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Warriors fall on the road at UCSB; secure fourth seed


Well, at least the University of Hawai’i basketball team will finish in fourth place in the Big West Conference.

It is the first time since the 2005-06 season that a Hawai’i team will finish in the top four of its conference, but still a consolation after the Warriors lost an opportunity to move up even higher in the standings after an 86-77 loss at UC Santa Barbara on Thursday.

A crowd of 4,019 at The Thunderdome in Santa Barbara, Calif., witnessed a bizarre game that featured sizzling shooting from the Gauchos early in the game, a fan rushing on to the court to get in the face of the Hawai’i coaches and players, and then a never-give-up rally from the Warrior back-ups to cut the margin from 19 to single-digits in the closing minutes.

“We started out a step slow, and they started super hot, and that’s a bad mix when you’re on the road in a big game like this,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said.

Hawai’i dropped to 19-10 overall and remained in fourth place in the Big West at 8-7. Thanks to losses from other teams, the Warriors have locked up fourth place and the No. 4 seed for next week’s Big West Conference Tournament. They could have moved into a tie for third with a win at Santa Barbara.

UCSB improved to 20-8 and 11-4, and remained one game behind first-place UC Irvine with one game remaining.

The Gauchos hit six of their first seven 3-point shots to build a double-digit lead early in the first half. The Warriors would not cut it to single-digits until the final two minutes.

“That was the story,” Arnold said. “They were just nailing 3s, and it looks like we were playing a little bit tired and gave up just way too many good looks at the basket. Actually, our interior defense I thought was good on Al Williams … but too many open looks, too many late closeouts, and they made us pay.”

The Gauchos finished 10 for 16 from 3-point range, including 7 for 10 in the first half. Playing with the lead for most of the game, the Gauchos also dominated at the free-throw line, hitting 28 of 41 to Hawai’i’s 7 for 14.

Senior forward Christian Standhardinger led the Warriors with 18 points and seven rebounds. Junior point guard Keith Shamburger added 16 points, and had his best shooting night in more than a month, as he went 6 of 8 from the field, including 4 of 5 from 3-point range.


However, it was the Hawai’i second team that made it semi-interesting late in the game.

“I’m a big believer that this time of year you have to get better every game, and I didn’t think we took that great of a step this game, except I thought our second unit did, and that pleased me,” Arnold said. “I really liked how Aaron Valdes played and I really liked how Davis (Rozitis) played and Quincy (Smith) was really good, so that had some highs in there. Going in, I feel a little more comfortable getting those guys in.”

Rozitis scored a career-high 11 points on 5-of-6 shooting, and grabbed five rebounds; Valdes added 10 points on 4-of-5 shooting, and four rebounds; Smith contributed six points and a career-high eight assists.

The Warriors actually had a 7-5 lead early in the game, but the Gauchos seized control with a 16-2 run that gave UCSB a 21-9 lead with 13:08 remaining in the first half. The Gauchos went 4 for 4 from 3-point range during the surge.

UCSB led by as many as 19 in the first half, but the Warriors managed to cut it to nine. The Gauchos eventually took a 39-27 lead at intermission, and again increased it to 19 midway through the second half.

The Hawai’i second team of Rozitis, Valdes, Smith, Mike Thomas and Dyrbe Enos entered the game with 4:33 remaining and the Warriors trailing by 17. They used a full-court defense to cut the UCSB lead to seven, but the Gauchos went 7 for 8 on free throws in the final minute to secure the win.

The most bizarre moment of the game came midway through the first half, when Arnold and Brandon Spearman were both issued technical fouls. Spearman was assessed his technical foul for questioning a non-foul call, then Arnold was immediately assessed one as well for charging on to the court in the direction of the official (he was restrained by the Hawai’i players).

In the aftermath of the technical fouls, a UCSB fan ran across the court to confront Arnold and some of the Hawai’i players.

“It was a little crazy to have a fan pushing your players around. I’ve never seen it. You don’t expect it,” Arnold said in a postgame TV interview. “It’s rare. I hope security would be better. The guy was wasted and in a different world. It is what it is. You can’t control crazies. That’s why they’re crazy.”

The fan was escorted out of the arena, but no penalty was assessed on UCSB for the fan’s behavior. The Gauchos connected on 2 of 4 free throws as a result of the technical fouls.

Alan Williams, the likely Big West Conference Player of the Year, finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Gauchos. Kyle Boswell added 17 points and Zalmico Harmon scored 16.

The Warriors will have to make a quick turnaround for their season finale. They will host Cal State Fullerton on Saturday at the Stan Sheriff Center. Senior players Standhardinger, Rozitis and Brandon Spearman will be honored after the game.


Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 8.10.10 PM

Thursday’s Results
UC Santa Barbara 86, Hawai’i 77
UC Irvine 62, Cal State Fullerton 44
Cal State Northridge 91, Long Beach State 83
UC Riverside 78, UC Davis 65

Saturday’s Games
Cal State Fullerton at Hawai’i
UC Riverside at Long Beach State
UC Davis at UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara at Cal Poly


  1. STILL Got To Shut Down Opposition Threes …

    Nice Bench Play….
    MAYBE it Will Pay Off in The Next Week Or So…!

    Win Saturday!

    Then WIN Some More!
    THREE And More Would DO…

    Go ‘Bows!

  2. Good on Christian for reacting so quickly to protect Gib from that nut that ran onto the court. Smart guy, lots of heart. Tough loss, but I’ve been proud of them all year. Win Saturday! 🙂

  3. add Gib Arnold to the list of college coaches on their worst behavior. It started with Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim going ballistic during a loss at Duke; then Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin and Kentucky coach John Calipari got irate in games.

  4. Bad loss, we are not going to win by shooting 38% fg, Issac ,you need to show up and play , disappointing , Need you to play aggressive Warrior BB, this is prime time of the season Warriors , Nevels also had a poor showing, shooting way off. Poor defense,no legs tonight, too much traveling.
    Support the Warriors come Saturday Nite! White out! Our Warriors need to put out their best effort, to beat a tough Fullerton team!! Come on Warriors ,show up and fight! Be aggressive!!!!!!

  5. SMH at smh ^^^ I’m not quite sure what you are referring to, but it was the UCSB student who charged at Gib, not the other way around.

  6. That kid running onto court, sort of like what happened when Ben Jay got layed out by table. UCSB responsibility, that guy got arrested I believe. It put a real damper on the UCSB senior nite. Well on to other things, glad how Gib’s boys stuck up for him, if he tried to attack Gib, the boys would have took him down. Crazy wackos!

    Back to the game. UH MBB team the starters, left their effort, remember the mantra, ALL 5 Starters have to hit for their averages, and THE EFFORT like Christian on D., man, UCSB, any of the top 3 teams above UH, are just one or two steps ahead, or driving the lane, hitting wide open AND contested 3 pointers, even if UH had TWO guys jumping them, they would hit 9 or so 3’s, They were so balanced, Now we know why UH lost to, Irvine, UCSB and LBSU at home, those teams are just that much better,. It still comes down to , who can win 3 games in a row in BWC tournament, that is UH’s hope.
    jjay, and others, this Senior nite, hope for good whiteout crowd, Eagle, last year, near 9000 came out to honor, Vander, Jace, and Hauns, hope they do so again for classy guys, Davis, Christian and Brandon Spearman!

    It will be a batlle to get that 20th win! UH just has to bring it. Then Gib give team a day off, or day or two, to rest legs.Proud of how second Unit, pressured UCSB so that score was respectable, otherwise, it could have been a 20-25 pt blowout.
    UH, Needs better defense to 3 line, same, with Riley, and Nash team, hard when teams are hitting everything they throw up there, one of those nites. Funny, UH was ranked one of the top 3 pt goal defending teams in the league.Too late now, guys, have safe trip home, and get that 20th win against Fullerton, Loved, how Smith, Valdes, Enos, Rozitis and Thomas finished road game, bodes well for BWC tournament and for next year.

    I ain’t givin up on this team, Gib has good athletes, they have to get their offense better attacking zone, sometimes, Keith was just , too much dribbling no movement, of ball from side to side, however, UH has no other 2 consistent 3 pt shooters, this year, that is whre, Fleming, Jankovich and Negus come in next year.

    Go Bows. get the 20th win and take a shot at getting to championship game of BWC and hope for some Anaheim Disney Magic, NCAA’s, I hope so, thought that Trevor Ruffin, John Molle, Jarin Akana, Kala McGee, Tony Maroney and Phil Handy had NO SHOT at winning the WAC tourney 20 years ago 1994, however they got hot and went to NCAA’s first time in 22 years! Hope it happens agains, first time in 12 years or so!

    Go Bows!

  7. All I can say is that the backups played harder than the starters and their production was better also.
    Valdes, Thomas, and Smith impressed me considering they are freshmen and sophomore respectively. Nevels had a bad shooting night and Spearman hasn’t played well at least 3 or 4 games in a row. Fotu didn’t really show up. Maybe the big guy Williams frustrated him, again. Standhardinger was a warrior and I felt sorry for Shamburger because for a change he had a very good shooting game. Credit the Gauchos for shooting lights on 3s. I still can’t believe UCSB is better than us as far as talent is concerned.

    Our team is starting to play like Syracuse. Part of the reason is that we are running the clock down almost to the end before we either turn the ball over or take hurried off balance shots. We need to increase the tempo and get into our sets quicker. We tend to hold the ball too long. We need quick crisp passing and confidence to knock down shots. We saw the backups trying to hurry up and score as quickly as they can and they were successful. I don’t know why we run a lot more in the first half.

    I expected our team to lose tonight, but I’m still pissed. Same thing like last year. We are not playing well at the end of the season. Unless we turn it around beginning Saturday against Fullerton, I see us being one and done in the tournament. Is it the coaching? Are the coaches pulling the right strings? I say play the guys who are playing hard, and smart, and not making stupid mistakes.

  8. Derek good points. Gib has to let his guys rest for few days, after hopefully the 20th great win against Fullerton on senior night. As hoopsa says, ain’t going to be easy, unless, All 13 guys just go balls to the walls. First time, I saw some quit, in Fotu, Spearman, Nevels, …Shamburger shot well, Christian, is Christian, he should be up for POY award too, uses what is given to him, MAX hustle and still gets his points and boards. Fotu, gets intimidated by guys, i.e. Williams, Jennings, Mamadou, Bhullar, who are bigger, more athetic or couple inches, 100 pounds or so heavier, next year, Isaac should covert to 3 hybrid start , attacking wing, to rim, on drives, or pull up jumpers, when he gets smaller or similar sized guys on him, then low post up. Isaac, if he got his 16pts 11 rebound, 1 blocked shot, and D stops, don’t think Williams, though the guy is good, is an All American, a guy that is as strong or stronger, with NO FEAR, offensive and defensive, 6’7″ 245 lb stud, could take him, actually match him. That guy can be fouled out, Christian tried, Isaac Fotu, has to take him, even Valdes and Thomas were attacking.

    You are right Derek. Gib, why not for Fullerton game, start: Smith, Enos, Valdes, Thomas and Rozitis, let them put D pressure, and constant attacking of the rim, then try to build up double digit lead, THEN let the starters come back in. Reason: SERVES TWO PURPOSES…rests the tired legs and minds of the starters who DO WANT TO WIN SO BADLY..and Secondly, it gives PT and confidence to the second 5 , who will be needed for any hope to win BWC tournament. Hey ,Derek and fans, if Gib and Staff, you sense, or I was sensing, there is a hopeless feeling, no matter what they do , the top 3 are just better than them as others posted, sad, they might BE ONE AND DONE. Gib, we got your back brother, and Fish, Taylor, McMillian, get the boys juiced up again. let the starters rest, rehab, take a break, and let the second unit, get a lot OF first rotation pracitce together, for fullerler game, so be ready to try to win the BWC tournament.

    Remember Derek, as hoopsa alluded to, that Ruffin, Tony Maroney, team limped into the WAC tourney with a 15-13 record or similar and WAC record of 8-8 or something, they got hot, in final championship game, they were down to hated BYU blue, by about 14 points with 7 minutes to go, I think, Akana, Molle, Handy, Ruffin, started, to draing 3’s, they caught fire, and they won! McGee and Akana, were caught on ESPN rolling on the ground in jubilation. UH has to catch fire again. Their shooters, or Nevels, Shamburger, and Spearman all have to combine for about 9 – 10 three’s, then UH can win that dang tournament. Gib has to earn his paycheck ,and get another scheme, even, a Flex type motion. to get guards, going back door of zone, or open up the 3 point shooters. anything..
    Derek: IF UH IS ONE AND DONE>sheesshh! …summer will suck!

    Go Rainbow Warrior MBB team. Get re charged, and play better D out to 3, and get your fast uptempo game up.
    remember fans, got my tickets already, senior white out nite, don’t know if 7000 will show lets hope so! For Brandon Superman Spear, Davis, and Christian’s sake!

  9. Well….what can we all say. I think we had the UCSB road game marked on our preseason predictions as a possible loss. Same with Irvine and LBSU. Irvine road game, UH at its very best great win, possibly greatest road win in years. The LBSU loss last week, oh so close. And this loss to the Gauchos, hurts, though, as winbows says you can detect the exhaustion of coaches and the starters, that second bunch, played great. Maybe if they started second half, they would have brought UH even or ahead, they played so agressively.

    This team, if they get their 20th win, and possibly make it to BWC championship game, at 22-10, that is a great season. Win the Tournament and NCAA invite, that is a Super Season. UH , the athletes , look so tired, just have to get back to their beds, rest hydrate, eat well, POKE Bowl for Isaac, and start playing like they did against N. Arizona, Mizzou on the road, and exciting ball against NMSU and Boise, and wins against Irvine on the road, and St Mary’s here. This team, led by Spearman, Davis, and Christian, one of my All Time favorite,teams, great student athletes, who through 10 losses, are not quitting, never will. This team will, if they get their legs, desire, and defense as well as transition game going can beat any of the top 3 in BWC tournament. I believe, It the NCAA bid, is up for grabs. Either, way, UH get your 20-22 wins for this year, go to any tournament that Ben Jay allows you, can UH can afford to go to if prudent, then Gib has Jankovich, Negus, Isaac Fleming, and a Wing shooter supreme who can also, break down a guy and take to the cup ,as well as an 7 foot senegal shot blocker, UH will win a lot more games, next year, and be at the top!

    Go Bows. I as well as thousands of fans, disappointed, however not disppointed on how you all , especially Sham, Christian and Nevels, protected Gib from that nut. If that guy made contact with Gib, wow, lawyer up.

    Good thing no one got hurt, see…whether wahine BB game at SSC or on the road UCSB, wackos, who are under the influence, where is the good security, Santa Barbara, beautiful area and campus, bet they were surpised, hope they serve him justice. NO one on UH got hurt, we need Gib and all the guys, to get that BWC tourney win. Do NOT GIVE UP ON THE GUYS!

    Go Bows!!

  10. IT IS TOUGH to Find the Balance, Work HARD while Maintaining the Legs and Energy
    GIB Sounded a little Tired and Frustrated Himself during the Post-Game Show

    ALL Hawai’i Teams suffered Ups and Downs
    THIS TEAM has More Consistently Than Most
    Shown Up Each Game, and Fought Back even When Down

    Often, we attributed the Inconsistencies to The Two, Three or Four Time Zones
    And Many Thousands of Miles and Hours and Days of Travel
    The LONG Haul of The Long (IT IS) Season
    RE: With The FULL Work Load of School
    OF Hawai’i and It’s STUDENT-Athletes
    As One of the other Teams Coaches was quoted pointed out to Gib
    “Look at What they’re doing to you” as the BWC CHANGED the schedule to
    This Third or Fourth [Expletive Deleted] Version that suddenly became “Official”
    THREE Tuesday to Friday Travel Weeks In a Row?

    STILL They Have Shown Up
    Still They ARE One Shot (More Made Per Game or Denied Several Games) Away from a Much Better Record
    AND Maybe Even .500 or Better Against Two of The Top Three
    CONTINUE To Do What They’ve USUALLY Displayed (Which IS Good)
    WIN Saturday — It IS Important To Suck it Up And Perform
    CONTINUE to BEAT The Team(s) They’re “Supposed To” on Day One of BWC Tourney
    That Would Be: “Well (NOT Great) Positioned” to FINALLY Catch One of The Big Three on NIGHT TWO of The Tourney
    AND IF They Elevate To Get THAT Done
    Let it All Fly As High as They Can on Championship Night…

    That In Itself Would Be A Tribute to These Seniors and This Team and Staff
    THAT Would Be Hitting and Turning the Corner
    A 2014 Program Turner?
    A Few Months “Early”?
    OR One or Two Players Short (Again?)

    This IS IT
    The Team IS Right There
    They WILL Do OR They Won’t
    NOW Is The Time For All Good People (Fans, Staff and Players, Warriors and Na Wahine)
    To Come To The Aid of The Program…
    BY THIS Time Next Week…

    GO ‘BOWS!

  11. Disappointing loss.i cant believe hawaii did
    Not show up .i looking forward to this game.i
    Taught it was going to be a more
    Competitive game.
    If hawaii plays like this in bwc tourney
    They just might lose the first game of
    Lets go warriors beat fullerton.so we will

  12. SCHEDULING: An issue as UH has to do a quick turnaround from Cali to Hawaii. When Irvine did their UH trip, they lost to Northridge 2 days later in Cali. When UCSB did their Hawaii trip, they got a whole week off.

    TALENT: Maybe UH has better talent than UCSB, but UCSB is put together better. They have 4-5 guys they can turn to for perimeter shooting. UCSB is 15th in the nation in assists (and another Big West team, Irvine is 19th). Interesting, because no one would say those two teams have stellar point guards. But they play good team ball, with the players they have.
    Long Beach St. has a tough big guy (Dan Jennings) that transfered from a Big 12 school, and a Top 40 guy out of high school (Tyler Lamb) that transfered from UCLA, and 2 freshmen that get significant minutes.
    Irvine has the biggest guy in the NCAA from Senegal, another 7’2″ monster freshman from Greece, and a starting freshman guard from England (Luke Nelson).
    UCSB has probably the best player in the conference (Alan Williams) as far as college performance is concerned, a 6’8″ sophomore that was a high jumper in high school and has an outside shot (Taran Brown), and a sharpshooter as good as Nevels (Kyle Boswell).
    These teams are really built like UH: transfers, get players from overseas.

    Spearman did have a nice game most recently against Long Beach St. And Shamburger shot well last night. These guys are still working their asses off. Fotu, even if I keep calling out his defense, got to realize he’s only a 20 year old sophomore (Standhardinger is 24, he has a maturity advantage, and a mean streak), and dad was an international rugby player. He’s still learning to play center on defense (since the 7-footer is at top of the key), I think the thing he has to learn is how to use fouls. So many games this year he’s only committed 1 foul, and this is playing against guys like Williams and Mamadou. I believe Fotu is tough, but tries to play too clean. Maybe an international player syndrome? Do some grabbing/hand-checking, don’t give up anything easy even if you get beat. It’s “dirty” but it’s basketball in the US.

    THE UCSB FAN: Was he the singer in Buckcherry? Nice to see he’s trying to make something of himself now, instead of 3rd-tier butt rock.

  13. That’s the problem. We don’t have a Trevor Ruffin, we don’t have a Tony Marony, we don’t have Jarrin Akana, we don’t have a Phil Handy, and we certainly don’t have Molle. These guys could shoot the basketball. And Riley pulled the right strings to make it to the Dance.

  14. This Team, great young guys. As was stated , no felons, no investigation of athlete, etc, seems like pretty much as they say, ONE OHANA, One Family, Friends and brothers. Jawato out, Hackman in on travel squad as preferred walkon. This team started off season, playing that fast paced, super charged, compete with any team in the country, effort. We all loved it. perhaps, finish 1 or 2. 12-2 or 11-5? No, 9-7 at best, and fourth, which is 2 places higher than preseason pick by Media. 20th win of regular season possible yes. Going to be hard? Yes. Fullerton, everything to gain, Hawaii, sad if lose.

    We FANS, the Families, the coaches, the man and woman on the street who follow, from Auckland to Latvia, Are Tired, exhausted. What a season, what a ride.
    My take Derek I agree. This year’s team with Shamburger, Smith, Nevels(when shooting well), the upgrade in speed and guard play stepped up, that is why they are poised to win 20 games this year, minimum. However, like last 3 years,

    sometimes, hard to defend the 3 line, out of a zone, you really have to have quickness to run out to shooters. UCSB, has, as you said 4 or 5 guys that can hit the 3 bomb. UH, one of the best in the BWC, Nevels, if he is on, great, if Shamburger, he had his best shooting nite in weeks, better, if Spearman too,

    hitting 3 threes, those guards, hitting about 7-9 threes in game, opens, up inside, and they get out to leads, and bigs go to work. Ability to hit threes and defend threes in key situations, and to close out games against LBSU, IRVINE and UCSB, difference, between a BWC regular season record of 9-7 and 12-2 and possibly first place seeding, NIT auto invite, and potential NCAA bid.

    Will UH MBB team suddenly start to play like they did in beginning of year? Hit the outside shots, when given, stop the hot 3 ball shooters? And the bigs BOTH do damage on O and D and glass at the same time? Key: Can UH R & R in few days, before tourney and get that Power reinvigorated? Gib can plan and scheme all he

    want, it is the Team that has to get going,. I agree, with above post, if have to pull the starters, for lack of effort, or not getting job done on O and D, use that second 5, they play with super effort and purpose, they were trying to tie game and get back to win it against UCSB.

    Admittedly, it seems, like, according to the guys posts, They Are Tired too, want school to be over, season over and go back home, some for Professional careers wherever it may be in, and some, to go visit family, before next season.

    Would love to see 9000+ in attendance White out for Seniors, if the families, and those great YOUNG fans, by the hundreds, come out with parents, should have good in house attendance. even if team loses, those young ones, want the autographs they love the team.

    Man I hope UH gets 20th win against Fullerton. Eagle, enjoy the game, it will be a great one. Hope it is a good night for Standhardinger , Spearman and Rozitis, a big W and the 20th win, we have been waiting 4 years of Gib for!
    Unless, UH can hit outside shots, or even when attacking team’s zone, get shots to fall, or get fouled and one,or more than One guy can hit several threes, UH could be ONE and Done in Anaheim, That Would Be NO FUN!

    Hey, UH alumnus I is, played sports, for …bleed green, white, red, silver black, whatever, the colors of Manoa Rainbow, still going to hope and wish, that UH will make it to Championship game, and possibly win the whole thing, going be hard, however, Derek, thought that Ruffin team, end of WAC season was one of the most disappointing teams I had seen, with the talent they had, however, they knocked off higher seeds, until that comeback win over BYU cougars, they GOT HOT at right Time. Maybe UH MBB can do it. Would love to see UH get 22 wins this year, so 20 wins against the NCAA D1 teams, and a CIT or CBI invite, if they don’t win the tournament.

    Go Bows!! Kind of want season to end to. However, if they win big, or close one, against Fullerton, and the house is rockin at SSC thist Saturday nite, Sunday, morning, will post, and comment with Eagle, Hey Eagle, bro, UH stay get one more chance! GO BOWS!!


  15. Agree with you Derek, Trevor Ruffin, was a huge get for UH MBB and Riley. He was when we saw him at Klum gym, before season started Jr year, the real deal, kid could shoot the ball, handle, and extremely athletic, and he had hops, strength, good FT shooter, quick hands to steal and block shots, could dunk at 5’11 1/2″ 190 lbs. that is why he played for few years in NBA as free agent for Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns. The guy put up over 40 pts against Louisville in the Rainbow Classic, and I think 26 pts in the opening round loss against Syracuse in that 1994 NCAA tournament. However, it was Molle, Handy, Akana, maybe even McGee who were hitting key threes to help UH beat BYU in that comeback win. So even Ruffin needed 3 or 4 , like UCSB, three ball , good ones, shooters, still the name of the game, defense, play as a team, rebound, and ability to HIT threes, pretty much if UH could match threes, and the two Bigs outplay the other teams, bigs, UH wins, .If they cannot, match the 3 ball shooting match, or cannot shut down the other team’s shots. UH loses. I agree with hoopsa, TEAM looks, and acts tired, save for that second unit. Hope THEY get to play or even start. I think, Gib, at this point he has to do anything to get this final win and have chance to win at least 2 games, get to finals of BWC tournament. I hope team, gets back to the fun and gun team we saw at end of December, they were averaging in the high eighties!

  16. Dayton , Wes, Valerie, sorry, delete the double post! My Bad!

  17. Dayton delete my observation DOUBLE POSTS of UH MBB situation, both being moderated. Sorry!
    Mahalo for your hard work!
    Go Bows!!


  18. Da Die Hard Fan, we will be there! Hope that at least 400 Manoa enrolled students will come out and make noise! Da thing is, I have seen the BB athletes at water polo, soccer, softball, baseball, MVB, WVB, golf, tennis, track, you name it, at least one of the MBB team members has been their to support even the smaller sports. and UH MBB team has made money this year.!! So as jjay says, come out, I hope Eagle it is 9000+ for the sake of the Seniors. First Rate people. Spear, Davis and Christian!

  19. The power of the 3. Simple math. Make 2 3s out of 6 shots and that’s 6 points on 33% shooting.
    To equal 6 points on 2 pt. shots, you have to make 3 out of 6 or 50%. UH has not been shooting 50% or more recently except against UC Davis at home. You can magnify it deeper into the game.
    Let’s say our opponents shoot 8 out of 19 on 3s. That’s 42% shooting and 24 points. If UH makes 10 out of 19 on 2 pt. shots that’s 52% shooting, but it’s only 20 points and we would still be losing by 4. To win the shooting battle, either you have to shoot the ball at a high percentage, make 70%+ on free throws, and at least be in the ballpark on the 3s against our opponents. That’s why it’s hard to win, especially on the road. We are not going to get the key calls in the game because the crowd noise is pulling for the home team. Officials are human and although they attempt to call an unbiased game, the emotional and psychological mind plays on the rowdy fans smelling blood in the water. That’s why you see “runs” where a team goes on a 10-2 or more and pull away, most of the time at home. Great coaches know how to get their teams to play steady basketball, and fundamental basketball.

  20. This the same old same old. Hello, let the reserves play more .

  21. Good job of letting the 2nd team get some terrific playing time and resting the legs for which could be 4 games in 8 days.
    Remember the words of Johnny Wooden, please: “Emotion is the Enemy. Manage your Emotions. Do NOT LET Emotions Manage YOU”.
    To you Seniors…you will remember this week for the rest of your lives…leave nothing on the floor. GO BOWZ. THE ENTIRE STATE IS BEHIND YOU.

  22. Get your butts down to SSC Saturday nite! We need to support our guys. Come on Fotu double double tomorrow nite!!
    Protect our House !

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