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UPDATED: Warriors bounce back big against UC Davis


It’s what’s inside that counts most, and the University of Hawai’i basketball team proved it in more ways than one in an 86-77 victory over UC Davis on Saturday night.

The inside duo of Christian Standhardinger and Isaac Fotu combined for 47 points on 18-of-27 shooting and 22 rebounds as the Warriors rebounded from perhaps its most disheartening loss of the season with a convincing win over the Aggies.

A crowd of 7,297 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors improve to 19-8 overall, matching the most victories in a season under head coach Gib Arnold – who also won 19 in his first season of 2010-11. Hawai’i is also 8-5 and in fourth place in the Big West Conference. UC Davis dropped to 8-19 and 3-9.

“I’d like to have a bunch more (wins), that’s kind of how it is in coaching,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “I got into every game wishing to win every one, and unfortunately don’t … it’s more I feel good about this team. This team has worked hard so it’s good for them to have a good record.”

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 senior, finished with 29 points and 11 rebounds for his ninth double-double of this season. He shot 10 of 15 from the field, and 9 or 12 on free throws. Fotu, a 6-8 sophomore, contributed 18 points on 8-of-12 shooting, and also grabbed 11 rebounds.

“I think we as a team were very confident about the fact that they have to double-team on Fotu because he’s a hell of a player,” Standhardinger said. “I knew I just go hard and Keith gets me the ball in the right spots.”


After shooting a season-low 29.6 percent in a disappointing loss to first-place UC Irvine on Thursday, the Warriors responded by shooting 57.1 percent (32 for 56) against UC Davis.

“It’s just after we lose, we want to win,” junior point guard Keith Shamburger said. “We really don’t like losing, and it affects us, and we show it every time.”

Garrett Nevels added 13 points, Brandon Spearman scored 10, and Shamburger had two points, eight assists and just two turnovers for the Warriors.

Hawai’i also got key contributions from its reserves: Aaron Valdes scored five points on 2-of-3 shooting; Davis Rozits scored four on 2-of-3 shooting, Quincy Smith had two points and three assists, and Dyrbe Enos drained a deep 3-pointer late in the first half.

The final score was not as close as it might indicate, as the Warriors led by as many as 18 points, and held a double-digit lead for most of the second half.

“You play a championship caliber game against Irvine and you lose in overtime – you have a couple shots to beat them and they just don’t fall. Its real easy to lose focus and realize that you’re not in the running as much and just kind of take a day off, but we didn’t do that,” Arnold said. “I thought the energy was great. Defense was fantastic, for the most part … execution on offense was wonderful. We shared the ball and got it to the right guys. As a coach it makes you feel real good that you can bounce back like that.”


Perhaps the only reason why UC Davis was able not to allow it to become a blowout was the play of junior guard Cory Hawkins. He scored 29 points, including 4-of-5 shooting from 3-point range. A year ago, he scored 40 in UC Davis’ victory over the Warriors.

“I just wish that kid was a senior,” Arnold said. “What can I say? I think he’s a phenomenal player … I think he’s the best 2 guard in the conference. He’s probably the best scorer in the conference. We tried everything we could to try to stop him.”

The Warriors took a 13-12 lead less than five minutes into the game, and stayed in front the rest of the way. Standhardinger scored 17 in the first half alone to lead the Warriors to a 44-31 lead at intermission.

Next on the schedule, Hawai’i will play two consecutive road games – at Long Beach State on February 27, then at UC Santa Barbara on March 6.

(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)



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Saturday’s Big West results

Hawai’i 86, UC Davis 77
Cal State Northridge 81, UC Irvine 75
UC Santa Barbara 80, Cal State Fullerton 65
Cal Poly 69, UC Riverside 64


  1. ? Northridge Scored The LAST 16 points of the game to Beat UC Irvine by 6?

    TWO Teams Against which UH Had Multiple Shots to Win and they didn’t fall…
    (Thanks On Balance for Keith’s Bank Three over Ndiaye to Tie…Then Dominate)

    IF We Get Another Last Shot Scenario TO WIN Against either Team in The Tourney
    ODDS On The ‘Bows….

    Crazy WINNABLE Conference…
    For This Developing Team
    A Perfect Developmental Conference
    To WIN…

  2. Eagle and Valerie and Fans: Complete Confidence, UH on the road will get 2 game wins against UCSB and LBSU, then a really tough game against nothing to lose Fullerton for Senior nite. UH comes out with win, and sends off Seniors in a great way.
    UH, that starting five, plus Valdes, Rozitis, Q and Enos, Thomas, Jovanovich, Jawato, doing something to contribute, have a GOOD shot to win BWC tournament, that is the mindset, shoot well, play hard , smart and together.
    I predict, Hawaii going 6-0 last regular season games and BWC tourney. Why? Why not., UH have good goal: NCAA’s ( or Ben Jay get on it, and lineup CBI or CIT with sponsors help).
    With Irvine losing, and they, UCSB and LBSU having FOUR MORE games, the top 3 can still lose 1-2 more games, weird things happen, the WILD ,WILD WEST, like the Wacky WAC, UH , who would have thought, they could still tie for first or solid second!

    Go Bows! I ain’t giving up!
    UH finish regular season 22-8 that is the immediate goal!

  3. Onward to the road for the Warriors, just bring it every night and back with some wins against Santa Barbara and Long Beach. Take these and our last home game ,Protect the House !

  4. Playhoopsa there is definitely hope for UHMB. The win is great but what is more significant is the fact that the bench minutes is the most in one game this season. To win the Big West Tournament you must have 8 to 10 players contributing. I don’t care how good the starting 5 is you can’t win with them playing the bulk of the 3 games in the tourney. It’s particularly encouraging to see Davis and Aaron playing well. They have found their groove, which can only come after playing meaningful minutes. All games are important leading up to tournament play. But let’s not forget the goal of this team and that is to win the Big West tournament and go to the Dance. The starting 5 needs to pace themselves and the bench needs playing time in the next 3 games. It’s nice to be the 2nd or 3rd seed. But no matter where we are come tournament time we should have the mind set that we are coming to win 3 games, and whoever stands in our way will be defeated.

  5. I know this is comparing apples and oranges, but take a look at the Wahine basketball box score from yesterday’s game. Her situation might be different — for one, no contract incentive to win 20 games — but Beeman has gone to her bench throughout the season.

    Yesterday, with top scorer and rebounder Jackson missing her third straight game, all 10 available Wahine played and all 10 scored, with 9 of 10 getting at least one rebound. And, this wasn’t in a blowout win. They actually lost, squandering a lead down the stretch.

    Still, I think Beeman sees the value of developing a bench. It ensures depth when you need it, not to mention it gives more players a feeling that they contribute more than just in practice. It’s a tough decision — Riley always had a short bench — but if you look at as a long-term investment … I think it’s a wise strategy that will someday pay handsomely.

    That being said, it was nice to see Valdes getting extended minutes last night. Davis, rightfully, is the first guy off the bench. I think Valdes should be next because of the versatility and athleticism he brings. Also like the fact that Dyrbe got some quality minutes.

    That being said, it’s just an opinion. Gib and his staff see the players every day. They sure as heck know a lot more than anyone who posts on Dayton’s blog; myself included.

    Final comment: Not sure why people are trying to correlate recent home Thursday losses and recent home Saturday wins. If memory serves, the three recent Thursday home losses were to the top three teams in the league. Even worse are those who say UH is a better road team than home team. If the ‘Bows win @Long Beach and @Santa Barbara, then that will be true. Until then….well, we can only hope. Should be a fun stretch run and BWC tournament.

  6. As the season wears down I am excited for the future. We lose Spearman, Christian, Davis, and Caleb. To replace them we have Stefan Jankovic, 6’11, Negas Webster-Chan, 6’7″, Isaac Fleming 6’4″, with at least one player to be named later. Jankovic and play the 3, 4, or 5 position, Negus and play the 2 or 3 and Isaac can play the 1,2, or 3. Per Gib, he said Isaac is great range. So, I see a lot of versatility and we have a little more height overall. What we don’t have a lot of is bulk. For that reason, I hope Gib can find a recruit who is someone about 6’8″ or 6′”9 about 250 lbs with a big body and butt to move people out of the paint, ala Reggie Cross type. Hard to find, so if not, at least a very good rebounder and shot blocker. Good luck, Coach, in your pursuit!

  7. clyde, with due respect to Beeman, WBB and MBB completely different animal. However Laura is very good coach and her girls listen. Gib , correct as others stated, and some of us have coached or played for UH, it is in practice,Gib,Rocha, O’Neil, Arnold, Wallace will not put guys in who don’t produce in pracitce.
    Now, Rozitis, Enos, Valdes are, and clyde it is great to see. That is the only way, UH or other NCAA DI teams can advance in Post Season play, and to win Conference Tournament play.
    I disagree much with you clyde,, UH played Mizzou super tough on the road, beat N. Arizona, who hardly ever lost at home, at altitude and freezing cold, and kicked their butts, and UH , huge upset against Irvine on the road, as others, say, don’t count out UH and Gib, LBSU, can be beat, UH has to hit shots inside and out, Fotu, and Standhardinger, have to be not afraid to get shots blocked.
    Derek agree, a Reggie Cross, or even a Tim Shepherd who dunked on 7’6″ Shawn Bradley, can foul out Mamadou, he is long, however too, long, drive right into his body, that is how, Northridge..came back from 15 points down, fouled Mama out and won. Big West, as playhoopsa says, is Wild West!, Any team can win, an watch out, UH beats, LBSU and UCSB on road, and closes the deal with home win against Fullerton, they are playing as well as any team in the USA NCAA DI. No joke. You have to give Gib and staff, and team their due.
    Beeman, that is another story, she thought they would be first place finishers, they struggle on the road, against teams that have good bigs and great very quick PG’s that can score, so her recruiting list: Great Bigs 6’4″ and 6’5″ and cat quick 5’8″ not thick scoring PG and SG’s, she has to upgrade her talent, then she will be really successful, as I said, she is a very good coach, however young for NCAA DI WBB, she will do well, has to recruit more talent.

  8. Maybe Gib was down, having lost to Irvine, and possibly being in 2nd place. He should be proud of team for getting Davis win, and still potential to have 20+ win season and go to NCAA’s. Gib very emotional, pretty sure, he loves this team. Glad, as Clyde, winbows, and others say, Enos, Valdes, Rozitis, Smith, and maybe other bench guys WILL get PT now. Need them, if starters get into foul trouble. However, subs have to keep score even, or increase lead. This team, in California, with that, 100 supporters , the players families and friends in stands, at LBSU and UCSB and Anaheim, maybe 1000 supporters or more, UH can win plenty more games.

    Go Bows! Get to the Dance,and as playhoopsa, winbow say, who knows, UH could STILL get tie for first or second solid position. Irvine, LBSU and UCSB have 4 more games, and could still all lose two more games. longshot, however, UH by winning out last 3 games, will have good seeding, if top 3 lose 1 or 2 games.


  9. winbows1: Just to clarify my point. I meant it’s wrong, at this point, to say that UH is a better road team than home team in conference. I’ve heard people say, “we’re 4-2 on the road and 3-3 (now 4-3) at home, we should play more games on the road.” I hope it doesn’t happen, but UH could end up 4-4 on the road in the Big West. People forget that of the four road wins, only one (Irvine, and it was a huge) came against a team in the conference’s top 4.

    The best part about this year’s team is that it can compete against anyone in the conference, home or away.

  10. I’ll be happy with a split on this upcoming road trip. UCSB and LBSU are tough places to play on the road. Williams is a beast to handle inside and Tyler Lamb and Caffey are a dynamic duo at home. Hopefully the bows bring their A game and pull out 1 or 2 to keep the momentum for the BWC post season tourney.

  11. Did anyone else notice that a certain referee was not there on Saturday night? Teams do have the ability to blacklist a small number of referees from doing games. Don’t know if this was the case here, but even if they didn’t, it was the right guy to send packing! Based on his bias in games going back a number of years…Gonzaga comes to mind, I hope we don’t see him again.

  12. UH MBB team uptempo, on Offense and Defense when they are at their best. Still think as winbow, and hoopsa say, UH plays very well now in California. The Cali guys are very confident, lot of support. Just know , that this year’s team will not mail it in, or just go through the motions, they want to finish with as many wins as possible before BWC tournament. Gib is right, make sure no one has the flu, cold, injuries, go into tournament with a winning streak, and team on mission, mindset, win the BWC tourney, and don’t have to worry about other post season options. On Artie Wilson show, caller did mention, heard show too, for Ben Jay to inquire about, CBI and CIT, they say they won’t go, or buy in, however if UH wins 22-24 games, and goes nowhere, not too good. The extra games, serve as practice for next year.

    Still confident, as is hoopsa, that UH gets 2 or 3 more wins, and can run 3-0 and win BWC tourney, as long as healthy and shooting well. Anaheim Magic!

    Go Bows!

  13. Mike Caffey.
    LBSU PG, runs show,with ball in his hands, can penetrate, dish, score. However, his FG% 41 percent, FT% 64.8% and 4.3 assists per game.
    Would Gib consider scout, Spearman, Smith , Nevels, Shamburger, they go box and one? With help, Caffey is so quick. If can pressure him , or at least slow him down, hopefully UH can stop LBSU attack. They average 69ppg as a team.
    At this time of the year, all coaching staffs in the big west know each other, strengths and tendencies, in recent years, UH has really played well, or at least competitive for a stretch at the Pyramid. UH has been doing well in Cali for past month or so. Weird, if UH just played all their BWC games in Cali, they had home gym in Bakersfield(just joking), they would probably be undefeated. UH will be ready, not for lack of effort, still perimeter, including Shamburger have to hit their outside shots. UH has good chance to get win at LBSU. And you know UH will give max effort.

  14. MIke Caffey 3 ball % .311. Slow down that PG, maybe UH gets out to lead. All we can do is cheer on the guys. Should be good game on Fox Prime Ticket at 5:30pm thursday HST.

  15. Chee huu!! great win vs UC Davis ranked #305 according to the BPI rankings http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/bpi.

    now let’s go bows and beat Long Beach State ranked #140 and UCSB ranked #95.

  16. i would like to see Hawaii would like to move to Mountain West next year.
    #30 San Diego St
    #32 New Mexico
    #49 Boise State
    #70 UNLV
    #81 Wyoming
    #100 Utah St


    I think Hawaii would have a great chance to win the Mountain West

  17. Bowsoverhoes…

    Ideally, keep UH on West Coast, Arizona farthest road trips.
    Pac 12 or future Pac 16 member. However, believe Gib, with Jay’s support, become consistent winner of BWC regular and BWC tournament, NIT and NCAA’s for several years. then, have to think of perhaps going to better RPI conference, for UH MBB level, and I think Gib as new coach, still learning, they have great effort, never say die, and are getting better Basketball athletes, Bows..

    lookout for next year with Negus, Jankovich,Flemings, and maybe another shooter and Big shot blocker a true 4/5, UH will be very good with all of their top 3 guards coming back, and Fotu!
    UH goes to NCAA this year, will be battle, All fans, including the Bow hoe, will be happy.

  18. sorry, Pac 12 also has Utah and Colorado, so still those higher elevation road swings, however, UH has to be bigger , stronger and better athletes , maybe in the future, to win in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. That would be awesome conference to be in. However, you are correct, Mountain West has really elevated RPI , they will have several teams going to NIT and NCAA’s

  19. clyde …clarification, think that Beeman DOES use bench, and especially that Kamilah is down. Still when Jackson was well, she struggled on the road, against the BWC bigs, and Beeman’s guards could not keep up with those super quick smaller guards that went coast to coast, or right to the rim.
    Nice that she uses bench. Develop the young ladies. Have lot of respect for Beeman and she is always teaching. I know that she knows, have to recruit the GOOD Bigs from Cali, and the super scoring, fast, and perhaps, smaller guards to compete and win BWC regular season and BWC tournament title. They battle too, like the men. I am rooting for them to win the BWC tourney and go to Dance. Would be sweet if Men AND Women, both got their invites on Selection Sunday to NCAA’s, maybe even similar geographic regionals! SWEET. Laura, one of the very fine young women’s coaches in the nation. She could still beat ME at one on one or in Park league play, excellent PG and shooter.

    Fundamentals, you watch the Women’s game, For hilite reel, and the money makers, the Men’s game. Thankful that Gib has actually gotten better, athletes, each year, even with guys, for legit reasons wanting to move on, transfer. I think

    next year, if Gib’s RS’s produce and one or two great recruits, plus, Laura, can get the athletic, quick scoring guards and the true Bigs, though Jackson at 5’10 1/2″,

    very good, however, she struggles against the 6’4″ or taller bigs who have same skillset. Jackson, great heart, and will go down as one of the best small bigs to ever play Wahine Basketball.
    Appreciate your observations Clyde, very keen eyed. Hope the best for MBB and WBB for years to come!

  20. There should be no question that coming to the Big West was a step down from the WAC. I’d have love to move all sports to the mountain west, although even with just football moving there, we are getting killed (although I do also blame Coach Chow, however that’s not a discussion for this site).

    If Hawaii was in the Mountain West this season, I’d envision them somewhere in the position of where Utah St. is currently at, maybe a bit higher since we did come within a point of beating Boise which is currently at 3 in the conference. Utah St. was 10 – 2 heading into conference play, which included a home-and-away sweep of UCSB.

    I think Hawaii is in a good spot being in the Big West for now, and in the next few years I’d like to see lots of wins and post-season appearances. The more that becomes a regularity, the more higher caliber players we’ll see come join Manoa.

    I also highly anticipate next season, specifically having Negus eligible to play alongside Nevels, Fotu, Shamburger and Jankovic (once he becomes eligible in Dec). Then off the bench there’s Fleming, Q, Valdes, Thomas, and Enos, all of which need to see regular minutes and be part of the rotation. Going 10 deep will be important to regular and post-season success. I see Negus carrying the team next season, going for 20+/game, which will also elevate Nevels and Shamburger, Fotu will be even more dangerous…it’s going to be a tough match-up for opposing teams, that’s for sure.

    Okay, well not to get too ahead of myself there. I think UH has a very bright near future and possibly not-so-near future as well. Let’s go bows!

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