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More on the Warrior Tip of the Spear Award

Church is always a good place to find inspiration. That’s where Gib Arnold came up with the idea for the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s new Warrior Tip of the Spear Award.


“I was sitting in church one time and a marine was talking about how he and eight or nine other guys were dropped behind enemy boundaries in Afghanistan,” Arnold recalled. “They hiked eight miles up through the hills of Afghanistan and they were the first group of guys in, before some kind of a major battle … he said ‘we were the tip of the spear and everybody followed where we went.’ I never forgot that term.”

Brandon Spearman, who recently completed his senior season with the Warriors, was named the inaugural winner of the award at the team’s awards banquet on Thursday night at the Sheraton Waikiki.

Arnold said Spearman was selected for the award via voting by the players.

“One thing I have to say is these group of guys, we never gave up,” Spearman said. “We gave it our all on the floor. We gave it our all. I’m really going to miss these guys.”

The Warrior Tip of the Spear was the only award presented at the banquet, and Arnold said it will become an annual tradition. He added that the list of winners will be displayed in the team’s locker room.

There will be more interviews and video highlights from the banquet in the coming days.


  1. sugar is sweet, so is spearman! Awesome, the love for team, coach, Hawaii, the school the fans, and his family…It is real…even saw coach Brandyn up there too! Very positive, and Gib has the guys on right track…live and learn..and strive for greatness..as people, citizens, students and Rainbow Warrior Basketball team…love the WBB ..however the engine that drives the interest in UH athletics BB wise, is the MBB team..

    Brandon Spearman, love you to life…have a great pro career in basketball, and come back with your wife and kids, and show them the Hawaii that has aloha for the Spearmans, the Rozitis’ , the Standhardingers, and the whole team..

    Great video Dayton..Thankyou to the Schmidt Ohana and sponsors..this is awesome real time video of all things UH Warrior Basketball..

    I believe this next season team will be awesome…the power that be, finish what you have to do,..UH learn, then UH MBB team back to work, and have a championship season, in memory of Davis, Brandon Spearman and Davis Rozitis..!!

    Aloha Seniors!!

  2. What a Leader and a True Warrior, Mr. Spearman…you will truly be missed. I know your mom and dad instilled in you all the true traits in life to succeed at whatever you put your mind towards. All the very best wishes to what the future has in store for you.
    I cannot remember when we graduated a group of seniors that had this much class, character and just set a wonderful example for others to follow. No matter what the score said, you always made me and the Warrior Nation proud. Stay in touch.

  3. The TIP of the SPEAR Award
    Congratulations, Master Spearman
    First of The Line of Championss

    Gib & Staff,
    Year By Year
    Sharpening the Spear

    Honing The Leading Edge
    Hardened and Worked
    Trial By Fire

    A Legacy of Winning
    And Ultimately
    Of Championships

  4. I was at the banquet and it was great to see the seniors one last time. However while gib was speaking it seemed that jankovic was disengaged and disinterested as he kept yawning. Can’t help to wonder if he has attitude issues and will end up like shamburger…

  5. ^^^^^ thanks for the observations that a lot of us don’t see not being there in person. It’s not Jank’s fault for where or where not Akana is @ and I hope he sticks it out and gives his all while @ UH. Akana is paying dearly for Jank’s paperwork screw up.

    I hope Jank will turn Akana’s screwup into a positive for UHbb

  6. In his First Game
    Janks also turned to look at Davis in surprise and/or disbelief
    that Rozitis actually knows the words And sings along to Hawaiʻi Ponoʻi…

    Yawning IS Generally The Brainʻs ʻCallʻ for More Oxygen
    Might also be tied to Fatigue or Sleep Deprivation (College Studies, GFs)

    But i also have co-workers from other areas of the Country or World
    that are at various levels of buy-in or belief…
    and some with otherwise Good Attitudes that fall asleep in slow/low actiivity events
    like meetings or speeches

    Janks says quite a few High Goal/High Expectation Pronouncements
    Some Similar to Shamburger (16-0 BWC!)

    At the Very Least they did Both Choose to be here
    Even Needing to sit out a Season which is Tough for players used to Starting & Starring

    And Janks IS a Gym Rat
    Works Hard to Develop the Skills Needed
    (Maybe Harder based on his outstanding outside shot versus other teammates)
    He Also has Bigger Time Goals, So Probably Would Not Choose SJSU over UH
    just based on ʻHow Goodʻ ALL his teammates would project…

    Gib ʻGot Itʻ — He Also DID A Lot of Growing Up Here
    His Dad Didnʻt –maybe ʻFought itʻ Versus The Belief Systems Experienced from elsewhere
    Looks Like Christian and Spearman (along with Davis) All Got It
    And they were here at the same time and Had Similar Experiences to Shamburger and Vander, who may be didnʻt,
    BUT At Least Shamburger, Janks, Negus and Fotu make All The Team Events,
    (And All Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt)
    And say the Right Things
    Even put out WI.com Video(s) to Clarify their own feelings
    (Like During their Difficult Sit-Out Season)

    At This Point i also share your concern,
    BUT They Are Here
    And We Will See…

    What we Might See in the Next Week or Two
    IS How Well Gib & Co. can Forecast IF a Prospective Player Can “See It” in a Short 48-Hour Visit….

    Pretty Good TRIP VS Sign Track Record

    Most Stay A Season

    Many Stay Longer

    Good to See Them ALL On-Stage, having Voted, to Support The Tip of the Spear, Man
    In Many Ways ʻNamed Afterʻ The Player who Most displays and even shares The Name
    That Is A Real Honor
    Perpetual “Trophy”
    TEAM Winner…

  7. Pocho — NICE Tie-In…

  8. Eagle: Apparently the whole team was there, Transfers, RS’s , all the coaches , and staff..

    Was Ben Jay there? How about Caleb Dressler?

    Nice solidarity, and Gib still publicly coming out, and saying program, good, let the NCAA do their thing, and UH move on…loved that support for team, his staff and UH…

    Ben, as you say, insulate himself…wish he was there for WBB banquet, and hopefully for MBB banquet too!

    Very important that AD supports all programs!

  9. Jank seemed disengaged and disinterested? It looks like all the players standing behind Gib are bored our of their minds too.

  10. Ben Jay was there as well as the governor. Gov. did give a very nice beach in support of men’s basketball and how we can also support their efforts. Dresser wasn’t there at the banquet. Was very nice to see Keith there though. I wish him the very best on his next step in life. Plus he’s graduating! His tweets seem to be more positive nowadays. Still anyway I hope My observation of Janks is just a minor thing and he can help us turn the corner next year. Now Gib go out and get another big!!

  11. Ben was sitting with the gov, anyway more importantly , Brandon, we thank you for coming to the University of Hawaii, you personify, humility, selflessness, you were the heart and soul of our team ,we will also remember your spirit and will to win . God Bless, come back some day to the Stanley and you shall have a front row seat. Man, we’re really going to miss you brother! 🙁

  12. 6’9″ Malou….6’9″ Tribble or 6’11” Bol, all long athletic, and can block shots, would fit that rim protector help…we shall hear soon, who will visit over next few weeks, if not, a recruit snuck in…

    If Gib can LOI that athletic rim protecting big, help the thin frontline, UH will be pretty sound guarding the paint and he can let his perimeter guys cause havoc out front with pressure, traps, steals, deflections, and forced turnovers..UH would be high scoring again, however, KEY get D stops to win games and BWC tourney and NCAA games!!


  13. Aloha, I want to say in the beginning I was apprehensive about our son Brandon Spearman attending a university so far away. That all changed when I visited O’ahu the first time during the Rainbow Classic Tournament in Dec 2013. We met coach Gibs, staff and the basketball team. I saw the camaraderie with the team and the passion to win. I want to say thank you for all the support, caring and love our son received.

    On this visit I met some amazing people on the Island. I find it hard to express my heart felt thanks for all the love and hospitaity unlike I had ever experienced.

    I would like to say a special thanks to Dayton Moringa for all the good work.

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