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The final statistics for 2013-14

The 2013-14 season is over for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, but the memories will live on through the numbers.

Statistically speaking, it was quite an impressive season for the Warriors. Here are just some of the numbers worth noting:

20: The Warriors finished with a 20-11 overall record, marking just the eighth 20-win season in the last 44 years. Each of the previous seven UH teams that reached 20 victories participated in the postseason.

Hawaii takes on Cal State Northridge in the fourth game

80: The Warriors finished the season averaging 80.0 points per game. The last time a Hawai’i team averaged 80 points per game was during the 1972-73 season (led by Tom Henderson and John Penebacker).

570-789: The Warriors made 570 free throws in 789 attempts. Both of those totals were second-best in school history, behind only the 1989-90 team that went 594 for 844 in a school-record 35 games.

12: The Warriors’ largest margin of defeat came in losses to Missouri (92-80) and at Cal Poly (77-65). Only two previous UH teams since 1970 can make a similar claim. The 1970-71 “Fabulous Five” team and the 2001-02 WAC Championship team also had their largest margin of defeats by 12 points. Every other team in UH basketball history suffered losses of larger margins.

11.2: The Warriors committed an average of just 11.2 turnovers per game, the lowest rate in school history.

Several individual Warriors put up impressive statistics during the 2013-14 season, led of course by the relentless Christian Standhardinger. The 6-foot-8 senior forward now has his name etched in the top 10 for numerous single-season and career categories, including:

Free throws made in a season: 195 (new UH record)

Free throws attempted in a season: 254 (new UH record)


Points scored in a season: 560 (eighth best in UH history)

Points in a career: 1,064 (14th best in UH history)

Points/rebounds in a career: 1,064 points/513 rebounds (sixth player in UH history with 1,000 points/500 rebounds, and only player to do it in two seasons)

Free throws made in a career: 316 (fourth best in UH history)

Free throws attempted in a career: 442 (third best in UH history)

20-point games in a career: 23 (sixth best in UH history)

Rebounding average in a career: 8.1 (eighth best in UH history)

Double-doubles in a career: 20 (eighth best in UH history)

All-Big West Conference: Named to the first team as a junior and senior, becoming just the second player in UH history to earn first team all-conference honors twice.

Among notable accomplishments from other Warriors …

Isaac Fotu: Finished his sophomore season with 462 points, setting a new record for most points scored by a sophomore in UH history. He also finished with a .584 field goal percentage, which is the fourth best mark in UH history. His .623 field goal percentage as a freshman last season ranks second, which means he now has the two of the four most efficient shooting seasons in UH history. He was also a first team All-Big West Conference selection, becoming the first sophomore in UH history to earn first team all-conference honors.

Garrett Nevels: Led the team with 59 3-pointers and his .413 percentage from 3-point range was the fifth-best in UH history.

Keith Shamburger: Finished first in the Big West Conference in assists per game at 5.4. The only previous UH point guards to lead the league in assists are Troy Bowe, Anthony Carter, Mark Campbell, Miah Ostrowski and Jace Tavita. Also, Shamburger led the team with a .832 free-throw percentage, which was the eighth best percentage in UH history.

And here’s an interesting, yet indefensible, statistic of note for the 2013-14 season: Hawai’i’s opponents finished with a .727 free-throw percentage, which was the highest mark in UH history by its opponents.



  1. For our family, following, really live and breath Green and White MBB for decades, it was the most exciting brand of Basketball, we have seen in over 10 years. With returnees, and guards just getting bigger, and stronger shoot and defend better. Team will do as well or even more impressive Win Loss stats, and hopefully that NIT or NCAA invite. I think, or OUR OHANA, thinks Gib will get it done. Right now, he is probably with staff., getting ready for next season. Sitting down with guys, see that they finish strong in school, and what they have to work on next season..
    Cannot wait to see what 2 or 3 recruits, Gib will land.

    Warrior basketball, the Men’s , was really great. A lot of fun watching in person and on live video!
    Go Gib, have a great off season, thankyou to your team, they fought hard, great effort, look forward to Great season 5. Cannot wait till early November 2014 first game!

    Go Rainbow Warriors and Mahalo WI nation!

  2. And not a lot of fans who post, or read forum, give personal thanks to you Dayton, However,from OUR OHANA of MBB fans to you , your staff, the Schmidts, and the faithful die hards, Mahalo plenty for this great forum, 4 years running and basically year round. A million thanks for your tireless work!

    Aloha, Mahalo Dayton Morinaga!

  3. You forgot a few stats

    73 points per game given up #260 in nation
    44.7% FG Defense #230 in nation
    2 wins versus D2 opponents

  4. J: I think that is reflected in the all time FT’ by opposition, and their excellent FT shooting to close out wins against UH.

    Without question, UH could score,however could not get key D stops. And overall defending. That is the next level. Gib has the offensive weapons. Can team get better, much,much better individual and team defense. Having that rim protecting Big, or another athlete 6’7″ wing who can defend and score would help.

    DEFENSE, sure Gib knows, and team, wins games, Great Defense, especially in close games and to win championships wins tournament games.
    DEFENSE. Like Gib has to go back to first year, when his team was one of top 30 in the nation in team defense. That would help UH next season go to Dance for sure. Imagine, UH averaging over 80 ppg again, however holding other teams below 65 ppg, that would signal difference between 20 win and 26 win season for sure. DEFENSE Gib and team, you guys got to work it, And get a couple of athletes that can guard the basket!
    Go Bows!

  5. Dayton (or anyone else out there who might know), is there any truth to the rumor that UH athletic department could not support CIT postseason tournament for men’s team because they knew of financial losses to come from the women’s team in postseason?

    If I heard correctly, if UH women would have hosted a WNIT game, the overall financial loss would have been bigger than UH men in CIT. As it is, UH women will already lose some money by playing WNIT road game at Washington, but not as much as a home game.

    I’m wondering if gender equity was the elephant in the room when decision had to be made about men’s team in CIT.

    Don’t get me wrong, Wahine definitely deserve postseason more than men’s team, if they had to choose between the two. I’m just curious if they really did have to choose and how much of a financial loss the Wahine might be taking.

  6. ChuckCheese: Agree, UH women deserved that invite to WNIT, just on a whim, our ohana, thought about that too(Title IX), if there were any expense at all to have women in WNIT. Of course if they hosted at SSC, like MBB did for old NIT in Riley’s day, how some local TV station picked up some of the expense., it might have come down to Either, Or. It is a wonder, that Gib had no comment on CIT no acceptance of bid, or whatever.
    ChuckCheese, Gib and team, had to win BWC regular season crown, they would have had the auto invite to NIT, then if they just could have closed out Northridge, who knows they might have been the team to go to the Big Dance.
    I think Ben Jay, with the athletics, and gender equity, it is a challenge. Men Football supposed to be the program putting UH athletics break even or over the top. Pretty sure, that Gib’s teams ticket sales, it will come out later on final Athletics program expenses-report, UH MBB team actually might have made or broke even with their program. Still think that 30k wasn’t too much to host MBB team CIT home game. To cut it that close, if either OR, too bad for Gib and the MBB seniors, that is what our family feels bad about.

    And you know Chuck, Laura good coach, great girls, however , they will take that long trip to Seattle, and have to battle a PAC 12 team with freshman of the year guard, a real quick little scorer, tough as nails, sound familiar? Like the Poly guards. Hope WBB does well, they have their work cut out for them playing on the road, at Huskies home arena.

    Chuck, I wish both MBB and WBB would be part of Post Season tournament. Interesting. The drama never seems to end. Should put KHON’s Gina Mangieri to investigate. Just to clear the air.

    Hope for better next year. UH win regular season and BWC tourney crown, then no being left out. Love this team.

  7. You know ChuckCheese, THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION, what are the expense involved IN WBB team’s participation in WNIT? I think NCAA’s, everything is cared for. Big time tournament. WNIT, I don’t know who owns, whether NCAA, maybe they do.
    Anyone out there, heard about that, WBB hosting or on the road for WNIT, might have come down to either CIT men, or WNIT women, with Both costing Athletic dept, then UH might have had to decide for Women because of gender equity. If so, UH AD should have been transparent, and just said so. Here we go again. Sad.

    Without question, ChuckCheese, first, someone will post, just forget about it, and let it go, however, if it is Title IX, then we would like to know. I would, and our family would too if true.

    Wish the WBB team success in Seattle, that will be a tough foe, having beaten, 3 ranked PAC 12 WBB teams in conference play, however, having being bumped first round game, in the PAC 12 WBB tournament. Go Wahine!

  8. Interesting comments by Bobby Curran this morning, supposedly faulty paperwork never was submitted. Congratulations are in order for due diligence on double checking paper work, as they say, “measure twice and cut once.”

    Recollecting the comments of one of the top college basketball coaches: he said it is difficult to find and recruit that 365 day college player, but that’s what it takes to be a top level basketball team and player.

    With that, what are the players committed to do to get themselves ready for next year, ’cause the opposition is not sitting on their hands nor lamenting past performances.

    Just thinking………….

  9. You can sum up an otherwise good, not great season in one thing. We got killed by the 3 point shots. Example,
    1) We lost to Long Beach State, 63-61 on a 3 pointer as time expired by a back up player.
    2) We lost to UC Santa Barbara, at home, because Michael Bryson hit 3 3 pointers in the second half as the shot clock was expiring. These were dagger shots for sure and killed great defense.
    3) We lost to Cal State-Northridge in the BW tournament because Josh Greene got hot and made 3 pointer after 3 pointer to keep them close and then made the big one to send the game in overtime, which they won.

    Those were the most vivid ones that I can recall. There are others I’m sure. But, change the results of these games, we are looking at least 23-8 instead of 20-11 and maybe more if we kept winning in the BW tournament and maybe even going to the dance this week. Of course, there were some key 3 point shots on our side too. Like Shamburger’s shot against Irvine and Nevels key shot against at Fullerton. Still, overall we were a pretty bad 3 point shooting team. Only Nevels shot better than 40%. Shamburger and Spearman, the 2 other shooting starters shot barely 30%. That’s not going to do it. Other teams shot the ball better than us for sure on 3 pointers.

    Negus Webster-Chan will shoot the ball better than Spearman for sure on 3 pointers. Shamburger will shoot the ball better next year. My hope is that Fleming will come in and shoot the ball well. Nevels will improve for sure. Fotu needs to practice a lot of 3 pointers in the off-season to expand his game. My understanding is that Jankovic can shoot. I hope Jawato will be ready to go for next season. If we need some more recruits, we need rebounding, shot blocking, shooting, and defense.
    If Arnold can find one guy who can do all 4 of those things then we’re set for next season.

  10. For Gib to come out that open and public about backing up Akana is worth note. I believe Brandyn will be okay. He and University are doing the right thing. Let the power that be-NCAA take care of the protocol. Akana is a good coach. He handled guards , scout and recruiting.

  11. Derek:

    I think UH has to out recruit, better SOS, and out coach BWC teams. The 2014-15 upcoming season should be the touchstone. The Acid test. Gib has the firepower. Negus and Stefan Jankovich, are running pick and roll, pick and pop, ball screen and pop the mid range to 3 ball by themselves. They bring good offensive skill. Still UH MBB team need Defensive stops. If next year they are top 30 or better in NCAA DI defensive team, and shooting well, they will be that 25-27 game winner, and NIT or NCAA invitee.

    Just get better over offseason, all of the shooters , playmakers, and defenders. You are right though, if Gib had 10 guys who could defend, run and shoot lights out, he would have a top 15 team for sure. Gib is headed in right direction. He should relax more, scheme ahead of time and delegate some on court coaching to assistants, for those crucial situations. Gib and program best , and most exciting I have seen in years!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  12. And DM and BM still alluded to the “20” game win situation of this past season and first time (I know let it go! :D)No Post Season. Curious, however that is how it goes. UH would have loved to be in NCAA, or NIT at the least.
    Next Season for sure. Has to be. UH MBB team, get to work in class and on the court , weight room, etc.
    Get better, from Coaching on down, UH will do better, with the proper focus, Defense first, then work on the shooting, and closing out games.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  13. playhoopsa, Derek, FUHA, Winbows1 and all the die hard UHMBB supporters. It has been fun watching the team this year give it their all. I am already looking forward to what next year will bring. Off season training for the returnees starts already, biger, stronger faster come the beginning of the season. Looking forward to having Isaac back for the summer break, but he is already looking forward todo some work off season.

    The Fotu Ohana thanks all the supporters and especially DM for your amazing work to keep this wonderful site going, and ofcourse the great sponsors Velarie Schmidt Ohana without you this won’t be possible. We really appreciate from KIWI land. All the best for the team for the remaider of the semester and to the Seniors, Davis, Christian and Brandon all the best for your future endevours.


  14. so i was searching for potential recruits and came across Gerry Blakes. remember him?

    Gerry Blakes was a High scoring prep guard but became an academic casualty among Arnold’s recruiting class.

    Blakes was named 2013-14 co player of the year in california community college.
    unfortunately Blakes has given a verbal commitment to Arizona State University.

    some suggestions for possible future community college recruits that I like

    Kori Babineaux, San Francisco city college. co player of the year
    Chris Reyes, Citrus College 6’7 205. 18.7ppg, 12reb/g, 3.6 blk/g
    Jarion Henry, Cerritos college 6’10 205. 12.8ppg, 9.9reb/g, 1.1blk/g
    Geoffrey Frid, Mira Costa college 7’1 230. 13.4ppg, 10.1reb/g, 2.1blk/g

  15. some video highlights i forgot to include in the previous post
    Kori Babineaux -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JN_O1tecUw
    Geoffrey Frid-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gllR-CrT55c

  16. Tonganator some think Fotu is leaving. Any info on that would be much appreciated.

  17. Tonganator:

    Mahalo, thank you so very much for sharing Isaac Fotu with UH MBB team. I am sure he is going to shoot more in Gib’s offensive sets. Isaac has a great shooting touch. His mid range to 3 point line shooting form is among the best.
    You have a great Ohana in Kiwi land. We thank all of the families of the team members from Latvia, Canada, Australia, NZ, and USA. UH MBB team from the start of next season will be good. Hope your Ohana will be able to make it Diamond Head Classic time again. That field will be loaded with great NCAA tournament teams!

    Aloha and take care in Kiwi land. Shout out to the Fotu Ohana!
    Go Rainbow WARRIORS!

  18. You know you have SOS problems when you have a 20 win season and set all kinds of school records yet fail to make a post-season tourney. Here’s my last reflection on last years squad:

    *Ball-handling skills/low-turnover rate
    *Overall, very good shooters, best in a while
    *True road warriors

    *Playing to the level of their competition
    *Interior defense
    *Perimiter defense
    *Free-throw defense (just kidding)

    This team has the potential to come out next year and win 25 games. Hopefully they learn from this season, stay hungry, get better, and come out firing. It’s going to be a long 8 months, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  19. Congrats to Cal Poly, represented the Big West nicely tonight. Hope they do well against Wichita State.

  20. Isaac: One thing Laura Beeman has right idea, SOS, 79th in nation for WBB I think.
    Gib has to out of conference SOS be in that area, top 80 or in 70’s. Might have to play those tough road PAC 12 single games. Stanfords, Cal, UCLA, USC, Washington on road etc.. I think Gib said they are , or were trying to do it, however, some of the Big name schools don’t want to do Home and Home. If they do, UH could play pre conference, top 30 schools, maybe out of the first 14 games, before BWC season, half of those games against top 40 or better schools. A lot more attendance, if UH is playing a UCLA at SSC. Personally I think when UH Wallace teams were beating Mich. St. , Kansas, and Indiana at the SSC home games, some of the Big Time schools were shying away from coming to Hawaii. I hope they would reconsider, a trip to Hawaii? Why not, and great basketball game to play. SOS for UH MBB and Gib, has to go up. However, Poly won their First Four game against athletic Texas Southern team, with 6’10” Big, so whomever gets how in BWC tourney goes to dance, no matter what RPI. Strange but true!

    Or playing a Florida. etc.
    We shall, see, I don’t think 2014-15 BB schedule is complete. The Diamond Head Classic will have great teams. UH has to win that tournament.
    Correct, UH has to be in that top 80 RPI, or at least top 100 or better in coming years. If Gib keeps on upgrading talent , and remember the KEY: Good kids, High Character, with talent, next year, or years after that can be really good.

  21. And Big West RPI teams so weak, even if UH beats up on them, their RPI not too high. Key win the BWC tourney and go NCAA. Win BWC regular season crown, guaranteed NIT invite. That is the goal, First win the regular season, then win BWC tournament. Everything good.
    Hang in there Isaac , 8 months will go by fast. Will Chow win 8 games this season? Who knows. Maybe Wahine Softball, or Wahine Sandbows, will win a national title?

    Go All UH teams, have a great final push in spring 2014,,then have great 2014-15 athletic year. And , make sure all of the student athletes finish well in school and be on track to get degree.

  22. Lost on the season is that after Coach Akana did not return for the rest of the season we didn’t shoot the ball as well. Coincidence? Remember, he was coaching the guards. And who on the staff is a defensive guru. Arnold has to evaluate everybody., including himself. Improvement across the board is needed.

  23. KP3409, playhoopsa… Isaac is aware that one important goal is to graduate at the end of 4 years, that hasn’t change. He is a role model for the rest of his sibblings, Ella (who will be looking at following his foot steps soon) Daniel (14 years old and recently made the New Zealand U16 basket ball team) Zinny and Jacob. Not only role model for his sibblings but his cousins and wider ohana.

    And anyway, the coach who taught him all his post moves have some more moves line up for when he comes back and start training with him, and also work on 3 point shooting. Isaac will also trial out for the Tall Blacks (New Zealand BBall team) for the World Champ in Spain later on this year.

    I know that people will speculate, but thats what this team will do, get people talking…..


  24. in this video about your possible 7’1 recruit Geoffrey frid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gllR-CrT55c at the 30 second mark the black dude is huge….is that mamadou or another dude that looks 7’5

  25. Jarion Henry has committed to New Mexico. Down one possible recruit. Too bad about Blake’s. Maybe Quincy can help recruit Kori!

  26. Tonganator: Thank you so very much for clearing air about Isaac Fotu. He loves it here, and helping UH MBB program really reach for greatness. Isaac has very high ceiling. That NZ coach, really helped him have great footwork! And Isaac’s hands, are incredible, catching the ball, shooting with either hand. Plus, I know Isaac can bring the ball up coast to coast. Mahalo for your fine son being part of team, and for you other athletic children who look to Isaac as great role model!

    Isaac Fotu, the best PF hybrid, skilled, to play at UH in decades!
    Mahalo Isaac for you putting the excitement back into UH MBB!

    Go Rainbow WARRIORS!
    Thanks to Kiwi Nation, the Fotu Ohana!

  27. And probably most importantly, Isaac has the ability to finish UH in four years and attain a College degree! Awesome!

    Mahalo Tonganator for your son!
    Warrior time, and you are right, before Isaac on UH MBB scene, not too much buzz, talk about team, Now, a lot of talk. UH MBB is a subject of a lot of old and new fans!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  28. Someone else posted, other forum, or here? The in bounds play under their basket,that Rocha ran for Melton Werts, Wallace ran for his Big to get that short jumper too.. Remember, that 3 man picket fence by UH guys, then Big popped out to get 12 foot jumper. That play at least once or twice a game worked. You could even, run it , and Big could get ball behind that 3 man screen and hit the inbounder for open 3 look or sneak in for layin. Good if Gib had that play , I know it would cause a scrum beneath the basket as UH 3 screen guys were lined up immediately when running inbounds under their basket.

    Just a thought. Another area for Gib and team to really work on. despite they pressuring teams, how to handle inbounding ball full court against pressure. That turned the game around for Northridge against Hawaii, in a matter of minutes, what seemed like a good lead by UH , just evaporated, because of UH not being able to get ball up court. Turnovers. Should be Homerun, or that Big, or forwards posted half court, get to Big upcourt, and guards come flying up to get ball back and attack the basket. Major area for UH to work on , coming up next season. INBOUNDS against full court, trapping pressure, don’t get stuck in corner, or crowded near the inbounder. That is something that is fixable and will win games for UH.

    That Melton Werts, not the most skilled offensive Big,Nice hook shot, however at 6’9″ maybe close to 6’10” and 230-35 pounds could jump. And he could really rebound. 4 year starter at Center from freshmen year, could block shots, however he would block it 5 rows up into the stands, instead of keeping in play. Hands not as good as Christian or Isaac though. I think Mel Werts had try out with New York Nets as a free agent. He played pretty well in pre season. And was doing good as a PF or Center for them. I think because he was not drafted or a big time commodity, they cut him. I think that was during the time that Dr. J was associated with the Nets, and league was getting ready to merge, ABA/NBA..That is going way back, nearly 38 years ago! Wow. I wonder what Mel Werts is doing today? A big from back in the day!

  29. Tonganator thank you sir.

  30. Is that April-May 2014 spring LOI date approaching? Forgot what date those spring signees can put name on dotted line.

    Thanks to fellow fans for posts about potential athletic, wings and Bigs for Hawaii, to strengthen their team for 2014-15.

    Recruiting, ever since Fab Five and Henderson days, and Wallace early days, always interesting. And that is what Gib does. A RECRUITING Coach.
    Go and get the Right Fit, best that you can coach!

  31. I hope UH schedules 3-4 challenging non-conference road games vs name opponents next season (hopefully getting a nice paycheck also).

    Getting name teams to travel to UH is never easy unless UH makes concessions. Maybe UH can do a 2 away for 1 home game series.

    Being in the Big West, UH needs tougher non-conference schedule to prepare them for the grind in conference. I’m not saying schedule like Long Beach and get your brains beat in every game and totally blow your overall record.

    Having an easy schedule this year was good in that UH was able to get 20 wins and generate a buzz with the program. The amount of attention to the program is part of the equation to judge the health of the program. 20 wins did energize the home crowd and now locals are ready to take the next step.

    Looking back at last season, I thought UH navigated it’s non-conference slate about where I expected. Good wins vs St Mary’s and Oregon St. Tight loss to Boise St. A competitive loss to Mizzou. The only bad loss UH incurred during the non-conference slate was the New Mexico St game (NMSU ended up WAC champs). UH took care of business vs the lesser teams.

    If UH doesn’t have their inexplicable home shooting slump vs UCSB and UCI, UH has 2 more wins, and would have had a better seed in the BWT and not faced CSUN in the 1st round. UH played well in both those games, getting open shots all game, and held UCSB and UCI below their average FG %.

  32. FUHA: yes, that about sums up season. Gib has to get those higher RPI, even if it means some road games, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Pitt(that would be a good game!), win or lose, helps team. SOS makes a difference for RPI and how Program is doing. At 20 wins, that is good for any level of competition. However, next step 23-25 wins, BWC regular season champs(which is key, if don’t make it do Dance), and be hot in March BWC tournament.
    Cal Poly, don’t think their RPI was very good all year, however the peaked at right time. UH so close, could have been this year’s Cal Poly, maybe even more talent. They won their First Four Game against Texas Southern, and wouldn’t you know, their Defense, they are really good at team and help defense, shuts down Texas Southern, who like to score a lot of points like UH. Poly-SLO, if they upset number 1 seed Wichita St on Friday, that would be epic, Gives a lot of hope for next season. Anyone win their Conf. Tournament has shot at NCAA’s.
    Team headed in right direction, just tie up loose ends

  33. Incredible upsets in this year’s NCAA tournament. UH next year in dance. any of 64 teams, first round can win a couple of games and advance.

    Cal Poly SLO a 20 game losing team, loses to Wichita St. a 35-0 and counting team. Poly held (?) the Shockers to below 66pts, which is on their overall defensive pace, however Shockers, too fast, and athletic, right to the rim. Sort of reminded me of how UH played their offense, uptempo, get to the basket in a few seconds.

    Next Year UH MBB team. Get ready from pre season, what you guys have to do, to make it to dance. To ensure a Post Season tourney big 1)win regular season BWC crown-a must 2) get hot in BWC tourney 3-0 and then NCAA Big Boy Dance.

    Gib go get that big shot blocker, or athletic long, super defender, and good scoring wing, best available basketball player who can defend And score, as well as one more of those great Defender scorers, passers, a JC all region, or all national team global athlete.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Fans, this recruiting season, and other stuff, going to be exciting offseason to watch final recruits how team shapes up for next year during off season summer,
    Go Bows!

  34. I heard Ben Jay interviewed at halftime of UH Wahine game, and a lot of the pieces now come together. He said UH put in a bid to host every round of the Women’s NIT!

    I may be wrong, but I think that means UH was never planning to put in a bid to host men’s CIT. Also, I think UH had to plan for the scenario that UH Wahine could potentially win (and host) several rounds of WNIT. That would mean big financial losses, and thus could not take a chance on even thinking of sending men for road game in CIT. My guess is Ben Jay might have told Riley thanks but no thanks.

    Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I still would have liked to see UH men got one more shot.

    Obviously no need to worry about either men or women now … and the men’s team got some bigger issues to worry about.

  35. ChuckCheese: well Ben Jay put all his eggs into WBB basket. And they laid an egg…One and Done in WNIT, lose by 17 pts to UW at Seattle.

    Wonder, some teams in PAC 12 WBB look at Beeman as a great young coach, If they offered her a guaranteed 650-700K a year contract for 3 yrs, would she take it? If I were her, I would, …how much further can she go, excellent what she does with WBB, turned around the culture and winning attitude.

    Chuck, this thing with Akana, man oh man, wonder how that will turnout. Gib confident, backing Jarin up till the end. Hope if anything it is minor. Or maybe at worse loss of a scholie, either way, sad situation ,..Jarin Akana very good coach, hope is personnel issue only. Can be handled . And UH MBB program move on. Even Ben Jay looking forward to UH, and what they have on board for 2014-15 season.

    Hope next season, turns out way better for MBB, and they take care of matter with the collegiate governing body!

  36. Chuck Cheese, seems like you know some of the ins and outs of UH MBB and athletic program. At his point , do you think WBB program and what they have done in 2 years and MBB program what Gib and team have accomplshed, IN AD’s eyes, are BOTH programs on level playing field? Or does AD have to level it out?

    Maybe as you or another post alluded to, that equity thing. I know it is beating a dead horse. Ben could have pulled a little harder for that CIT game home host, however. He goes on record as saying win in Seattle for ‘WBB and they would try to host up to 3 following round as long as they won. How many people would attend WBB NIT game, and would UH make any money off of those games.

    Ben Jay, as AD, it is hard to pleas everyone. Man, I hope WBB and MBB program, MBB in particular, are going to be okay.

    ChuckCheese, you hope and I hope, everything works out for both programs, and Gib can go out and recruit, and 2014-15 team with their offensive firepower, can win a lot of games and the BWC regular AND BWC tourney championships, is they do.,,,that is a GREAT YEAR 5 for Gib and the guys,…I bet, to a man, the returnees and recruits, walkons, scholies, they WANT to have 24-25 game winning season, get hot in BWC tournament and go dance. As we can see , ANY team, even a 20 loss team Poly can make it, and win a playin game. Mercer just beat Duke…Parity, 1 seed of 14 seed, can win and advance in NCAA March Madness, I hope both MBB and WBB will experience it again…Getting harder for Hawaii teams to make the big Dance, have to be hot and peaking playing best ball in March!!

  37. ChuckCheese..as I posted above: The women losing by 17 pts against UW huskies in Seattle, threw a wrench, or fouled up the plan, Wahine win that opener on the road, and they try to host 2nd and possibly 3rd round.

    I would not want to be AD Jay..

    Hope everything, whatever it is , is okay with UH MBB!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  38. Sorry, I meant hope it is okay with coach BRANDYN AKANA not Jarin his brother.

    Sorry about that WI.

  39. watching tooo many March Madness games, lot of upsets.

    Meant to post: if Laura Beeman were offered a 250k a year for 3 years(total 750K over that 3 years) by Pac12 WBB team, should she take it? She should, that would be awesome deal. However, maybe she has to make NCAA’s a couple of years in a row before that deal.
    I still think, Gib, just a few calls, or shots not falling, or game manage, away, from possible NCAA this year..so close. NEXT YEAR, Gib and team go get that bid, you guys can do it!

  40. Wonder how Gib and recruiting for possible 2 or 3 spots for next year going?
    Any information Dayton?

  41. There are a lot of good college basketball teams, including mid-majors. Just shows that there are a lot of good basketball players all over the country and in foreign countries. Not to mention there are a lot of good basketball coaches too. Check out these teams still playing:

    Gonzaga, Mercer, Harvard, North Dakota State, Dayton, Stephen F. Austin.

    And teams that lost in the first round that acquitted themselves very well and very competitive.

    UL Lafayette, VCU, Coastal Carolina, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, NC Central, Weber State, New Mexico State, Eastern Kentucky.

    All of these teams have excellent records and there’s a reason why they made it to the Big Dance. When you get to the next round and on, you will see the really good teams show their mettle. There will be one mid-major team to upset a few more teams and might make it to the final four.
    If I had to chose one team, I would take Mercer. They have 7 seniors on the team. They shoot the ball great and they have poise and experience. They were never rattled against Duke.

  42. Derek, in USA, and Now a lot of other countries, the speed, excitement of MBB, the hope of making it to NBA, or Euro pro leagues, spurs the dreams, of tons of youth BB talent around the earth. You are right, the top 200 teams in USA NCAA DI when hitting on all cylinders can make it to NCAA dance.

    So what you are saying, and it makes bottom line sense for UH MBB
    1-Great coaching. Game time management, X and O, motivation and respect of athletes on team. Loves staff, and every member of team
    2-Team , the athletes do their part, get better every year in system. By time, many are juniors and seniors in program for 3 or 4 years, they will win big time games and move on in Post Season.
    3-Parity, March Madness. Really as a lot of the Network color analysts are stating, they HATE the term great Mid Major BB team and coach, the teams winning, or really competitive with great overall records, besides Poly 20 losing game record, are Great Teams no matter what conference. I hope Dayton, Mercer, Wichita St., North Dakota St. type teams, All make up the Final Four..wouldn’t that be the greatest 2014 March Madness final ever!

    UH MBB-
    1-Gib step up coaching, which he will
    2-Team, off season, work on weak areas, get better.
    3-Play best ball when counts. March!

    Next Year: NCAA’s!

  43. ANY Thing Really New?… April ʻSign and Sendʻ Season Approaching…

    Recruiting: From Recent Additions to SportsHawaii.com, It would seem Gib & Co. have a nenewed Emphasis on Shooting Guards in the mold of Brandon Spearman, including an Indian Hills CC prospect and several in the 6-3 to 6-5 Range with decent shooting and rebounding skills; Iʻd still think the Edge is with High-Transfer Negus Webster-Chan, who is Rated Higher than any of the other Shooting Guard prospects, has a physical advantage in size (6-7), D-1 experience AND has spent a Year In-System And With UH Team-mates…

    A lesser, but similar advantage applies with 6-11 Physical, Skilled and Sharpshooting Stefan Jankovic;

    Prominent recruiting site mention and scholarship offers appear to also be Extended to several first-commit, first-served 6-6 and up to 6-10 Rim Protectors who can Board and Defend with Verticality and/or Physicality, Or Both

    Earlier in Recruiting Season, point guard prospects were also garnering apparent scholarship offers (according to sh.com) but that appeared to fade, appropriately, with the coveted signing of Three-Star, Four-Year pg, Isaac Fleming

    Lock and Load One or Two More Near-Term Contributors

    And How Far Away Can the NEXT STEP-UP Be?
    Already an Improving Work-In-Progress…
    FAR Better than the Cyclic Ups and Downs of Many/Most Programs…

    Having Personally Dealt with Numerous Cold-Weather-to-Hawaiʻi Audit/Review/Investigative Teams, with a Trip-Justifying NEED for Findings And ʻArbitraryʻ Identiification of “Problems” — maybe Visiting Refs, too? —
    Hope this NCAA Team HAS the Guts/Cajones to Declare “As Good as Suspected, Pretty Clean Here” — Get the Ching Project “Done and Done”. Basketball is Fine. Maybe Even a Good Role Model…” OR Something Similar…
    BJ ʻshouldʻ Cover the Costs of This Escapade?

    Clarifying Comments Welcomed…

  44. I talked to Webster-Chan a few weeks ago at the Blazin Steaks across from Puck’s Alley. I said I was looking forward to seeing him play next season. He straight-faced said ‘Yeah, we got some Championships to win’. Love that winning mentality.

    Loved the team this past season. Everyone played with so much heart. Big thanks to Christian, Rozitis, and especially Spearman for laying down the foundations for many more exciting years ahead. I hope they continue to make basketball their lives.

    Regarding Akana, I hope everything works out for the best. The team played much better when he was there.

    With the three departing seniors and the three ‘new arrivals’ Webster-Chan, Jankovic, and Fleming, I don’t see much need to get more recruits, unless of course we’re talking about a beastly 7’6″ rim protector or superstar player. Efforts are best spent improving practice sessions, tactics, and just generally reviewing and eliminating all our weaknesses. Our current squad is just as good, if not better, than last season’s. Starters will be Shamburger, Webster-Chan, Jankovic, Fotu, and Nevels. Fleming, Smith, Valdez, Thomas, Jovanovic, Jawato, and Nikolai will provide good minutes.

  45. All of your comments spot on and appreciated!
    FUHA, TAVS, Eagle, Derek,ChuckCheese, Tonganator, Isaac, etc, the whole WI MBB die hard nation, and LIVE for the success of UH MBB program!

    Good point Eagle, NCAA, here to look through matters, forgot about the Ching complex problems! That comes under UH, AD. Hope , and I believe Gib from beginning , they run clean program.
    TAVS, agreed seniors foundation of good BB program for years, did the Heavy Lifting.
    Derek,good comments and analysis, we all want program to do well.
    FUHA, goodown, as always,
    Isaac, true UH MBB fan to the end.
    ChuckChees: MBB and WBB the support from UH and AD if can do, provide opportunity if feasible for both teams to have shot at a Post Season tourney. Gib and team , knew, there was no Real support from AD, and UH for them to host CIT home game. So Gib and team said after loss to Northridge, their season was over.

    Agree: Team has to keep working,. I like the guards returning Nevels, Shamburger and Smith. Added Isaac Fleming, and Nikola Filipovich, NWC and Jankovich, Thomas, Jovanovich, Valdes, Jawato healthy, that is a good team right there! UH MBB team from first 14 games of season, should be winning a bunch of games!

    UH MBB program in good, exciting, talk of the town, state, better than in 10 years.
    Gib is can, secure that rim protector, and best available athlete or two, UH SSC and on the road, will be winning 24-25 games, and as NWC says Championships, regular season, DHC, RBC, BWC tourney, and why not?? NCAA championship run.
    Go me smiling already! Tonganator. WARRIOR of the Manoa Rainbow time!

    Go Bows!

  46. TAVS: agree with you. that is my starting 5 penciled in for start of 2014-15. However, would have to wait for mid December before Jankovich is eligible. Good timing, he could be ready for a very tough Diamond Head Classic and the start of BWC play.

    Who would be that 5th starter when November first game of season starts?
    Shamburger, Nevels, Negus Webster-Chan, Isaac Fotu, and…..Mike Thomas, if Mike really works hard on overall game. That guy is STILL growing, wouldn’t it be something if by the start of Oct 2014 practices, Mike was 6’9 1/2″ and 230 lbs of muscle along with his athleticism? Mike , I think that 4/5 slot, alongside Fotu is open. So…Sham 5’11”, Nevels 6’2″, Negus 6’7″, Isaac Fotu 6’8″ and maybe Thomas 6’8″-6’9″….or possible new recruit ready to play big 6’11” rim protector, rebounder, run court , offensive board put backs, tip dunks, and high flyer, would be AWESOME.

    Like the guys coming back. would be nice to get ONE more athletic Defensive shot blocking athletic big 6’9″-6’11” who can play right off of the plane. JC soph to be with 3 years to play, or Euro, Senegal, or France(Senegal immigrant), Big..
    Love the recruiting of right fit guys!

  47. Dayton.

    Are the returnees , RS’s and active roster guys running any open gym? Would love to see, that Sham, Nevels, Negus, Fotu, Jankovich/Thomas, running and gunning. However, biggest concern, can the returnees play shutdown, National leader Defense, so important to get D stops, besides scoring points!

  48. Really? NCAA looking into Ching Complex delay as well? UH Athletics and whomever upper lower campus better have everything together. Want UH Athletics around for a long time. Hope everything is clear.

  49. Who pays the NCAA expense for coming to UH? Hope it is not the taxpayers. Ben with his Accounting background, he must have had major headache going over past ledger for UH athletics over several years. Hope he gets things straightened out fast.UH BB and All athletics in good shape.

  50. With the way Wichita State manhandled Cal Poly we got our work cut out as far as rising to the level of the Shockers. It seemed like boys were playing against men. We need to have that lock-down defense on every position and a scoring threat from 1 to 5. We’re making progress. But I think we need a breakout year where all the pieces fall into place (Fabulous Five) and we serve notice to all that we, out here in the Pacific Ocean, have arrived. Gib if you can pull one more rabbit out of your hat and get that inside enforcer. I think we got a shot at going deep. How deep? Deepa than the deepest kimchee bradha.

  51. OR

    Elite Eight …?

    Tenacious Ten?

    Gibʻs Pressure ʻDʻ Army?

    The Hawaiʻi Wave?

    IF Next Yearʻs Team IS As Special as Some of Us Hope…
    They WILL Deserve a Moniker for Their Efforts…

  52. Next year:
    1)Apparent contiuation of uptemo, 8 seconds into clock score, average 80+ppg

    2)Next step: Lockdown defense. Key D stops when game it on the line.

    3)Game, situation management and team being able to close out under pressure games.

    Gib has team on the right track. What impresses me most about UH MBB program, have some pretty decent Basketball athletes willing to committ as preferred walkons, possibly 4 or 5 again. Plus the DI transfers. Gib has team sold on Love Hawaii, the UH experice, and take UH to that elite level NCAA team.
    Eagle and Servante, I think this next year team., key again, have to win BWC tourney and NCAA invite, could have played with Wichita St., Duke, Pitt etc. Having a good defending one or two rim protecting bigs would help them to win against those traditional top 25 , 30 teams.

    Hey, Fans, You know what, hope NCAA thing comes out good for MBB program, there is so much to look forward to next season. Could be the opportunity, with hopefully Gib having a much better SOS, RPI schedule. , for UH to win RBC, DHC and BWC tournaments. Go Bows!

    Recruiting and Possible award to deserving , fantastic!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Excitement building again Eagle, servante, Isaac, TAVS, palolowarrior, warriorhaw, akuhead2,Tonganator, FUHA, Derek, and whold Warrior Nation!!
    Go Bows!
    The Tenacious AND Terrific Ten or 12 or 13!

  53. UH can make it to the Dance, ask Poly-SLO, and Mercer, Dayton, Stephen Austin, etc. , also no such thing in March Madness, so many upsets, PARITY. top 200 teams can beat each other.
    As Negus said TAVS, and Negus means it, why settle for less, goal just to make NIT or CIT, shoot for competing for NCAA championships.
    Each tournament should be goal, wing Rainbow, Diamond Head, Big West tourneys, then win round one, next field of 32, then sweet 16, elite eight, Final Four opens the door. UH would have to be really rocking in March 2015!

    With addition of Negus, Jankovich(mid December), Fleming, another scoring wing, and Rim Proctector, with return of expericed Sham, Nevels and Smith, along with walkon Nikola Filopovich, UH will be able to control game. Another scorer on wing, albeit Valdes, Jawato, or the guys Gib has on the radar from 6’3″ to 6’6″ good athletes and scorers.

  54. Look at all the NCAA tournament teams. Yeah, some are clearly better than others, but there is a reason why they are there. Basically, all of these teams have shown to be very good defensively. UH doesn’t compare in that category. Another thing that is clear, these teams are very quick. UH doesn’t compare in that category for an entire game.

    One thing that struck me was what Archie MIller, coach of Dayton said. He said, “we play a lot of guys. We have very good comradarie.” In other words, he has a happy team because his players get to play. It goes back to backups who don’t get to play much, they are unhappy and eventually transfers.

    I think the talent level on our team is misleading. We compares favorably with our conference foes, maybe better. The jury is still out on the incoming players. Webster-Chan and Jankovic were not regular starters at Missouri. I hope they will play well for us and improve their games because they have to, if we are to get better as a team. Fleming, well, he’s a freshman so I hope he plays like a veteran when he comes in. It will still be a young team, only Shamburger and Nevels will be seniors in the fall. All players need to work on their shooting and free throws. All players need to improve their stamina, quickness, and on ball skills on defense. If not, same ole, same ole. We’ll see what happens, but from my standpoint we’ve got a long way to go.

  55. Derek: remember the old saying: “if you don’t have the horses you can’t run the race”. UH has some talent. 10 top 200 in the world talent , probably not. However, Mike Thomas, Isaac Fleming, Negus Webster-Chan and Stefan Jankovich, All 3 star athletes out of HS, so they are possible impact players.
    Isaac Fotu, All region and All BWC first teamer, he is very good international athlete.

    I like what Isaac Fotu and Shamburger, and NWC let it be known, they KNOW they came up short, D wise, bench wise, O wise and game closing managing wise. So they want to shut up the Haters, and go out and win BWC regular and BWC tourneys, go to dance and advance.
    Jankovich and Negus are working very hard to get into shape and up their game, by all accounts, and MAYBE Dayton will have video of Negus and Jankovich running open gym with Nevels, Sham, and Fotu, they are good offensively.
    Without question, Gib knew from beginning of season, in BWC and nationally UH would score points, the D side of the ball was concern, and that is why some close games they could not get the Key D stops and loss 3 or 4 games that way,
    Empahsis: Defense, the off season key, get stronger, quicker , more agile, run faster, jump higher, box out, shoot FT’s, better perimeter shooting. AND game managment, …If the guys off the bench could match the output of Standhardinger, Fotu, Nevels, Shamburger and Spearman, in pracitces, very sure they would have played a lot more.
    Next season: Smith, Jawato if healthy 100%, Jovanovich stronger, Valdes will play a lot. To start season, very sure, Gib will open it up again…for competition, ALL 5 starting spots up for grabs. If he has the next 5, that can maintain or increase leads, 10 guys will play 8 to 32 minutes a game. All have to play Lockdown D. that is the Key, DEFENSE. These incoming guys can score, can they play great D, that will win championships and go to NCAA? I think , if they work hard, which they are already, in weight room, Isaac Fotu going back summer NZ, workout more on O and strength, UH will be a more athletic, quicker, smarter, and win more team. Even If UH has 2 wins agains DII teams, I don’t know why UH MBB fans are so critical, 20 wins is a great accomplishment in any level of play.

    Derek, the guys coming back who have seen at least 15 min or more of game time play, Nevels, Shamburger, Fotu, Valdes, Smith, Thomas …..and about 8 minutes of play Jawato till injured, Enos, Jovanovich, ..So at least 8 guys coming back who had PT in game situation. That is probably the most experience coming back that Gib has had in 5 years going on.

    Better Defensive team, Negus is very quick and long, Jankovich, deceptively quick and long, can get steal, deflections and block shots, both have 3 point range and can take it to the rim. Fleming, is a very smart BBIQ guard, Military Prep Institute guy, so he knows work ethic. Check out his YouTube video hilites, very smart left handed guard, who can play 1, 2 or 3.
    Believe Year 5 of Gib, will be that 24-25 win team, returnees are ticked off, NO Post Season, and one and done in BWC tourney…Negus and Jankovich are on quest for NCAA deep run. Going to be exciting. Join the fun this November 2014 for first game, UH , as I said, if they can win the RBC, DHC and the BWC tournaments, they will have good RPI and NCAA bound!
    Go Rainbows!
    Gib , go get that rim protecting, teeth on the rim, shot blocking, space eating, Big!

  56. Fotu is not quite ready for pros just yet. I think he’s already good enough to make Euro rosters or other oversea leagues, but the only acceptable destination for a player to leave school early is the NBA as a 1st round draft pick (in my opinion).

    In all honesty, he’s not close to a 1st round pick… yet. I do think Fotu has the skill set to make the NBA at some point.

    The biggest thing he needs to get better at is playing through contact. Fotu is still primarily a finesse player on offense. He tends to maneuver for his patented hook shot and work around defenders. Don’t get me wrong, Fotu is really good at it at the college level, but in the NBA, post defenders are going to be much longer and more athletic, not to mention much more physical. That’s why I think Fotu is already Euro or oversea league ready, but not NBA ready.

    In order to shorten a tall defender, you gotta get into his body so he can’t jump as high. The secondary effect is that you can get him in foul trouble… no matter how tall a player is, he’s only about 4 to 5 feet tall while sitting on the bench.

    Given Fotu’s height and length, he may have to play the 3 depending on the roster he’s on. So Fotu might need to further expand his jump shot range and work more on ball handling in the event he has to play outside-in, vs inside-out. The more versatile Fotu becomes, the more valuable he becomes at the pro level.

    Of course, improving defense and rebounding go without saying.

  57. Former UH athlete: spot on. If Fotu had the intensity of Standhardinger and the scrappiness, he would be scoring over 20 pts. per game with 10 rebounds/game. I agree, he has to watch his fouls. A lot of that is moving his feet to stay in good position and in blocking shots it’s all about proper timing, which he can work on too. It’s obvious he’s good a lot of tools around the basket. At 6’8″ he’s just another guy in the NBA at that size. He has to face the basket and work on 1 on 1 moves so that he can get his own shot up, with positive results. Keep eating his poke bowls an get his degree and he will be glad that he stayed.

    The best advice I can give him is Carl English. He left for the pros, thinking he would be a first round draft pick after his Junior year. Carl was not ready for the NBA. Carl is not an NBA caliber player. He’s a good player. But there are a lot of guys who are good players that don’t make it on the NBA. I don’t fault English at all. He made his decision. He graduated with his degree when he left UH and that’s the most important thing. But, I wish he would have stayed to play his senior year and enjoyed the experience.


    Don’t ask me to come see a basketball game, instead offer me an event. When you go see a BB game, you have to put aside time and money. Need money for parking, need money for tickets (over $10, up to $28), need money for concessions (as if overpriced game tickets aren’t enough, you can get jacked for overpriced hot dogs and drinks), need to wait in traffic after the game. This is some of the stuff I need to go through in order to see a game at the arena. Make it more than a game.

    You need to make people excited to come to games. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU HAVE TO REALIZE IS THIS: a bad basketball team is no excuse for not having people come out to the arena a couple times a month.

    Let me give an example of what I mean: imagine if The Olive Garden was in the arena. You’ve got to make people want to come to the arena, and oh yeah there’s a basketball game here too. (Note: This is just an example of what I mean: make people excited to go to the arena. Not specifically saying put an Olive Garden in there)

    You’re probably thinking I’m crazy right now. Do you have a smartphone? Is it a good phone — ie comfortable earpiece, large numberpad? Well, actually you love your smartphone if you have one, because it’s more than that. Having just a phone is so 2000s. Your smartphone is awesome because you can make calls, write texts, browse the internet, get the time (goodbye watches), flashlight app, etc. It’s worth all $400 you spent. So why is it crazy to realize that you have to offer more nowadays to get people to the arena?

    Look, you’re asking people to give up a lot to watch basketball games at the arena. Realistically it is not worth it, not when you can watch the same quality UH basketball at home, or even watch higher quality games from the SEC, Big 10, NBA, etc. So realize this: you’re not trying to get people to just watch a basketball game. And the quality of the team won’t matter, if you’re making the experience of the arena what it needs to be.

    Lower ticket prices. Make them comparable to movie tickets. You want people to come to the arena a couple times a month, make it affordable tickets. If you price high, then people will only come once a year. Heck, why bother fighting traffic?

    Make your money in concessions and memorabilia. Give quality options in food. Why am I still eating plain hamburgers in 2014? No more cheap food that’s high priced. Everyone knows the 3 options you get in everything: cheap, fast, good — and you’re supposed to get 2 of them. I guess arena food is fast. It is not cheap, and it is not good. I salute people who support the team nowadays in spite of this.

    But there’s other things you can do. Make a UH fan card, usable at all sports (even swimming and softball). Reward fans for showing up at games. eg
    – show up at game after a loss, get a reward card that will lead to a free drink. Reward earned after 3 of these. Maybe this will inspire admin to care more about UH sports winning.
    – get one of those decibel meters. If the crowd goes over 110 dB, get a reward card that
    will lead to a free shirt. Or print shirts that night: “Rocked the house vs. Visiting Team Name,
    mm/dd/yyyy”, and sell them for nominal price. What’s so great about shirts? People love them,
    they cover your nipples. Oh, and it’s free advertising for the program. “Oh you went to that game?
    I didn’t know you liked basketball”, “Yeah, I go all the time the free food is awesome”, “What
    free food?” Don’t forget that people love to show off their fan-dom, so this should be
    capitalized on, by personalizing swag. You want people walking around in your shirts and hats.
    It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Make those low-priced, event-specific shirts available only in the arena.
    Back to rewarding crowd noise: imagine if people start bringing along their friends to make sure
    they get loud enough. Is that a win, or is that a win?
    – show up at games on Thursday and Saturday, you should get something special. I don’t go to the
    movies twice a week. Making it out on a Thursday is tough (afterwork traffic, followed by aftergame
    traffic). Shows that you realize fans who do this are special.

    Maybe I’m dreaming, but who knew people wanted to send text messages from the phone?

    I talked about making the basketball games something more, if you go to the arena rather than
    watch it on TV. Right now, the only difference is I get the privilege of trying to find good
    parking, and then fighting traffic when everyone leaves at the same time after the game.

    Imagine if there was something else at the arena. My quick/crazy idea is they could make some sort of basketball museum? Like showing highlights of old games, and also showing highlights of high school basketball. Hey, come to watch the Bows and catch a glimpse of the future, or at least local standouts. Get people talking about local players (this should be done at Aloha Stadium too), by having an auditorium in the arena where people can gather and watch sports together. This will take an investment by UH, to get cameras to the games (high school gyms, street ball) and people to edit
    videos, but in 2014 you need to do more to hook people. Whatever they put in the museum, you
    probably want them to keep bringing in new material. Let people visit the “museum” after the
    game, so they’re not all evacuating the arena at the same time and getting stuck in traffic.

  59. A couple of links, to see the future of sports attendance and entertainment engagement. If we want to chase championships…

    “The Game Pass card is tied into a new loyalty program, in which Miami season-ticket holders earn points for attending games, going into the stadium early and buying merchandise and concessions. When a person has acquired enough points, he or she can redeem them for a variety of rewards, ranging from a spring practice invitation and signed footballs to seat upgrades and limited meet-and-greet experiences.”
    “We seek out meaningful experiences and we want to have memories,” Gerace said. “One thing we’re very cognizant of is commemoration is an important part of the fan experience.”
    “We recognize in all sports and especially in our market here there is a lot of competition for the entertainment dollar,” University of Miami assistant athletic director for digital media strategy Brian Bowsher said.

    Disney has industrial engineers that work on everything from optimal food-and-beverage pricing and
    laundry facility optimization, to attraction performance and wait-time minimization (the vaunted
    FASTPASS system).
    Department stores are doing a lo-fi version of MagicBands by tracking the hardware ID on your cell
    phone’s Wi-Fi card as you wander the store. Hey, look! That’s the same Wi-Fi ID as the person who
    bought a necklace from us last week. Maybe a sales associate should propose a pair of earrings to them?
    “We don’t want the NSA tracking us, because we get nothing in return. But this is not to say Americans won’t give up privacy for anything. For just a modicum of convenience, entertainment and comfort, I’m happy to give you a list of everyone I call and everywhere I go. That’s more than I’m sure the NSA has on me. And despite your privacy concerns, most of you are exactly the same way.”

  60. Hey Horssse, FUHA, servante, Derek love all of your insightful comments. Some of the athletes and Coach, we don’t know if they read our blogs, MY GUESS? They do. At least the ones with proactive comments to help team.

    Horssse, wow, really thinking outside of the Box, Ben Jay, social media guru, and taking any type of suggestions to improve physcial SSC and other event attendance, very good suggestions. UH MBB and SSC arena happenings, UH MBB is the PRO Basketball team for Honolulu and even for visiting outer island folks.
    Make tickets more affordable, even some sections general admission, i.e, those ever open lower bowl , make a couple of hundred of those available at affordable price. Concession food, if going to pay that much, you are right Quality food.

    So Ben, AD , Athletic Dept. Upper, Lower, Coach, Athletes, a lot of fans, want UH MBB and the SSC experience, and Coach , team , athletes, be part of Something Really big, and right, make sure to change the lite bulbs, paint the scuffed up walls, make sure restrooms, have soap and are clean, and we coming to games, keep the SSC really immaculate, …Great Ideas all!

    FUHA and Derek, wholeheartedly agree, I think Isaac, his DREAM, is not high euro, or NBDL, he wants to be able to have shot at NBA, drafted or legitmate free agent shot. I tell you, whomever the coach is in NZ that is helping him work on his game, is doing wonders, each year he comes back better. Correct, Derek and FUHA, the bench warmers on NBA rosters, their skill level and physical play , so much better at this point than a Carl English, he should have stayed for senior year, and got his degree. And Fotu, he HAS TO GET REALLY PHYSICAL, Justice Sueing, Reggie Cross, Vincent Smalls, even Haim Shimonovich strong along with a probably developing 3/4 perimeter game, 3 line, and break guys down off the dribble, plus run and finish with dunks off of the break. He has 2 more years to get there, maybe alongside Negus and Jankovich!

  61. Heck, any UH MBB roster guy, if they take it to the next level and some, could have shot at free agent tryouts with NBA. Best example, AC Carter, 13-14 year career, set for life as undrafted free agent signee out of UH. Longest, and wealthiest NBA UH alumnus.
    The guy , AC took care of his body, and 6’2″ 195, he was in great shape for all 14 years in the NBA. Hope he gets shot to coach in NBA, or who knows,, even collegiately!
    Man, We Still Talking Hoops! Love it!

    Gib go get that Big shot blocker, who is athletic, or just Big and Good!
    Eagle, it never ends, Gib , one way or another, has brought tons of interest year round to MBB program!
    Thankyou, Mr. Gib Arnold, and the great guys on MBB team!
    Go Warriors, Rainbow Manoa Men!

  62. Hope this Akana thing turns out well for MBB program, no HAMMER!

    THEY should be wrapping up at end of this month, so stay posted, Hope the best, UH MBB program and fans, WANT the best ending to situation!

  63. There’s nothing like being there live at the game. Period.

    The Gestapo is coming to town this week. Look out.

  64. Spearman, Standhardinger , and Rozitis, have a shot at free agent NBA team., or at least workout? I would think so, if that is the route they want to take.
    Remember Michael Keubler was trying out as free agent with Portland I think. He was the leading scorer, in the practice workouts. He did not make team, however has had very successful career in Europe.
    Recent player, Matt Lojeski, on the radar of NBA teams. Has a good career in High Level, with that Greek pro team. Matt has NBA potential, however has family to care for, and a good contract with Greek team. Always an option if guaranteed thing to latch on to NBA team.

    Always though Sensley had all the tools, size, hands, leaping ability, shooting range, just , here we go again, to be TOUGH, physically, NBA is another level indeed. Julian, a very, very skilled 6’9″ 234 lb SF.

    Interesting how many overseas Basketball players dot the rosters of NBA teams. Centers, Forwards, guards, you name it. Worldwide development, of very skilled Pro athletes. Once again, could Fotu, with 2 more great years of NBA type development make it to NBA, no question with right team, guaranteed free agent signing or drafted. Standhardinger, he is tough, old school, has to develop that left hand, and be consistent mid to 3 pt line, he is very good FT shooter now. He is tough, and physical now, big difference from last year VANDER fed and led team!

    Spearman, Standhardinger and Rozitis, if that is your dream, chase it, the NBA, or the best fit, and paid… Euro leagues!! Keep that dream alive, and a basketball pro career after you receive your degrees will be there for the taking!

    Still awaiting the first Gib era UH MBB athlete to make an NBA roster, could be in a couple of years.!!

  65. shoots jjay, I hope UH MBB program comes out with minmal damage. Still remember, the original seventies downfall, and the horrible feeling of the vacated NCAA men VB championship, which today, would not have held water. Still the Men VB team still have their championship rings, they are still that year’s Champion in thousands of Men VB fans.

    jjay, nervous time…now! Fans, hang on! Hope for the best!
    Gib is backing Akana, I guess we can hope for the best, minimal damage, cut and bruise, not major…hoping!

    UH MBB has really gained momentum last 4 years!

  66. yeah, really hope Spearman pursues a career in Europe if the NBA doesn’t work out. It’s just sad to think that this is the end for a kid with his talent and passion for the game.

  67. Brandon Spearman = The Ultimate Warrior… For Life!

  68. how’s about some recruiting news now 🙂

  69. hope not, maybe this investigation of Akana and UH MBB is putting recruiting and potential prospects on hold. Would be really hard to take if a possible big, or great athletic baller, was on the fence, or is..pending results at end of month. Enough already, get the protocol done, and let us know! Recruiting for maybe 2 more guys on the line..

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