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Standhardinger selected for college all-star game


Christian Standhardinger’s college basketball career is not quite done yet. The 6-foot-8 senior for the University of Hawai’i basketball team was recently selected to participate in the Reese’s Division I College All-Star Game at Arlington, Texas.

The game is being played in conjunction with the Final Four this weekend at AT&T Stadium. Here is the official release with more details, including television coverage:

DALLAS – The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) announced rosters for the 2014 Reese’s Division I College All-Star game with University of Hawai’i senior forward Christian Standhardinger selected for the West squad.

The game, held in conjunction with the Final Four, will be played on Friday, April 4 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, beginning at 4:30 p.m. EDT. It will be telecast on a tape delay on Saturday, April 5, at 12:00 p.m. ET/6:00 a.m. HT on CBS.

The teams are composed of senior student-athletes in NCAA Division I. Stanford University coach Johnny Dawkins will coach the West All-Stars, while University of Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon will coach the East All-Stars.

Standhardinger is a two-time all-Big West first team selection and concluded his senior season as the only player in UH history to record at least 1,000 points and 500 rebounds during a two-year career.

Reese’s WEST ALL-STAR TEAM – Coach: Johnny Dawkins, Stanford
Davion Berry (Weber State)
Cameron Clark (Oklahoma)
Drew Crawford (Northwestern)
Jaye Crockett (Texas Tech)
Sam Dower (Gonzaga)
Joe Jackson (Memphis)
Cory Jefferson (Baylor)
Shawn Jones (Middle Tennessee)
Garrick Sherman (Notre Dame)
Christian Standhardinger (Hawai’i)
Neil Watson (Southern Mississippi)

Reese’s EAST ALL-STAR TEAM – Coach: Mark Turgeon, University of Maryland
Karvel Anderson (Robert Morris)
Jerrelle Benimon (Towson)
Dwayne Evans (Saint Louis)
Langston Hall (Mercer)
Halil Kanacevic (Saint Joseph’s)
Juvonte Reddic (VCU)
Will Sheehey (Indiana)
Markel Starks (Georgetown)
Pendarvis Williams (Norfolk State)
Talib Zanna (Pittsburgh)


  1. Congratulations and good luck Christian. All Hawaii will be rooting for you.

  2. Aloha and Congratulations Christian…this is the Cherry on Top of your college career. As Servante has pointed out, the Warrior Nation will be watching your performance and we wish you good luck. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your “never say die, all out effort” for these past two years and do wish you the very best in your next level of play. You are most deserving of this award!

  3. You know it speaks volumes about Gib and staff program..to get D1 transfers like Christian. .Negus..Davis and Jankovich..well deserved..sehr goot..very good !! And national. tv delay broadcast !!
    Work on right hand..do well in showcase Christia. .you will have shot at NBA camp!!

    Go Christian!!

  4. I am sorry CHRISTIAN, I keep on spelling wrong on these crazy small virtual small device keyboards!

    Christian, Great showcase, NBA and Euro scouts will be watching you guys in all star game. HUGE worldwide media coverage and attention.
    Hustle and Desire: that is what you said you would do , whether you scored 29 pts or 9 pts, play till the final buzzer and help team to win.

    Right handed strong move to your right, great, a go to move.
    Work on going left, and finish with left hand.
    Mid range jumper, make sure that is money.
    Run the floor like you always do, and finish in transition.
    Really work hard on your 3 point shot, shoot high 30 percentage 38%-40%, high 46-48% from field, and hit 80% or better from 3 point line, Rebound and Defend like a WARRIOR.
    An NBA team, if you display, hard nosed D, rebounding, and ability to score inside and out, even if you don’t have vertical hops, which actually you can increase with personal trainer.
    ..NBA free agent tryout, or NBA combine invite, why not?
    Go for it Christian Standhardinger, We MBB fans, were never disappointed in your Heart and Desire, 110% effort all the time till exhaustion set in, You will do well in Pro Ball if that is your desire, if not, business world, set up Sports, NBA-Euro, training and motivation camps in Hawaii, with connection to worldwide Pro BB teams.

    Go for it Christian, all of Hawaii MBB fans pulling for you to go : BOOM!
    No scared em, No fear, respect everyone and fear no one. WARRIOR TIME !!

  5. Final Four Fatigue! Christian,I meant shoot 80% or better from the FT line!
    if you can hit 80% or better from 3 point line, that would put you into the top 60 NBA prospects!
    Who knows, give it your best Christian, ..Fans, this is a huge honor for Christian, Delayed, big time , prime time CBS network coverage. Hope they don’t edit the game, show all of Christian’s Want to!
    Next stop , Portsmouth!

  6. I would not put it past Spearman AND Rozitis, if the have NBA free agent tryouts, if they work on finishing at the rim, mid range, and for Spearman hitting good percentage from 3 point line AND FT line 80% or better, plus increased better strong handles as possible PG/SG combo, NBA teams love guys like that, strong desire, very strong, shutdown, defender, and key guy on roster.

    Davis, he could get a little bigger, 250-55, shoot well, run, D up, rebound, and be fast and agile, NBA free agent invite, to Pro team why not.

    And of course, great athlete like Brandon Spearman, who is built like Superman, will have shot at good Pro team somewhere and make good money,
    Same with Davis, a 7 footer, who plays like a guy 6 foot tall, very quick for that size, and not clumsy.Davis, a pro team, could always, use height, rebounder, shot blocker, and finisher, Go seek your dreams Spearman and Davis!

    Business or pro ball or both, for Davis, Christian or Spearman!
    Always welcome back to Hawaii! You 3 started the 20 win, benchmark, which , Nevels, Sham, Smith, Fleming, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Jawato, Fotu, Negus, Valdes, and company will carry to next level, this coming season! 24-25 wins and NCAA invite, why not!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  7. Sorry Mike T. , Michael Thomas 3 star HS elite athlete out of Cali, and still growing, would it not be amazing if Mike Thomas, came back to Hawaii end of summer Aug 2014, and was 6’9 1/2″ 230 lbs, with speed hops, agility and strength, and was able to play wing? SF/PF hybrid. I think Mike Thomas will be primed to take Christian’s spot opening day of 2014-15 season.
    With Jankovich not being eligible till mid December, it could be:

    PG: Shamburger-Smith-Fleming-Filipovich-or ?(I bet Gib opens All 5 spots for battle)
    SG: Nevels-Jawato if healthy-Fleming-Negus
    SF:Valdes-Negus-Thomas-? new recruit?
    PF: Fotu-Thomas-or ?new recruit?
    C: Jovanovich-Fotu-or ?new recruit?

    The experience of the guards: Smith, Shamburger, Nevels, is huge, a great advantage heading into next season, they are the ones that spearhead attack of O and D!
    The Bigs, wings, PF hybrids, should all be improved.
    Hey Fans, only, 2 months away from summer ball, some guys going back to Cali and home country, as well as July 2nd semester UH summer school, and NCAA individual., position workouts, then, Sept , King of the Beach!
    October, 2014, first official practice,
    Then Boom!! First game, rock and roll!
    Go Warriors!

  8. April 4th. That’s right around the corner.
    Congrats!. Good. .Get on that plane already !!.
    We already know he will do well. Hope he starts! .
    Go Bows !!

  9. Playhoopsa is having his own one man conversation here.

  10. Sorry Pono, kind of off season time, when UH MBB pau, so I get the Basketball Jones, like a withdrawl, if no one posts, no matter what the wonderful WI thread is about, I go on and on about my first love UH MBB!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    And Christian, draw fouls, shoot well, and play great hustle D and O!
    Get that shot at free agent NBA camp. Don’t foul out!

    Mahalo Pono, great fans on this WI site!

  11. Since this is the “off-season” let’s indulge a bit and identify specific areas of strengths and improvement that as “fans” we would like to see in each player. For example:

    Negus: (IMHO)
    Strengths = tall and lean, has scorer’s mentality, capable of making 3’s, okay handles, good physical strength, speed and quickness; has physical attributes that speak volumes to POTENTIAL (huge up-side), good hands, mentally tough………..
    Improvement = attack more with first step then execute good decisions with ball, develop consistency in making 3’s, work on attacking off dribble, for example: effective cross-overs to clear space, develop leadership skills…………….
    Unknown = capable, yes, but will he play lock down defense???………..

    Valdes: (IMHO)
    Strengths = has hops, good court demeanor, coachable…………
    Improvement = needs to get stronger physically and mentally and develop overall consistent play both sides of court…………
    Unknown = work ethic during off-season………

    Basic rule: Identify skills, do NOT judge the character of any player negatively.

    Howsit, playhoopsa like this one to wet your appetite?

  12. tako: you are one of the several dozen who post, as well as hundreds , even thousand more who view, who keep the MBB flame going year round!
    Love, your passion for UH MBB . We been following team since late sixties, love the team, and you are right, Negus and Aaron Valdes are two great athletes. UH has a lot of upside, with returning guards, Jankovich and Jovanovich, wings, and incoming recruits.

    This team, coming 2014-15, as Negus says, WHY NOT US? If UH MBB team off season, between now and Nov 2014 first game, just get stronger as Basketball players and mature as people, No doubt they can win BWC tournament, be hot in March and go win some games in NCAA’s.

    Gib and program on the right track. Look forward to final one or two recruits to solidify All spots for next year. This year’s team, I loved the HEART, and EFFORT, greatest since AC days, Savo days, Henderson teams, and the Fab Five!

    Thanks Tako…let’s keep the POSITIVE VIBE going!
    Go Bows! Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Mahalo to Dayton, WI, the Schmidt Ohana, and all the faithful WI MBB nation!!
    2014-15 going be good!

  13. Here are the stats:


    Standhardinger went 1 for 10 in shooting, but led the West with 11 rebounds in 16 minutes of action. The East won, 87 to 75.
    Poor shooting night for the West, 31.3% and 23.8% from 3pt territory, while the East shot 49.3% and 30.4% from the three. Freethrows – West 18 of 22 for 83.3%, East 10 of 12 for 81.8%.

  14. IMO: Christian showed that he “can” play at the level, saw him set a lot of screens for the guards and rolled off. Unfortunately, during the switch when he had a smaller defender on him, his teammates couldn’t get him the ball. Off offensive rebounds on the inside, seems he struggled a bit with the size and physicality of the defenders. Still, good exposure for him and shows what he needs to improve on if he has dreams of playing at the next higher levels.

    SA officially identified two guard recruits this morning. One a preferred walk-on and the other going on a Mormon mission first (thus his commitment is not binding). Anxious to see the walk-on play during summer league, matter of fact all the returning players.

    Per other blog reports, another guard recruit is visiting on the 10th, style of play is similar to Spearman.

    Imagine if you could combine the skills of Shamburger and Smith into one guard. As Fotu has tweeted, make your weaknesses a strength and your strengths unstoppable, watch out for next season. Hope Shamburger and Smith share his sentiments

  15. Kudos to Christian, not much practice time together for West All Star team. He did it Again! The hustle and effort. 11 rebounds, I think 7 were on Offensive glass, that is great.
    If he was with team for a week , maybe they would know the pick and roll stuff with Christian. Seems like Whole West All Star team did not shoot too well, that was the ball game.

    Christian, even at high level euro leagues, have to work on his offense, get stronger, quicker, smarter, shoot inside and one, outside mid range to 3 line, has to be money shots. Christian’s desire, and effort any GM would like that, Christian is a WARRIOR will never take a play off or just go through the motions unless he was hurt or sick. He will play for pay that is for sure! Maybe he will get Portsmouth invite, or other NBA free agent workouts, can only benefit him. Of course, if a huge 3 year guaranteed six figure, home, grad school, perks for his family high euro team offered, He would probably sign, he is in great condition and could play for 10 years pro if he wanted too. If Christian, wanted to be sports businessman in Hawaii after playing pro years over, We would love to have him back! Danke Sehr Goot, Christian!

  16. Christian Standhardinger keep chasing your Pro dream if that is your desire. UH MBB Warrior nation backing you up! You did us proud, even being named to Reese’s All star team, great showcase!
    Salamat po! Mahalo, Sehr Gut(not goot, sorry), Danke, and Thank you so very much for your great career at Hawaii and beyond. If other returnees, have heart and desire of Spearman, Standhardinger, and heart and soul of Davis Rozitis, UH , I tell you, with those 3 experienced guards in Gib’s system, Shamburger, Smith and Nevels, with Fotu, Negus, Valdes, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Jawato, Thomas, Fleming, and maybe a SG and Big shot blocker, they, UH MBB Warriors will be ready to to rock the house.

    Hey fans, rumor, yet maybe true, Kentucky and Pitt on next year’s schedule? Awesome if they can work out deal, One more team, Louisville with Pitino would be fantastic, even if UH has to fly to their home arena, good money, and RPI SOS goes way up, if UH had those 3 teams on 2014-15 schedule. Also always good to have home and home with UCLA…the mecca of College basketball in the sixties, seventies and the eighties, great lineage. That would be unreal SOS, UCLA, Louisville, Kentucky, and Pitt next season, if Hawaii gets two of those wins, look out. Just rumor, however Gib and staff doing right thing, SOS has to get stronger, so UH will finish in top 100 and above end of regular season, however SAME formula for Big Dance, Play super well for 3 games in BWC tourney, win it, and you got a lock to NCAA tourney. Guaranteed, NIT invite: Win regular season title first!

    Can’t wait, until Gib gets another great combo athlete and Big shot blocking long athletic sky walker who is physically tough as nails. Riley Wallace’s teams had, Justice Sueing, Reggie Cross, Vincent Smalls, Mike Robinson, Tony Maroney, Troy Ostler, even Seth Sundberg 7’1″ 250 center, who really blossomed when AC took over at PG, too bad Seth had the injured spleen, otherwise, that first year with AC , 1996-97, UH would have went to, and won games in NCAA tournament for sure, same with AC senior year, injuries, otherwise , two years in a row, UH would have gone to NCAA’s instead of NIT, oh well, next season Rainbow Warriors win Regular season BWC-NIT auto invite and BWC tournament title-NCAA Big Boy Dance!

    Go Christian, kudos and props, and Rainbow Warriors, very soon summer here fans, and workouts, I don’t know about that dang Manoa summer league, UH guys always getting hurt there, Maybe, UH should just run open gym, or guys from Cali, and overseas, go home and workout with their clubs

  17. And also Riley Wallace had great sky walking shot blocking recruit, remember Erin “the Helicopter” Galloway, he had about a 46 inch vertical, and played for the Harlem Globetrotters, who I think listed his vertical as 50 inches!
    Erin could sky, loved the lobs, waaaay up there from AC , Alika or Micah Kroeger, Erin would be looking down into basket.

    He was thin, however, a leaper, rebounder and shotblocker. If Gib got another Erin Galloway 6’8″ win 45 inch vertical, and tough son of a gun, UH would have that rim proctector!

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