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DaBeast Froductions: Road Rewind

ยฉ 2014 Chasing The Moment Photography

Gib Arnold and staff have been busy on recruiting trips in the recent weeks since the season ended.

Meanwhile, the players took some time off from basketball to catch up on class work and recuperate from the long season.

Below are a couple of videos from DaBeast Froductions, taken during previous road trips this season. It serves as another reminder that this was a fun team – both on and off the court.

And thanks to all who continue to post comments and keep the site flowing.


  1. NCAA Men’s Basketball (Regular Period)LOI signing:

    April 16, 2014 to May 21, 2014

    Just another reason why this forum is the center of the UH MBB universe.
    Great. I always enjoy these DaBeast Froductions.
    Does this mean that Fotu will be taking over the duties of DaBeast Froductions next year? Anyone else with a Fro? .It’s a tough job, but somebody has got to do it!

  3. Have loved watching the DeBeast Froductions. Davis, we are going to miss you both on and off the court. May only good times come your way. Isaac, hope you will find another conspirator and partner to keep it alive.

  4. IF there was only a way to keep Davis around the program…

    Grad Assistant maybe???

    Not sure how much coaching chops he has, but he’d be good for monitoring the locker room and keeping things light around the team. Davis appears to be a smart guy, so there’s always a chance he could develop into a better coach than as a player (like many great coaches).

    That’s all of course if he decides to pursue coaching as a career.

  5. For Davis to have been recruited to PAC 12 school by Gib, and having scholarship there. From Latvia, Davis has basketball skills. Really agile for a 7 footer. The fastest up and down the court Big in a long time. Maybe only Chris Botez might have been faster however he was not as big and strong.

    Davis, if he has chance to go euro pro, or Latvian national team, I am sure he would go for it. If he wanted shot at NBA free agent workout, he would do it. Whatever he wants to do, and he loves Hawaii too, like Fotu, Standhardinger, Nevels, Smith, Shamburger, Jankovich, Jovanovich, Valdes, etc, the guys love Hawaii, and Hawii loves them. Also, Hackman, Filopovich, Harpers, Thomas, nice place to play ball and get education. Waikiki beach workouts, like no other.

    Mahalo Davis, wonderful personality, and well loved by the Schmidts and Hunter!
    Thankyou for being the lite hearted, and humorous person, to help coaches, and team, to keep smiling! Great Job! Have great success post UH !

    Go Davis Rozitis. Pursue your dreams!
    And next year, Frotu and another one or two cohorts, Isaac Fotu has a great sense of humour too..!

  6. Spearman and Standhardinger ,too.. Hawaii MBB fans will miss them next year, plus Rozitis, very classy guys, good students, and citizens!

  7. I remember when Davis used to have much more of an accent.
    I had to think twice, hmm, its DaBeast video right? should be Davis right? I think the accent is gone.

  8. Awesome job, Rozitis! Hopefully dabeast will be around for many years to come. Rozitis pursuing a coaching career seems like a rather interesting option. He’s intelligent and has the right personality.

  9. Congratulations to Seniors , Davis, Christian and Brandon, they laid a great groundwork for future of MBB. Only thing , worry about the Big Boys in town. NCAA.

    Gib say okay, so should be okay. Hoping all well for Brandyn, Gib and the UH MBB program. Cause lot of good excitement in past year, and looking forward to Great Next Season.

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