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DaBeast Froductions at the banquet


Last week’s University of Hawai’i Men’s Basketball Awards Banquet wasn’t all about serious speeches.

DaBeast Froductions – video hosts Davis Rozitis and Isaac Fotu – was in attendance for some “red carpet” fun. In particular, Rozitis and Fotu asked teammates about wardrobe choices for the evening.

Ironically, the player whose outfit attracted the most attention at the banquet was Rozitis. The 7-footer wore a unique mix that appeared to be formal on top and informal on bottom. He had a long-sleeved dress shirt with a tie and vest … to go with short pants and white Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

Enjoy the above video, because as head coach Gib Arnold put it: “We’re all going to miss Davis.”

Photo courtesy Valerie Schmidt


  1. A big Mahalo out to Dayton and Company for bringing so much of the Banquet to the small screen…got a good sense about what it was like to be there. DaBeast, what can I say, miss you already, you are one of a kind.

    I’d like to say to Commissioner Farrell of the Big West Conference that even though we may be the newcomers on your block, I would like you to understand that unlike anyone else in your conference, we do subsidize every team that comes to Hawaii to play. After going through two seasons’ schedules that you set up, don’t you think it is time to make a schedule with Hawaii in mind? After all, every away game for us consists of at least 6-8 hours of travel time each way. I think just one schedule out of every three seasons could be favorably applied, don’t you? If you don’t have the time, I am sure one of our coaches could give you a hand…just saying.

  2. The guys who stay, the guys who go, this bunch, a few stay go, and a lot stay graduate, and move on to pro or business life, All othem from Shamburger to Rozitis, you can feel the genuine love between all of them..


    Gib, and great supportive wife Lisa, nice 5 kids, ALL his assistants, Benjy, Scot Fisher, Brandyn Akana, DOB Chris McMillan and Jamie Smith, analyst prmie time for BB with a huge resume.


    Me, the more, and this is going on hopefully another 5 years…come to APPRECIATE GIB YEAR BY YEAR..HE IS GOING TO HAVE PROBABLY , ATHLETICALLY THE BEST UH MBB TEAM IN 12 years of UH MBB…if the are on one page defensively , and play smart to close games, UH MBB will win 28-30 games, and win several games in NCAA, without question..

    GIB GOOD JOB….Things have been done the right way, if mistake made, NCAA notify, what correction discipline, (as long as NOT banned next season for post season play), accept it, get Brandyn back on boad…sign two Bigs, this May..then rock and roll WI MBB nation!!

  3. THIS IS THINKING WAAAY out of THE BOX….a way JMHO…to get monies back to help UH MBB team and perhaps, some other teams travels and subsidies?

    Think …Wahine Basketball, has had great student athletes over 25 years or more. Went through hard times. Good coach Beeman comes in and does good job, with 15 full time scholarship athletes, two 17 win seasons, and Two WNIT post season apperances.

    Don’t know what it costs to run WBB DI program. It seems even hard for Beeman and any Cali and Hawaii BB athletes to win a lot, and take the BWC tourney for the bid NCAA.

    Would this be prudent and cost effective, and satisfy Title IX if, UH, and I am gong to get a lot of FLAK, and more for stating this….UH AD and University should dissolve NCAA WBB DI program. Have local girls that like to play for interisland UH system WBB team title, that could make up a 26 game season, 2 games per week on weekend for 13 weeks, Only in Hawaii.

    1)The costs of running WBB program at DI level. Must be a savings of at least a Million.
    reasons-even with Beeman and company winning some games at the SSC , and our whole family has been at several games, it seems like there are ONLY a thousand at the best and perhaps 700 at the least including band, cheerleaders, and athletes.NOT cost effective, to run SSC for 2 or 3 hours.Not enough concession monies , and parking fees for UH to garner

    2)The travel subsidy of sending UH to West Coast and subsidies for incoming visiting teams to Hawaii….That would be another HUGE savings.

    3)If could convince NCAA, and we know it is like pulling hair or teeth, that at least one more scholarship, like a couple of decades ago, would go back to UH MBB program…those preferred walkons, or RS projects to develop could use that extra scholarship, to make UH MBB team have 14 or 15 , like waaaay back in the day..helps team and the kids in class to graduate!

    4)Have an outstanding Intramural, almost like a small Division Cali Community College or Junior College WBB program..They could have West Oahu A & B, Manoa A & B , Kauai A & B. Maui A & B teams, and Hilo A & B WBB teams. That is a total of 10 teams, even run by parent , civic volunteers. If the freshmen and sophomores, really upped their game, they could transfer or be recruited by Mainland DI schools. So for WBB, the local athletes, prime top 5 athletes could still go to mailand big time shools, and young women who wanted to stay, in Hawaii, and play in Hawaii, could play right out of their campuses…So you could have a 5 campus UH WBB intramural league, that keeps the competitive juices of the girls going.

    Answer: Women’s Surfers, some of the top Three in the world suffers, are from Hawaii, good to have as a new sport, 8 scholarships, Women’s Surfing.

    That, my WI friends is thinking waaay outside of the box, another, waayy, however, Bob Coolen is a dean at his softball team, so, NOOOOO, will not go that way…Bob has to get really great pitchers from Australia, then they will be back on top next season!!

    Addendum: JUST MY OPINIONS….thinking outside of the box, however, WBB would be one of the last to be dissolved, however, in these critical times for all small mid major programs, who knows, in a year or two?

  4. Forgot KCC A & B, HCC A & B, Leeward CC A & B, Windward CC A & B, along with Maui, Kauai, Manoa, West Oahu, and Hilo A & B WBB intramural teams, would make for 18 total teams, with a lot of talent playing in Hawaii, the greatest costs, get deals with local airlines to subsidize cost of travel over 3 months. It sure will not cost in the millions…SAVINGS right there,

    However I am dreaming fans, love Beeman and the gals..we need private, BIG TIME DONOR, Neil and Ben, go on hands and knees, Mr Ellison, we will name the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaiian Islands kokua e’ellison…

    Well, at least we can dream..do not want UH DI athletics to go down the tubes in a few years..UH athletics, OUR pro team!

  5. Hey playhoopsa, what did I miss? Haven’t read any negative comments.

    Believe, “Warrior Insider, the inside source for news on the Men’s basketball team,” is fan based and friendly.

    If anyone out there has negative things to say regarding warrior basketball, it’s okay, just take it to another space and place.

    Thought both Brandon’s and Christian’s comments were engaging during the banquet, both are glaring optimistic for next year’s team.

    I agree with playhoopsa, just wait till next year and for a sneak preview, check out the Summer League when it starts sometime in July.

  6. playhoopsa, where are the gib haters?

    thank you rozitis for dabeast productions! it will surely be missed. Fotu seems a bit camera shy but i’m confident his dafro productions will be entertaining as well.

    loved how smith was straight up honest and said he bought his clothes from walmart. in all honesty, i thought he was one of more appropriately dressed for the occasion.

    as for funding the uh bb program. i don’t think dissolving the women’s program would ever happen, although i wouldn’t be too saddened if it did happen. it would be awesome if ellison donated to UH athletics, but that’s highly unlikely. the only way i see him helping the program would be if he sponsored a pre-season tournament, like the diamond head classic. the first step would be of course to introduce him to uh mbb – have him go to a game or two and see how popular the program is. i heard a joke on the radio that ellison was thinking of buying the la clippers, and his plan was to bring the franchise to hawaii and rename it the slippers. anyway, i’m hopeful that the state will help uh athletics, as neil abercrombie mentioned at the banquet.

  7. Sorry fellow Faithful Fans of UH MBB, no matter whom the coach, staff and players. I know that about 98 out of a 100 comments on this forum, are in support of coach, staff and the student athletes.

    Apologize tako, and Tavs, I love what Gib has done to stir up interest in the toughest MBB NCAA DI program in the USA, yet Gib is doing it, they are getting better every year. I can see it, after decades of coaches from Rocha, to Nash.

    On other blogs, it is 2 out of 98 comments that are positive, I just get sick of it. Gib is doing a good job, and very soone UH AD and UH admin, will have Gib signed for extension, I hope Gib can stay until his son Ace graduates from HS at least. Gib loves Hawaii, and I love what he has done. His superstar, the strength without question, his wife, LISA, she is fantastic, Gib has the nicest kids too.!

    I love WI, Dayton moderates, and makes sure, it is 98 or 100 percent for UH MBB support, the coaches and staff, athletes are working their butts off for US, Hawaii fans, and UH alumnus, I love those kids, and Coach Gib and family.

    Mahalo to Dayton , WI, The Schmidt Ohana, all other private donors, and ALL the posts!

    Thanks for wakeup call TAVS and servant, tako, and Eagle, warriorhaw, anderpops, etc, always keep me grounded, such a super fan for decades of UH MBB team!!

  8. If Ellison gets the Clippers franchise and brings it to Hawaii they can name the team the Hawaii cock a roaches. Thats what we famous for right?

  9. Can’t stand Dave reardon. He’s the ultimate troll posing as a reporter. Read his column today. Always thought Fred Lewis was a lot more fair. Of course Dayton is da best! Now reardon got two of the biggest name coaches at uh pissed off. What for spread negativity like that? He’s a total joke…

  10. Going to say it again – Dave reardon is a total joke. Yes, he writes a column and is not doing what Brian McGinnis does, but let’s see the facts before making judgement. Of course if you talk to the transfers (Keith and Caleb) they will be negative. What about gaining opinion from the returnees and transfers from other programs like jankovic and Webster-chan? What does reardon think they’d say about Missouri? Two opinions does not represent the majority opinion, I believe, of the team. What about the other 14 or so guys? His so called criticisms of gib are totally unrelated yet he tries to bunch them together to make a case that “here we go again.” Get a life bozo. And maybe a coach will let you stay for practice once in a while. Can’t believe a troll like that is getting paid to spew out poorly researched rubbish….

  11. Sponsor: B-52’S

    Something Smart About Island Battles, Inter-Island Battles & Trophies

    “”Winged” High-Speed Super-Ferries ?

    Inter-Island By Sea And Air…


    W.R.T. Mr. Reardon and Lewis — i thought Lewis was Mostly a ʻNumbersʻ Guy .. Season Ticket Renewals Drop Again — Five Straight Years — you Can ONLY Bat 1.000 (100% Renewal ; in UHʻs System you have to Request Additional Tickets with the GP) …. so as people die, move away, have tough financial years, get pissed with the coach or team, etc. it has to go ONLY down for Renewals… Every year thatʻs a story ? (How ʻBoout Comparing Year over Year or Versus The Conference? THEN they might have to point out TYhat UH is either Number One or at least Top Three in AMost/ALL Sports… BUT i agree … i think DR will get the baseball coach POʻd next…

    Apologists? Versus BEST And Fastest Start Results in 60 Years ? OR All of UH D-1 History ?

    i suppose i was apologizing for McMackin, too!
    ALL the Championships He Chased And Got Lucky Catching…..
    His Worst Year Bettter than The Best Before JJ or After…

    DAYTON — Feel Free to Edit / Delete …

  12. Started and deleted to write many times on the topic of DR. Ended with this, should be taken off U of H sports and be assigned other sports related assignments.

  13. Seems to me that DR has even less information than we do and is trying to interject baseless innuendo to keep his column relevant. But has failed miserably. As for Sham, I couldn’t wait for him to take the floor with the Bows. But his prima donna attitude waned my enthusiasm for him. He will have played for 3 different teams in his collegiate career. There seems to be a red flag there. Ooops! I think I pulled a Reardon. So what Davis, Spearman and Christian have said in public means nothing?! I think I put more weight on what they say instead of a disgruntled player.

  14. An op-ed, abbreviated from opposite the editorial page, often mistaken[citation needed] for opinion-editorial, is a newspaper article that expresses the opinions of a named writer who is usually unaffiliated with the newspaper’s editorial board.[1] These are different from editorials, which are usually unsigned and written by editorial board members, and letters to the editor, which are submitted by readers of the journal or newspaper(Wikipedia May 7 2014)

    DAVE REARDON, FERD LEWIS, PAUL ARNETT, I think it is like WWF wresting or Big Time 50th state wrestling interviews with guys that are BAD or the GOOD guys, they switch off and on, some take the Villan role, and actually are more popular than the GOOD guys.

    Reardon, Lewis, Arnett, TV sport reporter who really ired Wallace, and got banned, Houge, and Gary Sprinkle with negative reporting on Larry Little.

    WI ,I know, this fanbase is Akamai about UH MBB and NCAA DI challenges, however, balanced enough, to know if ANY coach, UH has, whether Wooden or Calapari, or Pitino, if they are abusive, guys, …like Utah St MBB team where basically the WHOLE team transferred out, because of coaches, …we would be saying so, and being direct, WE NEED NEW COACH, because of not meeting up to standards. However Gib, overall 72 wins over 4 season, easily could have been 80 wins and NIT or NCAA if not for injuries, or some guys not going to class making grade.

    Gib has done a good job..NCAA will find out what they need to do, so far Gib, support of Gov, AD, the athletes that ARE NOT LEAVING is key, especially Fotu, Nevels, Smith , Thomas, Jawato, Valdes, Jovanovich, Jankovich and Negus, plus Bobbitt and Fleming incoming, walkons Harville, Stepteau, and possibly Frenchwood and a couple of Bigs…speaks volumes of the trust they have in UH and Gib. All of these current players, expect some type of correction, or explanation, hopefully it is a correction, or fine, or brief suspension etc, JUST NOT A POST SEASON BAN OF ANY KIND FOR NEXT season, And NO NCAA OR NIT play, Hawaii BB would be fine, ..

    KEY: and correct, Reardon , is taking the Villan side, if many fans want UH to do good, even if Reardon knows, and now Brian Mcinnis , and NOW WE know, the movement of NCAA DI MBB athletes, is an epidemic, not unique to Gib and Hawaii, from North Carolina, to Cal Poly, the kids if they don’t like coach, PT style of play or home sick , the transfer out..This group of guys including Dressler and Shamburger are good students.

    How much would Shamburger play at Maryland in the ACC? I don’t , Gib took a chance on re recruiting a guy with a HUGE EGO…hope the best for Dressler and Shamburger, they helped UH get to solid ground for THE MBB program.

    NCAA: do your thing, hope everything okay, if not at the least, minor suspension, or loss of scholie, just NOT a Post season play ban, which would really hurt interest in Hawaii BB.

    I , and hundreds of other UH MBB fans, the good ones, want UH to have great next season and go to NCAA’s as Christian Standhardinger says, it would be a shock if they don’t make it to Dance, I hope so..

    If UH made it to Elite Eight, Dave Reardon would write, that, man with the right athletes and coaching, UH should have made it to championship game, the ying the yang, point , counterpoint,..,
    I go with UH do well in school, community, listen to coaches, work with team, leave ego at the door, and win!

  15. Not to forget hard working on the court, practice, weight room, and in the classroom, preferred walkons, Enos, Hackman, Filopovich and Harper, kudos and props to their outstanding families.

    Brian will write up about that, sure BM was concerned about movement, now we learn it is a FACT of Life for UH NCAA DI ball, hundreds of athletes transfer, mid term or after spring term.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and Gib you keep on getting better with X and O’s, recuiting upwards on talent, and young people, with the knowledge that some guys, even starters, will want to go somewhere else, ..if they feel they can no longer fit the mold of TEAM.
    Good thing Shamburger graduatind and Dressler going to DII with good grades!

  16. What are the generational characteristics of this generation? Since I’ve been around there has been a host of “generational types,” and still evolving. What is it now, the milleniums? Understanding generational characteristics may help to explain the glut of player transfers.

    Dunno about good guy. bad guy reporting, however, understand social responsibility and responsible reporting from people getting paid to do the “right things.”

    By the way, we don’t know if Dressler and Keith said or are saying anything negative about the program, so let’s not draw a conclusion that they are.

    Moving on…

    Any news regarding the guard who visited this past weekend? Heard about any bigs that are interested in our program?

  17. tako:

    You know with Reardon, Lewis, Arnett, if is a slow period for UH athletics, they will write articles to sell newspapers, or get people to read their blogs. The nature of ALL news media, TV, cable, internet, paper, …The big, controversial, Dirt reporting, gets readership. If everything was squeaky clean, or very boring same, same, nothing to report, no one would read their stuff.

    I don’t like it. Journalistic Integrity, getting the facts, not rumor, or third party he said she said, are the reporters with the most credibility. Whether good or bad about UH MBB program.

    Dayton, very good. Brian, being there as beat reporter, he is good to, …both Dayton and Brian have first hand reports, …don’t even know if Reardon or Lewis go to UH practices, or have one on one, interview with Gib and staff. Only when players leave..FACT of LIFE, Reardon and Lewis, kids leave NCAA MBB programs, hundreds from high programs to mid major, FACT of LIFE.

    You are right tako, if UH MBB is the Titanic, well it will go down…Seems as though UH MBB might take some sanction or correction, discipline, and come out alright..

    tako, for we WI UH MBB die hard fans, I JUST HOPE UH GETS TO PLAY POST SEASON, any errors, can be sanctioned short of that. Otherwise next season, would be a Wash..

    KeY: If Gib signs a good SF athlete and a shot blocking Big, before June 2014,,we know things will be good. I think Gib said, over next few weeks, several guys they been working on for long time will take their visits, and of course that late get , big, if the guy decommitts, and appears on radar, a good big, Gib will take them!

  18. So.. On “That Article” in Todayʻs Rag…

    In Less Than 12 Hours…22 Comments, Several Assuming Something Seriously Wrong…
    For An Article that provides little research, NO Updates or New Information…

    Conclusion: Bad News Sells, Just like @ 6 and 10…

    IS Any News, Any Attention, Good Attention?

  19. Will any of these two show up on Waikiki Shores to help Rainbow Warriors? Or does Gib go and get at least a One year star, Senegal, France, Torono big, and best superstar NZ athetic SF drive and shoot deep 3, baller?

    KEY: If Gib signs a good one or two, before June 1 2014, or before start of summer JULY Manoa session…a good shot blocking big, and best athlete..UH will okay, NCCA, UH takes their medicine, then we start watching the new guys come in and do some scoring and blocking shots in Summer League, Maybe Gib has his own open gym sessions, with athletes, officiating themselves, seems so dangerous, at least half of UH guys played there In summer got hurt? Auwe! Is it worth it to play in summer league, or for the UH returnees and newbies for summer, just go UH open gym and get stronger, individual workouts,and MORE AND BETTER FOOD?

    PG: Joey Frenchwood 6’1″ 170 HS senior Cali.

    SF/PF: Sammis Reyes 6’7″ 245 Prep school senior North Broward Academy, Fla.

    C: Riak Bol 6’11” Central CC, Nebraska.

    PF: Emmanuel Malou 6’9″ 209 ABCD Prep Academy , Iowa.

    PF: Gordon Tribble 6’9″ 215

    G/SF: Keondre Dew 6’8″ 200 Elev 8 Sports Institue, 3 star Fla.

    C: 6-10, 265 lbs. JaleelLCousins 6-10, 265 Navarro JC – Corsicana, TX

  20. Kudos and props to Dayton and Brian…beat reported mcinnis an after work for love of uh mbb sir Dayton Morinaga..the best and true source..another hoops show questioned if vander back..now fotu confirmmed he will be..why..sick of all the misinformation out there..

    Eagle garbage in..=garbage out..I listen and believe false garbage start to believe..Gib lve and learn with a talented team for 2014-15!!

    I will not reardon, lewis and murrays junk..oly if they positive comments for uh mbb!!

  21. Kudos and props to Dayton and Brian…beat reported mcinnis an after work for love of uh mbb sir Dayton Morinaga..the best and true source..another hoops show questioned if vander back..now fotu confirmmed he will be..why..sick of all the misinformation out there..

    Eagle garbage in..=garbage out..I listen and believe false garbage start to believe..Gib lve and learn with a talented team for 2014-15!!

    I will not reardon, lewis and murrays junk..oly if they positive comments for uh mbb!!
    if those 3 writers and jackson commend student athletes gpa and community aloa as well as thank families of coaches and players ..then I will read otherwise it will be only WI DAYTON ANND BM CORTSENSE!!

  22. There WILL Be Apparent “Negatives”, Even Losses,
    However Major in Significance, Trivial, Frequent or Few and Far In Between….

    And they Can / Will Serve the Purpose of Driving Those with Continued Perseverence Onward, Upward and Forward…

    Some WILL Leave Graciously,
    Some Willl QUIT Ignominously,
    A Number of WINNERS WILL Stay the Course…
    And Win, Win Championships, Graduate and LEAD Good to Great Lives….

    NCAA or NOT,
    It Looks Liike More and More of The Fine Young Men,
    STUDENT-Athletes, Because THEY WILL Learn Great Lessons Here
    Are Now On the Team

    Even IF Caleb Dressler only ʻPicked Upʻ Two Yearsʻ Worth of Coaching and Skillls from All-Pro, Hall-of-Fame Coach Fisher, heʻs already a WAY Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Better Player than he would have been almost anywhere else (even Jankovic + 20 # of Fast Strong Muscle? improved versus his previous travels) and Keith Shamburger will always be able to speak from Experience — however he sees and says it — rather than a 2,000 Mile Away ʻMainlander Perceptionʻ….Yeah, he Knows the Way to San Jose and Chose to WIN 20 in Hawaiʻi (Only Team in 10 Years…)

    WHAT ARE “They” Gripinʻ About?
    Make their Best Choices, Maybe Move On…
    GʻBye …

    […is Actually a Contraction of “GOD Be With You…”]

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