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Summer fun

The University of Hawai’i Basketball Camps for youth players is all about fun … and not just for the kids.

“This is always, by far, one of my most favorite things about coaching are these summer camps with all the kids,” UH head coach Gib Arnold said. “For me, this is a great week, and this is our second week (of camps) and the camp is full again. We got hundreds of kids out here running around and getting better and having a lot of fun.”

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 10.39.15 PM

The first camp session was completed last week, and the second session is scheduled to end this week. Due to the success of the camps, the team may schedule another camp in August.

Two players – Brandon Jawato and Dyrbe Enos – from the current roster were available to assist with the camps this month. Former Warrior standout Bill Amis also made a return to Hawai’i to help out.

“It feels great to be a coach out here,” Jawato said. “I like it. It’s something I would take into consideration; maybe after school, graduating here at Hawai’i, go into coaching or something like that.”

The youth participants are separated into various groups based on age and skill level. Over the course of a four-day session, the youths learn various drills and scrimmage against each other. Each group gets a chance to play in the Stan Sheriff Center, although the other practice gyms are also used.

Arnold said more information on the August camp will be made available after the details are confirmed.


  1. A million thanks and mahalo for latest video Dayton! It brightens the day for WI MBB fan nation!

    Thanks for your tireless work as the True Insider for Warrior Basketball!

    Camp great for the kids, the future Rainbow Warriors!

  2. shoots….Eagle, Derek, servante, warriorhaw, jake, al, jjay, pono, and all the WI die hard fans…Gib is still sooooo Positive…look for good things to happen when the new guys come in July!

    And ,….Gib is ACTIVELY recruiting The Right Fit guy for that final scholarship!

    I guess..UH MBB is still alive and really kicking!

    Stand and Fight!

  3. would be neat if Gib got that rim protecting, sky walking, post defending, Fotu footwork, Serge Ibaka shot blocker big…or the best Available athlete!

  4. Whoop! Whoop! I bet the NCAA hits us hard with ………a feather.

    Maybe just a slap on the wrist. Can’t help but be positive. You right playhoopsa, seems like the coach is just going about his business as if nothing but positives ahead. Really makes me feel good.

    Good to see that recruiting is going well. Good sign.

    I wish there were these camps when I was little. Looks to be a lot of fun.

  5. warriorhaw, as you mentioned before, and Eagle hypothesis, maybe correctable things…if it was so a Huge Hit by that entity, I think UH MBB shutdown…however. Gib on verge of signing a good , possible Big? BYU announces a game with UH in Salt Lake City Dec. 6, the finalizing of game with Jamie Dixon’s Pitt Panthers, maybe a Mizzou home game(just my fantasy BB game against Shamburger)..Gib , staff, and new and returnees, Jawato, Enos , former UH BB player Amis, and later Mike Thomas here to get ahead in his drive to get degree, ALL POSITIVES..Good..stuff

    Maybe, still have to fix things, and accept whatever from ncaa, however, you are right, cannot stop, Gib is HC and he is not going to stop helping to improve team, and help guys to graduate , which is probably the greatest thing for student athletes.

    warriorhaw, and fellow fans, yes, we want a good ending to this…so far, Gib and MBB program still very active..KEY: he gets that scholarship agreement with that final signee for this coming season…HUGE, no matter what other coaches are saying, these young men confident to still come to Hawaii, which is a GOOD SIGN!

    Hope for the best…looks like potential great season ahead!!

  6. ??….! !

    [Not Available – Out of Stock @ Amazon.com]
    BUT IF There is One or Two…
    That HC @ Manoa probably knows where…

    Where is ‘The Next’ Tim Duncan or Serge Ibaka ?
    Joakim Noah, Paul George?

    May Already or Soon be Available?
    with Much Learning to do –
    – Like an As-Arrived Vander
    (- Some Don’t Want a Project)

    Intelligent, Really Hard-Working,
    with Great Insight and/or Instincts
    ? Already with HI-BBIQ ?

    BUT This Time Must Have –
    – NOT Optional –
    – A Great Team Attitude

  7. In Gib’s first year it was somewhat of an anomaly in that he had a winning season. It was a combination of Bob Nash’s players and Gib’s gamble to get the best available athletes—head cases thrown in the mix. Then the 2nd year was really the year when it was almost all Gib’s players and if not for the early exit in tournament they would have had a winning season. Then this past season with the improved back court we got to see the potential of this program—even though we fell flat again in the post season. This year we build on last year and get to see every position strengthened 2 or 3 deep. As was said many times here a winning program today is not based on 5 or 6 players. It is the contribution of the entire team with the key players being in the 9 or 10 rotation. You got to have it when the end of the season comes around and still have gas in the tank. I think we got exposed in this area by relying too much on the starters. That should not be a problem this year if the new recruits show their potential and last years bench improve their game. This makes for a very interesting year; and for us UH MBB kids, Santa comes in November.

  8. Eagle, what are you on about? Is that poetry or something? I don’t get it.

  9. Eagle loves uh mbb..yes..prose..haiku like..funny tavs I get it..eagle very busy guy..yet very close to uh mbb..he knows a lot!!
    Basically his posts are all pro uh mbb hoops..a real die hard fan!!

  10. i Think…

    IF GIB Cashes In The Final Scholie…

    Perhaps it ought to be Awarded to a Deserving Player Already On-Team…

    IF New Recruit…
    He Should Be THAT Good…
    Like Three-or Four Star Calibre…


    Yeah, i DO Think it’s Potentially Way More Funny or Satisfying
    IF You Get to Fill in the Blanks as You Really Want It….

  11. Eagle:

    just my guess, these are the late qualifiers, had to wait till June, see how their grades panned out and will they be accepted to UH. Has to be…if a big , an athletic shot blocker…If not a SF who can do it all…Gib trying to upgrade talent…would be nice, my wish list , for ONE MORE 6’9″ plus shotblocker with post game can score, an athlete, would really deepen the frontcourt,,

    Gib will surprise us…still say, the guys coming in July, KEY…this last signing KEY…that means, UH MBB probably know , they are on board and challenging for championships this coming season!

  12. WI UH MBB fan nation:

    You know who should get huge props and kudos, a lot of respect for the young man And HIS OHANA? BRANDON JAWATO…he has been here since that RS freshman year, he was on that first Warriors to Asia Basketball tour. He worked out RS freshman year, came back as a Fr. Rs, and had some good shooting games, capped off by the 7 for 7 shooting game in BWC play. He is streaky, however, a good thing to have.Then Brandon gets hurt. Does he quit and go home or transfer? No. No matter what, Brandon J. is still here, helping with camp and rehabbing, going to summer school on schedule to graduate. He will be a Jr. in eligibility this year, and possibly since his 4th year academically, who knows if Jawato is on track to graduate next spring or next fall. Very good young man, never see him complain, team guy, and has really matured!
    Shout out to Brando Jawato, is he did not RS, he would be going on Senior in BB this year. Really proud of you Brandon B Jawato!

  13. Yes, agree Gib and Eagle and all MBB fans, that last SF or Big, has to be Right Fit, able to enjoy and endure the UH MBB experience, and some of these young men if not all, realize, one year or four years, on full ride very expensive scholarship, in Hawaii a , perhaps ONCE IN A lifetime experience is hard to pass up. Also, the walkon and preferred walkons invitees, for their families to help them, or applying for aid, to come to Hawaii is fantastic.

    Maybe a Big, SF, best athlete from EAST? New England? or Senegal, …JC rank or HS? or international…should be a good Final Piece to the Puzzle for UH MBB’s run to NCAA title in March 2015!

  14. I do not understand the wish for final scholarship to go to another big. Thought final one was for Valdez as long as he got schoolwork done. And the attributes that you are looking for are pretty funny…athletic , shot blocker, can score, Ibaka-like. Is that all ? Why not a first team AA type? Calm down , people and get a grip. A player you describe is long gone by now anyway. Be happy with who Gib landed. He can land another big for the following year.

  15. hoosier….I guess for Gib the eternal recruiter, and Benjy, Brandyn, it is about contacts, relationships established maybe even 4 years ago. They have that back up list of who they will award final scholarship to no question.

    Hoosier we did the head count of scholarships…Valdes IS ONE OF the guys that earned the free ride.
    Nevels, Smith, Valdes, Jawato, Thomas, Jovanovich, Fotu, Jankovich, Webster-Chan,Bobbitt, Fleming, Reyes= 12 so far with one more to give totaling =13

    So , with Aaron having earned the final scholie, There is ONE MORE TO GIVE..
    Hey, if has to be A RIGHT FIT…no matter, SF or Big….Think AC , Savo, Ruffin,…3 guys that were not thought of to be McDonalds AA’s , yet All 3 had tenure in the NBA…
    Gib does what he does, and that is RECRUIT….Hoosier….one can dream…why not think BIG!
    pun intended!
    Go Gib!

  16. My understanding is that Aaron Valdes achieved his so called academic goal that Gib Arnold set for him and he earned a scholarship. The team still have one scholarship available. Hoosier, I agree there are not big men available at this point in time that meets the criteria that everybody wants. The only way is if somebody wants to transfer from another school and sit out the year, or a transfer who has graduated and is eligible to play right away. If there is a diamond in the rough, it’s got to be somebody who is from another country, not the U.S. Let’s go down the list of scholarship players. If one of the walk-on players acquit themselves in the summer and fall practices, a scholarship can be given to them. This assumes no one who is the “right fit” becomes available between now and the beginning of fall semember.

    1. Garret Nevels
    2. Isaac Fotu
    3. Negus Webster Chan
    4. Quincy Smith
    5. Stefan Jovananic
    6. Stefan Jankovic
    7. Brandon Jawato
    8. Isaac Fleming
    9. Roderick Bobbitt
    10. Sammis Reyes
    11. Mike Thomas
    12. Aaron Valdes
    13. OPEN

    Scholarship Players leaving.
    1. Standhardinger
    2. Rozitis
    3. Spearman
    4. Shamburger
    5. Dressler

  17. Good Point, Hoosier…

    We KNOW Lightning Strikes Twice (or More…)

    It IS Time for ANOTHER First-Team A-A…

    BUT We Easily, Happily, Accept (Trust) Whomever The Coaches Think Is a Good Recruit…

    A FOTU or Vander just May NOT show up in the Amerigo-Centric Rating Services


    IT’S ALL CALLED Manifesting and Visualization

    Sometimes …You Won’t SEE IT ’til You BELIEVE IT…

    ? Maybe that’s Part of How we severally Beat Out The “Show-Me” State…


    In Some Ways Good…

    IT IS a Slow News Period…

    Maybe Investigation will be Closer to ‘More Small News’…
    [FL,DR-Sized for Over-Blowing…]


    PEACE, Out…

  18. Thanks Derek. Agree with you on potential bigs available. Playhoopsa – love your enthusiasm but Ruffin and Savo had cup of coffee in NBA. Nice to dream big but guys you describe are going to top 20 programs and some are one and done. Just saying.

  19. Hoosier…yes, I see where you and Derek coming from…however…Gib getting Reyes late, and Amis a late get for Nash, a raw unknown in Vander…you never can underestimate what Gib and remaining staff can do…ONCE again recruiting, you have to have the long established contacts and pipeline…in case a Cousins doesn’t get in, etc…I believe Gib has that short list, the late qualifiers, awaiting one guy, finalizing his grades.

    As Eagle, and others state…hoosier, this is the Fun, Positive, Family friendly, Dayton Moderated site..so we have fun….we give comments and opinion…sure slow news, until ncaa pau..however..we all just having fun!

    And UH MBB with Gib as HC, has made UH MBB really exciting…we await..he might just have that Diamond in the Rough…UH MBB team…still needs help with a thin front line, that is all I am saying..if he finds, a late JC, or international, good ready to play, right fit SF , another Manu G. from San Antonio, hey great…..

    I would say, that Ruffin and Savo, even making an NBA roster, was huge for Riley coached team and those diamonds that played for UH MBB..

    Just having fun, and talking hoops…

  20. A player who can run, move without the ball, a good passer, and a good shooter is very valuable. I’m thinking about the San Antonio offense. It’s beautiful basketball to watch.

  21. playhoopsa, I like your enthusiasm for the program but I think you’re drunk off the kool aid. Vander was hardly and unknown commodity. He was at Nebraska and transferred here with Roese. It’s almost impossible to find an unknown big man. There are very little big men out there to begin with and most of them are on radars. It’s much easier to find an under the radar guard vs a big man. Where small schools like UH have success is finding guys with potential who they can develop with a couple of years of coaching. Unfortunately our Fish has left and we don’t have a great track record of developing players.

  22. true pono.
    at this point a jc guy is probably where he is looking or another transfer type.
    not too many bigs of note left on the block.
    gibber could get lucky with a late qualifier that is in high school.

    target a big guy is number one goal but, best athlete most likely.

  23. biggest fear of course is…

    what sanctions will be the result of the ncaa query?
    how much damage has been done that we don’t know about?
    are the rumor mills for real?
    is the contract being held up by negotiations or is it really in limbo because the ncaa hammer could be a lot heavy?

    what if we are faced with a new hc search?
    (all scholarship agreements can be rescinded then)

    sorry for brining this up…however, reality could strike hard or is it all small kine stuff like the coach says?

    somebody needed to bring this up since the media remains hush-hush.

  24. al: valid points. Know that UH AD and coaches, staff cannot comment on nature of possible rules violations. What is very unusual in this case, why would the new guys, even walkons, be still on board and coming to UH in July, if they know the Hammer is hitting hard, I am sure, they would commit somewhere else. If Gib signs this last athlete to team…. Gib and staff must know extent of ncaa sanctions or not , heavy or small kine.

    What Reyes and Fleming, said, about people telling them, including Gib and staff, about what is going on, and the guys still coming on board, very interesting.
    al, like the media, and we fans, we won’t know full extent of ncaa thing until findings released. otherwise, Gib and staff, smart , still keep pumping life into UH MBB, …if they knew program would blow up, I am sure they would have stepped aside, or put BB camps, having Dyrbe and Jawato, and Mike Thomas here for summer and still recruiting, it would be for naught…as another fan posted, maybe..and this is the big MAYBE…Gib and staff, know that ncaa might not hit that hard…correctable…If big Hammer, I am sure, Jay would be involved with ncaa and he would shut down, the UH MBB program and look for new HC…I am feeling, a real gut feeling, that Gib and UH MBB team will be .playing for bid to NCAA come March 2015..why not think positive..if Hammer comes, well it comes, ..if new guy,…it will be same thing…2 years to get team going, I hope Gib and program will still be alright and burning up the BB landscape..this Novemeber, if not…well WI fan nation will come to a standstill…Keep posted, prepare for worse case, however
    Always hope for the best…I am hoping for the BEST!


  25. al…is just being realistic, despite the excitement of finalizing this upcoming recruiting class, which would make it a very exciting, complete and competitive team, no question.

    I guess al, is calling out all the WI MBB fans, the regular guys and gals who post here, ..what is your thought or thoughts…will ncaa hit UH MBB hard with the sledge hammer…Or might UH MBB get off with, more of a slap on the wrist, and work together with Gib , staff, and ncaa compliance person, to make sure, everything is in order.

    my opinion, it is not the Big Hammer, more the rubber mallet..maybe loss of practice time, a guy or two might lose weight room time, or some special personal training, just guessing…the documentation and correctly filling out paper work, has to be ncaa approved, ..food? I don’t know about that…however, the way Gib , and staff speaking and Reyes and Fleming’s heartfelt comment, plus the social media info that Tyler and Brocke , two preferred walkon freshmen will be here..I am guessing, UH takes a smaller hit,…still can play post season for NIT or NCAA invite, which is what we all want…JMO..What is yours? Eagle, servante,warriorhaw, Derek, TAVS, Horssse, etc..?

    UH MBB ncaa , Big Hammer or rubber mallet..lesser penalties?

  26. I hear on the east coast that decision will be known by Monday the 27th. I hear it isn’t that bad. Any confirmation of that in Hawaii?

  27. Sorry. Monday the 23rd

  28. Jake: hey man, thanks. Even here in Hawaii we did not know timeline of findings. Has to be not a Major hit sanctions. The body language, the basketball camps for youths full up, the possible signing of One More UH MBB athlete, and the awaiting of the new guys, to me…it would spell, good things, more of a minor correctable thing.

    Jake, still await Tyler, we haven’t had that 3 point bomber , person could hit 7 or 8 threes in a row, since, well since Brandon Jawato, who went 7 for 7 from the 3 line, over a year ago in SSC against BWC foe!

    I guess, this Monday 23, 2014 we shall know…Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Mahalo Jake!

  29. Just telling you what I’m hearing from multiple sources on East coast. I was hoping you guys could confirm. I also heard St. Mary’s contacted Tyler yesterday. They said they watched film of his game against Cushing and were very interested. I see they don’t have many guards and certainly need a shooter. I doubt they persuade him but I know they called him. I just wish Hawaii and Tyler all the best.

  30. Jake…pretty much uh mbb program and AD instructed to keep quiet about it..the last round of qestionings went down this past tuesday ..so to reveal findings mon. 23 2014 seems correct..two sources star advertiser ..uh athlectics press release or this site would have results as soon as possible..jmo..the way zGib still conducting uh mbb full bore..with singning of guys..must be uh mbb getting ready to rock..wish tyler the best..here or wherever he is happy..one year in hawaii ain’ bad for a young 3 ball expert!

  31. This whole NCAA investigation started with UH officials contacting them because of a potential violation. Let’s be human: Uh officials consulted with everyone first to see where they stood and the kind of error they made. If it was a huge error—the kind that would give you sanctions—Gib would already have thrown in the towel and admit his mistake. That not being the case (Gib says it’s nothing) the NCAA is only here as an auditor. That is they want to open the books, talk to people, and read documents to make sure that their isn’t something deeper. I’ll run through the streets naked if they really found something damaging.

  32. Good summary servante..I thought the same…if such a big violation probably Gib would have been gone few months ago. Am sure Gib communicated with athletes and their families about ncaa goings on. That is why other schools still try to recruit two good freshmen till last minute however guys and their families confident to send sons here. Gib ..one thing..wants to run clean and good program..he gets books in order..everything ncaa compliant he come out better..

    really curious who he signs for last scholarship!
    UH MBB getting ready for big 2014-15season!!

  33. When all this investigation is finished, Arnold has to get two more coaches to fill his staff. This is assuming Akana will be reinstated. You may not think Arnold has a lot of time, but this is already mid June and fall semester begins in late August. Time flies. And you know how long UH takes to post a position. It’s unbelievable.

  34. Wonder if Bill Amis consider assistant coaching at uh mbb? He would be good with bigs. Or DOBA ..depends if Bill pau with pro ball…jmo..
    one thing good…this topic about summer camp..Gib trying to get third camp before school opens..such a high interest in basketball locally..a win ..win situation for uh mbb and the youth!!

  35. playhoopsa

    Bill Amis would make an excellent coach for the bigs. He’s got smarts with great work ethics. But you know who I feel could become a terrific coach one day when his playing days are over? Yep local boy Julian Sensley. Everyone knows him as the kid with the awesome potential but never had that great work ethic to take his game to the highest level. I think he realizes it now although can’t turn the clock on father time. But I got a hunch that if he turns to coaching he can do very well. In the Manoa Summer League he is always helping and encouraging the younger kids. And on the court he is the leader and everyone looks up to him. He’s got some of the aura that Michael Jordan has on and off the court. Ditto June Jones. I think that spells a winner. But don’t know if Gib knows him all that much. But what the heck. Take a chance. Who knows.

  36. servante….

    Julian …always helping uh mbb guys in summer league..yes..he would be good..pretty sure Gib has short list for possible assistant and doba…derek correct…posting position takes time however can be done by fall semester..servante lot of things happening with uh mbb …complete 2014-15 schedule, sign another athlete, see new guys in town..should be exciting final months of summer..

    Julian a real blue chip bb athlete from hawaii..always classy and nice guy..

  37. Maybe….Drunk Off Of The Kool-Aid…

    That IS a REAL Concern

    Avoid / Minimize SUGAR

    America & Maybe the World’s NUMBER ONE Killer
    See “FED UP” – V.Good Documentary Now Playing @ a Theatre Near You.. . {Kahala]


    VANDER Came from ANGOLA Via Mountain State Prep in West VA…
    AND California H.S.(Christian in El Cajon CA)
    EVEN With the W. Va move, AND playing on Angolan “National” (Developmental) Team(s)

    he ONLY got into JC – College of Eastern Utah
    When they Finished THIRD in NJCAA Tourney Vander’s Freshman Season
    he became more Widely Known
    BUT i think UH Was Already On Him before the Johnny-Come-Latelies…

    THAT’s TWO Good-to-Great BIGS on the SAME Team — Vander AND Fotu


    As pointed out…

    STANDHARDINGER WAS Widely Known in the Big 10 with NEBRASKA…
    AND JANKOVIC WAS widely known with MISSOURI…

    WE GOT BOTH….Transfers

    What is NOT Realistic?

    So AGREE – JC and Transfers are Viable Sources for Recruiting Prospects
    (Any Time of Year ? – Q Qualified ‘Early’, As With Vander, Left after Freshman Years)

    AND Late Qualifiers ARE a Possible LATE “Gift”
    Clearly GIB thought so too… RE: DeShawn Mitchell, Gerry Blakes, Dillon Biggs and Ronnie Stevens (Yikes!)
    [IT ‘Worked’ for Aaron ValdeΒ΄s …albeit Late…and NOT A BIG+]


    Maybe a Good Analogy Is
    The Caterpillar in the Chrysalis… ALL the Cells Melt Down into a Soup
    A ‘Small’ Number of Imaginal Cells with Genetic Knowledge
    Visualize and Direct the Formation of the Entirely New Organism / Miracle … Butterfly
    One that Knows How to Migrate Thousands of Miles from where ever it happens to be –
    New York, Toronto, Missouri…. to Mexico (BB to Hawai’i)

    CLEARLY GIB is Among these Imaginal Cells..

  38. Wow, Eagle!!! After reading your post I feel like I’ve taken some “electric” kool aid. That was a trip! Lol

  39. Hoosier, You Know Your Stuff…

    One Day …Maybe Hawai’i will Elevate, Then Regularly

    Up to (Year over Year, Cannot Match History and Tradition)

    Hoosier or even Dukie Level


    Basketball, The Greatest TEAM Sport

    SO a SAN ANTONIO Can RIP(!) Even a Lebron-Led TWO-Time NBA Champs…

    I’m SURE Gib is Taking Notes on How to Beat Teams with “More” Talent

    BUT NOW We Got Some, Too…

  40. Amen to bb Best Game EVER! Can’t wait to see how TEAM develops. U r right. SA title great example of what can be done when everyone accepts their role. Go Bows!

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