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2013-14 season comes to an official close


The 2013-14 season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team came to an official close on Sunday afternoon, when the Warriors were not announced as one of the 148 teams participating in a postseason tournament.

The Warriors, who finished with a 20-11 overall record, were considered a long shot to receive an invitation to the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament (CIT).

The Warriors finished in fourth place in the Big West Conference, but only two teams from the conference will be participating in the postseason. Cal Poly earned the league’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament by winning the Big West Conference Tournament on Saturday; UC Irvine earned a bid to the NIT by virtue of its regular-season championship in the Big West.

Second-place UC Santa Barbara and third-place Long Beach State were also done for the season.


  1. Congratulations on hard fought season UH MBB team. Coach , you got some great character, right fit, good athletes this year. Chemistry was very positive. Wish things worked out better in BWC tournament, however much anticipation for great 2014-15, can’t wait. Hit that recruiting road, and bring in some more Athletes to help you get to Dance next year. Great job Gib. Keep program growing, and in right direction.
    Next year, will be awesome!

    Dayton, it is a labor(and you work very hard on this site!)of Aloha for UH MBB program, myself, and my cohorts, several family members who post from same ohana, we love what you do for Basketball program, fans and families, awesome fantastic site!. We thank the sponsors, Schmidt Ohana, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions, and all of the great forum members of Rainbow Warrior nation! Mahalo Plenty!

  2. What a season Ride. Uptempo game that we love. Love the team, coach and family, live and heart ride with the team. Coach Arnold keep team motivated, and going.
    Love the offensive side of the ball, just have to keep defending, and next year the close games you will win. And go to NCAA tournament. Just keep on doing what you are doing. We fans, are not the athletes, it is a challenge, very hard to go to school, travel as much as you do, AND compete at highest level. Thank you Gib and team.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Look forward to Next Season, with additions, will be great!!
    Thankyou Dayton! And the Schmidts!

  3. Isaac(UH MBB FAN)
    ,(I still don’t know Dayton Morinaga correct me if I am wrong, if UH were offered CIT invite with provision they host opening round, and could not be done, or Ben Jay went and rejected the prospect so just did not pursue funding of host game? Or did CIT not even offer invite?)

    Isaac, Fellow UH fan, from previous thread…Feel you pain, and the UH team too, season ended way too early. Well, recruiting of 2 or more athletes should get us going again, then summer workouts, summer ball, then Sept beach workouts will be here soon.
    Keep your head up, UH MBB is on the rise, and in good shape. Great young student athletes who will get better and better. Next year, UH get the NCAA invite!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  4. From previous thread-Isaac(UH MBB super fan and CIT exclusion):

    Isaac, hey for thousands of new and old fans, we FEEL your pain, how do you think coach and the team feel ? Just as bad , if not worse, Pretty sure UH wanted to be in NCAA’s and NIT at least.
    I agree with you, If Riley Wallace and CIT extended invitation with contingency that UH host, why didn’t Ben go out on a limb and cover the monies. Sure some donors, and that is where Ben Jay comes in, private, or TV cable company could have covered 40K to host a couple of home games. Ben said, if UH could not get road, game, to offset 30k hosting fee, they would not consider CIT. We should hear from Ben Jay, was UH offered a spot, and to HOST, or did CIT not even offer invite. Isaac, very soon recruiting season, to get last 2 or 3 scholarships fillled. should create a buzz. Also, with summer coming up soon, Summer ball, workouts, and soon, Sept, and beach workouts. I know , it is a bummer, wish that season did not end too soon, just a call here, a missed shot there, was what kept UH from being in NCAA possibly.
    Next year, Hawaii has to win that BWC tournament, so no excuse,..I feel like you do, it came to and end too soon…If I had the bucks, I would have paid the 40 K myself, however, that is above my pay grade! Next season will come soon, Football, I don’t know, Chow would have to go to a Bowl game, ..at least.

  5. Agreed UH season ended too soon. Should have made some Post Season tournament. I don’t know if Ben was even going to pursue CIT invite either way, once UH lost the BWC tourney first round game. Gib’s reaction at BWC post press conference probably summed it up, UH AD had no communication with CIT, so he and team believed, and probably knew, that Season was over right then and there.

    As playhoopsa says, next year , have to win that dang BWC tournament to be sure to get to NCAA’s, heck just finish in top 8 , either 1 or 8th seed, and you have chance to dance. Isaac-UH BB fan, UH will be even better next season, very sure of it. Guards, are coming back, and Fotu, NWC, Jovanovich, so a lot of athletes to work with.

  6. Well Jovanovich and of Course transfer Stefan JANKOVICH will help UH next year!

  7. Feel bad for seniors, and whole team, they were very close to making run to Dance..however they will have great awards ceremony, hope they All get their degrees, or post grad degree and go on to pro ball or business. They, Christian, Davis and Spearman, tremendous heart, and effort, and great guys, they will do well. Hawaii, and Coach Arnold, had a great set of 3 seniors!

  8. losing in the first round of BW….we don’t deserve any post season play…thank you riley wallace

  9. checking the bracket we could’ve had a good chance beating # 1 Wichita state

  10. Well… Even with a quick out in the BWT, this was still the most exciting UH team in a very long time. Had fun all the way.

    At least UH isn’t in total dysfunction like UNLV… Sure they have 20 wins also, but there have been fights amongst the players, coaches that can’t out together any sort of cohesive offense.

    After a thought, I think UH, Gib, and Ben Jay have an opportunity to really upgrade the coaching with what appears that Akana not coming back (or at least no updates on his status in a while). If Akana is indeed not back, there’s a chance to add a good in-game tactitian to the staff. Somebody that can help Gib with end of game situations along with gameplanning. Gib’s going to continue to recruit well with or without Akana, so finding a good strategist would be big.

    I’m starting to wonder if Gib gets a little caught up in the excitement in the big moments and miss a few fine details. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall seeing too much chatter between the assistants and Gib during play. If you watch the pros and many top college head coaches, they are in constant communication with assistants… Especially in the first few seconds of timeouts as the coaches briefly meet before the coach talks to the team in the huddle. I’m certain Gib gets updates on foul status and TO remaining, that’s usually an automatic. But I wonder if any of the assistants are reminding Gib of situation and personnel, or if it’s all on Gib to remember everything.

  11. I’m glad the season is over. The last 3 seasons, our basketball team faltered down the stretch. A lot of that is tired legs as starters were logging most of the minutes and the bench hardly got a sniff. I watch a lot of basketball and I noticed that the good teams play a lot of guys. In fact, if a starter is not playing well even after 2 minutes I saw a coach today pull the guy out and put somebody in. Based on the schedule we had this year, I thought this team could have won 23-24 games with good play at the end of games. Certainly, losing at home to Irvine, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach hurt a lot. These are games we should win at our house. At the worse, 2 out of 3. Unfortunately, we did not make a lot of shots during those times and the percentages showed that. At home, that’s also very surprising. You would think you should be shooting better in your own building. As it is, what was a promising season ended in big disappointment. After beating St. Mary’s and Oregon State in the DHC in December, I thought we would do very well in the Big West, like 12-4 or at worst 11-5 in the conference. To finish 9-7 to me was underachieving.

  12. Former UH Athlete…..That is a good point. Looks like Akana is done with coaching UH. I would just think, since no word, no movement. Internal personnel issue, whatever that is.

    You are correct, other Big time MBB programs, even the NBA, you have assistants helping head coach, i.e. , Tex Winter with Phil Jackson, etc. Even Frank Arnold assistant to John Wooden.

    Noticed, coach Mary Wooley for Laura Beeman, doing all the chalkboard scheme, when UH planning for last few minute run, or how to pressure trap, etc. Laura would step aside and let coach Wooley handle team. She hands on assistant very good one too, USC former assistant with a lot of experience.

    Same with Gib. Such an emotional coach. That is how Riley was too. However, he had some great assistants, including Jamie Dixon. Yes, there seems to be a pattern with the tight games and tactical things, calling time outs, game and player management. Gib is great for Hawaii, he is a Hawaii man , local HS product and he loves Hawaii. He could use time to concentrate on running the program and spearheading some recruiting.

    Now is the time, if Akana is not going to be back, to look for a Good Assistant, there are a lot out there. Coach Akana was also recruiting coordinator, Maybe Gib handle that, come to think of it, maybe Gib doing TOO MUCH, let staff handle some of the other Coaching things. Former UH Athlete, that might be the best suggestion on this forum , for a long time! Gib, surround yourself with great assistants, that can help to coach team, relieve the stress, and maybe have the final calls, which I am sure he does, anyways. I would hate to see Coach Arnold get sick or unhealthy, he has done a great job building program, no matter what people say. The team his headed in a much better direction than 8 yrs ago for sure!

  13. Apologize to Akana issue, I don’t know exactly what it is, some do, however, IF Brandyn is not coming back, sure Gib look for a good replacement assistant, and delegate the coaching in your 5th year. Riley Wallace had some excellent assistants, as I mentioned, one Jamie Dixon, and I think another one, who has had success as a DI coach, I forget his name.?

    Anyways, coach Gib, think about delegating some of the coaching duties, during game, and have input, from other assistants, Although FUHA, I know that Coach Taylor and Coach Fish, take turns doing the scout for upcoming opponents, What we are talking about, that you brought up, and assistant that can actually call plays, or input, when really needed, will help Gib relieve some stress. , and settle him down, as well as the players. The team and Gib always give maximum effort, however, Gib has to calm down, as I said, for his own health, he could get stress ailments, and I would not want that to happen to a young guy with a great nice family.

  14. I saw the report from WI Dayton Morinaga, the blog from Brian McInnis, and the report from KHON Demello, it still kind of gets to me. I know that Ben Jay wants to support all of his programs, however to not be able to find 30K dollars to host possibly an opening round game of CIT, and not to have contacted CIT, before the BWC tournament as potential host, saying publicly that UH would ONLY take a road game, because UH could not afford 30K dollars for hosting open round game.

    Once CIT heard of that, UH was not even going to be on the bubble, Very sure, at 20 wins, and UH having exciting team and having hosted 2 times before, CIT, would have invited UH, if Ben said, don’t worry, we will raise the money somehow, donors, fund raisers, whatever, because, he felt that UH, should they not make it to NIT or NCAA was deserving of Post season tourney play,..I mean, we are talking about 30K dollars, Ben as AD should have been on the phone to donors and sponsors, to drum up monies, a month ago, contingency plan.

    Not wait until UH gets upset in first round. He was so confident that UH would probably make it to the championship game,. However, that shows his inexperience as AD, you always back up program that made money for you, MBB, and help them out. At this point in time, will his Football program make that much of a turnaround, he keeps that going, that is the engine that drives the Athletic program I know, that is true for Big Time schools. However, interest in UH MBB was higher than in about 10 years, and he let’s it be known HE and UH will not support funding a HOME game to open CIT. NOW , UH MBB program, their goal is to win the Regular Season, title like Irvine, why? It guarantees an NIT invite. Then take a shot at BWC tournament crown and NCAA.

    No wonder Gib looked so depressed at post game interview with Christian and Spearman, They Knew as Winbows said that Nothing , No Post Season CBI OR CIT was even to be considered. Ben should have just been upfront and say, I am not going to even look into CIT possiblity, No NIT or NCAA awarded to UH, NO PAY IN tournaments, at all, maybe myself, winbow, Isaac, are in the minority, however, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, about Ben Jay’s support of his money making UH MBB program. I wish Laura Beeman and the girls well in WNIT, however, that is not a money making program, UH MBB team is, and will be next year. Ben Jay where is the loyalty?

    I know fellow fans, leave it be, and let go, look forward to next season, however I am still ticked off by that decision not to fund the UH MBB possible first round CIT game and FINDING DONORS to pay for that game, that is why he is AD. It STINKS. Love, UH MBB and the coach and staff, don’t have much respect for Mr. Ben Jay. I hope his Football team wins 8 games this year. If they win 3, then what? Build another stadium, No More funds for that correct?

    Sorry, fans, crazy season, felt bad for Gib, the team and the seniors, and the small minority of UH die hard fans that wanted to see One More home game with seniors. It Stinks!
    Christian, Davis and Brandon wish you much success in future careers. Isaac Fotu, Garrett, Q, Sham, Aaron, NWC, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Fleming and the entire UH Rainbow Warrior squad, go get them next year, with or without support of your University and AD.

  15. Agree with that winbows. Ben Jay should have said before the BWC tournament, if UH did not get to NIT or NCAA, No pay for play post season tourneys. Why, even lay out that small ray of hope for a portion of UH Basketball fan base? I think you are not alone. Must be that Ben Jay does not have the “inside” connections with deep pocket private donors. Would be nice if UH had a billionare alumnus who was a fan of UH Basketball team. Could call he or she in a minute, and they would donate.

    Agree with that thought 100% , Why come out and say cannot afford it, and say there is a Long Shot for CIT, when there was No Shot at all in his mind? Crazy. Hope Ben learns winbows. And you are correct, UH Basketball the Men’s team made money and covered their expense. The Football program is a lose money proposition for now. Ben is learning the hard way. Hawaii is challenge to run Athletics program. However, have to take care of teams that make money and enjoy winning success and high interest. Right now it is UH Men Basketball team.

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Either way. You all will have great season next year.

  16. And FUHA, that idea about a possible good assistant for tactical coaching is a Good Idea. Would help Gib Tremendously if the opening is there!

    Go Gib!

  17. Playhoopsa and Winbows, sure disappointing, Jay has to live and learn, even how team and staff learn from end of season. What can do now? Just support this site the WI nation, the team, the fans and families. The young ones who go to games with their parents, love the team and coaches. Hope Gib gets some 2 or 3 good recruits this Spring , summer for next season.

    . Don’t matter who was AD, Durham, Hirsch, Sheriff, Yoshida, Donovan or Jay, UH AD is a tough gig. Wish Ben the best, hope UH Athletics can be self sustaining for next decade. In the times we live in, and especially with Hawaii, it is a challenge economically. Support the Bows all the way. They are the ones playing the sports, and we appreciate the athletes who go to school, are great in community and with each other. This year’s team, great, great young guys! Awesome 2014-15 awaits, I am sure.

    Will follow recruiting now . And Gib can relax. Guys go to work in school finish strong and during summer get better and do damage, get to NCAA’s! We backing you , the UH MBB program for 5 decades!



  18. Darn that Ben Jay, read Brian McInnis’ column SA, either UH (Ben Jay) unable or unwilling to pay 30K dollar host fee for CIT. So CIT was not going to extend invitation.It is Ben’s job to promote UH MBB. The exposure and having shot at winning more games, good positive vibe for team and fans. Sure, he says, look forward to next season, however, wants new stadium, holds onto Football coach, and wants us , UH faithful fans(yes I was at games live SSC too)to just let it go, could not or Would Not pay the 30K dollar fee, so Riley Wallace CIT justly so, says, we don’t want you guys then. I feel even worse for Seniors, no backing of A.D. and UH. Ben has to be more proactive in generating, and soon, monies from Private Donors, or taking some of money that UH MBB generated from ticket sales, remember they sustained their program alright, at least break even or make money. Why did he not think ahead, have donor, BOH, Oceanic, Hawaiian Air, setup a month ago. If he planned ahead, JUST IN CASE, UH did not get into NIT(long, long shot if don’t win regular season title)and NCAA, then have CIT as backup to reward the Seniors. I Still feel hurt for the seniors. That AD Ben Jay has to take care of UH MBB. At least they had the highest attendance at home of any BWC team, and they average well over 6000 tickets sold, for 19 home games. Easily 30K dollars could have come from some of that revenue. Ben Jay has to be more supportive of Gib and his team. Support and Promote them in CIT would have taken away sting of that tough loss to Northridge, Man , I am still ticked off at the lack of support for MBB team and participation in CIT. WNIT, sure hope the girls do well, however, for them to HOST? Who would go? If they drew 2500 it would be great. WBB, they do well, well coached, however they don’t make money! Auwe Ben Jay. Major lack of support for the Rainbow Warriors. Just lost support of long time UH fan.

  19. So after some mild confusion of not getting an invite, it all made sense when the information came to light in regards to Ben Jay being upfront about UH’s financial situation. That’s pretty sad that after having that kind of success in a season, he does not believe anyone will come forward to help out with a post-season bid. I strongly feel as though we would have received a strong showing had we accepted a home bid and it’s pretty upsetting, especially knowing how bad some of the CIT teams are in this years field (made a detailed comment about it in the previous post).

    I will admit that despite the 20 wins, this year was a disappointment. Only 9-7 in conference play? They should have finished at least 12 – 4. UH won ALL of their games against teams of lower caliber, only losses coming to NMSU (NCAA), Missouri (NIT) and BSU. On one hand, it’s amazing we had a winning record on the road this year. And the guys are taking care of the ball, lowest amount of turnovers in years. But they also lost at home too many times and the first round exit is just excusable, especially when you’re up by 3 with 18 seconds left and end up LOSING. I’ll be the first to admit that Coach Gib choked that one away. Instead of fouling, how about just play some solid defense for 18 seconds?! Gib obviously did not have faith in the team making a stop and it cost them the game. Worst way to finish the season. Looking forward to next season, I have to believe we’re favored to be a top 3 team but like I said before, it’s going to be a LONG 8 months!

  20. I support Ben Jay’s decision not to play in CIT. It’s weird how some fans get irate for not playing in the CIT but weren’t mad when we lost in the Big West tournament. cmon now CIT? Are you kidding me that post season tournament is a joke.

  21. Well, it was an exciting season and a lot to look forward to for next season. Thanks Dayton and the Schmidt family for an interesting and informative website. Looking forward to recruiting updates.
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!!

  22. I do feel a little bad for CSUN in the finals vs Poly…. They got hosed by the refs. That charge call was totally horrible. The Poly player was still sliding over when contact was made. Also, the CSUN player had already left his feet for the shot before the Poly player established his position.

    But then again, CSUN had more than a few fortunate calls vs UH. Saw the replay of the CSUN flopping while trapped on baseline and refs call the foul on Christian. That was unbelievable. The Fox Sports announcers were going off on it. Also the travelling/double dribble no call was pretty ridiculous also. I’m not going to complain about the ticky-tack, call it on UH, and not the other team stuff too much because that’s been consistent most of year.

  23. first off, 20 wins is 20 wins no matter who the opposition is. congratulations to the team. if anything they busted their collective tails off throughout the season.

    so wait till next year?
    losing the heart and soul of this year’s team in standhardinger and spearman will surely leave some cause for concern. somebody or many body’s got to step up and be the man/men on this team. (are you listening shamburger, fotu, nevels?)

    webster-chan, jankovic, and fleming appears to be great gets. but we need more guys who can play. the obivious has been no bench, no shooters, no lockdown defender. we still have two more scholies available (assuming one goes to aaro valdes, if it hasn’t already). this coming second week of april looms large…and we could use another big real fast. hopefully jovanovic will get quicker and stronger. he definitely is tough enough and has decent hands. (too bad that dressler never got his feet on the court what with his bad back).

    lots more to say however…

  24. on another note…so i know of “palolowarrior” so would the “Palolo Warrior” here be another guy?
    a neighbor perhaps?

  25. Season is finally over. Still pissed at the outcome Who will leave. Who will stay. Should be interesting. Also feel for Akana he rshouldn’t be taking this suspension all himself. Others knew about this. Akana is a good guy. If he is fired , lother heads should roll. Onward to spring football.

  26. Dayton any word on the the Akana situation. No one has said anything for a while for what was supposed to be a minor issue per Gib.

  27. al, Yes, the question of who is going to fulfill the leadership roles that Standhardinger and Spearman leave is going to be huge next year.

    Who’s going to be the guy who fires up the team when things aren’t going well? Who is going to hold guys accountable if they aren’t holding up their end?

  28. As Winbow says, we all feel sorry for the hard effort and work of guys, and as Al stated. 20 wins is 20 wins, no matter what the competition or league.

    Dayton and Brian M. both alluded to hope for CIT participation. Dayton used the good analogy of Weber St. they went and hosted first round game. Then won 4 in a row, ended up season with 30 wins. This year Weber St. had to battle, won their Conference Tour. and are now in the NCAA’s.

    Brian’s article in Star Adv. did make mention of historically, this would be The First Rainbow MBB team to have won 20 games and then sat at home. Must be curious for him too. As well as Dayton, stating how Winning games, in extra play tourney could take away the downer that we MBB fans feel. Still think that Gib, by no comment about lack of CIT participation, and the seniors trying to move on, feel the hurt of no post season at all.
    I know finances, however as Winbow stated, Brian’s column, and here on this site, wonder how much Jay was going to battle for team. Looks like not at all. sad for the team.
    Now that is over with. Gib has in my opinion one of the Greatest challenges in his now going on 5 year tenure. To rebuild interest in team, and his guidance. Getting help with the assistant position, whomever that might be, and to Recruit that athletic shot blocking Big, and a great athletic guy , or guys that can score and defend. In BWC , don’t have to be that big, just have to shoot it well, and stop other teams from scoring. Weakness of this year’s team. This Spring, with Gib, and a lot of other programs around the country, there is always movement, however with Gib’s team, remember he has , I think 5 preferred walkons. So there is probably 3 scholarships to offer for next year, unless he awards to deserving walkon.
    Look forward to what Gib brings in. Now he has to Recruit, High Character, right fit, good student athletes, who have chemistry right away with coach and team AND better shooter, defenders, and athletes. That is what Gib said he would do as Coach, be a hands on recruiting coach. One thing about Akana, he did do the leg work on recruiting on one of the highest potential PF hybrid, in UH history, Isaac Fotu, that was a huge get. Isaac, has to work on Defense, rebounding And scoring from perimeter, his ceiling is still super high. Glad he is with us for Junior year. He and Shamburger, NWC , Jankovich, and the guys want to shut up the people who criticize coach and team and disappointing Northridge loss. Now is the time For Gib to get it done, with recruiting, get positive buzz and then work guys to get stronger and better. He has the most experienced team coming back in his 4 year stint at Hawaii. Next season, goal, Win The Regular Season title first, NIT in the pocket, then have to be hot for 3 games, NCAA bound!

  29. Go Rainbow Warriors! And , yes Isaac, and winbow, I wish UH were playing at least one more home game. Shame that Jay did not go more to battle for Gib and team. Shoots, 20 wins? And stay home. First time in UH MBB history. And check this out don’t know if it matters, however I think it does. For 19 home games at SSC, UH averaged paid attendance of 6417. If UH MBB was making at least 10 dollars on tickets after expenses, that is a total of $64, 170.00 right? times 19 home games= $1,219,230.00 net.

    So as winbow says, UH, I might wrong, any accountants and knowing UH MBB expenses, correct me, That is ticket sales generated, at a possilbe 1.2 million dollars, If it takes 1 million to run MBB program, that would leave UH with $200, 000 .00 in the bank, More than enough to cover a home CIT game. I think that is in the back of the minds of Brian M. , This site, a few, and Gib and team. There was money to finance home game, if my math is correct.

    I guess Our family just loves UH MBB program for so many years, we wanted to see UH have at least one more home game. Well that is the thought for the day. I tell you one thing, It is getting harder and harder for UH MBB program to satisfy everyone, whomever the coaches or athletes. It is almost a no win situation. I really feel for the team and coach. 20 wins is 20 wins, and stay home. Sad indeed.

    Go Rainbow Warriors! And thankyou to hard work of the Seniors, really going to miss you guys. Interesting what will be Gib’s comments after this last week’s disappointments, I feel for his family as well!

    Go Bows!
    Always your fans, Gib has brought excitement to UH MBB, any coaching curve he will learn and adjust, cannot fault the guy for really loving Hawaii and bringing in great young guys to Bring excitement Back to MBB program that was so flat and losing for a long time
    Go Gib and Rainbows!
    Warrior Time!

  30. al, you are correct 20 wins is a great accomplishment even if playing Park C league games, or JC or biddy basketball. Hope, Gib comes back strong. Read article, both writeups, alluding to UH and the CIT scenario. Ben Jay, had his mind made up already., No pay to play unless they are road team. Like winbow others say, UH was probably on that invite list at 20-11.

    They would have loved to have UH host maybe first, and if they won, maybe second round game. Like the game, where is Waldo, where is the monies for UH MBB. ? I know they used to have the Rainbow Basketball golf tournament, I think that was a fund raiser. However, Football has their fundraising events, FB needs a lot of money. Baseball too.

    UH MBB, Ben Jay, maybe have an event, or concert, whatever to have monies for pay to play if that is the only way to extend season for team that even Ben didn’t want to end season on bad note. Maybe Jay is in a bad place.

    Very sure, he knows, Finances is his thing, where the money goes, and how it can be used in UH Athletics. This thing, the CIT and the finality, interesting, if it comes back to haunt Ben. I hope not. UH MBB was on the rise, hate for it to take a dive. I don’t think Gib or team will let it happen. Classy guys all, and they love UH , Hawaii and the MBB program.


  31. This kind of loss will only make the team that much hungrier for the next season. We are just one big man away from greatness. Either shot blocker or strong wide body to beef up defense and help Fotu.

  32. Congratulations to Laura Beeman and WBB team. Got invited to WNIT. Now, Laura, said she would like to host WNIT first round game if possible. Here we go. Is there ANY costs involved in hosting That game? And Where would that money come from? So as winbow stated, great for girls, Laura is good coach, the girls did well without Kamilah. This is where it gets sticky. If there is Upfront money involved and financial obligations to be met by UH Athletics dept, would Ben Jay approve of that? Or does WNIT cover all expense?

    It is becoming like the MBB program vs. WBB program. Ben is a fan of WBB. Is he That supportive of Gib and the MBB program. Interesting. There should be equity, foks, right? Ben should back up Both Programs.
    Is there a cost involved in flying UH WBB team out, if they open on the road, say against a PAC 12 team? Where does the money come for that trip?
    Now, it should be for AD, to be fair to Both Programs.

    As UHF says, where is waldo? where is the equal share of support for both programs, and as winbow said, I think UH MBB covers their costs, by ticket sales for this year, if they sold 1 million worth of tickets, I think they did. Did Laura Beeman, and the 1000 that would attend her games, generate 1 million dollars in ticket sales. ?

    Only in Hawaii. However, how would Ben Jay answer that question? Would not want to be UH AD, no matter what you do, it is a challenge. However, Ben has to be fair, right fans? If money is involved in WBB being invited to WNIT, plane trip, hotels etc, on road, or site SSC hosting, where does that money come from? Maybe the MBB program! Weird, and strange.

    Go MBB and WBB team, great year by hard working athletes. Gib and Laura do great jobs!

  33. Here is my Pay-to-Play Solution: .First, you have to know that Pay-to-Play really is Play-for-Money. It is just that you have the chance of losing. .No big deal. .In the new contract, ALLOW the Coach to pay. Up front the money! And included a 10% bonus if if they win enough to cover it. Allow the coach to make the decision whether the team is good enough to last long enough to bring enough in. . IF FANS see this, more fans will support the team and want to come to the game, making it more personal. .People appreciate those who go all out, and the fans will, in most scenarios, show it by showing up. .This does not mean I would not much rather go to the NCAA’s, but it adds a little flavor.

  34. that’s a 10% bonus on the upfronted money only. this is not the lotto.

  35. akuhead2, that is a pretty good idea. Don’t know if Ben Jay has the experience, like Gib is fairly new as DI coach as is Laura Beeman, to think those contracts out. The new deal extension should consider those scenarios.

    The best Post Season for MBB, of course the NCAA’s, however NIT if they won regular season, would be very good too.

    I think that was a good thought, above your post by playhoopsa, if money is involved at all, or WNIT , know it is not a pay to play, however, does that tournament cover UH WBB teams’ travel and hotel expense. Or does WNIT cover all of WBB team expense to host at SSC. I still say, love that Beeman, good coach with great assistant in Mary Wooley, however, can they have 5000 in attendance, at home game first round to make some money? I hope they do if they host. However, For Ben Jay, I still think he is a visionary, looking ahead, and having to deal with costs of UH athletics and deficit, caused by Football program, he has to, as hoopsa says, TAKE CARE of THE PRIMARY money making Basketball program, and that is Gib Arnold and his Rainbow Warriors. Ben Never even had contingency plan in place should UH fail to reach NIT or NCAA. No support at all, Ben is nice guy, however, have to take care of the MBB Seniors. He has to learn. It hurts the coach, the small fan base that wants the extra home game for team, and the assurance to future recruits that if the win 20 games, not 17, 20 games, they will go to a Post Season, game, pay or play.

  36. MBB home attendance(I think tickets sold)6417 per game at SSC.
    WBB home attendance 1675 per game at SSC.

    Don’t think WBB tickets were as high as MBB tickets. So as far as generating revenue, not even close to UH MBB team for year.

    Nothing to take away from WBB team, their SOS, and how they finished without their injured Big, Jackson. Great team, and wish them well in post season.
    Still, UH MBB selling probably, Ben would know, about 1 million dollars in tickets sold at SSC , to maybe 30 thousand dollars ticket sold at SSC. I guess Title IX.

    Sorry fans, just the after effects of sad last week of UH MBB. Wish the best for both programs. Still , would like to see, Ben Jay have open discussion with public, on how and why he did not upfront, or forsee having monies available for CIT , last resort host one round, for UH MBB team. Still will scratch my head? Maybe, Ben got a knock on the head from that fight with West Virgina team fans,coaches, just joking.

    Go Bows!

  37. Hey Winbows1, it is difficult to think this type of contract inclusion through. .Someone has to tap them on the shoulder and say Hey!, Included This!. .Exactly right. You have to have HAD the experience. .And HERE IT IS!. They don’t have a signed contract yet. Now is the time for someone there to put this on top of BJ’s desk, in a bright florescent yellow (too many green papers) Kodak paper, so he will see it. .Normally I would say a physical kick in the patootie, but I could go with the yellow paper here. .I don’t know, is it good enough of an idea?. Hey, why not. The yellow paper is better than an addendum.

  38. Sorry above calculations, WBB average 1675 SSC home attendance if they cleared $10.00 a ticket for 14 home games it comes out to about $234,000.00 revenue generated hypothetically.
    So UH MBB generated in theory, about 1.2 million, and UH WBB generated about less than a quarter of a million. Question: where is that 30,000.00 for hosting UH CIT open round home game. Must be UH MBB team is covering their expenses, I hope. However, Ben Jay’s reply to Brian McInnis, I am sure it has at least a few media writers and fans scratching their heads. If Ben cared that much for seniors, well have huli huli chicken sale for rest of Spring Semester, Golf tournaments, concerts and cover UH MBB extra pay for play money just in case.
    Like UCSB, staying home at 21 wins, with all BWC Alan Williams, their rejecting CBI bid. Must be UCSB strapped for cash, or punishing team for their 30 pt blow out loss. I would think our Seniors, would deserve to play one more home game, and Ben should have gone to work a month ago to generate, just in case money.
    Scratch you head with Ben time. Sure he is good guy, However he will have to learn. I hope he makes a lot of friends with private billionaires who would help UH Athletics out. UH AD , tough gig for sure!

    Go Bows!

  39. akuhead2, a TRUE VISONARY. UH and Hawaii, does things on Pacific time, the sub tropics. With all of the contracts Ben is going through, would gather he needs help on all of those type of inclusions. Really has to think out how Gib, Laura, etc, contracts are written out.

    akuhead2, keep on following UH MBB, I am sure UH will be better next season, However as Isaac says, we have to wait 8 months, and football, unless they win a ton of games, does not bring as much interest now. Hope they do.

    Good ideas, I wonder if Ben ever looks at our posts, maybe, he does. Hey Ben, our suggestions, are to try to help YOU out and benefit the athletes and the Athletic programs. Still you have to have the proper contracts, and drum up Alumini and those Billionaire Private Donors, like Oregon Ducks!

    Go Bows. Rainbow Warriors.
    Now, case closed, look forward to 2 or 3 recruits that Gib might bring in, has to upgrade what he has now. So next year, they win Regular season , NIT auto invite, and 3 wins BWC tourney go NCAA dance for sure, Been, over 12 years since last NCAA, so UH MBB fans are hungry. Go get the recruits Gib. Great job on selling Hawaii. We love what you have done.
    We all in this together!

    Go Bows!

  40. The more I think about what has happened to UH MBB program over last month or so, the more challenges I see ahead for Gib and program.

    1)The Akana situation. Will that be resolved in timely fashion that bodes well for Brandyn AND UH MBB team.
    2)The one and done loss against Northridge in BWC tournament
    3)As McInnis of Star Adverstiser alluded to, the unusual exclusion of a 20 game winning team(albeit whatever type of competition)form ANY Post Season play. Pay or Invited to NIT – NCAA’s.
    4)The replacements for Christian, Spearman and Rozitis, 3 great Warriors, the heart and soul of team. Just shy of a great season.
    5)The contracts, as akuhead alluded to, for Gib, and the other UH athletic team coaches. Done well, done right, in timely fashion.
    6)The challenges facing UH overall Athletics, and Ben Jay’s , as a new AD, his handling of dept, and his expectations vision for MBB program , coach and team.
    7)The recruiting for Gib this spring-summer late. Will he get the right young men to fit Hawaii and have a team that will peak in March BWC tournament.

    That is a lot on the plate for March-April 2014. should be interesting Spring. See how it plays out. Hope the best for Gib and UH MBB program. I think team headed in right direction. And I hope, as others commented, full support given to MBB team by Ben Jay.


  41. This is going to be a big off season decision for BJ. If he decides to keep Gib he is getting more expensive by the day. If he does not extend his contract that will handcuff Gib in recruiting and will either give im a cheaper out if next does not go as planned or if UH has a big year he will really have to ante up on a bigger contract. I think this whole Akana situation is the main cog in this decision. If everything’s all good then sign Gib up.

  42. Hoopsa , it’s over, live with it, CIT is a loosa , buyin, the season is ova, the team is burnt out , courageous, but could have won the game in regulation. You can write your complaint to Ben Jay, but forget it already. Gib is already highly paid in the Big West , the highest and the results are less than ,well not equivalent to the pay he’s getting currently. He is quite comfortable . His associate coaches deserve more money if anything. Some of you are already talking about bringing in a better coach to help Gib in closing minutes , shouldn’t Gib already have a good grip on that by now, and are you already assuming Brandon wasn’t doing a good job.

  43. jjay-:D

    good points. I think some of us , in fact a lot, were sad, I bet you too, that UH could not make it to any post season tournament. It was one and done. However, Ben could have , and should make it policy as acting AD, if UH does not make NIT or NCAA, Asolutely No Pay for Play tournament. Then the issue will never come up again.

    Personally, I don’t know what is happening with Akana, that is just suggestion, since every one, including yourself are entitled to opinion, whether Gib would benefit from an experienced tactical coach, or letting assistants do more FUHA was thinking of a way to help Gib with game time coaching. However, I agree, this is Gib’s fourth year, I like the athletes he has brought in, if they could have finished close games at home and the road, their record could have been 25–5 BWC regular season, and probably the regulars season crown and auto invite to NIT.

    WI, has some die hard fans, and we are not going to be too critical of coaching staff and the athletes, since they are trying very hard. I hope that Gib goes out and recruits a couple of good ones to help team win more games next year. Always a supporter of UH MBB for a long time, since Rocha days.

    As for more pay for Associate head coach and assistants, like in Football, it makes a difference, that is why assistants in Hawaii move on. The recent departure of UH assistant coach Football to Temple.

    Without a doubt Gib is compensated per BWC very well. Some coaches have even cut their pay, to share with assistants. The coaching staff and vision they have to get to that NCAA regular participant team is a shared priority. Kudos to the staff.

    The 20 win for UH MBB team, and historically all those teams went to NIT or NCAA, and Gib’s first team, and last year went to CIT with 18 and 17 wins, is precedent setting. Ben should just say, No NIT , No NCAA , No Pay for Play, that would be simple. UCSB did it with their program. Even though they finished 2nd in league. AD and UCSB said NO CBI. If I called Ben Jay, and You sure you not related? JUST JOKE JJAY, πŸ˜€

    HE should just say, UH could not afford to host. Case closed. It wasn’t just me, Dayton had good writeup, on possible Positives on hosting a CIT game, example last year with Weber St. that ended up winning 4 games in a row in that tourney, despite, a small first game home turnout, then they finished with 30 wins. This year, Weber St got hot in their tournament and are in the NCAA tournament. So Dayton, just stated that is could be a positive, Winning games, after disappointment in conference tournament , cures a lot of woes. UH could have experienced same thing.

    And Brian McInnis, good point, UH not able, or not capable of accepting a host invite with 30K fee. Even for a 20 win team. I am sure, that Hawaii at 20-10 final BWC regular season record was on their radar, and they were hoping UH would host first, maybe even second round game, if they continued to win.
    For ,me, it is over. However, I feel bad for the seniors, as a lot of fans feel, even Gib feels bad for the way game turned out. Live and learn. By year 5, Gib should have it down as a DI coach. I believe, if he has Ben Jay’s complete support, which I think he does, UH MBB will have good season next year.

    Plus, I hope that assistants get deserved raises and the Akana situation is resolved. Brandyn was instrumental in recruiting Isaac Fotu, and he was the recruiting coordinator, with a lot of contacts, no question he was doing a lot of good work for team. No one is throwing him under the bus.
    Fellow fan, JJAY , we all want what is best for UH MBB, whether Gib is coach, or whomever is next coach. Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Aloha and Peace!
    Go Bows!

  44. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaab-the-dagger/indiana-athletic-director-after-nit-snub—we-re-indiana–we-don-t-play-in-the-cbi–050350908.html

    couldn’t sleep and decided to fill up my bracket while watching mike and mike in the morning and I wanted to share a blog i just read that sort of relates to Hawaii.

  45. Yes indeed. .We have some awesome assistant coaches !

  46. The bottom line is the bottom line: if UH was going to make money in the CBI/CIT, they should have played (hopefully they would also check with the players). If UH might have lost money in the CBI/CIT, they should not have played. There is prestige for UH to gain in the NCAA/NIT, but not in the CBI/CIT which are pretty much pay-to-enter.

    No one wants to show some support for Cal Poly? It doesn’t matter who they play, whether it’s Wichita St./Florida/Miami Heat, if they hold a team under 40 points they will have a chance to win. Cal Poly is the Princeton of the Big West. Think about it /JimFink. Cal Poly is gonna make these brackets sucka free in 2014.

  47. *They may not make money in the NCAA/NIT, but there is something bigger than money: prestige. If you make a good showing…

  48. First time to comment on this site. Are we really that desperate to play in some type of postseason tournament? One and done in the Big West. Not what anyone wanted but be appreciative of a decent season and let the young men hit the books, get in the gym to improve their games, and look forward to next year. Support Ben Jay like you support Gib. Toughest AD job in the country. Few, if any, sugar daddies out there for Ben to tap for funds. As an example, Indiana University needs to refurbish Assembly Hall. Guess what? Some alum in Indianapolis donated $40 million to cover the renovation. And we all did cartwheels when TC Ching donated $5 million! Coaches and AD are all in the same boat. They all have UH best interests at heart. Go Bows! Looking forward to the next seasobn!

  49. Real interesting. Who are the target recruits to replace Christian, Davis and Spearman?
    Makes sense. PF-6’8″-6’9″ athletic scorer defender. C-6’10”-6’11” shot blocking rim protector, guard the paint, so those BWC guards can’t just penetrat to the bucket at will. SG-6’3″-6’5″-Athletic scorer, good 3 point shooter, defender and create own shot. Of course ALL 3 recruits, if the scholies available would have to be Chemistry guys. Fit in with returnees. Great defenders and shooters, athletic.

    Isn’t it very soon, that April-May period spring signing. Hope that Gib and staff have their contacts and database ready to go.

    Hope for 2014-15, the returning guys with a lot of experience. Guards: Shamburger, Nevels, and Smith. 3 spot athletic-Aaron Valdes. 3/4 spot and growing Mike Thomas, Going to get better and bigger-C- Stefan Jovanovich. Hopefully a healthy swing wing 3 ball shooter-Brandon Jawato.

    Add in Negus Webster-Chan , Stefan Jankovich and Isaac Fleming. Looks good for next season. Of course look for Isaac Fotu , to get stronger, and expand game out to 3 line, and able to break guys down off the dribble, He will be Great next season, each year, from Freshman season, Isaac, has gotten better.

    Hard working , great team guys, Hackman, Harper and Enos. Filopovich, a real battler a PG, preferred walkon.Another possible PG preferred walkon?
    Number One priority, during off season, Shamburger, Smith, Nevels, continue to work on shooting, ball handling and decision making. Also, get stronger, and quicker to ball, and on ball defending. Smith work on his mid range, 3 point shooting and FT shooting. Nevels could also play PG, he has to tighten up his dribble, same with Smith. However, with those 3, they made a huge difference in Hawaii being competitive with some tough teams this year. Very exciting when they were knocking down shots!

    Future , with ongoing uprgrade in recruiting, UH MBB especially with about 7 or 8 guys that had PT minutes, and three of this year’s top scorers returning, should be fun year. Guards and team, from top to top, have to close out games. With One year experience, and working out this summer shore up weak areas. UH should be strong and finishing games from start of season, Once again if UH can actually WIN a very, very strong DHC , that bodes well for possible awesome season. Season 5, Gib Arnold era.

    Dayton, would be nice to have video update, on how Gib viewed overall season, and what they are looking for in terms of recruits. I know, he knows, they are keying in on Bigs, to help with protecting the rim. Athletic shot blocker.
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  50. hoopsa, never hurts to have an athletic , defender AND scoring wing, 6’5″ to 6’7″ , extremely great hops, cat quick, can get to the rim, AND deny other team’s top scoring wings.

    We should hear word soon, who are the possible recruits, or what they are after. That is what Gib’s specialty is. Recruiting. Love the way, he has gotten quality young guys. Makes a whole lot of difference, and has attracted a large core of young fans to MBB because of athletes like Standhardinger, Fotu, Spearman, Rozitis, and All the UH One Ohana team

    Should be interesting to see if Gib offers 3 , or 2 scholarships, who will be that key Big and best available athlete. How hard to recruit. Before,Rocha, Wallace, Nash, even Little, were able to bring in first, second or third team All American JC talent. Frank Arnold brought in one of UH MBB all time greats, Mr. Iowa, as freshman,the late Chris Gaines.

    Would be nice if Gib got another, Gueye, Gaines, Houston, Smalls, Ostler, Savo, AC, Louden, or Tommy Barker, Tony Maroney, Phil Lott, a lot of talent. It gets harder, however Gib on right track. Get guys who Fit Hawaii.

  51. no more slow 7 footers or weak ones as well…gib really needs to prove himself next season

  52. so what does Gib need to do next season to prove himself?

    I think since some fans are really content with playing in the CIT every year then all Gib has to do is at least be above .500 in conference and overall record winning percentage next year.

    If you were to ask me it’s Big West Champs or bust next season.

  53. I think that is what we said last year with Vander. It was NIT or NCAA..felt UH would have doninated. SRJC you are correct, for fans 25 wins overall and BWC regular season title and NIT auto invite . Then win 3 games in BWC and NCAA’s. This going to be year 5…Gib and team goal REGULAR SEASON BWC CHAMPS..that would be success every year. Agreed…BWC regular season championship every year..guarantees NIT invite.

    Go get better GIB ..and win next year BWC regular season title.

    Go Rainbow Warriors.

  54. The goal from day one was to make it to the Big Dance. That is where the big money is for the program. Poly’s record is 13-19, but they are a success because they won the conference tournament. That’s the way it is, baby!!!!! Hawaii is always not playing well at the end of the season and it is been spelling doom. Riley’s last NCAA team was real good. WAC regular and tournament champs and led Xavier at halftime in the NCAA tournament to David West, etc.

    And for some reason our defense got worse at critical times during the season. Don’t know why, but coaching is a big part of it.

  55. With Vander last year we thought they would have DOMINATED BWC..found out BWC GUARD and 3 point shooter league…Cal Poly winning BWC Tournament. threw everything out window..still think GIB has to improve and his guards and FOTU more consistent. With Negus, Jankovich , Fleming and Thomas all 3 star rated out of HS Gib with returnees should meet those expectations, 24-25 win overall regular season and BWC regular season champions. SRJC that would be my expectations. This year No NIT or NCAA was major disappointment. Felt bad for seniors, that is why I hoped they would have hosted an opening round home game CIT , otherwise very frustrating end to season. Hope UH gets 2 or more good chemistry athletes! !

    Go Rinbow Warriors! !

  56. Derek..have to consider now ..I agree , if coach not here next year, Ben Jay should start looking for a new coach, who would be good? UH is tough coaching job, even Riley in last several years no post seson and Nash 3 years and gone. Gib should emphasize picking brains of good basketball coaches around country. As I said team And Gib have to improve to be NCAA regular participant. Okay Derek who is your choice for New coach, I would like to see Gib have long and sucessful career here, he is bringing in great kids.
    Go Gib !!

  57. Actually Derek Gib overall 4 year record better than Riley’s first 4 highlited by two CIT invites. UH MBB is becoming like Shoji and WVB..hard to reach NCAA’s . I hope Gib and team make it to NCAA’s next year, he will have more shooters however can they get key D stops and close out games. Sure buck stops with Gib, he will do utmost to get it done next year 5 anything less , well …

  58. Could I make one comment meant to be delivered respectfully to “winbows, uhfanzonly and playhoopsa?”
    Could you please post your comment(s) under one moniker and try to keep them from running on and on and on. I love to read fans comments but not necessarily from the same person all the time. These posts are mostly repetitive and extremely long. I know that you are a long time “fan” and love to deliver your commentary but it feels as though you post to hear yourself speak many times. It would be great if we could get a more diverse group of posters on Warrior Insider. It’s a great site overall.

  59. Bill ..same dad and sons. However if throws off thousands of WI fans . We will post just one of our comments through OldFan1…we love UH MBB and our Ohana played sports for UH .,we will post more later thanks Bill see you later tomorrow. .
    Go Bows!!
    More fans should post comments. Not just our family.
    Go Rainbow Warriors! !

  60. Bill it is redundant, will use our oldest sibling log in, winbows1.
    sorry WI nation.

    Question: Where is Gib? Is he here in the islands, or recruiting?
    Hope he lands a big guy. And gets an extremely athletic wing.

    That is better.
    Incidentally, I don’t know if Gib will be here for 5 years, I hope so.

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