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The 2013-14 season in photos


The 2013-14 season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team is already in the rear-view mirror. But with the team banquet coming up on May 1, we decided to take another look back at the season through still photos.

WarriorInsider.com photographers Brandon Flores and Chase Simmons were at courtside throughout the season to capture images of the Warriors. The above slideshow is a collection of some of their work.

It should be noted that both photographers volunteered their time and talent for WarriorInsider.com during the season. Recognition should also be given to Warren Haraki, who volunteered photography service for some of the team’s road games in California.

Brandon Flores and Chase Simmons both offer photography services for weddings, parties and other occasions. Please visit www.brandonfloresphotography.com or www.chasingthemomentphoto.com to view more of their work.

CLICK HERE for more information on purchasing tickets for the May 1 team banquet.


  1. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter weekend, and thanks to all for keeping this site lively with all the posts!

  2. Dayton: For the old and the new UH MBB fans, you are Da Man! Great video and photos excellent!

    Mahalo from hundreds if not more in Hawaii, Mainland and around the earth who can view WI site.
    Your coverage of hoops at Manoa is the best, The Real Insider!

    Thankyou to the Schmidt Ohana, donors, sponsors, and contributors. Look forward to continued success of this site!
    Dayton Morinaga and Warrior Insider rocks!

  3. Aloha, kiaora DM and all UHMBB fans, Happy Easter from KIWI Land.

    Agree with Playhoopsa, DM you are the man, and shout out to Schmidt family for great support.


  4. Mahalo Dayton, Brandon, Schmidt & UHMBB ‘Ohana

    Thanks to WI.com, i’m Sure We’ll ALL — East Coast, West Coast, Internationales’ –
    get a good glimpse into UHMBB Banquet…

    OR Better
    Support WI.com AND UHMBB
    with a Donation
    OR By Bein’ There, May Day!

    OR Like Mr. Dayton said,
    With Lively Posts!

    Hope Everyone Had Good Fridays, Happy Easter Sundays
    and Have Great April-Mays
    For Example: Coach & Staff: Bring Us a Super Star…

  5. What an awesome season!

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I’m really gonna miss Spearman!

    A sincere thanks to Dayton, the Schmidt family, and all contributors for making this site so awesome!

  6. Wow! Great job by Dayton, Brandon and Chase. That was quite a show; nice shots. And while we’re giving props, a big one to the Schmidt ohana for their sponsorship on this site and to Valerie for her contributions to the prom for special needs kids … the subject of a nice story in Sunday’s paper.

  7. Thomas, Rozitis, and Smith at Saturday’s Childish Gambino show!


  8. TAVS and Clyde:

    maybe in future Dayton will have update on how Spearman and Rozitis did in the Eurobasket 2014 summer league showcase in Portsmouth , Va. for the Miami Heat team that won that 4 day tournament amongst college seniors from smaller DI and DII and DII schools. They did great and positioned themselves for interest by the euro teams, as well as still have shot at free agent tryouts with NBA teams.

    Also, Christian, with the final four all star game. Even though he scored 2 pts , the had those 11 big rebounds, 7 on the offensive glass. Christian, will have that same opportunity, the euro pro team interest and possible NBA free agent tryouts.

    All 3 Seniors, Spearman, Rozitis, and Standhardinger, even though different culture, backgrounds, and abilities, excellent, 2,3 and 4 year veterans of Gib coaching era, and huge part of Gib’s 72 overall wins over last for years. Seniors=All Champions, great guys, students and People..Mahalo to the Seniors!
    And Eagle, this site was jumping previous topic posts, over 100 comments!

  9. And Eagle, so much to comment on last topic, so I was proactive as always, as you said from beginning KEEP posting, to keep interest in WI and UH MBB going, that and another , besides hoops and jake, , another 57 comments did!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, cannot wait for announcement of that shot blocking big from Gib!

  10. Rogue Harris was a big man too. Seven footer. Not a sure thing. I would rather have somebody 6’8″ or 6’9″ who is athletic’, ala Reggie Cross.

  11. We also had the Brazilian Hulk on the roster not too many years back too.

  12. Melton Werts 6’9 1/2″ 230 from 1972-76 was good shotblocker so was Tony Maroney 7’1″ 290 and Troy Ostler 6’10” 220 guy could leap. Erin Galloway 6’8″ with 46 ” vertical could block shots guy could get head rim level..


  13. A Serge Ibaka type African leaper/shot blocker thank you.

  14. serge ibaka, intelligent guy, raw talent to NBA, great timing shot blocker, 13 pts per game 3.0 blocks per game in 2012-13 NBA season, runner up to defensive player of the year in NBA last season. 6’10” 245, yes…that would fit the role, A RAW athletic talent, willing to play the role of rebounder, shot blocker, intimidator, even block Mamadou, and any guy driving to the paint. Would make UH awesome on defense, and help them win championships!

    Gib Get the Big, Serge Ibaka type would be perfect!

  15. Yeah, Watching OKC’ s Ibaka had me thinkin’ He or His Younger, Smarter, Taller, More Talented Younger Brother or Cousin would Do Fine for Four Years…

    OR The Next Parrish or Admiral…

    Or Better Gasol…

    So Many Solutions…

    We’re Not That Picky…;-}

    Tick, Tick, Tick…

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