que, is convinced of , even this late in the recruiting game for this 2014-15 season.. those unsigned, uncommitted, HS seniors, JC transfers, D1 mid term transfers, international(Sudan, Paris) would be willing to come, because,, no one offered them a full ride scholarship, or it was to DII, DIII schools perhaps…really interesting this JULY recruiting game, wait until Que has a chance to do the whole year windows of viewing the potential athletes, should be interesting. Also of note, there are times, and I thing Gib alluded to in the hiring of Senque video, that in Vegas, the last and biggest showcase for the uncommitted and unsigned guys, ALL the coaches can and probably will be there for 3 days… should be real interesting .WE wait and See!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and go get em Gib and Que, Benjy and staff..

  19. Que on the offer to potential recruit: I recruited Paul George, NBA all star, and helped develop him. Paul was good in the WAC, but not NBA all star quality, could jump out of the gym, very raw, yet Senque, helped him, as well as I think his name was Greg Smith 6’10” center who made NBA roster. (JUST IMAGINARY CONVERSATION…not based on actual fact: playhoopsa)

    That is a huge recent resume, an elite NBA player that he recruited.
    Probably the athletes they ALL know Paul George. Offer them the scholarship,and the mantra, help UH, in the BWC, definitely winnable, and have fun developing your game, and winning championships, NCAA tourney invites, and possible pro BB future. There are those special athletes who would probably jump at that chance.

    Or possibly, through the grapevine, how UH played Mizzou, negus wanted to transfer, and after him janks, so sometimes that happens, same with Rozitis, Standhardinger, double transfer UH grad Shamburger, and even Spearman who transferred from DI Dayton to JC to UH DI.

    Also, the mid term eligible transfers. those that have left their original DI teams, at Dec 2013 winter break, and would have to sit out till mid Dec, like Janks, and could be eligible by Dec 15 2014.. that would be good too. Help would come right on time for the DHC and the BWC play.

  20. Looks like the Coaches are not wasting anytime out on the recruiting trail. Verbal Commits is showing two offers. One is of Quadree Smith out of Virginia HS. He is no doubt playing in the AAU tournament in Atlanta. I had to laugh when I saw a video of him…he looks like the kid from the movie Blindside. He will be a frosh, 6’7″, 270#s listed as a 2* athlete.

    The 2nd must be a freshman in HS from Oakland and would not be available until 2017, 6’1″ PG. Que must have had his eye on him early.

    Not much more to report on him, but is you care to look, start out at this side: http://www.verbalcommits.com/schools/hawaii.

  21. Que only less thanweek on recruiting trail..he will be coming back in august..see what happens
    the question mark is sammis..will he win the ncaa appeal cleared to get into uh mbb.

    quadree looks like he could play offensive tackle for chow..he should lose about 25 pounds..2 star sthlete..
    benjy..gib..que..akana ..must be scouring usa aau..jc..hs..showcase..see what happens
    even if sammis not make it in..another 6’7″ big help depth..save extra scholar for mid term transfer like janks..wonder if toronto canada has any big lat

    too bad..caleb..back good..and he knew shortage of bigs..dressler would have been perfect fit
    wonder if he would stay? jmo
    going down to wire august school start..

  22. Wonder what Quadree could do minus 25 lbs? Reminds me of Will Pounds of Chaminade during the 70’s. He’s quite raw at this point and would be a project if he comes to Hawaii. The good part is that he has 4 plus years to develop. But he’s not afraid to mix it up. At 6’7/6’8 270# PF he would most likely be an inside guy, protecting the paint and getting rebounds. Nice shooting form though. Seems like a nice guy too; and maybe good work ethics? If he’s coachable he’s got upside and I would think a good big man to have down the road.

  23. servante..I remember big wil pounds!! Remember they had chico furtado and roy villanova on team.

    wil played in the aloha classic..tom louden and lil joe frazier when wil did his spin move fadeaway and hi all net
    at 6’6″-6’7″ about 300 pounds wil could play..back in late seventies..loved watching them in post season game local tv on mainland..wil gentle big man sweet touch..could be..the high character..nice young man uh could develop..by jr sr..season another fotu!!

  24. Quadree..the key. Right Fit nice yong man..sure could dvelop..have keep mamadou 15 feet away from rim..gonna do more search on quandree..he might be possibility

  25. That would be something if Quadree Smith came on board for UH.
    Que, Q, and Q(uadree) THREE Q’s


  26. Well, that is why Quadree Smith’s stock rose this July. He went from 290 earlier this year to 6’8″ 250, wow lost 40 pounds, he moves better and feels better.
    Hmmmm….see what Que and Gib can do..
    If those type of late uncommitted, and he was highly sought after out east Mideast, interesting.
    yes, he really worked into shape, imagine from 290 to 250, about the same size as Fotu!

    However, has to hit weights, so strong, and the anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. Has high BBIQ,good position rebounder, lot of information online…

    We shall see, meantime, hope, hope, hope Sammis get cleared!

  27. playhoopsa

    I remember Pounds alright. I was going to school at UH Hilo and our team had Jay (The Bird) Bartolomew, Mark Lovelace, and Bill O’rear. When Chaminade came to Hilo everyone knew it would be war as the two teams were evenly matched. Standing room only. It was a close game and went down to the final seconds. It was non other than Will Pounds who was screaming for the ball down low, got it, turned around and hit all net over two defenders to win it at the buzzer. Even though we lost it was one of the greatest game and one of the greatest game winning shot I ever saw.

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