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It’s official: Reyes signs with Hawai’i

On the final day of the signing period, the University of Hawai’i basketball team added some needed muscle to its recruiting class.

Sammis Reyes, a 6-foot-6, 250-pound forward at North Broward Prep School in Coconut Grove, Fla., has signed a National Letter of Intent to attend UH and play for the Warriors starting in the 2014-15 season.


“He’s a beast, is the best way to say it,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “Great athlete, can move. I think he’s just going to really add to what we got. He can play multiple positions and he was our number 1 target for our bigs this year and we’re real, real fortunate to get him.”

Reyes, who is originally from Santiago, Chile, will be a freshman during the 2014-15 season, and will have four seasons of eligibility.

His letter of intent arrived on the last day of the spring signing period, and he joins guards Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt as the incoming recruits for the 2014-15 season.

The Warriors still have one scholarship remaining, and Arnold noted that “we’re not going to use it just to use it.”

“We only have one senior on the team next year, so that would give us an extra scholarship (the following year), which you’re going to have to plan for,” Arnold said. “But again, if we find someone that’s ready and can help us and is a good kid and a good player, we’ll make a move at that time.”

Here is the official release from the University of Hawai’i:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai`i men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold announced the signing of talented power forward Sammis Reyes to a National Letter of Intent during the final day of the spring signing period. Reyes will join the team next fall as a freshman and will have four years of eligibility.

The 6-6, 240-pound Reyes has the body of a big man but displays the gifts of a perimeter player. Reyes averaged 17 points, 12 rebounds and four assists during his senior season at North Broward Prep in Coconut Grove, Fla., where he helped lead the Eagles to the regional semifinals. Earlier this year he was selected to play in the TOC Tri-County All-Star Basketball Classic in Dillard, Fla.

“We are thrilled to have Sammis join our team next year,” Arnold said. “He was our number one big-man recruit and we felt it was important to wait until the last day to get him. He is a beast. At 6-6, 240 pounds he can bench press 325 pounds and play multiple positions. He has the strength of a power forward and the skills and athleticism of a guard. He really blew up during the spring basketball events. He had numerous offers and beating out the likes of Wichita State, Ohio, and conference rival Long Beach State was not easy. Obviously we are thrilled he chose to be a Rainbow Warrior. Hawai’i basketball fans will love watching Sammis’ ferocious dunks in the Stan Sheriff Arena soon.”

Reyes is a native of Chile and competed on the U16 national team during the 2011 FIBA Americas Championship. Reyes joins previous UH signees Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt.

“The addition of Sammis along with the highly talented and athletic guards Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt gives us three athletic and powerful incoming basketball players. When you add on our two transfers—6-7 Negus Webster Chan and 6-11 Stefan Jankovic—I believe this is the deepest and most talented recruiting class we’ve had.”

2014-15 Recruiting Class
Roderick Bobbitt, 6-3, 205, G, Jr., Oakland, Calif., Indian Hills Community College
Isaac Fleming, 6-4, 190, G, Fr., New Castle, Del., Massanutten (Va.) Military Academy
Sammis Reyes, 6-6, 240, F, Fr., North Broward Prep


  1. Great read Dayton what a joy to read some positive news for the day.
    Mr. Sammis Reyes, welcome to the Warrior Ohana

  2. Good get Gib!! Stand and fight…look forward to Sammis joining team..
    welcome sammis reyes..muy bueno!!

  3. How tall is Sammis? Gib says 6’8 and press release says 6’6. I’m happy he’s coming but just wondering what the real stats on him are.

  4. Brian says 6’7″…uh release 6’6″ 240
    WI above 6’7″ 250…key he can play..might be strongest guy on team

    hey we cannot forget our first team all BWC forward Isaac Fotu NZ national team..world games bound..

    pretty sure when sammis comes in summer they can measure..hope football don’t take..just joking!

    Sammis 6’6″-6-7″ bro can play all around game..

  5. Let’s keep our expectations realistic. Fotu came in and contributed as a true freshman but he had a lot of national team experience and was recruited by some big time programs like Pitt. I’d be happy if Sammis just got into the 8 man rotation. It’s already crowded with Fotu, Jovanovich, Jankovic, Webster-Chan, Nevels, Bobbitt, Thomas and Fleming.

  6. For sure Gib’s gonna test him out early on. I really hope Thomas worked on his game, put on some weight and muscles. Hope he turns into a Micheal Jordan or even a step or two below

  7. Like i Said, Just Got a Feeling SAMMIS IS Both Big AND SMART …

    Welcome Aboard, Sammie…

    Count on Us Fans to Do Everything within our Legal Authorized Powers
    to make Your Time in Hawai’i…

    ONE of The BEST Decisions of Your Young Life!

    ANYBODY Dis-Agree…?

    YOU ARE OUR Great News!


    WHAT Will DR & The Boo-Birds Say Now …?
    Let’s PROVE SR RIGHT !

    (With ONE to Award)

    LOST: Three Bigs and Three Guards:
    (Standhardinger, Davis & Dressler;
    Spearman, Shamburger & Hackman)

    RECRUITED: TWO BIGs, Four (Reported) Guards
    (Jankovic, REYES, Bobbitt, Fleming, Harville, Stepteau)

    (FOTU, NEVELS, Q. Thomas, Valde´s Jawato, Jovanovic, Enos, Harper)
    (Negus, Jankovic & Filipovich)


    Should Be Better…



    A FIRST…
    EASY 10/11 DEEP & Talented…

  9. P.S.

    You’ve ALL Been Through So Much…


  10. Aloha and welcome with open arms Sammis. I am sure these past few weeks gave you a headache while trying to choose the right school. I am also sure you must feel a whole lot better having made the best choice. You are on a team that will care about you all around, academics, community, life and the game itself. You are going to have a great following here and a sense of OHANA.
    No doubt you have the beginnings of a DI body and it will be up to you to take it as far as you can. We all look forward to seeing how you develop as a teammate and a player.

  11. Mahalo Coach Gib, Dayton, and the Schmidt Ohana! Mahalo & welcome to Sammis Reyes to the UHMBB Ohana! IMO, coach now has enough quality players to achieve his goal of playing more players on a regular basis so that no player wears down toward the end of the season. He now has enough athletic and physically strong players to play the kind of tough D to make key stops during games that was missing last season. Also believe that he has more outside firepower to help Nevels this year.

    Can’t wait for the Hawaii Summer League to start in July to see the new recruits, redshirts, and returnees in action! GO BOWS!

  12. What a tremendous get for this team! IN YOUR FACE Dave “Troll Posing as a Columnist” Reardon! So much for your doom and gloom column the other day. Wow – the possibilities next year are looking special. Just wondering how we will do without a proven point and shot blocking, athletic big man. Other positions seem to be stacked. Perhaps Gib is saving the last scholie for Valdez. Go bows!

  13. You know…

    (NOT That i heard Any Thing)…

    BUT Despite Participating in a Very Cool UH Graduation Ceremony
    Replete with TV Highlights of Daniel Dae Kim-Assisted Selfies..,

    MR Shamburger has NOT Yet Graduated
    CANNOT Transfer & Immediately Play ’til he FINISHES STRONG (Last Class(es)

    MAYBE GIB Can Steal (Back) ONE More from Mizzou…BEFORE It Starts SNOWING
    GIB’s Recruited Shamburger — and had to Keep RE-Recruiting Him for Years…
    SO IF They Both WANT TO…

    WHY Join A ‘Start-Up’ TEAM When YOU CAN CHASE, And Maybe Even WIN, Championships in Hawai’i?

    He CAN BE The Number One Free-Throw Shooter In ALL The WEST
    WITH Teammates That FINISH(!!) All Those Passes For ASSISTS
    Even 6, 7 or More, Per Game

    Where Ever…
    Better Be Hitting the Books AND IMPROVING The Shooting Percentages…

    THAT MIGHT BE A Smart One-Year Use of The Last Scholarship

    Once Again…


    MAHALO, Sammis!!


  14. Congratulations to Gib for recruiting an awesome group of players. Our team must be really happy with the potential the recruits bring. As a fan, I am totally pumped and can’t wait for the season to begin. Warriors, work on your game, get stronger and emphasize the academics. Summer school can give you a leg up and put less stress on you during the fall semester. Go Bows.

  15. Welcome to the team, Sammis!! The future of men’s b-ball is looking bright, indeed…may need to actually make a trip out to the Stan Sheriff for a game or two one of these days. Reading about Sammis kinda reminds me of former Louisiana Tech PF Paul Millsap (Back in the WAC days…), he’s about 6’7″/6’8″ but was a total beast and could rebound w/the best of them, and also a nice shooting touch. Currently enjoying a very successful NBA career…why not Sammis? This kid is built like a rock, very athletic, nice shooting touch…seems to be the total package. Can’t wait to see what he’s got come next season.

  16. All I want for Christmas is to see both Jankovic and Reyes dunking over UCI’s Ndiaye

    All I know is that there will be a lot of highlights this coming season.

  17. Don’t forget about Jovanovic as a true freshman he put in some really good minutes. He will prove that he is something special, and looked like he is determined during last summer league!

  18. FUHA: 🙂

    Probably!! Isaac Fotu back home NZ getting stronger finish at rim to 3 line. Isaac should get his dunks. Mike Thomas, that is a key guy, come back stronger, confident, same thing, can handle 3/4 spot, dribble, pass, hit 3 line to rim, Mike can flush it. Jankovich, so much length,looks like wing span of a guy 7’1″, he can dunk to 3 line shots, Sammis Reyes, notice on his hilites, he DOES have mid range to rim game, also some nice form 3 pointers.,

    Power Dunker, I would think our WI fan favorite, who will be better than we think come back bigger stronger, quicker, Stefan Jovanovich had the mid range to rim , when gotten the ball by guards, Stefan Jovanovich can throw it down..
    And OF COURSE….AARON VALDES, the human hilite, legitmate 40+” vertical bounce, he will be flying up there. Even Roderick Bobbitt, Isaac Fleming big guards can throw it down.
    Sammis looks like finish at rim with power..Q and Nevels can get up there too, DUNK city!

    Key still, All the guys, have to hit 75-80% or better from FT line, if they going to the rim, they are going to the FT line! Mamadou good shot blocker, just at 7’6″ 290 he is slower of foot, UH beat Irvine at Irvine, sometimes, just beat Mamadou to rim, Isaac draining those 18 foot jumpers from corners..UH will not be scared of Mamadou, just out run him, go at him like Garrett Nevels did with his floaters..foul trouble..

    Shaping up, really nice for next season, young team…only One Senior Nevels, I believe 3 Juniors, Smith, Bobbitt and Jawato!
    Go Gib! Stand and Fight! Go Rainbow Warriors!

  19. guard 2 positions at most….too slow to defend against 1 and 2 and too small against the 5….I don’t see him as being the “big” we needed….maybe with 2 years under his belt he’ll be able to contribute offensively

  20. Sammis hfan09, has to adjust to NCAA DI ball, however just his body, that is a DI body.
    Since Jankovich won’t be ready until mid December, Sammis provides needed depth at 3/4…I don’t know if you watch his hilites, he has good BBIQ, same as Fleming and Bobbitt, to know how to play the game, and he blew up at Adidas Gauntlet Indy showcase tournament for best HS BB players in the USA, he showed he could compete with the best.

    Don’t count out, and is it you, hfan, who always says, or maybe someone else, like Gib, don’t just give out scholarship to use it, have to be right fit, and can be ready to play, Sammis will help. If I could bench press 325 pounds, never in my life, man that is strong, pair him with Isaac Fotu, and you will have two strong agile Big guys.

    Ideally hfan09, would be nice to have late get, transfer, 6’10”, who is that shot blocker, who knows, maybe they will appear this summer, if the right Fit..anyways, good job Gib..keep the UH MBB team moving up, and full steam ahead!

    Stand and Fight!

  21. Man, this is just too much. Welcome to the Ohana Sammis. You will find that you are not only part of the UHBB team but also a part of our community. Your family must be proud of your decision.

    I think we as fans deserve this. After what has been transpiring lately, to finally see the vision Gib has come to fruition is exciting to say the least. I think all needs have been addressed. This recruiting class is da bomb!

    And we have a Schollie in the pocket also?!

    We are in a good position.

    Grrrrrrr. We ready!

  22. I think the big schools felt that Sammis was too slow to be a 3 and too short for any kind of inside game. But you know what, this is the best scenario for Sammis in that now he can go out and prove the world that he is a special, elite player. When Paul George came to Fresno State he was a virtual unknown in college. Many top schools passed up on him and it was the fuel that George used to work on his game and get better. You take a guy with raw athleticism, add relentless desire to play at the highest level and you got the makings of Paul George today. And who knows Sammis might still grow a few more inches and guess what? Zack Randolph clone? Strong power forward with mobility and a great shooting touch. But grow or no grow I think Sammis got potential to go far in this world. You just gotta want it and prove everyone wrong.

  23. I will not say that we will have a good team next year. It all depends on how the team comes together. Players need to be unselfish and share the basketball. Good passing is a lost art and bad passing leads to a lot of turnovers. As physical as the game is, it is the mental aspects the so-called high basketball IQ comes into play a lot of the time when the game is on the line. We saw that last season where we lost a number of games when the team made bad decisions that prevented a better season than our record indicated. These poor decisions dearly cost games in close games against Boise State, Long Beach State, Cal-Northridge, to name a few. So you never know when you have a lot of new players coming in and if they will mesh together.

    I will say that the talent level appears to be better, but talent alone will not ensure winning the regular season or the tournament championship, or go further in any postseason tournament. We have to remember that all the other teams in the conference will also improve and it is not cakewalk. So, we will see what happens and that’s the beauty of the beginning of the season, ANTICIPATION AND EXCITEMENT. The other big question, or questions is who will Arnold bring in as new assistant coaches if Fisher and Akana don’t return, and also find a replacement for McMillan. Nobody really talks about that but it is a very important part in teaching basketball. The staff needs to do better.

  24. Derek true,…team first, can new guys mesh, cohesive with returnees..Have to have outstanding backcourt play, the decision makes, albeit Q or Bobbitt, or whomever, Sammis, from the 3/4 spot sees the floor well, makes good passes, the only thing I saw on Youtube, the complete games of Sammis HS games, to stop him and another big, the Zoned them. It slowed his HS up, however they still, with talent came back and won big.

    Remember WI nation fans, Isaac Fotu, Jr. All BWC first team , NZ national team and fighting to get to World games, is a huge plus for UH, Isaac will come back even better, if Isaac has that 3/4 game down, wow…
    Garrett Nevels, working to get stronger, better D , and explosive to rim and one, finish at the cup. He is another guy, a Senior, that will be counted on.
    Mike Thomas, work hard, the sky is the limit 3 star HS athlete
    Aaron Valdes….Airon, skywalker, sky is the limit too, pun intended..
    Q Smith, has to work on strength and definite shoot better from outside and FT line, when he went in for Shamburger, a lot of times, team settled down.
    B. Jawato, he healthy, look out, B will be draining 3’s
    Jovanovich, that young guy, smart, and a body that can grow, strength, quickness, hops, D up and shooting, ..good young sophomores

    The new guys addition, adds to DEPTH,,that is what was sorely missing too…UH ran out of gas end of season, and correct Derek, some of the Half Court offense, in closing minutes, or getting ball inbounds under pressure, UH loss the close ones, Live and Learn, bet that whole team from last year, and transfers, signees this year. want to prove something, UH MBB is here to stay.

    Just have to take care of business.
    Stand and Fight!
    As for assistants, sure Fish was or is looking to go to Cali, or something HC, which is better pay, and DOBO, McMillan, looking for full time assistant position, which is not unusual too.

    Very, sure that staff, which includes HC, have contingency plan, if need new assistants..to have a staff in place for 5 years, basically the same guys, that is consistency.

  25. MAYBE….

    Worst Case… Sammis Needs to Develop to Stay on the Court
    and he Plays Behind Fotu, Negus, Thomas or Valde´s ´til he grows His Game…

    Better… Sammis can Contribute a Solid 3 to 8 ppg, 3 to 5 rebounds per game and 5 to 20 minutes per game…
    Forcing ALL His Teammates to Be Ready to Handle a Physical, Skilled Brute All-The-Time…

    BEST– The ‘Bows are SO MUCH Harder on Each Other (More than Most Opponents) that Practices are Really Hard and Games ‘Seem Easy’….Shooting Percentages and Margins of Victory Continue Rising… Losses Become Fewer and Farther In-Between…We Give Even The Best Teams REALLY TOUGH GAMES… Beat Some…PROGRAM On The RISE..

    ….All Good….

  26. with his frame we don’t know his ability to stay on the court meaning fouls…I don’t think he’ll be known for shooting and in his first 2 years will be the garbage man…I want to see him against taller players and not kids in the highlights

  27. good late pickup.
    appears to have game.

    could be subject to the 2″ rule. 6’5 1/2″???

    on another note, its amazing how some can already assess his quantity and quality without having seen him in person in action. hmmmm.

  28. always happens.

  29. I think I speak for 98% of fans…despite what is going on…Ssmmis signs binding NLOI…Incredible…some Goodnews…hfan and al with lack of depth upfront Sammis will play..a similar sizebody wasreggie cross 2nd round pick of thr 76ers..
    hey WIfans you all happy sammis signed..I am..he has Isaac Fotu to show himthe way

    very good late get


  30. Actually a body type and height like 6’6″ 250 Tim Shepherd..he posterized dunked on 7’5″ Shawn Bradley..
    Sammis needed to rebound..
    sammis welome aboard don’t think he will play center ..milsap…barkley adrian dantley wide big strong..
    not tall guys
    sammis good young guy great late get

  31. Here’s the deal regarding assessing a “new” player. If we didn’t have one, oh, the woes of how we can not recruit. However, we have a player, his quantity and quality is based on “highlights,” that at least gives us a snapshot of what he is capable of. Agree, he is untested but it starts somewhere. In his case, at least we know at the high school level he is a man amongst his peers. It shows he has talent. He’ll help the team and fill a need. Lastly, as fans it’s fun to anticipate a great season when we have potential “gamers,” it could be otherwise. Remember Al and Niko Noga they were above their peers at the HS level and were able to sustain their quality at the D1 level and had shots at the Pros. We hope the same for Sammi.

  32. tako: Lebron was also a man among boys in high school. Let’s hope for the same. Yep, this is fun.

  33. Probably they wanted Cousins and Reyes…however last minute..maybe wait nloi uh mbb fans as a whole not complaining…would not put it past Gib and staff keeping line open for that 6’9″-6’11” ready to play good fit big

    remember Bill Amis was a really late get..great rebounder and helpside shot blocker..either way cannot complain
    About Sammis..he probably wants to prove he is D1 athlete..with that strength imagine he and fotu owning the boards..believe uh mbb will be good rebounding team

  34. Samm is da Man!

  35. good pick up?…I think yes…good late pick up?…yes and no….everything we know is based off highlights….pretty good highlights….any where from 6’5-6’7 225-245…and you really can’t compare him to other players

  36. Hfan09…yes we wait for summer..one thing the guy is all muscle and takes care of his body..combination size and can get up court like Christian however Sammis can dish the dime..being that he blew up in Adidas Gauntlet hs bb player tournament showed he could play being that reyes was on recruitig pipeline and uh and sammis decided right fit great..

    one thing lost in this..uh got some good athletes out of east..toronto..va., negus and jankovic. Fleming delaware..and sammis fla..the pipeline now open fromcali westcoast to east coast..good job..hey one day ago early we thought uh mbb wouldbe shutout recruiting may..and here comes superman sammis!!

  37. Maybe not too many of us have seen Sammis in person, but based on what Gib says I tend to believe it too that this guy is D1 ready and got the tools to do well. Agree that we won’t know for certain what we really have until we see him in action; but for now even though my mouth is closed the drool still finds its way out. Need to dream when there’s no team.

  38. Eh servante..good thing sammis did not sign with LBSU ..that would have been punch in gut!!

    sammis signing gives ray of hope..with other stuff going on never thought we would sign anyone

    a gift for uh mbb fans at right time yeah!
    eh I smiling again!!
    Thanks for video and writeup Dayton!!


  39. I like the Sammis Reyes signing and he should start right away at power forward along with Isaac Fotu at Center until Jankovic is eligible.

  40. D1 ready body just because of muscles?…too ahead of ourselves

  41. Im assuming most likely when everyone is eligible our starting lineup is going to consist of Nevels, Bobbitt, NWC, Fotu and Jankovich. Being these guys are probably the most talented. Then our bench rotation would be something like Mike Thomas 6th man, Quincy Smith or Fleming and hopefully Sammis. I hope as a true freshman Sammis can crack the rotation and be a contributing player.

  42. man, if Gib can lock down, and sign a Big 6’9″-6’11” who can play, D up, rim protect, and post game does not have to be JC all American, or HS AA, just a 2 star athlete, …I am sure that is what they are doing, if, the right guy and fit…
    Still say, Coach and team still recruiting , and having signed, and all guys coming back, totally amazed, hope for the best.

    At least WI MBB fan nation, we can dream about OUR FANTASY team, isn’t that what this time of year is all about..
    Gotta love it..And Sammis sign, huge part of putting some Positive light for UH MBB and us die hard, bleed Green and White, Rainbow Warrior Fans!

    Lee, I am certain Nevels, Fotu, Thomas, Smith, Jawato, Jovanovich will be ready. good testing , they have ONE YEAR under their belt , a 20 win team, and could have been more.

    Dream on Eagle, sweet dreams, hope their is a happy ending!

  43. Lee your starting 5 looks right. Don’t forget about Valdes and Jovanovich off the bench. Hope Thomas can show he has D1 talent. He might make the most improvement of all the players from last season IMO. This team looks stacked! Not sure about everyone else’s opinion but I really like Q’s game. Team ran better when he was in for Sham. With those kinds of pieces around him Q will flourish. If he comes back this season with an outside shot he should push to start I hope.

  44. Great ‘All the Newcomers’ plan to Attend UH by Second Summer Session…

    Gives Us Time to See/Enjoy the High Level of Athleticism, Skill and Talent
    like in Open Gym and the NCAA Summer League,,,

    Maybe Jankovic or Sammis supplant Aaron Valde´s as Most Outstanding Player…
    Q should be stronger, healthier this year…Nevels, Bobbitt & Fleming Solid…Negus
    maybe Stepteau or Harville will be fan favorites by July

    Just the Month of June away…

    [Basketball, like Volleyball, Needs a Second Season…]

    Looking for Thomas and Valde’s to be Real Effective, Quicker in The System This Coming Season,
    More Ready to Hit their shots…

    THIS TEAM should be A Lot of Fun to Watch and Cheer On…

  45. Eagle:

    once again, how important was that signing of Sammis Reyes, last day of spring LOI period?
    Super Huge. I call Sammis Superman Reyes. I like his strength. He probably will be a beast in weight room too.
    Once again Gib speak with confidence, calm collected, and happy with this year’s team and even looking forward to next one after this. I take it all in as something good, a Positive view and feeling about MBB program.

    Eagle you are right , for the Rainbow Warrior MBB die hards, , in a little over SIX weeks, Jawato , Thomas will be here, plus Bobbitt, Fleming, Stepteau, Harville, and Sammis, maybe ….Gib surprises us with 2 star 6’10” rim protector!, if not team is very athletic, A changing of the guard!

    Look for good things !

    go bows!

  46. There is a “wish” for one more “big” recruit. Just thinking of the future, we have only one senior next year. To sustain continuity in recruiting and leveling out player losses each year due to graduation, the program may want to avoid huge puka years.

    Via potential recruits for next year, there are a bunch lined up, if we have only one scholarship available; it’ll be tough. Plus, one of the preferred walk-ons maybe gems. Just thinking…

  47. tako: I think AV made his goal which is great!
    Nice that we all are talking recruiting, potential and looking forward to upcoming season. Positive stuff!
    With Gib, all I can say, he pulled a big get with Sammis , had to wait to last day to get faxed LOI, however it saved the May signing period., and put some life back into program

    Gib is saying. only one senior next year, Nevels, so might have to plan for saving that scholarship. However, we know how it goes, maybe another young scholie guy moves on, so that is another scholarship available. Nature of NCAA MBB DI sports,..

    As Gib says, if RIGHT FIT and the guy can play, or READY to play contribute at DI level, and is a good young student athlete, then they would make the move, …Gib, he surprises us sometimes!

    Know, that a couple of years, he had that extra scholie, available..Stay tuned, …if not, Sammis, Thomas, Jovanovich and Fotu, have to stay healthy, rebound, D up down low, and help team win..Believe Thomas and Jovanovich, they put in the work, can be really good..

    Go Bows!

  48. If you are keeping score, UNLV lost 7 players from last years team, 2 to graduation and 5 to transfers. The latest G Deville Smith was second on the team in assists and 3 pointers and averaged 9.7 points per game. Is that Quincy’s brother?

  49. Derek:

    That is actually Kendall Smith 6’2″ guard out of Antioch, Ca. Freshman. He is younger brother of Quincy. He averaged overall about 3.8 ppg.

    I think Q, it is all up to him..the off season workout, get stronger, finish at rim, shoot better from outside to 3 line, and FT line 80% like Shamburger. Make good decisions. Q, team player, he will be battling for that PG spot, however, good to have 2 at least..maybe
    Bobbitt and Smith.

    Also, Negus is a great ballhandler and can play PG..or Point Forward..
    Lot more talent this year.
    Just have to play as TEAM!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Not Parsons? just joking..

  50. I chuckled to my self reading Gib’s comments on landing Reyes. The quote from above: ” “He was our number one big-man recruit and we felt it was important to wait until the last day to get him. ” Come on now, with the media and alot fans being pessimistic on the recruiting hunt because of the NCAA investigation and Gib’s contract in limbo, Gib had no choice but to wait! hahahahahaha

    Used Car Salesman

  51. The team looks solid going into upcoming season, but I think the following season will be spectacular – if all current players return.

    I think our passing will be much quicker, efficient, and fancier (not always a good thing) this coming season. I’m mostly concerned with our defense since most of our starters seem more offensive-minded.

    Just some things I hope some players work on this summer.

    Smith: Free throws. No more fancy passes that just end up out of bounds.

    Nevels: really just needs to not foul as much. He’s a fighter, but sometimes too aggressive and passionate that he always commits one to two avoidable and pointless fouls. Committed a team high 4 foul outs.

    Fotu: also has a tendency to commit pointless offensive fouls very early in the game. It wasn’t uncommon for him to already have 2 personal fouls only a few minutes into the game. Desperately needs to come up with a few new offensive moves and save a couple as secrets for the later part of the season.

    Valdes: One of my favorite players. This kid has so much raw talent it’s a bit of an enigma as to why he didn’t play more often last season. Perhaps he needs to be more vocal and begin developing leadership skills…not goof around in practice.

    Thomas: self-esteem. Great player who always loses all his confidence as soon as he commits his first mistake. Needs to learn to pick his head up, fight harder, and not always second guess himself.

    Jawato: Just work on dropping those 3s! Just shoot, shoot, shoot! He did it before and I know he can do it again. I know he was injured this past season but when he did play he seemed sluggish and weak.

    Enos: Small but solid, pretty quick with good ball-handling skills and a good 3-point shooter. Don’t know if this is in Gib’s game plan, but would be cool if Enos could use his speed and handling to penetrate and then create scoring opportunities for teammates.

    Harper: heard he’s the strongest guy on the team. Strange since it certainly doesn’t look like it when he’s on the court. I think he could be a great asset to the team – on the defensive side – if he improved his balance, movement, and positioning. Strength is nothing without balance or if you’re not in the right place at the right time. Yoga or martial arts might help.

  52. Yes…we pretty much know that already…Cousins AND Reyes were the two Big Bodies, Gib was close signing. That Gib got Sammis, and the thing is, we as does the media, I like Leahy and Leahy view, so much conjecture, speculation wild rumor, HOW DO WE KNOW THE details of recruiting and investigation. ? If you do, more power to you..It does signal , that Sammis was confident to sign a Binding National Letter of Intent, which was huge, in my opinion.

    I guess, pretty sure, this is where about 98% are very positive and supportive of Team, and want investigation to be over too, while 2 % will second guess. I really don’t know what is going on…Just have to wait…That ALL guys are coming back, and NLOI athletes, and new preferred walkons are scheduled, as Dayton will have video of , Mahalo Dayton.!, must be a silver lining behind all of this, maybe correction, whatevers, however, as of now, all things UH MBB are full steam ahead, Dayton still has the WI all things UH MBB site up and running , so I am confident that UH MBB is STILL good to go! Sammis welcome aboard…if he did not sign…that is a concern..He did, with possibility of another Big, or good PF…Great!
    Hey, bro, think positive, Gib can sell Hawaii and UH BB, not used cars, he gets a good salary, coaching young guys, and recruiting to Hawaii, same as O’Neil did!


  53. and “used car salesman”, that is too negative, smacks of attack on Gib’s character..He promoting culture, guys doing well in school, nature of NCAA DI ball, every spring we know some guys will transfer, coach and UH have to deal with, but to attack Character of anyone, that is a low blow.

    Gib, cannot fault him for trying the best to get great student athletes and playing exciting ball, he kept that promise, eternal recruiter..and a relatively new DI HC learning, still, learning, and he will be the first to admit that

  54. ^^^ awh, i’m just having some fun. You should know by now what side of the fence I’m on. The Gibper is a great recruiter, just like a great Used Car Salesman. hahahahahaha, he could sell the shirt off his back IMO.

  55. Someone a while back suggested they should move the summer league to the Stan Sherriff. Can anyone push that up the latter for someone to take a serious look at it. Already these teams have to pay for the current gym so why not the Stan. They could also collect parking fees. This would be great for the players and the fans and could draw in a lot more who could preview this years team. Great for all Hawaii basketball. If not, at least consider playing the finals there.

  56. anderpops:

    hmmm, good idea, however wonder if can do it on NCAA MBB campus facilities? Know that they run open gym in practice gyms. I don’t think they ever had the summer league at Klum gym, always at local HS, although, NCAA summer league first few years, was at Chaminade gym!
    I still worry about that Summer league, the guys have to hydrate, stretch, warm up and cool down, tape up..Lot of the guys got hurt, sprains, bumps and bruises in Manoa Summer Leauge.

    However, anderpops, I know what you are talking about, we want a peek at Harville, Stepteau, Thomas, Jawato, Sammis, Bobbitt and Fleming, if they choose to play summer ball, I think it is an option.

    UH MBB team old and new guys just STAY HEALTHY..wish you the best..
    And anderpops, keep it going, the positive vibe!

  57. I know Harville plans on playing summer ball. Not sure when he will start playing since he will vacation with family June 29th – July 8th but maybe he will start at the first of it so family can watch a game or two. Who coaches those games? How many teams in league? How many players on a team? Is there a rule of how many Hawaii players can be on same team? Sorry for all the questions. Just wondering. We don’t have those leagues on the East coast. Just keep playing AAU tournaments. I wish we had a league like this.

  58. Have somebody on forum knows all. I think it started about 35 yrs ago..could have NAIA, D I, DII, overseas guys..local high school talent..
    Harville would be going sometimes against guys in their 30’s ex college players..some of those guys like park leagues could be very physical..think at least 2 hawai mbb could be on team..coaches local..ex ball players or high school coaches..
    not too many bigs in that manoa league..

    anyone else additional information for Boston jake?

  59. who’s going to pay to see unknowns play?

  60. Yeah..I don’t think can charge..hey some old timer would know..called collegiate summer league
    I think has to be free.
    anyone know manoa summer collegiate info

  61. As I recall the Manoa Summer League is set up principally for UH MBB so that they can continue practicing and playing games during the summer. Also pro players, DI and DII players with ties to Hawaii, ex UH players and a few local high school players can also apply. The games are usually offensive minded with little defensive pressure. But when the playoffs start everyone gets serious because no one wants to lose. All the games are free which is the reason why they have a good turnout of people watching the games. I can see the playoffs they could charge a token amount like say $5. But more than that and people will stay away. They got the championship game on tv too but the quality is very poor.

  62. 38th Annual Hawaii College Basketball Summer League(from Manoa Collegiate Summer league site)

    NCAA Mens Basketball

    games run from June 28 to August 9, 2014

    tako, I think you provided link before? Anyways, the online posted run of 2014 Summer league..

    shoots, I never knew NCAA summer league started in 1976! That is some 38 years ago!

    The only ones might play , Harville, Stepteau, Jawato, …though he still rehabbing ankle, Thomas, Bobbbitt, Fleming, Sammis Reyes…not certain, I think?

  63. Appreciate the feedback. Sounds like a great way for a few of the guys to get the feel for each others games. Start those early building blocks of building chemistry.

    Chemistry, passing and selflessness can make even average talent compete with anyone. That’s why our NBA all stars still struggle with Spain.

  64. Jake –Thanks for following and backing up Tyler — should help him get a better shot, maybe a couple more game entries ‘cos i believe the coaches DO Hear the fans calling out names or recognize the cheering for ‘Fan Favorites’…. Of Course, the Best is he plays solid ‘D’ to stay longer in the game AND Shoots his way into the books, and earning more PT — based on your scout, And the coaches’ invite, he’ll get his opportunities…

    Most of the UH Players are in the Upper Half (Top 3 or 4?) of their Summer League Team’s Talent, skills;
    A Bunch are current or former scholarship players, including UH stars;
    Many of the Teams have Returning players that have been on the Team 3, 5 even 10 years;
    They KNOW the System, Have Earned the Coach’s Trust, Know their teammate’s Games and Strengths;
    Some might be Jealous or Envious (rare, esp. since Most UH players are good guys)

    So even a Good Point Guard, like Q, Quincy Smith, who was also injured, joined his team late and didn’t have a feel for his teammates struggled, especially in the playoffs, when every possession, a key basket was needed, take it to the hole? shoot? who and where do his teammates deserve or need the ball?…always interesting…

    Better, Coach Gib, takes advantage of NCAA allowance of up to three current players per team, and aligns two or three to work together (point-big, shooting guard-shooting forward) and you can see them building their two-three-man game-skills, timing, building on their summer up-to-four player coaching sessions; a few freshmen seem to be getting coached up by former players (real good; they know D-1, which is several notches above this league, but observers have noted it’s better than many summer leagues);

    Fortunate for Us and you, Dayton, Brandon, Derek et. al., do a Great Job of providing game and stat updates, photos, video highlights, even open gym workout highlights, so i’d expect you can keep tabs on Tyler and teammates; the players’ families have been vocally appreciative, esp. from such far-flung states and countries…

    Last Year, 6-5 Redshirt Freshman Aaron Valde´s made a league splash being named Most Outstanding Player (as a freshman), probably influenced by his Four (or more) Slams per Game Average…

    Maybe 5 to 7 made threes per game gets Tyler similar Consideration…

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