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Standhardinger grabs 11 boards in all-star game

In typical Christian Standhardinger fashion, he found a way to standout in the final boxscore, even on an atypically poor shooting game.

Standhardinger grabbed a game-high tying 11 rebounds and scored two points in the Reese’s college All-Star Game at Arlington, Texas. The game was actually played on Friday, but it was televised nationally on Saturday.


Standhardinger played on the West team, and the East won the game, 87-75. Each team had 10 NCAA Division I senior players from across the country.

Standhardinger played just 16 minutes – tied for lowest amount of playing time among the 20 players in the game.

His only basket came late in the first half, when he cut down the lane to the basket and made a layup off a nice assist from Weber State’s Davion Berry. Standhardinger shot 1 for 10 from the field, and did not attempt a 3-pointer or free throw.

It appeared he could have had more points, as he made a free throw in the second half, but it was discounted for a reason that was not explained on the television broadcast.

Standhardinger made his presence known on the boards, as his seven offensive rebounds were a game high, and matched the entire total for the opposing East team. After grabbing one offensive rebound, Standhardinger found teammate Berry for an open 3-pointer.

The game was played in the same venue and court as the Final Four, and numerous professional scouts were in attendance.


  1. The West team was not in sync, shot really quick shots, the East team, slowed it down, and made the passes before getting better looks.
    The West team, played and battled on D for most of game, in 16 minutes, Once Again Mr Christian, Boom Standhardinger, made Hawaii , Germany, the Philippines and his family proud, 110% effort, he was not afraid of going up against the other teams bigs, got some shots swatted, however Christian got some hustle and desire offensive boards, I think total of 7 and 4 Defensive boards. he even picked up a charging foul. Could have had 4 points for game, however, as Dayton noted, when Christian knocked down the front end of a one and one, officials wiped it off the board and gave the ball back to the East team, no explanation, really weird.

    Christian, is his desire, and he looked waay bigger and stronger than some of the other all stars, will play for pay somewhere, His FT form, looks really good, a legitimate 80% FT shooter in the pros. Just has to be able to go to his left, get a little more body protect on his shots inside, and hit mid range to 3 point line shots, let it be money. His hustle and desire, and effort, on the glass, and defense, will land him a job somewhere, on a Pro BB team!

    Go Christian, wish you got to play more, and one or two more shots went down, however, good job on the boards, pretty sure overseas, scouts, and maybe free agent scouts for NBA, giving you a good look!

    Standhardinger Boom!

  2. Standhardinger would be a high draft pick in the Philippine Basketball Association. maybe #1 overall? why not?
    Jared Dillinger was the second pick overall in the very talented draft class of 2008. He’s had a very good career in the philippines.

  3. Gilas:

    You know, in some ways, AFA transfer to UH at 6’5″ , by senior year Jared was one of My favorite players, really got better after junior year at UH..Jared Dillinger and Christian have something in common, that all out , dive to the floor, high motor level of Baskeball skill. Christian, indeed would be coveted by Phillipine NBA, as well as German Pro teams, he might get a shot at free agent tryout with USA NBA teams, might be a hard go, with all of the talent trying to make it to NBA USA, however, never count Christian out!

    Yes, Christian, you do the Philippines, Germany, Hawaii, UH, WI fans, and your mom and family proud!
    Way to go! If you can, complete your courses this summer or fall, and get that degree!


  4. Christian can make a lot more money in Europe than the PBA. Dayton any update on recruiting. The advertiser had an article on a walk on and a commit who is going on a mission.

  5. PONO:
    Also , word out that a 6’3″ Spearman type guard from Indian Hills (where Gib’s cousin coaches)JC, who has PG ability and attack rim, 3 ball shooter and defender, to make recruiting trip to Hawaii this Friday April 11 2014.

    Dayton, wonder if Gib is searching for the Shot Blocking Athlete?
    Looks like he is going to search for two, maybe three more scholie Bballers, or maybe award one?

    Pono, yes, the commit , P___, from Utah, going on Mormon mission for 2 years, not binding, after his mission he can reevaluate the UH offer and decide again. Looks like Gib stocking just in case for 3 years down the road, Good shooting 6’2″-6’3″ PG/SG.

    H___ a shooter/PG, preferred walkon, …can shoot from way outside, so , both can shoot from 3 line extended. Always, though that UH need 5 or 6 guys on roster that can hit big time 3 pointers, when it matters in game situation, just ask that Harrison(McDonald’s All American) twin who hit 3 killer threes to help UK get to finals over past 3 games!
    Once Again, Gib getting preferred walkons to commit, or ones going on Mission to think about 3 years down the line, and all these preferred walkons, are great students and people , the HIGH CHARACTER people with great family support, literally helping their sons out with tuition!

    Gib : What is the word on the RIM PROTECTOR? Would be nice to Have Two shot blockers, however, Gib needs even the returning guards and wings , Thomas, Valdes to be able to knock down outside shots for high percentage. As well as whole team defend, get D stops. So , basically on O and D, get better, Next season Pono, UH can win a lot of games, key , win the Regular and BWC tournament title, then everything is good!

  6. My main concern in recruiting is that the NCAA investigation is looming over the program and Gib has yet to sign his deal. These are two things that other coaches are using us to potentially scare recruits. We normally can’t expect too much from walk ons and it’s always a gamble on mission kids and in what shape they will return in. When Hiram came back from his mission he lost a lot of his physical traits.

  7. If Shamburger ups his play like Shabazz Napier and Negus like both of the Harrison twins; and with Fotu coming back with an consistent outside shot and new inside moves… If the two Stefans come back as players that play as BIG, BIGS, we got a shot. Recall read somewhere Gib has a one year extension? Isn’t the NCAA investigation pau? Through the investigation process U of H should have a fairly good idea if they broke the rules or not, you think? IMHO think Gib has done a great job, he has changed the past perceptions that we couldn’t recruit HS players. He has done well with the “RESOURCES” available. If everyone is like me and can’t wait for next year, that’s a sign of a growing program.

  8. Gilas Pilipinas, with all due respect, Christian deserves a much more competitive and lucrative league than the PBA. If the NBA doesn’t work out then I’m sure his first second choice will be a European league. The PBA is probably at the bottom of his list of destinations.

    Christian scored THREE points. He scored two in the first half (an easy layup) then downed a free throw in the second.

    Christian set up some solid screens and was always in the right place at the right time – both offensively and defensively – which enabled him to get the 11 rebounds. Christian played with a decent amount of intensity and physicality; interestingly, I don’t remember him committing any personal fouls. Unfortunately, all except one of his layup attempts were smothered by the East’s solid defense.

    The All-Star game was pretty disappointing as a whole. None of the players shined too brightly nor did the teams play cohesively. I honestly feel like the game actually hindered the players’ chances of getting recruited. The attendance was somehow counted at 15,000… it looked like there were at most 1,000. The arena was embarrassingly empty.

  9. TAKO, you’re definitely right, Fotu desperately needs to come up with a few new moves. Hopefully he’ll be working on this over the summer with his long-time coach in NZ. He made an awesome hook shot in a home game (can’t remember which one) but never saw him attempt another again. Why not?

  10. U.Conn. win national championship, with great guard play and bigs coming up big in prime time. Beat a very talented freshmen loaded Kentucky team. Agree, UH pgs get better, shooting get better, Fotu be that NBA type athlete on O and D , plus everyone on team new and returnees step up, by March .. UH could be in that top 32 or elite eight, team from coach on down pepare for NCAA run!

    Tavs, and tako hope the investigation result positive..key for recruiting.. Gib say good..must be good!!

  11. Tako, I think Gib has done a good job but not a great job. The bar was set real low coming from the Nash era which was arguably one of the lowest points in program history. Gib is putting out a good middle of the BWC product but he’s the top paid coach. I think he’s overpaid for what we are getting. Gib is still having trouble keeping HS recruits in the program. Fotu and Jawato have stuck around for a couple of years but there have been just as many transfers too. It’s just tough for HS kids to make such a huge adjustment. I don’t think its the fault of any coaching staff but the realities of dealing with 18 year old kids who are 2,500 miles away from home for the first time.

  12. even Gib mentions that fact, a great percentage of NCAA BB athletes freshmen and soph. transfer after those first one or two years. PT or homesick or other. Every spring all around the country from low mid major to High major programs. If Gib has the 3 star athletes stay until either offered great Pro opportunity or finish schooling, grad from UH, great.
    True, whomever the UH MBB coach, in Hawaii, the middle of Pacific, have to be creative, a mix of HS talent , JC and overseas athletes. School first, of course, athletics secondly. Gib package good for BWC . Year 5 will raise the bar. Should be exciting season 2014-15,and all of the UH MBB team faithful will start to get excited come summer , then in Sept/Oct. in anticipation!

    Gib creating the uptempo basketball with athletes of this past year was Great. loved it. Gib keep on doing that, and recruiting to that style. One thing Pono, Gib , has done a good job in promoting much more interest in UH MBB program than previous 8-9 years for sure.

  13. The guards control the game. UConn won because of two players, Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatwright. As noted on ESPN’s Jason Williams, these 2 players accounted for 54 of UConns 60 points. Napier is only 6’1″ and Boatwright is even smaller at 6’0″. But they are extremely talented and they both can create their own shots. That’s the difference. When a play is stalling and the shot clock is winding down they are able to somehow find a shot they can take, and make. Not to mention, these guys are super quick and confident. I love that step back jumper, ala Kemba Walker. It’s hard to stop. No question, Napier and Boatwright will be playing in the NBA. I sure would like to have some UH players be able to create their own shots too.

  14. Someone asked about Tyler Harville. From Lexington, KY. Led the whole in made 3 pointers his senior year. Then played at Vermont Academy last y3ar. They are in the best prep league in the country. Called NEPSAC. In New England. Tyler made 3rd team NEPSAC. Averaged 18.5 per game and ser a league record with 125 made threes. Unlimited range with quickest release in country.

  15. Jake: thanks for Harville update and stats. That is why fans, still believe, UH has to have 2 or 3 guys on the court at anytime , of game, that can hit the 3 ball. Notice the NIT, NCAA MBB and WBB teams, defense, rebounding , rim protecting important, however to seal win, or give team chance to win, close ones or blowouts, MBB team need good, confident, and ice cold water in veins to hit the 3 pointers in games.

    Still would be nice if Jankovich, Fotu, Jovanovich and One more athletic 6’9″-6’11” rim protector were on board for next season, the perimeter guys do the balls to the walls, superior defense, and Jankovich, Jovanovich, Fotu, Mike Thomas, Valdes, and a Senegal(?) or whomever athletic mistake eraser would make UH tough on defense!

  16. D.R. report as well as B.M, that NCAA might take awhile to finalize investigation, and any possible penalties, or whatnot, for UH MBB.
    Man, would be real downer if UH got hit with stuff.

    Hope the best for all in UH MBB program.

    Key to continued success and immediate recruiting process!!

  17. every year I see run and gun teams in the ncaa tourney….teams even without size make up with athleticism and speed and of course the ability to create their own shot and hit three’s

  18. yes, that is what Gib is trying to recruit, Athletic, create own shot, run up and down, can hit threes when needed, AND can defend. Quick, smart, BB players no matter what size.
    If Gib can seal two more recruits, that creator shot maker defender and a big athletic scorer, defender, rebounder, UH will be awesome next year. A run and gun, and most importantly HAVE tow in in March, regular season crown-NIT AND BWC tourney title-NCAA’s, Then with the athletes having fun, make a run, go for 32 , sweet sixteen, and elite eight and beyond…WHY NOT UH MBB team, as Negus says!

    Go Bows!

  19. FYI: Brian McInnis posted this morning that Jaleel Cousins, visited U of H campus earlier this week, he plays for Navarro JC. He’s a 6′ 10″ center and younger brother of DeMarcus Cousins.

    Josh Fox signed with another school.

  20. Can anyone tell me what a preferred walk-on is vs. a walk-on. Is it a whose is in line next for a scholarship. Playhoopsa is talking about two more players but haven’t we reached our limit? Could Gib pull a scholarship for someone else if he gets a “must have”.

  21. preferred maybe meaning they recruit the player but tell them they probably won’t be on scholarship..maybe down the line they can earn it

  22. hawaiifan09 exactly,

    anderpops, preferred, they are invited to walkon with team, if deserving, they could earn scholarship. UH has at least a handful who are footing their own tuition, mostly guards and wing. Incredible family support, not every athlete could afford it, so kudos to their families.

    Total 13 NCAA full ride scholarships per year for UH MBB team, just have to do head count on who and who did not sign LOI or scholarship agreement(both are scholarships, depending when signed)April – May 2014, spring LOI signing period very soon!

    That is why if guys sign scholarship LOI this April- May, nice if at awards banquet Gib would announce. Wish, that NCAA thing is pau by then, and good to go!

  23. Mahalo Playhoopsa for explaining!

  24. it’s sad to say but harville could possibly take enos’ spot as off the bench needing 3 pointers….seems legit as a shooter but guess we don’t know who’s better at being cold and making 3’s….what I do love is that he’s free

  25. Hawaiian 09. Not sad. We need to root that both of them will be able to come in and hit long ones whenever we need them. Make each other better every day, etc….I know Harville forces someone to guard him from 30 feet in. Very long range shooter. Rarely shoots at the 19 ft line. Also career 89% FT shooter. Saw him play a prep game couple months ago against a team with two guards Joseph (Syracuse) and Adams (Kansas). Harville hit 7-11 threes and scored 28. Needs to keep getting stronger.

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