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Standhardinger makes amateur boxing debut

Lest anyone think otherwise, Christian Standhardinger’s primary focus remains on professional basketball, and not professional boxing.

Standhardinger lost via decision in his amateur boxing debut on Saturday at Palolo Valley District Park. Antonio Toetuu of the Palolo Boxing Club defeated Standhardinger in the three-round bout, which was part of an amateur boxing event.

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 3.18.36 AM

The 6-foot-8 former all-conference standout for the University of Hawai’i basketball team started boxing training just two months ago as part of his preparation for a professional basketball career.

“It was fun, actually,” Standhardinger said. “I have to improve a lot in boxing, but I just started two months ago. so for me to be able to stand my ground and go all three rounds against a guy who does this for years, I would say it’s a success.”

Standhardinger completed his senior season at UH in March, and started training with boxing coach Kyle Pressley at the Flex-Hard Pro Fitness shortly after. Standhardinger, who is originally from Germany, had zero boxing experience prior to 2014.

“Obviously a lot of skills I need to improve,” he said. “But nobody would expect me to play two months of basketball and then be winning a championship … I just have to keep going until I get better.”

Standhardinger said he was satisfied with his performance, especially considering that his opponent brought more experience into the ring.

“Obviously I wanted to win, I’m a competitor,” he said. “But this was mainly for the experience and I experienced a fight against a boxer who does this for one year already and who already has two fights for him already.”

Standhardinger said he would like to take another shot in the ring, under the right circumstances.

“I’m going to probably stand in there again and hope I do a better job,” he said.


  1. I used to like boxing. Too many concussions, and later year health problems for many long and short term participants. However , much courage to Christian, and once again, I hope he uses the boxing training to prepare himself for tough, physical rigors of pro basketball. Such a competitor, you know, he would like to get back in the ring in a year, or less and win. Take care of your brain Christian, watch the concussions.

    Christian, a great analogy for UH MBB at present , still standing and STILL FIGHTING…Christian, slight setback, however he is going to fix what is weak or wrong and get it right, or still do what is right and get better. STRENGTH THROUGH ADVERSITY…that is Gib’s Mantra.

    WI UH MBB, we cannot deny it, Stand and Fight. UH MBB will be okay. Use every means possible to keep that UH MBB Rainbow Warrior train 2014-15 booking for March NCAA 2015 tournament. The guys want it bad, and so do the fans. Keep on fighting. Stand and Fight, It Will Be Alright, if anyone knows , absolutely knows …the good ship UH MBB is sunk…well…we hope not..I do not think so…trust Gib …hashtag trust the coach.

  2. Cross’Training (esp. without significant injuries) can be a good thing…

    Martial Arts’ Balance, Focus & Centering could be good for the Whole Team…

    CS BOOM!

    [Mahalo, As Always, Dayton!]

  3. More respect for Christian now. Tons of respect. To learn the skill, to be able to defend family, team, coach, whomever, that is self sacrifice, you do not see too often in world today. We need a whole BB team of guys who as passionate!

    Good job Christian. Any Pro Basketball that signs you, they are getting not only a good ball player, however a well rounded human being!

  4. Haha!!! That UCSB fan is sooooo lucky Christian didn’t decide to spar on his b*tt.

  5. Christian,

    Please, please stick to basketball! Thank you.

  6. Actually, Christian did a creditable job for the limited time spent training. Plus, it takes courage to get into the ring. If you have tried it, you know what I mean. Don’t believe Christian will be a boxer but the cross training will enhance his footwork, hand quickness, eye/hand coordination and with mental toughness. At the end of the day, when he is sharing stories w/ his grandkids sitting on his lap, he can tell ‘um, did you know papa went into the ring and boxed once? Mighty mouse did the same with MMA before going back to Canadian football if I recall.

    Moving ahead, let’s hope for good gets with the assistant coaches. Previously, someone mentioned that assistant at Loyola, if there is truth to the story; he’ll be an awesome get.

  7. He did great for someone with 2 months training. Not to many people step into that ring, you got to have guts, and once you do you are automatically a winner. I give him total respect now and good luck in whatever he chooses to do.

  8. tako, agree, did so when young youth boxing, quite tough. Rough on the brains , that is the not so sweet part about the sweet science!. Love that now he has confidence to protect his friends.which will come in handy at appropriate time. His speed to rebounds and the ball he says has increased too!

    tako, are you talking about potential new assistant for UH MBB , name being dropped around : Senque Carey? He has a high pedigree, and tremendous resume. If Gib can get one of those type, it would be remarkable. Might be wrong though I think Carey is assistant at Fresno St. so you must mean another guy?
    DOBO’ possibility, that should be interesting too, entry level however very vital, It is like Gib rebuilding the staff. Start fresh. If a lot of activity, positive wise, the signing of Reyes, the walkon of local Zach Buscher, the hiring of new coach/DOBO and the signing of Beeman, Wade, Arnold etc, a lot of coaches, to extensions, which I believe Ben will get done by June sometime, or within summer. that is all good for UH MBB and athletics.

    Beeman spot on, on her observation, the easiest thing and immediate thing to do, to have shot at great recruits, so they don’t think about stipends? Infrastructure, the FACILITIES…have them top notch, not run down…then the Men and Women Mainland recruits will be dying to come to play for UH with Mainland Pac 12 at least lower end, good FACILITIES, she has a great point!

  9. brudda, ,next time youre on the street, stay in a safe area , forget the street fight, people carry guns and knives , be smart, don’t be where you shouldn’t be and , God gave you ,two long legs, …run.

  10. jjay,

    totally agree, unless life and death, only way out, better to flee or call for help than to get involved with buzzed whacked out people. crazies out there. I think Christian, quite bold to step up for Gib when that nut buzz came out of stands…Christian said now he would know how to handle. still you are right, the way that Gib, staff, and All of the athletes handled the situation was nationally if not worldwide recognized. What is the guy had a knife, or gun…and sad, it happens near UCSB, that crazy guy, shoots a lot of innocents..man..we thing BB thing bad, when a lot of good people die senselessly..

  11. Just for clarification: Believe Carey moved from Fresno to Loyola, he was at Loyola this past year.

  12. thanks tako: if that is their target for assistant..he is a Good One!

  13. Must be really great supportive families…Stepteau and Harville..think will be around with family summer ..check out hawaii..uh campus..early..must be something about the uh mbb program still pumping trusting..good thing ..and two preferred walkons..who would not want to be balling in hawaii for at least a year..

  14. okay…don’t quit your day job.

  15. incorporating the training part of boxing into your regimen is a great idea. however, stepping into the ring is just stupid.

    just copy rozitis – do yoga and pilates. lol!

  16. kinda reminds me of the boxing scene in charlie chaplin’s ‘city lights’.

  17. good and bad. That is the competitive part of Christian. He hates to lose. Wants rematch in 2 months..you know what, if his agent signs him to a terrific mulit year deal with a euro bb pro team in a month or so, he will tell Christian, leave getting into the ring alone, take care of yourself, it might even be in that contract.

    Christian, his reflexes, and quickness his arms and hands to rebounds is much better with the cross training. However, as his trainer said, it is a whole different animal, when you are expending so much mental, physical energy in 2 min span, boxing..

    yes, Christian, stick to boxing, it was an amateur bout, you could tell other guy had more experience ,..

  18. boy oh boy….real sloooow period regarding hoops news..
    I MEANT CHRISTIAN STICK TO BASKETBALL …that is your future, you will find a lot of success. Don’t want to get back in ring, and some guy nails you in the head a couple of times, and you have concussion that could impact your basketball and later life.

    Stay safe. That Christian, he will go all out, even playing tic tac toe!

  19. Hoopsa not only the head shots, IMO the body shots are the cripplers. Yep, also recommend, “Christian, stick to basketball.” Cross train and stay out of the ring. B-Ball is your future, don’t jeopardize it. And if not playing, maybe coaching is something worth exploring.

  20. agree tako:

    any type of martial arts the blows to any part of human anatomy is going to suffer residual damage.
    Christian , one thing he works so hard, he will be physically ready for Pro Basketball,.. he takes care of himself, he should have good long career. And then, he can retire in Hawaii!

  21. There are other ways to cross train besides getting your head punched in. You’ve got to be smart if you want to be a professional athlete.

  22. Gotta work on that head movement! I kinda hopped, skipped and jumped through the video, but did Standhardinger ever through a right hand? All I saw was a ton of range-finding jab (to be nice).

  23. Yes …Pick a Better Cross-Training Activity or Martial Art…

    GOOD Issue to Keep Pressing Esp. IF It Helps Our Player(s) Keep Their Head,
    Brains and GAME-Speed Sharpness In The Game

    You Lose Tens of Thousands of Brain Cells Every Day without Injury
    Cannot Afford to Accelerate the Drop-Off with Concussions/Organ Injuries

    “Promising” Career?
    Look at what A Few Hits or One Car Accident can do…[Colt]

  24. source: 1420 espn kkea: special with UH AD Ben Jay..1420 ESPN KKEA. Monday 600 pm.

    The State of UH Athletiics….special edition Bobby Curran and Ben Jay discuss the Athletics program starting at 600 pm tonite. Should be interesting. I guess on this forum, the State Of UH MBB ..the coaches and athletes…how season looking…know that he cannot mention any particulars about ncaa investigation…however could he give a hint? like he is looking to finalize Gib’s, Beeman’s etc contracts, looking for Both MBB and WBB to have potentially great 2014-15 seasons? Should be interesting, yes?

  25. YES – Also IF you have trouble Listening to UHAD tonight 6 to 7;

    Chris Hart announced RE-Broadcast of Show is Tomorrow Wednesday 6/4 @ 1100am KKEA AM 1420
    (Also Can Listen Via KKEA AM 1420 APP)

    “Special” (In this Case, Does that mean Handicapped?) Guest is also

    Chancellor Tom Apple…

    HE IS The One who Over-Ruled The AD╩╗s recommendation to Extend the THREE WAC Championship Head Coach In Favor of ╩╗Chase-Championships╩╗ Forget HOW-to-Win Successor who can╩╗t Win as many Games in TWO Years as the Previous Coach Won in 1/2 of His Worst Seasons…

    BUT To Bring it Back to Basketball…

    UHMBB & UHWBB are Two of The Winning, Maybe Next Year Actually ╩╗Chasing Championships╩╗ Programs…
    EVEN Winning One or Two? [Stay Tuned…]

  26. Eagle: heard show. One of first callers had a good one..she felt many in hawaii could not throw donations support behind losing programs..felt there is a feeling that uh athletics not winning..I.e. football..maybe change coaches or they coach better..ben and apple say that to compete and win..uh has to upgrade top facilities..food train table dedicated practice gym for vb and bb teams…to attract top recruits ..have to agree..

    ben priority renovation klum that would be 24/7 train center ..athletes could train at any time..example evan turner great shooter from ohio st. Ben saw him evening sat nites by himself putting up 100 shots..if you hav good facilities..and athletes willing put in extra work they reach next level..basically that was it ..several callers suggestions on better deal with Aloha stadium..asia connections..ben working with full support of apple meeting with 70 private sector who could help uh athlectics..if did not hear..playback espn kkea..

    ben and apple agreed All the coaches work really hard including chow to help athletes compete at best level..nothing about contracts or ncaa..a lot of positive support ad and chancellor that all teams did well in school of which apple most proud..
    Ben did mention coaches trying to bring in better talent to win games.. championships and go post season..still need monies to get facilities up to par..huge task..was brought out with what coaches and teams are allotted from ad dept..they use wisely effeciently..I am sure if he had 2 hour show would have talked about so many other things..

    still think he is still banging out contracts not only for Gib ..but fo several other coaches whose contract expires june 30 2014
    ben and tom apple really supportive of teams and recognizes how hard hc and assistants have to work..

  27. Eagle..only coach and his team lack of success..chow…still ..as for ben jay..we know chow is his man..addressing what lady…she had a lot of cajones..change coach..this reveals jay’s philosophy and bodes well for laura ..gib..if jay was to fire coach who is losing currently..if he got another one ..it would take at least 2 year rebuilding and uh would be in same boat..I feel though hard and the athletes do best ..jmo..chow has to win 7 games go to hawaii bowl to garner interest..gib has won..I think gib alluded to better athletes brought in and thing is now to retain and graduate these better athletes..sports ..hard..gib can win ..now has to successfully complete 2 final battles this summer..contract signed and investigation okay..then we go..hooray!!

  28. Wish that were done 10 years ago. Klum gym , they always talked about renovation and restoring to practice gym, weight rooms, classroom, video, and student athlete lounge center, a place where the athletes could be, when not playing their sport. I think even a food, health bar, for the athletes to get nutritious food to help them stay conditioned.

    That is a priority for Ben Jay, it would be, if ever completed, hopefully, a type of facility that could attract the top notch talent. I know that UH is an internationally recognized research grant and academic university. Ben is working to get UH athletic facilities to match the academics. Or at least on a competitive one. I like the thought of Laura Beeman, have the gyms, buildings, grounds, all in top shape, paint, fix, something, sparkling, then she can show to recruits, and they would gladly want to play in Paradise. Same with Gib, it is miraculous that a Negus, Jankovich, Sammis Reyes, Nevels, Fotu, Standhardinger, Bobbitt, would even consider coming to UH is they compared the facilities, even the dorms with the other schools they visited. I think, and WE ALL know, it is Hawaii, the people, the coaching staff, the SSC, they love it here, even with the shortcomings in facilities. Still to get to next level, or STAY competitive, facilities from top to bottom have to be good, not a Nebraska, or Norte Dame or USC, at least a very, very nice, new and clean UH athletics complex.

    Negus Webster-Chan would fit the mold that Ben Jay was alluding to, the athlete, who would forgo a night on town with friends, and go into a dedicated BB practice gym and put up 200 shots, on a Sat, or Sun evening,. Negus, is an Evan Turner, type, the gym rat who , might be the leader, make guys work harder, and start winning a lot of games, championships and NCAA runs!

  29. and to put a period to my Ben Jay with Bobby Curran KKEA show ramblings and observations..

    Bottom line for facilities …it takes MONEY..

    Ben working on something with Stadium , he mentioned they are an entity, that is there to make money to run the Stadium and make some profit.
    They are not the ones who made that deal , or no deal between state and UH football, TWO state entities…..it would take LEGISLATIVE …think Ben would have to go to Capitol Bldg. plead his case..with the accounting background, economics…he knows the money thing, and how to raise, or ask for donations, help from
    State…In the background…he is doing it..pretty sure, coming to UH, he must have went, after over 2 years, what ?

  30. Money taken in for parking at the SS Center for athletic events should go to the athletic dept, ,I would hope the monies taken for food and beverage in the arena during these events would or should also go to the athletic dept, not to the General Fund at UH. We need to make these changes now Lassner. Concerts should also be allowed in the arena, which has a larger capacity than Blaisdell , Come on Man!! Common Sense Needs to Prevail for Once!!

  31. Common Sense AND Economic $en$e…

    IF They have to Pay their Own Way @ Both A.Stadium And UH…
    Then UHAD should also get Credit For or Keep What They Earn…

    ALL “H” Sales
    Concession And Parking Revenues
    Advertising Revenues
    ALL “Drawn” by UH Athletics
    Walk-Ons’ Tuition & Total Cost of Attendance…

    AND Each Department Should Also get to Argue or Lobby for Increased Enrollment Tuition Revenue/Credit
    IF Astronomy, Geophysics, Robotics/Engineering, Bio-Genetics, Oceanography can show they brought in more Increased Student Enrollment & Tuition…NOT Likely as much as Sugar Bowl or NCAA Tourney Run…Proportionately Split The Tuition/Scholarship Credit…

  32. “,I would hope the monies taken for food and beverage in the arena during these events would or should also go to the athletic dept,”

    That is the ultimate reason why UH wants to build their own football stadium. They don’t care if it’s smaller than Aloha Stadium, or is more difficult for fans to get to.

    The thing is, people keep talking about wanting to cut sports at UH. Can’t make money at the arena if there’s nothing going on at the arena…

  33. sure, good comments all….Ben, Lassner, Apple, State of Hawaii, powers that be, have to let UH athletics have share of revenue, i.e, parking, concessions, better deal with Aloha, etc. That parking revenue, should be easy to do, first…Need Apple to approve, if they say they are supporting UH Athletics, that would be a first priority thing to do, the shared, or let UH teams have cut in the monies, from parking, concessions..Also, like the idea of renting out SSC for concerts, must be after affect of Wonder Blunder..Too, bad, Hawaii, just has that stigma, of Hawaiian kine time, kapakahi..Ben, I am sure, coming from huge resource Ohio St., is dong all that he can. He is taking a lot of heat, for the winning first..then people will come to games, versus, his reasoning, build better facilities, then better recruits, who will dedicate selves to get better, then be competitive, the hardest sport to build winning program from ground UP…? Football team, you need 40 guys , have depth…Wish that UH AD, and Governor, Legislature, Upper Campus start moving to fix thing for UH sports,do not want to return to small college status of 40 years ago!
    At least UH MBB and WBB are winning!

  34. Getting back to Hoops talk, UH MBB style!

    JMO. Great that all the guys, scholarship and preferred walkons did great last semester of school. All time highs for GPA, etc. No bad affect on APR. Program good in that regard. A reward, all those guys get to spend summer at home, workout, chill …etc.

    Summer at home: Isaac Fotu, Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Stefan Jovanovich, Nikola Filopovich, Stefan Jankovich, Negus Webster-Chan, Dyrbe Enos…local kine chill!, Michael Harper.

    Guys here this summer. Summer in Hawaii. Jawato: rehabbing ankle. Mike Thomas, work on game, ….new guys, Brocke Stepteau-preferred walkon, Tyler Harville-preferred walkon, Sammis Reyes, Isaac Fleming, Roderick Bobbitt

    unless I got it wrong,….I think those are the guys back home for summer, and the UH MBB new and working out/rehabbing guys in Honolulu July for summer.

    Very soon, in few weeks, new guys should be arriving first week July!

  35. Now that the grades are in what is the deal with Valdes? Is he on scholie or not based on his GPA? If he is placed on scholie does that leave us with 1? And if he’s not on scholie we still have 2?

  36. PONO:

    Roster so huge..I forgot Aaron Valdes..he is back in cali. Workout, chill..that must mean he made his academic goal…remember the video with gib upon signing of Sammis..Dayton asked queston: so you have ONE more scholarship to offer..Gib said yes..

    so..that would account for 12 out of 13 scholarships.
    scholarship: Nevels, Smith,Valdes, Fotu, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Thomas, Jawato, Webster-Chan, Bobbitt, Reyes, Fleming=12 total
    so..1 more scolie to offer..
    is that right….Think about it..if Valdes did not make goal he would v
    be required to attend uh summer session..he is enjoying home in cali now.

  37. Forgot to add Zach Buscher to freshmen walkon to UH MBB. I guess he would start July UH summer session too..unless walking on in the fall.

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