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Fisher, McMillian find new coaching opportunities

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will have two spots to fill on its coaching staff, as assistant coach Scott Fisher and director of basketball operations Chris McMillian are both departing for different opportunities in the junior college ranks.


Fisher is set to become the next head coach at Ohlone College in Fremont, Calif.; McMillian will become an assistant coach at College of Southern Idaho.

Here is the official release from the University of Hawai’i media relations department:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball head coach Gib Arnold announced the departure of two members of his staff as assistant coach Scott Fisher and director of basketball operations Chris McMillian have each accepted coaching positions on the mainland.

Fisher will serve as head coach at Ohlone College in his native Fremont, Calif., while McMillian accepted an assistant coaching position at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.


“When I first hired Scott and Chris I told them I never wanted them to stop climbing the coaching ladder,” Arnold said. “I didn’t want them to become complacent as career assistants here. Both worked very hard and received promotions within our coaching staff. Chris now has the opportunity to further his career as a full time assistant at the College of Southern Idaho, the top junior college in the country. Scott has been given an opportunity to not only to run his own program, but to return home as the head coach at Ohlone College. I’m very grateful for all the hard work and dedication of both Scott and Chris. Ohlone and CSI are getting great coaches and great people.”

Both Fisher and McMillian were among Arnold’s first hires when he arrived in Manoa four years ago. Fisher was the team’s director of basketball operations before serving as assistant coach the last three seasons. Fisher came to Hawai‘i after spending two decades as a player and head coach in Australia’s National Basketball League.

“I want to thank everyone at the University of Hawai‘i for the opportunities and experiences of the past four seasons,” Fisher said. “It’s difficult to leave a place that has come to feel like home, but I know I will return one day. Teaching basketball on the court is what I need to do and Ohlone College has presented me with the exciting challenge of being a head coach again.”

McMillian, meanwhile, spent his first two seasons as strength coach (2010-11) and video coordinator (2011-12) and the last two seasons as the director of basketball operations.

“I’d like to thank everybody at the University of Hawai‘i,”McMillian said. “The College of Southern Idaho is among the elite junior colleges in the country and gave me an opportunity that I could not pass up.”


  1. I am totally impressed at professional demeanor of both Gib and Chris and Fish. There is a lot of respect there..and dang it to naysayers..still the One Ohana feel. Wish Fish and Chris the best, two good people..if checked BM side ..they both said nothing to do with ncaa..

    Now Gib look for 2 good replacements!!
    Nice way to move on.. great people all!!

  2. ALOHA and MAHALOS goes out to two CLASS guys, Coaches Fish and Chris!!!!

  3. Two really good guys we’re going to miss, Fish and Chris, good luck ,the future is yours!

  4. Coaches Fisher, and Now, McMillian ARE Total Class Acts…

    HC in your Home Town College is a rare, maybe elusive, opportunity…
    i would look for Ohlone’s Fortunes AND Profile to be On the Rise with an Effective Coach like Fish there,
    AND Coach Gib helping to ‘place’ developing talent there as well…
    IF he has an athletic, Raw BIG or player needing academic boosting to qualify, Coach Fish who boosted Both @ UH would be A Placement Location of Choice — solid coaching for the classroom And Big skills assisted even Christian who thanked Fish for his academic help [‘you know, i’m NOT a Great Student’, is probably modesty, yet the expression of thanks sounds sincere like Classic Standhardinger Boom-ism…]; Four Seniors, Four Graduates, Highest Academic Honors Percentage are Good Benchmarks for the Gib Program…

    and NOW we CAN also Formally refer to McMillian as Basketball (vs Strength) Coach…

    BOTH, like Gib’s cousin, Indian Hills, etc. CAN build and send players ‘up’ to UH …

    Mahalo & Best of the Best Always to Coaches Fish & McMillian

  5. A big heartfelt thanks to McMillian and Coach Fisher for your hard work. It’s without a doubt that the UH basketball program wouldn’t have been this successful without you. Best of luck in your new exciting adventures. Coach Fisher, it would be awesome to see you back at the Stan Sheriff Center in the not too distant future!

    I wonder who Coach Gib has lined up to join his staff. I just hope that they’re dying to join, and that they bring a lot of excitement and dedication to the program.

    Anyone think Jamie Smith will be promoted? He certainly has a fantastic resum – a former professional basketball player in England’s top division, a graduate of University of Florida (MA) and University of North Carolina (BSc) in sports related fields, and a few years experience on coaching staffs on Div.I teams, in the NBA (Celtics and Cavaliers) and at the international level. I also love that he’s consistently been involved in college programs that make deep runs in the the NCAA tournament.

    If Jamie gets promoted, it’s imperative that someone fills his current position. His creation of and continued involvement with the Manoa Maniacs has been of paramount importance to the program. It’s awesome to see the student section filled and rowdy. It really gives the players that extra push to win games. Heck, if it weren’t for the student section, there would only be a couple dozen fans making noise.

  6. Tavs: yes. I was thinking same thought. Whether Jamie Smith might be considered.
    Very, sure Gib staff, are keeping eye out for Right Fit guys to fill Assistant and DOBO positions.

    It seems like a lifetime since Chris and Scott joined Gib’s program, both very instrumental in development of, the workings of, the UH MBB program. A lot of those total 72 wins that Gib has so far is attributed in part to the OUTSTANDING WORK OF Chris McMillan and Scott Fisher.

    I hope one day, maybe, Both Chris and Scott come back to SSC. Their, forever second home. Will miss you guys, however a great future in Basketball coaching awaits!


    A lot of WI faithful, dozens of others who post regularly, unless they haven’t hear news or checked this Forum, haven’t said or stated anything, that is okay…The FOUR noted ABOVE, fellow fans, I really appreciated your comments. very POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE OF UH MBB!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! or for jjay, Go Warriors!

  7. hopefully loyalty will bring us more jc recruits.

  8. al:
    where Chris will be assistant, College of Southern Idaho, that is a hotbed of good JC talent. Maybe that is the underlying thought, send some right fit bigs Hawaii’s way. Maybe from Ohlone too.

    What will be missed , and Gib has to pick up without missing a beat, Fish monitoring academics and mentoring working with Bigs, he did great job. Maybe that new assistant, or in house , would have to have that down, really work with the students, ….UH MBB did really, really well last couple of years, no mention of dreaded APR ..things, that is GOOD NEWS!

  9. we don’t just lose a bunch of players every year but coaches as well….they both are leaving not because they got offered a better position….they been looking for a way out and applied at different programs

  10. playhoopsa…you got my subliminal message right. ohlone is in the bay area where a lot of bball is played.

  11. hawaiifan09…wake up and smell the coffee.
    every program will lose players every year. it is the result of way kids now days are.

    an asst. coach typical moves on every two in search of an upward opportunity.

  12. You want assistant coaches who have coaching goals or you stagnate with them going back to the same pond every year. I don’t want coaches who are happy with becoming a professional assistant. I am not going to name names but it should be obvious to UHBB followers. The point is assistants moving to the next level and help establish a network that will only benefit UH. I wish the best to Scott and Chris and thank them for the work they did here at UH. I am sure with the program GIb is building there will be plenty of interest in the positions and he will find some great replacements. PS. Hawaiianfan09 – to be a true fan you need to know the game.

  13. Yes al..hawfan09..part of that conspiracy theory group..a few weeks ago we knew fish and chris looking for other opportunities..without qestion Gib gave them outstanding recommendation…nice to see if chris still help with camp.

    2014 …HARD FACT OF LIFE: Every year athletes and every few years assistants move on..one who has become key coach friend set up game with uh mbb..one Jamie Smith who did not stay with Riley as assistant for 12 years..these great assistants move on..better pay..HC opportunities

    however..both comments by chris and fish not a single negative word..always leave with aloha…they will be back..

    thankyou Chris McMillan and Scott Fisher..the in the know fans know very good staff..wish you well!

  14. Agree with anderpops. As evidenced by the fact that Gib gets input from his assistants during timeouts shows that he trusted Scott and Chris as thinking assistants and not just practice assistants. Riley never did this. And thus his staff got complacent. I think Scot Rigot is the only person Riley trusted to improve or make changes to the game. And he eventually moved on.

  15. Must be some very akamai know mbb and uh program very well..if not close to situation. True that Gib and all assistants whose contracts can be reviewed annually, their contracts all expire June 30th right. A big marker of confidence would be ben renewing contract by then or earlier.
    still the two amazing commits this spring…reyes and walkon of very smart young man Zach B. of Iolani.

    anderpops…warriorhaw….tavs..tako…servante…you fans know basketball and what is going on..still say if after investigation uh..either no violations or mild hit..

    love uh mbb and the excitement it has brought old and new fans..

    eagle…correct..who will be next applicants..state of hawaii takes so long to post vacancies..
    hey..good if uh summer bb camp is full!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  16. Yah, you got that right, Warrior time, 5 months to go.! Interesting to see who will be added to the coaching staff.

  17. i think (once again, NOT that i heard anyone say it)

    That there are Two Qualification Lists (In Life)

    1 – Those ‘interested’ (or applicants) who need to know How the Investigation turns out (First)…
    (They Might show up later…)

    2 – And those who ARE Moving and Making their Best Choices (SEC Division IV, REYES!, Buscher, Fisher, McMillian, et.al),…NO Matter what outside influences (beyond or control) do,…

    So ‘Sometimes’ you (might) get an insight into How Strong an Individual IS in Crafting their own Destiny (O’Neill, Pitino, Dixon, Rigot, Wheeler —

    there is often or sometimes an ‘under-valuing’ prejudice for ‘Career’ Talent versus apparent ‘Loyalty’ —

    When someone knows Hawai’i IS their Home, it IS o.k. when they choose to move away to Move Up (Can’t Always Do It from here – Chow, Wade, Wong, JJ) –

    – It also has to be o.k. when they insist on staying (Wilson, Wheeler, Miano, Lumpkin, Blangiardi)…

    And some might have even more insight into ‘How All Things may be Inter-Connected’:

    “As far as i know…, it has nothing to do with it….”

    [THOSE who Know That they DON’T KNOW…
    VERSUS Those Who Don’t Even KNOW That They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know…
    I Like AP’s Qualifying Consideration…]

  18. Eagle: yes, I know what you talking about. very poetic your comments and views, I like it.!

    The Deal IS :

    1)NCAA INVESTIGATION and how turns out. From what We Know, or don’t know. UH has been terrific, even BM, DR, FL, have been sniffing around for a LEAK…none to be found.UH athletes, coaches and staff very confidential on particulars of case.

    2)Despite the Above Albatross hanging over the neck of UH MBB team,(NCAA thing)…JMO…however….nationally, even internationally, a huge message sent when Sammis Reyes, having been upfront with, so the coaches told him probably what type of things going on, and it was NOT A BIG DEAL…to me, JMO…That is a huge statement of confidence, tell a stellar recruit , basically, it is not a serious scandalous violation, maybe more minor if at all. STill telling when, Sammis took THE LEAP OF FAITH totally trusting HC, that he might as well take chance and sign, and see how the chips would fall.

    3)I think The commit, orally of Zach Buscher, huge. Remember, Iolani educated. Good stock family, close to program, always wanted to be a Rainbow Warrior, It is like a LOCAL LEAP of faith, he was told what is going down, and as a walkon, he still wanted to try..That shows something for the supporters of local athletes. JMO, that oral commit was HUGE.

    4)Purely coincidental, the movement of Chris and Fisher. Fisher, loves Hawaii and would like to return. Chris, great opportunity, his thing,he wants to recruit, I think he will be a good one…Hawaii should keep the Aloha open with CSI and Ohlone JC’s, never know they might have the key athletes to help UH over the top.

    5)Finally, this is a huge, one, and I BELIEVE, that UH, the upper admin, etc, they are very slow processing contracts, in fact Gib and current staff, are not the only ones, where the contracts have not been signed, IF Ben Jay, within a week or two, knocks out contract extension, even for 2 years, for Gib, that is a HUGE sign for program.

    Eagle: I am taking a leap of Faith, on the other Devil blogs, negative side, there is a whole nation, that is anti UH MBB and coach. I choose to trust what Gib says, they run Clean Program, so nothing major, maybe minor at worse, not loss of institutional control.
    If Gib KNEW the program was going down, because of criminal just horrible things, would not doubt if Gib resigned,. he will not…he has his legal team, and I think UNTIL THE NCAA thing is pau, and that load is lifted, then we can breathe sigh of relief!

    To me, it must be, inter dept., withing, UH, or ones that have gripe with program to point out inaccuracies…Hope they are NOT MAJOR>>I think it will turn out alright, …just wish NCAA wasn’t working by the hours, Polynesian time! Get the job done, and go back to mainland, render whatever, and UH MBB can get ready to rock!

    Interesting WHO might appear, as you say Eagle, as new assistant, probably, with contracts not signed yets, and NCAA thing, I don’t know if post vacancy yet..
    Eagle, the hardest part, is the Waiting!! Have to be patient, trust Gib, and the athletes, and secretaries, anyone associated with UH MBB that everything above board, and minor things can be fixed!

  19. While we hate to see them go this is potentially a good thing with the recruits they can send our way! Wonder who will take their place? Maybe he should offer JW a position…bwahahaha!!! Wonder if Selitto has anything left in the tank to offer. He must have a vast network of contacts to pull from for potential recruits from JC level. Not to mention the fantastic resume. Or wonder if someone like Artie or Amis would be considered?

  20. Amis would be raw but could take Fish’s place working with the big men…

  21. Gib has his work cut out for him to find two Coaches that are “GEMS.” Currently, he has a good group of players with potential. The final positioning is his replacement of coaches that will unwrap and tap potential and turn them into models of “King James.”

    Of course, nipping at his heels is the tenuous NCAA investigation outcome. However, if integrity was practiced throughout, then……”the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

  22. As eagle says ..possibly two type of people willing to either committ to uh mbb at this point..





    jmo…With no signig of contracts and spector of ncaa…don’t think..unless both resolved well..that vacancies will be announced soon..

    come on Gib and Rainbow Warrior Nation..we stay together…tako quote Churchill? Only thing to fear is fear itself

    jmo..I think going to work out well

  23. While Coaching Insiders would know…

    That many of these potentially very good players were already in place…
    TWO Seasons of Fotu-Negus-Jankovic-Thomas-Bobbitt-Reyes-Smith-Fleming-Valdes-Jovanovic-Jawato-Enos-Harper-Filipovich-Harville-Stepteau + Nevels + 1(maybe)…

    They still should be FUN to Work with — One Former Coach when he Finally Accumulated an Amount of Talent Noted:
    “These Guys Can and Do Whatever i ask them to…” –THAT Makes You Look Like a Much Smarter “X’s and O’s” Coach…
    IT Just makes you a Better Coach…

    SO Besides having Great Players with Great Attitudes In a Great Environment
    [NCAA AND BUDGET still to Follow:
    BJ, Governor: You GOTTA INVEST In Your Highest Potential and Potentially Highest Visibility Program…]

    Learn THE GRIND (You Gotta Do It unless you have UND or USC on the Wall behind you)
    Build the Credibility and Contacts
    Take a TWO-Year “Hard-Working” Vacation in Hawai’i

    ADD Your Name to The List of UH Assistants WHO Became D-1 Head Coaches:
    Pitino, Dixon, O’Neill, Menendez, Gillen, Riley…

    Tack 40-50 WINS onto Your Resume’
    Along with “Coached All-Region Player: … Professional Players: _______ ”

    A Winning Program (Which This WAS NOT When Fish/McMillian were First Recruited here)
    ‘Should’ be Able to Attract / Recruit Good – to – Great Coaches: Young or Experienced (Fisher, Benjy, Roese)

    1 – CLEAR NCAA “SOON” – [IS there anybody left? HSA? To Interview?]
    2 – Keep Fans Busy Recruiting Good Coaches,
    3 – Summer League, Open Gym, Small-Group Sessions, Camps, Beach-Work
    3 – Pleasant Surprise Signee…
    4 – Shift It to High-Octane, High-Gear… (Gotta Pack In Those Minutes to Make ‘Em Count)

  24. Eagle..great posts. And now I know for sure that there might be dozens and more..who want the Gib bound for ncaa glory train to keep on rolling. !..been very good ride so far.. that solidarity at banquet said volumes..as many are naysaers. ?.as much an d probably more are behind the uh mbb team and Gib..

    love your short list of what uh faithful can do until ncaa is resolved..even SA article..chris wants nothing to come about to be heavy hitting..as even he knows..next season chris says uh mbb will be very good

    fun part…former uh athletes coaching asst..smaller program want to apply
    as someone else stated uh mbb to coach in hawaii for couple years how can you beat that gig?

    And eagle knowing what kind of coach gib is I bet right now running contacts looking for raw serge ibaka type!!
    Go Bows!!

  25. it would be nice to see an alumni land one of the spots.
    too bad, tom Henderson has no desire to coach.
    ac carter would also be a good fit.

    unfortunately the money just isn’t there. for these guys.

    I can see alika smith on the bench, though. quite possible that akana will also be gone.
    alika’s drawback is the same as when gibber first got here, the lack of a strong recruiting base.

    gib needs an east coast inner city recruiter and a los angeles or bay area inner city recruiter.

  26. al : yeah, I felt same about AC, however think he is enjoying his NBA pension and retirement,..Know he had a standing offer from George Karl of the Nuggets to join him as an assistant, ..however Karl pau coaching I believe, health? Maybe AC looking for assistant job with NBA or NBDL HC.

    AC would make a great coach one day for UH too. He is the only alumni in UH MBB history, when AC made his million, he gave a nice check to UH MBB, that was first class. Wish that all of the UH MBB alumni who made even 100K or 75K over 5-8 years, euro could have contributed, even 1000.00…would be nice/

    Alika comes to mind. However, al, you are right , the shortcoming recruiting base. Ability to recruit big time inner city athletes bigs, SF’s, PF’s, guards etc.

    Might as well lay it out on table, was mentioned, here, HEAD COACH is Gib Arnold currently., doing all he can…
    Associate Coach Benjy Taylor , who in a pinch could even fill in for Gib, I think Benjy opened up recruiting line to Delaware with signing of Isaac Fleming. That area, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, etc, hotbed of great talent, however, Gib has right idea, sell Hawaii , even if for ONE year, hopefully more..
    Brandyn Akana-currently assistant….remember coach Akana well liked by a lot of athletes, he was instrumental in working on getting Isaac Fotu, think there is a strong connection. Plus, Akana recruiting coordinator…see how things play out,…Akana, was key in coaching the guards…so when guard play went down, when Akana down, was there a connection…I DON’T KNOW…all Speculation..

    al, we just keep the faith, and hope everything resolves itself…The only time NCAA acted super quick for UH? When approving Shawna-Lei Kuehu’s sixth year because of maternity year leave. Well , NCAA, act quickly…I guess…shoots I don’t know…still MY OPINION ONLY…the job vacancies, to be announced by the state , and we know it takes forever, must be tied in with NCAA probe finished and verdict if any rendered!

    al…should be fun, we can play guessing game, when all things clear, and good to go…sure that Gib, will find a good replacement for Fisher, Scott was very good too.!

  27. I wonder if Bill Amis still chasing his hoop dreams in Europe? He is a self made big. Remember when spotted at that JC spring showcase, a late get by Nash? He was actually a wing, or SG type, he grew to 6’9″ and despite some injury setbacks, made himself into one of the better Bigs UH has had,..great hustle guy.

    Anyone think Bill would be good possible assistant to help bigs. Although you don’t have to be Big to coach bigs. Just be a good coach..

    Former Hawaii Bigs. Julian Sensley, ….not too long of a list right? unless, they are out there coaching already in small venue.

    ONE person comes to mind! Isaac Fotu’s personal chop shop, big trainer, each year helps him with new moves to get better. will be something to watch how much better Isaac is this season!
    Wonder, If Gib could tap into those Australian/NZ ex USA coaches as well..

  28. Thing is and true fact: not good only ONE NEWSPAPER TOWN..AND THE PAPER IS RELATED OR JOINED AT HIP BY HAWAII NEWS NOW..no second paper with their objective reports..
    Whether BM..FL..MC…DR…They are dying to see uh mbb and gib go up in flames.. I tell you..it would be largest?..greatest victory in gib’s career to be exonerated..and not die ncaa death as SA and Hawaii news now like vultures are waiting for…I hope gib pulls out this last second..minute victory for he..uh mbb ..and true fans…gib say trust and be patient..okay we shall gib..hang in there!!

  29. unless some gem surfaces, methinks gibber will save a scholie for next year.
    I think valdes gets a scholie by fall.

    still need to find another 4-5 positional player for this year, however, worst case scenario would be to wait till next year.

  30. I am really looking forward to watching Bobbitt on the court this year. he’ll make the team better, especially nevels because the opponents will have to worry about the point guard being a real offensive threat and can not longer slough off the pg and focus on garrett.

    to me the key to next year besides the aforementioned is how much quality time the two stefans will provide. our version of the twin towers will be integral as to how we protect the basket.

    also, negus will be a matchup problem for many teams.

    hopefully, gibber is true to his word and utilizes his bench a lot more. part of our problem last year is that guys played too many minutes and often fizzled out in the last five minutes and the last ten games. this was evident two years running now.

    I think our bench will be one of the strongest we have had in years.

  31. …and praying this ncaa thing will only be a slap on the wrist.
    lots of rumors abound, but, I won’t expound on what I’ve heard because much of which I can’t confirm.

  32. Okay who’s the coach Gib already has lined up hook and all for the assistants’s job. Mentioned in the blogs this oerson has good connects on the west coast. Anyone got. a name iof this guy on the mainland currently?

  33. ^Senque Carey

  34. dannyp: if you check online info on coach Sengue Carey the guy has fantastic resume..if he is willing to accept position fans…you know what that says fans..?gib riverboat gambler and good poker face,, must absolutely Know without a doubt uh mbb will not be hit with sanctions..
    now if ben does his job and finalizes extension contracts with several coaches including gib..huge message. Once again uh mbb must know it is not death blow probation..

    trust gib..if not and uh mbb will get uh mbb and hc shutdown why we even talk about next season..we are being really foolish or living in dream world..


  35. Well one more time fans, got my emotions under check now..

    Subject: WILL NCAA PROBE BE 1)Fatal blow to Gib and UH MBB program or 2)possibly several minor or not lack of institutional control infractions that can be fixed?

    Here are some points to consider to support the NON DEATH BLOW 2 year probation like 1976-78 of years ago for MBB.

    1)Shamburger, working to get his degree. Had great applause at banquet. Has great love for team and Hawaii. Maybe does not see eye to eye with coach, however, no matter how much BM, DR or
    FL try to get these guys to leak something, even Caleb Dressler and now Jack Hackman, they all have very POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT HAWAII, Fans, the UH and thankful Gib gave then a chance to play. So these guys that have left, even the graduating 3 seniors, no leaks, and nothing but good thins to say about UH MBB.
    2)Coach Fisher and DOBO McMillan, BM trying to get an exclusive, get that protected informant who would spill the beans on Gib and program, neither Scott or Chris, at least in writing, on record, nothing concrete for BM to blab about.
    3)The signing of Sammis Reyes. The hugest LOI signing of Gib’s career so far., Timely and speaks volumes. Sammis, with his parents support and full knowledge of NCAA probe, was satisfied with coaches explanation, and had asked OTHERS about it…I guess his people in Florida, they all said,It is NOT A BIG DEAL
    4)Zach Buscher. To walkon to UH MBB. That is fantastic, a local Iolani product wanting to play for the team he looked up to growing up. And his inspiration? Dyrbe Enos. Good. And Zach and parents KNOW ABOUT THE PROBE.
    5)As of NOW, NOT ONE SINGLE NEW LOI, or returnee, RS’s have asked to be released and wanting to transfer, they are all looking to go to NCAA tournament next season.
    With that line of evidence, and I do not know how many more people NCAA has to interview., unless it is some worldwide conspiracy UH is involved in…I Do NOT THINK so..maybe NCAA, is doing their thing, going over all Gib’s MBB program records last 4 years…was there practice here, can you confirm, were you there or not? Who had what to eat, and how much did he eat? How much study hall was allotted, or not? Did every one have enough chance to nap, or were there to little chance to recoup..You know what? I don’t know what..

    So , I have to go with that brother from mainland , supporter of pro sports and Gib who had the hastag, when Gib signed Reyes, #trustdacoach(I changed it)…However, NOW if we support Gib, and program, that is all we can do…be patient and support coach, that it will not be 2 year probation death blow, loss of scholarships and post season play, which would devastate the returning and new guys. I think the team, although having to keep mum, confidential , are confident, they might have penalties, however as Eagle allude to, NOT AS SEVERE and NOT AS LONG DURATION..
    Now it would be miraculous and prove NCAA to be very NOT AKAMAI, however vindicate Gib, who told NCAA, come in, you are welcome to look at every ASPECT of my BB program, We do things right and we Run A Clean Program..I believe Gib…his career is on the line, and for his passion, and sometimes too much emotion, he has brought back excitement to UH MBB. And Gib I thank you for that, 3 years before you came on board, it was depressing! Now we have hope!

    Stand and Fight!
    Go Bows!

  36. Would NCAA spend the whole summer through August to finish their verdict? Man, too bad they were not Federal, State or City workers. That would be huge waste of taxpayer monies. I think UH being NCAA member, weird, they must be paying annual fees to NCAA which includes the enforcement of rules divison. Wonder, they cannot ask: HEY NCAA, how much longer? Just let us know already..

    I kind of think within a week or two: Gib gets signed to extension, NCAA finishes with not death blow penalties to hand out if any, and third, Gib starts getting that great assistant, I tell you WI fans, if it is Senque Carey, he is one of the best, the very best in the West, recruiter, academics guy, coaching guru, everything, if Gib got him,…wow, UH is ready to go to elite eight NCAA March 2015!

  37. Dayton, maybe you can ask Gib if he has a short list of prospective assistant and DOBO, or will he let that rest awhile.
    Despite the NCAA probe. Things seem to be going on as much as normal as can be…I think in June, Jawato will be back to start rehabbing, followed by Thomas in July.

  38. playhoopsa

    Isn’t the NCAA a government agency? If so, that explains the foot dragging. Governments are experts in foot dragging alright. Heck we got an investigation in our own office that is over 1 month long and which could have been handled in a few days. And the worker is on paid leave all that time. Yup talk about government waste. That’s the nature of the beast. But other countries are no different. Akira Kurosawa made a movie on just that called Ikiru. If you work for government you would be interested in watching this classic. Cause that’s what goes on in your own office hehehe. Then you (and the public) will come to understand what government is all about.

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