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Standhardinger scores 40 in summer opener

Hawaii Basketball – Summer League Opener from Warrior Insider on Vimeo.

Christian Standhardinger’s list of accomplishments in Hawai’i is not quite done yet. He added another one on Saturday night – scoring 40 points in a summer league game – and will crown it on July 4.

“Fourth of July is my birthday and I’m going to finish and have my degree and I will have my business degree,” he said. “I’m very proud of that and my mom is proud of that.”

Before embarking on a professional basketball career in Europe, Standhardinger wanted to remain in Hawai’i for a few months this summer to complete his course work at the University of Hawai’i.

He is staying in game shape by participating in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, which opened its 2014 season on Saturday night at the Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 forward from Germany, reached the 40-point mark while leading Grantco Pacific to a 103-95 victory over National Fire Protection Co.


“Shout out to my man, Hauns Brereton – I was always wondering how he drops 40 in summer league,” Standhardinger said, referring to his former UH teammate. “I did it now.”

Like he did throughout his standout career as a Warrior, Standhardinger scored his points in a variety of ways, but mainly on drives to the basket and free throws (after getting fouled on drives to the basket). He went 16 of 20 from the free-throw line, but also drained three 3-pointers.

Standhardinger completed his senior season at UH in 2014, and was a two-time All-Big West Conference first team selection. He said he has offers to play pro ball in Germany, Italy and Spain, and will make a decision in late-July or August.

None of the players from the current UH roster were in action on Saturday night. Other former Warriors in action included Geremy Robinson (26 points for Grantco Pacific), Miah Ostrowski (four points for Wealth Strategy Partners) and Phil Martin (seven points for Clark Hatch Fitness).

The next games are scheduled for Tuesday, July 1, at Manoa Valley.

Saturday’s results

Wealth Strategy 98, Clark Hatch Fitness 90. Top scorers: WS–Waly Coulibaly 26, William Broadus 25, Joe Buck 18. CHF–Kaunaoa McGee 30, Leon Ballard 28, John Avila 13.

Grantco Pacific 103, National Fire Protection 95. Top scorers: GP–Christian Standhardinger 40, Geremy Robinson 26, Joshua Burnett 14, Sean Caddell 13. NFP–DeAndre Haskins 30, Jeff Greer 18, Wesley Armbrust 15, Altreika Christmas 11, Gerald Wright 10.



    ON Your Degree

    and likely Soon a “Dominating” PRO Career
    i think Hustle-Toughness should translate very well
    into Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, or Deutschmarks, etc.

    Hey, German-Americans looking good with their footwork and coaching [Futbol] too…

    Hau’oli La Hanau!
    Happy Birthday!


    NICE TV Coverage of Jared Dillinger representing the Philippines in International Competition….

  2. Good job Christian on earning degree. Mom is proud! We are happy, keep on working on using your left hand and going left. Also, add quick vertical bounce. You will have long good career in pro ball, and maybe one day the NBA if that is a goal. Come back to Hawaii.

    Talk to Tyler Harville, Brocke Stepteau, Zach Bushcer, Deante Hearn, Roderick Bobbitt , Sammis Reyes and Isaac Fleming, and tell them of your great Hawaii Basketball scholastic and athletic experience. Hard work, and sticking to your goal reaped wonderful rewards!

  3. Jake: Hope that the Harvilles had safe and timely flight. Has a little rain in Hawaii, which, even though our summer months, near July is a Good Thing, most of the island is still green. Tyler and families will notice the fragrant flowers, and the green of the trees, which we enjoy all year. Blue ocean, not grey or black, beautiful, as well as some of the finest beaches, and mountains, and volcanic dormant and active on the big island of Hawaii, vents/ cones, craters.

    I think Tyler and Brocke, as well as Fleming , hopefully Reyes will get ncaa paperwork done and be here in few weeks if possible, and Roderick Bobbitt, the new recruits from mainland USA will become friends quickly. Since Gib has been here, though learning as a coach, his first Head Coaching gig, he has always, made sure, guys went to school, and were taken cared of , whether preferred walkon or scholarship athlete..part of the ONE OHANA..Team, and Hawaii culture experience that he enjoyed as Gatorade player of the year in BB at Punahou school(same as Obama, Michelle Wie) nearly 26 years or so ago. He, Gib gets it, tell the young guys about Hawaii, I tell you Jake, if Tyler or Brocke can stay for at least one year…if that is their desire, or if they move on, mid semester, they will never regret the stay in Hawaii, the memories will last a lifetime.

    Aloha and welcome to Tyler , Brocke, Roderick, Isaac and hopefully Sammis Reyes in a few weeks or by mid August! Now Tyler and company, just keep on shooting that quick release 3 ball, you can hit 4 in a row, the crowds would go crazy. if UH MBB recruits are playing well, crowds are little larger, maybe 200-300 or even 400, the playoffs move to a larger venue, where, at least over a thousand can attend. He does not have to worry, the UH MBB super fans, will greet him and cheer him on as well, as Roderick,Isaac, Brocke, Zach, Deante and hopefully Sammis Reyes!

  4. Well congrats to Christian on his business degree,not easy playing sports and majoring in business,kudos to him, Tyler should be in town now ,today for second semester. Doesn’t look good for Reyes from all the newspaper reports, very chancy ,idk why we didn’t have a backup plan ,as other schools like LB St backoffed on him at the last minute. Well ,hope the guy studies hard and gets his transcripts in .

  5. I think Gib has contact with at least 2 more bigs, a 6’8″ and 6’9″ SF/PF types that would really help UH MBB team. Gib is that type of recruiter, unless absolutely the guys they are trying to recruit or even have brought in for under radar visit, or video chats, the have to be compatible with rest of team. Basically all the guys in past 4 years, are nice young student athletes whether they stayed and graduated like, Bill Amis, Zane Johnson, Miah on FB scholarship, Jace Tavita, preferred walkon, Hauns Brereton, Christian Standhardinger, Davis Rozits , Brandon Spearman, hopefully Shamburger this summer, and Brandon Jawato this May 2015, those are pretty high character guys.

    Still think Gib will pull rabbit a big one, out of the hat before school starts August 2014 fall semester. One of those 2 aforementioned bigs…just have to watch and see Gib and staff do their thing..believe Sammis, that ncaa clearinghouse thing, with past foreign athletes, I don’t think it is school work , filling out proper forms, maybe getting certified signatures from parents, etc, so UH is compliant and no mistakes again..that is why Sammis says WORKING ON IT NOW…who knows. he might be here in few weeks, would not count Sammis making it for summer league playoffs, if he got in a few days, or week late for summer school, if okay with UH and Sammis cleared to enter UH. Otherwise, Sammis will be here August , guaranteed.!

  6. Peeps….the fact then schools like Long Beach State back off does not indicates anything.

    Maybe LBS found out that Reyes is actually an international student and needs additional paperwork to play and didn’t want to go thru the hassle.

    I heard Charlie Wade(UH men volleyball coach) once explain on the radio that some coaches just don’t want to mess with paperwork and would rather not go thru the headache. Its really up to the coaches on whether they want to go international and put up with dealing with additional information. You are not just talking about making sure the students qualify but also their amateur status, making sure they have sufficient money in a saving account so if things don’t work out, they have the finances to go home, their student visas, confirming their age, making sure they did not receive money while playing for their Jr. National Team, etc…

    UH have many international players on their team so they are not intimidated by the large amount of paperwork while schools like LBS probably can get a decent player in their backyard and don’t want to deal with the excess paperwork.

    Keep your hopes up. Even if Sammis do not make it in time for the fall, he can still enroll in the spring and redshirt or even play just the second half of the season like Jankovic planning to do.

  7. small kahuna:

    sounds like you are close to situation, or very very, experienced with what happens with the international student athletes.. Mahalo for your comments.

    excellent points. Yes the foreign student athletes , much more paper work and making sure. Remember Haim Shimonovich, and Costas. T. , Savo, some had to wait until cleared. without question, and having the ncaa audit and make sure UH compliant, Gib and UH, ncaa compliance person with UH, will make sure Sammis is cleared to go. Would like to here from Dayton interview with Gib, or Brian Mcinnis first hand interview, or call the coach with Gib, where Sammis stands. I am sure it is not summer school, however as you mentioned and a few others surmise, it is the ncaa, foreign student paperwork…Maybe he should have had a head start.

    Late get, however, Sammis is not playing a game, he really , ,really wants to play for UH MBB, and I believe he will. He just might make it, actually, I would say till August star of school, he will make it, unless Gib and UH says, he will be eligible Dec 15 2014 like Jankovich, I would bet Sammis would take that half year and still play to help UH get to NCAA’s if possible.

    Small Kahuna, very concise, very intelligent and insightful comments, lot of speculation, and throw coach or athletes MBB program under bus, guess work. We await the official word, on all the happenings. trying, challenging time, however, my thought…UH, gets it done right way, get correction from ncaa, this year might end up being Gib’s best year, they might surprise a lot of people in NCAA MBB DI landscape!


    PG: Roderick Bobbitt 6'3" 205 elite, JC guard great defensive hands and inside out combo guard do it all
    SG: Garrett Nevels 6'2" 190.. he learn to use ball screens, he will be, or can be all BWC performer
    SF: Negus Webster-Chan 6'7" 215…do it all 1-3 spots, guard, SF, emergency 4. a real talent
    PF: All World FIBA talent Isaac Fotu 6'8" 240…he will be great this JR money year.
    C: Stefan Jovanovich .6'10" 245..great upside, some UH fans, think he is a plodder, he is not..great hard worked, nice mid range shot, good shot blocking instincts, has to be more aggressive to the boards. he comes back bigger, quicker stronger. he will hold the 5 spot down nicely.

    PG: Quincy Smith..6'0" 180…ready for his breakout Jr year, can be slash Bobbitt/Smith for starting role
    SG: Isaac Fleming 6'4" 200 slasher, really combo, who can also hit three ball
    SF: Aaron Valdes 6'6" 210..grab dime off the top of backboard , nuff said. great athletic talent
    PF: Mike Thomas 6'8" 225…sky is the limit, relax, come back confident and stronger. 3 star HS talent
    C: eligible mid December..Janks Jankovich 6'11" 242…inside out, long, deceptive, shot blocker, 3 star talent. SEC level like Negus, range to NBA line for 3 ball.

    Sorry fans, just inflated the heights and weights, wishful that guys would GROW..my fantasy, maybe not team, first two, or platoon…practices will be brutal, a lot of scoring, hope they learn to defend the rim!

    Off bench, so important instant offense 3 ball dagger men:
    Wing: Brandon Jawato 6'4" 200 get back his 3 ball stroke,..will be weapon again
    Wing: if he makes team as walkon…Deante Hearn, just like his size!
    SG/PG: Tyler Harville. possibly one of the best prep school grad 3 ball shooters in nation, has to get bigger and stronger,…good weapon to have.
    SG/PG: Brocke Stepteau…another 3 ball, and floater, combo guard, small, but hopefully quick
    808 great combo guard walkon: Zach Buscher 6'3" 170…Iolani BB smarts, nuff said.
    PG: I don't know about Niko, 6'0" 170 whether coming back..if he does, tons of PG's..he is a tough dude, has to get bigger stronger.

    Really if the Sky falls down, in getting one more big, and Sammis not get in..this would be the available guys..with Nevels, Negus, Bobbitt, Fleming, Thomas, Valdes, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Fotu, Smith, Harville, Jawato, and the whole gang, if they play shutdown D…these guys would still win a lot of games.. TEAM

    However, still say that recruiting animal, Gib gets Sammis and another big in before Aug fall semester!
    If Gib could not get the big he is maybe on verge of signing, and Sammis could not get in…Would UH MBB be competitive with this roster? I think so..

  9. sorry ton of walkons, I always forget someone , Dagger Dyrbe Enos,who will be just that much better and 3 ball threat and run point. Whole team play shutdown, D..even without Sammis and another big..UH will be one of the top teams in BWC, because. of Nevels, Smith experienced guards…Negus and Janks 3 star, SEC talent ballers, Fotu..all FIBA all BWC first team talent, Bobbitt, great JC guard, Isaac Fleming 3 star 20 year prep school grad, Mike Thomas 3 star talent, at least 12 …2 and 3 star talent..if can play great D , shutdown, get stops plus score, even with only 11 scholarship players, and possibly 6 walkons who can shoot 3 ball, UH will be good..with Sammis and another good big, UH will be awesome!

  10. Is there a difference between Manoa Recreational Center and Warrior Recreational Center? I saw couple of newbies tweeting each other about where they play Thursday.

  11. Jake: you should follow this link, the webmaster has everything, rosters, heard by Brian Mcinnis of Star Advertiser this past Sat. that Tyler and Brocke will be on Grantco Pacific Team
    This site, great, even the games, the first and second half, the hilites of the 20 minutes, are archived. Sometimes, late the same nite or morning. Since Dayton Morinaga of WI works full time regular job, he is not able to go to all summer league games, so he sends Wes Nakama his associate. So, you will see write-ups on games, and sometimes video hilites that are high quality.


    Summer League


    Jun 28 to Aug 9, 2014

    Tue, Thu, Sat

    6:00 pm and 7:30 pm

    Manoa Valley District Park Gym

    Hope the Harville had safe trip to Hawaii. Tyler and family will enjoy the Hawaii vacation. It really sounds like Tyler wants to prove to UH staff that he is a legitimate 3 ball threat a good one. He will have his shot. Hope that he and Brocke hit it off. Sometimes these summer league games,those old time coaches, been coaching same team for 10 years, they play the older guys first, however they have been spoken to, to play the UH newbies..that is what the fans want!

    Jake, copy past the link, that Manoa
    College Summer league online site, has all the information , plus the videos of the games, terrific site besides WI….and Brian Mcinnis Star Advertiser write-ups..still tons of interest with all of the drama UH MBB this summer, I am certain everything will work out, and UH will be battling for NCAA spot March 2015!

  12. know there are rules and guidlelines with potential ncaa college recruits, so I notice you receive second or third hand information about Tyler. Wonder if Tyler knows any Northeast grads, fully complian, with academics, if foreign student, the ncaa compliance forms, etc. and is 69″ plus SF or PF, who would be willing to make trip out to Hawaii, He would have to contact UH MBB office. That would be out of sight, since Sammis is having a challenge getting all of his ncaa, and international athlete paperwork in order, as soon as he does , he will be here either in a few weeks or definitely by mid august.

    Grapevine, any Vermont, or Northeast, grad ready to play Ncaa ball, and has grades and paperwork to get into Hawaii, and is 6’9: or taller, and is work in progress, yet can at least rebound and protect rim….if he is interest , he could contact UH MBB office..

    I don’t know if that is how it is done, I know we fans, do not have any direct contact with coaches or athletes, they go through proper ncaa channels, there are two, a 6’9″ and a 6’8″ from Florida and Cali, who are HS or prep seniors, 2 or 3 star athletes, who seem to be playing waiting game, I guess it might be waiting for ncaa investigatinon and findings finished then they commit. UH has been on them for quite awhile, I hope one or both can commit or preferred walk on!

    Hope Tyler hydrates, very warm summer in Hawaii, and gets enough sleep, eats well, hits the weight room to get bigger, he might along with Brocke be the fastest guard endline to endline in the league, since he will be playing agains some 30-38 year old guards, who are savvy. He gets his shots off, knocks down two or three in a row, quick release and true, he will be fan favorite, I have a feeling Brocke and Tyler will become good friends and competitors since on same summer league team.

    Aloha Jake, our Northeast connection. to hopefully all the young guys who want to excape the cold of the Northeast. Hawaii summer time..overnight low, can be 75 degrees, and day time high 87-88, with 70 % humidity, our natural outside AC is the tradewinds, which are great, just stay in gym or under shade, with that wind blowing at 15-20 mph, and it is really great…beaches, and upcoming july 4th fireworks really beautiful!

  13. Jake : during our winter times, interesting we have snow on two volcanic mountains on Big Island of Hawaii, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, at over 12000 feet during Novemeber to even April depending on storms coming through. From Dec to about April weather subtropical, we are not really located close to equator, many miles north of that line. So with north winds, coming down from Alaska, winter time weather can be not frigid however very pleasant and cool for US!…Daytime about 80 degrees F. and night time lows, about 62 degrees, my favorite weather and time of the year, weather, skies, and even beaches are beautiful..So Hawaii very moderate weather, Summer can get warm, however Dec to about April, very pleasant weather.

    That is why a lot of people play VB and BB outside courts…Hawaii is a FB state first, produces tons of great O and D lineman, who go to big time NCAA DI schools, and many end up in NFL. Good MLB baseball players. And ONE local 6’9″ center from Hilo High , and Oregon St. , Red Rocha, a good player at OSU, and played and coached for the NBA Detroit Pistons back in the late 40’s and 50’s, was one of the better coaches 40 years ago for UH MBB.

  14. Jake

    : On this forum we never had a prep talent scout, or hoops writer before. Just the local media guys sometimes. and of course whatever video real time interviews of coach about recruits, and what not from Dayton Morinaga who is very close to UH MBB. Use to be the Newspaper UH MBB beat writer. Great guy, and staff, and sponsors, shout to the Schmidt Ohana, Jake, otherwise we would not be able to post back and forth.

    Once again, if we imagine Sammis does not get in and 2 bigs Gib might be trying to sign at this moment, he cannot do it this summer.

    Team Roster for this year:

    PG: Roderrick Bobbitt 6’3″ 205 2 star elite JC combo
    SG: Garrett Nevels 6’2″ 190 potential BWC all first or second team. One of best 3 point shooters on Western Part of USA
    SF: Negus Webs’ter-Chan 215-3 star SEC talent, one time started a few games for Mizzou as freshman…great, talent…monster ability
    PF: Isaac Fotu: 6’8″ 240, BWC first team. NZ national team, part of FIBA world championships this sept….money year, junior year, trying to expand game to breakdown defender and go, 3 ball consistent would make him all BWC player of the year candidate, and hot commodity for pro BB
    C: Stefan Jovanovich ..hopefully now 6’11” 250…a real good shooter from 18 feet on in. good timing on shot blocking, has to get quicker stronger, not afraid of anyone, from North Carolina, to U.Conn. his soph, big year

    PG: Quincy Smith 6’1″ 180 …hopefully better outside and FT shooting, and work that half court and transition game, Q has great quickness, hands, and maybe a 39″ + vertical bounce, he can get head near rim for a smaller guard on his dunks.
    SG: Isaac Fleming…3 star all around, smooth, 20 year prep school grad. inside out, and assist man
    SF: Aaron Valdes…6’6″ 210 …maybe has 42″ plus vertical bounce., great athlete and world class water polo athlete out of HS….great offensive and defensive rebounder out of 3 spot. can shoot 3’s, improves his O and D game, major league talent.
    C: eligible mid Dec. Mizzou SEC transfer Stefan Jankovich 6’11” 245…inside out, guy, shot blocker, wing span of a guy 7’5″ tall it appears to be, long long arms, good shot blocker and rebounder 3 star SEC talent transfer from Mizzou.

    Wing: Brandon Jawato 6’4″ 200 lbs, he of the streak 6 or 7 threes in a row…now will be 100% healed from ankle surgery, his money year. will graduate this May 2015…congratulations B.!
    Wing: if he makes team as walkon. Deante Hearn.. love his height 6’4″ hope he can play SF too.
    SG/PG: Tyler Harville the 3 point shooting Marville! preferred walkon
    SG/PG: handles quick hands, 3 ball shooter, plus the floater..smaller , but good little athlete: preferred walkon
    PG: if he returns, I think he is, 6’0″ Nikola Filipovich, the junk yard dog, loves to defend, was hurt during his RS year. however, should be bigger stronger, he does what he has to, to help team especially D side of ball
    SG/PG: Dyrbe 808 Enos preferred walkon 5’10” 175..Hawaii boy, handles, had major PT last year, and specialty long 3 point bombs, he can shoot it.
    Combo: invited walkon Zach Buscher 6’3″, has to get bigger, faster stronger, however went to Iolani, is a winner, 808 Hawaii boy too!
    PF: Isaac Fotu 6’8″ 240

  15. shoots…such a huge roster , I always forget someone!

    PG: Quincy Smith 6’1″ 180
    SG: Isaac Fleming 6’4″ 200…or Harville, Stepteau, Enos, etc, whomever can defend and shoot it
    SF: Aaron Valdes: 6’6″ 210…head rim level , his eye is always on the sky
    PF: Mike Thomas 6’8″ 220…3 star talent, the sky is the limit, very long, long arms, quick bounce, rim to 3 line game, could be his super soph. year
    C: until mid December eligible Janks Stefan Jankovich, 3 star SEC Mizzou transfer, can go inside out. has to defend and move feet better, he does…and is really playing well in March when it counts, UH could get on a Post Season Roll!

    Of Course, Enos a preferred walkon, worked so hard in practice, he deserved PT , walkon or not, and did good job. Same with Stepteau, Hearn if he makes it, and Harville the Marville, have to show coach can D up, run sets, be in right place, and shoot the ball.

    Last year, the first 2/3 of season, UH MBB was really playing well, with any top 50 team or better RPI ballers in the country. So, although when ncaa thing finished, then I think Gib will finalize with that last signee, unless he announces on WI or with Brian, M> that he will hold scholarship they could not find right fit..And Sammis, if it is the ncaa compliance papers, he has 2 months or less to get it done, I hope UH side, and His prep school counselor or guardian can help him..not put things down, however explain what he has to do..Then Sammis, as implied, could be here, maybe even July but definitely Aug fall semester. Plus the 2 bigs, I think they are waiting for darn ncaa to release their final report..ncaa…very slow, like waiting for ,…like old days, your refund by mail from IRS, if they owed you something good, back in the day…soooooo slow…if you owe them…they speed it up…I think it will come to closure within month, hopefully if UH asks nicely, maybe sooner. just to get guy in, if that is what they are waiting for…Just MY guess and opinion..

  16. I hear Harville family at Sheraton Waikiki and loving it. Im not sure where that is. I’m jealous. Never had a chance to visit. Maybe someday. Tyler does have some great connections to some big men but all are sophomores & juniors. He is keeping coaches informed so it is up to them to take a closer look. If you revisit the YouTube video called Vermont Academy open run you will see 7’1″ Tyler Jackson in that video. They show six players. Harville is number 2. Can’t remember which one is Jackson but he is obviously the biggest one. All 6 players will play D1. Harville is only one to choose to walkon. Led the team in scoring.

  17. Jake, the Sheraton Waikiki sits right on the beach and is one of the Chain’s largest with 900 rooms and a huge meeting room. Not the most luxurious but nice enough with great views so the family should be enjoying themselves although it’s been pretty hot and humid lately but it is summer. It feels like weather that we get in August and September.

  18. Jake: Tyler in beautiful Hawaii, ocean water temp. about 79-80 degrees F. Humidity 54 %…Temperature Honolulu currently 84 degrees F. Wind ENE(our natural Air Conditioner)trade winds at 12 mph), it is beach or swimming pool weather.. A lot who have even tripped UH MBB, loved the experience and never forgot, it..once in a lifetime vacation. We, about 350,000 or so , that make up a percentage of those , born, raised, maybe went away for school, military or employment, and came back to raise children, see our grandkids, we are spoiled….Hawaii, now population approaching 1.5 million over 8 islands, has similar problems like any bigger city, that is why I would suggest to all of the UH Student Athletes, keep good company, with the smart, good young people, avoid trouble, Gib had one, who went back home east to be near family ailing one, got into a load of trouble.

    Seems like Tyler is from good stock, the vestment, to come out as family to vacation, and I am sure, if parents are, here, they want to make sure UH, Hawaii, the campus the people and Gib and staff will take care of Tyler. Without question, BB wise, even if Tyler were 5’6″..if he put into the game, and he knocks down 3 threes in a row, an blows open close game, HE IS A GEM to have, now I understand you scout BB Jake, all levels of BB 21st century, need guys that are GREAT 3 point shooters, to stay in game, and close out games, as well as run away with games. All championship teams, have the knockdown, dagger 3 ball shooters. Tyler, once he relaxes, the older guys will push and shove, he trying to get off his shot, they might tap his hand, or poke his stomach, all the tricks, if he gets shot off quick , and creates space, or use pick or ball screen, I just have this feeling, summer league crowd going to love he and all the new UH guards…they are all 2 star and 3 star rated. so they can ball.

    One day, Jake, when can…come on down to Hawaii..at least UH MBB will be on ESPN a couple of times with DHC…and hopefully post season..
    Feeling good, Brocke, Tyler, Bobbitt, Fleming, Buscher, maybe walkon Deante Hearn are gong to have some good offensive games.. hey what if Tyler and Brocke and Bobbitt, just start getting steal after steal..never saw that in summer league games in 30 years..usually no defense until playoffs!

  19. Jake: good words from Big Fan, it has been humid, even on east coast or Northeast, you have that August September humidity which is higher than Honolulu..if we have 79% we are dying, however, our cool weather, maybe hits 59 or 60 degree F. during Dec to April…Summer can be 84-90 degree F. ,, if the the trades are brisk say, 20 mph, and 55 % humidity, stay in the shade and it is a delight , like having a fan, with no electricity…A lot of people from the Gulf coast states, tell us, that our humidity is nothing, have brother who is Gulf coast down Texas way, says humidity you could cut with a knife, ..Tyler and family, cool off in pool, ocean..or stay in malls, theatres, super cool with AC.. he will be alright..
    Thing San Antonio game near 90 degrees F. when the AC went out in game with Miami, at Manoa Rec Gym, it might get warm, however not 90 degrees..Crowd will get larger Tues when Dyrbe 808 Enos, preferred walkon guard, shows his improved game, he is a 3 ball launcher too, had lot of PT.
    Then Thurs Sat, when Tyler and perhaps a few others newbies start to bomb, crowd will grow even bigger, especially it Tyler , Brocke , Bobbitt, whomever here, starts to make the swish sound from 27 feet!

    Going to be exciting…the die hard UH fans that do go , 200- even 400, and more when playoffs, will applaud the new UH MBB guards, once they start to hit those 3 bombs…BOOM OUT!

  20. Jake: Did Tyler have personal trainer back in Vermont or Kentucky, know that he had shooting coaches in Kentucy, some of the all time best..the more I look at that super quick release, with some elevation, plus ability to create space, dish to open man, he might be smaller, however Steve Nash, not muscle bound guy, neither was waaay back in the day Nate Tiny Archibald, a great shooting PG, and the hall of famer Bob Cousy, all about Tyler’s size, if Tyler can ball, and the only weakness is strength and good weight, he could start right now, with personal trainer, the good diet, weights, bounce, stretch, fast twitch muscule, …know that some college athletes during off season had personal trainers in different sports..however the NCAA bugaboo..

    Anyone out in WI UH MBB fandom, know if okay, NCAA compliant for student athlete to have personal trainer, off season? or is that a No No…We know that Christian, since going pro, and just got his degree, yeah!,,…has one…boxing, Christian leave that alone, concussion could damage brain for later years.. we need you with that good left hand too, and more vertical, to burn up euro BB pro ball, then in couple of years. have your quick left and right, with 6 inch more vertical, plus lateral D quickness..and finish with dunks at the rim, FT shooting and 40% 3 ball shooting, I know you can make the league, play euro ball, and shoot well, get physical…NBA teams, maybe the San Antonion Spurs, would love to sign you as free agent in few years. Boom out!


  21. playhoopsa:

    Do you know the wingspan of Stefan? I know he not a leaper but with wingspan over 7′, that would alter a bunch of shots. I recall Haim (6’10”) was not a leaper but affected play with his wide body. And he was a great passer. I look for Stef to be a more athletic Haim. I like Stefan and believe he will improve greatly. I could see his confidence grow with each minute he was on the court.
    Also, once Jawato grads, will his scholie be counted against UH in his grad year?

    Will Tyler be playing on Thursday?

  22. Playhoopsa. Tyler for sure plans on playing Thursday. Says he found an outdoor court somewhere on the island with good players this morning. Friend says Tyler has just played there all day. Plans on seeing ocean later tonight.

  23. It will be interesting how much he gets to play Thursday. Says Akana will show him all around campus at 1pm on 7th. That is all I know.

  24. warriorhaw: good question. know that every year guys are measured height, weight, vertical bounce, they should , at least for the big measure wingspan…you look at him standing next to, or on the Youtube videos, it does look like his hands are below, waaay below his knees.. he is legit 6’11”, his wingspan, since he does have long arms, I would guess, maybe 7’4″ or more, ..With Janks it is all about being a good defender and good foot work, that is where we miss Fish, he was excellent Bigs coach, darn ncaa, hope they pau, so Gib can hire a great bigs coach.

    If Janks very, very serious, his length, he doesn’t have to jump too high, though at his height he has good bounce too, he like Negus are that SEC talent level legit 3 star or more athletes. they want it, to get better on D, hey maybe not that critical to get Sudanese shotblocker..however, for March post season deep run, another 6’9″ and I don not have the magical insight that the other forum guys have, they are spot on at times, I believe, there is a 6’9″ 230 SF/PF calif HS grad 3 star, and a 6’8″ 235 HS grad, 3 star about( 3 star means, impact player) that just might be waiting out the ncaa findings. which I think will be more mild, however, just to be sure they wait..

    Unless our Eternal surprise us which he has the past going on 5 years, announces by Friday or early next week, he has signed one of those guys that have interest in Hawaii. Even if Sammis not here for summer, UH fans, playhoops and warriorhaw, would fall down and go Whoop, Whoop Whoop.

    Back to the question old man, that I is, sorry go off on tangent….Yes Janks Jankovich, waaay over 7 foot wingspan, super long arms, with good timing, he can be good shot blocker, guard the rim..same with Jankovich, ones say he is a project, the guy is so humble, hard worker good shooter, did not back down to any big in practices, he work hard to get strong, and quicker, he can guard the rim..going to need him big time because, at least a month into season, Janks not eligible yet

    YES..JANKS has 747 wing span, very long, long arms!


  25. warriorhaw: If Jawato after graduating, which is really, great, it makes Jawato, my hero, the guy does not quit, does not complain, everyone loves him, terrific student and kid, wants to coach in Hawaii which he will. will graduate in May 2015…. if he decides to come back for senior year eligibility UH MBB for next season, remember video interview awhile back, all depends if UH has the graduate course he wants, otherwise, upon graduation he could declare another major, that UH has grad course for. Like Davis for this season, YES, JAWATO as a grad student, his scholarship would be used..costs a lot of money. only other way, if he had a huge one year grad scholarship special someone donated to UH grad MBB students, hey we gotta, the governor. the ,,mayor, coach, the fans, gotta be buddies with Larry Billionare Ellison..if he came on board, man UH MBB and the athletics program would be instantly in the black and maybe more special schoarships for grad students that doesn’t come out of UH MBB program

    OR: Jawato family so well off, and UH MBB needed that extra scholarship..would have to discuss with school, coach, Jawato family, not too many if any do it.. foot the grad year scholarship tuition on own..In answer to your question, if UH has the grad program, I would think Jawato would use the grad scholarship for his final year of BB. Or change his degree major that would have UH grad course available to him…Best thing, Gib’s guys are graduating now…all on track to grad, and some early..I think the next one maybe at Junior and a half, Mike Thomas, he is a really smart dude, he knows the books and school come first…I just like the UH MBB kids, really high character, whether they stayed or moved on..only one got into trouble big time with the law

  26. Jake : tell Tyler take care his body, get rest, hydrate, stretch, warmup, tape up, don’t play too long in heat,,,do not want to get hurt..look forward..he is on a mission to bomb the summer league, hope he has fun. he looks like a Hawaii keeper!

  27. Thanks for the info playhoopsa.

    Also good to see that Tyler play anywhere. No need gym to toss the rock. Not get too used to home rims. Drain the 3 on any court. Gonna need that on the road.

  28. From what I have read so far, Sammi is working physically hard to get ready for “college” ball. Sure hope he is putting the same effort academically as well as administratively to get here. Looks very strong.

    Pair him up with Negus, we may have the pillars of Hercules on our court at the same time. Strength, speed, physicality, quickness and positioning may be an equalizer when dealing with bigger bigs. Haven’t seem much on what Negus is doing in the off-season, and he is EXPECTED to be a IMPACT player; hope he’s upping his game.

    Also, having the threat of 3 pt shooters may open up more space, if we happen to play “smaller.” And, other teams will not be able to sit in a Zone. Not to be redundant, but gotta see this Tyler kid shoot the ball.

  29. Looking forward to to next year’s new players. Hope Sammis gets his things in order. Bobbit I think will fit nicely. Looking forward to summer league.

    We haven’t heard anything about Jankovich lately. Does anyone know about Valdes and is he even coming back? Same with Niko? NWC has been quiet too. Is it that I’m missing basketball that much.

  30. Baller4Life: we know that Gib has to be, and has , super transparent, especially now. As far as transfers, ONLY two, Shamburger who graduated and going to Mizzou for final senior season, which is okay, he GRADUATED…he is a UH grad, and that is a big feather or part of good resume , and Second Transfer out for more PT at DII or DII school, is Dressler, same thing good grades..for Gib on talking to Ben Jay about contract..Now, Gib is graduating quite few guys, and the younger guys, everyone on schedule or ahead of schedule to graduate, i.e . Jawato this May 2015..That is why Gib is smiling a lot…he knows, things with program will be alright, they will take their discipline if any, and move on,

    So that is it.. only Dressler and Shamburger on good academic standing transferred out that are scholarship players. Harper and Hackman are terrific kids, with great families , transferred to schools where they get more PT, they are walkons, not scholarship, so it doesn’t count towards the APR rating, once again outstanding young people, even Shamburger supporting, summer league by being in attendance, know that he loves his team mates and the love him back, wish him well, maybe see them in NCAA or NIT tournament come March April 2015.

    Valdes, on scholarship now, very expensive, and he made academic goal, he gets bigger , taller,maybe 6’6″ 210, he will be a beast at 3 or hybrid 4, he can guard rim too, super bounce!
    He will be back, so will Jankovich, Jovanovich, Negus, Niko, Smith, Nevels, Fotu, Thomas, Jawato, all did super well in school, Gib gave them pass to go home and relax and prepare..Pretty sure, Negus and Janks are working out together in Toronto, and playing some super level summer league too. Same with Niko and Jovanovich, Smith in Bay Area League and Nevels in great LA Drew summer league, Fotu, NZ national team battling likes of USA NBA talent in FIBA world BB championships, Thomas will or is here already, summer school, get set , he takes heavy load of classes and summer league Manoa, Far as we know, and Brian M. confirms as far as he knows, everybody on scholarship, plus preferred walkons, Harville Stepteau, Enos, Buscher, and Filipovich will all be with team come this August fall semester start.

  31. Jake: I am with, and probably several hundred who follow WI UH MBB post forum, are looking for that NBA quality 3 ball stroke from Tyler, even if he misses 4 in a row, he can come back and hit 4 in a row.. hear that he is money from FT line.

    tako, I am also anxious to see what coaches, they were very high on him, Brocke Stepteau brings, is it quickness, defense, court sense, BB IQ, or is his floaters, and hit the dagger threes the reason for preferred walkon status, I think BOTH Harville and Stepteau, are the instant , keep teams from zoning, double and triple down on Fotu, defenses. If Nevels, Negus, Jawato, Harville, Stepteau, Smith, Bobbitt, Fleming, Valdes, and Enos, all show ability to hit those 3 bombs…wow, teams have to play them man, and Fotu, will have field day.

    Lot more possible 3 ball offense, and that was major weak spot last year, with only Nevels reliable. also, have to lockdown defense, shut down other teams, to secure wins, maybe Bobbitt, Valdes, Fleming, Nevels, Smith, Fotu, late Janks if they lock teams down on D…UH will be winning some big games.. lot of excitement. get the ncaa thing over, get Gib extended, lock in a surprise final big, and that great 2014-15 SOS schedule which will be one of the better ones in west or BWC.. UH going to be fun!

    Hey Jake, cannot wait to see Tyler bomb 3’s, tell him stay in shade too, so hot and humid, don’t want him to cramp, get sunburned, heat exhaustion balling in the local parks, Paki, or Crane Parks, or the one near UH campus..
    Tyler Harville the 3 point Marville….UH hoops, gotta love it!
    and ncaa, get to it, finalize your findings, and let team get a final big if can!

  32. Was the outdoor court that Tyler found by the Waikiki Fire Station across from the zoo ?

  33. islandman:

    forgot about that park. what about the one near UH. is that Kanewai field and Basketball courts, lot of Chaminade and UH guys used to play there.

    Only thing, beautiful by the sea. that court, is where HFD and lifeguards play BB and VB?
    Or did you see Tyler sinking 30 foot three point shots,..

    as tako says, maybe the most anticipated, and we don’t want to put pressure on him, preferred walkon on, or UH MBB athlete to come into town since Manroop Clair..

    He could go, to Kanewai field BB courts, Paki Park, Crane Park, that one by the Natatorium..if he says good players, has to be where the UH Chaminade and HPU guys play ball.
    So darn humid and hot, hope Tyler does not get heat exhaustion or sunburn cramps.

    He went from, East Coast, Notheast, to sub tropics, near 90 degree heat, with trades at 10 mph.
    if he balling under the heat, and sun and still dropping 30 foot three point bombs and making them, imagine what he might do in a Gym or Stan Sheriff Center. He must be a baller,

    Jake..Tyler loves to hoop it up wherever they have rim!

  34. islandman:

    that park is Paki playground, the one where HFD and UH, Chaminade the best of the basketball park and former college and even some pros play. Got on one team years ago, with a 3 on 3 game, this nice guy with young wife and child asked two of us, if we could challenge these other 3, one was all state from Pearl City, cat quick broke ankle guy, play till 11 baskets win by 2. the guy was a former college player, about 6’1″ and could jump almost head rim level, he made myself and partner look good, took one step, and jammed 3 shots right over the other local HS stars. finally, made tremendous clean pick, set up for 18 foot jump shot, hit shot and we won 13 to 11…that was 30 years ago…funny game, however, they have ballers there.
    Yep, maybe Tyler heard of Paki park, where Magic Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Mark Aguirre,, Bill Walton, Kareem, played some pick up ball, they just show up, choose teams and boom, what a game…nice venue, any one gets hurt or sick, HFD and EMT right there at station!

    Tyler, maybe he is official veteran of Paki, if he bombing there, he would draw crowd..that is where some of the best park ballers go!

  35. Just heard it was a hot outdoor court with really good competition and lots of rough play like he is used to in Kentucky. He is actually a southern kid that really doesn’t like cold weather. Just played that one year in East. That is why he has no desire to play there now. I’ve said all along it was a lock that he ends up at Hawaii to give it his best shot but I’m hearing more and more rumblings that St. Mary’s College really liked what they saw when he went on an unofficial there last week. Time will tell. Hope he gets to play a lot this week and has a great time.

  36. Jake:

    unless Tyler just here for vacation..and he really wants to walkon to st mary’s ..jmo..tyler would have not come to hawaii..where there athletes here that played last year as preferred walkons? Yes.. Aaron Valdes and Dyrbe Enos they both played with Valdes actually being a starter at one point….

    don’t know why tyler so anxious to play summer league unless he wants to show hawaii fans he is that 3 point weapon..preferred walkons non binding..up to tyler..if he loves hawaii like harper and hackman he might stick out year..know two walkons were given scholarship status one this year the other a year ago for spring..

    we are just curious because you built up harville so much ..test for tyler can he score and defend against 30 year old euro pros and ex college and miltary ballers..can he take the physical nature of organized ball with veteran men..who would do everythin not to get burned for a 3..?
    Maybe that is what tyler wants to prove and his family wants to see..if he falls in love with hawaii and the hawaii team members here summer league..figure he stays at least year..wonder whether he cosidered going to ohlone jc with coach
    fish..scout jake 200-300 want to see if harville real deal..all the media curious too..we remember manroop clair was supposed next jimmer..I would like to hear of tyler hitting 4 or 5 money threes..whatever he does give his best..hawaii uh bb fans want to see harville the marville ..otherwise maybe see tyler in NIT or NCAA’s..

    should be fun…tyler have great summer league have fun. Hawaii nice place to play!!
    similar programs measuring stick..uh mbb beat st mary’s DHC last season

    okay tyler ball in your hands ..show usvwhat you got..he and stepteau should be interesting..

  37. Jake…no question tyler willling to grind and work..help uh mbb and he as well as stepteau are legtimate 3 ball threats. uh mbb would love to have both ..as mentioned local 808 boy enos played quite a bit last year as walkon and hit
    some deep 3 balls
    I agree tyler with the weather culture fan support tyler would love it..challenge for any walkon..however they can be that 3 ball gem..tyler harville ..as jake says. ?.just have fun and
    ball..very few in world get to visit and possibly play sport you love in Hawaii

    tyler harville just hit those 42 threes in a row over 8 games..you will be summer league legend forever..well even 5 threes in a row fantastic

    tyler ha
    ve fun.

    jake you sound like a proud papa or uncle!!

    Real excited to see kentcky trained 3 ball launcher right warrior nation..uh mbb?

  38. Ha. I doubt anyone ever comes close to 42 straight in live competition. Just a shooting drill with no hands in the face. If Harville decides on SMC vs UH it will only be because Gib has not shown any attention in last month. Maybe Gib is simply a much better evaluator than Bennett, Clark and Fisher. At the end of say a kid should always go where he is most wanted. UH will be very solid regardless.

  39. Jake..who tyler should really thank is his parents for paying expense for him to come here..all fans are saying challenge for walkons in any sport even if he invited walkon to Duke..however you the scout so we go on what you say..fans..we love to see good 3 point shooters..as for Gib..he like Bennett they can run mbb proram and issuing scholarship how they want..had a couple of kids come in with full scholarship offer..they did not focus or attitude wasME first..on visit..Gib asked team..what you all think? Team said guys don’ fit attitude..kids were sent home lost scholarship offer

    whever tyler right fit..humble..hungry get better and honest about ability..coaches love that

    seen ton of super talented kids come in..however did not work out..if bennet tyler go to gaels if fisher go to ohlone jc full scholarship

    as you say jake all up to tyler he is here and invited to be part of team..even though fish move on..I think tyler likes hawaii..team says right fit..he welcomed uh mbb fans will, love him..I do not know tyler wish him the best and hope he gets 4 year degree..most important good education fall back on..

    still tyler have fun in summer league we uh fans welcome you..we are anxious to see brocke and harville battle should be fun..you huge fan of tyler and that is good.. summer league tyler will have fun..how do we or you know what gib thinks..probably he meet parents and tyler..know he and coaches cannot be at summer league games..

    jake ..a lot of fans want to see tyler light it up from 3 line..we have waiting for several months..wish best for tyler..sounds like very focused kid!!

  40. Just judge Tyler on his on merits. Not on my opinions. From what I can tell he has always been a great teammate. Just likes to win.

  41. Playhoopsa, do you use the blog name, poor boy on other blogs? That person has the same tendencies or should i say characteristics as yourself. Just curious.

  42. Bigfan: that is me..like eagle..same thoughts battle since old disabled and do work out of home on 2 pc’s I post a lot..one of originals on WI forum..same family with old dad uhf..however always try to stay positive whomever on payroll currently as uh mbb coach I support as long as not criminal abusive..think gib works really hards hard..really passionate learning from errors..will come out better stronger after ncaa pau..
    loves hawaii gets culture and is tryig to get uhb mbb to next level right way..I don’ t like the people who attack just to for be offensive too much in this crazy world..
    bigfan like you big fan od mbb.. for 50 plus years since jr hs..mid sixties with dad uhf..

    go bows
    playhoopsa same poorboy..love hoops and I am poor boy..
    One person or two on forum I think might be even staff..they post and fight for programm.. hope uh hoops with harville and whole team have great summer and bb season

  43. Jake: really want to see tyler do well..nothing personal..he must have great parents support on social both he and brocke very excited about uhmbb ..hey uh mbb needs the 3 ball shooters

    who else gave name Harville the 3 point shooting Marville? Really anxious to hear about his quick kentucky 3 ball release..another iverson..curry..harden..

    I just hope he blows up the summer league ton of fans want him to do well

    go gert em tyler!!

  44. Playhoopsa, ahhhh, as I thought. Yep, you sure do post a lot. Keep it up.

  45. Playhoopsa is like our point guard here. Picks up the whole team of bloggers and helps pick up the UH programs and players as well. Good job Playhoopsa !! I know when I come in off the bloggers bench, the game will be under control and I can play some help defense or even take a few shots. Go Bows baby !! Go Bows !!

  46. Akuhead2. Very nice analogy.

  47. Playhoopsa keep it up. Your doing fine. Always enjoy reading your material.


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