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Coach Taylor comments on recruits

The University of Hawai’i basketball team signed one recruit, and is still in search of another.

Roderick Bobbitt, the 6-foot-3 combo guard from Indian Hills Community College (Iowa) signed an official letter of intent on Wednesday to join the Warriors for the 2014-15 season. Wednesday was the first day of the signing period for new recruits.


“He’s a guy that we targeted early and often,” UH associate coach Benjy Taylor said of Bobbitt. “We’re glad to get him because he got recruited at a very high level … he’s a winner, he’s tough and he can do a lot of different things.”

Bobbitt is the second recruit to sign with the Warriors for the 2014-15 season. Isaac Fleming, a 6-4 combo guard from Massanutten Military Academy (Virginia), signed during the early period in November.

“He had a great year,” Taylor said of Fleming. “He’s a young kid. It was a good year for him to mature and get his body stronger. He’s better now than he was last year.”

Taylor said the program would like to sign one more recruit – ideally, a post player. “We feel pretty confident that we can get a good big here late,” Taylor said. “We’re excited about that, too.”

The not-so-exciting news was the announced intent to transfer from starting point guard Keith Shamburger.

“It’s an unfortunate situation but not totally shocking to us,” Taylor said. “We wish him the best of luck. He played hard for us this past year and he did a lot of good things for us and we wish him the best of luck in the future. But we certainly looking forward to next year as well.”

Taylor noted that Shamburger is on track to graduate this summer and is in good academic standing, so his transfer should not negatively impact the team’s Academic Progress Rate (APR).

Head coach Gib Arnold is currently off-island, and is expected to return next week.

Below are more post-season interviews with other Warriors (Quincy Smith, Stefan Jovanovic and Jack Hackman):


  1. Idrissa Dialo, 3 star C out of LA, opened his recruiting just this week. Had committed to Cal but no LOI. Almost ever Pac 12 school after this young man. Hey, Gib, why not take a shot?

  2. We lost more than half our starting lineup and that hurts no matter what team it is. But on the other hand we picked up some promising talent to go with the talent that’s already there. And even if we miss out on a big that everyone wants, we still got a pretty good nucleus to make a serious run for the Big West Title. On paper we should have better outside shooting, a bigger back court, and we have a legitimate go to guy in NWC. Small forwards are the preeminent position for your go to player as he has the length and quickness to pop or slash. So if a quality big comes our way we could match up with anyone.They can’t double team 2 at the same time. If not we had better be a good shooting team or Fotu will be doubled every single time.

  3. Shamburger to transfer? Wow…

    Must have been a rift between the coaches and him. Sham is a firey personality and had some rough spots during the year. He was benched for a half for undisclosed reasons. The only thing that bugged me about Sham was him wearing headphones during pregame warmups. Headphones on during shootaround is one thing, but not during warmups before tipoff. Not even LeBron James or any other NBA super star wears headphones in pregame warmups.

    Taylor did say the it’s not totally shocking, so maybe that partially explains the recruiting efforts for Fleming and Bobbitt. Both of which can play both guard positions.

    UH was a really good fit for Sham. The style of play compliments his strengths. The good news is that he’s on track to graduate and he’ll be able to play somewhere.

  4. Favorite Shamburger moment was when he was inbounding the ball vs UCI and Ndiaye was covering him. That was a classic picture.

    Hopefully Smith, Filopovic, Bobbitt, or Fleming can step up and be a dependable PG. Sham was rock solid when UH had the late lead.

  5. Last year both Quincy and Garret adjusted well as 1st year players. It’ll depend on the newcomers learning curve and their responsibility on the court in melding with the team

  6. Josh: So here we go.
    13 scholarships for NCAA D1 MBB team.
    On scholarship: Jawato, Nevels, Smith, Jovanovich, Thomas, Fotu, Fleming, Bobbitt, Jankovich, Webster-Chan- that we know of…that is a total of TEN…

    If Valdes was given a scholarhip, and another walkon given one as well, that is a Total of TWELVE accounted for…so unless, gib holding one for late transfer(possibility), there Is ONLY ONE TO GIVE..

    That must be the plan…12 scholarships accounted for…with one more to give for next season!
    For the preferred walkons that earned theirs congratulations!

    Okay, Taylor, Fish and Gib, lock up that great big, with all of your worldwide, and Canada, Senegal, France, South American, connections, as well as Cali, and Midwest , Delaware connections, pretty confident too, that Gib and staff will bet a good big shot blocker 6’8″-6’11” to guard the paint..along with Jankovich and Jovanovich, and athletic Valdes and Thomas, and Fotu, Several guys to guard the rim!

  7. Many so sorry for typo errors!

    Okay, Taylor, Fish and Gib, lock up that great big, with all of your worldwide, and Canada, Senegal, France, South American, connections, as well as Cali, and Midwest , Delaware connections, pretty confident too, that Gib and staff will GET(not bet!) a good big shot blocker 6’8″-6’11″ to guard the paint..along with Jankovich and Jovanovich, and athletic Valdes and Thomas, and Fotu, Several guys to guard the rim!

  8. I like how Benjy addressed the Shamburger situation, they were not surprised or shocked,…possibility, however, Gib and coaching staff cannot sit back, have to still recruit..one thing Bobbitt and Fleming are bigger guards who are athletic and can defend or be taught to defend..Fleming, look at his hilites, the guy has high BB IQ too..Maybe these two guards, like Smith and Nevels, however a little taller…That is a great rotation, Filipovich, Smith, Nevels, Bobbitt, and Fleming…at PG/SG as well as shooters Jawato, Chan..as FUHA says, UH will have possible 3 or 4 guys that can knock down 3 pointers, and MORE importantly lockdown defense…UH scored a lot, however could not Stop other team when mattered, difference between 20 wins and perhaps 25 wins and BWC regular and BWC tourney titles..Confident that , and man it takes time, however Gib so far, never had losing season, type of athletes upgraded at every position, and getting better all the time.
    Best wishes to Keith, UH guards have to watch his video hilites of How Sham took care of ball and knocked down key FT’s to win games. if those 5 guards for next year can do that…UH can go to big or little dances March, NIT or better yet , deep run in NCAA’s…pretty certain, it will happen..Fotu and Nevels, Smith will be leaders…and good ones!

  9. We haven’t had a 3 pt. shooting team since 2001-2002 with Pedrag Savovic, Carl English, Mike McIntyre, and Mindaugus Burneika. That year we also had Mark Campbell, we also had Phil Martin, we also had Haim Shimonovich, we also had Milos Zivanovic, we also won the WAC tournament and we also went to the NCAA tournament where we played Syracuse. Do we have a team like that? That was a pretty solid group. The 2002-2003 squad maybe was even better.

  10. We need a big ASAP. The later it gets into the signing period the smaller the pool of available big men gets. If Fotu were to get into foul trouble next year we have zero low post presence. Thomas and Jovanovich are too green and Jank is more of a stretch 4/5 who likes to shoot the outside shot more than post up on the block.

  11. not to leave drybe enos out.

    and on another note…it has been gib’s thing to keep a scholarship in his hip pocket just in case a late transfer happens along the way. ie, standhardinger, jankovic, webster-chan.

  12. and harville could be a nice find.

  13. Al I’m with you.I would like to see one scholie going to Valdes. One to a big man incoming recruit and the third to the best player we can get regardless of position. If someone doesn’t fit the bill then hold an open scholie.

  14. Harville is a potential find. He did play in the New England Prep league, however, it was in the second tier division and was awarded third team honors. Summer league would a be a great wait and see.

  15. I have no idea what the Portsmouth (Va.) Pre-Draft Showcase is (it’s sponsored by the Eurobasket league), but a Miami Heat-sponsored team led by Brandon Spearman (22 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist) and Davis Rozitis (16 points, 12 rebounds) won the championship today. Guess it’s part of the Portsmouth Invitational. In any case, a good chance for the two former Warriors to showcase their skills.

  16. Glad to see how Benjy is so positive about getting rim protecting big…cousins…bol…anyone else…
    should be exciting get a good defensive 6’8″-6’11″….big…will help UH make run for Dance!!

    Look for new names to pop up for recruiting visit..or perhaps that late transfer..guy does not have to score too much..defend rim alterr shots and rebound!!

  17. Clyde: yes..was googling that all last nite..spearman and davis played really well..for under the radar college seniors even from d2..euro and nba scouts checkout athletes..brandon and rozitis just made themselves possible pro team commodities!! The other portsmouth invitational the one joston and vanderwent to..I love the 2guys chances hooking up with pro teams!!

  18. Vander and Joston went to other Name Portsmouth invitational..some of best talent seniors have them measured etc.
    glad that davis and brandon did very well..in media..maybe dayton? We will hear more about!!

  19. Harville not really in “second tier” in NEPSAC league. The AA teams consistently beat AAA teams in that league. Just the size of school is smaller but equal amount of talent. All 5 starters for Vermont Academy will play D1. Third team in NEPSAC is very impressive. Checkout the names on all 3 teams. Lots of major conference players. He must be an elite three point shooter. Set a single season record in NEPSAC with 125 made 3s. He had led the state of Kentucky in made threes the previous year. State with a lot of good shooters. Not a fluke to pull both of those off…. summer will be fun to watch him

  20. whatever happened to benjy’s kid…6’9?….and did the Senegal center sign yet?…im not worried though cause it seemed that benjy is confident that they will get the big they need

  21. Here is one link to the “other” Portsmouth league. More properly called the euro summer league, I guess.


  22. You all think this is the team for next season?

    PG: Smith, Filipovich, Fleming, Enos.

    SG: Bobbitt, Nevels, Jawato

    SF/wing: Negus, Hackman, Harper.

    PF: Fotu, Jankovich, Thomas

    C: Jovanovich…. A Big to be announced…Bol/Cousins or other?

  23. shoots, I keep on forgetting someone…Valdes!

    You all think this is the team for next season?

    PG: Smith, Filipovich, Fleming, Enos.

    SG: Bobbitt, Nevels, Jawato

    SF/wing: Negus, Valdes, Hackman, Harper.

    PF: Fotu, Jankovich, Thomas

    C: Jovanovich…. A Big to be announced…Bol/Cousins or other?

  24. Wheeler don’t like Gib. Well all the more so, Gib prove him wrong, go out and get good athletes, add to your 20 win season this year, and win that BWC tournament title, and quiet him and other haters up!

  25. Harville is on the team….

  26. Bobbitt will be the point guard.
    Nevels will be the shooting guard.
    smith will enter to run the point and Bobbitt may slide over when nevels is out.
    fleming should find minutes as the fourth guard off the bench challenging enos who is actually a 2 guard.

    a healthy jawato, harville will spell when the bomb squad is needed to perk up the offense.
    will see how much filipovich can climb back.

    negus could also slide from the 3 to the 2 and backdown to the 4 if need be.
    jankovic will start at center.
    fotu is locked in at 4

    Jovanovich will play a key role as the back up at center and possibly the 4.
    valdes will be a key guy coming in to spell the 3 and 4.
    Thomas will also rotate down in the paint. hope he picks up 15 lbs.

    the last man coming in on scholie needs to be a big and of course the gibber will have his ace in the hole in case a late transfer pickup is available. not bad if we can be a pipeline from mizzou.

  27. Good Line-Up Analyses

    Was ‘Most’ Difficult Drawing Up Two-Deeps
    with So Much Flexibility/Versatility on Team

  28. shoots, I keep on forgetting someone…Valdes! and OF COURSE great 3 ball shooter Harville, if he does not RS. al, I think that Fleming, Bobbitt, Harville, Enos, are all combo, can play both PG/SG. that is a luxury. If Gib has guys from NOW, even the newbies, thinking get bigger , faster, stronger , BB IQ smarter as team and individually DEFEND NCAA tournament level, UH will be even better than last year…just don’t need the melodramas that play out with personalites every year..However, I think the guys THIS year, appear to be all on the Same Page personalities, win first, and listen to coach!

    You all think this is the team for next season?

    PG: Smith, Filipovich, Fleming, Enos.

    SG: Bobbitt, Nevels, Jawato, Harville

    SF/wing: Negus, Valdes, Hackman, Harper.

    PF: Fotu, Jankovich, Thomas

    C: Jovanovich…. A Big to be announced…Bol/Cousins or other?

  29. I’m not too concerned with recruiting. I know the staff is after one more big body. Don’t sleep on Jovanovic. He was stuck behind everybody’s favorite player (Rozitis) for minutes. I like his engine and he has a good scoring touch. He’s a legit center that can eat up some space on defense.

  30. To Start game:

    Negus at PG
    Nevels on off guard side
    Bobbitt on SF side

    Liberal substitutions of players

    Starting line is loaded with offensive talent. Maintains defensive point presence that Davis was very successful at, forcing other team to set up further away from rim and creating turn-overs. Line up allows game to come to them.

    Line up = entertaining at best, since we have a wealth of combo and hybrid type of players.

  31. right….this team has a lot of guards, wings, shooters, a great hybrid(?)PF, and a young pure Center/PF…in Jovanovich.
    Still would seal the deal, FUHA since all the teams in final 16, elite eight etc, had some bigs that guarded the paint. Deny at the rim. or alter shots.

    Having, that big down there, unless, Jovanovich or Jankovich, who less we forget will not be eligible to play until mid December 2014..
    becomes that active guy, who can block shots, Jovanovich and Jankovich, however coaching staff and returning guards know that UH needs One if not Two shot blockers, will help UH in their pressure defense, they can gamble more, and have the help Big waiting in the back to cover for them…

    Either way, believe that UH will be scoring in the 80+ ppg again, as Quincy says, and we noticed, the BWC games, UH was pedal to the metal, just all out, when BWC play started, hit that 2 game loss road swing, then kind of stumble through conference, they want to be peaking right at start of, and finish of BWC season,..
    By year 5 , believe that Gib and staff have it down, the athletes, with the lockdown Big when they get him, will make UH really good!

  32. sorry, added to above post, IN THE PRE BWC GAMES…as Quincy alluded to, UH was really hungry and super competitive, BWC play kind of tired, and finished okay…however they want to start season and End Season well! Will take a lot of work by Coach down to the scout team, they get it done, UH will have a great run ..hopefully, no….that is THE GOAL, what team wants, NCAA bid.

  33. Need a absolute banger for the last slot, this guy has to be able to muscle for the rebounds offensively, defensively , and have the athletic ability to block shots , a nice hook shot and short jumper would greatly help. Gotta Get One. ! That’s why the boss is on the mainland

  34. Maybe with Bobbitt, UH can score 115+ ppg next year just like Indian Hills did. IHCC had another guy that is just as good as Bobbitt, similar 3 point shooting and steals, that is going to a big D-I school next yaer (Baylor). Imagine if UH got both of those guys. I wonder if Indian Hills could have beat UH.

  35. I just wonder how UH would have done against Indian Hills CC because that team could really score a lot of points, and we know how bad UH’s defense was. Indian Hills had the better guards, two of them (Bobbitt and Medford), better than anyone UH could have put in the backcourt. And I saw a lot of teams in the NCAA Sweet 16 had that kind of good guard play. Also IHCC has a 7’0″ guy.

  36. Probably Indian Hills could have made the Sweet 16.

  37. Just looking more at Indian Hills CC. They had 4 players on the ALL-REGION team, and they are going to schools like Baylor, Arizona St., Washington, and UH (http://www.indianhillsathletics.com/article/854.php)
    This team is loaded with D-I players that just happens to be playing juco, they could have made the Final 4 probably. And this is to say nothing about 6’10” Majok Deng from Australia, or more importantly 7’0″ 220 lb Akolda Manyang. He is only a freshman too, but it will be tough for a D-I team to lure him away from juco powerhouse. Check out Manyang’s mixtape, dude can fly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m8U-xQv04g).
    Not sure what his nationality is, but he’s from Minnesota.
    Amazing to see that these juco teams are better than UH.

    And you don’t hear about teams trying to recruit these guys out of high school. The IHCC coach must be awesome to turn non-recruits into all-region players, and he’s Gib’s cousin too right? Maybe some of his talent can rub off on Gib. IHCC’s leading scorer only played 18 minutes per game ??! I found some stats (http://stats.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2013-14/div1/teams/indianhillscommunitycollege?view=lineup)

  38. Will be interesting to see if someone from the bench will elevate his game. I am perplexed with Thomas especially. He’s got all the tools to play the game at a high level. Hoping that one day the light will turn on and a sense of emergency to get better will set in. He, Valdez, or Smith needs to have a break out year to show others that hard work and dedication can take you somewhere. Gym rats smell? Ya but passion is sweet.

  39. That is the thing, with emphasis on getting a needed Big , to guard the rim…sometimes we fans forget about, Mike Thomas 6’8″ and still growing hopefully, he was 3 star rated BB player out of HS. The sky is the limit, length, he can handle, go coast to coast, if he would relax, his shot is out to 3 pt range, can block shots, rebound, make the passes, just first year intense D1 ball, rough. Look for Mike, who is a great student smart and very good character guy to step up!

    Jovanovich same thing, smart academically, will get bigger and stronger in weight room, put on 10 more pounds of muscle. He will be good.
    Aaron Valdes, at 6’5″-6’6″, sky is the limit too, he showed, he can get waaaay up there, legitimate hilite reel,
    Smith will improve, so will Nevels, who had great Jr year.
    If UH had squad of Smith, Nevels, Valdes, Thomas and Jovanovich, to compete as starting 5 in BWC play, I am quite confident that they would win a lot of games,

    With Bobbitt, NWC, Jankovich, Harville, Filipovich, Jawato if healthy 100%, Fleming, and that coveted Big shot blocking sky rocketing athlete. UH can win regular and BWC tourney titles, NIT or NCAA bound. These guys, Smith, Nevels, Thomas, Fotu, Jawato, Enos, Jovanovich, they know the BWC wars, and what it takes to make NCAA tournament, Look for team to really be rocking and rolling, This could be, and should be in year 5, Gib’s best team, RPI, record wise and NIT or NCAA team. the best is yet to come!

  40. where are people getting crazy ideas like playing Negus at the point and having Bobbitt play SF?

    seriously guys, Bobbitt is a point, Negus is a 3 or a 2, you dont need to get crazy.

  41. Horssse: yes, Indian Hills loaded with D1 talent. However, Juco and D1 ball, a HUGE difference, if those guys out of HS were that good, they would have signed with Duke, North Carolina, Mich. St, Michigan, Louisville, Florida , Kentucky UCLA,…They needed to get academics in order to qualify for 4 year colleges and for some like Micah Kroeger, needed to just mature and get better at BB.

    Those are the diamonds, the ones who transfer out of Juco as freshmen , and come into D1 programs as true sophomores.

    Trevor Ruffin, and Tony Maroney, from Indian Hills…when Trevor was senior and Tony Jr., they went to NCAA tournament. Trevor struggled first year out of juco, did better in senior year.

    That final four, UConn, Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin had great ballers,
    With Standhardinger, Fotu, Spearman, Shamburger, and Nevels, playing at 80%, they easily beat any juco team in the nation. It is like a pick up team of ex HS good ballers, or park league good ballers, playing, the national champion WBB team. Just the physical nature, the speed and skill, WBB and Men BB athletes HUGE difference..
    Juco team, and even a top 200 NCAA D1 team HUGE difference, The PHYSICAL nature, the D1 under .500 team, would knock Indian Hills off the planet.

  42. Keep it up UH MBB fans. This if fun, Spring, recruiting, guys come and go, however, UH MBB program, a lot of interest one way or another!

    Dayton, WI site, the best!

    Mahalo to the Schmidts, the WI posters, and Dayton Morinaga who loves UH MBB and all that is Warrior Insider.

    Enjoy all of the posts!

  43. Keep it up UH MBB fans. This IS(darn still hard to type with those small virtual keyboards!!)fun, Spring, recruiting, guys come and go, however, UH MBB program, a lot of interest one way or another!

    Dayton, WI site, the best!

    Mahalo to the Schmidts, the WI posters, and Dayton Morinaga who loves UH MBB and all that is Warrior Insider.

    Enjoy all of the posts

  44. Love the fact everyone overlooks Harville. Hopefully teams on our schedule will as well. You don’t lead the whole state of Kentucky in made threes one year and then transfer to Vermont Academy prep school the next year and set a NEPSAC league single season record with 125 made threes by accident. That is an elite shooter. He is walk on because he loves Hawaii. Teams on the east coast will take him on scholarship in a minute but he absolutely hates the cold he experienced in Vermont. He is confident he will soon earn a scholarship in Hawaii or somewhere else warmer.

  45. jake…you sound like someone close to harville.

  46. Jake: if Harville, puts on weight, and gets stronger over this summer, and can still hit his loooong bomb 3’s, as well as play major DI ball defense, he will play.
    Neat, if he is here for UH summer session, and starts scoring 50 pts a game in that league..
    Jake, maybe not, I hope that Manoa Summer league is SAFE for UH MBB athletes, Dressler, Spearman, Smith, Jawato, Fotu, all go hurt playing in that venue. Maybe open gym with team better.

    Either, way , Harville, must be at least a 2 star HS athlete, young guy, so would not put it past him, if he is STILL growing, come into UH at 6’1″..heck Trevor Ruffin was about 5’11’ and he could hit threes out to near half court!

    Harville, keep that name in mind, UH in transition, Smith-Bobbitt dish to Harville in the corner, 3 ball down the corner pocket, Harville for 3! Another one, shoots, Harville just completed hitting 8 for 8, 24 pts in the first half for UH, a new UH MBB record for consecutive made threes.

    Looks like Harville is a baller too, PG, handles, just get stronger Tyler!

    Kentucky is a Basketball lovin state!

  47. No. I’m in Boston. I follow NEPSAC league closely. Write some scouting reports for Hoop Dreams from time to time. I simply loved this kids game from the first time I saw him in an open gym at Vermont Academy before the season started. We filmed a 6 minute tape on that open run (go to YOUTUBE and type in Vermont Academy open run). Tyler is the second player on that. With a beard. About one minute on six players. The other 5 players are all sophomores and juniors with multiple offers. I was really there for the other 5 but this kid was hitting 30 foot bombs over and over again. Then he led the team in scoring at 18+ per game and made 3rd team all league. That is impressive to make top 15 in that league. Then I saw him play 7 or 8 games during the year. Made 5+ threes each time I watched. Twice he made 8 threes and twice 7 threes. He hits from way out. Just fun to watch. Hit the game winner in two games I saw. Plus he is simply automatic at the free throw line. Once made 38 in a row in high school. Shot 86% or 88% for career at the line. I’ve talked to him twice. Nice kid. Simply didn’t care that Quinnipiac, Hartford, New Hampshire, etc… would most likely eventually offer. As soon as Fisher showed interest he said he would walk on if needed. Then let the chips fall where they may.

  48. thanks jake…good stuff.

  49. Playhoopsa. Love the play by play!

  50. Jake

    Keep Pumpin ‘im Up ’til he can do it here for himself…

    Maybe we’ll see Harville Blow the Cover Off of The Big West (Better than Jawato two seasons ago)

    and Make a Splash in The Regionals —

    Three to Five (or More) Threes CAN Blow Open Some Tight Games Fast…

    Real Good Stuff From Way Out…

    Coast-To-Coast GIB and Staff …
    ?And What From Beyond?

    What Dreams May Come?

  51. Jake

    Looks like a talented group of guys in that Vermont Academy video. Harville made some nice shots. I’m concerned about his size though. He looks so thin.

    Some more news on Keith Shamburger. When there was talk a few days ago about his release, he removed ‘hoop for university of hawaii’ from his Twitter ‘description’/byline. I just checked it today and the ‘hoop for university of hawaii’ is back up.

    I personally think he made a rash decision about wanting a release.

  52. True. Size is a factor that makes everyone wonder. That video was from last fall. He had added another 7 to 10 lbs when I last watched him. Needs another 7 to 10. Coaches can help with that. But he played straight up against plenty of size and it doesn’t seem to bother him. Basketball IQ very high. He uses all the tricks and angles to take advantage. Size certainly doesn’t hurt him on offense…..but he needs more for defense. Point taken.

  53. Check out this video in Tyler harville


    Looks like the real deal. If he was 6’3″ he wouldn’t be a walk on here in Hawaii…

  54. We’ll see all these new guys in summer league – Fleming, Bobbitt, Harville. Not that summer league is an indication of anything cause the talent seems to be watered down and defense compared to the D1 level is non existent, but it’ll be great to see these guys in person playing against some familiar faces.

  55. The808. You have a good eye. That video was from 2 years ago when he was 5’9″. He is now legitimately 6′. A more current 1 min clip is on you tube. Type in Vermont Academy open run. He is 2nd person shown (with a beard). He is about 5’10 or 5’11” there. It is just before prep league started. You can see on that video all the talent they had. He led them in scoring. His release is just so quick it offsets some of the size issues. Plus he wants the ball in crunch time and he delivers. Just a cold blooded shooter in the games I saw in person. And 125 made threes in NEPSAC. …I covered that league for 12 years. Trust me. That is impressive

  56. Jake: Hawaii once had a kid whose highlight reel (played at Huntington Prep) was quite impressive. He was stroking from NBA range and beyond. For whatever reason it just didn’t work out here; he never showed any consistency and eventually transferred. Harville coming in with similar accolades; hopefully, it will work for him. Folks on this board know of whom I speak: Manroop Clair (red-shirting at Seattle U).

  57. You never know. A lot depends on opportunity and how much confidence the coach shows in him. The special ingredient I’ve personally seen in Harville is he seems to have the true shooters mentality. He always believes the next one is going in. I’ve seen him a couple of times go approximately 3-12 during a game then in the last 2 minutes make three bombs and 4 free throws to ice it. I know his nickname in Lexington, KY was “the closer” for the way he was always clutch regardless of how he had shot earlier in the game.

  58. Overall, isn’t it great to have players coming here with potential and demonstrated high level skills at the level they are currently playing at? Don’t you think it is exciting when the talent base is expanding and potential exists to play at the next levels? Hopefully more sooner than later we’ll get more players that have both the talent and the “tiger of the tiger.” Truly believe that Negus has that. And, Jake sees the same in Harville, makes for a great upcoming season. Big picture wise, sure looks like the MBB is on the right path.

  59. tako: Earlier you mentioned a starting lineup with negus at the point. while I doubt that’s in the cards, I recall watching him in the summer league and that same thought came to me then. He was more or less playing like point forward, if you will, bringing up the ball and passing off, or taking some very deep 3’s. At the time I was thinking, wonder if they’d take a chance and let a 6-foot-6 guy play the point. Imagine the mismatches that creates. Of course, summer league and D1 ball hardly are comparable.

  60. Hopefully Harville will continue to grow. Looks like he has really good handles too and is able to see the floor well. Maybe he’ll keep growing and eventually get to 6’3″? With Manroop, I think coach tried to turn him into a point guard which he wasn’t and that’s why he transferred. While others may disagree, I think that Smith will get the nod at point at least to start the season. IMHO, the team seemed to click better sometimes when Smith was in the game for Sham. Watching Negus in summer league, he is not a pure ball handler so I wouldn’t chance it with him at the point, especially against pressure. Look at what happened two seasons ago when they tried Tavita, Manroop and the other 6’8″ European guy the point. Not the best situation when so-called “combo” players play out of the comfort zone.

  61. Ryan Boatright is 6’0″. The difference, he’s super quick and he can get open to get off his shot. Also, the talent level. Tim Floyd gave Boatright a scholarship when hw was in the 7th grade. I don’t care if Harville is 6’0″. The question is can he play Division I effectively. That’s the only thing that matters.

  62. Where can I find news about the summer league? When it starts, how many teams, etc….I talked to someone the other day that trades text with Harville pretty often. Said he was going to arrive in Oahu June 29th. Vacation with his parents and sister until he moves in July 5th. Says his attitude is he is currently at the bottom of the totem pole because of his size just like he starts out with every team he has ever played for….but he doesn’t intend on staying at the bottom very long. Also says as long as the coaching staff doesn’t change he couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for the next 4 years. Says he refuses to answer calls from other teams on the east coast. Vermont convinced him he simply doesn’t like the cold weather. I know worse case is you guys will get a player that just gets better and better every year. He is a true gym rat.

  63. Yes… I can speak in behalf of tireless UH MBB WI site provider Dayton “Da Man” Morinaga, keep on posting your comments, observations, etc, on UH team and potential. This is GREAT!!

    Can we hit 80 posts for this thread? I think we can.

    Harville, Jake, interesting, if he can shoot it, UH has Harper, Hackman, Jawato, Nevels, Bobbitt, Fleming, Webster-Chan, even Stefan Jankovich who have 3 point range. If Tyler loves Hawaii, and gets stronger bigger, can handle the classwork, the CULTURE of Hawaii Polynesia, UH fans will fall in love with him too! Interesting point, and so mature, he says, he will work for that scholarship, try to earn it, that bespeaks gym rat, just like the other 3 or 4 preferred walkons,…Not in YEARS, has UH MBB , I don’t think ever…have 5 guys that were preferred walkons with UH program. That speaks well of Gib, the staff and the team!

    Jake, keep us posted on Harvillle, and any other east coast shooters, even some BIGS, who would like to join the Rainbow Warriors!

    Shout out to Boston Strong!!

    Warrior Insider fans, let’s see if we all can hit 80 plus posts for this topic!!

    Mahalo Dayton and Warrior Insider, I know people from all over the USA and glove view your site!

  64. If only I could type correctly, fumble fingers on the keyboard, sorry!

    I meant: Mahalo Dayton and Warrior Insider, I know people from all over the USA and GLOBE view your site!

  65. Derek. You are 100% correct. Of course only time will tell. But I think he can. I’ve never seen a quicker release and he simply has that attitude. He never, ever plays scared. Look up Jalen Adams and Kaleb Joseph. They played on the same team in prep ball. They beat Harville’s team but Harville hit 8 threes and scored 28 points total while those two took turns guarding him. Joseph has committed to Syracuse and Adams is most likely going to Kansas.

  66. Jake:

    This great Hawaii Hoops follower, has great site for the Manoa Collegiate Summer League, blog and some video hilties. Warrior Insider, Dayton Morinaga, does some coverage, of UH MBB open gym runs, and summer league hilites of UH MBB team new and returnees who participate. Just hope the guys stay healthy, a lot of the athletes have gotten injuries playing in the summer league. Just have to tape well, stretch, hydrate, nutrition, and Tyler Harville can hit the weights, if he is enrolled in July UH summer session, which I am sure he will be!


  67. Of Course, THE BEST UH MBB COVERAGE JAKE, Warrior Insider with super Dayton Morinaga running the excellent site, and The Schmidt Ohana(family) sponsoring, along with others.

    Great stuff!

    Excited to see Harville in Hawaii!

  68. Playhoopsa. Thanks for the info because I really want to follow his progress. I know the video against Cushing Academy (with Adams and Joseph) is the one that really got the attention of Coach Fisher. Proved he could score on high D1 talent. Does need to continue to hit the weights. Yes, he is for sure planning on enrolling for the summer session.

  69. DANG…coach and staff be working that recruiting trail HARD…get that big or best athletic baller Gib!
    Kenondre Dew G/F, 6-8, 200 lbs.(ton of high level schools after him) some services have him at 3 star rated..

    Still need that 6’9″-6’11’ rrim protector PRIORITY ONE!

  70. Hey, Clyde, that thought of having Negus play point is for defensive purposes. On offense, it’s a three guard offense. The team will switch up when bringing the ball up, probably Bobbitt bringing it up and once, in the half court offense, Bobbitt and Negus can rotate attacking from the point. It’ll be a defensive nightmare for other teams to guard 3 potent guards. This will free up the bigs on the inside. Or, as they have in the past, going inside then out.

    Smith has demonstrated that he can play at the D1 level. When he develops consistent outside shooting he’ll be a threat to start. Have Bobbitt starting in the hopes that he is all that he is hyped to be.

    The BIG unknown and wish is that Jankovich can play UP to his potential, as a legit 6′ 10+”, he can be monster underneath. Currently, everyone is wishing for a rim protector, I am wishing that with what we have (Jankovich), a monster develops that can play both inside and outside.

    Save the last scholie for next year. However, recognize that next year is important from the business stand point, MBB program has to ride the black.

  71. Every team in our conference will be stronger next year. We have the talent but will need a great game plan and a much improved defense. Hope Gib will use all the talent he has and have the bench score at least 20+ points a game. Can’t leave talent seating on the sidelines. If Sham decides he wants to stay, do you think Gib will take him back? Maybe Sham spoke to soon and there isn’t the scholarship out there that will let him play where he wants.

  72. anderpops:
    boy, Shamburger has a lot of growing up to do. Sad that he lost auntie, and being so close to family. Had clash with team and coach, however, like Fotu, Nevels, Smith, Thomas, Jovanovich, Filipovich, NWC, Jankovich, Hackman, Harper, Enos, they stay for the long haul, or decide to complete schooling and graduate from UH.

    If Sham ever came back, actually he is STILL on scholarship this spring, if he was granted okay to be part of next season team, would think, Gib would have him start from bottom, gain trust of team and coaches and earn PT again.

    Very emotional guy, hope the best for him, Shamburger huge reason, when he played well, and emotions in check, UH played its best ball!
    That is the thing to anderpops, another DI school, checking out Sham’s track record, 3 D1 schools in 5 years, that is a lot of movement. Hope the best for young guy, and especially for the guys with team now, who are always TEAM, University and fans, first, their agendas second!

  73. congratulations to Michelle Wie! Great LPGA USA win in Lotte.
    too bad Michelle was not a UH alumunus! Imagine her winners purse…and if she were donor to UH athletics…who knows , maybe so!

  74. So Jake, do you have Harville’s 3pont percentage for last year. Like how many 3 point shots was he taking in a game. Also saw his height at 5:10″ not 6″. The only thing I found was 35% which is quite “lights out”. Also, any comment on his defense and ability to steal. Would love to see “a closer” show up but don’t want to get too excited. His range will surely help Fotu and others from being double and triple teamed. Don’t forget Jovanovic. I believe he has tremendous potential and needs more playing time than he got last year. Hope Mike Thomas improves. He looked a little lost out there last year even though you can see he has great talent. Can’t wait for BB to begin.

  75. I meant to say 35% isn’t lights out. Nevels shot 41% on 3 pointers for the year and 35% during conference play. Spearmen, Quincy and Aaron Valdes also shot in the 30’s.

  76. Anderpops. Not sure where u saw 35%. Maybe if he just shot left handed. Here is everything I have in my notes about Tyler Harville:
    High school Lexington Christian Academy.
    Averaged 18.7 during career, shot 44.7% from 3 point. (229/512). Led the state in made threes senior year with 96. Against Scott County #1 team in state he made 9-13 from threes and finished with 34 points in a 88-85 upset. As a sophomore he made 38 straight free throws. Shot 88.2% from line in his career. 8th all time in state for anyone with more than 50 attempts.
    Prep school year at Vermont Academy. Led team with 18.35 average. Set NEPSAC league record with 125 made threes. 44% (125/284). Named 3rd team all NEPSAC.
    He has an extremely high basketball IQ. His dad and grandfather have coached AAU for many years. They are all John Wooden disciples which means they strongly believe basketball is a game of “who wins the angles wins the games”. Tyler tries hard to compensate on defense by playing the angles. I assure u he is now 6’0″. Growth spurt last two months. I hope he isn’t done growing. He absolutely thrives on doubters like u. I bet u a nice Boston lobster dinner u end up loving this kid. Extremely fun to watch. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Makes big shots and makes sure the guy trying to stop him knows it…. :). He is for sure a love me or hate me type player

  77. Awesome Jake. We will be sure to make him feel at home while he is here in Hawaii. There aren’t any better fans then he will find here.

  78. On a side note, the program is on the rise when the WI has over 78 comments on one article.

    I haven’t looked at the full history, but I don’t remember a single time one post came close to this many comments.

  79. Jake, is his twitter account TY_Harville4

  80. Yes it is Ander pops

  81. I would never bother a recruit. He doesn’t need people hounding him and we certainly don’t want to turn him off. He is busy as it is. He will appreciate reading our comments on this website. That should be good enough. Let the coaching staff take care of it. For us, we hope we have a very good team next year.

  82. too much talk/hype for a walk-on…if he’s that good of a shooter why no scholarship or good offers?

  83. Jake,

    Appreciate all your information and enthusiasm for Tyler, but I removed your posts that included his phone number and e-mail. That is personal information that can be accessed by anyone through search engines, so I would prefer not for that kind of stuff to be made public through this site.

    Hope you understand.

    Thanks for discovering and continuing to post on this site.

  84. DM.. I understand. No problem

  85. You are right Derek. Shouldn’t bother them. My bad. Hawaiifan09 may be right too. Only time will tell. I hope every player you guys get is twice is as good as you hear. Good luck on the year. Some of us in New England area will now be paying closer attention.

  86. I think everyone is excited about next season, but we’ve truly got to consider next season as a rebuilding year with all we’ve lost. I’ll bet that Jankovic isn’t as effective scoring and rebounding (and racking up opponents fouls) as Stanhardinger, and the point will be a mini adventure without a proven D1 starter. You also just can’t replace Spearman’s hustle and heart just by plugging in Negus. What I do think is that the team will be deeper, and that the freshmen will be better. Agree with Anderpops that Thomas needs to improve. I remember when he just arrived in the islands and started playing in summer league. IMHO he didn’t live up to the hype and looked lost out there. Hope he proves me wrong!

  87. 808:

    yes, Thomas was given opportunity, and Gib did want to increase his PT in game situation, however DI ball a different game and level from HS. Mike is a great talent, great family and tons of potential. He is doing fine in school, shooting for the highest GPA he can achieve.
    This soph. year Mike Thomas will step it up. He knows what to do, and I bet he is still growing bigger and taller!
    Lot of potential, however, you are right, losing 3 starters that is a lot, however, the young RS and true freshmen got a taste of DI ball and are so anxious to get it going and challenge for PT and most importantly get wins and go to NCAA’s!

    Dayton, WI, and site contributors, great comments, UH MBB hoops excitement still glowing hot!!

  88. Jake: thanks for your insight on Tyler Harville , you and east coast watchers will follow his development, …he must have great family support to send Tyler thousands of miles away , help send him to school in Hawaii. Hope everything works out well.

    Look forward to this summer and how guys are improving, albeit, summer league, open gym runs, national teams, and the rest!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, keep getting better!

  89. Sounds good all the reports. Wonder how NCAA thing will turn out? Must be okay, if coaches still full bore on recruiting!

  90. I would choose Hawaii’s Mr Basketball Maryknoll’s Josh Burnett to walk on over Tyler Harville. Just my opinion

  91. Josh highlights look good. Does he not have offers elsewhere?

  92. Jake:
    did you not say that Tyler had offers possible from Vermont, Qunnipac(sorry spelling?), those are D1 schools..
    I think Coach Fish was in on offer of preferred walkons to Harper, Hackman and now Harville, I might be wrong, All 3 point shooters.

    Hey Gib, Go Lock Up that shot blocking Big 6’9″-6’11”

    Gib Go Get The Big!

  93. Playhoopsa. Word I have heard over the last month or so(mostly from his prep coach and other coaches in the NEPSAC) is that if Harville had not committed early to walk on at Hawaii he would have eventually received offers from Quinnipiac, Manhatten, Hartford, Vermont, New Hampshire and Eastern Kentucky. Plus I know Creighton called his prep coach twice about him being a preferred walkon there. They all liked him alot but like everyone else in the country they wanted to make sure a much bigger and more athletic kid wouldnt come first. But I was told Harville felt like Coach Fisher believed in him much more than the others and felt like he was always very straight with him. No promises except a solid opportunity to prove himself. Said he thought Fisher understood because he was a walkon himself at Santa Barbra and of course ended up being that schools Hall of Fame. Harville is from Kentucky and simply didn’t like the cold east coast and didn’t want to go to EKU because it was only 20 miles from home. Time will tell if he made the right choice. I may be completely off base but I think he will be a big surprise for Hawaii fans.

  94. Jake: Mahalo(thankyou). I like how Gib and staff, the UH MBB program, no offering young guys, an opportunity to walkon, and give it a shot(pun intended). Whatever happens, Tyler will have great experience of being a far distance from home, and a lot of support from Hawaii fans. Even if through one or two years.
    Credit to Tyler AND his family for supporting him and his decision, We know, even with scholarship athltets DI nothing written in stone, how things work out, what with the movement every spring of NCAA DI athletes, however, imagine if Tyler is that prep athlete , who blossoms into something special.
    Very sure when Tyler is out here, even visiting , and getting familiar with Hawaii, and Manoa campus, before starting UH summer session, he will love the beaches, the friendly fans and people, and can go into open gym, and start working out, on his game, his body, his maturity,…just being in the mid pacific, beneficial for him..A completely different culture, Polynesia, that Gib promotes and sells for the young guys coming in.

    To all the preferred walkons, and Jake, especially to their families helping them out, coming to UH as walkons, kudos and much props to their ohanas(families!)
    We await the arrival this summer of Isaac Fleming, Roderick Bobbitt, Tyler Harville, and a possible 6’9″ to 6’11” big rim protector, priority ONE for guarding the paint.

    Hey, if you know through the grapevine of bigs, still shopping around late for school to help shore up interior defense, well, you know what school(UH Rainbow Warriors) would like them to come on over. Great if UH had Bigs, coming over as preferred too!

    Thanks Jake. Interesting, a following from Boston Mass!

  95. sorry typo errors or wireless keyboard not accurate , missing words, letters…apologies!

    Jake: Mahalo(thankyou). I like how Gib and staff, the UH MBB program,NOW offering young guys, an opportunity to walkon, and give it a shot(pun intended). Whatever happens, Tyler will have great experience of being a far distance from home, and a lot of support from Hawaii fans

  96. Playhoopsa. I will share your thoughts with my friend that I know will forward them to Harville. I’m sure he will appreciate them. I know one 7′ project Hawaii would be smart to keep an eye on. He will be a senior at Vermont Academy next year. Name is Tyler Jackson. Watch the YouTube video of Vermont Academy open run again. He is shown at about the 2:05 mark of the 6 minute video.

  97. You know we forgot to mention Dyrbe Enos(!), our local Hawaii BB HS preferred walkon product. He of the 3 ball shooter from Kamehameha Kapalama Schools. Hope that Dyrbe is doing okay, and that he will be soph,. with the team next season. That young man worked really hard and got some PT last season. Thanks to Enos family for their support of their son Dyrbe. Know that Isaac Fotu and Dyrbe are good friends!

  98. hopefully harville turns out to be a Cinderella story….under the radar walk-on and then booom!!!…earns that scholarship and can kill by the three

  99. HORSSSSSE and Jake: Mahalo (Thanks) for the excellent links to Indian Hills and Vermont Academy! Hopefully Gib will be announcing the signing of a quality Big in the next few days. Already looking forward to seeing the new players and returnees in the Summer League. This website has come a long way – kudos to Dayton & staff and the MVP sponsors! GO BOWS!

  100. Forgot to mention comment on Jack Hackman, a Coach Fish find. Preferred walkon who practiced with high level German BB talent for one year after HS. It was a training ground to get away from home, USA, and develop his game. Jack has great attitude, just like Nikola Filipovich, work hard, do well in school, improve in BB skill, physically get stronger , faster quicker, and be ready to contribute. It STILL amazes me, that ones like Aaron(maybe status changed, I don’t know, ?), Jack, Micahel H., Dyrbe, Nikola, and now Harville, would make effort with help of their families and offer to walkon to team. Always good , ever since back in the day, for walkon or two to be part of team with chance to earn scholarship. Cannot remember when UH MBB had up to 5 on team. UH MBB program, is getting there, Just keep on getting better guys, and coaching staff. NCAA will be a reality!

  101. First off, I think hitting the 100 comment plateau is a record here at WI.

    Thanks to Jake for some inside knowledge on Harville. Since he’s a walk on he’s just an added bonus but I can’t think of any walkons in the Gib era making any type of impact except for Miah. I think that Gib should have RS Thomas this year since he got very minimal playing time/experience. I think he wasted a year. I am also with Pimp Hand that Burnett would make a great walk on if he doesn’t go with his other lower scholie offers. I think Burnett will get more exposure this summer and get something offered at the last minute.

  102. PONO:

    who knows , maybe Josh Burnett would inquire about walking on. I think last year, had a HS local baller, who was even running open gym with UH MBB team through summer and fall. However, was not a preferred walkon, he was enrolled at UH though.

    That would be ideal if guys like Enos and Burnett, would be the next Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, David Hallums, Alika Smith, Bobby Nash, Julian Sensley, interest in the program , and if UH wins a lot, would drive up in house attendance as well.

    If Burnett burns up that summer league, who knows, hope he gets a shot somewhere. Look at Josh Ko!

  103. There is a reason why some players are walk-ons. It’s because they are not good enough to play a lot of minutes on the Division I level. Period. Stop it! Just stop it! Tell me when was the last time a walk-on had a big impact on a basketball team at Hawaii? Ostrowski was a walk-on, but that’s only because he was on a football scholarship. Don’t expect Enos, Hackman, Harper, and Filipovich to get a lot of playing time. This is not to say that they can’t improve significantly and they can get more time, if they excel in practice and in actual games. I can’t believe so much hype about Harville, as a preferred walk-on. To me, that’s a lot of pressure on the young man. 100 blog comments and counting. Stop it! Just stop it! Let the young man come in and work hard on his game. I’m sure he wants it that way that he can earn his way on to the team and get into the rotation if he’s good enough. Next thing you know,we are going to talk about John Ursua as a walk-on, ala Miah who will be on a football scholarship next year. By all accounts, Ursua was an excellent PG in high school in Utah. As a parting comment, Aaron Valdes should be on scholarship and I hope Arnold will reward him at the earliest opportunity.

  104. burnett has a couple of offers.

  105. “Burnett’s athleticism, soft-shooting touch and knack for making big plays put him at the top of our list of players for the 2013-14 season”-scoringlive
    “Josh Burnett’s versatility and aggressiveness made him an elite defender” -paul honda

    put this boy in a college weight training program and sky’s the limit

    buffalo coach Bobby Hurley must see this potential offering him a scholarship.

  106. Ditto on Triple Digit Comments…
    Nice Milestone, Dayton and Credit to UHMBB Staff & Players
    With Range out to Both Coasts…

    When Families Kick In… Internationale’

    Albeit Fully 50 (~32/18) from Hoops/Jake

  107. Yeah, bummers about not red shirting Thomas this past season. He could have used it to get used to college ball. I think Harville will take minutes from Dyrbe next season. Don’t think Harville will want to redshirt. And yes, if Valdes isn’t already on scholie, then that boy sure deserves one!

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