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Fleming focusing on Hawai’i this summer

For Isaac Fleming’s 20th birthday on June 6, some board shorts and tank tops would be appropriate gifts from his family on the East Coast. College life in Hawai’i is a month away.

It’s been nearly seven months since Fleming signed a National Letter of Intent to attend the University of Hawai’i and play for the basketball Warriors. Rest assured, he is still sure that he made the best decision.


“Schools were calling me all season, and I had to keep telling them that I already signed with Hawai’i,” the 6-foot-4 guard said. “The coaches at Hawai’i were on me the hardest from the beginning and they were the ones that really wanted me to go there before the (2013-14) season even started.”

Fleming played last season at Massanutten Military Academy, a post-graduate school in Virginia. He was the starting point guard and averaged around 20 points per game for the Colonels, who were ranked among the top 10 post-graduate schools in the East for most of the season.

“It was a great season,” he said. “My job was to keep the team under control, and score when I needed to. I feel like I got to play a leadership role, and I learned a lot.”

Fleming graduated from Massanutten two weeks ago – with straight A’s for his last semester of classes. “It was a rough start, but I really learned discipline there, and that’s only going to help me,” he said.

Fleming returned to his hometown of New Castle, Delaware, after graduation, and has been training at the University of Delaware.

“I train on my own with a personal trainer, but there are always guys there for a good (open gym) run,” Fleming said. “I’m just going to keep working hard over here so I’ll be ready when I get to Hawai’i.”

Incredibly, some other schools were still trying to recruit Fleming as recently as last week.

“One coach called my dad and said Coach Gib was leaving Hawai’i,” said Fleming, though he did not identify the school. “It’s been crazy, but I talked to Coach Benjy (Taylor) and he’s been telling me what’s going on. I’m confident about going to Hawai’i.”

Fleming said he is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu by July 7 so that he can attend summer classes at UH.

Below are some highlights from the 2014 Elite Showcase Basketball Classic All-Star Game, which was played in March in Washington, D.C. Fleming, who led his team with 24 points in this game, is No. 1 in the black jersey (watch for his clips at 1:40, 2:00, 2:08, 2:52, 3:14, and an interview at 6:34).


  1. Thankyou Dayton! Been waiting for some UH MBB hoops talk!

    Welcome Isaac Fleming, get ready to rock the SSC!

    Eagle, servante, jjay, al, warriorhaw, anderpops, Pono, TAVS, get ready for some hoops !


  2. Mahalo, Dayton!

    Aloha No, Isaac !

    Welcome ´Back´to Hawaií and Soon
    The Rewards of Your Discipline, Hard Work and Steadfastness Should Follow
    Your Coaches have us here so looking forward to your Next Four Years here
    You represent The Quality, Continuity and Shutdown ´D´” Point that
    We See as the Difference between medíocre to good and Great (!) Teams
    i’m sure Coaches Benjy, Gib and Brandyn are letting you know your very Best Teammates await you here
    Basketball And ‘Ohana (Family) like A Lot might talk about
    But A Whole State Understands at a Different Level here…

    Stay the Course!
    We Hope You get to Graduate from Hawai’i
    AND Lead its All-Star Teams…
    Great Start and Finish Even Stronger!
    There’s a New Tradition of Great Isaacs in Hawai’i!

  3. Eagle: the level of talent at that showcase, man on the East Coast , they have some athletes, and our guy Isaac Fleming fit right in..it is JMO…I think Isaac reminds me of Gerry Blakes, Jordan Coleman, smooth, however bigger, more physical, and really smart academics and BBIQ…Isaac will be very, very good,…and HE IS A MATURE FRESHMAN….just making 20 years of age!

    Liked, how to the last minute, the other colleges are telling him..Hey Isaac DO NOT GO TO UH…Gib will be gone, not there…Isaac calls the coach who recruited him Benjy..once again, UH coaches honest upfront, tell them what is happening..and BOOM…Isaac says, it is still the place he wants to play ball…Wow…huge statement, when Sammis, Fleming, Bobbitt, keep their word, and come to Hawaii…coaches, must know ..things will be FINE…
    Look forward to Fleming, Bobbitt, Harville, Stepteau, and Zach from Iolani, proving to the NCAA BB world, they are committed to UH MBB and winning championships..

    Also, Isaac very well spoken, once again, a very mature 20 year old Freshman, from college prep military academy discipline!
    Eagle, UH MBB rocks!

  4. You right playhoopsa. Now this is more like it. Even with all that is happening, recruits are still on board 100%. I think they are closer to the situation than most.
    Man, both teams play above the rim. Lots of talent there. We need more of these reports. Thanks D. Also like the fact he aced his academics. Looks like another quality student right there.

  5. One More, Isaac

    I think even your NCAA Summer League Games will have ‘way more’ fans in attendance…
    Then you’ll probably Love the rare air @ Stan Sheriff Center (SSC)
    ‘Cos we think Your Team is Gonna ROCK!

  6. intelligent, mature, I like that.

  7. Well on the upside, Isaac looks physically mature. He has game. Like his potential and size. We’ll see how his defense develops. Hope he continues to play against quality competition, he’ll only get better.

  8. tako:
    yes. Isaac playing for that top 10 east coast Prep School. That all star March 2014 game, all of that talent. Guys jumping out of the gym. Isaac Fleming scores 24 points. He was the PG for his prep school this year, and by all accounts from Gib and Benjy, that extra year after HS, Isaac really improved. That is why he is legitimate 3 star. Same as Mike Thomas. Similar thing, transition to DI ball. If Isaac F. wait a minute, Eagle is right! TWO Isaac F.’s! Fleming and Fotu. The Intergalatic Isaacs! That he is smart, and mature, coming a long way to Hawaii., wish him the best, hopefully he will stay , along with Sammis till Senior year. Sammis and Isaac Fleming, lot of talent, just have to translate to DI ball. These two freshmen, the potential, athleticism is there. Nice to have them 100% on board as warriorhaw mentioned. These preferred walkons, invited walkon, and LOI’s still coming to Hawaii MBB, that is a GOOD THING…Get ready for some more video update interviews , as new guys, plus Jawato and Thomas come in this July! 🙂

  9. I’m wondering who will be playing in the Summer League. I’d really like to see one guy emerge as the leader of this team as far as bringing everyone together and keeping them on the same page, a sort of coach to the younger players. You’ve got leaders. But then you got natural leaders who can inspire others and get them to elevate their games. Any MJ;s in the house?

  10. servante:
    believe Gib stated the team, did so well in school, nobody had to make up classes, the Mainland and international athletes went home for summer. Isaac Fotu playing for his National Team trying to make it to the World Games. Cali boys all back home. Jankovich and Webster-Chan return to Toronto etc.

    I know Gib said the NEW guys would be in Hawaii first week, or as above writeup by Dayton says, July 7th for second session UH summer school. Isaac Fleming, Roderick Bobbitt, Sammis Reyes,
    preferred walkons-Tyler Harville, Brocke Stepteau, and of course, 808 representative, chilling and taking break for summer, Dyrbe Enos. Brandon Jawato will be here pretty soon to rehab his ankle.And Mike Thomas, early July to workout.
    Unless, some of the returnees come back August and play the playoffs of Summer League.
    I think , Nevels, Smith, hopefully Bobbitt, Webster-Chan, and Fotu will be leaders.

  11. Wow a 20 year old true freshman. If he redshirts this guy could be leaving college at the ripe old age of 25, geez. Post grad players have to be considered similarly to JC guys who can contribute right away. Looks like other coaches are definitely using the investigation to try and misinform players.

  12. social media, yes…Brocke Stepteau preferred walkon guard from Texas, incoming freshman, just finished visit with family in Hawaii. Loved it. Said cannot wait to come back permanently starting summer school July 7th.
    So , ….that is a PREFERRED WALKON, saying….I am going to be a Rainbow Warrior…not backing out…100% committed…Stand And Fight…LOI’s and walkons, Still coming on board..fantastic.

    jake, still think that Tyler Harville will be here, if not here already with family on vacation, and will go to Summer school too.. starting July 7th 2014..Another, on board 100%

    Good Thing..yeah, good thing for UH MBB …rock that SSC, and do well in school, get stronger…and start bombing that summer league guys!

  13. information on schedule per Manoa Summer League online site:
    Collegiate Summer League 2014
    Jun 28 to Aug 9, 2014
    Tue, Thu, Sat
    6:00 pm and 7:30 pm
    Manoa Valley District Park Gym

  14. Team basketball. You have to watch this. The UH MBB isn’t there but the sure working on it and it is a beautiful thing to see. Can’t wait to sit in the stands and see Isaac Fleming’s and the rest of the rainbow warriors execute. The clip should be required watching for our whole team. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPaH44ISY20

  15. Playhoopsa: yes, Tyler Harville and family arrive the afternoon of June 29th. Says he wants to start playing summer league the first game on the schedule after he arrives. Says Gib sent him the summer schedule earlier this week so now just waiting on Akana to tell him which team he is on. Says he will play July 1st or July 3rd.

  16. SO NO Reflection on This Program, People or Site:

    RE: Witch Hunts Versus BLIND Eyes

    After NCAA punished UNC Tar Heel Football with Loss of 15 Scholarships and Post-Season Ban…
    FOR “Bogus” No-Attendance, Easy-“A”, One “Term Paper” (often written by “Counselors” or Tutors) No-Exam Classes Designed to Keep Scholarship Players Academically Eligible…

    WHY Were NCAA Investigators Not Even Smart Enoughʻ to check for Other UNC Sportsʻ Scholarship Athletes that Attended the Same ʻClassesʻ? NOW a former UNC National Championship Basketball Player says BB Players had Similar ʻBenefitsʻ…

    BUT We Need our Non-School, Non-Booster “Friends” Investigated….

  17. Anderpops — SAS Video above ‘Excellent’ —
    WHY Do they have Four ‘World’ Championships?

    ‘WE’ Need one made for UHMBB (Jamie Smith!)

    For The Ways UH Coaches Envision and Want UHMBB to Look …

    Using UH Highlights, ʻUHʻ Players’ Music…

    It Should Help Get ALL the Players — Old and New
    On The Same Vision, Playing and Seeing Similar Pictures In their Minds and On the Court…

    Of Course, Video, Music, Psyche Expert Jamie Can!
    (IF He didn’t already…Great Recruiting Tool as well…)

  18. Eagle, anderpops,….actually this past year’s team, very exciting ball the first 2/3 of season then ran out of gas. When they moved the ball, and this team could pass, looking for the open guys on the break, or down low to Christian or Fotu, thing of beauty.

    They, just have to , JMO, lock up their half court defenses and offensive sets, they do that, that TEAM, like all the good teams, NBA or NCAA…they will be winning championships and deep runs into post season. You look at hilites of Bobbitt, Fleming , Reyes, they are all moving the ball, and looking for open man. They also have the ability to score which is added dimension. Same with Jankovich and especially Negus , who can do everything from PG to SF, and has good court vision and scoring ability, now that Negus is bigger and stronger, he can finish at the rim.

    As anderpops says, and Eagle you agree , this UH MBB team, they will win as TEAM, and hopefully not lose too much as TEAM with class. If they have 2 or 3 go to guys, in the last minutes to win games, all the better. This team, once again, GREAT POTENTIAL…as Negus says: Why Not US(UH MBB team)? to win NATIONAL TITLE..set goal high, and work hard to reach..

    Eagle to promote UH MBB team, that hilite video would be great.

  19. And of course with the crisp passing, hitting open man, that guy has to hit the shot , finish at rim or hit mid range to 3 line.

    Right Jake…that 3 point weapon, having high percentage shooters, or guys that can get hot, so vital in NBA to NCAA…hopefully that is what Bobbitt, Fleming, Harville, Stepteau, Jawato , Nevels, and improved Smith will bring , the ability to knock down 3 pointers…

    should be exciting..even San Antonio, or Euro style players, they can knock down some 3 balls!

  20. almost forgot Jankovich, Fotu, Negus, Enos, Harper, Valdes, Thomas…I mean a lot of guys on roster, have to put up 100 extra 3 point shots a day, plus an extra 100 FT’s, hit 80 out of or better,
    UH with the inside guys, Fotu, Reyes, Jovanovich, Thomas, Jankovich, and the outside perimeter guys being able to stretch defenses…Ability to hit the outside to 3 line shots, key, when UH is zoned.
    Remember, towards end of year, basically only Nevels 3 ball man. When he in foul trouble or not hitting , team struggled.
    However. With Jankovich, Negus, Reyes, Fleming, Bobbitt, Harville and Stepteau, plus Zach from Iolani…maybe much more 3 point firepower….exciting stuff for next season indeed!
    Look forward to arrival, and it will be huge WI nation fans, when Reyes, Fleming, Harville, Stepteau, and Bobbitt, land in Hawaii, and start enrolling in UH summer session. Solidarity, 100% on board!
    Rock that SSC!

  21. Lots of waiting this offseason until the start of summer league or the NCAA releasing their findings.

  22. Much Waiting… Improved / Better Anticipating…

    In Departing, I Would also Award Assistant Coach of the Year to Coach Fish…

    WHO (No One) Predicted TWO FIRST-Team ALL Conference Forwards before the Season ?
    To OUR, Many’s Credit Here, There WAS Discussion RE: Who/Which (Of BOTH)
    Would Actually be named to the First Team…

    I’ll Nominate Brandyn As “Comeback Coach of the Year”

    Last Year: The Backcourt
    This Year: AGAIN The Backcourt


  23. Eagle good points.

    Positive ones. Still think , even with investigation results to come, as warriorhaw mentioned, and confirmed by preferred walkons coming on board 100% for summer.. Sammis, Fleming, Bobbitt, Harville, Stepteau , Thomas and Jawato be here soon in July…coaches know something we don’t, how investigation going, and what ncaa looking for. Thing is, coaches honest with the athletes, tell Fleming , Reyes, Bobbitt, I am sure the whole team , keep them abreast, of goings on, AND the guys still confident joining or continuing race to NCAA’s next March…we just have to wait and see. …Must be UH, coaches, etc, they know what is going down, …if JMO, something so negative for program…the new guys, would not come in July,…They are looking forward to it…and that is a good thing for UH MBB team, coaching staff, UH and WI MBB fans.

    Eagle, when the 5 new guys and Jawato/Thomas, arrive at Honolulu International Airport, that is a GOOD Thing…team united, STAND AND FIGHT…things going be alright!!
    Fish, hope Gib gets another bigs coach, or a good assistant and DOBO…probably have to wait too, if not they are searching using their network, and you are right Akana, still very active with UH MBB, which is a good sign too..STAND AND FIGHT!-

  24. Very interesting writeup of former UCLA BB star Ed O’Bannon and his case against the NCAA. Has the NCAA become too big and cumbersome. Fairness for athletes used likenesses, jersey numbers, etc, where NCAA stands. Kind of made me think of the David vs. Goliaths, a UH , as opposed to a UCLA..vs NCAA..etc. If win the case, will be landmark. Know it is not directly related to UH MBB, however, down the line, maybe..all NCAA sports..and athletes… NCAA too large an entitiy.? JMO…:


  25. I think it’s a good idea to pay college athletes since in Europe I believe they do get paid in some way such as endorsements, commercials, or appearances…This way some athletes may postpone entering the NBA draft since they are already making money…Hawaii should be a plus since it’s so expensive to live here…But if college athletes receive compensation then I would like to see a draft system in place where the weakest schools get a chance to get better players…not to say that the number 1 pick goes to the weakest school, but if he chooses say Kentucky then that school and the athlete will have to compensate the weaker schools…And the weaker schools could use money to boost their programs…Currently it’s David vs Goliath in recruiting battles…this is the ticket for smaller schools to boost their programs and gain parity with the big schools…Mr. O’bannon hope you succeed and break that facist hypocritical institution whose idea of success is to see teams like Duke, Kentucky, North Carlolina and the other Goliaths of college basketball dominate the sport every single year.

  26. Ever ask yourself, “What do we need the NCAA for?” Like, would it be impossible to play basketball without the NCAA? I don’t think so…

  27. Teams, Colleges Scheduled One Another

    Enterprising Organizers put together an Invitational Tourney (NIT)

    NCAA came along later…

    NOW theyʻve worked out a THIRD Trip…

    @Work, we used to get Audited Twice a Year –
    – One Always in the Cold of Winter and One Summer (Vacation?)

    They Got Nothing… But Put Out Report(s) with a Finding or Conclusion or Two,
    Often (Usually) that they needed to Come Back to View Progress OR Review their Findings

    Ideally, Thatʻs What we have here
    Really Not Much, A Slap on the Wrist?
    Temporary Loss of Practice Time?
    Ban a Guy who exercises questionable Judgement?
    NOT the ‘young coach’ who makes an Honest Error And Learns from it
    Making him a Better Coach Now than before the Transgression
    [NO Trend of Deception or Wrongdoing]

    ‘Gentlemanly’ Save face…
    Recognize and Acknowledge a Clean Program?
    Wrap it Up with a Firm Handshake
    and Promises of ‘We’re Here to Help’

  28. Think of what we could do without the NCAA. Eliminate the outdated notion of fresh/soph/junior/senior years — how many guys nowadays are in grad school and still playing? If you’re in college, then you can do college things like playing college basketball. This doesn’t even start to get at the dumb rules that the NCAA has put in place on college sports…I don’t like their rules, and I don’t see why we have to keep playing by them.

    Just a few decades ago, college football’s popularity dwarfed the NFL. Should we not care more about college sports? We don’t have to worry about the Univ of Hawaii basketball team leaving town at the whim of owners. But the Seattle Supersonics lost their NBA team to Oklahoma City. The cost of attending professional sports games are beyond the reach of most of us, other than once a year. That is no way to build a fan base. Fans should think about which teams are worth rooting for, as opposed to which teams are just milking money from you.

  29. BM just posted that we are playing BYU this upcoming season. Not a surprise that Gib wants to play against his people (mormons).

  30. Horse and Eagle…good comments…

    NCAA final interviews, just to get all facts and hand in their findings. I have no idea what they are looking for, other that what paper reported, …JMO, I think , that AD is not involved in final process, maybe something workable, or to get everyone on same page. If AD, chancellor , President, BOR, involved, maybe more than meets the eye. One thing, JMO.,…if it is error, or practice times, meal, or whatever, and it can be handled, rest assured, whomever UH coach, and our guy is Gib, they will never let it happen again. Once again, good that coaches, are keeping returnees and new guys informed. Bet that they are constantly on phone with the recruits, reassuring them.. That is why JMO, key that Fleming, Harville, Stepteau, Bobbitt , and Reyes arrive here by July 7th, that is a Good Thing.

    NCAA, I think it started off very well, to govern collegiate athletics. the championships you can play for. This Enforcement division, there are SO MANY rules, regulations, etc,…you would need that compliance person or dept, to be up to everything, all the books, all the dotted i’s and crossed t’s..
    After so many years, NCAA makes so much money…that is why these court challenges, will change the shape of collegiate athletics in future…Even Ben Jay stated, UH should get started now, if the BCS schools, power conferences start going off on their own…make their own College Athletic Alliance,…UH would have to be part of that…should be an interesting next couple of years.
    Just, wish NCAA pau the investigations, Finish, all done, over , and UH takes whatever needed correction, and moves on. For , of all things chance to battle for the NCAA BB crown in March 2015.
    You know me, a die hard, bleed Green and White fan of UH MBB…! NCAA, let’s go and get it done, and UH have your counsel at hand.. Just My Opinion folks, I know nothing but what I read in SA.

  31. PONO…that is a Good Thing. BYU was after Sammis Reyes too. The old BYU vs UH MBB games, some where things of beauty, UH beating BYU on a running one handed 3 pointer at SSC by Tes Whitlock, The Trevor Ruffin, Tony Maroney, Jarrin Akana, Kalia McGee led team, upsetting BYU, to earn invite to NCAA tourney in 1994, 20 years ago, And the Tim Shepherd led , posterizing dunk over 7’5″ Shawn Bradley of BYU at the old Blaisdell Center Arena…Fantastic…

    Bring on the Cougars…Gib loading up the BB schedule with good teams, Pitt, BYU, etc, good if he could get Mizzou to come here for SSC home game, With Shamburger, that would be huge game,

  32. THAT Would Be The THIRD Team Shamburger Leads into SSC…

    MAY Officially Graduate Soon…

    Maybe the Last Scholie is being Saved as his WAKE UP(!) Back Door

    Keith: D’ya Really Think Some First-Year Staff @ Miz-ry’s Gonna Take BETTER Care of You?
    YOU’ve Been Watching This Program > Five Years (Since Your HS Senior Season)
    You Will Never Like Everything Everyone Around You Does
    But ‘Ohana Is ‘Ohana…Including the Acceptance of Some Foibles…
    Including Your Own which were ‘Always’ Forgiven…

    However You Choose…
    Free to Go (Or Stay)
    UHMBB Fans will Cheer You on to Your Best and Greatest…

    Soon? 4-4-4, Four For Four UH Senior Graduates…

  33. Eagle:

    You are really holding out hope, maybe you know something, that Keith will reconsider and come back to UH MBB team. I think if he graduates this summer, he is , as you say a UH graduate, good for program and APR.

    Nice to have Keith on board again,however, reason he leaving, looking for Right Fit to end his BB career. Whatever he decides, wish him well.

    Otherwise, look forward to next year’s team, returnees and newbies have that hunger, prove to NCAA BB world, UH MBB is here to make some noise, and win championships!

  34. Any idea when a full schedule or at least more of a schedule will come out?

  35. Playhoopsa:
    Wow you bring up some old memories. I remember really hatin’ on the Reid twins. They were just so scrappy and had attitude. Playing BYU would be a good thing. I started going games when Tony Maroney started playing and have had season tickets ever since. This coming year seems to be every bit as exciting as any in the past. AC/ Alika years were special though.

    Don’t stop posting. Here or the other board. Some people just hate it when posts are not negative.

  36. Howdy Jake,

    I must have given you the schedule and links to the Manoa bb summer league a handful of times and if you’ve forgetten here it is again:


    copy and paste that into your browser. Have a Great day Jake. We all waiting for Tyler and other recruits to arrive

  37. Pocho. Thanks very much for summer league info. I promise I have that book marked now…:). Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was asking if anyone knew when the HBB schedule was coming out. I like you added BYU. I’m interested in how far east u come this year.

  38. Jake, sorry I can’t help you there. But you can check this link which is the Official UHbb website: http://hawaiiathletics.com/index.aspx?tab=basketball&path=mbball

  39. Jake: agree 100 % you are very positive about UH MBB..for the diehard and live right UH MBB fans ..we say mahalo(thankyou)!! Keep those positive vibes going ..we cannot wait till Tyler starts raining 3’s in summer league!!

    Pocho is right UH MBB schedule for 2014-15 is still being finalized..
    shout out to Boston Jake our east coast WI nation follower!!



  40. Watch Vermont Academy tapes. Trust me u really want Bruce Brown and Seedee Keita. Tyler says he is already recruiting them. They are #30 and #43 on latest ESPN list for 2016. They really look up to Tyler and tell him if he likes it they will seriously consider Hawaii. IMO Hawaii really needs to understand how easy it is to sell east coast players vs west coast players to come to Hawaii.

  41. Jake…well 2 guys from east part of this year’s team..Florida’s Sammis Reyes and Delaware’s Isaac Fleming..a start..if guys out east willing to be far sway in subtropics come on down!!


  42. playhoopsa: yes, Bruce Brown is first player they show, then Tyler is 2nd, Seedee is the 6th (last one)

  43. Jake, UHMBB NorEaster


    UHMBB Schedule could be Filled and Finalized as late as September — i believe there were years when DII teams filled in Late because they couldn’t get enough D-1 Competition — it’s hard to get D-1 teams to Fly In for a Loss (they know it) and how many games should Hawai’i fly out to for More than one or two losses a season in generally low-income games…Most Years don’t have to but not running as many “Tournaments” as before….UH Does make an effort to Schedule East to give players a Mid-Season Trip Home — i would guess this is accomplished via Pitt (JDixon understands game trips home), maybe Missouri home and home…

    FAR EAST Trips…

    2015 – BYU + ?
    2014 – Missouri
    2013 – UNLV
    2012 – Gonzaga, Pepperdine, Montana (BracketBusters-BB)
    2011 – BYU, WAC (La Tech, Idaho)
    2010 – UC-Irvine, WAC (La Tech, Utah St, NMSt. Idaho)
    2009 – Illinois, WAC
    2008 – N.Mexico, San Diego WAC
    2007 – UNLV, Alaska Tourney, WAC
    2006 – UNLV, Milwaukee (BB Return), WAC
    2005 – St.Louis, WAC
    2004 – Dayton (@Maui), WAC

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