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Warriors hold off UC Davis, 86-77


Christian Standhardinger had 29 points and 11 rebounds, and Isaac Fotu had 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead the University of Hawai’i basketball team to an 86-77 victory over UC Davis on Saturday night at the Stan Sheriff Center.

The Warriors rebounded from a disappointing loss to first-place UC Irvine on Thursday by dominating the Aggies. The final score was probably not as close as indicated, as the Warriors led by double-digits for most of the second half.

Hawai’i improved to 19-8 overall and remained in fourth place in the Big West at 8-5.

After shooting a season-low 29.6 percent on Thursday, the Warriors came back to shoot 56.4 percent against the Aggies.

Garrett Nevels added 13 points, Brandon Spearman scored 10, and Keith Shamburger had eight assists for the Warriors.

The Warriors took the lead for good at 13-12, less than five minutes into the game, and they stayed in front the rest of the way.

Standhardinger scored 17 in the first half alone to lead the Warriors to a 44-31 advantage at intermission.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Possible NIT invite if UH won last 3 games and finished 11-5 and say second in BWC..then made it to championship game and lost..so UH would be 24-9 and winner of BWC tournament was also the regular season champ. That team gets NCAA bid ..would second runner up and regular season runner up get NIT bid?
    Well Irvine lost tonite..who knows if UH sneaks into tie for first or solid second.UCSB and LBSU could lose a few more games..
    Heck UH just try to win BWC TOURNAMENT and go to NCAA’s..
    UH has a chance..have to hit outside shots..

  2. no chance for NIT bid unless we don’t make it to the tourney after winning BW

  3. heard UCI lost tonight “sigh”

  4. I guess that regular season champion has lock on NIT bid if they don’t win BWC Tournament and NCAA bid. Last year happened LBSU lost in BWC TOURNAMENT and were one and done in NIT..correct me fans if I am wrong. Was it Irvine that won BWC TOURNAMENT and were one and done in NCAA opening round?I guess winbow asking regular season champ is also BWC TOURNAMENT champ .. the runner-up to that team wth 23-24wins goes nowhere except the CIT or CBI right? Because of BWC rpi..kind of junk so that is why UH every year try to win regular season title!!
    I love Negus and Jankovic’s attitudewhy not UH next year goal national championship? Why not??
    Go Bows!!
    Good win..now get win against. LBSU I believe they can beat them in Cali!!

  5. I still feel UCSB, Irvine and LBSU will lose 2 or 3 more regular season games..UH win out could still be as winbow. says 1st or 2nd..anything can happen!! UH just win out!!

  6. Don’t what I was thinking. Irvine losing huge. They still have 4 more games to play ..LBSU and UCSB both 4 more too.. UH WIN OUT WHO KNOWS..MAYBE TIE 1st or 2nd?
    Go Bows..don’t count out UH on road..they play more focused and better! !
    Go Bows!!

  7. Don’t know what I was thinking..Irvine loss leaves top 2 spots up for grabs with top 4 teams..huge win for Northridge! !

  8. REPRINTED: February 22, 2014 • 10:21 pm

    Agree with Most Comments

    Got to WIN At Least One of Last Three
    (Weak, Yet Better Be At Least Competitive In Losses);

    WIN TWO of Three and they ARE A Serious Contender
    For Having Beaten TWO of The Top Four (Others) On The Road…

    THAT Would Give Them A Puncherʻs/Shooterʻs Chance of
    Running Three In The BWC Tourney
    Because Every Team Has Shown THEY CAN Lose on Any Given Night…

    BTW — I think They Are (STILL) a Young Team
    THATʻs Part of Why The Bench IS Weak
    Besides Practice and PT
    I Expect Bench Players to PERFORM Against The Likes of The BWC
    CANNOT Be Much Harder than Against Our Own First Team in Practice
    They Arenʻt Yet, Other than Q, Davis and Aaron
    And Not Yet With Strength
    SO .. Ben Jay MUST Have a Commitment to Improvement
    AND Needs to Find a Way to Finance
    Even IF it has to be a Buy-In Tourney Game…

    FiX The Finances
    BUT MUST Keep Improving The Programs….

  9. Eagle: Really weird situaion if UH MBB team finished runnerup in BWC tourney with say, 22-23 wins and ended up going to No Post Season Tournament. Ben Jay, the AD, and the powers that be, boosters, whatever , major sponsors, or as one caller to AW on point suggested, Ben Jay, do a prelim order sales on tickets to potential CBI or CIT tourney, then they can punch numbers to see if it can be hosted or beneficial. Would be sad, and unusual for a MBB program trying to reach the higher level to win more than 20 games and not go to Post Season Tourney.

    It has happened before, did not think the Riley Wallace Trevor Ruffin , Tony Maroney led team would go to NCAA’s, win WAC tourney in 1994, or the Savo and freshman English led, team that went to NCAA’s after winning 3 games in Tulsa, back in early 2000’s, you are right, UH team with newcomers, and RS and true freshman, and Walkons, cannot expect top 30 team right away. I give them a good chance to Dance, whomever can win 3 in BWC in March goes to NCAA tourney, and am sure to last man on UH roster, that is what they are going to do their best to accomplish!
    Go Bows.!! Should be great tournament in Anaheim, wish the boys the best!
    Also, hope they run the table in last 3 regular season games, that first tie, or second place finish is STILL POSSIBLE with Irvine loss and top 3 teams above UH having 4 more games!
    Go Bows!

  10. Well Eagle and other BB fans, next year, with Jankovic who is scorer out to 3 line, and Negus, who is top notch scorer and long range bomber, with return of Nevels, bigger stronger and sharper, plus Isaac Fleming a 3 star do it all guard, UH will have firepower from perimeter to rim. Need shot blocker and wing scorer out to 3 line. Interesting take from Reggie Theus on how they came back from 15 pts down in 2nd half to defeat Mamadou and Irvine, their athletes went right at him into his body, he could not extend, and he fouled out scoring 2 pts, one blocked shot. Reminds me of how Tom Henderson at 6’3″ and 205 could foul out, or draw fouls on 7 footers,by that same method, he would drive right into the bigs, instead of away. Right now, UH does not have that type of player, Funny , Joston Thomas, a wide low with hops probably could do it, he was so strong on offense, however weak on defense,
    Hope that Negus, and Jankovic buy into team defense, UH will be awesome next year.
    However, this year UH still has chance, as well as any of top 8 teams in BWC tourney to Dance.

  11. Win 19 is done. Boom end of discussion.

  12. i´m liking how Christian and Isaac seem to be learning how to help each other be more effective ‘…
    WHO can really guard BOTH at the same time? Between the guards moving the ball better
    and the forwards working the ball to each other — tonight’s result Optimum Double-Doubles For Both…
    The Dynamic Duo IS Improving Fast…

    i’m also believin’ the outside shooting will continue to improve — ONLY Garrett had “Good” Percentage Numbers before U.H….BUT They ALL Have Already Improved And they’re ALL Hard Workers And What EXCUSE will Anyone Accept when You’re Looking At Jankovic and Negus?

    I’m just wanting Results This Week and Next in Time for The TourneyS — That’s Plural…

    GO ‘BOWS!

  13. Valerie!


    NEW HIGH Water Mark, This ERA, This Edition

    It’s BONUS Time
    Like Gravy All Over This Loco Moco Team!

  14. Eagle and Valerie: You have to like this year’s team their attitude, they are disappointed on losses, however they bounce back. I really, truly believe this team of half Cali athletes on travel roster, Believe they will and CAN win against LBSU and UCSB, I think they can go 2-0 on the road over next few weeks , Then Valerie , Eagle and Fans that last Senior nite against a very athletic Fullerton team will be a war for UH’s possible 22nd win of season, and great sendoff for Christian, Davis and Brandon!
    Eagle as Negus says: Why set goals so low? Aim high, work hard and achieve, I believe his and Jankovich and Niko’s presence as RS’s rubs off on current roster members, they want to get better, and they have.
    learn lesson, like winbows, from reggie theus’ matadors, they attacked Mamadou. and fouled him out. Caffey can be contained, he might get his points, but disrupt his tempo. The losses to LBSU, UCSB and Irvine, UH had all those games within reach final few minutes, if only key defensive stops and they shot a few more threes, UH would be 12-1 at this point in first. This team is so much better, potentially, than my very favorite first year Gib Amis, Thompson led team.
    Why not Valerie and Eagle, UH reach goal of NCAA’s, think and aim high, work hard, play smart and together..NOw Boom in and out, and win in Anaheim.

    And thanks Valerie for support of great WI site, and hard work of Dayton and crew. Eagle, hoopsa, winbows, dk, derek,tonganator, FUHA, jjay, warriorhaw, Isaac, all echo the thought, we love what Gib has done to elevate UH MBB team, they are making money, and generating interest for core 6000+! we need that positive vibe in this crazy world of 2013!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, I have confidence you guys can run the table , 3-0 last few games and go 3-0 in BWC tourney and Boom into NCAA’s

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