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Reyes really likes Hawai’i, but still uncommitted


Sammis Reyes may not be quite ready to commit to a college just yet, but he’s found a front-runner. After two days on an official visit with the University of Hawai’i, the prep forward said: “I would say Hawai’i is my number 1 choice right now, but I still want to go home and sit down and think about it.”

Reyes, who is 6 feet 6 and 250 pounds, recently completed his final season at North Broward Prep School in Coconut Creek, Fla.

He arrived in Honolulu on Monday for his official visit, and is scheduled to depart on Wednesday morning.

“I feel like I really got to know the coaches and the players, and they’re all great people,” Reyes said. “Everybody is really nice and it’s a great environment. The weather’s great in Hawaii, just like Florida, so I can see myself fitting in.”

Reyes said he made previous official visits to Fairfield, Long Beach State and Palm Beach Atlantic (NCAA-II school near his prep school).

Scott Williams, the head coach at North Broward Prep, said: “Hawai’i, or whoever he chooses, will be getting a good player. He’s just a good, hard-nosed player who is physically ready to play on the Division I level right away.”

Williams said Reyes averaged approximately 17 points, 12 rebounds and four assists last season at North Broward.

“We had to use him mostly at 4 (power forward) just because of his size,” Williams said. “But he can shoot it. He’s got perimeter skills and he can pass it very well for a big man. He’s probably best suited at the 3 (small forward) for college, and he’ll be a tough match-up there.”

Reyes is originally from Chile, and played on that country’s under-16 national team in 2011. He moved to Florida after that to pursue American education/basketball opportunities.

“I’ve been away from my family for the past three-and-a-half years, so they’re really leaving it up to me,” Reyes said of his college decision.

Based on his highlight videos (see below), Reyes plays with a fearless style. He also has a fondness for fitness – with a bench press of 325 pounds.

“I like to take care of my body,” he said. “Not just in the weight room; I watch my diet and everything else.”

And (because many have already been asking him for several years) … he has no interest in football.

“The football coaches at my (prep) school have been asking me every year, but I love basketball too much,” he said.


  1. Sammie,

    I hope you become a Warrior, it sounds like it’s a fit from your comments and if it “fits”, you should commit. Think your a scrapper of a player that could be really good in the Big West Conference.

  2. Welcome to Hawaii Sammie! Hope you consider Hawaii as a 4 year education opportunity. The study and research programs among the best in the world!

    Great physical tools you have. I love seeing the video of you in open court where you thrive, the passing, court vision, the BB IQ. You can shoot it, however coach used you at 4 and 5 spot because your prep school lacked size.

    AT UH definitely you could be a SF or hybrid 3/4, with probably the ability to grow height wise too maybe.

    Consider it, UH , a program that won 20 games last year. Has great talent, coaches, students, fans who will love you forever, and the ability to help Hawaii get to the NCAA’s for years to come!

    Please, think about joining the best NCAA DI program in the subtropics. Weather very similar to Florida. Mild at best!

    Go Sammis Reyes, Become A Warrior!
    UH plays a very uptempo style ,which you would like, plus you play pretty good defense too!
    You would look great, and like Superman in a Rainbow Warrior uniform!

  3. Really love this kid. For a 6-6, 6-7 player he plays like he’s 6’10. Very athletic with his leaping ability and he’s shown good weak side blocking. I love his ability to catch alley oops reminds me of a Blake Griffin like player with a little better jump-shot. Will be interesting if he commits to see how he fits in to the rotation. Im pretty sure locked in starters for next year are gonna be Nevels, Bobbitt, NWC, and Fotu. Im pretty sure Jankovic is gonna get the start too once he’s eligible in December. Maybe we go really small and start Sammis at the 3 or 4. I think he could be a Alex Poythress type player who gives us energy and athleticism off the bench.

  4. Sammis!

    Welcome to Hawai’i!
    Glad you had a Good/Great Trip;
    Very Much Like Hearing You Rank Hawai’i Number One…

    Just the Fact You have a Scholarship Offer after The Trip
    Tells us that Both the Coaches and Current Players
    Believe You’ll Fit In AND Can Help the Program
    And Yourself…

    You’ll Feel Even Better
    When You Commit and Things Start Movin’
    Work as hard in School and Life
    (Like Your Whole Team Here)
    And a Bright, Solid Basketball and Life’s Future
    Should be Yours for the Takin’
    YOU’ve Done Good to Get Here!

  5. I like this kids game but its a little crazy Lee to say he has a better jump shot that Blake Griffin. Griffin has worked on his game and has a pretty reliable jump shot at the NBA level not prep school level.

  6. It will come down to Hawaii and Long Beach, in my opinion. He said UH is #1 right now, but as we all know things change quickly. I thought we had a good chance to get Richard Washington, but he signed with UCLA. I thought Luc Longley was ideal for UH, but he went to New Mexico. And I thought Bobbie Lee Hurt might come to UH, but he decided to stay home at Alabama. So, I never get too confident because of past situations. It’s good that he’s from Chile in that he’s pretty independent and mature. And the fact he likes the school, staff, players, and our weather. Long Beach maybe a little colder at times, but it’s still Southern California and the beach. Let’s hope for the best. I hope he can play like ala Sir Charles. Use that big body and big butt to move people out. If he can grow to 6’8″ and put on some pounds to around 270 with muscle, he would be kinda unstoppable down low because he also moves very well and he appears to be a quick jumper (a lot of dunks).

  7. Daaaaaaaaaaaaang. This kid looks legit.

  8. We have a chance. The player could have said “no thank you.” The situation is ideal for a incoming “big.” Hope his experience during his visit was better than good.

    Also, can’t wait to see Tyler H. hit the courts, these are exciting times.

  9. Dayton, glad to read about Sammis, thanks for getting the interview.

  10. Lot of HS and prep schools pau for year. Ideal for Bigs available offered scholarship to make visits, even 2, like last year with Nevels and his friend the PG.

    Offered: Riak Bol 6’10”-6’11” and Emmanuel Malou 6’9″

    NIce if either one, they are long athletic, and can block shots, quick jumpers.!!

    Tako, Steve Murray had excellent Mid Week commentary, supporting UH MBB, and how things play out, That was great endorsement of program, even Steve looking forward, to huge upgrade in talent for 2014-15, however, I agree with Steve M. and others.

    Gib should run some form of Rick Majerus’ Flex motion, bigs and shooters, would thrive in that half court offense, Reyes, Fotu, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Smith, Bobbitt, Jawato, etc.

    Besides quick strike uptempo, Gib has to , this summer, get together with other coaches, and go to coaching clinic, with a MBB team that runs that offense…at end of games, critical, UH loss , when Sham was just dribbling around for 29 seconds then launch when clock run down.

    Championship teams, great in half court Defense AND half court offense, to manage game and score effectively to seal games. Gib probably knows that, wonder if Sham was just going off on his own at end of games. Gib GET a Good Flex type, or motion half court offense, that WILL score for you when things slow down, you can win BWC championships and NCAA games!

  11. Pono i guess your right Blake Griffin has become pretty consistent. I just hope this kid is more confident in his shot than Griffin.

  12. If memory serves me correctly, Coach Gib contacted Louisville Coach Pitino and visited his team for a few days last season. Didn’t Riley Wallace run the flex? I remember lots of criticism back then on how ineffective it was.

    When we improve our defense and I am guessing we all hope this; other concerns like having a flex will be moot. Remember, offensively this team was very productive. -just saying…sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side.

  13. Ideally, Sammis wakes up in Coconut Creek, the humidity, lack of breezes, afternoon sweltering heat, then daily 3 pm induction lightning storms and sassy, grouchy retirees get him quickly thinking, ‘man i wish i were still in Hawai’i…

    FAX that National Letter of Intent!

    Once they’re reminded of the difference….

    Sammis stay awhile, PickUp the Degree and Academic & Basketball Awards…

    Then we get the 6-9, 6-11 Skilled Basketball Big, too….
    RE: Aircraft Carriers? How ‘Bout One that Can Fly!?
    Admiral… Ibaka… Vander on Team-Steroids…

  14. Sammis liked the article on him here at WI that he posted it on instagram. I think he definitely felt the love and liked the attention that the team gets.

  15. Signing Assist to WI.Com…

    Sammis@Instagram — Audition with Fotu to Fill-In for Davis

    Sammis, The Beast II

    (Get to that FAX Machine…)
    Then Start Providing Those Open Court & Summer League Highlights!

  16. Bigger better things happening at UH next year than Long Beach, choice should be easy for Sammis.

  17. For a guy with his bulk he’s got some serious hops. I know his high school coach said that he is a better fit at 3, but I bet he could pound you to death on the inside both offensively and defensively. As Derek alluded to he’s a Barkley reincarnate. He could possibly play small if he got range beyond the arc. But I think his bread and butter will be his post game and crashing the boards, and that spells power forward. Had he been a few inches taller every school in the country would be interested in him. But height did not stop Barkley. If Sammis is a battler with a good attitude he’ll be a winner.

  18. Big, Physical Body with Hops

    BUT ALSO Great Flexibility
    (One of his on-break behind the back passes went Forward to lead a teammate on a break-away)

    and Smooth Quickness, Good Form & Mechanics on jump shot

    Plenty of Upside

    6-6 is solid height at 3; with powerful body And Hops will give fours and many fives, trouble…

    [IF He Grows Taller…Never Mind…
    That would be like a Power-Fotu…]

  19. Anyone have other scoops on any other potential recruits coming in for a visit.

  20. has ok hops but will have trouble defending 6’8 and taller in the post

  21. Maybe the tallpost bigs visit this weekend or next pretty sure dayton?

  22. getting pretty close to the Aug. 19th.

    Since Sammie’s parents aren’t in the States(I thinks) does he have to get his parents signature still?

  23. Would seriously agree that Sammis has a window to commit. So Gib can have others come in for visit, or option to offer scholarships. Same with Fox, Porter etc.

    Very soon, either Bigs commit or Sammis, or maybe both. Won’t be too long. That is the nature of recruiting.

    Hope Gib gets two good athletes a Big or Bigs, and if it is Sammis as a SF/PF great, otherwise, Gib goes down the line. Pretty sure Reyes, was a target recruit. A good potential one, very strong!

  24. The Longer Sammis Waits,
    The More the Memories likely to Fade
    (but for the coaches´and players´ reminders…

    SO Hope He Commits HERE Soon…

    Come On Over, Sammis!
    (Plenty Other Players WISH They Had a Full Ride Offer…
    and You Know You LIKE It in Hawai’i…)
    YOU Can Be Part of The Foundation of The Future…

  25. Sorry Dayton….more concise post….if Sammis wants the scholarship, he would decide, I believe within a few days, Gib has window with these guys, maybe a few or three come visit, so they have to make up their minds.

    Eagle, hope sammis signs, or else the next Big Serge Ibaka Polynesia style!

  26. Well reading Sammis tweets and sounds like he’s heading to Indiana. I guess it’s to watch the NBA playoffs, hahaha

    Geez, May 19th is just days away, do we know if he has his mind already made up?

  27. The longer un-committed, the less he’s going to come here. He’s had enough time to think about it and make his decision already. If he really wants to come here, he would have committed by now.

  28. Derek, he has 10 other schools that have offered scholarships. He has been here and met the team and coaches. He may be the best of the prospects but he needs to want to come and play. I am pretty sure GIb and company are following up with him and hopefully we can get a commitment. Just don’t want to see him show up at Long Beach State.

  29. Possible too…with team…is it right fit on both sides?
    Agree , unless gib gives him until monday 19th to decide …figure he would’ve committed by now..

    my guess..uh mbb has to be hosting a big or bigs this weekend..if no one fits by may 19th…gib scours the summer showcases for under radar bigs..they can sign up until school starts scholarship agreements..

    would really be boost for mbb fans if gib got committ(s)bymay 19th!!

    Hope for the best..mostly shot blocking post!!


  30. Interesting, the Indiana visit, before coming here, I think he visited a DII school near his prep school..I guess he would take the visits he liked the best. Wish him well.
    Gib using all the recruiting visits, and a shot at, of the best available athlete or big for May signing period.
    Still hope he lands that TALL post for next season, that is where UH MBB is very thin, they have another 6’9″-6;10″ who can score and defend in the post area would be real bonus, team would be a really exciting team with potential to go far….

  31. What ever the case I hope Gib doesn’t take on a project player, it’s better he kept that 2 scholarships in his pocket. Maybe a mid-year transfer from Missou again? hahahahahahahahahaha j/k’ing

  32. Gib go to Senegal, Paris France, the Sengalese immigrants, Toronto, has some good athletic tall ball players. Sure might be raw overall BB IQ, however, if they have instincts to block shots, alter shots, and as a PLUS they can run and jump out of the gym, really valuable a 6-9″ – 6-10″+ athlete, I think that is the target, maybe 2 TALL bigs that Gib would have visit, if not, correct, this summer, as soon as UH school ends, and Gib gets signed extension, he is out on the summer circuit,…

    By year 4, he knows, have to get the right fit, and now we are talking about 1 or 2 years! honestly, who can help UH defend the post, and score.

    Gib , good recruiter, have to hit the trail! Who knows, maybe by Monday May 19th 2014, we here of one or two good post players LOI and signed, faxed, or at least committed.

    Maybe even DI transfer, tall good athlete who was sitting out whole year from basketball, and enrolled at a community college in mainland!

    Go get a good two athletes Gib, you can do it!

  33. Actually you know who would fit that mold? the athletic jump out of gym, shot blocker, role player with some athleticism? Paul Campbell, a Nash recruit, 6’10” 220 abouts, thin, but could block shots, not strong, however I thought he was a good athlete, could run.

    He would fit the bill as the shot blocker, now if the tall Post can score and rebound, look out, UH top 45 team at least to start year!

  34. Lets run down the scholarships.
    1) Isaac Fotu, PF
    2) Stefan Jankovic, C or PF (not eligible until December)
    3) Stefan Jovanovic, C
    4) Negus Webster-Chan, SF
    5) Quincy Smth, PG
    6) Roderick Bobbitt, PG, SG
    7) Isaac Flemings, PG, SG
    8) Garrett Nevels, SG
    9) Brandon Jawato, SG
    10) Mike Thomas, SF
    11) Aaron Valdes, SF (if he achieves academic goal this semester)
    12) New Recruit
    13) New Recruit

    1) Drbe Enos, SG, PG
    2) Tyler Harville, SG, PG
    3) Michael Harper, SG
    4) Jack Hackman, SF, SG

    Did I miss somebody? Reyes would be a terrific fit as a SF, PF player. It’s what we need. And yes, we need a big man, 6’10 to 7’0″ to clog the middle and block and alter shots. We don’t need a slow body. We need some athleticism, some quickness, and a quick jumper. The problem is every program is looking for those kinds of players. Good Luck, Coach!

  35. Derek: that is what I got. very accurate list. Could be 3 open scholarships if Aaron Valdes did not meet the academic goal, or Gib holds on to that scholie for deserving current.

    So at least 2 to offer, real time.

    Sammis would be good, however would bet a cheeseburger that Gib has that offer on a timeline, maybe this Monday may 19 2014, if no commit from sammis, then that scholarship will go to next best athlete. Pretty sure, Gib is locking in on that TALL good post, they have been in contact with for a long time.

    We should know very soon, who commits during this late May LOI signing period, if not, Gib hits the summer recruiting trail, and we know that he can get guys in before fall, has to be a really good one, however that top 100 bigs in the USA , world, are probably all committed already, otherwise an under the radar, i.e. big 6’10” who went to community college stay on top of academics who transferred out of NCAA DI program.

    Gib surprise us with at good athlete SF, or a good Post player Tall!

  36. ooops! Derek, one more preferred walkon:

    Brocke Stepteau out of Texas. PG/SG arrive in July 2014 for second UH summer session.

    That is ONE huge roster, especially credit to families of preferred walkons who help sons out!

    preferred walkons, if Aaron did not reach academic goal, 6….if AV reached it, 5 preferred walkons, wish that one were 6’11” with skills!

  37. I know it sounds simple….but us scouts in the very north east never understand why Hawaii doesn’t understand the huge pay off we think they could have if they invested the money to scout here……especially the NEPSAC league that is loaded with at least 4 D1 players on every team. These kids spend so much time in the unbelievable cold weather and on 2 hour bus rides on icy roads. A good salesman could persuade them to Oahu in a heart beat. Just saying…..have to spend money to make money. We can’t wait until a coach breaks the norm.

  38. Jake….well in past, (seventies to eighties)UH had athletes from Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Miami, Georgia, Connecticut, really good ones, Tom Henderson, Jimmy Baker, Melton Werts, Reggie Cross, Terry Houston, AC Carter, Phil Lott,…I cannot remember ones from New England up to Maine.

    Know that Isaac Fleming from Delaware, so that area is opening up. All about contacts. Sammis Reyes from florida.

    You are correct, Gib commented on UH MBB recruiting budget versus, UCLA, Indiana, Norte Dame, Louisville, Kentucky, huge difference…maybe target one or two, East coast, Florida to Maine, starting when they are frosh, sophomores, then reap the rewards, know a lot of good guards come from the east, how about Small Forwards, Power Forwards and Centers? Lew Alcindor?

    Could be the BUDGET, UH not too much money, if not running behind….

  39. Agreed. But if the money is invested to go east where the prep talent is then team gets better, increases fan base and eventually increases budget. Almost all of the power forward and center talent from high schools across the nation land in NEPSAC to play a year of prep ball. Basically the old saying about the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is very true. IMO.

  40. Jake:

    also east coast NYC from seventies out of HS, Reggie Carter, Henry Hollingsworth, George Lett, Ed Torres, Victor Tiny Kelly(actually from JC Southern Idaho) an NYC HS product.

    That selling point the cold versus Hawaii’s tropical climate, huge, however, I guess , could it be the distance, of recruiting visits? Make sure the young guy is willing to commit upon arrival? I don’t know. If there are great athletes in Northeast, well, maybe it will start with Tyler Harville!!

  41. Tyler is already recruiting several big guys for you….:). He loves a good pick. Seriously, something else to think about….tons of money on the east coast with these prep schools. A really creative AD could persuade these money loaded prep schools to pay for the flights in order to get kids located in the great state of Hawaii so they could in turn convince even more kids to come spend at least one year in the cold to play prep ball. These kids in NEPSAC are from all over the WORLD. NEPSAC recruits better than most colleges. In my opinion that is why it is even more impressive Tyler was able to set a record with 125 made 3s in one season.

  42. Well, Malou just committed to College of Southern Idaho. Next big man on the list?

  43. Tribble 6’9″, Bol. 6’10”, Cousins 6’10″….?

  44. Southern Idaho. Well we are better off his skill set was more to a d2 Level if you’re going to S Idaho

  45. Malou. Grades or SAT short? College of Southern Idaho I believe junior college where Gib coached?
    Maybe after year or two malou re-recruited..he had some big offers..

  46. I’m not surprised to see Malou going the JC route. The “academy” he attended appeared to be somewhat sketchy, and that’s being kind if all the reports are true. Talented kid, though. And you’re right, playhoopsa, Arnold coached at Southern Idaho for two years.

  47. We need a mobile big who doesn’t demand the ball. We are going to be full of guys who are looking for their points. We need Dennis Rodman. I don’t care if he wears a skirt and a nose ring. Just give me 15 rebounds a game.

  48. Is Bol any related tot Manute Bol? Maybe a distant relative.

  49. Sammis in Indiana for tournament? We have to wait may 19 or later who LOI’s…hope Gib gets his guys and sealsthe deal..even with current team and newbies uh mbb will be winnig lot of games no doubt..

  50. I feel fine starting Jovanovich at the 5 with all of the scorers we’ll have at the other positions. Problem is who subs in for him? The other “vich” is really a 3 who can fill in at 4. Same with Thomas. Who will we pick up? I’m not sold on Cousins. He’s big but seems to lack fire or athleticism or something.

  51. Well…that is what we fully expect of Gib..since day one…able to recruit…we all know have to have depth at 4/5…I don’t have idea who that big will be….even a troy ostler..who was good..would be fantastic..troy 6’10” 220 great helpside shotblocker..good leaper..a wallace recruit..

    gib go get one good big!!

  52. My hope is that Mike Thomas spurts up to 6’10”. In high school he was reportedly at 6’6″ and this past season he is listed at 6’8″. If he puts on about 20 to 25 lbs of muscle plus grows a couple of inches he could be a real surprise. He’s very athletic and can score with added maturity.

  53. Gib and team really high on Thomas’ upcoming season..tough first year adjustment …legitimate 3 star athlete..if he grows to 6’9″ +…235-40….he can shoot handle rebound run jump and block shots..he..up to him challenge for starter role..

    if season started in 3 months ..maybe jmo..
    that would be athletic offensive and hopefully fully charged defensive team..

    that tall post player final recruit or two would make uh mbb really deep
    won’t get burned out at end of season hopefully..

  54. Derek, you left Niko Filipovich off your list. I think that kid is going to surprise some people this year.

  55. Hawaii Mongoose: what type of player is Filipovich? If he and Harville can both provide a consistent long ball as walkons that would be a major plus for Hawaii and the big guys under the goal. The 3 ball erases a lot of mistakes.

  56. Jake..

    .Niko went to same school as Stefan Jovanovich in Cali. Niko, could have played last season as true preferred walkon freshman.He even volunteered to RS, anything to help team, and adjust to NCAA DI ball and school,.. He is PG, who is quite fearless, leader, assist man,scrappy, known for defense. Not biggest guy, 6’0″ 160, has to put on weight get stronger. Was not really a SG out of HS, however will shoot it sometimes.

    He is the hustle, all out, PG, willing to defend, do what is needed to help team win.
    Forgot about him too!
    preferred walkons: Niko Filopovich PG, Dyrbe Enos PG/SG, Jack Hackman SG/SF, Michael Harper wing, Tyler Harville, and Brocke Stepteau…..Aaron Valdes soph RS to be, if made academic goal for this semester, he would be on scholarship…started at UH coming Aug nearly 3 yrs ago, very, very athletic 6’5″-6’6″ wing who can fly..do whatever needed too, shoot, rebound defend, put back dunks.

  57. sorry Dayton, more concise commentary:

    actually Jake:

    pt shooters, or have ability: Negus, Jawato, Enos, Nevels, Jankovich, Hackman, Harper,….with Smith working on mid range to 3 and FT shooting better, ..Thomas and Valdes can hit 3 pointers, as can Fotu, who is working on getting consistent with 3 point shot.

    So quite a few guys who potentially can shoot the 3 ball.

  58. Hackman is leaving Hawaii

    My thoughts are with all the athleticism and talent we have, top to bottom, let’s get 10, 11 guys in the game, wreaking havoc on the defensive side, and driving to the bucket on the offensive side. Fotu, Webster-Chan, & Nevels are our only guarantee 30+ min per game guys, but that’s fine… depending on the opponent, game flow, hot-hand, etc… The rotation of the others will fall into place. I can already see the returning veterans logging quality 20, 25+ mins or more, and I fully expect a newcomer or two to push for the same amount of PT.

    I felt the same way in general about our team last season, but I’m even more excited about this season with last years freshmen having a full year under their belt.

    Reyes would be a great piece to the team, no doubt. Looking forward to his commitment, however I’m cool with dropping him if he takes too long. I’ve always thought that most of the guys that trip Hawaii and don’t commit right away end up regretting that they had an opportunity to live in paradise and go to school for free. All you have to do is ask the guys that did commit and I’m sure they’ll tell you it was the best decision they ever made.

  59. Another Way to Look at Jake’s Question:

    Literally “ALL” Players have worked on and demonstrated ability to HIT Threes in Practice — it is a Coaching Strategy to build up three ability; then All Players are encouraged by Staff to ‘Take One’ in the Flow of the Game to Develop the Feel for shooting in the Game; IF they Hit One, Take Another…

    IN Game Performance So Far…

    1- Garett Nevels (6-2, SR, led BWC, at least Top Three All Season in 3-Pt Percentage)

    Hitting 59 3’s All- Season @ 41% Clip;

    2 – Brandon Jawato (6-4, Jr, injured ALL of Last Season, recovering from Surgery Now)
    Hit Seven Threes in a Row to Set a New Conference Single Game Record and

    Hit 43 3’s @ 40% in 2012-13

    Others with In-Game Track Records include:

    3 – Dyrbe Enos – 5-9, So, 10 @ 37%

    4- Quincy Smith – 6-0, Jr, 5 @ 31%

    5 – Aaron Valde´s – 6-5, So, 4 @ 33%

    Left Team:

    TR Keith Shamburger Hit 40 @ 31%

    SR Brandon Spearman Hit 41 @ 34%

    SR Christian Standhardinger Hit 13 @ 28% (7 @32% Conference)

    3-Watch List: [In Order of Most Likely Entry into Game]

    Negus Webster-Chan, 6-7

    Stefan Jankovic, 6-11

    Roderick Bobbitt, 6-3

    Isaac Fleming, 6-3

    Niko Filipovich, 6-0

    Tyler Harville, 6-0

    Brocke Stepteau, 5-9

  60. Just my two cents regarding Niko, only saw him play during summer league last year. I hope he made significant improvement. Feel he has a great attitude and energy. However, think other aspects of his game are untested and his performance very average. As noted, if he had a great shot it would’ve and could’ve been a wow factor, but….Personally, did not see great defense or the ability to shut down or close down passing our attacking lanes. I am rooting for him as a RS to develop his skills/strength and make an impact next season.

    If M Thomas is 6′ 8″ and adds strength use his quickness, believe he’ll be a factor. Seemed he pick up more and more confidence as the season went on.

    Sad to hear Hackman is leaving. It is expected though, as Gib continues to recruit better and better players in the SF position, Negus and Valdes are tough.

  61. Welcome to all the interest AND POSTED comments by old and New WI nation fans alike! Great comments, and it seems that interest in UH MBB off season is really high!! Good job fans, and mahalo Dayton and the Schmidt Ohana for the best forum to discuss All things UH MEN’s Basketball program the Rainbow Warriors!

    Actually had to check again for 2014-15 LOI athletes. Early Nov 2013, early signees. Late, April 16 to May 21 2014 for LOI’s. I believe commitments can scholarship aid agreements can be signed up until date of first day of UH fall semester!!

    So fans, actually real time. TUESDAY MAY 21st 2014 WILL BE LAST DAY OF REGULAR SPRING SIGNING OF LOI Basketball athletes. So at least two more days next week.

    Still wonder , and it is like Gib and staff, program, KNOW that an athlete or two or three, are visiting or have visited in past month or so, even this weekend, we don’t know. Unless Dayton, or other media types give us inside information. Dayton great job on interview with Sammis! Would think that he would still be in the running for scholarship, if he decides by Monday to commit and LOI and fax..maybe needs guardian, parents to co sign too?

    Anyone, UH students see, tall athletic, rim rockers walking around UH Manoa recently?
    Could be a big or two, here this weekend or next.

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    And agree, Nevels, Smith, healed Jawato, Niko, Thomas, Jovanovich, Fotu, Valdes, all will be better , quicker and stronger if they put in the work from NOW till October start of fall practices. The newbies, Jankovich, Negus, Bobbitt, Fleming, and a SF and 4/5 tall post , would make the athletic side of UH come this 2014-15 season, probably as good as UH BB has had in last 20 years! Although looking at UH video of the AC led teams, they had some good top 8 guys, same with Savo smart euro teams, very high BB IQ. combined IQ plus athleticism and correct Jake the ability for 3 or 4 guys in game to hit consistently 3 pointers, UH can , I still believe a legitimate top 45 or better team. THE TALENT, is loaded and they can play great D and shoot the ball, and play for Team, close out games, and Win, UH can dance, dance, dance to NCAA’s March 2015!!


  62. Is it just me or is it very odd timing that UH releases that statement about the investigation. On a Saturday which was also graduation day.

  63. Media asking …students..even we fans don’t want to compromise ncaa investigation…still I don’t know what it is…just hope best for next season team…

  64. Reading that release..lot of curiousity about investigation…Ben just letting everyone know UH being totally compliant..cannot reveal any detail..so maintain confidentiality.

    We just have to be patient…

    that is what I got from statement..

  65. SATURDAYS are Among The Best “News Release” Days for BAD News,
    Especially when you prefer it to become ‘NO NEWS’…

    No Radio Talk Shows or SportsTalk Shows am or pm,
    Weekend has Least TV & Radio News Coverage
    The 24-hour News/Media Cycle ‘Forgets’ by Sunday
    And Does Not Repeat it Incessantly throughout the Workday

    SO it “ANSWERS” and Updates the Chatterbox NO-NEWS HSA-FL Repeat-NO-NEWS-Nothing-New-To-Report-RE-HASHES Without Adding Fuel to the Fire…or even Stirring the Cold Embers…


    SAMMIS — AS YOU Can Tell…
    We Aren’t Giving UP On You So Easy
    Don’t Give Up OR Miss Out On Hawai’i

    EVEN IF The ONLY Things You Ever Learned to Appreciate Were:
    ALOHA (Share The Breath of Life), Mahalo (Appreciation) OR ‘Ohana (Oneness, ALL-Family)
    YOU WILL Have a Different, Changed-for-the-Better LIFE…

    Start And Finish HERE!

    Do YOU Have 66(!) Smart Comments This Week Anywhere Else?
    Well Here (Or At Least, Here, TOO!)
    Your Second Home, Second Family Awaits the Great News!

    Go NOW, Sammis!
    GO ‘ ‘BOWS!
    Earn Your Own TIP of The Spear!

  66. Prudent, best news is ongoing new… I guess, Friday May 16 2014 SA article about Ben Jay knocking out term contracts for current UH coaches including Gib and Laura Beeman. Extension contracts worked out,for Trapasso, and working on Wade, so Jay is trying to keep ship aright and continuity, it takes a lot of faith, I believe as a whole, if We the fans, the student athletes, the Gov. and State, private sector and all donors and supporters of UH athletics can help UH get back on track.

    Still for the money side, that Football team has to win and go to Bowl Game , Hawaii Bowl this year. And they have to sell a lot of tickets. The engine that drives Athletic depts. I like the fact that Ben is being creative, pushing the envelope, encourage support for travel subsidies, UH gets his really hard footing bill for visiting teams.

    Still EAGLE, I like the underlying fact that BEN JAY is working with Gib on the contract extension to get the terms agreed both sides and get Gib on board for several more years. He has the athletes, has to make whatever adjustments, and get dept, aright, and BB program, full steam ahead, the Future looks bright, maybe We Don’t have to Wear Shades, open our eyes and enjoy success, of a really talented UH MBB team for years to come, …with hopefully Sammis, Col…, Bol, Cousins, or whatever good 2 more athletes Gib can sign to increase depth next season.

    Cannot wait, for good news on the May signing period or the late scholarship aid agreements heading into summer..if need be, late transfers, HS, AAU prep, late gems available.!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    And Sammis ,..if it should be your choice …come on over and help Rainbow Warriors to be 4 year NCAA participants!!

  67. Tell Me Straight….

    Chile’ – Florida – Indiana – HAWAI’i?

    If You KNOW Chile’ AND Florida…
    HOW CAN You Choose Indiana Over Hawai’i ?

    It’s NOT What Millionaires (Highest Per Capita Hawai’i) and Billionaires Do…
    Basketball Student-Athletes?
    The BEST Years of Your Life?
    The Indiana Pacers-Miami Heat Game was ‘Bad’ (Esp. for Miami…)
    AND All those ‘Fans’ Still Gotta Live in Indiana…
    There’s A Reason or Two Why NO Stars in Indiana…
    and it’s Not Even Snowing (October to March/April?) Yet…

    YOU Can Play Nationally Televised Basketball in Hawai’i
    Earn a Good Degree, Set Up a Whole Life
    Your Family Can Visit There
    Win a Beautiful Wife
    Who’s Also Such a GREAT Person
    Like Travolta or O’Laughlin or K-Fed OR Gib and The Schmidts…

    IF He’s as Smart as i think he might be…
    JUST A Guess…
    EXPECT A Monday Morning FAX

    The LOVE of Hawai’i is REAL….

  68. Reyes wasn’t on a recruiting trip to Indiana, he was there to play in a tournament.

  69. Thanks, later figured that out, too…

    That ‘should be’ Better…

    NO New Visits, NO Real New Competition…

    IF Sincere,

    HAWAI’I Should Still Be The Numba One Choice….

    Good for Sammis,
    Great for Us…

    Sign, Seal, Deliver (FAX), Please…
    Nothing More to Wait for…

    WIN More, Dominate A Few More
    NOT too many players built like Sammis
    With that kind of pretty complete skill set
    and ALL Kinds of Teammates’ Talent
    Here in Hawai’i…

    IF he grows two inches and even maybe IF he doesn’t,
    Keep Improving… Potential NBA-er, Definite Pro

    Soon, Gonna Need the Governator to Sponsor SSC Expansion…

  70. In the two tournament games, Reyes had 22pts/9rebs and 22pts/14rebs. Adiddas Gauntlet tournament with a lot of the top h.s. players in the country. I’d be surprised if he didn’t come out of that with a few more offers.

  71. Take it easy on Indiana now. Basketball is the one bright light that they have. I was lucky enough to get out of there but there is no comparison between Big Ten bb and Big West. $40 million renovation to Assembly Hall (donated by an alum). Hard to compare when you see things like that.

  72. Hoosier —

    Agree —

    Obviously INDIANA gets its (more than its fair) share of $Millions, Basketball Talent, Championships and Success

    IDEALLY Hawai’i Gets Talent Like Sammis, Negus, Stefan, Isaac And Even Better…

    And WE Can Enjoy The ‘BOWS ADDING to The Farthest WEST Legacies
    of UNLV, LBSU, Zags, maybe even UCLA…

  73. Sammis committed to UH earlier day. Welcome to the UH men’s basketball ohana!

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