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Catching up with Christian Standhardinger

Christian Standhardinger made his way into the University of Hawai’i basketball record books through hustle, determination, and unconventional means. It should come as no surprise that he is relying on those same traits as he prepares for a shot at professional basketball.

Standhardinger, who just completed his senior season as a Warrior, has been training daily – on and off the court – and is prepared to take his game around the world, if needed, next season.


“The plan from here is to get some NBA workouts – I have no specifics yet,” the 6-foot-8 forward said. “My agents told me lean a little towards Europe and I have a bright future. I hope they are right and I hope I will get a good spot in Europe or I stay in America. Everything is still unclear yet, it’s a little bit early.”

Standhardinger was raised in Germany, so he will have the advantage of being counted as a German player should he opt to play in Europe (most leagues in Europe only allow a few Americans per roster). However, his mother is from the Philippines, so he is seeking a passport from that country so that he can count as an Asian player should he opt to play in Asia.

“Right now I’m in the process of working out to get a Philippines passport so I have more options,” he said. “Europe is a very nice place, but Asia is a very nice place, too. Playing in the Philippines would be an honor. And maybe China because China has a very good league, too.”

In addition to putting up shots in the gym every day, Standhardinger has been cross-training and taking boxing lessons at Flex-Hard Pro Fitness.

“I’m training with Kyle Pressley … he’s an amazing trainer and he works me out and gets me in shape,” Standhardinger said. “I can even defend myself now. No fans running out on the court anymore … I’ll be ready now!”

Standhardinger said he also plans to stay in Hawaii through the 4th of July so that he can finish up classes at UH and earn his degree in Business Marketing.

Standhardinger was a two-time All-Big West Conference first team selection, and is the only player in UH history to reach 1,000 points and 500 rebounds in just two seasons.

If you haven’t yet, please see the above video for more insight from Standhardinger, including his thoughts on the future of UH basketball and some of the young talent on the team.


  1. Christian,

    Thanks for Sharing the Two Great (three with redshirt) Seasons in Hawai’i

    Appreciate your Comments on Mike Thomas, Both Stefans, Negus and Aaron;

    I’m looking forward to your Pro and Olympic Careers knowing that your ability (now) to focus ‘full-time’ With Pay, on basketball will reault in even better shooting and moves; a la’ Dirk…Your ability (and Willingness) to help Two Olympic Teams in Germany and Philippines is Unique and might make you a hero there, like here…

    In Your Travels send us a few more ‘future pros’ smart enough to invest their developmental and college years in paradise…

    Mahalo again …
    ‘Boom’ 4 Life!, Christian!

  2. A big MAHALO to Christian, Brandon, and Davis! Great character and leaders of the 2013-14 UHMBB ohana! Mahalo also to Keith and best wishes to all 4 of you in the future, especially in basketball.

    Thanks Christian for your comments on the returning players and red-shirts! Looking forward to seeing Mike, Garrett, Fotu, Negus, Jankovich, Aaron, Quincy, Jovanovich, Fleming, Harville, and yet-to-be-announced recruits in the summer league.

    WI ohana excitedly waiting to hear Gib announce signings of new bigs or best player(s) available in the very near future. Really like the kind of recruits that Gib is going after (on and off the basketball court and in the classroom), and that they get along with the current members of the team.

  3. OOPS! My bad – also looking forward to seeing Brandon’s former teammate Roderick Bobbitt in action in the summer league!

  4. I think it is a very good sign that Christian was able to stay healthy during his time playing for Hawaii. With his extreme hustle and determination, it is a very good sign indeed and will hopefully translate into a very long and lucrative pro career. His ability to draw fouls is also an asset and should be made a standard part of his game, upping his ppg and at the same time providing him some comfortable ‘go to’ plays that will always work, i.e., that are money.
    (And did he say ‘big head’ and strong moves ? what?) (Well, let’s make that thing an asset. Work it into the play book next year.)
    As most all of the players, all maybe, Christian will always have Hawaii fans who appreciate him. We lean toward the more notable players cause it is easier to remember. But you will get a lot of agreement that Christian is pretty easy to remember.


    All 3 seniors, so well spoken, getting their degrees hard wokers on the court and off, very popular student athletes and great in Hawaii!

    Will miss the effort, non stop of Chrstian, same can be said of Davis and Brandon Spearman!

    Christian, if the team can emulate your hustle and desire with their skillset, UH and Gib will be battling not only for NCAA, but for top 25 team, I really sincerely believe it. Gib has run a good program, the guys that left, left to move on to seek their dreams. The ones that stayed the course, like our 3 seniors this year, are the foundation for 20 win seasons for year so come!

    Boom, Herr Standhardinger, Out, and into the NBA , Asia or Euro pro basketball!

    Tremendous ambassador for UH BB and Hawaii!

  6. Christian, if the team can emulate your hustle and desire with their skillset, UH and Gib will be battling not only for NCAA, but for top 25 team, I really sincerely believe it. Gib has run a good program, the guys that left, left to move on to seek their dreams. The ones that stayed the course, like our 3 seniors this year, are the foundation for 20 win seasons FOR YEARS to Come.

    What an incentive, for visiting recruits….talk to Davis, Brandon and Christian, ALL POSITIVE about the program. Ben Jay, lock up your good coaches, Beeman, Arnold, Shoji, etc, and let UH athletics, start to become that elite Pacific program..

    Fans, with potential, unleashed, I is getting much excited!

    Dang it…first game in Novemeber 2014 cannot come soon enough…Cannot wait for new guys to arrive in summer!

    Thankyou Dayton..the 4th going onto 5th of Gib era has been awesome!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  7. Christian! Kämpfen und siegen! Good luck with your future. Hopefully this isn’t a goodbye but a ‘see you again soon’!

  8. CS was a true warrior. He gave maximum effort each and every night. A player like him will be appreciated more once he is gone. He should find success in Europe or Asia since he won’t count against the American allotment. Best of luck to him and I hope he supports the program in the future like AC.

  9. Just got a commit from Texas PG Brocke Stepteau (IDK if he got a scholly) and offered Oakland guard Joey Frenchwood both are 2014 prospects.

  10. dannyp:

    It reminds me of guys having preferred walkon (like audition for NCAA DI spot)status, trying to earn scholarships, assuming all the guards are coming back next year, scholie and walkons, that makes Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Harper, Hackman, Enos, Harville, Bobbitt, Filipovich, Fleming and Stepteau, that is a total of ELEVEN guards, PG’s and SG’s, that is a lot…we shall see.

    UH MBB team needs a couple of defensive bigs, or 1 good shot blocker athletic big and a super scoring defending SF tall, rangy athletic, can put on ball pressure, and traps..Those would be the two to lock down with LOI’s…

    Crazy, UH, has a ton of guards. Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Enos, Harper, Hackman, have seen NCAA DI minutes, even if a few…
    Let us wait until official signings of last two scholies are announced, and see what Gib and UH MBB team has for next season!

  11. Is there a roster size limit? 6 of those guards are walk ons so I can imagine that most of them will not ever get to touch the court except in practice.

  12. Christian, we will miss your unbelievable motor, hustle, passion and skill. Mahalo brother.

  13. i would expect a few of the previous walk-ons to start walking out …

    Stepteau looks like a step-up in skills, and maybe in quickness and athleticism…

    IF he’s quick to score, passes as well as his stats and harasses on defense like his recruiting videos show,
    he’ll probably see increasing court time…If he was also 6-3 he’d probbly be a High Recruit….

    I think it’s ‘fair’ to expect our on-ball defense should improve with Bobbitt and Fleming
    and our outside shooting should improve on-court with Negus and Janks
    and off the bench with Harville and Stepteau (AAU coach’s son — sending others?)
    and improvement (if any significant) from returning players…

  14. On the positive side, Coach is upping his talent level and this will help the team be more competitive. For our situation, not having the five and four star recruits, think the team needs a minimum of ten players of comparable talent to make the top 20. Think we need to be able to liberally sub and wear out other teams with relentless of pressure.

  15. Christian will be difficult to replace. It’s his total body of work and untiring hustle. Class act! best wishes….

  16. Eagle, could be the preferred walkon guards, maybe move on, looks like another guard from Newark, Ca. 6’1″ 170 was offered a scholarship, all depends if the guy takes a recruiting visit. Gib did mention in these next two weeks or so, a couple of guys coming in to take the Hawaii tour.

    Still, Gib has to get help in the front court, even if they are raw, but athletic bigs, 6’8″ -6’9″ just defend, blocks shots, alter shots, get deflections and rebound, be TWO very athletic type of bigs, once again even if they ARE PROJECT type, yet have the RAW Athleticism, just teach them to guard the rim…UH would be very good on D in the paint.

    Why all the guards? Don’t know, Eagle, might have a point, maybe the preferred are walking on and now out, Who knows, Maybe Dayton can update who are the preferred walkons, and who is on scholarship…

    Gib YOU HAVE TO SIGN A COUPLE OF BIGS, otherwise, the team will get beat up down low..

  17. Brocke Stepteau looks super quick but another 5’10 :/

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