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More banquet speeches

Christian Standhardinger was known for making the most of his opportunities during his two-year career with the University of Hawai’i basketball team. Perhaps it should not have been a surprise that the 6-foot-8 forward took advantage of his time on stage at the team’s awards banquet to present an impromptu speech.


“I figured this was my last opportunity to say something for the University of Hawai’i,” he said after stepping up to the podium. “Since Coach Gib (Arnold) and all the other coaches and Bobby (Curran) forgot that I would have a speech, I’ll just stand up here and make a speech.”

Standhardinger shared some funny stories about his fellow seniors – Davis Rozitis and Brandon Spearman – and also thanked the coaches and his family.

The video below is part of Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s speech at the banquet. He talked about supporting the travel budget for UH teams – “We have to make certain that the teams themselves are not responsible for having to get the funding in order to support the travel budget,” Abercrombie said. “That should be done by the state of Hawai’i.”

And then Abercrombie presented the team with … a proclamation declaring May 1 as “University of Hawai’i Men’s Basketball Team Day.”

It was certainly a nice gesture, but after an impassioned speech like that, a check from the state – or Abercrombie himself – would have been a nicer start to a UH travel fund.


  1. Good point Dayton: Nice speech Governor…now, the real deal…where is the cash? Nice if State helps out UH Athletics, especially with the travel deal, so UH is on an equal playing field, with the Mainland teams..

    Awards for assists, points, rebounds etc, nice, however, the general theme of banquet: Stay Together, Team first, have backing of AD and Governor and State of Hawaii, UH MBB and all athletic programs should do well. It is a challenge in 2014, however, it has to be done, support from private donors, partners, fantastic…now the Public side, the State , help out to, with AD and Upper campus, doing their part to manage academics and athletics in the best way. It can be done. Better UH MBB team DI and chasing the NCAA title, rather than a DII program!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    Hope the best …Nice to see Shamburger up there on stage, everyone except, Dressler, how come Caleb was not up there.
    And, answers the question about Fish, Fish had something come up and could not be there, Christian recognized Fish and how important he is to the program…Solidarity, unusual, yet very important that a coaching staff sticks together, for about 4 years plus, That is why the program is getting better.

    NCAA investigation, hope PAU, and UH takes whatever comes, NO post season play ban, hopefully and move on to fantastic 2014-15 season!

  2. Dayton that last line of yours was very funny! Where’s the Beef!

  3. Prai$e the $peech AND Pa$$ the Ca$h…

    Inve$t The $800 MILLION DOLLAR (!?!) $tate Tax/Income $urplus in $ome Really $mart Really Good Thing$

  4. Election year!!…talk is “cheap”…Eagle ..Abercrombie want to make name for himself forever regarding UH Athlectics? Pull the strings… write the check!! Then his rhetoric will mean something!! He says 800 million surplus. ?. At least 250, 000.00 as starter fund could help with travel..he wants UH to be elite D1 program..proactive.. get the kala!, coach and athletes working hard to represent and win.. still wonder about football program??

  5. Hehehe the State got no money. That surplus is already spoken for by the many hungry hands clamoring for it. We need someone or company to pave the way like Nike did for Oregon; or a deep pocket individual like Mark Cuban that’s passionate about Hawaii and basketball. Bank of Hawaii could do it but they are all for themselves and their shareholders except for the occasional pocket change that they throw to UH. They are one of the country’s most profitable banks but only give mortgages to A (can’t lose) rated clients. Yep when it comes to money talk is really cheap.

  6. Why was Fish not at the banquet?

  7. Servante, How about Larry Ellison? He only owns one island and has more money than most small countries and is thinking about bringing the America’s Cup to Hawaii. Supporting UH would be pocket change.

  8. anderpops

    By golly you might be right. I know he likes sailing. But does he watch basketball? Who knows he might be a secret admirer of UH Athletics. Mr. Ellison if you help us I promise to fly Island Air every time I go inter island. And I’ll tell my friends too. In fact all UH fans will kokua. Hmm we could have the makings of a corporate dance (or war) between Nike and Oracle. One rules an island and the other rules the air. Put em together and you got Island Air.

  9. That is where Governor, powers that be, movers and shaker, UH, AD, and Hawaii, makes push, plea, Mr Ellison, forever grateful if you support UH athletics. He could build a new stadium( if UH football ever wins again!), and uprgrade UH facilities, for students and athletes. And the travel costs, Ellison name would be All over Hawaii…he would be the 21st century T.C. Ching!

    Come on over Mr Ellison. ..Oracle, is big time,billion dollar share!

  10. i would say, “Yes” There Has Been Interest in Basketball Expressed by Mr. Ellison & Co….

    His Name Surfaced This Past Week as a Possible Buyer / New Owner for The L.A. Clippers,…

    BUT Better to “OWN” Teams at Several Levels, yes?
    NBA & D-1…
    Then the Clippers AND Lakers can Have Pre-Season Camps and ASIA Regular Season Games VIA Hawai’i…

    Americas Cup…
    Hawai’i Cup Challenge — UH Already Top Five/Ten Sailing Team…

    BUILD The O’ahu-Manoa-Lana’i Sports Resort to Work With and Feed UH Athletics…
    Make ALL Sports Li’Dat (So to Speak)

    Oracle — Asia …


  11. How about a new football stadium for UH that they get all the revenue and call it the Oracle Bowl? Good branding!

  12. Seconded!

    JJ was said to have Financing, Design and Voluntary Contractors…
    SO Come Back and DO This, Together

    I Find The Lively Flow of Ideas Both Re-Affirming and Encouraging
    That SOMETHING Special IS Meant to Happen Here
    TOO Many Visionaries have already Espoused This

    May Be UHBasketball is a Key Entry, Opening Point
    To a Greater Vision and Reality that Suddenly ALL Can See…
    World-Class D-1 Athletics…

    NCAA / Continuing Professionalism
    Americas / World Cup
    Olympics / Internationalism (Just Like UHMBB)

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