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Warriors fall in the final seconds; Standhardinger reaches 1,000

University of Hawaii SPORTS

Unprecedented road success came to a heartbreaking halt for the University of Hawai’i basketball team in a 63-61 loss to Long Beach State on Thursday at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, Calif.

Travis Hammonds drained a 3-pointer with 8.1 seconds remaining to lead the 49ers to the stunning victory, and a season sweep of the Warriors.

Hawai’i dropped to 19-9 overall and remained in fourth place in the Big West Conference at 8-6. The Warriors had won a school-record four consecutive road conference games prior to this loss. Long Beach State improved to 13-14 overall and is in a tie for sedond place at 9-4.

“I thought we played great,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “I thought we did everything you need to do to win. I thought our defense was outstanding. We gave up too many offensive rebounds at the end. That was the difference. They couldn’t score on us. We had five chances to win that game. We needed one defensive rebound to win it and we gave up five offensive rebounds at the end there.”

Christian Standhardinger led the Warriors with 17 points and 11 rebounds, and became the 16th player in program history to score 1,000 points as a Hawai’i player. Among the 16 players on that elite list, only four have reached 1,000 points in two seasons: Tom Henderson, Reggie Cross, Anthony Carter, and now Standhardinger.

Brandon Spearman added 11 points – all in the first half – and Keith Shamburger had nine points and seven assists. Garrett Nevels also scored nine, and Isaac Fotu was limited to eight points and two rebounds.

“Obviously, this one hurts, it hurts bad,” Arnold said. “I still think we should have won it. We played well enough to win it.”

University of Hawaii SPORTS

Indeed, the Warriors led by as many as nine early in the game, had a 35-33 lead at intermission, then took a 54-49 lead with 10:06 remaining, and stayed in front until Hammonds’ game-winner.

A putback by Dan Jennings with 1:08 remaining brought Long Beach State within one at 61-60. Shamburger missed a driving shot in the lane on Hawai’i’s next possession.

Long Beach State’s Hammonds then missed a jumper from the wing, but the 49ers maintained possession after the a scramble for the loose rebound was ruled a held-ball situation with 17.7 seconds remaining.

Arnold said he tried to call a timeout when it appeared Shamburger had momentary possession of the loose ball. “That’s our ball, it should have been our ball,” he said. “We were calling timeout, we did have a timeout … I guess they didn’t hear it.”

On Long Beach State’s final possession, Hammonds got an open look from the corner and drained the go-ahead 3-pointer with 8.1 seconds remaining.

Hawai’i opted not to call a timeout, and Shamburger drove down the court, but his 3-point attempt was blocked by Mike Caffey just before the final horn sounded.

“Give them credit, they got back on transition,” Arnold said. “Usually when something like that happens there’s a little bit of extra celebration and you try to catch them off guard, but they hit it and got back, and we didn’t get the shot we wanted to.”

In Long Beach State’s win at Hawai’i last month, the 49ers shot 60 percent from the field. This time, the Warriors held them to 41.5 percent, including just 26.9 percent (7 for 26) from 3-point range. Hawai’i shot 43.6 percent overall, and 38.5 percent (5 for 13) from 3-point range.

The 49ers out-rebounded the Warriors, 37-36. More telling, the 49ers grabbed 15 offensive rebounds, leading them to a 21-10 advantage in “second chance points.”

Tyler Lamb led Long Beach State with 18 points, and Dan Jennings added 15 points and 11 rebounds. Caffey, who scored a career-high 29 in the win at Hawai’i, was held to five this time.

The Warriors are scheduled to return to Honolulu on Friday, although their next game will also be on the road – next Thursday at UC Santa Barbara.

(Game photos courtesy Warren Haraki)


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Saturday’s Big West results
Long Beach State 63, Hawai’i 61
UC Irvine 71, UC Santa Barbara 60
UC Davis 85, Cal Poly 73
Cal State Fullerton 82, Cal State Northridge 81


  1. Better Team for 39 Minutes

    NEED to Play Through 40+
    Got to Get/Keep the Ball With 18 Seconds
    AND Get The Boards @ Both Ends

    Might Have Earned a “Belief” Edge VS LBSU @ Anaheim
    And That IS A STEP UP for This Program…
    LBSU VS Hawaiʻi Used To Be a Very Large GAP

    Congrats to Christian

    EVERYONE CAN Play Better
    KEEP Improving
    BE The Best BWC Team In March…

  2. Cant believe we got outrebounded on defensive boards where LB got too many second ,third chances, man , we should have won it,I am so freakin mad. The guys should be mad at themselves for letting this one get away.!

  3. Tough loss. They need to regroup quickly and get a W on Saturday.

  4. NEXT Game Is Next Week Thursday @ UCSB…

    “Shoulda Been” the Battle for Second Place…

    … GOT TO Learn How to (More Consistently) WIN …
    THREE IN A Row Leaves NO ROOM for Errors
    Like Tonight or Last Games versus UCSB, LBSU & Irvine…

  5. PONO, this Saturday a bye. UH will be flying home tomorrow Friday Feb 28. They will go back next week Thursday March 6 to play UCSB. Then fly home Friday March 7 to play Senior nite home game against Fullerton.

    Watched game, too bad Spearman foul trouble, they were really taking it to, LBSU at that point, when he went out, LBSU caught up with UH. Back and forth 2nd half, and that killer 3 from corner by Hammonds, Shamburger almost, had another miracle 3 to win it for UH on the road. Oh well…you, know, UH without question can beat LBSU, UCSB, Irvine, the top 3 on the road. In Anaheim, neutral court, with a good crowd for UH, as were there tonite. UH has as good a chance as any team to win the whole thing and go to NCAA’s , at this point, that is the ONLY POST season tourney they will go to, UNLESS, they make it to title game, and lose, finish season at 22-23 wins, maybe, boosters, and private sponsors will Buy into CBI or CIT (Riley Wallace Invitational)…I know Ben said, this season they would not do that, however if team finishes with 22 wins or , so, it would be good practice for next year, and they can still play for a championship.

    shoots, thinking for sake of team, coach and fans, THIS team jjay, is vastly superior, in effort, and ability to win, shoulda , coulda woulda, than any of Gib’s first 3 teams, 2010-2013. Really great group. Gib proud of effort, and I am too, They , as Eagle says, in past, would have got blown out 3 years ago, lose by 20, and they go down to wire, leading by one. .That is how the ball bounces.
    Isaac, we love you dude, teams, athletic ones, just go after him to shut him down, When he AND Christian are scoring their averages, combined, 32 pts, 15 rebounds for game, AND NEVELs hitting his average of around 14, UH wins, by 8 pts, easy. Live and learn, Gang, Tonganator, and UH fans, UH really optimistic, go and win against UCSB and Fullerton, get 2 game momentum winning streak going into BWC tourney, sweep and get to NCAA’s and UH, has potential like any of the other 64 teams, to win 5 or 6 games and play for national title. Or, win one or two games, in any Post Season tourney, UH finishes, 23-24 wins, very good year, I am HAPPY!
    Gib shopping list: Shooters, Negus will fill that 3 spot, Bigs who are athletic, leapers and can rebound 11-12 boards a game, just beast it. With Christian and Fotu, they are great TEAM players. you watch, I bet, UH, if they don’t hand their head, after a loss they always come back, will defeat the Gauchos.
    This team I really love, great bunch of young guys, with potential to get 22-24 wins, and NCAA bid, or CIT , CBI, if I were a multi millionare I would buy in for the guys, however, I wish, they win The bid to the Big Dance, we all stay happy!

    Guys, Still potential of 5 more games, including the BWC 3-0 run to go, and maybe 5-6 more games for Post Season Championship game!
    Go Bows! I bet, jjay the team is P.Oed! however, have to get stops, rebound, they won games where they got the breaks, now they have lost some where the other team hit the winners or closed them out. 2 more games in regular season, will be watching on ESPNU, game big one, next week Thursday against UCSB, bet UH can and will win that game ALL STARTERS have to hit their averages, if not UH will lose. Then, come home and get the 20 or 21st win of season before BWC tournament, you know me, Always Optimistic, even with team staff, Always hope for the BEST News!

    Go Bows!
    Next Year will be tough team, this year can finish Tough!
    Go Warriors, the Mighty Warriors, great Cali Hawaii fan support, you can see and hear them on the radio, Mahalo gang for supporting team, that is why the play so well in California!
    Go Bows!
    Do NOT GIVE UP, instead, play smarter, harder and finish games, get all the key stops, shots and rebounds, still about a MONTH of potential games to PLay!
    Go Bows!!

  6. My Observation, in the losses to the top three, UCSB, LBSU and Irvine. Of course, the defense against Caffey and team when they shot 60% at SSC, UH fixed that and defended well on the road. UCSB, could not finish, turnovers, and missing chip shots, easy buckets, UH should have won that SSC game. Irvine, that is another home SSC game they should have won, sort of combination of the two, shooting and defending, however as playhoopsa says, this team has Giant Heart, they are in every game at SSC and away, BWC is made for UH to compete!

    Gib has them playing Good D now, and on the road, great D on the 49ers, they had as balanced an offensive attack with Christain, Spearman, leading the way, and Fotu, Nevels and Shamburger who should have hit more shots, however,

    close to 10 pts each, with help from Valdes bench, this loss hurt, cause they should have blocked out on boards, TOO MANY offensive boards and second chances,that was how UH loss the game, and Hammonds had the open 3 from the corner,
    Now Gib, get to work, you have One week to do it, against the best Big in the BWC conference Alan Williams, your practices, boxing OUT, get ALL the missed shots, at free throw line BOX out, get the D boards, and the hustle, run after balls that fall to the ground, stay even or out rebound UCSB,you guys can win.
    At this point, rather than shooting or Defense, actually D rebounding IS PART of Defense, Gib has to practice the team, Rebound, box out, Rebound box out, Fotu, sorry Tonganator, is not the Best Rebounder, fundamentally on the team, Christian hustles for ball, and got 11 hard earned board, Isaac on the road, or at home has to match Christian, get 11 boards, too, especially the D boards, UH would have won by 10.

    Simple, takes tremendous effort and desire, and jjay, I as well as hundred and possibly thousand of fans, following the game as pissed, and so is Gib and team, they will, …they HAVE to Rebound better, to win last 2 games, and win BWC

    tourney , they can shoot and defend, however, Box out, Fundamentals of good Rebounders, next year, Isaac should be 18 ppg and 12 rpb, shooting 55% from field and 78% from FT line, and 40% from 3 line, as well as 3 assist, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 1 turnover per game, Isaac will be All America consideration, with Negus, Nevels, Sham, and Fleming, and future recruits guaranteed!

    Go Isaac, improve on your rebounding, you have AWESOME talent!
    Tonganator, you have good son, he will be back to do damage and help UH win in BWC tourney, just has to put effort into rebounding, in fact the whole team, the guards too, by committee!

    UH can win the next 5 games and Go NCAA’s, they can do it. Defensive and Offensive glass control, and get back up over 80 ppg, first time in months UH average ppg per game at 79, they have to have scores in the 80’s to win!

  7. Real Heartbreaker! Shoots! UH should have won game, they would be 9-5 and in third in conference ahead of LBSU at 8-5. Well, UH as always, tremendous effort, and as playhoopsa, Eagle, Gib, winbows says: UH has to control Defensive boards. they do that, they can win BWC tourney. It will take D, shooting, hustle and winning the battle of the boards. The Good Part, the guards take really great care of the ball, that is why they do not get blown out in losses, UH averaging only 11 TO’s per game with the fast tempo they try to play, funny, how in their recent losses, the teams that beat them UCSB, Irvine and LBSU, actually got them into low scoring games, or LBSU game at SSC was a shoot out, however at the Pyramid, low sixties, as others have said, if UH scores high 70’s to 80 points, they win, they held in 60’s they lose!
    Don’t worry Tonganator, Isaac, and team will be back, nothing to lose 2 wins to gain. Just have to REBOUND better, win the battle of the boards, and UH can win 5 games in a row, and Dance, Dance, Dance, totally fixable, they competed with the most athletic team in the BWC. Look forward to Irvine, UCSB or LBSU in Anaheim, UH if firing on all cylinders, can and will beat them. Go Bows!

    Uhfanzonly1. I ain’t giving up on guys, they can win that dang BWC tournament!
    The MAGIC KINGDOM. some March Miracles!

  8. Would be a huge gain if Fotu could block 2 shots. As it is now, Nevels would be the team leader in blocks if he just had 7 more.

  9. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/USUSAkE.jpg[/IMG]

  10. I wonder if Gib gets a 7’10” athletic big 5 from Senegal next year, he can play him at the top of the key on defense? Then he won’t need to make any changes from this year’s plan.

    Guys probably had a hard time concentrating on LBSU with the Akana situation. That’s okay, we will be ready for the Big West tournament, tough to beat a team 3 times in one year. Probably a good thing we lost to Irvine that one time. Wonder if UH should try to lose to UCSB too, it’s possibly likely we have to face them late in the tournament.

  11. This team is so close to being the top team in conference. It’s just a few things here and there that cost them on their losses.

    This loss was due to rebounding. You cannot give up 12 offensive rebounds in the 2nd half. That led to 14pts for LBSU which is almost half of their 2nd half points. Officially, UH gave up 15 offensive rebounds for the game plus a few more fumbled defensive rebounds out of bounds leading to extra opportunities for LBSU.

    UH made the necessary defensive adjustments from the first game and for the most part, did a good job of forcing LBSU into jumpshots. Lamb is a true scorer and was running hot for a while, but you can live with that as long as no other LBSU guys getting too hot.

    Rebounding out of the zone is tougher because you don’t always have a guy close to you to box out. You have to make the effort to find somebody to put a body on. College players are too athletic to keep off the boards if they aren’t bodied up. Fotu and Standhardinger did not do a good job of putting a body on somebody on LBSU jumpshots. Often, they were just standing around the rim only to have a LBSU player jump over them on rebounds that bounce more than 3ft from the rim.

    The good news is this is very fixable. Nothing a little rebounding drills (with wind sprints as punishment) can’t fix. The most memorable zone rebounding drill my HS coach made us do was make the zone box out 6 players. So it was 5 vs 6 for the rebound. Once we got good at it, then coach added in a 7th player, and that made things tough. You really had to snatch the ball comes your way, often times, the 6th or 7th guy you can’t fully block out will take a swipe at it.

  12. As much as I hate to lose, you surely cannot fault their effort nor defensive adjustments…it shows improvement. All close games always come down to a single play or shot and Lord knows we have had it go our way already this season. As for our last attempt to score, Coach was right not to call time out and allow them to set up a defensive scheme as we are very good at scoring in 8 seconds or less. I think our kids were a bit stunned that the shot went in and did not react like they should have…50% of the time we would have scored in that situation.

    UH Booster Club would have gotten their money’s worth this season if they had paid for Mrs. Spearman’s trip to all the games, :-), as Brandon plays so much better when she is in the stands!

    UH needs to take these two next games as a tune up for the BWC Tourney…it is all about winning three games in three days now! GO BOWZ

  13. Horse,

    2 blocks per game is asking too much from Fotu. He’s not really a shot blocker. This year, UH does not have a rim protector. Rozitis has the length, but is too uncoordinated to be an effective shot blocker…. that’s why he’s on top of the point zone and not in the middle of the 2-3 zone.

    I think UH has all the tools to make a run in the BWC tournament. The way it’s shaping up. UCI will be the #1 and UH the #4. The top 4 teams are significantly better than the bottom half of conference, and don’t expect any upsets in the quarter-finals. The only team that has a chance to upset the top 4 is Northridge, and if the season ended now, UH would face Northridge. Looking at the last few games for Northridge and Cal Poly, it’s highly likely Northridge will end up at #5.

    If UH can take care of Northridge in the 1/4 finals, I like UH’s chances the rest of the way. As I mentioned before, UH has played well vs all the other contenders.

  14. Hey, did anybody else see the crazy end to the New Mexico St vs Utah Valley game? Pretty nuts on several fronts….

    1. NMSU’s KC Ross-Miller throwing the ball at and hitting a UVU player just after the buzzer.

    2. UVU’s fans storm the court after hitting a game winning shot.

    3. Then a skirmish breaks out between NMSU players and UVU fans with punches thrown and plenty of grappling.

  15. See youtube link of aforementioned fight…


    This could lead to the end of storming the court at NCAA events.

  16. Got my dates mixed up. Thanks for the schedule clarification.

  17. When I saw the Beach getting all that chances towards the end I got a bad feeling in my gut that they would win because Long Beach were getting all the breaks and UH had none. It’s the luck of the cards. But UH played another great road game. This team will do well in Tournament play because they are a good road team. This is the difference between us and them. If we get by that first game somewhat easily, we have an excellent chance of winning the Big West tournament. Will the tournament be played on a neutral site?

  18. servante:

    Yes Anaheim, Honda Center, great venue for tournament play. One thing truism, This UH MBB team, now playing in Cali, is so confident, and plays well, Not like the Rocky Mountain Way of the old WAC road swings!

    FUHA: like your breakdown of the breakdowns with UH, they are not a traditional 1-5 team, two hybrid PF’s, no true rim protecting athletic big 4/5, smallish PG’s and shooting guards, however, All of the 14 games they played this year, sure enough, UH plays well, shooting, D, rebounding, and Effort, they might be 14-0 at this point. However back to Reality.

    Agree with you wholeheartedly, Rebounding out of Zone, harder to do, that is where the Offensive teams, have guys crash boards, with No body blocking them out, and they get putbacks. That Jennings, he is not All America type, very big, physical athletic, take away his efforts on O boards, and Hawaii wins.

    That is why, several have said, REBOUNDING DRILLS, UH can shoot is, run, D up well, have to close out games by securing , and EXECUTING on O and D. That mad scramble, sure Gib could have called Time Out or when Sham was on the ground with the ball, he , or bench could have called Time Out, however, that

    LBSU guy Hammonds, dagger 3, then UH went Home Run, go …Sham could have passed to Nevels to his right, he took shot, and Oh Well, game over.
    Agree, UH has to use next two games, totally winnable, to Rebound, they have to protect bigs, and stop penetration, controlled Caffey pretty well, however, that hustle 50/50 ball, and boxing out, getting EVERY D board, just owning boards by

    committee will help UH win BWC tournament. This team they NEED ALL 5 starters on floor scoring double digits, with Rozitiz, Smith , Enos and Valdes giving starters a break. Next week last two games, that return from UCSB, if UH wins..they will be really UP sky high, and looking to finish a W at SSC for Senior nite.
    True, hope UH gets 20 or 21 wins, finish 10-6 better yet, weird how teams are losing, even the top 3, so UH could finish, would be hard, , however finish 3 or 4, they still have to win 3 in a row, doable? Totally…hey no question UH finishes regular season on a winning note, will have good support fanbase Cali Hawaii fans at Anaheim Honda Center. Look for UH to have shot to win that thing, and go to NCAA’s, then this will be a SEASON to remember for Years!
    Go Rainbow Warriors.!

    Agree too, Isaac, we love him, has to get stronger, actually he lost weight, maybe, get back up to 240 pounds, and become a beast inside, he is such a nice guy, have to get physical and agressive on O and D, he will play High level Pro ball for long time. At his size, about 6’7″-6’8″ and 245, could he play at the NEXT level, well think about Paul Milsap, remember, his thing REBOUNDING, now he is hybrid 3/4 guy in NBA, one of a select, smallish bigs, who is having good career in the League, either way, glad if Fotu, comes back for 2 years, he can develop, and be Monster, and help UH to , back to back to back 20 win seasons, and maybe 3 NCAA tournaments in a row, which would be HISTORIC!

    Go Bows!
    Love the Team, the Effort, have to execute, remember to close out games, and REBOUND, until UH gets those, legitimate 6’10” 250 pound sky, walking, shot blocking rebounding maching bigs next year, I think they can get one for next season!

  19. Yes, agree with FUHA and playhoopsa and others, the Execution, the timeouts, especially Rebounding out of Zone or Man, Christian is a Beast, playing the best ball, that total 110% effort Every game, whether he scores 9 pts or 29 pts, he gets the boards. Isaac picked up that late 4th foul, however, he could have still stayed agressive, sometimes, you wonder, if UH is not getting the calls they used to, ? or non calls, Spearman, saddled with 2 early, was hot beginning of game, he plays 36 minutes, without sitting, maybe UH up by 12-13 at half, too late now, all of our comments, good observation, clear and go on to next game. Forget this loss, however, remember how to Win next game. Rebounding. Win the boards, Williams will get his 18-20 , UH has to outrebound the rest of the Gauchos, shoot well, have to score in the seventies or eighties, UH wins, when they are in the sixties, as was mentioned, they lose. Look forward to national ESPNU broadcast March 6 at 4pm HST on Time Warner Oceanic Cable, should be great game, hope UH gets that win, and gets final victory, for the Seniors. Can UH still win the Anaheim Honda Center BWC tourney, they have to play well in All phases of the game, they can Win it.

  20. These guys played so well, to final minute, that other thing? Doesn’t bother them, at least, their great effort, was outstanding, they fine tune that Rebounding, part. As a Team All 5 guys have to get boards, and the bigs, have to body guys out, keep Williams off the glass, very hard to do, he is one of the best in the West, huge guy with skill and soft hands, UH shutdown the rest of the Gauchos, get the Win. Funny, UH as was mentioned before, could have 5 more games(get to championship BWC tourney)and, maybe 5-6 more games in a Post SEASON tourney, hopefully the Big One, NCAAs

  21. hard to believe, end of season, next week, vital that UH gets one win, so the 5-6 teams don’t catch them, however, UH I think has tie breakers over Northridge and Poly, still UH try to win 2 games, and on to Anaheim.

    From beginning of season, this team, try to score within 8 seconds of clock, never saw a UH team do that before, well the Fab Five, and Henderson days, imagine if they had shot clock? Man they might have averaged over a hundred points per game.

    UH catch fire, they have actually played well over past six or seven games, now get on a 5 game winning streak, and UH fans will go , Hooray, OMG, go Bows!


  22. Plus back in the day, there was no 3 point line. Wow, for teams back then to average 80-90 pts per game, a lot of fast breaks, and those 30 foot jump shots by Nash, and the corner money shot by Al Davis, and Holiday’s all around game.
    New generation, and these guys , are smart, and have skill, just have to play together, defend, and Rebound!


  23. Well to look for silver lining, or positive in UH BB team finish. Remember the Media pundits, and coaches poll pre season? UH finish 6th, well, UH takes care of one and hopefully two more regular season wins, what do you know? UH finishes 4th , two places higher than predicted. So a victory for team in that regard. Now UH gets the 3-0 run and goes NCAA , another milestone. First time to Big Dance in 12 years? If can win first round game, history, second, miraculous. True, UH fix the execution, rebounding, and having more guys scoring, can be special , very special. As opposed to Football team woes, UH BB has been a real bright spot for many new and old fans alike!

  24. And very soon we will know how going from Gib, on pursuit of Bigs and shooters, for next season!

  25. Negus, big time scorer and shooter. He play great Defense, team will be awesome. With experienced 2 PG’s, Nevels, improvement, and Valdes, and company, future next year looks bright.
    However, this year’s team, especially for Christian, Brandon S. and Davis, needs to compete for the Dance. They will, never ever lacked try, and effort to the end of all games!

  26. all year we cant defend the 3pt line and what does the beach do?…at this point in time we will lose games because sham doesn’t hit any shots when we really need it

  27. Rozitis is too uncoordinated to be a good shot blocker. So that’s why he’s playing at the top of the key? If a guy is having trouble blocking shots, put him on top the key? Like I said, Nevels almost leads this team in blocked shots, but no one is going to put him at center. A center is more than blocked shots.

    I watch Fotu and he doesn’t like defending around the rim. He often runs out early on defense, not even trying to get the rebounds.

    Rozitis is too uncoordinated to be an elite shot blocker, but he’s good enough to be a defensive rebounder and he’s got some fire. He is uncoordinated though, he blew some easy transition layups against Irvine, thinking he just had to run the floor and not even watching for the ball.

    This question needs to be asked; is Gib using the guys on the bench the right way? If they’re not happy, they’ll leave. This team is mostly comprised of transfers as is.

    Why wait for next year for a change in players? We have a 7-footer that we could put in the paint, and he can rebound, especially in the Big West where a few teams primarily are under 6’7″. Jovanovic is a pretty hard-nosed player, from the little that we’ve seen. Why wait and hope for a better 6’10” guy to come to the program?

  28. Time for the cream to rise to the top, put two halves together, REBOUND REBOUND ,come on Fotu ,play hard ,you are the core in the middle, block out and get those rebounds, last home game coming up we got to pack the house , protect the house. Go into the tournament with some momentum and not fizzle out like last year.Go Warriors!

  29. Horssse–Correct about Davis, he should stay near basket more, just concentrate on rebounding and standing tall, to make bigs and guys driving to the cup, think twice. Davis, actually can block shots, same as Jovanovich, good HS shot blocker, and that guy is TOUGH, he will run into a wall if coach asked him too.
    Isaac, we love his spin moves, footwork, and offense, FT shooting, and mid range jumper, awesome hook shot with either hand, go left and right now.
    He has to up game Defensively, it is so obvious now, he has become not a great low post defender, however UH, and Gib, doesn’t have much option, since Rozitis is not a threat offensively, Davis, rushes his shots too much. I think in Latvia, he was scorer, out to 3 line,..Davis, just power up, and get dunks, or putbacks, those smaller bigs in BWC cannot get up on him all the time, he is so tall. Jovanovich has that nice jumper, just his footwork on defense, can be liability too, though if UH is thinking of making a run in Post Season, hopefully NCAA, they have to go deeper.
    The Problem: we have watched UH team for 28 games now, Valdes, Jovanovich, Smith, Enos, Roztis, so far, are not the type that go off for 18 pts, 12 rebounds, or 12 assists, more of spot relief for Starters. The best defenders and scorers for Gib? The starting 5, then there is a dropoff….I don’t think Gib playing those guys for 25 min, or 18 min or more unless needed will solve problem. The Starting 5 have to hit their averages and the bench do their thing to hold lead or increase. Spearman, is so vital, playing the best ball of his college career, when he went out with 2 fouls in first half, UH, kind of went cold. UH should have won game, hurts, however, TRUE WARRIOR TEST..this team has always bounced back from disappointing losses, I expect, them to go 1-1 rest of the way, or better yet, play lights out, REBOUND on O AND D glass, Christian, and Isaac, learn from Christian, play super agressive, guards hit their shots, UH can win the BWC tourney and the NCAA invite. BWC parity, whomever is hot, and playing best ball those 3 games. Hope it is UH!

  30. No, True Warrior team…Go 2-0 to end regular season, will be tough, however UH plays really well, actually better in California then Hawaii. They must feel really comfortable. They can beat UCSB. Alan Williams will get his, UH hold down the other guys. and Isaac, take it as a challenge, play the D, get every board that Christian doesn’t get, outrebound, defend and outhustle the Gauchos, to every ball, every minute on the court play Smart, Hard and together, you guys will get wins, and get that NCAA invite, it starts with D, includes getting the boards, and hitting good shots. True Warriors have a great Rainbow of a shot to win that Anaheim Honda Center tournament, do not give up guys, give it your best,…3 games to win, and you guys are in THE BIG DANCE!

  31. All the pieces have got to fall into place. The guys have to practice right, be in the right frame of mind, get their chores done (homework, quizzes, tests, papers, etc…), and come to play!! The coaches have got to keep up the good work and do their chores, (scouting, scheduling, tutoring, more scheduling, following up, and coaching, coaching, coaching).

    I do have to say that I am behind HORSSSSSE_Champ’s directions that we get the 7’10” athletic big 5. From where ever! Senegal is fine. All of our 6’10” guys seem to be natural 4’s anyway.

  32. akuhead2-

    I think 2 at least scholies available, however, UH has to get it right, the right fit guys, Team does need, I would think at least 2 Senegal 7’0″ shot blockers, who are as skilled as Mamadou, maybe even better, can move quickly.
    Or a 6’11” 295 muscle 5 true center, who can run, rebound, block shots, and putbacks, AND can shoot 70% FT. Gib and staff have a big recruiting job, to replace, Rozitis, Standhardinger and Dressler, they have to do it, to have a true 5 or a 4/5 tall, guy who can defend and rebound,…First on shopping list, UH have enough wings and PG’s. however Smith, has to work on his outside shot, up to this point, he is not confident in his midrange to 3 line shot, he starts hitting a couple of those a game, NOW, UH will be in hunt for BWC tourney title this year and NCAA’s , You are right, this team can still win a lot of games and go to The Dance, just don’t give up, coach team up, learn from loss, and move up and onward to championship game of BWC tourney, that is their goal anyways from beginning of last summer!

  33. Tonganator and family: Isaac true talent! I guess we on this forum, probably your ohana too, very disappointed in loss. Pretty sure Isaac too. Isaac will bring it, if not in foul trouble. he is highly skilled player, on offense, and can be great PF on defense too, I am sure he will bring his “A” game to last 2 games of the regular season for wins, and go after championship of BWC tourney and NCAA invite.

    Isaac Fotu, will leave UH as one of the best Power/Small big Forward to play for UH, Isaac, keep getting stronger, you have great power and support from NZ Ohana!

  34. Jankovic, coming in, will want to play next year. Fotu is the King of the Court, will start, and may co-captain the team. And Jovanovic looks very good and will get more minutes next year. That’s two big bodies, 6’11 and 6’10, to go along with Fotu 6’9. Both are agile and can shoot. They both have the potential, as we have seen, to play tough and aggressive defense. We will need to see them BOTH maintain that high level of D throughout the game, game after game. Standhardinger will have left his mark of competitiveness on both of them, (a few bruises from practice at least), that they know what the fans expect of them and they can incorporate. .The last game with Mamadou was available to me on Bigwest TV, and that guy is really something special, as a freshman! .Gib will do the best he can at recruiting. Gib is growing and getting better and refining his game. Normally, getting any 7 footer that can play, is a good thing, better than good. But we have this Mamadou looming in the Bigwest conference. We got one win. And I think we can get the second win in the tournament. Standhardinger and Fotu and Spearman and Davis and the team played the kind of Defense it takes to beat these guys. And they can bring that level of play to every game. .But it serves to sharpen our focus, Gib’s focus, on getting ‘right fit’ guys, as winbows1 says. That all said, I am comfortable waiting to worry about recruiting until after the season. . Let’s win this year! .. Go Bows !!

  35. Hey winbows1 and the die hard UH basketball fans.

    There is a growing fan base of the team here in KIWI Land. Although disappointed in the lost to LBSU, we are looking forward to next 2 games on regular season and then the Big West tournament. I got good feeling about this team, building up to peak in the right time… Keep the faith, the best is yet to come.


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