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Spearman, Shamburger participate in graduation ceremony

Belinda Spearman vividly recalls the day back in 2012, when her son, Brandon Spearman, decided that he was going to attend the University of Hawai’i.

“I cried,” she said. “I didn’t want him to go.”

On May 17, 2014, she cried again. This time, it was tears of joy as Brandon Spearman received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the UH Spring Commencement Exercises at the Stan Sheriff Center.


“It feels amazing,” said Belinda, who made a trip from Chicago to Honolulu to attend the graduation ceremony. “I’m so happy for him. He stayed on track. He had a dream and went for it. I’m just proud of him.”

Spearman completed his senior season with the Warriors in March, and said he can now focus on pursuing a career in professional basketball.

“It’s a big accomplishment, and I’m just happy it’s over,” Brandon said. “No more school work – for a minute.”

Spearman was one of three seniors on the 2013-14 UH squad, and all three will be considered college graduates. Davis Rozitis graduated a year ago (he played last season as a graduate student). Christian Standhardinger is on pace to graduate this summer.

Keith Shamburger, who played as a junior during the 2013-14 season, also participated in Saturday’s graduation ceremony. He still needs to complete classes this summer to be an official graduate of UH.

Shamburger requested – and received – a transfer out of UH after the season. He confirmed that he will be headed to the University of Missouri for his senior season. He will be eligible to play immediately at Missouri as long as he completes his summer course work to fulfill the graduation requirements.

“It was tough when I first came (to UH from San Jose State) because I had so many (transfer) units, but I had to buckle down and just worry about academics for that whole year and it paid off now.”

— — — — — — —

For what it’s worth, the University of Hawai’i athletic department issued this statement on Saturday:

Amid current media speculation, the University of Hawai’i at Manoa Department of Athletics acknowledges that there is an ongoing NCAA investigation of potential rules violations. As a member institution of the NCAA, we have an obligation to monitor and control our athletics program, a duty to report all instances of noncompliance with NCAA rules and cooperate fully with and assist the NCAA enforcement staff. Our responsibility also requires that our institutional representatives and student–athletes protect the integrity of the investigation. Under NCAA enforcement rules, a failure to cooperate could lead to an independent allegation and/or be considered by the NCAA as a factor when determining potential penalties.

In light of the ongoing investigation and our obligation to state and Federal laws, we are not able to discuss or share information about the investigation. Our Department considers any alleged violation of NCAA rules to be a serious matter and we have, and will continue to, fully cooperate with the NCAA staff in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding, respect and your continued support of University of Hawai’i at Manoa Athletics. GO BOWS!


  1. Congrats to the Graduates!
    They are public figures now, with the Aloha and Mahalo from the UH fans. And we will look in on these great Warriors for many years to come, and hope for the best for their future in basketball and in life. Mahalo for all the smiles and good times playing on the UH basketball team for us. Mahalo.

  2. Congratulations, Brandon!
    Tip of the Spear, MAN!

    Setting Up Yourself And Future Generations of Spearmans
    College Degree(s), SIX Figure PRO Contracts…
    GREAT Start for a Great Person, Athlete, Man
    Then a Lifetime of Networking with The Giants
    Davis & Christian (7-0 & 6-8 Winners!)
    Lifetime Teammates & Supporters
    SUCCESS a Foregone Conclusion
    Because of The Smarts And Work Ethic the Three of You Seniors Share
    20 Years, 20 Win, 20 More And Beyond That
    THANK You for the Fun, The Memories, The Wins, The Solid Foundation that you folks put in place
    AND For Recruiting Your Own Successors (Bobbitt, Jankovic, et.al…)

    Aloha & Mahalo
    Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana

  3. Getting the degree is what it’s all about. At some point in your life you will have to work a normal job and it will take you a long way. Good luck to all the graduates in their future endeavors.

  4. Great work guys! THAT IS THE MAIN REASON for Full Ride scholarship athletes, the degree.
    Very, very valuable, more so the life lessons, through good and bad learned at UH .

    Shamburger, Christian, Davis and Spearman, all stayed 2 to 4 years and stayed the course, hope Keith will work hard, get the credits in summer and be on track. That would make 4 proud UH alumnus graduates.

    Yes, thanks for posting update release Dayton. WI fan nation, want the best for UH MBB, a lot of us do not know the particulars, and we will follow the latest. …always hope the best for UH, Hawaii, the families the student athletes , coach and staff, that everything will be corrected. NCAA wise.

    Make error, mistakes, or whatever, correct, on track, the UH MBB can take off and concentrate on winning BWC championships!

  5. Spearman, a Warrior 4 Life ! With a degree he earned ,from his diligence and hard work, you’ll go far in life with your attitude and drive , Brandon.. Good luck , we will miss you .

  6. Good job Mr. Spearman. Congrats to both you and your mom! Wish you the Best on your future endeavors

  7. oh, and I forgot to add your pops. Congrats to all of you

  8. good counterpoint arguments to D.R. ‘s SA report. BZ says…going blow up..I don’t know…we have to wait and see…
    still Eagle, why would Ben still be getting contract term sheets in order for coach if …..! blow up, and under…

    Weird…all I want, is the guys be happy, coach and fans happy, guys like Spearman, Standhardinger, Shamburger and Rozitis get their degrees.

    The OTHER stuff, is a great Distraction, SA front page sports news…shoots!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, hope you all get post season play okay to go for 2014-15 and on…not heavy stuff…man that would be bad..

    As another post said, BE PATIENT…it is driving me , to …..impatience…however will support coach and team as long as they are in place!
    Go Rainbow Warriors, stand and FIGHT for right!


    1) Gib signs extension with terms of contract for several years.

    2)Gib signs one or two athletes to complete May signing period May 21 2014.

    3)N…A…signs of minor hits.

    Then we WI MBB nation go ….wheeewww..relief!!

  10. Congratulations to Davis Rozitis, male academic athlete of the year and post graduate, Brandon Spearman.
    To continued work towards UH degree, which I am sure Keith appreciates for himself , family and mom. Keith continue to work hard during summer to get the official degree. Keith will be UH alumnus too.

    Christian, go to work in class summer, and complete the Trifecta. And of course, for Spearman, Standhardinger and Rozitis, pursue the NBA/ Euro overseas pro Basketball dream, with all of your talent, as Eagle stated, you can earn six figure salaries, and play for maybe 8-10 years at least in pro ball!

    Very happy for all the graduates of UH MBB. Good Job, and your families and moms and dads can be very proud!

  11. Didn’t I see that GIb gets his contract extended automatically for a year because his team won 20 games?

  12. Reading that D.R. column and replies to his article….seems like a lot of fans want the facts..is it just the MEDIA in Hawaii , because of the silence on UH, which they are bound to, confidential, they want to Break The Story…have to wait and see…You are right Anderpops, Friday May 16 2014 SA sports , about contract extensions, Gib, because of clause in 2011 contract, if he won 20 games, automatic one year extension.

    I really believe, Ben Jay with accounting background and experience at Ohio State as associate AD, he knows the paper work, legal steps and protocol of NCAA, he is making sure, that everything is done properly.

    On the side, it was not just Gib, however Trapasso, Wade, Beeman, several other sports coaches, who haven’t signed or come to agreement with contract yet. It seems like ALL the sports UH coaches are in line to get extension contracts.

    So contract wise, I believe that UH has Gib on board through another year because of the 20 win clause. Ben is working on not only Gib’s , through his attorney, however several others including Laura Beeman…

    For the sake of UH Athletics, I HOPE ALL the teams , coaches, student athletes , alumni, fanbase are happy, UH Athletics NCAA DI, are OUR sports teams. That is why we love it, whomever at the helm (as long as doing it Clean, we wish he or she the best!
    Go Bows, as Ben Jay would say, considering what is going on, he is doing good job, making sure, until Pau, and UH MBB can move on! However contracts, he not waiting on, still finalizing…at least that is what I get? Any other take on UH MBB?

  13. Spearman – what a class act, gentleman and true Warrior! Her exemplifies the true spirit of the student-athlete and I’d like to see how successful he becomes after his pro playing days are done. That smile is infectious and he really has a great attitude. Even though he was only with UH for two years he definitely makes my “all heart” team. Christian is definitely on this list too. Any other candidates for the all-heart team from years past?

  14. Miah def makes the list too!

  15. I’ll toss my hat in for Anthony Carter

  16. Spearman such a great attitude, he will do well on pro basketball team, no problem young man. Got his degree!
    Like how Quincy supporting his boy, Spear!

    Way to go Brandon, that is what a student athlete is all about…You can STILL feel the love that the UH MBB athletes have for one another and the UH program.
    The Spearman Ohana love it out here in Aloha State and We LOVE YOU ALL TOO!

    Brandon have a great career, and come back soon to Hawaii, we love you to life!
    The more I watch of Brandon Spearman, the more faith I have in UH , the MBB program, the school and the fans. Love Dayton, THE MAN, for all WI UH MBB, he is the true and faithful beat guy as well as one more.
    Mahalo Dayton for covering all the good about UH MBB program!
    Go Rainbow Warriors. Hey Gib, think about scheduling, if can a home game with MIZZOU for this coming year. would be good for UH to go up against Shamburger, would be a great game!

  17. Eagle ….just searched online…found the Adidas sponsored Adidas Gauntlet Indy, HS basketball, tournament…believe that is where sammis and teammate where playing , showcase for elite HS talent around the USA. great tournament, of freshmen to seniors.
    You are right …we await the next few days…I hope another Spearman, Standhardinger, Rozitis, type of UH student athlete appears and signs…a SF and a PF/C would be great..

    Very sure Dayton will have the latest!

    Congratulations to all the UH graduates, and especially those from the UH MBB program..good job academic advisors, and coaches that monitored study hall on the road! Kudos to the guys, who practiced hard, and studied hard..great achievement!

  18. Sammis OR NEXT!

    Better, BOTH!

    Finish UP Strong Keith…
    As Usual, The Ball’s In Your Court…

    and Near-Grads

    I Still Find it Amazing to Physically Work SO HARD Every Day
    AND Still Do Well In School…
    Most Game/Practice Days — even short ones, NOT Two-Three Hours like Scholarship and Walk-On Players — i was shot … HARD to Study @ Night, much less just stay awake …

  19. In a way WI UH MBB Nation, these last two weeks….is like OUR Graduation….on to hopefully better things…a great athlete and Big to help with depth for next season…the pride, the persistence on hoping always for best for Gib, the athletes, the families, UH and the coming season. The Patience, on getting things resolved..We have to earn our degree: Rainbow Warrior faithful strong throughout Hawaii, USA mainland, the globe, from Toronto, to Cali, to OZ and NZ…

    We can all hope for the best regarding UH MBB…Governor supporting, Ben Jay doing his due diligence, the student athletes being student athletes. Pride in the program the University and the very most unique State in the Mid Pacific, sub tropics, Hawaii, a beautiful place to play sports,and for those on full ride scholarships, opportunity to earn a valued degree. For the preferred walkons, much appreciation for families funding their sons here, very treasured and at much cost, having sons close and now far away but near in your hearts.

    Again, throughout the past 4 years, and more, for Gib, kudos and props, much honor and aloha to his wife Lisa and his 5 children. I just wish the best….Gib one of the most hardest working , and learning young HC for NCAA DI basketball in the USA…without question…Hang in there UH WI BB nation and all those followers of UH MBB Rainbow Warriors.

    Aloha Mahalo for wonderful coverage and sponsorship of WI UH MBB to Schmidt ohana, and I am sure, hundreds, who don’t post, however read our comments in support of program.

    EAGLE: Graduation day, from this Spring Semester, and into Summer with the new guys coming in for UH second semester, Harville, Stepteau, Bobbitt, Fleming, and a few others(hope for 2 new additions!)

    Go Bows! Graduating to Greatness…(Well, playhoopsa, UHF, etc, Always try to stay positive..support man at the helm, as long as they doing their thing Aloha way!)


  20. dayton…you need to report on the ncaa investigation.

  21. al….yes….pretty much national news..impact all kind of things..hope for best…

    Dayton is the best…up close ..with UH MBB…maybe even video update from coach, AD, let us know what is current state of program…move ahead …or what..

    Still hoping the best..when front page Sports…wow!!

    know UH cannot say anything, NCAA protocol very important the confidentiality..

  22. When ready…I guess we will know…all media, TV, print, blogs, on top of it..
    Ben Jay’s press release, UH totally compliant, and want to take serious any allegations of violations..

    As I keep on repeating:

    Three things would be positives-

    1)Gib signs two good athletes before end of May 2014 or into summer of 2014.
    2)Gib signs extension contract very soon.
    3)NCAA signs off on their job and issue whatever outcome..and UH can play for BWC championship…that is the key…post season play…

  23. After reading this morning’s column by Dave R, here is a similar message. Do NOT drink and drive, BUT, BUT if you do, don’t get caught or get into an accident.

    We all understand that accidents happen, that’s why the word exist. Most of us understand that the key is prevention and the focus thereof working on compliance to prevent it. And, in contrast, as pointed out by DR’s style of writing, so much is in retrospect and counter to what we desire.

    Saying that, Hana Hou to WI serving as a voice for information and support of MBB. The negatives have not served to build programs as they don’t inform “what to dos.” Thank you again, WI fans for recommending the positive, how tos and support of the program. Watch out for them BUTs ’cause that’s where the p**p come out.

  24. tako…one of the best posts in a long time…real, concise and positive!

    DR, (not a doctor, joking! 🙂 )…writes op-ed articles, so he will be the Devil’s advocate ..He and FL..they have valid points…a lot of times write for the Public to view their blog or column…however, when front page SA sports article, it sends a message that UH MBB might be really in deep with serious things. Then, DR, kind of backs off , and says, which I thought of too, if UH were really doing things for advantage, it didn’t really help them get to NCAA’s and go deep into tournament. They are a winning program , and growing. Mistakes, yet still on track. You are right , this WI UH MBB site if for Fans of the program whomever as the HC, and support of the good young student athletes , scholarship and preferred walkons, who are, as we know, even meeting them, really nice young men, both those who have stayed the course and those who have transferred or left.

    Still hold out hope, all will be resolved, no deep hits, and recruiting can go on, might have to look through the summer showcase circuit, however, I believe Bill Amis was a late get, and Bill was very good for UH MBB! Still see sun shining, and Dayton Morinaga,,The Schmidt Ohana support, and the positive UH MBB comments, keep hoops interest alive! Love to read blog, online or print, that UH has signed one or two athletes to complete recruiting year, Gib signs contract, which he will,,…and NCAA is PAU…UH corrects and moves on!
    That would be real Happiness , joy in WI UH MBB fandom!

  25. as DR stated, in print…the investigation, and the release by Ben Jay, alleged …..Speculation and wild rumors going about…either way, due diligence, UH and staff keep confidential, cannot reveal the nature of …Speculation…
    So we as, maybe you alluded to tako , we have to be patient..

    That is why, with the preferred walkons, the solid core of Fotu, Thomas, Jovanovich, Valdes, Smith, Jawato and Nevels, plus Enos, Harper, Filopovich….and transfers Negus Webster-Chan and Stefan Jovanovich, plus LOI signees Bobbitt and Fleming, so very, very important.

    Gib has in place NOW..a team that will be very good..we can be thankful for that!

  26. Spearman great graduate and having his former teammate Roderick Bobbitt coming to UH next season. Great! That is positive. Isaac Fleming, visited last fall, signed early November 2013 period, liked what he saw, and wanted to run with the returning UH MBB team. Uptempo fit.

    Bobbitt and Fleming, very smart BBIQ , good big, taller guards. They will help definitely.

    If no scholarship athletes added at this point, what we have coming back …

    PF: Isaac Fotu 6’8″ 230-first team all BWC
    C: Stefan Jovanovich 6’10” 235
    SF/PF: Michael Thomas 6’8″ 215-3 star out of HS.
    SG: Garrett Nevels 6’2″ 190
    PG: Quincy Smith 6’0″ 170

    SG: Brandon Jawato 6’4″ 200-rehabbing ankle(will probably have great Junior season..one of the original freshman signees..will be starting his 4th season at UH, nice young man)
    SF: Aaron Valdes 6’5″ 190(probably bigger and taller now)-hopefully made goal…
    Wing: Michael Harper 6’4″ 200-preferred walkon
    SG/PG: Dyrbe Enos 5’9″ 170-preferred walkon
    RS fr: Nikola Filopovich 6’0″ 160-preferred walkon

    SF/SG: Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ 200(probably 220 by now)- 3star out of HS
    PF/C hybrid: Stefan Jankovich 6’11” 242. 3star out of HS.

    New signees for next season:
    Combo guard: Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″ 205- elite JC guard on one of the top teams JC in the nation. Big get.
    Combo guard: Isaac Fleming 6’3″ 190-3 star out of HS
    preffered walkons:
    SG: Tyler Harville-6’0″ 165-3 point accurate shooter
    PG: Brocke Stepteau 5’9″ 155- quick guard.

    So , as of now May 19th 2014, that is a possible roster of 16 with 11 who have DI NCAA BB playing time experience and a first team all BWC selection in Isaac Fotu, who will have super Junior season.
    Even with no new recruits for 2014-15, that is a very competitive team.
    The signing of a good Big, and maybe a great SF, would create the Depth needed to make push for NCAA tournament in March 2015!
    Keep the Faith.
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  27. Seems like this investigation is starting to unearth things that could cause the Bball program some major problems. Loaning a car to a player by a booster could be a major offense. Even though the “fan” doesn’t consider himself a booster I think the argument can be made that he indeed is one. He’s close enough to the program for a player to ask him about using his car and other players are confiding in him when they wanted to leave the program. Then Gib somehow has this random fans number to yell at him about loaning the car out. It also states that he’s a friend of BJ. This doesn’t seem like your average run of the mill fan who made a bad mistake. For the sake of all of our current players I hope that we just get put on probation.

  28. playhoopsa. is there a website that actually shows everything you have listed? Thanks for putting that together. It would be nice to be able to bookmark a website that keeps up with that. I don’t seeit on the Hawaii basketball website or am I missing it?

  29. PONO:
    How do we know all the facts.? I don’t, does anyone on this forum know, I don’t think so..NCAA doing their thing…make sure…
    As statement by UH and Ben Jay, until findings complete, they cannot comment, and as per SA writer, Speculation and Allegations…

    One thing to loan, another to OWN..

    Until NCAA completes their investigation, it is all Allegations , wild rumor and speculations..
    In court of law…innocent until proven guilty beyond doubt.
    Due process.

    PONO, seems like you want UH to go down..I want the program to be corrected, and you are right, for the sake of the current guys and new signees, they are not punished for past error/s.
    Still, wait for due process..Patience, otherwise hearsay, allegations, innuendo, Speculation.
    We want UH MBB and UH athletics to get it right..they will.

  30. jake:

    I kind of compiled my own list. Dayton with his WI archives has the list of committed players. And also Jawato rehab etc. Dayton with video interviews, and questions, gets an up and close personal account of UH MBB happenings..

    Another link is the official UH Athletics.com site. Has the total roster from this year, including RS transfers.

    the other site of commits, if you search, sports Hawaii, they are pretty current, however, webmaster has to update, sometimes old stuff.

    WI and Dayton, is the real time, up close latest, however with social media twitter, facebook, news travels faster.

    jake, I don’t know how playing out in Mainland USA, however, our real concern, with the ongoing, investigation…I have been, plus several other long time contributors to this site, a fan of UH MBB since sixties, …would not want program to regress…hoping for the Best, UH still can play post season! Have to wait it out and see…

  31. I want coaches who do things the right way and run a clean program. I want UH to be successful the right way. Anyone who brings shame to the program, I’d like to see them leave.

  32. I haven’t seen anything proving no “institutional control”. That equals post season ban. I predict final answer comes down in August of costing assistant his job and a player sitting out 2 to 5 games. IMO.

  33. until this investigation is concluded and judgment is delivered.
    I can’t see any new recruits walking in the door not unless they have no other offers or places to go.

  34. I just hope that we won’t have a mass matriculation should the hammer come down heavy.

  35. Besides warrior insider…
    Sports Hawaii view topic – 2014, 2015, 2016 men basketball….
    Brian Mcinnis twitter….
    Court Sense by Brian Mcinnis…
    For the curious minds, found these sites best sources of MBB information…

  36. let me add to tako’s list:
    The StarAdvertiser where Dave Reardon and Ferd Lewis have columns

  37. well….as jake commented that “heavy hammer” probation, no post season play etc, would be the loss of institutional control.Gotta agree with Jake on that one, I don’t know what is going on, however it doesn’t look like their is no control over program dept…however remember from seventies, and that problem, Little, Arnold, Frank, Wallace, Nash and now Gib, were very careful to keep program clean. Even with recruitment of a transfer we have now, it was so transparent, coaches and staff, and student athlete, all upfront, and the transfer was admitted to UH school no problem.

    It could be , as was stated, a lot of little things, maybe keeping whatever account of time, study, practice, meals, I don’t know..paper work, travels, who knows.

    Just my opinion, Pretty sure, Ben Jay would not even comment on extension contract of Gib, and Gib saying attorney working on finalizing that, if UH knew a hammer was coming down heavy.
    Could be a staff member, or athlete, or maybe minus a scholarship, …Other programs when under investigation, the BCS schools, pretty public that it was BIG TIME hammer, violations so blatant..I think with Gib and program, since knowing that want to run clean program, I think it is clean, just the compliance, or whomever made mistake/s, that is the one/s who will render account. If IT WERE THE BIG HAMMER, in my opinion, the athletes , would sense it, and there would be a mass exit. Next season, would be moot, and open to walkons, and under radar guys wanting place to play DI ball.

    I just , IMO, don’t think it will be THE BIG HAMMER, maybe the little hammer, and corrections made. UH, with AD, and MBB program from Gib on down, pretty sure monitoring, and being upfront with NCAA, without question, This is Gib’s pride and joy the UH MBB team, never admitted to being perfect, and neither are the student athletes….Let the NCAA follow protocol, UH comply, and move on. You are right with one thing, I agree, this investigation, has thrown a wrench into the recruitment process., actually …probably related, though Ben has a lot on the plate, the NCAA investigation…Gib’s signing his extension contract.

    That is why I posted, the 16 athletes, current scholarship and preferred walkons..even if UH were handcuffed on getting 2 more LOI’s for next season, with what they have NOW, they would be very competitive in the BWC.

    Let, us hang on…If ONE guy signs by this week, that is a HUGE sign, if not..well, we wait until summer. Just have to hope for the best.
    And Thanks Jake for your opinion…very valued, what is seen from outside Hawaii…hope that the two preferred walkons do make it to Hawaii, their choice, wish them both well,and UH MBB ..
    Maybe, we are getting to paranoid…
    Hope for the best and look forward to a team that wants to prove themselves on the court and in the classroom!

    Go Warriors, Stand and fight for what is right..
    1) now, if NO MORE signees for this May 2014, we hope that Ben Jay and Gib’s rep, get his contract settled, that would speak volumes.
    UH MBB is really a small mid major, trying to get a Good Program, however , as Gib says, and all past coaches for UH have said, to go to Great, that takes a ton of work…and UH , from what I have seen since 1976 post, have tried to do what is right!

  38. Actually, when NCAA finishes their job, and renders whatever , if any discipline, and UH still in running for a BWC championship…NOW would be perfect time to look for that Diamond in the rough, an agile, role playing big, just, defend, block alter shots, and rebound, be a team guy, put back offense boards..Doesn’t have to be BWC first team material, Fill the Role…Big Defensive guy…Gib could still scour the summer circuits and lock one in..

    We shall see, if not, welcome to Tyler Harville and Brocke Stepteau, Roderick Bobbitt and Isaac Fleming, provide some speed and firepower!

    Fellow fans, just my opinion…have to cast some ray of hope for UH MBB…!
    The guys in program took care of business in classroom, both preferred walkons and scholarship athletes that speaks very highly of the type of young people in the program!
    Good job to coaches , advisors, and to the guys representing UH MBB program!

  39. Or any, willing to make trip out to Hawaii,? 6’9″-6’11” and wants to develop and play role of defending big and work on getting better, come on down…Don’t see too many bigs in Hawaii, only guards…
    although, Derrick Low, Alika Smith, Julian Sensley, Kalia McGee were pretty good HS BB athletes, Julian being a 6’9″ SF still playing pro ball somewhere, probably overseas?

  40. I really hope Coach Gib won’t use the scholarships on recruits that needs a lot developemental work even if recruit has the height, unless he’s over 7′ and can run the court well. I’d rather coach save the scholarship for a possible mid-season transfer that he’s gotten for the past 3 years or so.

    One of the two could also be as an incentive to reward his best preferred walk-on, or the hardest working one out of the bunch.

  41. With the investigation continuing I don’t believe we will attract any additional quality players. Reyes is just what we need but I don’t believe he is a fit (not talking about basketball). Gib should keep the scholarships for now. If Valdes gets his academics up he should get one. He has a lot of potential and will be a major player for us for the next three years. He needs some work on defense but I hope he has been working on it and the coaches should make it a priority to work with him when he gets back.

  42. Now becoming a little clearer the investigation…per SA by BM and FL…round of interviews with athletes, staff….

    Anderpops, and shout out to Jake from Boston….we think, pretty certain, any LOI signings for this upcoming season, unless late summer scholarship aid agreements, last minute before fall semester starts, UH has had several of those late student athletes signed in the past….Looks like no more recruits would sign this May 2014.

    Kind of wonder, maybe Dayton, could video interview Gib if possible, if he can talk…If Gib signs extension of contract, or is it tied in with investigation? I don’t know..
    He will probably go out on the road this summer, June, July and look at all those showcase tournaments, there are still a lot of under radar athletes, hopefully a Big, that he could recruit, or else target future recruits..Kind of hard with investigation.

    Just hope for the best…UH had some great student athletes pass through the UH MBB program in past and still currently, good young guys.

    Hope for the best WI Rainbow Warrior MBB nation!

    AND FANS: to be clear….my statements PURELY JMO…I don’t know protocol or the facts, only the UH, MBB, the athletes and NCAA trying to get things straight…Still think UH MBB and HC try to do the best for Hawaii and the BB program..duly compliant, maybe mistake/s made.Hope UH can move on!


    You Can Be Sure EVERY Competing Recruiter IS Making it Sound like This Program is Crooked, COOKED,
    Burning and Going Down in FLAMES, COMING SOON to a TV Screen near You…

    We should HOPE that Gib has a Better Relationship with the Player and Parents
    BUT ALL THAT NOISE is Probably Near Insurmountable…

    IF GIB Signs a Potential Two-Star or Better
    He and Staff will pretty much be emulating the USC Recruiting Coup of a few years back

    Prove YOU ARE Smarter than the Average Bear, Sammis…


    Get Off YOUR Butts and Finish Your Investigation / Audit
    Where We Worked, IF there were Fire to go with All this SMOKE
    MANAGEMENT Would already be Removed/Fired…

  44. I agree that it will be very tough to sign anymore kids with the investigation looming. Our best hope is to hold the scholarships and pick up some kids that fall through the cracks once the investigation is done. Now it sounds like a lot of small infractions could end up into something bigger. We have booster benefits, paperwork issues and potential practice time violations. Hope we get a slap on the wrist but that seems to only happen to schools with deep pockets.

  45. …and GOOD (or Great) NCAA Opposition Teams / Attorneys…

    THIS is Where they Can Be Worth their Fees…

    [NOT In Making Up the BS Rules and Loopholes in the First Place…]




    HE Who Has The Gold…

  46. Eagle:

    All of Hawaii, perhaps the Nation, wonder what will NCAA find? I don’t know, UH MBB team members even the guys that left, as a whole great student athletes, very nice people. Same with fans and supporters.

    I think Ben Jay did the right thing last Saturday, just the standard reply, yes NCAA investigation, have to maintain confidentiality and for Hawaii fans, and MEDIA to be patient..

    Warriors of the Manoa Rainbow….Man up, and fight for what is right…PONO….yes, want UH MBB program to be Pono, right, honest and good…They will be…when dust settles..confident of that..

  47. Need warrior basketball season to start NOW.

  48. I’d just like to say that I hope Davis Rozitis does NOT feel bad, for his finding in the investigation.

    I remember being a college student too, and I needed a car. Luckily I was not in a distant country separated from my family. Davis was a typical college student, with standard needs.

    This is just the consequence of the unnecessary NCAA’s outdated rules.

    Expect the athletes to subsist on the bare minimum? Until recently, athletes couldn’t even have their own jobs. Yet coaches get paid $100,000s, and athletic directors get paid millions. Thinly disguised servitude.

    I think it’s funny that people are so worried about what kind of punishment that UH will get. You guys do realize that Penn St. football actually abused kids? And tried to ignore them too.

    Don’t worry, Penn St. has the #2 recruiting class in football already: http://247sports.com/Season/2015-Football/CompositeTeamRankings

  49. “You really want to play basketball in Hawaii, have you heard what they do there?”
    “They let you borrow a car”

    On the other hand:
    “You really want to play football in ‘Happy Valley’? You know what they do to kids there?”

  50. Horsssse_Champ: good analogies..sad, to pick on UH….and now, NCAA investigator here on two month Hawaii stay..I would think NCAA would send several people, only ONE to investigate possible infractions?

    Something is waaay off…
    UH being NCAA member, has to follow protocol…I bet Coach Gib, the athletes, and others, are dying to tell their side to the PUBLIC..as coach Gib said, let NCAA come in and do their thing…I do not think it is death penalty, or MAJOR infractions,

    Look at tiny Hawaii out in middle of Pacific, if it were HUGE wrongdoings, and I agree with Reardon on this one, UH would have won a WAC championship, and 3 BWC championships in a row, as well as gone to NCAA’s for Four consecutive years, making the elite eight two times,..NEVER happen, UH Adept just trying to stay afloat.

    The guys, Christian, Brandon’s , Nevels, Smith, Enos, Fotu, Rozitis are really good student athletes, cannot even imagine them in some MAJOR scandal…that would be the shock of UH sports history, in near 100 years…
    I think minor if any…However, the damage to recruiting, the last couple of bigs for this May, it hurts, maybe that is the NCAA penalty, slow down Gib’s recruiting process, the seal the deal bigs that would help UH next season..anyways, even if NO signings, UH has good team coming back next year, with something to prove, the are Warriors!

    One thing, Gib has brought a lot of interest, to MBB program, and exciting brand of ball..This investigation should be over pretty soon..I hope…for sake of young guys and a growing, and good BB program.

    Eagle, I have confidence UH MBB will be in the running for BWC tourney crown and NCAA tournament appearance next March 2015..
    Go Rainbow Warriors…as Ben Jay says: “GO BOWS”…meaning, we are strong, and will do things right and get moving upwards…!

  51. know that some prep, HS and JC not pau yet…so Eagle, one never knows….one HS athlete, interest UH, all he does is block shots, alter shots, rebound, and guard rim..just what UH needs..under radar guy…another, tall guy…long guy…same thing, blocks shots, rebounds, alter shots, and deflections….Both are tall, very long athletic bigs…

    Remember one of our all time, self made good BB athletes, still playing euro pro ball was late get..Bill Amis , 6’9″..235…great helpside shot blocker. good rebounder, hustle guy with mid range shot..

    We shall see….UH still has the 2 scholarships….can be offered up until August fall semester start..still hope for at least ONE big rim protector, maybe, two…..just waiting it out..

    Go Bows!

  52. I still think worse punishment will be what is happening now….dragging it out to hurt recruiting in the short term. I know coaches can’t watch summer league in person. Does anyone know if they can watch them via circuit TV or after the fact by video? Just wondered how well they are able to personally see how all the guys are doing over the summer. Just wondered because that type league is something they don’t have on east coast. Here they just play nearly non stop weekend AAU tournaments.

  53. Jake, goggle… Hawaii college summer basketball league. There are videos of past games there. So yes, there is video available.

  54. jake: yes tako is right. that Hawaii College summer league, the guy who runs the site is very thorough even archives games, I think some are on YouTube channel. Also WI UH MB Dayton has hilites of summer league. Know that coaches cannot be there in person, however, they would know through grapevine.

    In addition, that NCAA(here we go again..)they have that second summer session where Gib likes to bring in New guys, and some returnees for school, freshmen and JC transfers, get used to school at UH DI level, and they have limited workouts….

    So coaches know how guys are doing. Hawaii BB team in beginning 2/3 of season was one of the top conditioned teams in BWC. they could run all day, until the BWC tourney time when they had to short rotation of players and ran out of gas.

    Jake: you are correct, NCAA, it is like a ONGOING penalty NOW…the bite into Gib’s recruiting, that last 2 pieces …Team has to arise from this, and prove to NCAA and all comers that UH is going to be good, with the team they have. With Negus, Fotu, Smith, Nevels, Thomas , and crew, they will fight very , very hard to win that BWC crown!

    jake: as far as we know Harville still coming to UH summer, so is Stepteau, two preferred walkon freshmen, along with Bobbitt and Fleming two big guards…should be interesting!
    Hope, that NCAA gets their thing going within month or two, I think Gib signs contract allows him to go out summer circuit, and look for the late gets, that is my bet…Gib looks for a good defending big, athletic, does not have to score a lot, block shots, and rim protect!

  55. I’ve given Jake the links prior. Think he’s asking if there’s any live closed circuit tv feeds, that as far as I know there weren’t any the past years. Dayton is the video camera person taking all those summer league game video and the owner of the blog or Dayton uploads the video. Sometimes it takes days to get the video uploaded though and it’s public so I don’t why Coach Gib couldn’t use it to see how his players are doing. But I also think during the summer the NCAA allowed coaches to work with their players but now in whole. Also guess there’s a finite amount of time coaches can work with the players during the summer.

    Read here or somewhere else Webster-Chan will not be back to play in the summer league this year.

  56. Yes…you correct. That summer league in past 4 years a UH BB athlete or two got hurt..smith..fotu ..dressler..spearman..
    some uh mbb guys going to stay home summer work out there or summer league at home..I know some in past said good structured game situation..still worry about conditioning and proper stretching and taping..
    fotu back with NZ national team try to make run in World games..that is super high level competition..imagine fotu going against usa nba talent!!

    Harville, Stepteau,.. bobbitt..fleming if participate summer league just take care..

    uh mbb team as stands has good team already to compete..you know returnees and especially negus, fotu, smith, nevels..all the guys..like u conn this year want to prove something..they are good people..and great basketball team..

    go bows!!

  57. I think Hackman is moving on so there will be one less walk on now.

  58. Yes Hackman not coming back..

    news from BM court sense, jaleel cousins committing to soth florida he was jc 6’10” 290 center..

    wonder if gib had 2 backup bigs to sign? Probably..we don’t know ncaa thing..if thing were pau..maybe sign..

    wonder if 6’9″ tribble and 6’11” bol still in picture..

    gib was right ..sammis and cousins were here on visits recently..
    man gib has to scramble for bigs..even through summer…athlectic bigs that want to play..defender rebonder and hit offensive glass..need depth upfront…
    maybe staff really networking to find good one..looks like counting on cousins..still think uh mbb had 2 more bigs plus sammis looking at..

    any good big want to play 2 to 4 years in hawaii great place and could help uh mbb reach ncaa’s

  59. Some would comment and say that next year’s class is “light.” If we consider the additions of Negus and Stefan, maybe not so light.

    We could use another “big.” If fortune does not shine on our warriors; believe with what we got we’ll be alright. At the end of the day, the players need to step up. One or both of the Stefans need to fill that role of rim protector. If any or both have aspirations to play competitively at D1 and beyond, both need to be terrors on defense.

    Like what we have. Hoping that the two preferred walk-on guards turn out to be “BIG” surprises. Believe the success of our guards will determine how we’ll do and where we stand tall at the end of the season. Guards need to cut down on turn-overs and force other teams to turn-over.

  60. I know it might be real wishful thinking , however this is the positive forum..would be real shot in arm If sammis said okay I want to committ to uh mbb? Wow that be huge…or a tribble or bol signed..

    however I agree with tako with two stefans and mike thomas bigger uh mbb will be very competitive

    with reyes and another big uh mbb will be awesome..negus worked so hard this rs year..he will be on fire next year ..

    ncaa timing hinder recruiting..ncaa pau and minor…gib will still look for that big smmer time guaranteed. ? He won’t hold scholarship. ?.JMO

    GO BOWS..fans awaiting get right and fight for ncaa berth..it would sweetest reward after adversity..still absolutely believe not heavy hit uh mbb still play postseason and why the heck not challenge for a national ncaa title..as Negus says..why not aim high..set goals for national title!!

    Go Bows!!

  61. The topic at the top was about the graduation . Not the investigation. Enough already. There is nothing new , no sense pounding the poi pounder . Stop the thread already,Dayton. Hoopsa hands must be getting typing cramps by now. Congrats to the graduates and to the rest slated to graduate this summer.

  62. A great shooting back court can knock off most teams including the giants. But what happens when they go cold which almost all players go through? That’s why you need a balanced team that can help out the starters. Moreover, when you rely on one key player what happens when he gets constant double or triple teaming? The scoring stops. I think that was the case for UH MBB down the stretch as Fotu became the primary offensive weapon and the opposing teams knew that if they shut down Isaac they win. That’s when a strong bench can really help out. We got nailed at the end because we relied too much on the 5 starting players. We need a Manu Ginobli that can come off the bench and literally take over the game. Fans (and players) underestimate the importance of the 6th man. It wins championships. Why? Because a great 6th man is often a match up nightmare as the opposing team has no one on the bench that can guard him. And like everyone is hoping will appear in paradise: a defensive-minded shot blocker and rebounder. Fact is we need to be like San Antonio. They don’t have any superstars now but each guy brings something special that the team needs to excel. They definitely got balance and we need what they got to go deep in post season play.

  63. servante:thanks…much congrats to spearman..we love he and family..however we all love uh mbb ..even brandon and mom appeciate the fans who support him as student and athlete..

    jjay..have to think positive..uh mbb still on track for great year next season..that reyes and tribble or bol signing would create the depth sevante talking about..maybe thomas or valdes become sixth man catalyst..if you read tako post..agree with him..uh mbb has ateam right now with incoming guards to win bwc and go to ncaa’s..more confident..maybe tomorrow we hear really good news..if not uh mbb ..thanks that we have life..the best gift of all right!

    Go Bows..uh mbb will be stronger!!

  64. It would be really out of the ordinary, A MIRACLE…if Reyes, Bol, Tribble, or some other BB player signed today May 21 2014…That would save the May signing period for sure.

    We WI faithful, keeping the posts going, and still proud of the UH MBB members who have gotten degrees, Spearman and Rozitis,

    Hope for some good news today Eagle…Well, if you can read this post, that IS GOOD NEWS..you are healthy, to the best you can be, and we are thankful for Another Day of Life….

    Go Rainbow Warriors..Rise up, and get stronger, NCAA get the investigation pau, finished, UH takes their discipline, and UH can move on…

    As was stated, even if NO signee until late August, UH MBB, has solid team ready for next season already…Rainbow Warriors stay..NCAA go away…And UH can play another day, and years..hoping for the best.

    What is your take Eagle?

  65. Sorry jjay and WI nation, hoopsa still gotta post!
    Until Dayton moves on to new topic….sure the next video will be interesting…at this point.

    Riak Bol 6’10”, JC..maybe 6’11” .long , jumps, and blocks shots..
    Jordan Tribble …HS…not 6’9″ as we thought, he grew another 2 inches…so is about 6’11” , his strength, blocking shots..don’t think either committed yet..Cousins, commit to South Florida..Next Big Gib? Go sign him.

    Both guys are thinner, and lean, have to get stronger, however, their game is protecting the Rim..

    Sammis Reyes,…why not 4 years in a beautiful place…soon, things will be in order.

    Sammis, you have Isaac Fotu, Garrett Nevels, Q Smith, Mike Thomas, Negus Webster-Chan, B. Jawato, Roderick Bobbitt, Isaac Fleming, Nikola Filopovich, Stefan Jovanovich, and later Stefan Jankovich and , our great preferred walkons , for now, Dyrbe Enos, Niko Filopovich, Michael Harper, Tyler Harville and Brocke Stepteau to run with…maybe a Big added later…so join the WI nation, and UH MBB, and show the world, like U Conn did this year, that UH MBB will challenge for NCAA titles with you on board…IF that is your desire..
    If not..Gib get your contacts in order, hit the summer circuit, recruit for those diamond in the rough bigs and athletes…arise, get Stronger through Adversity!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  66. sammis I almost forgot skywalker supreme, looking to have great Junior year, AARON Airon Valdes!

  67. Remember fans, Bill Amis 6’9″ 235 great weakside, helpside shot blocker? He was a late get, after they May signing period…one of My all time favorite, self made to good BB Big…still playing euro pro BB!

  68. Playhoopsa, Aaron Valdes will be a sophomore next year, not a junior.

    Also, I like Mike Thomas. I agree it would be great if he could get a little bigger of the summer. More importantly, he needs to work on his confidence… seems to be lacking in that.

  69. i think Sammis Reyes CAN Still have his First Choice…

    HIS Decisions is Really Come Down to:

    1) “Guaranteed” NLOI OR Later Scholarship Agreement…

    2) TRUST UHMBB Coach(es)Implicitly or Blindly; OR Wait;

    3) Risk Someone Else will Sign/ Accept Scholarship (LOWER Now); or Wait;

    i’d prefer he Sign Today,
    BUT it is likely more prudent,


    To Wait and See…

  70. Strange…or not? seems that some of the targeted guys for UH, SF, PF, C…as of now, about 5pm EST, are not committed, they are playing the WAIT and SEE game too!

    That is the killer, the wait, the suspense…for all the UH MBB faithful….all we can do is wait, and wait, and wait…

    You wonder How Long does it take for NCAA investigator to do his thing and render if any penalties?

    As some say, he is having a long stay in Hawaii, courtesy of NCAA, and paid for by members of NCAA I am sure, including UH?

    Bol? Reyes? Tribble? Dew(a long, long shot 3 star 6’9″ shooting guard out of Florida, hometown Cali.)that guy Edward 6’6″ 215 SF out of Casper Wyo. JC, seems like a sammis type athlete.

    Hawaiian time?

    (So Far, with at least Two to Award)

    LOST: Three Bigs and Three Guards:
    (Standhardinger, Davis & Dressler;
    Spearman, Shamburger & Hackman)

    RECRUITED: ONE BIG, Four (Reported) Guards
    (Jankovic, Bobbitt, Fleming, Harville, Stepteau)

    (FOTU, NEVELS, Q. Thomas, Valde´s Jawato, Jovanovic, Enos, Harper)
    (Negus, Jankovic & Filipovich)


    May Be Better…

    Two to Three Assistant Coaches/Staffers Leaving or Affected?
    (? Unless Promotions ?)

  72. I know Harville reported to a Kentucky website on Monday that he was still going to Hawaii. Said he made his mind up two months ago and has never seriously considered other calls since then. Still says he plans on showing well in summer and being a nice surprise for the Warriors in year 1. Says he knows he is the best shape of his life and is shooting way better and deeper than ever. So he still has his one track mind.

  73. Hooray!!!! To the 13th hour, the last minute Sammis Reyes signs LOI with UH MBB!!

    Maybe , the integrity of Ben, Gib and whole program, is intact..has to be….Sammis welcome aboard!!


    Go Rainbow Warriors.!!
    Now clean up after NCAA, get things straight and get a summer time scholarhip agreement Big!!

    still have to await NCAA findings, however WELCOME Sammis Reyes!

  74. Here’s a link to the UH presser re. signing of Sammis Reyes:


  75. New guys for 2014-15…

    Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″
    Stefan Jankovich 6’11”

    LOI signees :
    Sammis Reyes 6’6″-240
    Isaac Fleming 6’3″ 190
    Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″ 205

    Imagine that 5 going against
    Fotu 6’8″
    Mike Thomas 6’8″
    Aaron Valdes 6’5″/ Stefan Jovanovich 6’10”
    Qincy Smith 6’0″
    Garrett Nevels 6’2″

    Also..B.Jawato 6’4″
    Michael Harper 6’4″
    Tyler Harville 6’0″
    Niko Filopovich 6’0″
    Brocke Stepteau 5’9″

    imagine the competition in fall!!

  76. You forgot Enos, however, this is what the situation will be. There is only some many minutes to go around, in fact 200 minutes in total. There is usually a rotation of 8 to 10 guys, with 7 guys getting the lions share of the minutes. Unfortunately, walk-ons don’t get a lot of minutes in a tight, competitive game.
    Between now and the end of August we might lose some walk-ons. Some freshmen might redshirt if they have a redshirt year available (Fleming, Stepteau, Thomas, Harville, and Reyes). If the play well in fall camp, they will not redshirt. Probably Reyes, Fleming, and Thomas will play, and if Harville shows he’s a dead eye 3 point marksman he will be active as well.

  77. Pressure is off Coach as far as recruiting goes and really demonstrates how good he is. The player pieces are falling into a quality base.

    It’ll be interesting how they play together. As we have seem, Coach wants 100% effort all the time, which is a good thing. Like the “gets” that are “physical” and can finish near and under the basket; felt we were lacking that a bit last season.

    The guard depth looks to be top notch; with lots and lots of different kinds of weapons. Smith and Nevels have the benefit of experience…. looking good.

    What will be really interesting is Negus, Bobbitt and Sammi; all look to have “ATTITUDE.” If channeled properly watch out, big time B-Ball is in the house…..IMO…

  78. Derek..forgot very important preferred walkon Enos good buddy of Fotu..key represent 808!

    Mike Thomas will be soph. Played as true frosh…

    Thomas is the guy can play 3/4.we awaiting him blowup next year.at 6’8″ and maybe still growing he provides the depth with reyes valdes..remember last season end guys tired..Gib needs depth upfront..if can go 10-12 deep in march uh mbb can make run at TV bwc tourney tittle…top 10 really lot of talent depth..maybe summer gibget one more big?

    wecome Sammis to uh mbb !!


    You’re gonna love playing in Hawai’i. Great people, great weather, great food, best looking ladies in the world, and the best college fans in the nation.

    Can’t wait to have you with us!

  80. I hope Arnold is watching how the San Antonio Spurs play basketball. Perpetual motion, driving to the hole, spin moves, cutters for open shots, 3 pointers, defense, sharing the basketball, etc. etc. etc. Popovich pulls the right strings, everybody knows their roles. I love how they play. I love Kevin Durant but I like the Spurs more.

  81. Bobbitt..Smith…Fleming…Nevels…they mesh as top rotation..plus Jawato who I believe will be healthy and raining threes when uh needs…that backcourt bigger..really talented..then Stepteau ..Harville bombing away if they have PT..TEAM BEFORE SELF…WIN BEFORE STATS AND MINUTES..UH MBB has team..if they play outstanding D will be one of better teams in west..
    Forgot Fearsome Fotu…look out bwc..
    uh has to click in halfcort when they are trying to close out games..they will
    good job gib
    hope for best..
    huge get sammis reyes
    go bows!!

  82. Toronto terror on court..Negus and Jankovich!!
    will blow up too!

  83. Yes Thank You Mr. Sammis Reyes, with all the bad news surrounding UHbb, you brightened up a long day for many of us.

    Welcome Aboard the Warrior Ship

  84. Credit to Gib and Sammis for pulling off the last minute hail mary. Looks like a very solid recruiting class now.

  85. welcome aboard Reyes, another guy around 6ft 9 would do just fine ,that has hops, size on his upper body to bang, and a nice short range jumper. Come on there must be someone out there on the mainland out of all the thousands of hopefuls in every state. Hoopsa and I are planning to take that investigator next time he comes out ,we going take him to Rockza ,get him drunk , get him the raunchiest lap dance in the back room full with photos and send that back to his boss, gotcha!

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