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The current members of the University of Hawai’i basketball team are preparing for final exams, and head coach Gib Arnold and staff will also have some big tests coming up.

There are less than two weeks remaining in the current signing period, and the Warriors would still like to add two recruits to the 2014-15 roster.

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“We’re still actively recruiting a number of guys,” Arnold said. “We have a couple in particular that we’re keying on they’ll be coming out on a campus visit here in the next little while.”

Arnold noted that he would like to add post players to the mix, as two guards (Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt) have already signed on to join the team. “We have some real good post players coming back, but I think we need to get a lot deeper,” he said. “The guys we’re targeting now will be on the bigger side.”

It might help matters that Arnold said his ongoing contract issue may be settled soon. His current contract expires this summer, and he is apparently close to agreeing to an extension.

“I’m obviously thrilled that we’re doing well and the program’s growing and getting stronger,” he said. “I’m working on an extension to stay around here for a while. This is where we want to be. I’m hoping that can be finished up here in the next few weeks to a month. Obviously, I’d like to have it done before we go out and recruit in the summer time, and I think we will. I think we’re real close.”

Arnold said the status of his contract has made the current recruiting season challenging, and it has even become a question that the current players are asking about.

“It comes up every day in recruing, and it comes up every day with the current players,” Arnold said. “I got a call just the other week from one of our player’s mothers … it’s been a process a little bit too long, but hopefully it will come to an end soon here.”


  1. Huge deal, Gib is so calm about it., Ben wants Gib here, Gib wants to be here long time, impacts recruiting, is coach here for next few years or not. Gib’s agent has to get that extension signed soon. So Gib can lock up the Two rim protecting bigs, exciting stuff WI fans, never has Gib had TWO projected apparently D minded, Big Bigs, to bring into program, If all they do is rebound, alter shots, hit some shots, O boards, and block shots, deflections, last line of defense, UH if their mindset is outstanding D first, along with nation leading scoring, and shutdown, closeout guards, wings, UH can be a top 40 team or better!

    Eagle is getting exciting, who knows, if a couple of Toronto, Senegal, Congo,bigs or a Broward County big signs LOI’s very soon!

    Ben and Russell , get Gib’s contract signed by end of May, so important for continuity!

    Go Gib, get the best fit, monster athletic D bigs..take UH to sweet sixteen NCAA level!!!

  2. UH officials never ceases to amaze me with their chronic foot dragging and know-all attitudes. On one side they want the program to have a good footing. Then they shoot the other foot and say we want 20 plus wins. Go get’em even though you only got one good foot. Hello, pay the coach and get the hail out of the way. Their lackadaisical attitudes has probably cost one or two recruits to decommit with Hawaii. The school is better off the less university officials interfere, because contrary to most academicians self-righteous beliefs, they don’t know anything except their narrow field of study. And stop hiring more management personnel. We got more chiefs than indians in this school. We could easily cut half of them with no performance effect. Is it any wonder why this university is pinching pennies now? Shhhh, here comes the President.

  3. The ‘Calm’ comes from knowing and having done the work
    And Getting Results, including GPAs, APRs and All-Academic Team
    Good to see ʻThe Indicatorsʻ like Ben Jay speaking Out
    on Contracts to Back-Up his Coaches’ Recruiting Efforts…
    Even while “ignoring” (Not Commenting On) NCAA Validators
    Better to SEE Results…

    At Some Point Upper Campus HAS TO Stop being its own Worst Enemy
    IF Canʻt Handle, At Least Just Get Out of the Way…
    Of Those Who Can…

    One or Two More Solid Players, such as Best Available Athletes and Bigs
    Means even More than Five or Ten More Fouls to Intimidate or Stop
    Driving, Penetrating BWest Guards,
    OR Alter, even Block, a Few More In-the-Paint Woulda-Been Lay-Ups or Put-Backs
    As Many Close Games, Six or Twelve-Point Losses (ALL Eleven, BTW)
    With One or Two More Plays Begin to Switch Over to the W Column
    All Within Shouting Distance of a Six-Point Swing
    Winning Attitudes and Championship Expectations Begin to Change
    Even for The Opposition
    RE: How Tulsa began to Expect to Lose Championships to Hawaii
    Even on their own Home Court?
    This Program may be Approaching That Kind of Level again…
    ‘Real Soon’

    And Both, The Fans and even The Boo Birds
    Can Start ‘Talking Down’ or Cheapening The Wins on The Far Side of 20
    AND How Few or Many were in The Post-Season

    TWO “New” (For the Last Ten or so years) Team Metrics To Hit or Surpass:

    1) WINS Beyond 20 — Five, Six or More (More than Half of the Eleven Losses?)
    {NOTE: That’s An “Every Year Metric” because it Also Includes Almost Eliminating Sub-20 ‘Down Years’ because of Less Reliance on Transfers and Incoming Players, as we Are Now with Solid Freshmen, becoming A Program Growing and Developing its Own Players…EX: Nevels-QSmith-Jawato-Valdes-Fotu-Jovanovic would’ve been reason for optimism by themselves (but Transfers/Incoming Negus-Jankovic-Bobbitt-Fleming-“+2” is Off-the-Historical Charts)

    2) Wins in Post-Season — I’d look for More-Than-Three (Counting Big West)
    and of course Counting NCAA Tourney Wins, Still @ ZERO
    “Only Two” Means you Likely Beat One or Two Top 30 Type Teams
    But Does Buy a Ticket to a Sweet Sixteen Game

    That’s Now Also Tantamount to Counting “Additional Millions of Dollars” Earned for Ben Jay
    SO, Interim or Semi-Permanent President & Co….
    GET Those Contract Extensions Executed
    And Gib WILL Get The Players
    (Nice to be Able to Say that And Have it Done)

  4. Well, what do you all think? Does this coach have the right priorities? Has he and/or is he supporting what a student/athlete looks like?

    Personally, I like his demeanor, represents what I would like to see from a coach from Hawaii.

    Sure hope that Isaac is able to play in the World Games and against the US, it’ll solidify what he needs to do to be able to play at that level. And, think the experience will make him better.

    Sure hope we are able to sign a “quality” big in the coming weeks. That 6′ 9″ kid from Australia sure looks good. Also, if we are able to sign the 6′ 7″ Florida player who is supposedly visiting next week, that may be a big find/signee. Both look very quick and mobile.

  5. Wish Shamburger the best. Crazy, NWC and Jankovich for Sham!
    Kieth, the same deal at MIZZOU, listen to the coaches, do not fight with the current athletes , follow the coach’s end of game plan, and have to play MAJOR D in SEC…got some big time athletes in the SEC at guard.

    Well NWC, Jankovich, are dying to advance in NCAA, and would it not be something in the first or second round of NCAA March 2015 tourney to play MIZZOU! Of course, UH MBB team on neutral court would take em down!

    Best wishes Keith, your degree, courtesy of Gib , Hawaii, UH and all the taxpayers! 2 year of free college education…use it well, and mature!

  6. I also add my best wishes for Sham’s success but am still puzzled over the why? In his last year of eligibility and in a new system with MIZZOU, he will at best be a back up and worst a bench warmer. Agree with Playhoopsa’s words of advice if he going to find success. Good luck Sham.

  7. NEW Coaching Staff @ Mizzou?

    Maybe he picks up the System ‘Faster’ than any “First-Year” Returnees…
    Third Time Learning a D-1 System…

    Get The D and Shooting Cranked Up…

    Grad & Go…
    Looks Like a Good Player Trade-Swap for Hawai’i…
    At Least Two (or Three with Bobbitt) for One…

    Outside the BOX..
    Maybe NCAA Can Formalize Player Trades to allow Immediate Play without sitting out
    IF Both Sides Agree…?

    OR The Sit-Out Rule should apply to Coaches & Administrators, too?
    (Yes, Out-Dated Control-Mechanism)

  8. anderpops: UH MBB to have top elite team, or at least very good program, Gib in first four years, has to scramble and gamble. Pretty sure, he knew some kids had attitude problems. What he did like, were that they had pretty good families, some skills, and were willing to come out into the mid pacific to get Hawaii bb to that top 35 level.

    Think: Vander, Joston Thomas, Anthony Salter, Jordan Coleman, Garrett Jefferson(who is a solid young guy, hope he went DII and got his degree, Jace Tavita(preferred walkon), Hauns Brereton, Manroop Clair, Ozi Pavlovic, , they came, maybe PT, maybe as Brian M. alludes to, and TRUE, Shamburger cannot see eye to eye with Coach Gib’s staff. Once YOUR MAIN RETURNING PG, wants out, doesn’t mean MBB program at fault, it is the YOUNG MAN MAGIC SHAM…this generation, no loyalty, no gut it out. as opposed to 10 or 30 years ago. guys, coming in as freshmen, unless, flunked out, whether, starter, first rotation off the bench or scout bench warmer, 12-15 guys stuck it out. During, Nash,Rocha and Wallace years they had guys move on or academically could not handle, just in 21st century, it is EPIDEMIC….Reardon, Ferd Lewis, Brian M., and Gib , Leahy and Leahy, Steve,,hang Gib by the head, …Murray…whatever they say, fact of life…UH benefited by Zane Johnson transferring to UH from Ariz. Chrisitan from Nebraska, Davis, from USC, Shamburger for a CRAZY year, still think the young man is not too mature, hope he grows up fast…, and NWC and Stefan Jankovich, are just raring to go, to prove MIZZOU wrong, and to take UH to a high level, With Mike Thomas, 3 star, NWC 3 star, S Jankovich 3 star, Isaac Fleming 3 star, and a NZ national team member at 17 , Isaac Fotu, The BWC tourney and a deep run is in the makings.

    Cannot wait, for a 6’7″ 247 Fla, product, and a 6’9″ to 6’11” teeth on the rim paint defender to LOI with UH this season, as Brandon Spearman says, UH MBB will be ready to EAT…destroy the competition, Make the Rainbow Warrior MBB team the team with SOS the best, RPI, the best, BWC regular and tourney champs. the 17 or 19 guys remaining with program, are dying to prove the guys that split wrong. UH in 2014-15 will be doing some damage in NCAA come March 2015

    Sham become a MAN….Once the spit starts hitting the fan, or you are 3rd guard off the bench against the big, and athletic, SEC guard,,,you will wish you was back in SJSU..

    If you DO MATURE< BECOME A MAN<…and have a good season,and give back to UH with friendship…I wish you the best, get your degeree man..We Hawaii taxpayers payed a lot for your 2 year FREE ride.///shoots, not you get one more…make it count and grow up..

    Listen to coach, athletest teachers, don't sulk, grow up Sham, be DA MAN!!

  9. a lot of transfers out there….hopefully a 4* that can play right away shows up

  10. What you all think WI NATION?

    1)Riak Bol 6’11” 220
    2)Emmanuel Madou 6’9″ 209
    3)Jaleel Cousins 6’10” 260
    4)Sammis Reyes 6’7″ 247

    or other surprises…if willing to protect the rim..UH will hav good defending team !!

  11. Height and Weight players are dime a dozen. Rogue Harris was 7 foot tall and husky. All I care about is can they play a good brand of basketball with skills? I know nothing about the players mentioned as far as their stats, etc. Given the alternative, I would rather have a player who is athletic and with quickness, and who is versatile, inside and outside, and at the line. If that player is 6’0″ – 6’7″, so be it. Production is the key.

  12. Derek..all those guys plus gordon tribble 6’9″ 215 are good shot blockers and quick jumpers,, am sure tere are other bg Bigs gib has ready to visit ,, he not looking for 6 footers ,, rim protectors with post game ..he is confident!!

  13. I don’t think UH are slacking in renewing Gib’s contract. Everything is on hold until the NCAA investigation comes to an end. If it’s discovered that Gib’s coaching staff committed a big time error or errors then it’s only natural that the school considers a new coaching staff. Also, it may turn out that Gib faces a suspension. If Gib and stff aren’t at fault then they all deserve extensions. I like what they’ve done so far and I think the program can only get better with them.

  14. Shamburger: two transfers in a collegiate career. Wow. I hope he realizes that that kind of stuff reflects poorly on him and negatively affects his chances of being picked up professionally. I think we’ll do better without him. His mind was elsewhere at the end of the season and he committed a couple of big time errors that’s cost us big time games. Of course most notably was when he pretty much charged his way out of bonds in our half court at the end of the game against Northridge in the Big West tourney. What an idiot. Anyway, good luck to you and hopefully you get some playing time next season.

  15. TAVS: you probably go waaay back to the 2 year death sentence for UH MBB with the sanctions.
    If is different the way the AD and coaching staff, and on going recruiting goes. However you are right, and I have mentioned it a lot of times. on this forum not too many want to touch it.

    If NCAA sees, several years back in Gib era, serious violations, UH MBB could get the 2 year death penalty, loss of scholarships, no post season play. Guys would decommitt. Etc. The whole program would go down, waaaay down hill, and take several years to come back.

    I hope not. However, Gib is a gentleman, very classy person with great wife and kids. He is emotional, yet passionate to win, and have UH go to NIT and NCAA’s the past 4 years.

    This could be THE SWAN SONG for Gib..if VERY serious, death penalty sanctions from NCAA, I hope not, however, I thought that Honolulu Ford commercial wasn’t so bad years ago, however that was the tip of the iceberg.

    KEY: What does NCAA do…the hammer, or a slap on the wrist? It would be devastating for the hard work by Gib the staff, his family and the preferred walkons,and transfers into program to finallyh win 20 games.

    TAVS…I really hope you are wrong, HOWEVER…if UH got the death penalty, would not be surprised , just very disappointed.

    Well hope for the best, Gib gave it his all, he is a Fighter, and so are the 16 kids still sticking with the program so far

  16. Playhoopsa, I’m pretty sure the reasons I stated are the reasons why Gib’s contract hasn’t been extended yet. The NCAA really needs to speed things up because if no wrong doing is discovered then damn, all the investigation was good for was to deter recruits from committing to us.

    If all goes well, our team is going to be awesome next season.

    I checked out Mizzou’s basketball fan forum. A lot of talk about Shamburger. Mostly skeptical about him, all agree he’s not as good as their two guards (both juniors) who entered the NBA draft this year. Shamburger seems to be a surprise signing to all of them who are still hoping their number one choice guard will sign with them. They’re hoping Shamburger is a defensive player (he’s not) as that seems to be the area that needs to be improved upon the most. One guy said he’ll start while others said their two current and up and coming freshman guards will be given decent playing time. Haha and one guy seemed bitter about NWC and Jankovic leaving.

  17. TAVS: yes, on video, and statements, despite investigation , Ben wants to finalize Gib extenstion contract, not to wait, Ben knows it impacts recruits, even makes current players nervous.

    It seems like months since it came to light, UH self reported, then NCAA comes in and does their, thing, maybe that is the deal, just to be sure. that 4 year checking back in time thing.

    Who knows, maybe that IS the punishment by NCAA, cost UH some good athletes. What an institution the NCAA is. Self governing, sort of above civil law. Weird.

    TAVS, for Gib, MBB, the team, the families, the fans, NCAA get the case closed, release findings and any penalties, then let UH move on.

    You are right, this NCAA thing, if not for them lingering, maybe 2 bigs would have signed already, Great that Gib anticipates at least TWO good Bigs visiting over next two weeks, hope they can play D, have post up game, and are athletic, UH, as you say TAVS, could beat MIZZOU in NCAA tourney on netural court no question.

    NCAA: get your job done, and let UH move on!

  18. TAVS: I really agree with you, the head shaker of the 21st century, here a PG who helped lead UH to first 20 game winning season in a decade, had the keys to PG, for next season’s super loaded team with NWC and Jankovich, Nevels, Smith, Thomas, Jovanovich, Bobbitt, Fleming, Valdes and the rest, new Bigs..why on earth would he want out?

    Brian M. says: not see eye to eye with coaches…well Shamburger, Mizzou coaches, will probably be tougher , on you than Gib, one act of sulking, probably they will show him the door.

    3 DI NCAA MBB schools in 5 years, maybe a record.
    Hope Keith grows up, seems like good student and young guy, just has to Mature, wait TAVS, until Shamburger is pau with BB, and has to enter THE REAL WORLD…AUWE!

  19. Well, Thereʻs the Rub…

    IF Bobbitt had Not (Also) Chosen Hawaiʻi [Thank YOU, Roderick!]
    Then Maybe Sham woulda stayed (despite what any one says)
    BOTH Bobbitt and Sham with 5+ APG, probably could start and run a credible offense at either school…
    But Roderick with 5+ RPG, Higher FG% (Highest Level JC v. D1),
    Size and Potential Shut-Down “D” With Nation-Leading 3.7 Steals Per Game might Lead in PT

    (Sorry, Mizzou & Mghty ʻMoʻ Fans but i ʻaffectionatelyʻ pronounce it “Miz-ery”,
    although No Doubt St. Louis And Jazz are also ʻcoolʻ,
    WE have NWC, Janks, Bobbitt And Your Namesake Battleship BB-63…
    Similar to ʻZona: who Had Bo Barnes — also left ASU Via Grad —
    but we got Zane and Your BB-39, OUR No.1 Tourist Visitor Attraction)


    NCAA or NADA…
    I MUST PRESUME (or At Least Conclude in the Interim)
    That Ben Jay KNOWS The NCAA has NOT Found Any Serious (LOSS of Institutional Control) Issues
    OR he would have to Wait, …
    He CANNOT Comment on the (SLOW!) Investigation
    BUT HE CAN Move Forward with What He Knows…

    The BIG Players with The Big-Time Skills
    The BIG WINS and even some of
    The BIG BUCKS…

    Good Times
    Go ʻBows!

  20. In reality Hawaii is in the penalty stage now. That is the way NCAA operates on minor issues like this. Simply make you wait and wait until recruiting period is over and then a final decision magically comes down saying you this or that slap on the wrist but main penalty is waiting on a response as you try to recruit.

  21. Anyways, during this period of time, if coach is removed, believe our program will waver as “still born.” We may even experience a mass exodus of players. With that, don’t expect a Coaching change unless major violations occurred. Leap of faith and trust between staff and administration goes a long way in instances like these, who has whose back.

    The existing videos of Sammi Reyes, the Chilean player out of Florida, the more you watch it; the more you appreciate his talent. At 6′ 7″ and 245lbs, he plays wide, strong and big IQ. Watch it and comment as you see fit, “Sports Hawaii Basketball recruits 2014, 2015,” if I recollect the 3rd listed video is the best.

  22. GOT Names & Visit Dates?

    I Liked when you could read ʻem off of the Coachesʻ boards…
    BUT This Staff Delivers…

    Agree Better to Build with a Coach/Staff that has shown Ability to Adjust and Improve
    Esp., Learn from Mistakes…

    Than to Be a Weak Program that has to Change Coaches every three to five years

    EX: UHAD and Uppper Campus shoulda done what they Needed to KEEP the 10-Year Career Foootball Coach
    maybe the previous (to curent) three-year one, too;
    shoulda been given opportunity to demonstrate he and Staff can adjust and “Chase” (WIN) MORE Championships…

  23. Sham has been the starter at both SJSU and UH, so it’s definitely not a playing time issue. Obviously by picking Mizzou, it’s not a stay closer to home issue.

    Two transfers while being the starter is a player issue. It’s not like somebody forced him to select SJSU and UH during the recruiting process, he selected the coaching staff he is playing for.

  24. I don’t think you can blame the administration for delaying the contract situation with the ongoing investigation. If Gib were to sign an extension then the program is handed down sanctions then we are looking at a big buyout. I hope they do not give Gib a raise but an extension would be sufficient to help with recruiting. Gib is way overpaid for what he has achieved. I still wish we hired Eron Ganot back in the day. He’s going to be a stud HC one day.

  25. You simply extend with a no buy out clause if serious sanctions occur. Both sides should agree to that and move on. Very silly to hurt recruiting if they are letting the investigation hold it up. Evan the worse amateur lawyers could work around that issue. IMO

  26. Maybe as TAVS stated or another post said, could be, has to be, what NCAA is going over and interviews. UH MBB and AD KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE ERROR MISTAKE WAS AND THE POTENTIAL SANCTIONS IF ANY….as was stated, this could be the penalty stage, infringe on major recruiting, THE LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE to good athetic rim protectin bigs!

    If Gib and Ben KNOW, and the athletes know something is going down HUGE penalty, would not most if not all of the guys including preferred walkons decommitt, or transfer out? Why would Bobbitt , and Fleming sign(early Nov), they could decommitt..

    Have to wait for NCAA finish, protocol….with support of
    Governor , AD, and team solidarity, could be a mild penalties, and UH can sign the last two guys.

    That is what I look for, if team knows they are going to go down for year or two, why not leave..Those `15 faithful and newbies, are staying the course and so should we die hard WI fans, until it is over..

  27. Absolutely no chance they will “go down for a year or two”. No death penalty or even post season ban issue here. IMO

  28. Good luck to Sham,gurans that the new coach won’t put up with his pre game ritual of sitting on the bench with a Beats headset on and shooting jumpers with a head set on, true head case.

  29. Is Scott Fisher returning as coach?

  30. Jake…you true fan and think positive…other SA blogs .super negative…they want Gib out… makes you wonder ..whole team at banquet including sham…Christian in his impromptu speech hilited what a good coac fish is and wanted to comeback senior season because of Fish’ s coaching too..never heard any negative flak..Christian said Fish could not make dinner however Brandyn was there.. Gov. And Ben sitting together so to casual observer that is solidarity..everyone throwing support behind Gib and MBB Team..

    Sorry Jake.. only alluded to super severe almost criminal violations to incur 2 year sanctons..my gut feeling.. it was paperwork era..ncaa going over 4 year period and Gib welcoming it.. probably correctable with discipline..what that is,, who knows…as long as not poast season play ban.. uh mbb fanbase ready to rock sssc!!

    Hope gib signs,, two bigs sign and ncaa signs off soon!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  31. Sorry WI nation fans, for my two fingered small keyboard typos. I should type on big keyboard.,

    However, to summarize, personally, the way Ben, Abercrombie, a wonderful turnout for BB banquet, the Whole Team, except for Dressler on the stage, including preferred walkons, speaks of UNITY…

    Gib welcome NCAA, admits mistake made, will accept needed corrections and move on.

    AS LONG AS NOT BAN ON POST SEASON PLAY…Rainbow Warrior MBB nation will be ready to explode the first game of season at SSC in November 2014!!

    we await: Gib sign soon his contract extension, NCAA sign off on investigation with whatever consequences, and finally importantly 2 good athletic bigs to sign and complete the deal for a very solid and athletic O and D minded NCAA hopefully bound March Madness 2015 team!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  32. Jake….? The one who posts for hoops site? Harville follower? Greetings! Thanks for your insight…never heard anything about Coach Fisher. He is key, wasn’t he the one who offered preferred walkon spot to Tyler Harville?

    As far as we know, Coach Fish still with the team.

    Fish, helped a lot of the bigs with UH past several years, and spotted some talent to walkon to UH.

  33. Yes Fisher offered Harville. Which I predict will be surprise walk on of year…..:)….I hear Fish is relocating. I hope it isn’t true. Has anyone actually gone to hudl.com and used gharville@prestressservice.com as user id and greg1210 as password…..then watched the 13 minute to 7 minute mark of first half of Cushing game against Kaleb Joseph (Syracuse) and Jalen Adams (Kansas) ? Watch clips 11 thru 19.

  34. Harville #4 in white. Joseph and Adams #1 & #2 on opposing team

  35. Jake: thanks. Assumed so. That is what happens to assistant coaches in this business, they tend to move on. DOBA’s too, seek opportunity. That Gib had the same staff in place for about 3 years plus, is good, a lot of chemistry.

    Mahlao Fish, great work, and another nice guy! Brandyn Akana, Benjy Taylor , Chris McMillan, and Jamie Smith, all terrirc BB minds and hard workers! Wish them all the best this coming season, ..here or elsewhere!

  36. Dayton: thanks again to Boston Jake, Is Scot Fisher on the move to another Basketball coaching assignment with another Team?
    If so, I guess there will be some movement within the ranks of assistants!

    Hmmmm..CM? would be great!

  37. I hear Fisher is going to JC school in California or if Howland gets job at Oregon St he could land there. Playhoopsa….follow the lead I give u to watch Harville vs Cushing. I think u will be impressed. Only 6 minutes long….

  38. Gib’s contract finalizing extension affects other coaches too? Correct. Know that, assistants want to be head coaches too, eventually, either DI, DII, DIII, JC , international, or NAIA. Etc. Or even pro level. Wish them all well!

  39. Jake: We been trying, however cannot open the link! Any other way, youtube url?

  40. could not perform this operation because the default mail client not properly installed: error message

    gharille@prestressservice.com…have to be careful, IT SEEMS TO BE YOUR USER EMAIL ACCT OR SOMEONE ELSE”S.

    Do you have a link to Youtube. Plus, WI nation watching closely see what happens with Gib and NCAA, and the movement of coaches, and the fnal signing of Bigs Hopefully all three go down well, and Hawaii BB, and Harville Stepteau will Still be here in July!

  41. Sorry. Hudl.com. then gharville@prestressservices.com and password greg1210. Then click on library. Then Cushing game. Watch first half from 13 to 7 minute mark

  42. Jake thanks the link works. Still have to watch more of Tyler. Still seems young and has to hit the weights and get stronger, more explosive and physical defender at DI level. He can shoot the rock, just has to get more muscle.,on that video, looks like that league has project bigs, good if they consider Hawaii in future, East coast has a lot of Big talent.

    UH has Garrett Nevels 6’2″ 190, Brandon Jawato 6’4″ 200, Michael Harper(preferred walkon) 6’4″ 200, Jack Hackman 6’5″ 185(preferred walkon),
    LOI’s Roderick Bobbitt 6’3″ 205, and Isaac Fleming 6’4″ 190, who will be battling for that shooting wing spot. One thing, the returnees and RS’s, including preferred walkon from last season RS Niko Filopovich will go to war in practice, very, very physical. Name of the game in NCAA DI ball. If Tyler can get stronger and play solid defense, he will play somewhere.

    He still planning on coming out to Hawaii? What with all the things going on?
    If so, credit to him and his family….that is a big investment. Welcome aboard, could have huge roster, with scholarship and preferred walkons.

    I am still interested in possible 2 good Defending post playing bigs.,

    Tyler, and Brooke Stepteau can provide some firepower, oh, also Hawaii BB preferred walkon Dyrbe Enos, 5’9″ 180 should have lot of guys jacking threes. If they can hit them in game situation, UH will be able to score, last year, basically only Garrett Nevels when hot, was the 3 point threat

    Welcome aboard Tyler,..enjoy Hawaii..

  43. If they are still coming to Hawaii, that is Brocke Stepteau out of Texas and Tyler Harville, great BB IQ and fearless.
    Hope to see both of them, getting away from mainland USA, always good, helps them to mature, think that Tyler has family coming out with him.

    we shall see, in July 2014!

    Thanks Jake, you sure are high on Harville, we hope he grows bigger, and has a shot PT with DI team for sure. And Coach Fish, found him!

    Hope to see if Tyler and Brocke make it on over. A lot of preferred walkons!

  44. If it’s true that Fish is relocating that would be a big loss to UH. I was hoping he would establish a pipeline with Australia similar to St Mary’s. All St Mary’s Men’s BBall games are televised in Australia on ESPN. They have been the recipients of some pretty darn good players for Australia with a couple of them now in the NBA.

  45. Would Be BIG Recruiting Loss

    and Loss of Great Coaching for Bigs…

    Hope We Still Get ʻEm…

    Either Way, Thanks, Coach
    RE: Upper Campus/Legislature/Gov/AD Needs to Up Budget
    to Get UH Assistants in line with The Programs They/We want to Compete with
    PLUS Cost of Living in Hawaiʻi…

    St. Maryʻs
    Boise State
    Iowa State
    Oregon State

    2014 DHC
    Wichita St

    PAC 16 (Future)
    Top 30?

  46. Dayton:

    1)Are all the assistant coaches coming back for 2014-15?

    2)Does their retention depend on the outcome of Gib signing contract extension?

    3)Or NCAA investigation.

    Thanks in advance!

  47. Return or not return it all is determined if they found something better , or if assistant was on the hotseat and felt the need to move on, I dont think you’ll get all the facts you are looking for ,this is a internal personnel matter.

  48. Which Is, A Lot / Little Like when A Player Transfers…

    BUT Coaches & ADʻs (OR Chancellors & Presidents) are Not Forced to Sit Out a Year
    (They Might ʻBe Forcedʻ to Accept One or Two Yearsʻ Pay to Go Away or Sabatical)
    NEITHER Are the other 90 – 95% of the Student Body
    (Even IF on Partial or FULL Scholarship/Grant)…

    NO Wonder they Compensate Student Athletes So Well (NOT!)

    He Who Has The GOLD (or the Attorneys and Congressional Lobby/PAC)
    Makes the Rules….

    BUT i do think Gib Will (Smartly, Responsibly) At Least Issue/Publicize a ʻBest Versionʻ or Spin
    that should help Future Recruiting…


    DOES ʻNO Sit Out Ruleʻ Mean Sham Coulda Played for Four (or Five) Schools instead of Only Three?
    Heʻll ʻTeachʻ those Coaches, yet…

    Not Trying to Sound Cynical…
    (Just Seems Cynical to me)

  49. Eagle: well one thing Gib made clear, who came to his aid, when that nut job, buzzed UCSB kid came at Gib. Taylor, Nevels and Christian…that says a lot…pretty sure protocol, to not add flame to fire, and that kid was buzzed to the max, unless he was MMA, one of UH cheerleaders could have clocked him.

    Still, nationally, the way that Gib, his coaching staff and athletes handle that fracas, was widely recognized as keeping calm. Said a lot about the program. With Riley in old days, with Cross, Smalls , Beaubrun, Sueing, …look out, guys would be flying around.

    Wish the best for Fish, ….now Gib would have to look for a good Bigs coach…hey what about, Isaac’s, NZ personal coach, helps with his moves, and game, that is one heck of a bigs coach?

  50. Eagle: The UH MBB athletes that stood out some, in that MIZZOU game on the road, Christian, Garrett Nevels, and coming back from injury Brandon Spearman. Don’t know if Shamburger had that much of a monster game. Heard that Mizzou has coaching change, so they must have saw how he takes care of the ball , TO to assist ratio, and FT shooting percentage.

    I would be wary of taking a PG, who is smallish, not known for shutting guys down defensively, sulks, sits at end of the bench, and gets into skirmish with 6’8″ 230 PF’s , his own team mate?

    Wish him the best. Keith has to Grow Up. Life is rough after his University College BB career is over.
    He has to see EYE to EYE with that NEW coach at Mizzou. If Shamburger ends up 2nd team all SEC, and helps them to NCAA’s , kudos to Keith, he would have matured, and best wishes to him.

    Indication of things to come Eagle, Sham not wanting to play in NCAA summer league, because coach don’t put him in. ABOUT ME, I am, like Tavita, the UH PG..In NCAA summer league, coaches, play THEIR BOYS..first, same as at MIZZOU..
    Wish Fish and Sham the best, they helped UH get that 20 win marker, which was fantastic!!

  51. Hey Dayton, Sammis Reyes just arrived in Honolulu for his recruiting visit. Hope you can get an interview with him.

  52. I think I could be a playing time issue. Gib came out and said he want more playing time spread out because players did not seem fresh at the end of the year. Sham had a very bad attitude everything he came out and is now told he is going to get less. He was told best will play now told he has to share. What Sham does not realize is his defense was suspect and shooting suspect possibly because he did not get enough rest

  53. IMO. No teams win really big these days without guards that can shoot really well. Have to be able to hit shots very consistently. Teams and coaches can compensate for a lot of things but no one can hide the fact a guard can’t shoot.

  54. HawaiiMongoose: know that some schools, winding down their semester, even HS and prep, perfect timing. Sammis Reyes, he of the Muscle bound body, looks like a Man playing among boys, very strong, great timing angle steals, and gets up rim level, good timing shot blocker, and weakside help shot blocking.

    Handles the ball, goes right AND left, if he has good visit, so far, ….Isaac Fleming visited LOI, Bobbitt visited LOI, Jankovich visit, cancelled others, committed, ….track record pretty good, not to many vacation trippers, usually guys like coach, hopefully the team and Hawaii, then sign to play in paradise AT least a year, the year they go NCAA tournament would be fine!

    Welcome to Paradise, mid pacific , from Florida Sammis Reyes, we need your size and athleticism..
    PLUS like Fotu, a member of either the JR or THE National Team MBB for Chile!

    Now, maybe this weekend, Bol 6’11”, Tribble 6’9″ or Madou 6’9″ or a Senegal rim protector..

    Jake, true, if you have 5 guys on the court that can shoot 40% 3’s and go to the rim and one, PLUS to win championships, HAVE TO BE ABLE TO GET D stops, that is where Gib is trying to get the balance, a team that can shoot, plus shut teams down…those are the TEAMS that advance in NCAA tournament..

    Maybe Harville will put on that 10-15 lb of muscle by Aug -Sept, and be shooting lights out from 35 feet on to the rim, and getting steals, and charges, He will play for a DI team no question..at DI level, the STRENGTH factor, stamina, and D smarts, so important..cannot wait to see Harville and Stepteau, shoot some open gym!!

  55. I really think Hawaii can be a surprise team next year. Excited to watch them.

  56. watching the game harville played with some athletic guys

  57. Cool, didn’t know Coach Fisher is an American-Australian and had a long and pretty successful playing career in Australia!

  58. Wow – just watched the YouTube clip on Sammis Reyes and he looks good. Kinda Blake Griffin-ish in his game. Fotu’s under the basket moves are better but Reyes has good aggression in his game — relentless. Would be a nice pickup. I’m thinking that at 6’7″ that’s still big enough in the big west to do some damage. Let’s go get him Gib!

  59. There’s no doubt that we have enough talent to do damage in the BW and also potentially the post season but our coaching is the biggest problem. We get out coached all time. It is very apparent in league play where everyone knows each other and adjustments are key. I wish we had a better head coach with X’s and O’s and kept Gib as a top assistant in charge of recruiting.

  60. PONO: I agree…Usually the top schools HC NCAA DI, top 35-40 teams, surround themselves with excellent assistants. Don’t know where this is going with assistants for Gib, or NCAA results, however, it ends up…Gib would do well to search for good Bigs coach, who knows game. Coach Fish was a very good Bigs coach. He will do well at his next coaching assignment.

    I think if everything falls into place, penalties, barring Post Season ban, or worse, that UH MBB can play for BWC and NCAA spots next March 2015, having a good assistant would be good for Gib and program.
    Actually Gib with Taylor, Fish, Akana, that is a lot of continuity for any MBB program.

    Just hope the NCAA thing is PAU, NCAA going to be very thorough, must be that Ben Jay and Gib KNOW the Nature and degree of errors made, so they have to be quiet, however, want to proceed with next season. If Gib signs his extension in next few weeks and signs 2 good final athletes for next season: Looks like UH will be in the hunt for NCAA next season..

    For new and old UH MBB fans, I hope everything turns out okay, nothing so far to believe otherwise!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! We stick to the team, and staff, get better and learn from mistakes!

  61. IMHO: Believe Coach Gib is a great get for Hawaii. The team is making progress. Each year they continue to win and are closing the gap. Not too many years ago, we could not say the same.

    If there is a belief that next season will be better than the last and things are “looking” better, we are making progress.

    Think that the x and o’s are just fine when the team wins 20 games. And again, if there is a belief by the fans that the team can surpass this mark next season, x and o’s are fine. The key is recruitment of skilled players. I believe Coach Gib can win with skilled players. If otherwise, then we would be in trouble.

    Evaluating recruitment thus far, the team is shoring up all areas, the last is being addressed by bringing in competitive bigs. When we fill having another quality big, watch out. We know what we have with Fotu. The Stefans have “potential” but are yet unproven. If someone like Reyes signs, he brings a “Barkley style,” to the table; something we sorely need for Post Season play.

  62. All The Gibper’s missing on this squad at this time is a solid 7′ center that’s able to defend the rim, getting rebounds and maybe with an inside game. Doesn’t have to be a prolific scorer but a prolific defender type

    But we guess they are hard to come by

  63. 7′ that can play are rare. I’ll settle for a 6’9 player.

  64. Since it’s rumored that Fish is leaving and McMillan wants to pursue a full time assistant position that will let him coach on the floor and recruit, does Gib consider him for the opening?

  65. A Good Comment is Valid from whereever it Emanates…

    Ferd’s Weekly Attempt to Generate a Story with NO NEW Info (kinda like 6 and 10?),
    Does Raise a Smart Action:

    IF NOT ALREADY Retained:
    UHAD & UHMBB Should have on Retainer a BIG of The NCAA-Attorney-Type to Defend against Weak Drives to The Hoop, by The No-Clue-At-All Team, looking for Another Cheap ‘Hey, BCS, See-How We Can Beat Up ALL Those Little Guys for you?’ Cheap Puyt-Back…

    While They Are At It, they should Update Past Mis-NCAA-Deeds to Current Standards …
    AND As Long as you’re Spending “Our Money” out here in Hawai’i…
    RESTORE The Men’s Volleyball National Championship…

  66. Edit; Obvious “Put-Back”…

  67. Eagle, you have been spot on, objective, can see beyond the obvious. I have feeling if this were a Death Blow, high violation, big time found by NCAA, the awards banquet would have had a Negative feel, no positivity, Governor would Back Waaay off of Gib and program. Ben Jay, and Gov, UH and state, plus the die hard fans want UH to get back to recruiting and getting ready for an NCAA dominating team for next season,.

    It irritates, and makes me go S…….ts, that Ferd, Dave, Steve M, sometimes Jackson, would go off on Gib and UH AD , MBB program..They have nothing else to write about.
    Being that Ben was associate AD and had to help with in house stuff at BCS Ohio St. , would not doubt that UH has legal team , watching ongoings of NCAA.

    You are right, to make it fair, that Costas T., led , Mike Wilton coached MVB team that legitimately won the NCAA title that year, IS AND FOREVER ALWAYS BE NCAA MVB champs, they still have their rings, good to restore the banner, since Costa’s error, in 2014, would not be violation.

    Why the witch hunt? I don’t know. Litigious society we live in, UH should have all their attorneys, and as Ferd, which was good, if UH not doing it, UH AD dept and powers that be, bring out the Big Guns, and question and battle the NCAA for fairness too.

    Should be landmark case, a small time low major team, struggling, and big ole NCAA after them.I hope UH comes out really well from all of this, and NCAA foots the bill that BWC and UH pays them for NCAA membership!

    Shoots,,dang it, Go Rainbow WARRIORS, might have been cryptic, I don’t think so, Gib said, for his UH MBB program, the state, UH, the governor, the athletes, families and the fans, Choice A “STAND AND FIGHT”…someone tries to take you down, stand and Fight em!

  68. Dressler?

  69. Let’s practice PATIENCE. Sometimes people shake trees just to find out what falls out. At this point, it is what it is; no sense getting high blood pressure.

    How come so many rumors? Haven’t read anything to support the rumor that Coach Fish maybe leaving. Similar to the Fotu leaving rumor and he had so squish that one.

    If anyone wants to focus on anything, try this one by Dunn M of MidPac to his son, “there is no wrong way. Practice the right things and keep practicing them.”

    As stated previously by Jake, “U of H will be exciting to watch next year.” With lots of positive things floating, supporting MBB, just maybe a big will sign with us. IMO: Let’s not attempt to sell newspapers by harping on negatives.

  70. ahhhhh, McInnis reports Fisher is looking at his options and so is McMillan and Fisher comments he’s still employed @ UH.They looking but there’s nothing solid that they’re leaving as it is now.

    I don’t see anything wrong with them looking for better opportunities out there.

  71. It is in Hawaii BB best interest if Fisher stays. Known even on the east coast as one of the best coaches for big men. Hopefully Gib works to keep him. He simply won’t find a better big man coach to come to Hawaii. Wonder why Fisher is looking?

  72. I’m confused. Why didn’t McInnis ask Fisher why?

  73. Thanks for info Pocho, it’s new news just posted. Per info, BM did not talk to Coach Fish, info via written communique. Hope Coach Fish does stay, however, can also understand wanting to fulfill his career aspirations, possibly, associate head coach or head coach position….

  74. Any news on Riak Bol? Or Emmanuel Malou. Would love to see these guys take a campus visit.

  75. tako…right doba and assistants, I.e., Jamie Dixon always looking for upward movement or hc jobs. Fish is good big coach…was it jake who mentioned that fish was inquiring or moving to jc coaching in cali or assistant to osu new hc? Sorry jake wasn’ t sure if you broke story first..
    still not done deal however wish fish stay..has family so has to take care of them..

    tako…I don’t know..frustrating ncaa thing..hope not major thing..hoping as gib is so calm and positive same with governor and ben jay ,, all looking for really good 2014-2015 season!!

    I keep supporting gib and the boys…Key: say over next two weeks gib signs riak bol…emmanuel madou…either..and sammis reyes..plus gib signs extension..signal. ncaa not heavy blow!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  76. Hmmm, let’s see … this guy just assisted the two best players on the team and helped both earn all-conference honors, the NCAA is investigating the program and this guy (presumably) had nothing to do with it, works in a business where assistants are jumping from program to program all the time, has no local ties to tie him down … yeah, I’d say this is a good time to leave.

  77. Chuck…if Benjy moved on like walter roese..I would worry…this is one of the strangest ncaa investigations can recall…chris..and fish still on payroll..I think akana too..all we can do is wait and see

    fans you all agree with this scenario? Before end of may 2 good bigs sign..gib signs..then everything okay.. fish not done deal..should be interesting..gib run clean program..let ncaa do their thing and uh have their support team monitor…
    key: sammis reyes sign loi this week commits things very good..why would one of the hotest under radar prep school r ecruits in usa come visit.. if gib signs him..w e all go right on..ria k bol..cousins or madou sign double yeah!!

  78. Good news confirm by gib update CS Brian m…gib said fish finalist for hc job gib gives praise says he will make excellent hc..now I gotta agree with tako ..cannot jump to conclusions..believe next season with gib and 2 good bigs on board will be best team at uh mbb in perhaps 12 years!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors


  79. Jake, why didn’t McInnis ask why?

    My answer to that question is just my guess that if Gib’s contract is due to expire now then maybe so are the contracts of his coaching staff. If UH hasn’t extended their contracts yet with time running out then it’s only normal for Fisher and associates to look around for other positions. I think it’s good news that Fish hasn’t officially left UH.

  80. In my opinion a really good reporter simply ask WHY? I hear Fisher may land head coach at JC school in Northern California. If he lands that it will be interesting to see if Harville follows. I know u guys believe that isn’t a big deal but I respectfully disagree. Harville is an ELITE shooter that can really help the Warriors.

  81. Didn’t Tyler wish the best where ever Coach Fisher ends up at? Didn’t Tyler comment that he wanted to prove he belongs in Div. 1 bb?

    I think Tyler keeps his commitment to UH

  82. Every assistant coach dreams to be a head coach one day. And the time to look is when the program is winning. When a program is on the rise and starts hitting 20 wins a year consistently that’s when there’s interest. Who’s gonna want to hire an assistant with a losing or mediocre record. You gotta expect that one or two assistants will try to take the next step because at the present time the fish are biting. It’s got nothing to do with the NCAA investigation. In my opinion UH MBB will get a warning, Gib will sign and then it’s on to preparing for the 2014-2015 season.

  83. servante..good observation..the feeling at banquet was good all around christian impromptu speec positive of program and fis..he said fish could not make it..maybe was interviewing..very good coach wants to move to a hc nothing wrong with that.. governor fullsupport gib and program huge..ben working on contract with russell agent for gib key.. the couple bigs..good ones visiting..good sign..if ncaa hammer heavy..banquet and returnees dire mood…team ready to rock next season..feel gut feeling..correctable errors ..ncaa hand out whatever..not major sanctions..and br end of may 2914 we all will be talking about 2014-15 team ging be awesome!!

    Thev future looks bright..best wishes to WI NATION


  84. Good Comments

    Key People, Like Offensive and Defensive Coordinators in Football, Even Head Coaches,
    Find New Opportunities After Benchmark, Good Seasons…

    Gib Banked on Good Seasons @ Pepperdine and USC to Land the UH Job…

    25 WIN (Target) 2014-15 Season…


    Tyler could Follow Fisher….
    BUT Presumably he also liked his prospective teammates and school…
    which smart players know you gotta like….
    it’s ‘your life’ for “X” Years…

  85. Sorry by end of may 2014 not 2914..! Giib signs, 2 bigs sign…ncaa sign off correction whatnots handed out.. look forward to bobbitt, harville, stepteau, reyes?, bol or madou here to run open gym!!

    Good vibes

    Go Rainbows!!

    Gib shows no panic..calm..must be good ..may can be sunny for all WI NATION!!

  86. Pocho. I think u r right. Tyler only wants to go to Hawaii. I doubt he follows anyone anywhere.

  87. Hey, look at it this way – if Fish lands a HC job at a JC, then that’s a good thing for Hawaii. Don’t you think the first D1 program he’d recommend players to transfer to would be hawaii?

  88. …just like Gib’s Cousin…

    AND their BIGS Will show up with Very Good Post and Shooting Skills…

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