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Nevels shining in the Drew League again


Garrett Nevels made a name for himself in the prestigious Drew League in Los Angeles last summer. He’s back home for more this summer.

Nevels, a senior-to-be for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, had 23 points (including five 3-pointers), five rebounds and four assists last week for the Houdini’s All-Stars in his first summer league game of 2014. His team scored a 41-point victory in the game, and is now tied for first place at 4-1.

The Drew League is regarded as the top summer league on the West Coast, and the games regularly draw capacity crowds. Current and former professional players often show up unannounced to participate in the games.

Among the players who participated last summer were Kevin Durant, James Harden, Demar Derozen, Javale McGee, Gilbert Arenas and Brandon Jennings.

Nevels said he will remain in his home city of Los Angeles for the duration of this summer in preparation for his senior season at Hawai’i. His Drew League team is scheduled to play again on Sunday.

Nevels finished third on the Hawai’i team in scoring last season as a junior at 13.1 points per game, and lead the team with 59 3-pointers and a .413 percentage from 3-point range.

Below are highlights from last week’s games at the Drew League. Nevels appears in the highlight clip from the 1:11 to 1:21 marks … check how deep some of his 3’s are:


  1. sheeeets! shoosh, whoosh! I knew G Money, Garrett Nevels, very serious BB guy, and good student, he wants to be leader, takes it personal, to get to rim and one, more explosive better defender and keep emotions in check…Gib work with Garrett to shoot coming off ball screens, even if Garrett can develop step to, and step back 3 ball jumper, he will be deadly with his FT shooting better, and accurate already 3 ball shooting..
    Good Job G, do your thang!

    Go Bows!

  2. Last season in conference play all the teams knew that Nevels was our best outside threat. So they put their best defender on him and denying him any open looks. Don’t think this year they will be able to do it as we should have 3 money back court shooters in Nevels, Bobbit, and Negus Chan. This is a weapon folks. They can win games on just shooting alone. Things get tough though when the shooting goes down on certain games and the front court tries to pick up the slack. That’s the scenario we were constantly in last year. They would go zone and dare us to shoot. Then they would pack it down low and double or triple team Fotu when he got the ball. We will get some bad shooting nights but I don’t think too many. Plus we got guys off the bench that can shoot too. This will really open up the inside and Fotu and the other bigs can work their magic.

  3. servante

    : agreed. without question, like Zane Johnson before, we lived and died with Nevels, if he were off, or in foul trouble, UH would lose. If teams zoned, other guys reluctant to shoot, or shooting bricks. Negus is a 3 point threat out to near half court, reportedly is Jankovich when he is eligible, Thomas if he can slow down and relax, is a 3 star athlete with perimeter game and a nice 3 point shot that he hits in practice, has to hit in games. Fotu, this is his money possible pro year..he develops a keep the opponents honest 3 point shot game, go out some, hit 2 per game, he will be a weapon. Matchup problem. Even Reyes, if you watch video , has excellent form on 3 point shots, just that he was used as Center in prep school. One thing servante that is obvious, these prep school guys are not 17-18 years old, they are 20 year old freshmen, having played basketball for maybe 10 years or more, quite seasoned guys. Hope that Q improved 3 point and FT shooting, as well as Valdes, Enos, Fleming has nice leftie stroke,

    STILL FINAL PIECE TO PUZZLE..though some on this forum disagree..that shot blocking big. or a 6’8″ athletic guy can get steals and deflect alter block a few, knows how to guard and score in the paint..then UH MBB will be that top 1-3 in BWC with legitimate shot to go as far as they want in NCAA tournament…hopefully if they San Antonio Team ball play!

  4. The old saying, “Offense wins games, defense wins championships.” U of H is loaded with offensive weapons, knock on wood, we have one side of the equation; da exciting side. Believe we need the maestro to set up and guide the offense so all can demonstrate their offensive skills. Concurrently, we cannot allow one for one on points, as the game with continue to be a tie, lock down defense will break ties and extend leads. The sixth player’s contribution feeds off great defensive plays followed by great offensive plays; the roar of the crowd is a great momentum sustainer. Silence and moans of the crowd is a momentum killer. It is GREAT news that Nevels is developing his game, so vital to next season. Hana Hou

  5. When you look at it last year now the missing link was Brandon Jawato. I’m not kidding. Shamburger and Spearman and Smith, the 3 S, shot poorly from the 3 pt line. Enter Jawato, if he was healthy all season last year we might won several more games. Jawato is a streak shooter who can light it up from very deep very quickly, aka Marco Bellinelli from the Spurs.

  6. Derek Jawato would have helped with the outside shooting if he was healthy but who’s to say that he wouldn’t have given up more points on the defensive end. We all know he can shoot it. I haven’t seen him be effective on the defensive side of the ball yet.

  7. I’m not saying Jawato is a defensive stopper. He is more known as a shooter than a defensive player. That’s why they have substitutions. When Jawato is not effective bring back Spearman back in, or Valdes. When Jawato is hot and playing well, leave him in. Arnold knows his players and he should know their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we have a TEAM. Everybody brings something good to the table. With a full roster, there are more options and with a full roster, suppposedly the players will be fresher.

  8. Derek: we all know the past 4 years, when 6 or 7 guys had most of PT, by the end of year, could not even get deep into BWC tourney, sometimes, one and done. A lot of that had to do with depth. When Nevels out that final Northridge game, saddled with fouls, and in personal duel with the other guy Greene…there goes the 3 point offense.

    This year, look at the depth, though team young.

    PG’s: Q Smith, Roderick Bobbitt, Nikola Filopovich, Dyrbe Enos. Zach Buscher
    SG’s: Garrett Nevels, Isaac Fleming(combo), Tyler Harville, Brocke Stepteau(combo)
    SF/wing: Negus Webster-Chan, Aaron Valdes, Sammis Reyes(3/4), Brandon Jawato
    PF: Isaac Fotu, Mike Thomas(3/4)
    C: Stefan Jovanovich, Janks Jankovich, maybe Riak Bol or another similar big?

    Of those 18 guys, 10 have had NCAA DI experience, some are excellent 3 ball and mid range shooters, supposedly Bobbitt, is inside and outside threat, with great defensive hands, steals and deflections, if he is leading the attack on ball pressure, look for a lot of runouts!

    Gib has to develop that 10-12 man rotation into March so guys do not burn out, and UH can win the BWC tourney and go deep into NCAA’s hopefully.

    I am sure Gib is excited for next year..a lot of potential..just have to put it together and guys buy into TEAM and WIN first, instead of self..Good if 4 or 5 guys are shutdown defenders, plus take the last shot, or hit big shots to win close games!

  9. as time moves on, and we head to the 2014-15 season, a little better shot selection, coaching strategy, more depth, 4 or 5 defensive stops in a row..UH could have went to NCAA tourney with a 26 win regular season record , no question…Last year’s team the most exciting , and always guys gave effort, and had chance to win every game..since Fab Five , Henderson days, Reggie Cross/Chris Gaines teams, Trevor Ruffin/Tony Maroney days, AC and Alika, teams, and the Savo/English…and the Mike Kuebler led team, which was Wallace’s last post season tourney team an NIT bid, where, Mike Kuebler, led them to a 2nd or 3rd round game and final loss at , I think Michigan!

    So This year’s team, after, final year Riley, and Nash down years.. Gib is building the UH MBB culture up the right way, these kids are great students, only felon..SS..and he is gone…should be exciting, and I hope Gib stays for 10 years, and makes it a winning legacy that is fun for fans, and athletes, from USA and globally.

    UH MBB with Gib as HC, as Tony Sellitto says, he doing good job, and I agree. ncaa thing, get resolution, correct, then go get that NCAA bid. IMUA!

  10. checked out Manoa college summer league roster..does anyone in WI UH MBB fan nation know this young man? Is he a possible walkon to UH MBB? At first I thought it was former UH MBB player Deonte Tatum.

    From Manoa College Summer league roster:

    Do you know who is Deante Hearn 6’4″ from University of Hawaii playing for National Fire Protection? Wish he were 6’8″… Is he going to walkon with UH MBB team?

  11. Playhoopsa. What do u think about St. Mary ?

  12. Jake…well..me all in with uh mbb and any athletes coming on board..so quite warrior badketball fan to max..last year in diamond head classic uh mbb team had great game and beat them..st mary was favored to win classic..I am not going to steer any young guy away from hawaii..a preferred walkon..if tyler wants the uh mbb experience in beautiful hawaii come to hawaii..if he walkon elsewhere..personal choice..however lot of uh mbb fans looking forward to harville bombing threes..tyler alawys welcome..he can shoot and defend uh mbb can use him..

  13. Playhoopsa. Just asking because I don’t know much about them other than they battle Gonzaga each year and it is where Pattie Mills is from. I just heard thru the grapevine he might take unofficial visit there this week. Something about Coach Clarke there knows Fisher well. Probably not true and Harville has been pretty consistent about not looking at anyone besides Hawaii. I texted his friend but no response….

  14. Sad to hear Michael Harper transferring to Simon Fraser University. Gonna miss his high character personality and Aussie mom.

  15. Here’s a link to Harper story if anyone interested. http://athletics.sfu.ca/news/2014/5/28/MBB_0528144112.aspx?path=mbball.

  16. garrett has a solid set shot from three but needs to add that catch and shoot jumpshot….add some D without the fouls and he’s gonna be killer…not much have that mid to short range floater

  17. I think that is what negus…fleming..and bobbitt..might be able to do..create own 3 ball shot..along with harville and stepteau…or else ..use ball screens..like san antonio..or jawato going on streak and hitting 3 threes in a row..
    Hope this is the year 3 guys on floor same time hit 38% or better from three land..uh mbb might be averaging 86 ppg..and hfan..we all know uh mbb has to be able to stop other teams shutdown defense

  18. Garrett going be one of the leading scorers..if he can explode to rim and finish and one..he could be next all BWC first team pick..

    Key if Q ups his offensive game..there younhave 2 solid guardsvwith experience of winning 20 games and 4 in a row on BWC road swing..

    Bobbitt..Fleming..Filopovich complement them along with freshmen 3 ball threats harville and stepteau..

  19. braddah Q ballin in da sf pro am. #ballislife


  20. fjklmsfnjfl:

    Mahalo for video link! I would not doubt if Negus, Jankovich, Valdes, Jovanovich, Filopovich, Bobbitt, Fleming and Reyes,are in summer leagues or running open gym with some pretty good competition. Also Fotu, with the NZ national team , getting ready to battle for World Games Basketball Championship! Only makes the guys better!

  21. Mahalo Dayton for your hard work, this great forum and the video interviews and updated with all things WI UH MBB team.
    Nice to know, since most of the guys are home for summer, how Jankovich, Negus, Valdes, Fleming. Reyes, Bobbitt, Smith, are doing at home. Working out, running open gym, in summer leagues in mainland, etc. Also, update on Isaac’s preparation for the World Games Basketball Championship.

    Thankyou to Valerie Schmidt, Pacific Risk Solutions and all the great sponsors. We UH MBB fans love this site, for ongoing the 5th season, I think, Mahalo Plenty!

  22. And Mike Thomas, is he working out, getting bigger, running in summer league in Cali, etc.
    Thankyou Dayton!

  23. fjklmsfnjfl — Thanks, Great Video…

    Q Looks Stronger, More Power in his drives, stronger jab steps, (yes, highlights, but) Better Controlled Passing….
    Probably Better Cross-Over

    Other Video of Garrett hitting Five Threes in his First Game in DREW League also Lookin’ Solid…

    Q & Nevels: TWO RETURNING Players Versus (Last Year) Two First-Year Players is Probably a SIGNIFICANT Upgrade…

    NEW Players Can Help A LOT but often the Most Improvement shows up with Returning Players…

  24. EAGLE: Agree 100%. The improvement of Christian and Isaac from year before till becoming this past year’s historic 2 all BWC first teamers, and Isaac regional selection , and Christian Senior basketball all star game, that one year improvement, huge part of the 20 win season, I don’t care if they were playing the YMCA local all stars…20 wins is 20 wins, and those two guys, huge improvement.. With Garrett Nevels, who in retrospect had a great year, over 13 pts a game, and the highest percentage of 3 pointers on UH team and one of tops in BWC, key. Nevels adjusted well to DI ball. Same with Q Smith, at times, when Gib put him in for foul plagued or attitude plagued Shamburger, the team got uptempo and played well.

    Nevels and Q Smith, come back with more confidence,..plus on video, that little 12 foot baseline jumper, looked so much better than last year, where Q had that odd looking set shot 3 pointer, Q has as well as Nevels, beautiful ala Tony Parker, K. Leonard, Patty Mills floaters. EAGLE, you watch, Brandon Jaws Jawato, is waiting to bomb and break open game..count on the returnees, Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Enos, Thomas, Jovanovich, and Fotu to lead the way, they have the experience and the greatest exponential growth BB and physical wise is from May till October..UH MBB is hungry for those good things baby, hungry through and through…they want to shock the NCAA and the world, as Negus, a real leader type, says, set goals higher, than just winning a game in BWC tourney…why not UH MBB team, play for National Title EVERY year…why settle for less!
    That is the Rainbow WARRIOR mindset.

    Look , for closure with ncaa, and UH MBB bypass, unless miracle with that chow team, the FB program in interest…seems like UH FB, might have to go down to D1a level, sad, however, UH keep WVB, MVB, BB, track, tennis, sailing, swimming diving, gold, and WBB and MBB , WSB to save the athletic dept..this past year , UH MBB was a shining light, the more we look back on season EAGLE, the better and more potential we see for the PAYOFF big time with highly skilled 1 through 5 athletes. gunning for NCAA bid!
    Go Bows! Rainbow Warriors, IMUA!
    EAGLE, super huge in little over week, Fleming, Bobbitt, Stepteau,. Harville, Buscher, Thomas, Reyes., will be burning the nets and high slamma jamma, and shooting out to 35 feet, just run and gun that Manoa league, burn that house down.

    Come on people, let’s get together and love the Rainbow Warriors, now, ….right now…right NOW!
    Go Bows!

  25. Football is what drives the engine. Can’t go FCS. Crowds would deteriorate even more. Ned FB team to return to winning ways. They help all of the other programs. So let’s hope for BIG year for all of the young people involved with UH athletics. So Go Bows to each one!

  26. Hoosier: you are right, for UH athletics to survive and to keep on level playing field , pun intended, when the Power Conferences go off on their own…UH , that Football program has to win and go to Hawaii Bowl…the season ticket sales, the worse in decades..could be the demographic, including myself and mate, is getting really older, plus the youth, have other things to go to…however WINNING and winning Mountain West Championships is key.

    Without a doubt, UH is not Nebraska, Norte Dame or even Indiana, with those tens of millions, of alumuni and private donors, just for the FB program.

    Norm Chow, cannot win just 4 games and lose 9 this year, they HAVE TO Win 7 games and go to Hawaii Bowl…bottom line…I think Chow will finish out his 5 year contract, Ben Jay is sticking with Chow, until Norm is 71 years of age, maybe FB team will be the turnaround team of the year in FCS division…hope so…Sad, 12, 0000 or so season ticket holders, …have to have tons of pay per view viewers, or have that deal with Aloha stadium fixed, otherwise, it might be a death blow for FB and UH athletics…would be neat if 5 years ago, UH built a 35K expandable to 40K stadium in UH quarry..at least the old timers, and kids on campus could go to game..and as Ben Jay is doing, paint and clean the facilities to attract the good recruits, the infrastructure, and I am retired State employee, the buildings, look in poor shape..when TC Ching , complex completed, and Sand VB and Soccer field finished, and if they had a 30K stadium on campus,…things would look beautiful..
    HOWEVER HOOSIER< UH FB cannot win just 3 or 4 games, they have to win at least 7 and Hawaii bowl…to draw, people, the schedule they have is KILLER..yet maybe the HC and team will surprise, I hope so, for benefit of all the Athletic teams…UH MBB, BB, and WVB making money, though!

  27. Just curious to know why not too many “good luck” sentiments to Michael Harper and Aussie mom? Did I miss something as there were many comments about him while on the team. He seem like a great team and character person (same with Hackman). Is it because he’s only a walk on or not a big deal since he’s no longer a rainbow warrior? I know this board is a lot more positive but there were more well wishes on the scout board. I thought I may have missed something.

  28. BigFan: From day one, if you go back 2 years, and one year to Harper and Hackman, they were invited preferred walkons, with hope of earning PT and scholarships. Those guys excellent students, great citizens, and loved by team. Aussie Mum was regular contributor, even visited Mike during DH classic time 2 years. Great Mum and ohana. Same with Jack Hackman’s parents .

    I will definitely miss Mike and Jack, however they want PT, as does all the UH MBB players. Harper unique, in that one spring last year, he was awarded a scholarship. He such a great student, it helped APR despite all that player movement, MIke H. and Ozi, by doing well in school, helped UH MBB APR to hold stable., and UH MBB was still solid.

    For that reason, you might, or if Dayton chooses, have a video update and comment from Gib, either via this site or Brian’s blog about how well those guys were, and liked, no problem kids..I guess on this board, fans try, I know I go off on tangent, stick with Dayton’s topic video, and let the other blogs comment on player movement…you know..the 2 years Mike Harper was here, battling everyday against great D1 competition, will make him one of the better players at Simon Fraser, maybe akin to an Australian All Star collegiate BB player. Mike, will play Pro ball, as will Jack Hackman..never had problems with them..same like Jawato…high , super high character kids.

    Bet that Aussie Mum and ohana are happy to have Mike Harper back, the Thunder from Down Under, always tried to create a happy, positivie vibe to a guy who was supported or financial aid, for a very, very expensive out of state tuition, thanks to Mike Harper’s and Jack Hackman’s families. they are always welcomed back , and great friends with Fotu, Enos and the rest. Great young men..
    I wish them well.

  29. super apologize to Mike Harper! Simon Fraser University. British Columbia, in Canada! Sorry Mike, I must have been thinking land of Oz.
    Simon Fraser, I believe they have good MBB program, and Mike Harper will have great career, with all of the DI experience, he knows American BB is top level, Mike will do well.

    Wish you the best Michael Harper, just unload that Thunder from down Under to the great white North!

  30. Jake,
    St Mary’s is one of the top mid major programs. They do have a connection to Fisher as they mine Australia extensively on both the men’s and women’s side for recruits. All St Marys mens games are televised on ESPN in Australia so they are a big deal down there. They’ve had a long line of recruits from Australia that have done very well in their program (Delladova and Mills are both in the league). You can’t blame a guy for taking a look at his options and hopefully he does what feels right. At some point you have to think about the financial implications unless his family is well off and paying for college is not an issue. Former UH asst coach Eran Ganot is also the top assistant at St Marys and is one of the rising asst coaches who should land a head coaching gig soon. I’ve also had the opportunity to accompany my cousin on a couple of recruiting visits there (unofficial and official) and the campus is beautiful and the academics are top notch. It’s quite different from UH as the school enrollment is small and it’s a private religious school. The facilities need a lot of work but they are starting projects to drastically improve them. They also are the biggest game in town and regularly pack their smaller gym to the brim.

  31. Jake..st mary’s small gym cannot compare to 10300 seat beautiful Stan Sheriff Center..waikiki beaches..the hawaii culture and the fans and people..remember uh mbb team beat st mary’s in diamond head classic so uh mbb very competitive with wcc teams..tyler seems strong willed..his family wants to vacation here..great place to ball..however ultimately up to tyler and family..tyler ever consider jc route for one year on scholarship? Is st mary’s offerinf him full ride or walkon spot..maybe tyler can check out 2 campuses..whatever makes him and family happy
    Still hope he comes for summer league..he and stepteau can have duel..then he decide..though certain gib would want him enrolled in uh summer school..wish him best!!you spoke so highly of him..that is why we wanted to meet and greet he and family..

  32. Good luck to Michael Harper. Glad you found a place where you can showcase your skills and get the playing time that you desire. It’s good to have high hopes but the reality is that it’s a tough and long road for walk ons to see regular playing time.

  33. Maybe Fisher was the guy recruiting preferred walkons..harville..harper..hackman..etc.. Wonder who recruited preferred walkon stepteau..I still have to give huge props to families of the walkons who support their sons for at least year in hawaii..what an experience!!
    Of course all guys including walkons want to play…valdes was a preferred walkon now he is scholie athlete..so expensive wish the guys cherish the full ride..happy that zach buscher and dyrbe enos are 808 ewalkons with enos legitimate contributor

  34. Should be about 2 weeks before Tyler Harville..Brocke Stepteau..Sammis Reyes..Roderick Bobbitt..Isaac Fleming…Zach Buscher and Mike Thomas start second session summer school and start having fun run and gunning in summer league!!

  35. Maybe in next week or two..ncaa pau and last big or 6’8″ SF is signed..going to be hopefully hoops heaven again!!

  36. Just confirmed that Tyler Harville is working out for Coach Clarke at St. Mary Monday & Tuesday. Clarke says he is best pure shooter he has seen in a while. However they have no scholarship available until year 2. But then have 6 available. Tyler really loves Hawaii but says Head Coach Bennett seems to be more interested than Gib. I guess only time will tell who is right . I know I am a lowly NE scout but I truly think Tyler is one of the top 10 shooters in the country.

  37. Jake wish tyler best..always tough to walkon..hey if you know of big grad not committed..tell them think about uhmbb..we need a defensive big..
    Also tyler was a fisher walkon offer..wish him well!!

  38. Well Garrett Nevels 3 ball man…Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ 30 foot range..Dyrbe Enos 5’10” good 3 ball shooter..supposedly Bobbitt ..Fleming..Reyes..and Jankovich 30 foot range…Brandon Jawato when healthy streak 3 ball shooter like harville ..a bwc game at stan sheriff center in first half hit 7 for 7 three balls until got hurt before second half..so uh mbb along with stepteau has 3 ball launchers..would have been nice to see harville..who knows might still be here or not..tell tyler ..be honest..hungry..and humble he will find niche..has to get bigger..ncaa d1 teams really have to play shutdown defense..

  39. BigFan, Mike has been a fav to us as soon as he stepped off the plane. I remember the first time I saw him at summer league. At that time I thought he had a beautiful shot. Really nice release. And he was a hustle guy. But I think most important was how he adapted to Hawaii and the life here. He accepted us and thus it was reciprocated. He was also very important to as one of the most enthusiastic guys on the team in drumming up ticket sales. I think he participated in all the activities in that respect. He had no shame! haha. Add to that AussieMum and there you had total participation. From the whole family.

    Michael, if you are reading this, You will be missed in more ways than one. Really sad you are leaving. But Hope all the best for you. Drop us a line every once in a while.

    Playhoopsa, please note that some of us are not as adept in our contributions as you are, but rest assured you are the one that keeps this forum going. I really look forward to your comments, opinions and insider info. You praise others alot, but please accept this thanks for your important contribution to UHMBB.

  40. Maybe Coach Brandyn Can Share An Annual Haul of Tim Tams…

    I’m Guessing SFU might not have as Active an Insider Sight — Daytons are as Rare as Diamonds ? —
    or Fan Site just based on size, numbers and population and Availability of Aloha…

    BUT Michael Harper and Aussie Mun, even Ozzie Mumm IF she checks in —
    Are ALL ‘Honorary’ LIFE Members here
    As Real as Any of Us
    In their Total Effort and Contributions to the Program
    How Many of US could even Approach the Total Level of Effort
    Of An Honor Student-Athlete — and their families who Pay and Support their way…?

    RIP the Clan & Fans up to a New High Level of Excitement…
    Second the Suggestions — Please Do Drop Us Lines
    to let Us Know the Good and Great News
    that these ‘Bows Can Bring for Life
    Even Share the Lessons You Learned Here…

  41. Eagle, warriorhaw, servante and may others positive UH MBB fans…

    Agreed. With Michael Harper, the strongest guy, pound for pound on the team, the movie star good looking young guy. the hustle. the guy that almost helped UH comeback and win CIT game against AFA. The loving and loyal Aussie Mum. The wonderful Ozi Mum, her son Ozren helped stabilize the GPA and APR so that UH MBB would be good to go, not like U. Conn.

    The Fotu’s, the Hackmans, maybe the Harvilles, definitely the Stepteaus, …Gib run clean program, and compliant program per ncaa, need to adjust, correct, UH will. And be prepared to have one of best potential MBB top to bottom, young however extremely athletic with scorers and hopefully Team shutdown, get 5 stops in a row, defensive team that will win that dang BWC regular and Tourney title. The have the athletes.

    The best part Eagle, servante, warriorhaw and the hundreds of fans here, USA and globally, Gib has great High Character guys. You have them sign autographs, they do, they stay out of jail, they do well in class, they need stipends to eat and pay for living..How the heck do they take a course load like Davis and now Mike Thomas, along with practice and games of BB and still make honor roll, dean’s list? Great, great student athletes…and Michael Harper, right there, warriorhaw, loved Hawaii, and got in personal with Hawaii fans….including Valdes, Enos, Nevels, and the Don Juan, just joking Q Smith, talking, or trying to, to the freshmen coeds, when inviting dorms to games..really funny stuff..Their tweets and social media. all types of characters, Nevels more quiet, serious, gym rat.,, Q the funny guy, Fotu chill man, Enos 808 special, and on and on..Gib, got the best commendation and recommendation from all time college basketball , great lineage, one Tony Sellito, who said…Gib ..is doing great job, even the game time adjustments, Tony says great…Gib learning and getting better. Tony gives him an “A” and you know Gib, he wants team, and guys, and himself to do even better…Gib bleeds Green and White now…for real, he wants to get team to NCAA’s and go deep run…you can tell…and his student athletes, the HIGH Character, non felon, stick with the team guys, walkons and scholarship young men will do it..they will reach that promised land of NCAA march madness, and go far as 10 or 12 outstanding Rainbow Warriors will take them.

    Get ready WI UH MBB fan nation..for an exciting finish to summer, then…Novemeber 2014, first game, get ready to rock that SSC.!!

  42. Playhoopsa,
    I lurk on this board quite a bit (although not close to the amount that you post which is great) so was just surprised no best wishes up to that point. Didn’t know that we should be efforting to keep to the topic that Dayton has up for the time. Apologies, but just wanted to recognize a great team player even though he was a walk on. I thought maybe I might have missed something.

  43. I hope Tyler sticks to his commitment . Jake was getting me intrigued with his comments on Tyler.

  44. BigFan: you accomplished something great here. We all should recognize Michael Harper, Jack Hackman, Caleb Dressler and their families. Great sacrifice to have sons here.

    Always was a fan of Mike H. since he got here. Such a good sport, great student and person. His mum is fantastic, to support Mike here at great cost, or financial aid. Mike really helped UH with the APR grade point thing, when he was awarded a half year scholarship last year past spring. He and Ozren helped UH MBB not get hit..APR is great now…All the guys do fantastic, thanks to Gib and staff and the young guys hitting the books and doing well!

    No Problem BigFan, you are a good fan, none of the venom of other boards. This is the family, fan, and friend forum, Dayton does a good job moderating, so we keep it positive and pro UH MBB. Hey, I just wish more, there has to be hundreds who view this site, who would post comments too, don’t want to post so much, however, I am , like Eagle from beginning trying to keep as warriorhaw says, the flame for UH MBB, even through turbulent, or trying times going. UH MBB in a few weeks will be flying high again!

    About Tyler, I agree with you, Boston Jake the scout from New England was promoting Tyler so much,even if he felt that he had a better shot at walking on at St Mary, I hope, Tyler has the workout and STILL comes to Hawaii!..We been waiting several months to see one of the Top Ten 3 point shooters in the land, shoot lights out in the Manoa College Summer League.

    Hey, BigFan, warriorhaw, Eagle, servante, Derek, al, jjay, TAVS, PONO, I appreciate all of your comments, we love UH MBB hoops, all of US!

  45. I will be surprised if Tyler doesn’t end up at Hawaii. I think he is simply taking a quick look at St. Marys on his way to Oahu. I know the family vacation is still on. His friend says no way he is going anywhere else. That he was surprised he took St. Mary’s call since he hasn’t taken any others. But the others were all back east. His friend just said Tyler said it sounded like fun and he gets to workout with and against some really good guards for a couple of days so he was going to. Sounds smart to me.

  46. Jake:

    one thing I have learned about prep school, or I guess they used to call it college prep school, prepare one for college either academically or now athletically. Those guys coming out are 19 or more often than not 20 years old. Like Isaac Fleming who just turned 20. Being 20 and being 17 or 18 makes a difference. That is why Tyler probably is more worldly wise. For him to take that trip, the only DI offer, to workout with a team, and still come to Hawaii for vacation, and maybe hook up for the summer session, which would have him enrolled, then workout and summer league, that is pretty Akamai(smart).Look forward to one of the Top 10 three point shooters in the USA! We all just so excited, because the good scout that you are, you make the young guys seem really exciting. Thanks, now we fans, have a basketball guru as a fell WI contributor!

    Mahalo. Actually, I would love to see Brocke Stepteau, who looks like he has gotten a little bigger, and Tyler Harville have a shootout in the summer league. That would be exciting!

    Thanks Jake. Of course, direct those East coast athletes our way in future. UH MBB, it seems like they can attract 2 and 3 star athletes now!

  47. Jake: Nice to see, for those of us that can, I am sure, Dayton might have video interviews with Bobbitt, Harville, Stepteau, Fleming and Reyes when they come to town.

    Usually, those guys here for summer, start to bond. Harville seems like a gym rat..constantly putting up shots.

    In the past, UH MBB fans always love the good three point shooters, sometimes, more exiting than the dunk shot. It can cause a rout, it can help team to catch up in a matter of less than a minute..

    In past UH MBB had a guy named Henry Hollingsworth, recruited I think by Al Menendez assistant UH coach, Henry was from NYC…a good defender..he teamed up with All American , McDonald’s All American , the late Reggie Carter in the backcourt for the 1975-75 season, when Hollingsworth was hot, and this was the early seventies, so no 3 point shot, it was a thing of beauty, corner, deep shot for 2…now it would be Hollingsworth for 3, and 3 and 3…maybe Harville same thing, when he gets on streak, look out, he can blow game wide open.

    Even if Harville family here for vacation, initially, weather post card perfect, a bit hot, but great tour and beach weather, pretty sure, first chance, Tyler will go to gym and put up 100 shots!
    Either way, if Tyler touches down with parents and relatives, the Hawaii people and fans, will show them great aloha…UH MBB, has a lot of guys now, who want to be part of exciting team!

  48. IIRC, remember Coach Gib still has a scholarship in his back pocket so… . And where ever Tyler decides to attended school and play bb I wish him the Best of the Bestest.

    Mahalo for the update Jake

  49. The Manoa Summer bb League is just around the corner.

    Chee Ho!

  50. Pocho: you are correct sir. Next week summer league starts. Just hope Bobbitt, Harville, Stepteau, Enos, Thomas, Fleming, Reyes stay healthy, NO INJURIES. be safe guys!

    from Manoa Summer league online site:

    Saturday 6:00 PM Wealth Strategy Partners vs Clark Hatch Fitness

    June 28, 2014 7:30 PM Grantco Pacific vs National Fire Protection Co.

    Tuesday 6:00 PM Clark Hatch Fitness vs Solar Universe
    July 1, 2014 7:30 PM National Fire Protection Co. vs Wealth Strategy Partners

    Thursday 6:00 PM Chosen Few vs Grantco Pacific
    July 3, 2014 7:30 PM Solar Universe vs National Fire Protection Co.

    Saturday 6:00 PM Clark Hatch Fitness vs Chosen Few
    July 5, 2014 7:30 PM Wealth Strategy Partners vs Grantco Pacific

    Thursday 6:00 PM Wealth Strategy Partners vs Chosen Few Old Gym
    July 10, 2014 7:30 PM Solar Universe vs Grantco Pacific Old Gym

    Saturday 6:00 PM Clark Hatch Fitness vs National Fire Protection Co. Old Gym
    July 12, 2014 7:30 PM Solar Universe vs Wealth Strategy Partners Old Gym

    Thursday 6:00 PM National Fire Protection Co. vs Chosen Few
    July 17, 2014 7:30 PM Clark Hatch Fitness vs Grantco Pacific

    Saturday 6:00 PM Clark Hatch Fitness vs Wealth Strategy Partners
    July 19, 2014 7:30 PM Solar Universe vs Chosen Few

    Tuesday 6:00 PM National Fire Protection Co. vs Grantco Pacific
    July 22, 2014 7:30 PM Solar Universe vs Clark Hatch Fitness

    Thursday 6:00 PM Wealth Strategy Partners vs National Fire Protection Co.
    July 24, 2014 7:30 PM Grantco Pacific vs Chosen Few

    Saturday 6:00 PM National Fire Protection Co. vs Solar Universe
    July 26, 2014 7:30 PM Chosen Few vs Clark Hatch Fitness

    Tuesday 6:00 PM Grantco Pacific vs Wealth Strategy Partners
    July 29, 2014 7:30 PM National Fire Protection Co. vs Clark Hatch Fitness

    Thursday 6:00 PM Chosen Few vs Wealth Strategy Partners
    July 31, 2014 7:30 PM Grantco Pacific vs Solar Universe

    Saturday 6:00 PM Wealth Strategy Partners vs Solar Universe
    August 2, 2014 7:30 PM Chosen Few vs National Fire Protection Co.

    Tuesday 6:00 PM Grantco Pacific vs Clark Hatch Fitness
    August 5, 2014 7:30 PM Chosen Few vs Solar Universe

    Thursday 6:00 PM 4th Seed vs 5th Seed Game 1
    August 7, 2014 7:30 PM 3rd Seed vs 6th Seed Game 2

    Friday 6:00 PM 2nd Seed vs Winner Game 2 Game 3
    August 8, 2014 7:30 PM 1st Seed vs Winner Game 1 Game 4

    August 9, 2014 7:00 PM Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 3 Game 5

  51. Actually THIS SATURDAY June 28 2014, is when first games start!
    Boy, time moves on…should be exciting to see the guards and Mike Thomas and Sammis Reyes throw down some tomahawk jams!

  52. Pono. Thanks for that information on St. Mary. I had no idea about Ganot being at Hawaii for a while. I’m sure Tyler will learn a lot about Hawaii from him. Ganot does sound like a nice up and comer. I will keep an eye on him. Do most of the kids play every game during the summer league or is it one of those deals where u never know who will show up? If I remember the dates correctly Harville won’t be there for first game but will for July 3 and 5. I hope I don’t jinx him by labeling him top 10 shooter. That is really just my humble opinion from the games I saw. Maybe he is actually number 1000. All I know is it is better to not leave him open. All about can he overcome his size. Maybe, maybe not. Wish all your guys much success this year.

  53. I’d say all players get to play but the minutes each has depends on the coach. Think I read the league is supposedly for current UH players but again it depends on the players abilities. There are older players that demands playing time though, lol.

    Supposedly from whats been said, there’s not much d played until getting close to the playoffs. So my guess is if Tyler can get open he could get his shots off but if he’s sizzling he may acquire the best d man from the opposing team to be on him. He may not garner much attention the 1st couple of games but like always, when you start bringing attention to yourself they’ll try harder to stop you.

  54. Kind of off topic, however tremendous year for 24 year old Michelle Wie…she gutted it out and won first major LPGA tournament. The U.S. Open..she approaching number one in the world earnings and overall standings.

    Like UH MBB, Michelle has had up and downs, now she determined like Gib and UH MBB program, stand and fight.. finish as big time winners!

    ncaa soon pau…sign that last big if can…and harville time, 3 point bomber!

  55. Jake: yes , Pocho right, depends on coach of team who has PT…if Tyler nailing three after threes he should play a lot.

    Interesting, UH MBB from the past , some of better bigs to play for Hawaii in past 15 years represented.
    Bill Amis 6’9″ current euro pro
    Phil Martin 6’8″ euro pro
    Julian Sensley 6’9″ euro pro
    and Tim Shepherd , about 6’5 1/2″ 245, he is the one that tomahawk posterized dunked on 7’6″ Shawn Bradley of BYU, about 22 years ago…awesome dunk, one of the best I witnessed ever. Bradley was leading the nation in blocked shots, with about 5.7 per game. UH beat BYU in that game..Though Shepherd was a foot shorter, he could position himself, strong lower body, and in the old days could actually ride out Bradley who was so thin.

    Competition for Harville in summer league..don’t know if talent matches AAU or those elite , at the rim level games we witnessing on YouTube..our own Garrett Nevels, the leading 3 ball shooter returning starting SG is doing well in DREW league in LA…..actually I think it will be Brocke Stepteau, Dyrbe Enos, Isaac Fleming, know that possibly Tyler will be on same team with Roderick Bobbitt, the league is actually a perimeter shooting league, run and gun, Tyler if he can shoot the rock, will have big scoring games.just hope those coaches let em play..we want Harville, the three ball launcher, one of the best young prep school grad 3 point shooters..Nice to see how Tyler stacks up against some old guards, some of the guys are late twenties to thirties…still can ball, not too much defense, just that they might be bigger and stronger,..maybe Tyler is much quicker to get off shots..good if Tyler develops a PG game too, wherever he gets that full ride, he probably will play PG too!

  56. If Tyler has the 3 point game in him, I don’t see how Coach would want to lose Tyler to another school like St. Mary’s. lol

    Hopefully Tyler has a good d game to go with his offense, that could separate him from the pack of newcomers to the team.

    Can’t wait to see what Jake observed watching Tyler play and hope everything pans out for him. Be nice to have a situational player(if only that for a Frosh) with the automatic 3 at times and being only a freshman that could learn and excel a defensive game to add to his repertoire.

  57. Pocho: must be the direction Gib going in regards to guards. Remember year or two ago, guard rotation extremely weak, no quickness to attack rim, or guard. No consistent 3 point shooters. No athletic Big guards that could score inside and out.

    Now, Gib has LOI’s, Roderick Bobbitt elite, one of the better JC guards in the nation at 6’3″ , according to Benjy, he can do it all.
    Isaac Fleming, a 3 star guard, a 20 year old freshman prep school grad. according to UH coaches, Isaac really improved. Smooth big guard, get to the rim, dish the dime, and score. 6’4″
    Garrett Nevels 6’2″ burning up the DREW league in LA, the best summer league on west coast.
    Quincy Smith, doing well in the Bay Area summer league, Q looks much stronger with the ball, and developing his shot.. His floaters, are just as good as Nevels..nice that both Nevels and Smith, have great bounce, they can get up there and flush the ball. Nice to have two possible starting guards for beginning of season, who are that athletic.
    Dyrbe Enos, who is not afraid, Gib will use him…Dyrbe can shoot the 3, and run the point, he will be much better this year.
    Nikola Filopovich, heard he has that junkyard dog in him..good defender..and will shoot the rock, tough little PG.
    Brocke Stepteau, 3 point bomber with some handles and quicks
    Tyler Harville , top 3 point freshman bomber, under the radar, just needs to get bigger and stronger.
    Zach Buscher 6’3″ combo, another 808 local product, who if he grinds it out, works hard to get stronger, and tough on D, will help like Enos..

    So Gib has stacked up on good guards. the key to winning the BWC !

  58. My advice to Tyler is get on the next plane to Hawaii. Greatest spot on the planet, great fans, and truly family atmosphere. You will never regret coming to UH. Plus your three’s will bring the house down at SSC. You will love being in that arena , splashing a jumper, and hearing. 9-10 thousand fans roaring with excitement. C’mon down and be a part of this . Nothing against St Mary’s but there is only one Hawaii and it can be unbelievable! I know you live and breathe bb so bring that hunger here and be part of something special . Look forward to seeing you showcase those skills.

  59. Great that Q and Nevels are playing in competitive leagues. Highlights show that the skills they already have, getting better (good stuff). And, hoping they are working on their “D,” more so, in the type of leagues they are playing in (looking forward to season and what’s needed).

    Just watched the US and Portugal soccer game, the last score by Portugal came from a great pass by Ronaldo, however, where was the US defender who allowed the striker to make a run goal/ball side? Again, defense wins championships….Now the US has to tie or win against Germany to advance (tough task).

    Whether there is ONLY one player playing it takes a team to win. Just witnessed Michelle Wie, win the US Open, she and her caddy make a great team and Michelle made some great putts. It takes a team to win championships.

    Our MBB has the offensive weapons, can we D and play as a team?

  60. Whenever you have a boatload of talent (which UH appears to have this year) it’s the defensive abilities that will determine who plays most of the minutes, especially in a close games. A lot of times you don’t need more points, you need stops, which also can turn into transition points.There were a few players in the past that neglected defensive intensity and they ended up sitting on the bench when crunch time came. Now with so much depth on this team if guys start to cheat or cruise on defense they will get pulled immediately because there are talented guys hungry to show Gib what they can do.

    The preseason will be a grind out in the sense that they will gunning to be in the rotation and to gain Gib’s trust. Here is when all that off-season conditioning, training, and focus will pay off. Granted you could get away with it in high school, but on the next level, with talent on the team, and everyone fighting for more minutes, if you cruise you will be yanked to the dog house quicker than you can spell your name.

    On every level you see players with tremendous talent but never push themselves to be the very best they can be. San Antonio Spurs don’t have anyone high on the stats list, but are NBA champions simply because they have mastered the basic fundamentals of the game, sacrificed for the good of the team, and do it in a TEAM effort. No super egos here and hopefully UH MBB.

  61. Hope Dayton and others will keep updates on the summer league for everyone. I won’t be around for a while and would like to check in to see what is happening.

  62. Hey this site is SMOKING! Hoops talk galore! Keep it up fans. You know why?
    1)ncaa thing going be pau
    2)maybe, hopefully Gib locks up that help for frontcourt
    3)here come the new guys, plus Enos and Thomas rocking that Summer League
    4)end of summer, Gib finalizes the 2014-15 season, with Pitt, BYU, maybe Mizzou here?, a couple of PAC 12 home and home games..season, and RPI , SOS will be great. UH can win against those type of teams.

    And Finally…WE LOVE UH HOOPS!

    Echo and agree, all the Akamai, BB people, ones that coached, played, or just know the game..you can have 15 guys on bench , all can score 20 pts or more, however, when winning time, crunch time comes, and those 5 on floor cannot get 3 or 4 stops, PLUS take care of ball, get ball inbounds safely, under pressure, over halfcourt, when in halfcourt(that wins close games too)..just like San Antonio, that team, ran great halfcourt offense, and they had guys could finish at rim, or like Mills, got hot from 3 line to blow game open..

    HEY: as Thing Says…It’s Rainbow Warriors UH MBB team clobbering time!..show ncaa, we good to go, take care business, another group of 3 LOI’s good high character athletes, and hidden gem walkons, Harville, Stepteau, Enos, Buscher…6’10” growth spurt, Mike Thomas…nah fans, I wish,…possible that Thomas could grow inch or so…at least he should be legitimate 6’8″ or 6’9″ , UH will measure him…Fotu, blowing up , playing for a World University Games Basketball championship, going against USA, Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania, Canada(wonder if Janks and Negus on team)

    Rock on, Rock that SSC, UH MBB is in the house,…!
    Fans, keep on posting, and Dayton knows we like to talk positive hoops talk!

    good Defense wins games, Great defensive stops whole game wins championships, paired with UH MBB offensive firepower, look for more 90 ppg scores by UH, and possibly half dozen trying to hit 100 , free, pizzas? why not, if UH hits the 100 mark 6 times!

  63. Tyler, St Mary’s plays in a gym, the Warriors play in the best facility in the Big West and our weight training facilities are better bar none than St Mary’s , whether youre going to major in business, communications or something in arts and sciences UH has great academics ,come over and try the plate lunches at Rainbow Drive In , you got to put on some weight ,so you can get some grinds over there,St Mary’s aint got that either. aloha

  64. Tyler Harville the Marville(Marvel) three point bomber from Vermont via Kentucky.

    We awaiting the YouTube posted hilites of your game against Brocke Stepteau. Dallas vs. Vermont. A three point barrage. Harville 46 pts, 11 threes, Stepteau 46 pts, 11 threes, 2 OT’s, one team wins 130-129…unreal…

    Come on down, Tyler, Jake been talking you up…win, win situation..compared to cold Northern California, Hawaii, Waikiki beaches, beautiful mountains, flowers, beautiful people, fans and friends, students will love you to life, if you adopt the ONE OHANA, team before self attitude..

    Your family will enjoy vacation, and you will be putting up hundreds of shots in practice gym..

    Come on Down, Tyler Harville, we been waiting several months!
    Brocke Stepteau awaits,..he will be here!

    Actually, thanks for considering as preferred walkon, the UH MBB team..this team is going far..!

  65. Amen to that jay! Never mind those biscuits and gravy. Welcome to the land of the Loco Moco….mmmmmm. So Ono

  66. Ha Hoosier and jjay and playhoopsa. I will pass on your great advice to Harville. I agree with u as well. He has held solid for a couple of months now so I don’t see him changing at the last minute. He just thought this was interesting enough to check out and have some fun playing a couple of days against some older guards before he heads to Hawaii with family on the 29th. I know he wasnt happy when he heard 1st summer game was actually on 28th. The only plus St. Mary’s has over Hawaii for a preferred walkon is the number of available scholarships available in 2014-2015. They have 6 to Hawaii one or two.

  67. Jake:

    consider recent DI MBB history in spring, a lot of movement, who knows what will open up spring late 2015..it is always interesting here and across the country..The experience in Hawaii , even for one season, getting to know fans, people the culture, for a 20 year old, a once in a lifetime, and much thanks, I hope he does thank his folks, for helping him through at least one year of school. Who knows, we WI UH MBB faithful,say….who knows Zach Buscher, or Brocke Stepteau or Tyler Harville could be the walkon that helps take UH to next level and earns that scholarship..you never know..Hawaii very unique place to live…has challenges like anywhere else, however, if the right fit, the young man can be a HIT!

  68. jake, It seems Coach Gib wants to share the Aloha spirit and think he may have even taught a player or two how to surf. Guess guessing there, lol. But yeah, he tries to take the team to the outer islands for some exposure both for the Rainbow Warrior fans and his players. I don’t know the possible infractions that the NCAA may level on UHbb so hopefully it has nothing to do with taking the team to the outer islands to play.

    Something different here in the islands vs. the East Coast, sand, beach, ocean, food and a diverse bunch of players on the team. I hope Tyler enjoys his stay here

  69. I’m sure he will love it. Now that u mention it Tyler did say Gib told him he would teach him to surf. How does a old scout swing moving to that paradise? All u guys must be rich or just live in a hut. A lot of us in the East ate jealous. Boston is actually an awesome city but can’t compete with that weather that is for sure.

  70. Jake: I think, JMO, that most of the fans, young and old who post on this forum, are not the Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison types. Lot born and raised here, got a decent job, certainly not rich, and decided to make Hawaii our home until we retired . Some are former UH student athletes , like a Tyler, Brocker, Roderick, Bill Amis, etc, who loved the culture here, after their pro bb careers they moved to Hawaii, raised families.

    Sure, Hawaii, has the traffic, the eternal fixing of roads, sewers etc. that would be expected of a small island, that must have close to a million people at any time,and it seems during rush hour or anytime of the day at least a million drivers on the road. Advice to Tyler, be very, very careful, riding bike, mopeds, skateboards, like any city with so many vehicles, some students have gotten hurt.

    The price of Paradise, it ain’t cheap, however, Jake, if ever you do well in your line of work, or come into some money, or win a trip, come out to Hawaii, a true melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups, you won’t feel out of place, whether, English, tongan, samoan, Korean, portugese, Hawaiian, afro American, Serbian, Russian, people try to show Aloha..I still feel safe during daytime to walk with family and go to beach or mall. The Price of paradise..not cheap, however..as the commercial says, for these young student athletes from around USA mainland and globally, the one or two or four years they spent in unique Hawaii, PRICELESS!

    Harville 3 point Heaven! Stepteau Stairway to Heaven paved with trifectas!

    real sixties child I is!

    Tyler and Brocke we awaiting you two, along with Sammis, Mike Thomas, Isaac Fleming, and Roderick Bobbitt…a small piece of Paradise, not perfect, yet, it is home for about 1.4 million on eight beautiful islands!
    Boston Jake, gotta reserve a seat at SSC one day, you can watch in few years, UH MBB winning the Diamond Head Classic against U. Conn.!!
    sheesh, every one posting seem so happy, giddy…why…summer league, and new guys about to arrive soon, ncaa done corrections made, finalize a great 2014-15 BB season schedule, and that final Sudanese 6’11” shot blocker(wishful thinking)
    Hey, have the Vermont, or Northeast guys, not committed yet, think about coming to Hawaii in few years, they will love the warmth, Northeast, I lived there for awhile, gets coooooold!

  71. Hey Jake: does Tyler play any other sports, Football, swimming, baseball, golf , volleyball, in the past we have had two sport student athletes, when Football was over, a slotback receiver moved over to help at PG for two years. He was on a Football scholarship. Waaaay back , a volleyball star, helped a depleted MBB team, he was a star local HS BB athlete, he came over and helped BB team, he was on, I think a Volleyball scholarship..Just wondering.

    Still, the buildup, the promotion, the check out his videos, he burning the nets against an elite Northeast Prep school…that is what we are waiting for, haven’t seen a 3 ball bomber, going 8 for 8 or hitting 10 or 12 threes in a college summer league in long time, if not ever…Harville and his opposite Brocke, have something to show Hawaii,..we are waiting..cannot wait for the guys to step off the plane, enjoy Hawaii a bit, enroll in summer school, then start hitting those 3 bombs!

  72. Jake I’m just wondering who do you scout for? Pro leagues? Colleges? Or do you work for scouting websites and write up reports or help with ratings?

  73. Time Flies

    Manoa Summer League Games This Weekend…

    Who’s Already in Town?

  74. This might be a big week for uh mbb program..can tell all the forum contributors getting excited ..

    1)this sat. June 28 start of summer league.
    2)soon ncaa done..
    3)possible gib sign athlete to solidify frontcourt
    4)gib finalize great 2014-15 schedule
    5) the game new guards and forward plus mike the 3 star student athlete in town next week or summer o

    wow…go rainbow warriors!!

  75. Eagle..enos and zach buscher in town..jawato summer school and rehabbing..he will be 100 % ready by august fall semester..bobbitt..reyes..fleming..harville..and stepteau will be in town by start of july second summer session first week july..
    Eagle uh mbb getting ready to rock!!

  76. Eagle so is still growing mike thomas for second session summer school and smmer league..uh mbb ready to rock and roll!!
    mike be here early july which is only next week!!
    Rock the house uh mbb is back..the guys went back home burning up their open gym summer leagues and turning their weaknesses to strengths..they want to go to ncaa tourney and try to win national title..as negus says..why not uh mbb tam!!

  77. Pono. I just help a small company/website in New England area called HoopDreams. I help put together reports that help with ranking all the players in the northeast. Plus talk to a lot of coaches and help them see kids that others may overlook. Lots of hidden gems out there. I’m a former D2 player. I can talk about the game much better than I could play the game. Ha. Scouting is certainly not my main job. Just a great hobby that I enjoy. I have always been very prejudice toward guys that can really shoot. IMO you have to have shooters if u want to compete at the highest level. Then defense puts a team over the top. But good defense without any shooters will usually leave you on the outside looking in. That’s my philosophy. Some agree and many disagree.

  78. Jake: you are right. Offensive players, who can shoot score, with the right coaching, and the guys personal desire, they can be taught to be good individual and team defenders. It is that Balance of Offensive and Defense that produces NBA, NCAA, YMCA, AAU, park league, intramural league champions. UH MBB, has been able to score the past 4 years, just have not been able to get the key Defensive stops when needed, they had the lead, then let other team, score at will and lose game by few points. This year, Gib seems to be loaded with scorers, including Harville and Stepteau, Enos, who are walkons, who have legitimate shot to contribute, if they can hit the shots, run offense, play great defense and take care of the ball.

    Remember, two walkons moved on, Jack Hackman and Michael Harper, who were both 3 point specialists..so Tyler and Brocke have a shot to contribute, good testing ground, the open gym runs, and summer league against, older, bigger stronger guards with experience, and officials might call games differenct than HS and prep school….should be interesting…I hope Tyler and Brocke step up, so much, they would be in there to help UH score from 3 line!


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