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2014-15 schedule is revealed


The 2014-15 schedule for the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team has been announced. Here is the official release from the UH Media Relations office:

HONOLULU – The University of Hawai’i released its 2014-15 men’s basketball schedule which features 19 home games at the Stan Sheriff Center. This year’s non-conference schedule is highlighted by a matchup with Pittsburgh on Maui, a return to the Neal Blaisdell Center and the sixth annual Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic.

The Outrigger Resorts Rainbow Classic officially opens UH’s 2014-15 season. The ‘Bows will tip the season off Nov. 14 against Bakersfield in a round-robin tournament which also includes Arkansas-Pine Bluff and 2014 NIT participant High Point (N.C.)

Following the Classic, UH heads to Wailuku, Maui for its annual pilgrimage to the neighbor islands. UH will take on ACC power Pittsburgh on Friday, Nov. 21 at War Memorial Gymnasium. This will be UH’s third trip to the Valley Isle in five years after also making appearances in 2010 and ’11.

UH will host a pair of games versus Hawaii Pacific (Nov. 26) and Delaware State (Nov. 26), before making its first trip to the mainland. Hawai’i will face Brigham Young—a 2014 NCAA participant—in Salt Lake City on Dec. 6, the second meeting between the teams in the Gib Arnold era (also in 2010). A week later the ‘Bows will play another neutral site matchup when it takes on Washington State of the Pac-12 in the Cougar Hardwood Classic at Seattle’s KeyArena.

Following two straight games on the mainland, the Rainbow Warriors return to Hawai’i to face Chaminade in an intra-island rivalry on Dec. 19 at the Blaisdell Center. It will be UH’s first contest at the NBC—which served as its home court for nearly 30 years—since 1994.

Christmas week brings the sixth annual Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic (Dec. 22-23, 25). Five teams in the field made the postseason last year, highlighted by Wichita State which was ranked as high as No. 2. Also joining UH in the tournament are Colorado, DePaul, George Washington, Loyola Marymount, Nebraska and Ohio.

UH will complete its non-conference schedule with home games versus Southern (Dec. 29) and 2014 NIT qualifier and 2013 NCAA Cinderella squad Florida Gulf Coast (Jan. 3).

UH commences its third season in the Big West Conference with a 16-game league schedule. As opposed to last year when UH endured a road-heavy start, the ‘Bows will play four of its first five games at home, opening up league play versus defending Big West Tournament champions Cal Poly on Jan. 7. Following that opening stretch, UH will play four consecutive road games at Long Beach State (Jan. 29), Cal State Northridge (Jan. 31), UC Santa Barbara (Feb. 5) and Cal Poly (Feb. 7). Hawai’i closes the Big West regular season on the road versus Cal State Fullerton on March 7. The 2013 Big West Tournament will be held March 12-14 in Anaheim, Calif.



  1. WoW, what a schedule to talk about here. Are the Rainbow Classic Nov. opponents Div. 1 clubs even?

    Gib needs a new person to do the scheduling. Wow, could you picture UHbb ratings even if they take the Classic crown?

  2. I is right behind you Pocho… man SOS , and a lot question Gib having cupcakes on last year or two schedule. He make sure this year really awesome teams going against. Gib has to do his best coaching, the guys have to grind and be ready,. They come out of non conference schedule with winning record going into BWC play, the are contenders. Man, Gib stepped up big time

    Way to go Gib! Go get em, reel em in, win a bunch!

    How about it fellow WI fans, shaping up to be some MBB schedule…wow!


  3. Pocho: Very hard, even for Nash and Wallace last years, to get a lot of top 30 schools to come here. Tough deal, and to play them late, they start conference play a lot do in December ..
    I like the Pitt game, The BYU and WSU on the road games will be tough.. The DHC, always tough, many of that field either NIT or NCAA participants..
    Hey, Pocho, key thing Gib win and win a lot.. if he can beat Pitt, BYU and Wash. St on the road, and win DHC, they will be one of better teams in country,.. their SOS , and BPI will be stronger.. no excuses, however, Gib or even Coach K at Duke the opening games, sometimes the big schools play DII and DIII, at least 2 or 3, per year. so they don’t get bust up..

    That Pitt,BYU, WashSt. and DHC classic games, that is quality competition, at least JMO.. however, Gib trying to secure with Dixon, a rivalry, home and home, great.. and working very hard to have a couple of home and home with PAC 12 teams every year.. the schedule maybe not top 30, however, good for Bows.. they gotta win some, with the new guys getting experience.. hey Pocho, all I care about, if UH wins the BWC tourney, and NCAA’s that is bottom line right?

    Go Bows!

  4. Some of the teams sound like muffins – Bakersfield, Arkansas Pine-Bluff, High Point, Delaware St, HPU, Chaminade, Southern, Florida Gulf-Coast. S/b guarantee 8 wins there ?

  5. islandman: I wish Gib had, Pitt, BYU, WSU, UCLA, Gonzaga, St Marys, U. Conn . on the road, trip out to Syracuse, and was also in Maui Classic. that would be ideal. Really think, , and seriously, Riley and Bob Nash, to get even a half dozen top 30 teams to fill out schedule is tough.

    Still remember, last year and year before, we thought, man, Hawaii should win 26-27 games, weak schedules.. what happened? the did not.
    Key, Gib team plays well before the BWC starts, goes in with best record possible, and then just goes for it, with a lot of guys playing 10-12, to have chance for the NCAA dance, that is bottom line.

    Still it would have been nice to have Mizzou with Shamburger, come over for single game here, before or after Maui Classic, I think UH tried, however, maybe just my guess.. Mizzou said no..

    Well , if UH can go 30-0, running the table, that would be awesome, they can win 23-24 with chance for NIT or NCAA better yet, their whole goal, the NCAA tourney.. and Pono, I have to still promote OUR UH MBB team.. sorry..

  6. hoopsa, Southern and Gulf Coast look like malasada, i.e. not that easy when i looked up their records last year. Pine-Bluff and High Pt. not too shabby too.

  7. Records don’t mean shit.. When bad teams beat bad teams, it doesn’t make u any good.. Hawaii won 20 games last year.. But were onl the 4th best team in a crappy conference.

  8. Pine-Bluff wasn’t that good at 13-17, but was 10-7 in SWAC conference.

  9. this is absolutely the worst schedule, do we want to advance to a better conference, another 6th place prediction, how are we going to get stronger if we dont prepare the team by playing some good talented teams in pre season. Bring in the Mountain West , and others . Forget these no names Ben Jay ,where are you ,start getting involved with scheduling like you do with football. It aint working here,
    Going to have a lot of empty seats in the arena pre season. Just Great.

  10. We can learn from the Cal Poly Coach, schedules hard, the team went to the Ncaa’s for crying out loud. Prepared a team for the end of season. Good Game Coach and a Scheduler . COME ON BASKETBALL PROGRAM , UH WARRIORS , IF YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS IN MARCH ,YOU GOTTA PLAY THEM IN PRE SEASON. COME ON MAN!

  11. Tough scheduling doesn’t seem to work in baseball the last two years, though.

  12. You NEED “Easy” Games to Experiment, Develop Youth and Build Depth by Giving Extended PT to #8 thru 13 — More Minutes so they develop, not just punch 2 to 5 minutes,,,, maybe 13 emerges above 7, 8 etc.,…..
    Hopefully Without Giving Up W’s to Improve…

    You NEED “Some” Tough Teams to Gauge Your Progress & Identify Weaknesses;
    Build Defensive Consistency and Build/Develop “FINISHERS”

    You Need Road Games to Build Travel and Road Skills, Ability to Perform without 100% Legs or Sleep in a Hostile Environment; and a Tough Road Game or Two to (again) Gauge Readiness and Development…

    NOBODY ‘Needs’ A Full-On Top 25/35 Schedule Except Perrennial Top 15 Teams who can Afford the Losses —
    they will get Invites anyway…

    Most of Last Year, UH was a Top 100/110 Team…
    2014, Maybe 80, 70, 50……?
    But HARD to Prove even with this DHC & Road Schedule

    NOW with More Depth and Talent
    Chemistry and Coaching may matter…
    Almost No One (Out of Top 25) Wins on Talent Alone

  13. Eagle: after going 5 years…your reasoning is spot on. The ones that think a low mid major, trying to get to next level would schedule 10-12 top 30 teams a year , The UH MBB team would be coming in with records like 11-19, 10-20, etc. sure could get hot at end of year. However, team would be beat up, and , this team this year, relatively young still unproven the new and some returnees.

    Some of the comments, they have to check out the schedules of UCLA, Stanford, U. Conn, Duke, North Carolina, it is dotted with Div II and Div III, schools that I think were community college or JC a few years, back.. same thing, coach K, bring his boys along slowly, get experience for new guys, build up the record and confidence, then conference time go for the glory and hopefully a top seed in NCAA.

    Gib is doing best he can, I know, he is trying to schedule Pac 12 teams home and home, would be great draw, Hawaii and the supposed best conference we could be part of in future, would be great fit, however some, like maybe UCLA, Stanford, Cal, will not put it in writing.. so Bakersfield, Southern etc, however, do not laugh at these schools that are not well know, they are the teams that win their league, and you know , what like several years ago, UH MBB stays home, and these guys are playing in the NCAA dance…ask Belmont..they beat North Carolina on the road in the Dean Dome.. Belmont, who is that.. well they are part of what is known as NCAA parity.. a top 110 school BPI, RPI or RIP, just joking that one! can beat a number one school NCAA DI one their home floor parity 2014,…21st century style and the three pointer, and skillset of top 200 teams in nation are very similar, the BCS type schools have the Bigs, the smaller schools the quick defenders , pressure D, and shooters.. what Gib wants to have, 6’6″ -6’8″ guys maybe 10 of them who can play PG to Center, D up and shoot that ball.

    Eagle, as always, when you have the time, know that you are very, very busy, and post when you can,.. however, like Pocho, when you have that brain working your reasoning is solid!

    Mahlao always for your input on scheduling , upgrade of talent, seeing Gib’s vision putting High Character teams together, and the ncaa, coming to a close.. very, very sure, not harder hit that St Marys got, with the restriction, even to go to certain countries to recruit, plus loss of 2 scholarships per year for 4 years., incredible, and you were spot on about ncaa, too,.. rules broke, however fixable, that is why Gib still very in command of great, student athletes, who just, might, get that BWC crown..

    Eagle, Imua, Pocho give em!
    Go Bows!

  14. As Eagle stated, focus on “Development.” Scheduling across all sports has been an issue for discussion. For example, doesn’t the well established women’s volleyball team play BYUH? On the flip side, didn’t USC play us in football?

    Believe when we are able to seamlessly recruit 4 and 5 star players the schedule will grow in quality also.

    Don’t you think the team has to establish a winning identity? Doesn’t the current schedule have a good mix? Do you think “fans” will go to games if the team has a 0-20 record even if they are “tough” teams?

    Have faith in the coaching staff, the program is “growing.”

  15. Today is the start of the July evaluation period – 3 consecutive weeks of 5-day (Wednesday to Sunday) tournaments to be held across the mainland. This is the period where college coaches are allowed by the NCAA to observe and evaluate prospective recruits in team events (google “College Basketball Talk).

    Certain that Gib and Benjy will be very busy in the next 3-weeks searching for prospective recruits, especially BIGs!

  16. Cupcakes ain’t going to do it especially d2 teams. There should be better mix especially when you want to build your fan base and the athletic dept u a couple million short. Hellooo

  17. It is what it is! The expectation with each game is to win. One game at a time. Period. There should be no excuses. Granted some of the opponents are not household names, i.e. High Point but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good teams. But, I would love to see us play Wichita State. It’s a good measuring stick. Winning any road game is a good win. I consider the win at Northern Arizona last season is a good win. For me, I want to see exciting basketball and winning basketball, not boring basketball. I want to leave the arena saying that was a very good basketball game. Everybody does. And more fans will come. Isn’t that the bottom line, putting people in the seats.

  18. I was surprised to see that schedule coming out two months earlier than usual. I was also happy to see the upgrades in the teams as opposed to last year, albeit road games.

    Since there has been an increase in the number of Dl schools over the past few years by over 40 teams, there are more of them on everyone’s schedule. Being in the middle of the ocean and having a history of beating top ranked BCS teams: Pitt, Indiana, Kansas and Michigan State, coaches no longer want to risk their season by coming all this way for a good chance of getting their head handed to them. We will have at least 5 opportunities this year for upsets in our pre-season.

    I am friends with the “CFO of U. of Texas athletic department”. If you recall them backing out of our season opener a few years ago in football and paying the $1 million fee instead… well I saw him right after that decision and initially he gave me the standard answer…”It was going to cost us more money to play out there!” After a couple beers he said that June’s offense was just too much of an X factor to risk losing our opening and thus playing a whole season with no chance of going to the BCS championship game.

    Another good friend at Valparaiso U. said that they have always played some of the toughest pre-season schedules in the country contracting home and homes with the likes of Duke and Cincinnati, both of whom have paid the penalty rather than risking a loss on the road. NCAA sports is all about winning and if you, as an opponent, have a chance of getting upset by someone, that coach has a responsibility to avoid those kind of games. It is a backhanded compliment to our up and coming program.

    Notice that even though Pitt will be in the islands, Jamie was careful not to play us at the SSC. I doubt that they will honor the return game in three more years. BYU and Washington State were careful to play us only IF we played away from the islands.

    We can’t do anything about our conference, it is what it is, but we are saving a lot of money by playing there rather than flying into the mountains to play in mid winter…the same could be said about playing to two local colleges. Having said that, I expect the Big West to be much higher rated this year with the upgrades to Long Beach State, Irvine, UCSB.

    Remember too, we have lost 3 starters and one 6th man comprising over 50% of our scoring and rebounding. We will be the youngest team in the Big West this year. I love what I see coming in this season and know that it will be an exciting season.


  19. Not concerned about SOS. Long Beach had the #9 SOS last year before they got to conference, and they didn’t make any postseason. But then, they did win at least one game in the Big West tourney.

    Keeping in mind how young UH is, this schedule can have benefits. Consider that Mike Thomas and Stefan Jovanovic couldn’t even get into games last year, and then Aaron Valdes barely got minutes when he did manage to get into a game. If the plan is to get those guys some game time against High Point (and hopefully some confidence reinforcement), then it’s good scheduling. Face it, if these guys can’t play against Bakersfield then we can forget about them the rest of the year.

    If UH tried to schedule the North Carolinas of BB this year, then Gib’d just end up playing 6 or 7 guys like usual.

  20. I’m happy with the preseason schedule. Hawaii should win the Outrigger with relative ease. Different story with the Diamond Head classic, which should be awesome nonetheless considering the awesome teams.

    As someone already pointed out, it’s good we’re playing against decidedly weaker opponents in the preseason. It gives the players a chance to get to know eachother and play more fluidly, which in turn doesn’t make them expend so much energy when those games don’t really don’t really matter.

    I don’t understand why UH is playing Chaminde at the Blaisdell Center. Could be due to a scheduling conflict with a Wahine volleyball or Wahine basketball game at the SSC.

    Jan. 24th through Feb. 7th looks super tough.

    The goal here is to get to the NCAA tournament. Pre-season doesn’t count for anything, regular season matters just a little more. All that really matters is winning the Big West Tournament and hopefully winning at least a couple more games.

  21. Absolutely LOVE everbody’s comments, way to go WI UH MBB nation!

    I like info. from mraloha777… yes, that evaluation tournerys, the JULY summer time to look for the late gets. Benjy and Gib, are going to go hard.
    Is Sammis has trouble getting in.. hope he does.. (sorry PONO.. have to repeat for emphasis! 🙂 )
    Gib has to fill 2 spots, bigs, for that front court..

    Or if Sammis makes it in by August fall… I have no question, Gib will sign a ready to play, whether 6’7″ to 6’9″ big, who Is mature , qualifies, and just likes to be in Hawaii, what a deal play 2 to 3 years or more, in HAWAII .. full ride? Priceless.

    You know, ONE MORE THING…. All this coming out with schedule the talk about it, the back and forth about who is good or not , possible spots on team, new guys, whatever status, hopefully, very sure, Ben will bang out that extenstion for Gib even if have to go to September.. The positive comments from NZ from Tonganator, reports about GMoney and Q, Fotu getting ripped, muscle man like Sammis NOW! wow!

    UH MBB PROGRAM IS ALIVE AND KICKING….finalize you big boys, whatever.. then, this November, man I am getting excited..rock and roll.

    Tako, true, with 2 star and 3 star, athletes, all 11 roster scholarship and walkons, BWC caliber, and a little better talent.. past is the past.

    When Gib starts getting a couple 4 star 5 star.. UH MBB could be that top 15, 10 program, would need a larger arena..

    UH MBB is alive and well!

    Good comments posts fans.. WE HAVE OUR FORUM BOARD BACK!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  22. Playhoopsa you can’t count on an incoming freshman. Besides we have several guys that can run and play. Horssssse Champ made a great point about some of the guys from last year that were on the bench. Gib didn’t trust them for some reason. Those guys should hit the floor a lot more this season. The freshman have a lot to learn still.

  23. Gibs is trying to get another extension. 20 win & a 4th place finish in the big west.

  24. Baller4Life…I agree with you.. not that Sammis would be savior or Fleming…Gib knows, even last year, he should have used 10 guys more, his 7 or 8, just got burnt out, and .. shoots, if they won that Northridge game that they had in the bag.. well, old news already..

    I think, very good decision, send the guys home for summer. Janks, Negus, Valdes, Q, Niko, Jovanovich, Fotu with NZ national team tryout…Nevels in Drew league, Smith in Bay Area, league with the NBA talent..
    The guys, like Mike Thomas, Aaron Valdes, Stefan Jovanovich, we know what Brandon Jawato can do if healthy and hot, can break game wide open with streak three ball.,
    Those guys… if they GRIND like how Fotu is doing in NZ, Q and GMoney, and show they are monster now, just blow up in UH practices in fall, just show that overall improvement, They are the guys that will take UH to next level. Plus Janks and Negus, 3 star talent, if they put on that level skillset in BWC play.. UH will be in that top 3 definite of BWC crown run.

    You are right, cannot count just on ONE freshman, unless.. Sammis or Fleming, were second coming of Reggie Carter, or Isaac Fotu.. Baller, I think, the guys, the returnees that rode the pine too much in our opinion, will be key, Gib has to, no question.. use 10-11, maybe even 12 deep.. to make NCAA run.. get there to the top.. almost forgot about Dyrbe, that 808 great, he going to be good, I can see it, he is mature, stronger and just more confident, Gib likes Dyrbe has to use him more, mature soph, who is actually Jr academically coming in!

  25. Playhoopsa, I’m fine with no big coming in if Sammis fails to make grades.

    Webster-Chan and Janks are going to kill it this year.

    Bobbit and Flemming will see decent playing time and provide relief.

    Stronger and more experienced Nevels and Smith are gonna be the backbone.

    Valdes is gonna bring the SSC down with his dunks. That kid gets so much air and just floats. Ridiculous.

    The main man number-42 Isaac FOTU will be unstoppable. I saw a recent picture of him on Instagram. The brah looks like he gained 20lbs of muscle in each arm. Probably making up for lost weight lifting due to his wrist injury last season.

    Curious to see how Thomas does. Just needs to build more confidence. One mistake and he just loses composure.

    Love Jovanovic too. Performed so well in his limited playing time.

  26. TAVS:

    100% agree with you and Baller, and others… the returnees, on a mission, no joke.. to prove, whether they have Sammis or another big or not, they want the CROWN, the big prize.. the NCAA bid.. If the work hard, and stay united, I think they can do it… know from last year.. UH MBB feared NO ONE and respected Everyone.. showed how competitive, and D shutdown. so important more than the offense, or rather as MUCH as.. they have to get the key stops to get the wins. and hopefully even Mike Thomas, he is KEY too, if the guy is maybe taller and stronger, and just

    relaxes plays with 3 star confidence, he is going to be good. Aaron Airon, Air Cuba, is a FREAK.. that boy, will be grabbing dimes off top of backboard, he is born with springs in his legs.. freakish.. he stay mature BB wise and focus, he is so fun loving guy, really loves UH college life and friends.. he will be awesome. Thomas at 6’8″ and Aaron V. at hopefully 6’6″ or 6’7″ with at least 43 ” vertical, can help guard the paint.. that timing, quicks, and ready to weak side help alter and block, shots… can help thin frontline.. however, TAVS , I think Gib will get one more SF or PF.. good to have depth!

    Love the hoops talk fans.. keep it up.. Positive Vibes.. we ready BWC!

  27. Who’s going to guard players like Mamadou and Alan Williams ? Fotu can sometimes, but he gets tired doing it all the time, leaning on those big bodies.

  28. Yes.. however, UH has to look at video of how they beat Irvine on the road with Mamadou.. he is long, when he gets ball, within 8 feet of basket, flush, slam dunk..

    How, Fotu, maybe Janks, float out and hit those corner jumpers, Mamadou too slow to cover.
    islandman, sometimes, speed and quicks, even Nevels with drives right at Mama, he hit those right over Mamadou.

    Cannot match him one on one, for size unless Bhullar twin brother we had, 7’3″ 300 lb.
    However, even, UH beat Shawn Bradley 7’6″ lead the nation in shot blocks and slam dunks as BYU freshmam all American with 6’5″ 248 pound Tim Shepherd, Shep went right over Bradley for tomahawk jam, one of the all time great dunks by UH MBB athlete.. My favorite, AND UH upset that BYU team at the old Blaisdell.

    Have shooters, and defend, quickness, ball movement, or zone, pressure, steal ball, double team..
    remember, Poly with Chris Eversley last season, just blew away Mamadou and Irvine, they shot the ball really well… that is another key, hit your shots, and Mamadou, no chance for rebound, and double, and trap, steal ball, can be done.. That is why last season, even with Mamadou, they did not make NCAA tournament.. size, is good, Mamadou very large, good, however they got beat by THE better shooting and defending, as a team.. hoopsters.. Cannot fear, respect him, however just have to beat him.. that scheme Gib had against Irvine on the road, one of the best ever, and Shamburger, Nevels, Fotu, had games, great games, to seal win,… UH can do it again..

  29. Scheduling will always be a challenge for UH. Everybody knows UH plays very tough at home and top notch schools don’t want to risk a “bad loss to a Big West team” unless they get favorable terms. It’s the same problem the football team has when they are good.

    It’s easy for big conference schools to demand UH pay for their expenses as an easy way to decline making a road trip out, knowing that UH likely can’t afford to have extra pay for play games that they are already obligated to.

    With last years talent, UH should have been averaging 7500 -8000 at the SSC comparing them to past teams and talent levels. It certainly seems that UH is going to put a good product on the court for the foreseeable future, now the challenge for Ben Jay to grow ticket sales. The good news is that ticket sales aren’t going to be hampered by poor talent.

    The bad news is that the weak schedule gave Ferd “Gib hater” Lewis more ammo to pointlessly bash the program. Maybe the SA or K5 could give Ferd and Dick Tomey their own anti-UH show… Tomey basically forgot he was on the UH broadcast team when he called the UH v SJSU… Only talking about SJSU plays/players and endlessly drooling over QB David Fales as a 1st round draft pick (Fales went in the 6th round for those keeping score). That was maddening and funny at the same time.

  30. Sounds like Gib has faith in Javonovic to play and guard the bigs. I know he didn’t play much because he was stuck behind Davis on the rotation, but I’ve seen him enough times in live action to know that he’s got the game to play. I’m not too worried about him. I just hope he can provide some shot blocking to shore up the D a little.

    I hope Janks can start, so Fotu can play his natural PF spot, and NWC to the 3. That would be ideal from a skillset standpoint, but it’s on Janks to prove to Gib he’s ready to start.

  31. We should have beaten UC Irvine at home. Mamadou should have been fouled out halfway through second half but the officials and NCAA wanted Irvine to win that game.

  32. Gib to be given 3 year contract extension per newspaper today. Not waiting for NCAA investigation results. Ben doesn’t want to affect the recruiting by delaying the contract. I think doesn’t want to lose recruits like Harville was lost.

  33. HSA reports 3-Year Contract Extension

    Good for Gib, Good for Program, Good by Ben Jay

    They Know their ‘Facts’, Make their Call
    Cannot Keep Waiting for NCAA
    Esp. during Critical Evaluation-Recruitment Period….

    Time to Pleasantly Surprise Us with a Good or Great Late Signee?
    …And Ideally a Qualified Sammis…

  34. Eagle Agreed. Ben Jay did the right thing, Get Gib extended. Otherwise it ties up his ability to recruit. This July period, when he and staff can go out and evaluate, look for that additional right fit Big, ..is huge. Confident, Gib can find one, if the right one.

    No, I don’t think Gib will be looking for a walkon like Harville. Pretty sure, he would offer to a good, ready to play PF or great SF type, the scholarship agreement.

    I , JMO, thought 4 things were key this summer.
    1)All guys new and old, were still committed to Hawaii. Well most importantly the scholarship and fully committed walkons Niko, Dyrbe, addition of Stepteau, …so with waiting on Sammis , when he gets into UH, that would give UH a Check mark…good to go.
    2)The contract extension. Check Mark.
    3)Filling that final scholarship, if can find the right PF or SF ..still awaiting…however looking much better.
    4)NCAA investigation pau. That will take awhile, however, must be the more mild penalties, otherwise, Ben might have waited even till after this season or until final findings. Gib and program would come to complete standstill, and recruiting and even current guys and families would wonder.
    Wating for that final check mark off list, should be, as a lot are thinking, correction, however not as severe
    5)Additionally , now I think Gib can look for assistant, and fill DOBA.. maybe Sengue Carey? or another good X and O , Bigs coach, Carey type has lot of contacts, good recruiter. still waiting on that Check mark, looking good, UH has to post opening soon!

    This vote of confidence for Gib and his program. Really , so important fellow fans, that Gib can go out and recruit his 3 or 4 star athletes, around the globe..

    I guess, in this case, the EXTENSION of Gib for 3 years. is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of this summer UH hoops program news. VERY GOOD. NOW Gib goes into homes, or AAU, or overall global, JC late gets summer, transfers available, he can say, YES I have the 3 year contract in place, come to HAWAII I will be your coach for next 2 or 3 years and more, if you come to UH!

    Good job Gib, very happy for you, your family and program. Because of the scholarship guys not jumping ship, still all committed, and THE EXTENSION for GIB.. that is HUGE, very IMPORTANT.. Now, Eagle and fans, Gib DO what GIB does, look for good student, athlete, right fit, mature, a PF, who can play in Paint..

    Very, good day for UH HOOPS NEWS… !
    Go RAinbow Warriors!

  35. Man, sorry fans, have to correct my posts. I have this wordpress deal, and my OS, it auto corrects, words, it guesses, even though press right keys, it comes out with different words or spelling, that is okay, just have to proof read more. Minor

    Eagle, agreed, IF SAMMIS taking business, it seems like ncaa compliance papers, and other things that Sammis has to take care, I don’t know whether summer school classes, to pass clearinghouse, he on his social, looks in GREAT shape, like how Fotu looks on his posts, AWESOME physical specimens, as well as Negus getting into super shape as well.

    Sammis still determined , loves Hawaii, with this vote of confidence for Gib… come on Sammis get it done, and see you hopefully, NO make it a REALITY, see you in August!

    And Eagle and fans, that would be HUGE for Gib and team!

  36. Re: Former UH Athlete, yes, give Jovanovic a chance this year.

  37. islandman: good if Dayton can have update on how Valdes, Jovanovich and Niko are doing this summer, the workouts and summer open and league games to get better.

    Still thinking back to Jovanovich’s ability to hit that 17 foot jumper, and not afraid to bang, even with Mamadou, that showed something. He had good experience to, in the final minutes in that loss at Santa Barbara, almost helped UH get really close in that game at end.

    Jovanovich, has to have really good workout partner, or do as Sammis and Fotu, have shown,, on instagram, they are really bulked up with muscle… Jovanovich, has to gain good weight, last year 235, this year, good muscle, and quick, at 245 at least. ..He has a lot of upside, ..can he get quicker to the ball, and vertical, hops, improve, with training over summer, if he is Grinding, Jovanovich, such a smart young guy too, has potential to be very good Big.

    Yes agree, with FUHA,and islandman, Jovanovich, hey….with Janks not available, and if no big is found, which I still think Gib will sign a PF one more… Jovanovich, with experience,, and ability to defend and shoot the ball work strong in the paint, and learn to pass the ball, he will be good 5 spot man,.. Jovanovich will play a lot, since Jankovich not eligible to mid December.

  38. Our bigs with the exception of Fotu need more experience to really be effective. Depending on how much Jovanovich wants it I think he could be a capable player. He has good coordination and can run the floor pretty well. He could be the surprise we are all hoping—that someone off the bench will have a breakout year. But we are still little thin in the bigs department and we don’t have any “mean” players like how Vander could control the paint. We need a big bruiser minus the head cases—or do they come together?

  39. servante….

    That is why, that contract extension critical for Gib. He can now go out this July period and look for those hidden gems, AAU, those, showcase tournaments throughout country, the uncommitted, the athletic, have to be right fit, if the smart BB and academic, good people euro Big with athleticism, just had to work on getting qualified by July , August good to go.. Gib and Benjy can still find them, …

    Now, by year 5, Joston had world of talent, when he wanted to, blocked a 6’11” Idaho big at the rim stuffed his dunk shot, however, the aforementioned, attitude thing.. Same with Vander, world of talent, however, not that quick, however he was best D presence in paint in years for Hawaii, same thing.. attitude problems..

    Priority One, if I am on the recruiting trail now as Gib, Benjy or Akana,

    1)Good attitude towards school, team, Hawaii and coaches.
    2)Good defender with scoring ability in paint
    3)does not have to be 7’6″ unless there is, and who knows maybe , a hidden gem, who can just eat up the paint area on O and D..at least 6’8″ to 6’10″… Think Haim Shimonovich(sorry bout spelling)that guy was smart, military training, not leaper, however could take up space, and pretty good timing blocker, just got a little too heavy, I would take a Haim type big anyday, he would fit in with Gib’s ONE OHANA mantra.
    4)Willing to grind…as well as stay the course, Hawaii is a long way from just about anywhere, however, the selling point, Hawaii special place to play DI BB.. the only NCAA DI program in the mid pacific Polynesia.

    Would not be surprised, and we will all be happy, if Gib locks down a PF, doesn’t have to have huge numbers, just that RIGHT FIT..and servante…that is the key.. ATTITUDE.. Team first, self second,.. follow coaches instructions.. Hawaii fans will fall in love, as they always do, with young athletes who put in the effort on court and class, and are first class guys!

    Servante… Now,.. all UH MBB fans and WI.. Nation, and Tonganator, to Toronto, things looking up.
    Gib go get a right fit, Big!

  40. Gib now has to recruit not only PF, also a good recruiting assistant, maybe Sengue Carey? Or through connections. That final four , coaches go to every year, they no the grapevine, who is out there.
    Hope he can get great assistant replace Fisher soon, Hawaii and State requirements, posting has to come out and stay up for a little while. However, Gib probably knows, whom he would like to approach. DOBA, that would be great, for up and coming future coach.. Chris McMillan was great, even did some strength and conditioning first year. Only thing DOBA, and so important, compliant, cannot recruit or coach. They do a lot, hard workers, and Chris was a great one.

    Hey Scott Fisher and Chris McMillan, we of WI BB fan nation, love your work and love for Hawaii, if at Ohlone or Southern Idaho, they have some 3 or 4 star good character young guys who would love to come to Hawaii to play NCAA DI ball, send them over!

    Thanks for your hard work, Scott and Chris. And Eagle, you are right, Coach Brandyn Akana, did great work on helping Isaac Fotu get here, hope he gets back out on the trail, fully compliant, we all learning even the fans.. and finds another Isaac Fotu, Eagle, Isaac Smith(just made up name!) 6’9″ 230 pound paint player! Would cap, what is turning out to be good end to summer 2014!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.! Or for Tonganator and crew, Go The Mighty Warriors!

  41. For Solar Universe, BM reports in tonite’s summer league game so far, Dyrbe Enos hit 6 three pointers in first half, maybe missed one.. goes to show, Dyrbe, is well relaxed , ready for his combo role for UH MBB this year. Man, he is only one here, besides Jawato rehabbing and Mike Thomas, so he is staying in shape.

    One thing goes to show, and last year he showed he could do it in DI games, Dyrbe can hit the deep three ball. All the better, Nevels, Negus, Enos, Bobbitt, Fleming, Smith has to work on his, hope he is shooting a lot of threes in summer workout, Janks, Jawato, …UH has some three point shooters.. for sure.

    Nice going Dyrbe, he is on track to graduate too. ,, I believe this coming year he is academic Jr. great support, the 808 great. Really respect Dyrbe, stuck with program, not easy being walkon, however, he is starting to burn the nets in summer league. Have fun Dyrbe!

  42. So much at nauseum endless ,pointless commenting . Regurgitating sos , we have to have higher expectations if you want to pay a coach the highest in all of the conference, mediocrity is unacceptable. 6th place ,5th place how many years in a row , in one of worst conferences, we got a crappy home schedule that does not induce a huge turnout. BJ needs to do the scheduling from now on.

  43. Here are two examples of other school’s pre-season schedule. Take a guess who they are:

    1. Bowie State 1. Pikeville
    2. Drury

  44. saw on HMBB blog, that FCGU did not have agreement with UH MBB for that Jan 3 2015 game at SSC. So Gib has to fill that 30th game regular season spot, otherwise, they would end up with 29 games total going into BWC tourney. Usually every year they play total 30 games.

    Wonder, who Gib can get, Still about little under 6 months away, possibly hundreds of teams, however a lot have conference seasons starting.

    I would like to see Gib try to get St Marys for obvious reasons, would be good game, if can do, or Gonzaga, or Seattle U. with Manroop Clair. The real one I would like to see, however the SEC teams want too much from UH as FUHA hilited, how those BCS schools ask for the moon, and UH cannot afford, we need to be friends with, seriously Larry Ellison, the billionare, if he were even a token donor, he could single handedly save UH athletics, and UH MBB would easily be financed, then Kentucky, UNC, UCLA, Syracuse, Michigan, Louisville, come on down, UH would have a lot of dough, monies to pay out. Oh, we can dream right!

    Now WI MBB nation, since everyone is asleep, when you awake , WHO would you like to see Gib fill that NOW open Jan 3 2015 SSC date with, a fantasy, fill.. if you will.. hard ,… however Gib gotta do it…I would love to see Shamburger and Mizzou, however they will be in conference play.

  45. Try again: Whose schedules are these?

    Bowie State, Drury, Davidson, Kansas, Florida Atlantic, UNC Ashville, East Carolina, Vermont, NIT, Michigan, Gardner-Webb, UCLA, Eastern Michigan & Elon…Who’s schedule was that last season?

    Pikeville, Georgetown (KY), Grand Canyon, Buffalo, Kansas, Boston U., Montana State, UT Arlington, Providence, Texas, Eastern Kentucky, Columbia, North Carolina, UCLA and Louisville…who dat?

    The first is none other than the Duke Blue Devils last season.

    The second is this year’s schedule for the U. of Kentucky. Please note that Kentucky plays every game at home except for Kansas and UCLA which are both on NEUTRAL courts.

    Both of these Blue Chip programs do not bother playing much competition either in the pre-season because their SOS will come when conference play begins. We are in the middle of the Pacific, unlike any other team in the US and schools just do not want to come here, risk that chance of getting beat and then have to deal with the jet lag on the return to home. The same jet lag we have on every away game. Be thankful that we have at least 5 schools this year to make a name for ourselves in pre-season.

  46. Hey Backbeat,

    We are not Kentucky , we need to get a higher Rpi than what we have been this coming year,for too long, our Rpi has been ,well , a bit lowww. Go Warriors

  47. Backbeat is a retard. He is listing Bowie St and Drury which are exhibition games that don’t count on the schedule. HPU and Chaminade are real games that count towards the win loss record.

    Not to mention Duke played Arizona, Alabama, Kansas, Michigan, and UCLA… What kind of stupid point are you trying to make? The ACC is tough enough. Duke has nothing else to prove.

    No idea what point Backseat is trying to make. Hawaii plays in a awful conference so ticket sales won’t be so appealing throughout the season.

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