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DaBeast Froductions: Reversing roles

WarriorInsider.com has conducted interviews with Davis Rozitis for the past four seasons. Rozitis has also contributed videos for the site – first with DaBeast Films, and more recently with DaBeast Froductions.

When WarriorInsider.com asked Rozitis for video ideas at the team’s awards banquet last week, he requested an interview with WarriorInsider. Although we normally prefer the spotlight to be on the coaches and players, it seemed only fair to grant Rozitis his request.


The above video was an unscripted, impromptu interview. Rozitis and Isaac Fotu asked the questions, and I tried my best to answer. From the looks of it, we could have used a “take two.”

No, there is nothing newsworthy in this post – unless you count Fotu saying that he’d like to start a “Davis Rozitis Award” next season for the most entertaining player on the team. However, it is an opportunity for WarriorInsider.com to thank Rozitis and Fotu for their contributions over the years. Rozitis, especially.

While we’re at it, we’d also like to thank title sponsors Pacific Risk Solutions and Ameriprise Financial – Valerie Schmidt for their continued support through the years.


  1. Mahalo Dayton for awesome WI site! Great support of the Schmidt Ohana, and the fun of Zane, Bill Amis, Davis and Frotu…UH MBB can have fun too!

  2. Thank you Dayton for all your hard work. It’s unbelievable you work full-time and manage to keep this site alive.

    Gonna miss Rozitis next season! Really good group of seniors leaving us. Really wish them all the best in the future endeavors.

    Thank you Isaac for once again stating your plan to stay for the next 2 years!

  3. Always brings a smile to my face to see the interaction between Isaac and Davis…well overdue interview with Dayton…great people.

    Good news story today about Gib’s extended contract…puts to rest the naysayers about NCAA penalties and the faith the administration has in Coach. This is also timely for would be recruits as I am sure the other BWC coaches have been casting doubt in our recruits’ mind.

    Speaking of Recruiting, howz this for thinking out of the box? The Governor says he would like to help out, especially with travel costs for UH…well here is an idea that would only take His Pen and His Phone to accomplish. Why not establish a place in the LA area that becomes a second home for the team when they land that they can call home base. I am thinking about one of those 10-12 bedroom estates that you see on reality shows, complete with a basketball court and Cook. This would take some of the burden out of the trips and actually give the players something to look forward to. You could call it UH Manoa East. Think of using it as a place to meet recruits’ families and no doubt it would be a story made for a Sports Video that would catch on all across the Globe.
    The Governor needs only to solicit one of the Producers from Hollywood who are filming here for use for the 4-5 extended weekends per year. We don’t have our own private jet like other schools, but this would a big plus to the program and give Added Value.

  4. Backbeat, that would be an awesome solution! But quite frankly, it wouldn’t work. At least I don’t foresee that being an option within the next decade. No way does the governor have that kind of connection, and I highly doubt such a connection would commit to opening his or her doors to a basketball team every other week for a few months a year. The state and UH just doesn’t have the resources to purchase an estate and maintain it throughout the year. Even during off season, properties guzzle up money. A place to rendezvous with recruits? Don’t think so. Either the potential recruit flies to Hawaii (I doubt a mainland “estate” can beat the allure of the isles) or the coaching staff flies out to meet them. If anything, the money should be invested in improving the on-campus facilities. A nice practice court, gym, pool, study area, lounge area, game room…. those are the kinds of things athletes want. I don’t know if it’s against any university of ncaa regulations, but it would be cool to have a nice dorm exclusively for student athletes.

    A solution to cutting travel costs would be to… I really don’t know.

    I hope that the people who are in charge of budgeting/accounting would have come up with a solution to the problem by now.

    Perhaps UH and the State could pull the “Native Hawaiian Card” and demand that the US government or military assist in providing travel for our student athletes. You know, put them on a military plane at little or no cost. Maybe those large planes have more leg room? Or a basketball court? Just kidding.

  5. Tavs, mahalo for your thoughts. I certainly did not mean that the State would put up any money for this, rather it could be part of a tax incentive/perks to do business in Hawaii for someone who has the means in the film industry.

    Recruiting is not just a campus trip, it takes time after time of exposure with recruits and their family and since SoCal is such a fertile area for recruiting, it makes sense to me…dollars and cents to the program.

  6. It’s good news that Fotu’s plan is to stay 2 more years. He has demonstrated that he is a quick study. When he improves his stamina, strength and picks up additional offensive moves; he has a very high ceiling to play at the highest level. Feel his defense will come as he gets stronger.

    Reading in previous entries that Negus has added 20lbs of muscle moves him in he right direction. and, If can couple that with a host of offensive moves attacking the rack; he’ll be dangerous since he already has a good outside game.

    WI is a great source of information. It provides information that excites fans. To hear news that Fotu plans to stay and Negus adding muscle all demonstrates commitment to the team and their commitment to excellence.

    As program interest grows, just maybe one of our resident billionaires, may hear and want to support MBB. It is the “right time” to jump onboard and support a growing program upping to play in the NCAA tournament and with corporate sponsorship make and take the final four. This island is small and news travels. However, the requisite requirement, is the program needs lots of fans; WI can support this. People and programs can become noteworthy like U-tube when it receives thousands and thousands of “hits.” What you think???? WI mantra = “the hub of information supporting MBB, stay tuned in….” Per the words of the one of passionate college basketball sportscaster gurus, “NETWORK BABY!”

  7. TAVS, tako , Backbeat, warriorhaw, eagle, sevante, and hosts of others, the POSITIVE WI UH MBB supporters,
    Great comments.

    Love what Dayton has done, prior, HE WAS insider local periodical for MBB, And still is the Insider!
    Great videos, with coach, staff, and team!!

    Have you all seen the NEW student activities center? It is first class, AND they have a beautiful new basketball gym. Maybe , a very, very hard push by Ben Jay and assistant AD who encourages support from Private side, Recruiting priority ONE, like for yesterday, pronto, real time. Mr Larry Ellison, could call Lanai, Lana’i E’Ellison…If UH AD, and promotions fund raisers, boosters, really made a solid, good presentation for even a tiny financial donation and annual funding, UH athletics would be set for decades. i.e. Oregon and their PRIME TIME donor.

    Football used to charter Hawaiian I think. Maybe UH MBB team, is too small a contingent. However, that is where the creative minds in AD dept, and booster donors, can think. When traveling, BLOCK off, 20 seats, that are the most comfortable, since Hawaii MBB travels about 8 times to mainland each season,…work deal with Hawaiian, so the athletes, don’ get trapped in the most uncomfortable seats.

    Yes….That Governor and Ben Jay, were there, even Shamburger, showed there is, and was PEACE in the UH MBB dept and program. Glad, that finally Gib got that extension contract signed, could have been Gib’s agent handled to the last, made sure….NOW PEOPLE, look for a few more, just about to LOI on the dotted line to make visits, we shall see… 1)rim protecting Big, 2)best athlete available big or small who can score and DEFEND..

    NOW UH MBB will get exciting again, Looks Like UH and NCAA, whatever the outcome, UH, the coaches, AD, the Governor, all supporting getting things right….UH Rainbow Warriors go for the Gold, NCAA MARCH madness 2015!!!

  8. Still very nervous about NCAA investigation expanding. Though Gib says that soon NCAA will release their findings.
    I think of possible penalties sanctions, depending on nature of infraction/s and how far going back.

    1)If it were a willing with ill intent action: Possible suspension of those involved. Depending if it were recruiting, or other possible criminal action. Would be bad for Coach and whole staff and program.Loss of scholarships. Post season ban from NCAA approved tournaments for 2 years. It would have to be serious, serious infractions.

    2)A mistake that was made by staff, with no ill intent, did not know the current NCAA rule on whether action taken was not per NCAA guidelines. This is the one we all hope for. NCAA clarifies that mistake, though serious, no ill intent, possible, timeline suspension of those involved, No loss of scholarships, and UH still eligible to play NCAA approved tournaments, pre and post season.

    3)A Miracle: this one would be if NCAA is just being really thorough, and making sure, going back a few years, that UH was not doing something HORRIBLE, in regards to NCAA sanctioned DI MBB program.

    Coach seems confident. Ben Jay, insulated yet supportive of team, Governor wants All UH Athletics to do well. Hope as you all say, that this NCAA investigation is over and done, NO MAJOR infraction, UH keeps scholarships, pre and post season NCAA tournament play, and suffers some minor penalties, NOT a 2 year death blow.

    Hope for the best WI nation. I will.

  9. Here’s a great lesson from today’s event, NFL draft day. The primo example is Clowny. Everyone expects that he’ll be the first pick. Yet, there are lots of conversation about his “commitment.” So why are there questions regarding his commitment and dedication? Is it smoke and mirrors or did he earn it?

    Similarly, the MBB has “talent,” learn from Clowny. Don’t have regrets. Don’t provide reasons to the doubting “Thomases.” Avoid allowing your past to influence your future. DO YOUR best each day… Someone is always watching.

  10. Ben knows what we who follow UH MBB closely know: Gib Arnold can recruit period. You need the bullets to make the gun work. When his coaching skills get refined he will be high on everyone’s radar. Glad he’s signed and sealed. Five years? Let’s see where this program ends up. Mid-major to major program.

  11. Ben Jay has been silent about investigation. No partying till its over. sooner than later we hope.

  12. DITTO On DAVIS Award —
    Suggest Control, Manage & Award from WI.com
    Want Contributions for Perpetual Trophy?

    Also Recommend a WI.com Fotu Award
    while heʻs still here to Influence and Kick-Off His Award
    The Poke-Bowl Award for…__________
    (His Call?)

    Mahalo, Valerie, Dayton & Contributors/Bloggers…
    As a Group, Appear (to me) More Current (WAY Ahead of)
    And Smarter (MORE Balanced) Than The Average Sports/BB Fans…

  13. BACKBEAT, don’t get me wrong, I really liked your idea of having a California based estate for the basketball team. I just don’t think it’s something that will happen in the near future. Or at least I don’t think a film executive would help out. I mean, Hawaii’s film tax breaks are incentive enough for picking Hawaii as a shooting location. Actually, I just thought of Hawaii-born-and-raised Hollywood producer, Chris Lee (Superman Returns, Valkyrie, S.W.A.T, etc.), as a possible candidate to help out. But he’s already done so much for UH-Manoa and UH-West O’ahu by setting up the Creative Media programs that I doubt he’d want to get involved in another UH project. But the more I think about it, I’m thinking that such an estate could be used for all UH teams – women’s basketball, baseball, softball, football, women’s soccer, tennis, etc. I wonder if such a place would cut costs in the long run. I think so, but I really don’t know.

  14. MAHALO Dayton! and to Da Beast & Frotu–you two make one GOOD FUN comedy team…Davis–you’ll be missed, thanks for staying for a great year of basketball & thanks for always boosting the team spirit and sharing videos. Fotu–looking forward to Frotu Productions on video and especially on the court!

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