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Cal Poly takes Big West; Warriors await official word

Cal Poly will represent the Big West Conference at the NCAA Tournament. Yes, Cal Poly.

The Mustangs defeated Cal State Northridge, 61-59, in the tournament championship game on Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., to earn the conference’s automatic bid to the Big Dance.

With a 13-19 overall record, the Mustangs will undoubtedly receive pre-tournament national attention next week in the discussion of “one of the worst teams ever to make the NCAA Tournament.”

Not that it matters to them. They’re in. For the first time in their program’s history.

Cal State Northridge defeats Hawaii in the fourth game

They entered the Big West Tournament with a 10-19 record and the No. 7 seed. But in three successive days, the Mustangs knocked off No. 2 UC Santa Barbara, No. 1 UC Irvine, and No. 5 Cal State Northridge.

They are the new calling card of hope for every team that finishes near the bottom of the standings in the Big West – “Remember Cal Poly in 2014.” They are also the new calling card of caution for every team that finishes in the top half of the standings of the Big West – “Remember Cal Poly in 2014.”

Perhaps they are bringing the Big West’s profile down, as they are expected to receive a No. 16 seed for the NCAA Tournament. At the same time, the Mustangs could provide a huge boost to the Big West if they become the first 16 seed to knock off a No. 1.

Is that too much to ask?

— — — — — — — —

Where does this leave Hawai’i?

Official announcements of all the post-season tournaments will take place on Sunday.

UC Irvine is guaranteed a spot in the NIT as the Big West regular-season champ. UC Santa Barbara should receive an invitation somewhere, though it remains to be seen if it will accept a bid to a pay-to-play tournament if it does not sneak in to the NIT.

Hawai’i, of course, is a long shot to play in the CIT, but a shot nonetheless. Indications are the UH administration will accept an invitation to play in the CIT only if it can receive a favorable financial situation. Presumably, that would start with a road game, if any.

Here’s something to ponder: Weber State hosted a first-round CIT game last year (against Cal Poly, of all teams) and drew 2,309 fans. It was the Wildcats’ smallest crowd of the season, possibly because the fan base was still in disappointment over a recent close loss in the conference tournament. Presumably, Weber State athletics lost a lot of money on that one CIT game.

But two weeks and three wins later, Weber State found itself hosting the CIT championship game and drew 10,500 fans – its largest crowd in more than a decade. Presumably, Weber State athletics made a lot of money on that one game.

The point? Winning cures disappointment, and you can’t win if you don’t play.


  1. That Poly win, underscores, whomever hot in March for Conference tournament, for BWC, the 8 teams that qualify, so you still have to finish in the top 8. The team that can win 3 in 3 days, can go dancing NCAA style. Does that mean that the regular season doesn’t matter? I think for interest and building base for recruitment , fan interest, having good pre-conference and in conference showing great for Program. However, as we all knew, even Gib, whomever get hot, whether 7 or 8 seed can win it all. Incredible.

    Good point Dayton, about Weber St. and what they went through on hosting first round game, and low attendance, then they won 3 and hosted the Championship game, and over 10,000 show up, they probably ended up making money and covering their losses money wise from first 2300 attendance game.

    Point being, if UH , the only option were to host, would UH and Ben Jay, look for, or go ahead and pay for that 30k or 40k to host? To me, personally, if UH is at 20-11, even though disappointed in loss opening round to Northridge, it just might payoff to host first round, and this year’s team, I think can play well, and win a couple or more in the CIT, they are a great road team too.

    As someone else, posted, elsewhere, UH MBB needs something Positive right now, maybe a CIT participation, even if have to pay some money, and potential to win, and maybe host another, would be worth it.

    Ben would back up his Football team, whynot the MBB program? We shall see. I hope UH gets to play a few more games, and get more wins, and practice for young guys for next year. However, even money is bottom line, and we are not talking about 250K, …I guess Ben and UH cannot afford to host first round. Yet, UH MBB , was self sustaining and paying their bills. Hope UH MBB gets some love from CIT, CBI or BJ!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. Dayton- good writeup about Poly, and how they finished. It would be incredible if they upset a number 1 seed!

    Like your point about Weber State, and their disappointment on losing early in their Conference Tournament, they accepted hosting first round game, went on to win three and host Championship game.
    That Disappointment, turned into something good, reason, as you stated: they won at least 3 more games. Their season was extended.
    Winning, in anything, cures a lot of woes. UH Basketball program, Men and Women, could use a little Post Season hope, and potential several more W’s to cure disappointment. I hope too, that Mr. Ben Jay, would consider, even hosting first, second round games. Would think that UH could get on a win streak. They were so close, and they play with great heart.

    Mr. Ben Jay, If UH doesn’t have chance to play post season, even if pay to play, they won’t have chance to Win, and cure some of the sadness on losing to Matadors.
    Remember when, Wallace had that good 23 win team, they did not make NCAA, however won 2 games in a row in NIT. First game hosted.
    Hope Mr. Ben Jay, AD, considers, if last resort, hosting first round if it came down to that.

  3. Dayton, if money is the issue for Ben Jay and the University, why does he even think about inquiring about C.I.T. possible invitation scenario? Why doesn’t he just say: Season Is Over even if invited We will not participate. With UH Basketball last year, it was a shock when the A.D. accepted the C.I.T. to host AFA game. That was a gamble. Maybe Ben has some contingency plan, just in case. Otherwise, great season, ended way too soon. And Gib go out and recruit a few more athletes.

    I do think the Athletes would play if they got the right invitation. However, they no it is a Long Shot. Who knows, Cal Poly was a really long shot to go to NCAA tournament, and look at them now, they are in March Madness, the Big Dance.Maybe UH will continue. Sunday we will know either way. Chance to win more games would be good for team though. Agree with that.


  4. playing Devils advocate ok it worked out for Weber State but what if they had lost that 1st round game in the CIT?

    I don’t think Hawaii can take that gamble to spend that money and if for some reason lose in the 1st round of the CIT. maybe they win maybe they lose? They lose and everybody will be on Ben Jay for making such a bad decision.

  5. You might have something there Dayton. Ray of hope. Winning, even in pay to play could inspire for next season. Saw on Weber St. MBB site, they won the Big Sky Tournament, and , this year, after their good showing in last year’s C.I.T., are going to the 2014 NCAA dance. Incredible.
    Winning, as you said , can cure disappointment. Wish the best, if something can be worked out, that is financially prudent, or someone steps forward to help UH athletics, would be worth C.I.T. parcipation. Poly winning gives UH hope. Weber St. winning after participating in C.I.T. last season can project towards next year. Very Positive things can result. Thanks Dayton. Something for Ben to consider.


  6. First of all, my mind is completely blown over Cal Poly winning the Big West Championship. They did knock off #1 and #2, though, and deserved it more than Northridge (who knocked off #3 and #4). No doubt they will receive a #16 seed and get absolutely pummeled in the first round.

    Second of all…how is UH an outside shot to receive a CIT bid w/their 20 win record? They’ve received CIT bids in the past with less. They beat a number of good teams early on in the season, although they did kind of fade down the stretch (I believe they were 3 – 7 in their last 10?).

    Needless to say, I believe they deserve the invite and I hope the administration considers it.

  7. Hawaii’s post-season resume:

    BPI is 133/RPI is 159 – All four tourneys will consist of top 148 teams (NCAA – 68, NIT – 32, CBI – 16, CIT – 32)

    Hawaii is 6 – 6 in their last 12, and have beaten all non-conference opponents with an RPI of 150+. They’re 20th in the nation in PPG, 35th in FG%, and are 5 – 4 on the road this year. They finished 4th in conference and had 2 plays finish all-conference first team.

    Their best wins are against bubble-team Saint Mary’s (#60) and NCAA tourney bound W. Michigan (#69). Worst losses are against Cal Poly, Long Beach St. and Northridge.

    I believe this is a strong case for a CIT berth and possibly even CBI berth. Even if the post-season game may not turn out to be a money-maker, the post-season play is key to building the program and making a name for Hawaii. This will key future recruits to who knows what else. Post-season is always worth it and I believe this team isn’t done yet. I strongly believe they would do well in any post-season play.

  8. Isaac: Valid points. Post Season, NIT, NCAA, CIT, CBI, any, helps team and future recruits looking at program. If they see UH MBB went to 3 out of last 4 years to a Post Season Tourney, well good thing. They know , Negus, Jankovich, Fleming and any added recruits, definitely want to take UH to guaranteed NCAA invite next year. As we know now, even if UH is EIGHTH seeded in BWC tourney, they can win if they are hot for 3 games. Ask Poly.

    Still, if money is issue , as some have said, or even Ben Jay, and financially strapped UH, that is where AD comes in. He should have been working the partnerships from private donors/ sponsors, since last year, just in case such a scenario. I am sure, as I have commented, 40K for BOH, Hawaiian Air, Oceanic Time Warner, etc, or a guy like Paul Allen, or Bill Gates(!)is a drop in the bucket. Would make the private donor look good, and help program.

    Ben Jay, as UHF states, should battle for UH MBB and UH WBB as much as he can, look for monies from somewhere. If a recruit looks at UH’s record 20-11 and Still No Post Season, he would know, Hawaii is a tough place to play and to advance into any type of Post Season tournament.
    Just like a lot of fans, who want season to extend a bit, Hope Ben Jay will fight for guys, and find way to get into CBI or CIT, if neither tourney invites UH or communicates with them, THEN season PAU, we understand. I think Ben , having been there at Anaheim, saw the effort, and then the disappointment of the team especially the Seniors, that is why, even if Slim Chance, he is going to work out some deal to extend season. I hope they get to host opening round game. We have to wait till later today Sunday!

    Go Ben Jay, fight for the Rainbow Warriors till the end. This MBB team battled all year, they deserve, the AD and UH to battle for them. And Women BB team too.
    Go Bows!

  9. Forget it. This team has missed a lot of class time traveling three weeks in a row. Enough already. We don’t want them to miss anymore. They are full time students. This isn’t high school curriculum folks. Rough ending. Aloha to the seniors Study hard and pass all your classes guys.

  10. jjay, not related to Ben Jay? Just joking 😀
    I think that what Ben saw in Anaheim, the effort and comeback by UH, he felt he owed it to MBB team to at least attempt to inquire if invited, about working a deal with CIT. Nothing wrong with that. If feasible. Would love to see boys get to play a home game. It kind of is in reverse, the deal Ben is looking for: have the guys go back to Mainland and do a road game first round…reason, to cover costs..You would think the team would like to play another Home game, then go on the road if advancing. At least Ben is doing what he can do, to get UH into a post season tourney. It is kind of hard, even if UH has 20 games won against 18 DI schools and two DII schools, to sit at home call it a year at 20-11, I don’t recall UH ever doing that, rejecting, if it came, an invitation to play another game in CIT, NIT.

    JJAY, IF UH NOT INVITED, the whole discussion is moot. However, was shocked last year when UH played that home game against AFA, the infamous Vander walk out on team game. That game sparked Fotu and Standhardinger to comeback even stronger and uptempo it, to have 20 game winning season. A good accomplishment at ANY level of Basketball. As UHF stated, if Majority of Fans, the team, AND AD don’t think it is a Good Idea, JUST state from AD office, if UH is invited to ANY post Season tourney other than NIT or NCAA, UH will reject, Then, MOVE on. Because, he holds out a long shot, however I think CIT, with UH at 20-11 would consider UH on the bubble, …I cannot fault Ben for even trying to work a deal out. He is the boss of the teams, if he can work something out, so UH break even, I am sure he would accept, and tell team to get back to work , practice, and work out logistics.
    In 2014, you can LOSE close to 20 games, like Poly’s 19 loss record, and still go to NCAA tournament, You can WIN 20 games, against any type of RPI opponent, and stay home. Strange but true. Hope the best for MBB program. Baseball, they have tough season, MVB, rough road, Softball women, challenge, Football, don’t know what to expect, Shoji going to another final four, very, very hard. So any glimmer of hope for MBB or WBB is welcomed. Go SandBows!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! Get ready for next game or next season!
    Fans of UH MBB, die hard, stick with the Bows through good and bad, and last year was exciting, up and down, however, great uptempo, Just has to be more consistent , defend better and close out games. They will Next Year.

  11. Here’s my 2 cents on NCAA qualification process…. Currently, it’s 32 auto bids for each conference tournament champion + 36 at large bids.

    Here’s my thought:
    32 auto bids for conference tournament + 32 auto bids for regular season + 32 at large bids = field of 96

    Obviously there will be some teams sweeping both reg season and tournament so those extra bids add to the at large pool.

    Seeds 1-8 from each region go straight to 2nd round (round of 64).
    There would be two of each 9-16 seeds that will square off in 1st round. For example, #16 Cal Poly would face #16 Tx Southern… Winner plays #1 seed in that region.

    Since you have 9 v 9, 10 v 10, 11 v 11 and so on… That should create very competitive games with a good chance of more exciting buzzer beater shots everybody loves. Once the 1st round is done, it’s on the 2nd round of 64 and the typical 1v16, 2v15 and so on matchups.

    This would end the bickering of being the best team in conference all year and not going to the tournament. This also keeps the current excitement the 1st week brings every year. It also does not chance the odds the top seeds probability of making the final four.

    Let’s face it, 99% of non-major teams don’t have a prayer of final four unless you are Gonzaga or Wichita, who have developed strong programs that can recruit with the big boys.

  12. Former UH Athlete: That makes sense. This 64 field NCAA tournament, plus those upsets in Conf. Tournaments, make for teams being left out. That 96 team formula sounds good. At one time, some NCAA coaches were talking about adding 32 teams to field. Even to open to 128 teams, with those first round and second round byes for top seeds. Former UH MBB coach suggested opening up NCAA tournament to All 300 teams. Would make regular season moot. Wild idea , however, the way things play out in Post Season Tourneys, He said Why Not?

    After selection Sunday show, lot of complaints from teams that did well in regular season, and Conf. season not making the dance as at large. For BWC with Poly, if they Upset a number 1 seed, wow, it just throws everything out the window. However, it would be miraculous. Now Poly will face teams, as big if not bigger, with athletes that are as quick if not quicker and can shoot, defend.

    As I commented, look at Shoji’s WVB, how hard is his track to return to final 4, the Parity of WVB, would be long shot for him to reach championship, which is what he wants to do. UH MBB, that much more difficult to reach NCAA’s, only shot, is to win BWC tournament, whether 1 or 8 seed. Crazy!

  13. As predicted UHMBB would end season in middle of pack! And lose in 1st round . . . good season but not good enough! After 4 years with new coach and changing leagues, still can’t win a league title nor a tournament. As been said repeatedly by many posters – Great Recruiter – Poor Game Situation Coach. Losing by 1-4 points in final minutes of game gets attributed to the COACH! Mismanaging substitutions, game situations, and so on and so on!

    Best wishes next year – look for the same results! UHMBB fans need to adjust their expectations. No big dancing – just mediocre house party!


  14. hey dallan, why is it you ONLY come here when bad things happen?

  15. xer 21…
    as UH MBB team members say: must be a Hater…not a supposedly Lover of UH MBB program.
    I would say 99.9% of posts on this site, are about something, though we all have opinions..are to help , support, or suggest how to make UH BB progam better.
    Dallan…like bottom fisher person, Trolling…for Negativety, Sad person..
    UH MBB..team is exciting, and will be back next year. Just have to finish strong!

  16. UH beating teams with higher RPI helps. Out of conference. Interesting fact about UH’s non conference opponents. Boise St., St. Mary’s, Missouri, all with 20+ wins and awaiting NIT chance for invite. Western Michigan and NMSU with 22+ wins, and winners of conf. tournaments part of NCAA field. UH competitive with all 5 of those teams, and beat St. Mary’s and Western Michigan. If UH beat all 5 of those teams, and finished by beating UCSB, Irvine, virutally sweeping them, would have had better RPI. However, the mid major, or low mid major BWC, that 7 or 8 seed, hot, they win the One Bid to NCAA’s with overall losing record and not great RPI to end year. Some other leagues, with teams higher RPI than Poly bumped from their Conf. tournaments, and end up out of the NCAA’s and awaiting NIT or CBI.

    UH has to almost do a Wichita St. throughout season 30-0, however, they would have to Still Win the Conf. Tournament Championship. So basically, for now, those low mid major leagues with one bid, it comes down to a 3 game season first week of March! Wild.Next year, have to play towards getting hot for BWC tourney even if lose some games during regular year I guess. That is the way ball bounces. Win in BWC tournament and go to NCAA’s. Win regular season auto invite to NIT, though the bigger Conferences, lose out to get into NIT because of those auto bids.

  17. Man even with 20+ wins, some of the teams ranked higher RPI than UH, could not make it into NIT! Those regular season auto invites, left fewer at large berths. Some good teams left out of NIT. They should as Former UH Ath. says, expand NCAA tournament to 96 teams, so no one deserving gets left out, then a 32 field NIT, so the top 128 teams will be guaranteed those two tournaments. CBI and CIT for those able to, or want to for some good teams too. Wow. The Conf. tournament winners if not regular season champs are squeezed. The Conf. tournament winning it, so important if you want to make it to NCAA. Wonder if NCAA will meet summer and discuss expanding field? Sure a lot of AD’s, Big Schools, and teams warranting would make a case for expanding field. Wild.

  18. NO CIT invitation for UH. Season done. Look forward to next year. Formula, UH win regular season-auto invite to NIT. Win BWC tournament-NCAA bound.
    Should be interesting off season. Recruiting for Gib important, get the big and scorer. Then have guys work on defense and finishing games.
    Should be big build up toward next season.

    good season guys, disappointing at BWC tournament, however, now you know what to do, from Gib on down. Have great off season!

  19. Well , wait till next year. Hope for NIT or better yet NCAA. Have to win in March, be peaking.
    UH Athletics monetarily wise, really bad shape. Wonder if Riley did offer invite, IF UH hosted first , second round games? And UH could not afford 30K? I would have thought UH ticket sales generated enough revenue to cover at least one Home game. Almost has to be UH MBB have fundraiser like, Trapasso and BB team and Chow and the FB team telethon.

    Only thing look forward to, Gib has to go out and Recruit 2 Good athletes, ready to play, big and SF, or whomever can help team win in March BWC tourney!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Hear from all WI nation next season. Aloha!
    Go Bows Warriors Rainbows!

  20. Looking forward, UH is going to have a devastating offense. If Shamburger can improve on his 3pt %, doubling Fotu like what we saw late in the year will be a very dicey proposition for opponents with NWC, Nevels and Shamburger along the arc.

    The one interesting thing to watch next year is who fills in Standhardinger’s vacated starting spot. Looking at the returnees, there are a number of guys who could start and also depending on how Gib wants to play. Does Jovanovic elevate his game and start and give UH a more traditional center, allowing Fotu to move to his more natural 4 spot? Does Mike Thomas start (presumably the 4) and Fotu still at the 5? Does Valdes get the start, pushing NWC to the 4 and basically a 4 guard look (similar to Boise St’s lineup).

    Then how does the lineup/rotation change once Jankovic becomes eligible mid-season? Is he an immediate starter or a 6th man.

    That’s going to be very interesting…

    The biggest weakness in this years team, from a personnel standpoint, was a lack of a shot blocker and intimidator in the paint. Even with as little skill Ndiaye (UCI) and Bhullar (NMSU) were, they absolutely affected opponents when going inside. Uh doesn’t necessarily need a 7’5″ monster, but is there has to be a long armed, broad-shouldered athlete that can be a defensive force somewhere out there. He wouldn’t have to score since there will be more than enough scorers on the court at any given time.

    If my math is correct, I believe there are two scholarships available (maybe 3, I can’t recall if Dressler was on scholarship). Flemings accounts for one of the 3 departing seniors.

  21. FUHA:
    You are correct, Fleming signed LOI early Nov. so he takes one of the seniors scholarships. Dressler was/is on scholarship until he transfers after spring semester, so his scholarship would be open too. So possibly 3 available? We have to wait and see. Nowadays, without naming names, who is and who isn’t have to see who signs committs officially. UH has at least a handful of preferred walkons this year, which makes it unique, Gib did not use all his scholies for this year, maybe later, kept in case. And with Dressler’s injury, would come in handy. Should be interesting Spring-late May recruiting, you would hope Gib and coaches are hot on the recruiting trail right now, for that long athletic shot blocking big, and a scoring , defending athlete. Another thing, would help if those two, or three recruits were ready to play, either awesome soph JC transfer, with 3 to play or global recruits! Lof of us Hawaii BB fans, we love the Recruiting part of the program, now Gib do your thing, and get some more right fit guys to shore up the frontcourt and scoring and defense. should be exciting next couple of months. See what happens, Spring and UH BB always, interesting!

  22. FUHA: That is a concern, and right away addressed by Jankovich and NWC, the ability to defend. Remember this year, UH averaged 80 ppg as a team. They could score, however to shutdown , get D stops in critical times, was a Key. Very sure , Jankovich, NWC, and I don’t know if you have watched Fleming’s Youtube hilites, very athletic heady leftie. combo guard, He can help at PG, SG and 3 spot, although young. However, all the perimeter guys have to hit their mid range to 3 ball, including Q, they do that, opens up the inside. That is the name of game, who can get hot from 3 line, right? Ask Poly?

    Negus and Stefan Janokovich are very hungry , as are Shamburger , Smith, Nevels, Thomas, Fotu, Jovanovich, to get to next level. If they play summer ball, I wonder if they should? Don’t want to risk injury in that Manoa League. They could train, and go open court, or like some of the athletes, go back home to workout, ..Isaac Fotu, Shamburger, Nevels, Smith, Thomas, are all , if they put in the work, going to come back bigger, faster, stronger, and able to finish games. Looking forward already!
    When Gib announces the next 2 or 3 recruits, will be exciting, along with the returnees, they know Now, have to win BWC tourney to go NCAA’s!

  23. NWC and Jankovich are very versatile, very athletic, and long. They can shoot it. If they can defend. with their length, boy, UH is going to win a bunch of games, and compete with the DHC teams, that DHC is LOADED with talent, Wichita St, man oh man. Having veterans, in Nevels, Shamburger, Smith, Valdes, Fotu, Coming back, with a growing, physically and game wise Thomas and Jovanovich, and improved Smith, should be ready to roll, Just that One Year experience, and having chance to win a lot more than 20 games, and being competitive to last second, UH will be good next year. DEFENSE and finish games, they will be in hunt for BWC regular and tourney titles, NIT or NCAA’s!

  24. I’ll take a mean defensive big guy who can take on their bigs and intimidate slashers. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a 7 footer. But athleticism and all-out attitude is critical. Any Ahmet Gueyes around? Then let Fotu save his energy for his post game.

  25. Pretty disappointed about the season ending. Hawaii has a better resume than more than half of the CIT field. For example, Nebraska Omaha (16 – 14) which UH beat earlier in the year is hosting a CIT game against North Dakota (17 – 16). Their RPI’s are 214 (!) and 211 (!!), respectively. Here’s some others…

    Hawaii (20-11), RPI: 159, BPI: 133

    USC Upstate (19-14), RPI: 166, BPI: 175
    Wright State (20-14), RPI: 177, BPI: 144
    Grand Canyon (15-14), RPI: 205, BPI: 254
    E. Tenn St. (18-15), RPI: 208, BPI: 251
    Northern Colorado (18-13), RPI: 213, BPI: 200
    East Carolina (17-16), RPI: 217, BPI: 229
    VMI (19-12), RPI: 220, BPI: 218
    Brown (15-13) RPI: 230, BPI: 163
    Norfolk St. (19-14), RPI: 231, BPI: 264
    Chattanooga (18-14), RPI: 248, BPI: 256
    Portland State (17-14), RPI: 250, BPI: 248
    Texas A&M Corpus Christi (17-15), RPI: 251, BPI: 234

    It’s quite clear Hawaii would beat most, if not all more than half the teams in the CIT. While doing this research, it seemed as though the selection comittee wasn’t so much looking at pertinent deals like ‘RPI’, ‘BPI’, ‘SOS’, etc., but moreso going for runner-ups spread across different conferences. Seems to be a marketing thing, just to get the CIT more widespread attention. Also, some of the committee may have connections/ties to these schools. Also need to factor in that some teams don’t care for the ‘pay to play’ format. In any case, I still feel like Hawaii should have got the invite. Besides, what do I have to look forward to now? Football? Don’t make me laugh. It’s going to be a long 8 months. Such an awesome start to the season, and to end as anti-climatically as this, it just isn’t right.

  26. Isaac, hey for thousands of new and old fans, we FEEL your pain, how do you think coach and the team feel ? Just as bad , if not worse, Pretty sure UH wanted to be in NCAA’s and NIT at least.
    I agree with you, If Riley Wallace and CIT extended invitation with contingency that UH host, why didn’t Ben go out on a limb and cover the monies. Sure some donors, and that is where Ben Jay comes in, private, or TV cable company could have covered 40K to host a couple of home games. Ben said, if UH could not get road, game, to offset 30k hosting fee, they would not consider CIT. We should hear from Ben Jay, was UH offered a spot, and to HOST, or did CIT not even offer invite. Isaac, very soon recruiting season, to get last 2 or 3 scholarships fillled. should create a buzz. Also, with summer coming up soon, Summer ball, workouts, and soon, Sept, and beach workouts. I know , it is a bummer, wish that season did not end too soon, just a call here, a missed shot there, was what kept UH from being in NCAA possibly.
    Next year, Hawaii has to win that BWC tournament, so no excuse,..I feel like you do, it came to and end too soon…If I had the bucks, I would have paid the 40 K myself, however, that is above my pay grade! Next season will come soon, Football, I don’t know, Chow would have to go to a Bowl game, ..at least.

  27. servante: that Ahmet Gueye , if he did not blow out knee, and he were 6’10” tall, he probably back in the day had shot at NBA roster, he was good shot blocker,good BBIQ with, ability to rebound and shoot some. Hands weren’t as great as Fotu, however he was a Sengal roots athlete, spoke, English, French too, very intelligent guy, I think he played some pro ball too.

    If there is a Ahmet guy, 6’9″ – 6’10” and strong, just shot blocking, rebounding, denying, then, Isaac can stay at the hybrid 4 spot, and do his thing, For Isaac Fotu, the next step, take his nice shot to 3 pt line, and add, face up, and take man off dribble moves, he will be 18 ppg 10 rpg type of All BWC all region athlete for sure, Isaac , has to do it for 40 minutes, he will take over for Christian, however, help is on the way with Negus and Jankovich, they have that extra gear on offense, just need to DEFEND as a team.

    Gib Go Recruit the Big shot blocking athlete or two!

  28. Most disappointing loss in gib arnold era, they should all be ashamed, coaches and players, the tourney was theirs for the taking, Cal Poly did not deserve to go dancing !

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