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Summer camp for youths is a month away

The University of Hawai’i Basketball Camp for youth players is coming up, with two sessions set for June.

Director of basketball operations Chris McMillian provides the complete details in the above video.


Here are the basics …

Dates: The first session will be June 2-5, and the second session will be June 9-12.

Times: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

Where: University of Hawai’i athletic complex – players will rotate between Stan Sheriff Center, Gym I, Gym II, and Klum Gym.

Who can register: Boys and girls, ages 6 through 17.

What to bring: Basketball attire and shoes; filled water bottle; home lunch.

Format: Players will be separated into various groups based on age and skill level. Fundamental drills take place in the mornings, followed by scrimmages and skill competitions in the afternoons.

Instructors: Head coach Gib Arnold and his coaching staff, as well as some current and former players.

Entry fee: $250 per session. Players can enter either or both sessions.

Registration information: visit www.hawaiiathletics.com (click on the Sports Camps link on the men’s basketball page); or call 956-6501, or send an e-mail to cwm24@hawaii.edu


  1. Maybe in another half dozen years, if Hawaii could develop, 6,’7″ to 6’11” bigs that were top 150 talent in USA, as well as guards 6,0″ to 6’4″ top 100, SF’s 65″ to 6’6″ top 125,..the future would look bright, a scholarship UH MBB team of 10 from Hawaii and 3 from abroad….

    Maybe over the next 20 years if local kids, from pre school, till senior in HS that is all they did, and grown strongerm, AAU teams, year round ball, prep schools that are BB factories, here,

    However, we appreciate the 1 or 2 talents perhaps once in a decade that are legitimate DI MBB athletes, the Alika Smiths, Kalia McGees, Jarin Akanas, Julian Sensleys, Craig Bell, and Brad Pineau, very good DI ball players, and one that got away , Derrick Lowe..

    Chris McMillian great job as DOBA, hope you have chance down the road to be top assistant, and eventually head coach too!

    You summer camps have been sold out, two sessions for several years Great job Chirs, coaches, staff and team, and the YOUTH!

  2. Can’t not look at the Walmart bag. Guess maybe plastic bags will start to be collectible, since they’re being outlawed slowly.

    Wish the Boba Fett-style(?) Warriors helmet was more prominent.

  3. Win-Win

    (Slightly) Better Pay for Assistants
    [MAYBE When Program Elevates and Brings in “Literally” its own ʻMillionsʻ, Read: NCAA WIN(s),
    UH Can Afford Bonuses & Proper (Top 150 / 100 / 50 / 25) Pay for ALL Coaches…]

    Better Coaching & Inspiration for Hawaiʻiʻs Youth (and Parents)…

  4. sorry I meant Derrick LOW! Has talent in Hawaii, have to get bigger, faster stronger and play Mainland hoops style, against those elite teams year round. Otherwise Hawaii is an Olympic swimmer, Soccer, and NFL calber football, PGA…LPGA,and MLB athlete breeding grounds., nothing wrong with that…

    The UH summer camp is really a success, hope they have as much if not more in attendance, hats off, kudos to Chris, staff and team for running the camps!

  5. Log jam at PG and SG…maybe ncaa thing, however, Frenchwood PG 6’1″ Cali HS, committed to Montana State…good.
    Now Gib sign and LOI

    1)Sammis Reyes 6’7″ 247 lb, Prep academy , Fla, Chilean jr. national team member, super HULK weigh room guy, a MONSTER.. PF hybrid, out to 3 pt range, could handles, rebounder, can jump rim level, smart BB IQ, super strong, ala Reggie Cross, could probably dunk right over Mamadou..Sammis will visit next weekend.

    2)Senegal big 7’0 ” 235 project, (just my Fantasy big!), touches 12’7″, tip toe dunks, knocks away everything at the rim and alters dozens of more shots,..freshman(just my fantasy big)

    3)Riak Bol,.JC shot blocker out of JC Nebraska…UH been after him for several years. 6’11” long athletic, shot blocker, can run the floor quick, rebounder, would fit the role of rim protector…Go get em signed LOI Gib.

    4)a mystery big transfer….??who knows, if Gib contract locked and sealed, and NCAA sanctions not major, another 2 good BB athletes, a rim protecting big and PF shooter, ala Reyes will be on board in few weeks, let us hope so…then the final pieces to that NCAA run are in place!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  6. UH BB needs to involve local HS coaches here similar to Football and have a coaches clinic to instill better techniques,and tactics at the high school level. Raise the Bar

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