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No summer vacation for Jawato

All but one player from the University of Hawai’i basketball team opted to take a flight home this summer. Brandon Jawato – a junior-to-be who is from El Segundo, Calif. – will remain on O’ahu for the entire summer as part of a plan to rehabilitate an injured ankle.


“I just had surgery this past year and I’ve just been working out a lot with my trainer (Jayson Goo),” Jawato said. “I’m trying to get back into shape and get back to the freshman-year Jawato.”

Jawato, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard, was hampered the entire 2013-14 season due to an injured right ankle. He appeared in limited minutes in just 14 games, and then had surgery on the ankle shortly after the season. As a freshman during the 2012-13 season, he averaged 5.9 points per game and led the team with 43 3-pointers.

Jawato said a typical day for him this summer consists of five to six hours of training, including various drills to strengthen his ankle and upper body.

“I’ve been doing a lot of core work – I do 1,000 sit-ups a day – I get in the weight room four times a week, and I get in the pool a lot, riding the bike a lot,” he said.

He noted that he is still not cleared to run or jump, so he has not been able to participate in basketball drills. He said he expects to be ready to train with his teammates when they all return to the UH campus in August.

The summer stay in Hawai’i has also allowed Jawato to get ahead on some of his academic work. He is on track to graduate in the spring of 2015 – after his junior season.

“I’m on track to graduate next spring but I still have two more years of eligibility,” he said. “Hopefully I can do my master’s program here at UH.”


  1. Going on fourth year with Gib and UH MBB. Never pouts, complains, cheers team on. Gets hurt, rehabs, and works to get healthy. On schedule to graduate, who knows, next spring , summer or year next fall. Brandon B Jawato, class guy, great guy, Dyrbe friend. Cannot say enough about Brandon, this year’s heart , and working soul of team. Cannot wait for Brandon to start hitting 3 or 4 threes in a row to bust open game!

    Great story, and congratulations, on working hard in school and on the court Brandon. Yes you could become coach in Hawaii one day too!

    Part of the Good Part about Gib’s tenure here, the story of Jawato! Stuck it out, never quit or transferred out. Great family !

  2. My mistake, did not read full writeup! Brandon on track,( he would actually be 4th year going on academic wise)to graduate this Spring 2015..fantastic…funny, NCAA, Ben Jay wants UH MBB guys to graduate, well, Zane and Miah, Christian on track, Rozitis, Spearman, Shamburger on track, and Jawato, …I believe Amis too.. So guys have stuck out program and graduated from UH..Fantastic!

  3. Hey….did I hear something…the negative blogs going silent…shhhhhhhh…Brandon B Jawato, Jaws,so positive about going to school, graduating, he would be great youth and later HS, or college coach..loves the islands…and wants to be the Freshman RS…streak 3 ball bomber, the weapon that UH needed this year in addition to Nevels! Any negative talk, NONE..he is on board 100%, could have finished his academic, athletic career, in Cali, transferred? No, Jawato, on that UH train bound for a shot at NCAA 2015 championship tournament. You can feeeel the momentum building for something good, exciting for this coming year’s team!

  4. You know I was one of those on the fence concerning whether or not B should remain with the team considering how much on court contribution he has made lately. But sometimes it goes far beyond the white lines. And I thank Gib for realizing this in Brandon. I am truly glad that Gib stuck with his promise to B. You are right playhoopsa, this is and continues to be a great story. Really proud of Brandon and how he has handled the cards he was dealt.

    Kind of makes you wonder how the UNC investigation is going to affect UH. It seems that what UHMBB has done, whatever it is, is minor compared to what UNC has done( or is accused of). NCAA needs to tread water carefully here. If they give UH anywhere near the same punishment as UNC, it would appear that there is a perceived bias towards the bigger conferences. Thus making it as unfair as it gets. Which leads me to believe that punishment for UH will be more towards the minor.

    Well the above two paragraphs have nothing to do with each other. Haha. Just popped in my head. Sorry about that guys. Hope I not just blowing smoke.

  5. Possible? [Yes]

    Come Back Stronger (Surgically Healed and Rehab Strengthened, Carefully….]

    More Mature, More Focused

    Even BETTER Shooter? [Why Not? Improved]

    ‘Natural’, Integrated Mentally, Skill-Wise. Instinctive, First-Reactions “In-System”…
    Four Years of Muscle Memory…

    1000 Sit Ups! Daily!
    Eventually Thousands of Threes
    With Even Better Form…
    Better Ankles…
    Better Focus…
    Better Results

    Thanks for Hanging Tough, Brandon from Bali!


    AGREE – Made a Similar Comparison with UNC V. NCAA,
    Who Had ‘ALL the INFO AND Opportunity’ from their Football Investigation & Probation…

  6. Wow Mr. Jawato. Great job working on your academics, your a smart Man! Get well soon

  7. Yes Eagle and warriorhaw, agree, will the ncaa be fair…I think they have to ..Uh very cooperative to do right thing, UNC, I don’t know?
    Look at when Gib started to get the right fit, or higher character, i.e, Jawato, type of athletes, also Mike Thomas,Rozitis outstanding student..basically the whole team, working really hard in class, the GPA is getting higher, and Gib is having these young guys, who stick it out, on track to graduate. Whomever on staff, which originates with Gib, encourages academics, no bogus classes, is doing great job.

    I say kudos and praise to the young guys for taking care of business in the classroom, just as, if not more important than on the court!

    Good job UH MBB team!

  8. Thanks for this update on Brandon Jawato! I remember so many of the supposed experts on other message boards proclaiming their “sources” told them that Jawato would be the first player ousted after last season. This just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you read on message boards and that majority of the people posting are just reaching or guessing. No offense to those who do, but it includes a lot of people who post here on this site.

    Keep up the hard work on the court and in the classroom, Brandon!

  9. Chuck…you got it..WI all things Warrior basketball, if there is anyone in the world, who has access to athletes, coaches, staff, incoming recruits, with real time reports and video interviews…it is Dayton Morinaga…I don’t see SA, or other Op ed reporters, who really are looking for that needle in haystack, whether UH MBB team going under, or what wild speculation and rumor..

    I am guilty too, with periods of No News on ncaa front, or what about athletes, is Vander stay or go, Christain and Rozitis, stay or go?…Jawato, he would be not with team..it is Speculation..

    Know on the other negative boards, one prominent contributor, he went on his feeling and insider close to UH MBB program, upper and lower campus, predicted 3 weeks ago that UH MBB with Gib would implode, blow up in Gib’s face, man, that guy or gal..supposed UH supporter should hide under a rock…his prediction did not come true, according to his close to situation insider scoops..Instead, UH, and great example in Jawato, if he knew team and program exploding, he would have left this year…he is positive, the new recruits, and walkons positive, Gib positive, so we let ncaa finish their audit,…UH correct books, and compliant, and we get back to rock and roll at the SSC November, with possibly the most exciting team Gib has had in past 5 years.

    I stay silent on my opinion now..jake say, June 23 2014..findings come out, his east coast sources, say, minor, thing,…UH cleared to launch for NCAA tournament next March 2015…100% confident, that the athletes, their families, Gib, staff, and office, ready to rock that SSC with great athletes, and more importantly smart, academic guys, who value the full ride scholarship, or the kids with parents, and student aid, footing own bill, the preferred and invited walkons!

  10. Did Joaquim and Josten Thomas get their degrees?

  11. Derek: that is good question. Remember the famous Vander walkout, …He was on track to graduate, Gib at Awards banquet where Rozitis got Defensive player of year, Gib just thanked Vander for his contributions to MBB and his pursuit of his next dream, pro ball. No mention of him graduating. I think Vander had to finish up in summer session, same with Shamburger..don’t know if he ever did get degree from UH, though he said he was close. Don’t know if he could have taken online..oh, oh, course.

    Josten Thomas, really believe that NBA dream chaser, thought he might get drafted, pretty sure he did not get degree. Remember Jr. year, right after season, he declared to chase NBA hoops dream.

    Others that did graduate, preferred walkon Jace Tavita, Hauns Brereton, for sure. Garrett Jefferson, was so close to graduating, he another, could have taken summer session and been UH grad, however transferred, we never heard anything, to DII school for more PT…
    So , despite the Shaq’s, Salters, Brumfields, Manroops, Colemnans, Bo Barnes, there has been recently, from the time of Amis, Johnson, football scholarship guy Miah O., till now Standhardinger, who still has to finish summer or fall course. Rozitis, Spearman, etc, guys are on track to graduate, that is a good thing, U. North Carolina, what is going on, and little ole, in the red athletics , D1 lower mid major, UH Rainbow Warriors, really doing it in All Sports,…take that NCAA! …Student Athletes, UH MBB, Gib has them on track to graduate, he always emphasized the books, remember him leaving, Mills, Oz, Trevor home from road games to concentrate on the books..that is a good thing!

  12. Don’t know what happened to, if they ever did play DII ball, Garrett Jefferson, Bobby Miles, and Trevor Wiseman(think he was going to try to make Japan pro team)

    Salter, what a talent, however, he had complaint , investigated, no substance, dismissed, remember that one. However, don’t know where the young guy went. What about Shaq O.? He just has to walk the straight and narrow.

    The High Character, on track to graduate guys: Standhardinger, Jawato, Enos, Thomas, Smith, Nevels, Webster-Chan, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Fotu, etc, they really work very, very hard, credit to those young men, AND coach Gib , staff, and counselors, tutors!

  13. Wish the best to Brandon. I remember the exhilaration I felt at the game he hit 7 three pointers. Hope he has a great comeback. I didn’t realize what a horrible injury he sustained for it to be still bothering him. When did it happen? Does anyone have the details or maybe Dayton can find out and tell everyone. It is truly amazing he has keep playing for UH a goal while he worked on his degree. Will be looking for him to be a contributor this year.

  14. I know that Josten did not finish his degree and had quite a bit of work to do when he left. Not sure about Vander though.

  15. Well coached system team, great role players with skill, TEAM San Antonio…beat 4-1…a well coached, TALENT laden team, not deep enough..

    Agree fellow fans who have posted , San Antonio, not flashy however they are TEAM, and have won 5 NBA titles. Credit to that coach, players and Organization.

    Maybe Gib signs a Big from the Virgin Islands, a 17 year old Tim Duncan type who played against UH MBB team with Wake Forrest some 20 years ago!

    Well good model for UH MBB team, talent, skill and most importantly Team …can win championships..
    guys like Jawato, so important part of team, that 3 ball skill and the intangibles can help UH MBB go deep in post season!

  16. jake1210, the 2014 Manoa bb League roster is posted and I don’t see Tyler’s name listed. Wonder if he told coach he wanted to play, I wonder if he still could be added to a team if he wanted to

  17. Pocho,
    Tyler just texted back. Said Coach Akana told him and Brock that they are still putting players on different teams. Said not to worry both will be on one. Do u see Brock Steppe?

  18. Jake: http://basketballsummerleague.blogspot.com/

    check out roster, sometimes they add later.I don’t know if it is above the rim talent, however, the most competitive collegiate, HS, and ex HS Hawaii basketball athletes, around, The oldest guy , is about 40 years old from University of Hawaii.

  19. The league is dominated by guys that can score, They don’t play real defense or get tough and rough until the playoffs. Tell Tyler to hit weights, stretch, hydrate, eat well, get enough rest..He must have played against Elite talent in the Northeast, or Kentucky…This league has some Old guys who are strong…

    Would like to see Tyler and Brocke scoring from 3 line, that is what WI UH MBB fans are awaiting..
    also see, Isaac Fleming, Roderick Bobbitt, Sammis Reyes, on roster, plus some other UH guys here for summer.
    Interesting, there is, I am just guessing unless a mistake another 6’4″ guard, who says his school is University of Hawaii, might be another, student trying to walkon to UH…JMO and guess.

    Jake, that blog, plus Dayton WI, when he can , has video hilites of summer league, games, that Manoa College Summer league blog site, that webmaster, keeps archives of most games played this year. and the playoffs!

  20. Playhoopsa. Thanks for the information. I will check back in a few hours to see if it is updated. Lot of players for just 6 teams.

  21. hahahahahaha, jake1210 should have that link to the Manoabb League bookmarked.

    come on jake, hahahahahahahaha j/k’ing and having some fun

  22. jake, Brock isn’t listed either

  23. Jake : I agree, however some teams, they had to forfeit, because guys working or emergency and did not show up…six teams with huge rosters…pretty sure, if league director could handle logistics, could make a 7th team,..would have to wait and see, if the had sponsor, and it fell into the league game format.

    Hey, Jake, this side of the Pacific Pond, with summer league in about little over 2 weeks, the die hard UH MBB fans, are getting excited for hoops! Would love to see Brocke and Tyler go toe to toe, and score, 38 to 38 with each having 8 three bombs… the crowds would go wild!

    Jake, you are very positive supporter of young talent back east, and we hope Tyler will bust out this summer, and have a nice year with UH MBB team!

    We look for that east coast pipeline to start pumping!

  24. Pocho. Promise it is bookmarked. Ha. Playhoopsa. I like how u think. Would love a pipeline. Win win for a lot of great kids.

  25. in the roster Micheal Thomas is listed at 6’6″, I don’t think he lost some height right? Maybe a transcribing error cause he looked pretty tall last season.

  26. MT actually grew from beginning of season till end..we all hopiing he is still growing…he is probably closer to fotu’s height..he is at least 6’7″..nice if he grows to 6’9″…check out team roster photo from last season ..shade under standhardinger..legit growing yong man
    those summer league roster heights not exact..even enos has grown to 5’10”!

  27. Must be UH’s 2″ rule then as he’s listed at 6’8″ on last years UH official roster. Thanks for clearing that up playhoopsa

  28. Can’t wait to get a peak at the new players as well as returning players. Do we have a Kawai Leonard dark horse that no one saw under the radar? Hey if Leonard can turn his game from basically a defensive one into an mvp caliber threat, others (who has the athleticism) can do it too. But maybe desire is more elusive than pure talent. One you’re born with. The other you will it from the many faces of pain and conquer it.

  29. Deante Hearn 6’4″ University of Hawaii on National Fire Protection team…interesting…might be another possible uh mbb walkon?..too bad he wasn’ t 6’8″..

  30. Lot of good memories with phil martin, sensley..geremy robison..and mr. Posterizer dunk on 7’5″ shawn bradley..tim shepherd..
    new guys..bobbitt, fleming, reyes..dstepteau and harville..look for enos and thomas to have fun in summer league

    you right servante..we fans got something to look forwad to..uh mbb membets in summer league action..

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